Project Runway Junior Finale: A Winner Is Crowned


My recording seemed to start a tiny bit late, but we are starting with Tim Gunn giving the kids a last minute advice session on their pieces. He gives some specific advice like telling Zachary his prom dress should become two pieces. And they are all going to Mood first thing in the morning for last minute material needs.  They have two days before the show.

Did Sam just say “crop tops?”

Tim tells Maya to basically ignore what Christian said about not liking the florals and adding a bright yellow. Zachary removes the big flowers from the end of his disastrous prom dress. Peytie is making a new orange dress to replace the hideous one from last week. Tim says what I’ve been thinking all along about Sam, the separates need to be mixed up and not so matchy matchy. Sam is still missing two full looks.

When the models come, Sam doesn’t have all of her stuff ready to fit. Maya didn’t know how tall her models were. How is that possible?  Her shirts have become… say it with me… crop tops. I don’t even remember her having shirts. I thought she had all dresses. Zachary is also having fit issues with his model. Sam is cool as  a cucumber. She’s probably going to win after all and they just edited last week to make it less obvious.



The Runway

Maya went first. Her collection was great. Were there only five looks though? I’m not sure, it was like they deliberately made it too hard to count and I’m not rewinding from the beginning. She pulled out a lot of the floral, which disappointed me because I liked it. Her models were great.

Samantha’s Lesbian Couture collection was great. She used the sunglasses a lot and they really went well with her looks. It was sort of  a  bit action movie for me. There were three crop tops.  It will just be a matter of what the judges are going for as to whether this is the win.

Zachary talks too much at his intro. Every single dress in his collection has a peplum or some other oddball shape to add width and girth to the model’s hips. The last dress should have kept the flowers. The  fifth look, a long streamlined dress was his best look. He has always had a terrible color palette. I’ll be shocked if he wins with this. Kelly is a huge Zachary fan.

Peytie had a huge wardrobe malfunction right before the  show. Her hand beaded collar detail popped off the back of the models dress and she just had to sew it back on. I loved Peytie’s collection, it was very youthful in design overall. It’s also the textiles that I prefer. To me it was almost a resort wear collection, which I loved.

I still think I would pick either Peytie or Maya for the win. I think Peytie’s collection was a bit more (child) labor intensive.

tim gunn

The Judges

The judges really liked all the tiny details in Peytie’s work.

The judges talk about Zachary’s pants being better than the dresses. Christian likes the same gown I liked. He calls it a beautiful piece that he will remember. I don’t think they were wild about this collection. Christian mentions the color palette issue as well. The actress judge seemed to say his collection was her favorite but it looks like they cut off the end. The favorite what?  Use of straw?

They love Samantha. I did love the aqua dress that she made. I love Sam’s pieces individually. It’s just when I see the entire collection it seems repetitive and a bit less labor intensive than Peytie’s or Maya’s collections. Christian said he did want to see a little bit more. Yes, that’s it.

Oooh cop pulling over a suspicious car outside my window. #GhettoLife

Maya gets raves. They like the cohesiveness of her collection. Christian is unhappy that she didn’t listen to him about a pop of color.


They seems to rule out Zachary right away.

They talk about how repetitive Sam is. So she seems out of the running.

They love Peytie. Nothing but raves. Except for the actress judge. I hate the actress judge.

So it looks like Maya. Except the fake Heidi Klum. Oh wait. The print is going to kill her. They “don’t see the field of yellow flowers.” So maybe it is Peytie?

They line the kids up and send Zachary back stage first. THEY SEND PEYTIE BACK NEXT! OMG!

It’s down to Maya and Sam. They feel like Sam took some risks today? Really?

Maya wins and she was blindsided.

She was the youngest one in the competition.

I think they made a good choice.


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28 responses to “Project Runway Junior Finale: A Winner Is Crowned

  1. KidsRkids

    I was so nervous watching this episode, mainly because I vowed if Samantha won I would never watch another episode of PR. I didn’t see any growth in her design from the 1st episode and was over seeing the same old boring look again and again.

    Maya and Peytie were by far the best and should have been one and two. So much talent and unique creativity.

    So happy for Maya and her win thank god the judges didn’t cram Samatha’s unfinished sloppy ill-fitting garbage down our throats for a final time.

    • lauraannb

      I agree that it should have been Maya/Peytie, or vice-versa, as the top 2. I wasn’t wowed at all by Sam’s looks, & I thought Peytie’s looks were awesome! Well, at least Maya got 1st. Loved her looks too! Yeah, Bella Thorne kinda bugged me too. And did you hear when Hannah, the host, wanted to send Peytie home earlier in the competition because she didn’t like her designs? What the hell is she talking about?! Geez, some peoples kids…

  2. I really enjoyed this show and am a little sad that it’s over. The other PR seems to have run it’s course, but there’s still room for more of this.

  3. tamaratattles

    I sort of think Peytie should have won. I’m fine with Maya winning though. I would have tolerated a Sam win. A Zachary win would have been a travesty. He should never have been saved.

    Project Runway Allstars is up next. It’s the worst of all the iterations. IIRC that is the one with no Tim Gunn. So like, really? What’s the point. But I’m going to need all twelve of you to put your big girl panties on and watch with me anyway. I’ll probably recap depending on my schedule, but a Thursday night show is likely to be something I can do. NO ONE visits me here on Fridays and Saturdays!

    • sequoia

      You’ll always have at least one view. XOXO

    • lauraannb

      I always watch all of the Project Runway shows, but I agree with you TT, that without Tim Gunn, it’s just not the same. He’s the best.

    • Deb in SF

      I’ll be here any day you are, TT. I was so afraid Sam was going to win; I didn’t care for her collection at all. Happy it was Maya. I’ll watch Allstars. Oh, one comment on your surprise that Maya didn’t know how tall her model was…I recall her saying she didn’t realize how long-waisted the model was, so she must have assumed the model’s height was all in her legs. Happy weekend, everyone!

      • tamaratattles

        You would think they would have measurements I have no idea how they get the fit right without them. Maybe they didn’t know who the models would be when they first started sewing the collection?

    • GirlMe

      I come here everyday. Multiple times a day. I check your site more than Facebook. You are a great break in the day from life. So freaking witty. You are definately doing what you’re meant to do!

    • Lawstangel

      I will watch with ya! I see Kini is on and I really liked him in his season! I wanted Peytie to win, I did not like Sam’s collection, it just isn’t my thing. It also seemed like a mish mash of what she has already done. IDG the raves over that dress she made, it was cute, but could it have been any more simple? Love Christian Siriano!

    • Erica

      Peytie could have won – except some of the tops didn’t fit for shit. the darts were off on some of the models. Her vision and theme were awesome – as were Maya’s. but Maya’s sewing and fit were SICK… those pants!!!! If Michael Kors were judging – he would have orgasmed over that (noting thrilled him more than a well fit pant, nothing sends him into giggles more than a bad camel toe)

      Intellectually I can see that Sam is talented, but I think she’s more one note. Boxy.

  4. Queen of the Nile

    I was going to be happy with either Peytie or Maya winning. I agree with KidsRKids that Samantha kept repeating that same jacket with pockets. Both other girls seemed to grow with the competition, but she didn’t. Peytie’s looks were so unique and wearable, and her eye for cool details just amazing — that long dress with the fringed belt was memorable. I think Peytie lost because of that one shapeless orange dress, and Maya won for those black,open weave pants – they were so inventive and unusual. I can’t believe she’s just 14!

    TT, thank you for covering this and the upcoming all-stars — I’m definitely watching. :-)

  5. KidsRkids

    I’m with you on Allstars … looking forward to your recaps.

  6. Angel(?)

    I was glad Maya won. Her collection was very cohesive and I liked every look. She’s amazing for only being 14.

    I liked Peytie’s collection but it was not styled as well as Sam’s. What I liked best about Peytie’s was her had painted fabric. Her sister showed what a great talent she has.

  7. Pip

    I’ll watch All Stars with you guys. I watch each installment of Project Runway. But after watching these kids play so well together, it will be difficult to go back to watching the adults gripe and whine.
    I was glad Maya won. But I would have been perfectly happy if either she or Peytie won. They both had great collections.
    I really did dig Sam’s style and her point of view, but it did seem kind of one note to me. However, I would definitely buy her clothes. I would buy Maya’s as well. I would buy Peytie’s for my niece, and I would buy Zach’s for my Grandma. ?

    • Lawstangel

      See, something for everyone :-)

    • Erica

      Pip – I so agree with you. The gratitude that ALL the kids displayed was so refreshing. They displayed a maturity that so many of the adult contestants lack in the last several seasons. (perhaps since the switch from Bravo?)

      Of course – they also have more talent that many of the recent adult contestants…

  8. GirlMe

    I’m so happy Maya won! All the girls did well.

    I wonder how they all were so positive then remembered youth makes you hopeful. Once you get older you realize how few opportunities there are and have to fight to make sure you don’t miss another opportunity. You gotta make the most of every opportunity.

    Sam never let them see her sweat. So different from how most adults handle stress. I learned alot from her. Weird she thanked the Mom and said parents when referring to her Dad.

    Poor Zachery. He had the same problem as Kini from Project Runway. He designed clothes for grandma when he went home too.

    One reality show where there is actual talent.

  9. Micheal

    I kind of prefer Allstars sometimes as it lacks Tim and Heidi. They can annoy me sometimes. Plus with returnees it is fun to see if the losers have made ANY progress in the many years since they originally were on the show. It’s fun to make fun of their lack of progress.

    At this stage we all know that no one who wins these shows is going to have a show at Paris fashion week anytime soon. At best, they may have some c-list celeb clients or a Kmart line.

  10. KidsRkids

    Can somebody help me out here cuz I’m confused. Christian said to Hannah that “you were ready to send her home like three times” regarding Peytie. When was Peytie ever in the bottom? I can’t recall the episode(s).

  11. amisteree

    Im just glad you’ll be recapping! And I’ll read whatever you write about. Can’t get rid of me. xo

  12. amisteree

    I can imagine Tim as my guardian angel, or maybe my fairy godfather…

  13. I’ve been a Sam fan since the beginning so I’m a little bummed she lost. Her looks were great but even I can admit that overall it was boring. I didn’t notice Peytie until half way thru the season but she truly deserved the win. I’m looking forward to Allstars. See you next week!

  14. bendy

    Sorry I’m late to the party! I never get this watched until the weekend. I would have been OK with any win but Sam. I was so tired of the same old look from her. Peytie was my favorite designer but I’m Ok with the Maya win. Her collection was amazing too. Zach was ho-hum but I could have seen it being a judges favorite with all the weird shapes and textiles.

    I feel like the juniors did so much better than the regular contestants have been lately.

    I’ll be watching All stars with you all too!

  15. monae

    Although his color palette could’ve been more out n bright i was still in awww of his design technique i think Zachary should have won

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