Top Chef Recap: Restaurant Wars Part 1 First You’ll Love Me, Then You’ll Fear Me

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Isaac is irritated that the judges don’t care for his sausage. He is not going to tweezerfy his plates for these morons. No Sir REE.  He’s going to make manly food for men, dammit. This is why I loves me some Isaac. Unfortunately, there is almost never a man at the judges table on this show. Too bad Bourdain won’t be dropping by, he’d love you, Isaac.

Later, poor Isaac is the last one picked on the restaurant wars playground. Amar picked Phillip over him ! Phillip! But Amar says it is because Phillip wants to be front of the house and he doesn’t want to do that, so the guys will cook and Phillip will COMPLETELY DESTROY THE JUDGES OPINION WHILE BEING FRONT OF THE HOUSE!  I get your thinking Amar, but you didn’t think it through to the point of Phillip’s lack of front of the house skills!  Isaac is a little butt hurt about being with the girls and Carl.

This year, they have 24 hours to serve both LUNCH and Dinner.  Everyone has to be either executive chef of FOH for one of the services. So much for Amar’s plan to keep Philip out of their hair as FOH.  The guys decide to name their restaurant “District LA” because it is meaningless. I’m serious that was Philip’s reason. “We need something that doesn’t mean anything.”

I forgot how much Marjorie hates Isaac for his “lack of refinement.” Everything Isaac brings up, Marjorie shoots down. Both girls are being sort of cunty to Isaac. This team goes for “Palate” as the name, for basically the same reason, they have no real theme to their menu. If these bitches are going to ostracize Isaac all episode,  my head might explode.

Top Chef Isaac

Nice, happy, Kwame has not returned since the memories of ten years ago episode. We saw him calling his partner and roommate back home at the beginning of the episode. Maybe he just needs to get laid. At least he is taking his frustrations out on Phillip.  Marjorie is irked she has to pick up food for Carl.  Amar didn’t get bacon for Kwame, which is his main ingredient. He bought his own pancetta for backup.  Everyone is mean as a nest of hornets for the most part. Isaac and Carl seem composed.

Jeremy is doing risotto AHEAD OF TIME rather than a la minute. Jeremy will be on the bottom. Phillip is already riling up the guy’s team. He has a salad with a dozen plating steps that Kwame is stuck doing while he is glad handing in the FOH. Kwame’s already not having it, and it’s the night before. Isaac realizes he is better off with just Menopausal Marjorie on his team. We get a cute scene with Isaac calling his family back home.  Later Issac says, “You will like me and you will fear me. But first you will like me,”  and I wonder if he knows where he is or if he is having flashbacks so some seedy N’awlins BDSM club. I’m might need a minute.

The judges start at the guy’s spot, District LA.  Jeremy is the exec chef for lunch.  He bumps the chefs up above everyone else. Phillip thought that was a bad idea. Phillip is right, because Tom realizes no one else is eating. They liked Jeremey’s salad, and Kwame’s soup though the guest judge thought Kwame’s soup was underseasoned. They are fine with Phillp’s salmon but not the ratatouille which Padma didn’t want on top of her fish and Tom said was undercooked. As for Amar’s chicken, Tom says all Amar makes is chicken and this on is unremarkable and needed more sauce.

At Palate, things are going great, so great, the customers are not leaving so that the judges will have a table when they get there. Marjorie is trying to figure out how to get people to leave. She was brilliant in luring people away from their empty tables with free wine. But she was not at the front when the judges walked in.  Marjorie finds them and gets them seated.  Tom hates Carl’s terrine which I liked mashed together meat parts of some sort, The only kind I’ve ever had was a fois gras one. If you don’t like the spices they use, it can be overpowering. Tom didn’t like the spices but he ate the whole thing while complaining about the texture. Like seriously he was chasing the crumbs around his plate while not liking it.  The weird LA judge said it was fine but the veggies on the plate were much more interesting.  For their entrees, Karen did a salad with flank steak and 57 other weird items.  The judges loved it. It was so far the best dish of the two lunches.  The stew that Isaac made is their second favorite. It looks like Palate wins the lunch portion of the competition. The didn’t get a WOW! meal from anyone.

District LA is  late on lunch service. They ran out of time. My DVR cut off before I could get the full effect of the punishment.


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25 responses to “Top Chef Recap: Restaurant Wars Part 1 First You’ll Love Me, Then You’ll Fear Me

  1. Denine

    Kwame didn’t think as quickly on his feet as Marjorie did. Not sure why diners were sticking around so long in both restaurants, but Marjorie was better at getting people to get up and out, while Kwame was just too accommodating. Can’t wait to see Kwame attempt to plate Phillips dish. I expect it will be painful.

  2. Jane

    ???for the recap! I hate it when they give the chefs an impossible task… Pop-up and lunch and dinner??? It just begs mediocre at best. I still have a crush on Isaac, so it was painful to see him being dismissed. He did a great job as the expeditor and his dish was credible. Props to him. Phillip is the Heather dubrow of the show, never failing to annoy.

  3. Jaded

    I really like Isaac too but I admit it’s mostly because he’s my type. I’m old and not that many men thrill me anymore. Phillip I cannot tolerate.

  4. SuzyQ

    Please let next week be the full scale Phillip implosion that I have dreamed of since the beginning of the season. I love me some Issac, his teammates owe him an apology. He ran his kitchen like a well oiled machine, Jeremy has District LA with 6 new lunch tables tables being sat while Palate is preparing for dinner service. Making everyone wait while he served the judges was a huge error. Can we hope for a multiplayer exit since it’s a 2 part service?

  5. A Little Birdie

    Isaac was great. Marjorie was extremely cunty to him. I have no idea what her issues are with him. I really want to see Kwame get back to his original self. He seems to be getting more mediocre as the weeks go by. Amar and his chicken is the equivalent of Jeremy and his crudo which the judges take issue with next week. They definitely need to step it up

  6. Gladyskravitz

    They were awful to Isaac. I’m pulling for him because he’s from my area AND he’s an awesome guy. That Marjorie chick thinks she’s better than everyone else there. Can’t wait to see see her leave after they get rid of Phillip! He’s insufferable.

  7. timtoodles

    So did Kwame ask Amar for the bacon? I thought I saw him ask for it over the phone. Amar was so adamant he didn’t I started to question myself and by then didn’t feel like rewinding.

  8. JoJoFLL

    Hated this episode.

  9. cjbomb

    I think the girls might have gotten the crappy edit. Isaac was lovely and humble.

  10. Rose

    Loved seeing Kwame stand up to Philip!! Hated the name District LA and thought Kwame’s suggestion The Advocate was better. They were horrible to Isaac. My DVR cut me off to. ..hate that Bravo always does that.

  11. Jeremy serving the judges first was definitely a mistake. It’s sad when Phillip is the voice of reason. I think that’ll cost Jeremy in judging.

    Marjorie reminds me of the I believe French chef on Top Chef Masters who continually snub Chef Julia (of Taco Bell commercials) because she didn’t find her cooking to be “refined” enough. I’m like, we get, Marj. You have different cooking styles and you don’t favor his. We don’t need to hear it again.

    I’m glad that now my DVR allows for taping extra time after a show’s scheduled time, but I hate that it goes from 1 min extra, to 5 mins extra to 30 mins extra. I wish there was an in between; however, that 5 mins usually suffices.

  12. I wanted to reach through my tv and smack Marjorie. Her rudeness toward Isaac was so uncalled for. While most of you dislike Phillip, I dislike Marjorie to the same degree.

  13. DarkThoughts

    Jeremy, Amar, Philip and Kwame ALL need to change their tampons. They act like a gang of teen mean girls that have their cycles synced.

  14. I really liked this episode, despite the crazy challenge of opening both lunch and supper. The predictability of Restuarant Wars was evident by the contestants song and dance – loved their faces when lunch was added/announced!

    Do we know if two can be eliminated? It only seems fair.

    I’m running out of ways to tell TT she has me literally LOL…THIS was a sinus clearing LOL>>>”…Later Issac says, “You will like me and you will fear me. But first you will like me,” and I wonder if he knows where he is or if he is having flashbacks so some seedy N’awlins BDSM club. I’m might need a minute.”

    Got a total visual! *snort*

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