Mob Wives The Final Stand Recap: Everyone Needs To Have Several Seats

mob wives last stand

Before we start this recap, I need to share some very sad news. Big Ang has been hospitalized with stage four cancer. She was on heavy chemotherapy that is not working. The lung cancer has moved into her brain.  It’s not good.

We start in a warehouse where Big Ang has set up a meeting. These days the term OG is thrown around willy nilly.  It’s being used to describe TEEN MOMS these days for fucksake. Tonight, the real OG all sit down to clear the air, once and for all. We hope.

Drita is the last to walk into the lioness’ den. Everyone is out for Drita. I hope she is packing. Carla starts off talking about how Drita was not happy when she came back.  Carla goes through her whole list of grievances. There is a whole lot of discussion about friendship. What is the definition of friendship?  Youse is all horrible friendses!  Drita says if she said that Renee was the cause of all the problems, she was wrong. The Renee apologizes! We are making progress. Drita apologies to Carla. Everyone agrees not to shit talk each other. And they leave on a good note. Carla didn’t apologize for anything that I saw.  Just Drita and Renee.mob wives drag you fuck you up

Renee takes AJ and his fiancée to an ice bar to tell them they need to move in with her now that she has settled the ghost situation.  Once they are seated Renee turns in to one of those guys in Chinatown with a bunch of watches pinned to the lining of her coat. Andrea chooses a Cartier, and AJ gets a giant Rolex.  I should point out that Renee can’t even pronounce, Cartier. The kids agree to stay with Renee for a few nights.

I’m not even paying attention to this new girl drama. Nobody cares about these people. They should have never brought in new people on the last season.

Carla is trying to explain that she is downsizing just for, you know, a change of pace.


The stupid brunette on in fucking up a scene with Drita. This is unacceptable. At least Drita is needling the kid. Clearly, we are going to let the two little girls fight. I anticipate a lot of weave pulling.

Renee needs a dog. Big Ang is going to help Renee fix up a room for AJ and Andrea. Renee’s first attempt was abysmal. Karen’s daughter is all grown up and very pretty.

We’re going to have the two little bitches fight on a pier. Awesome. I hope they both get wet.

Karen is starting to look like Khloe Kardashian on a bad day. Which isn’t a bad thing at all.

My recording stops with the brunette one pulling up. When I record overnight, the air times are often off by a few minutes. I assume, if anything happened at all, it will be on the next episode.

TBH, I was sort of distracted by Big Ang this episode. I’m really concerned for her.


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23 responses to “Mob Wives The Final Stand Recap: Everyone Needs To Have Several Seats

  1. Theresa

    Prayers for big ang! This season is a big no for me. It’s not holding my attention and usually ends up just a lot of screaming in the background. Drita is and has always been my favorite. Hope she doesn’t get the shitty edit this season. It’s looking kinda crappy for her so far.

  2. I’m just sick about Big Ang, I absolutely love her. =(

  3. Alicia

    I can understand about Ang. I’m a caregiver for my mother who has breast cancer. Once that cancer starts to spread to the brain, doctors can’t do anything else for the patient except make them comfortable. She also needs to be around positive people who are a support and not have a lot of drama. Stress can also make it worse. I pray that she receives a miracle from God.

  4. Toddy

    I hope she’s not in pain. Bless you, Big Ang.

  5. Bella

    This season is pretty meh. Was so so sad reading about Big Ang. Love her spirit… this hits home big time and I hope more than anything she’s not suffering and in pain. Just awful.

  6. JustJenn

    God speed, Big Ang. Hopefully you find a cure!


    I’m so sad for Big Ang! Love her! She does seem to be stirring the pot way more this season but I’m sure she was just looking for some drama that didn’t involve her in any way.

    • Margarett

      I am so sad about Big Ang. I hope she is free from pain and fear.

      • amisteree

        Margarett, that is my prayer, too. The fear, or the “terror,” as my dearest friend calls it, is horrifying. She also has stage 4 cancer, and it is heartbreaking. Prayers upon Prayers for these women.

      • Margarett

        Amisteree, I will keep your friend in my heart and thoughts. The terror, it seems to me, would be the hardest and most inescapable part. It’s wonderful that she has a caring friend like you!

  8. When I saw Renee offer A.J.’s girlfriend the “CAR-dee-ur” the effect was like nails on a chalkboard. Come on, Renee, if you can’t pronounce it you don’t deserve to wear it. Then I looked at it and it was a Must de Cartier. Eww. #cheaplineforposeurs

    • Lindsay

      Hahaha I’ve always wanted a Cartier Tank. every now and again I find one on eBay I might be able to afford, click on the listing, and realize it’s the shitty must de version. Urgh.

  9. I was very sad indeed to hear of Ang’s situation. Life is not only unfair, but frequently cruel.

    A paternal aunt of mine went through the same thing about 10 – 12 years ago. Cancer started in the lung then matastisized to the brain. What she went through I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I’ll spare everyone the details, but suffice it to say it was horrific.

    I really, really hope that Ang can be that person who against all odds manages to bounce back from it, or at the very least can have some peace and painlessness.

    • Katherine 2.0

      So sorry about your aunt, ericzku – seen this same disease in a friend’s dad. Of all the reality stars who have paraded across my screen, Big Ang is the one who captured my heart.
      I just wish this last season could have been centered on the core women and the journey they’ve had together on this show. Some reflection, some growth, some resolution. Instead, Jennifer is trying to hard to bring manufactured drama in the form of two girls who are not the least bit seasoned, and who contribute nothing to these women’s lives or this show.

  10. Prayers to Big Ang. I was kinda disappointed last week seeing her vape and Neil smoking in the house. I hope they all can go outside and smoke or maybe stop smoking. Anyway, I hope the Blondie chick gets f****d up. The brunette does have a punchable face though. I hope somebody gets beat up. I’m glad its the newbies fighting and not the OG’s. I want to know where did Renee get these watches from? Are they hers? Just so random bringing them out of her pocket ?

  11. T D

    Walk into every room like you own it. With a heart filled to such capacity sometimes it needs more room.

  12. Lindsay

    I feel awful for Big Ang and really wish the whole bar thing hadn’t happened. If her time here is truly coming to a close, it would have been nice for her to be able to continue to do what she loved.
    Where are all the hoods she didn’t rat on now, I’d like to know? Shame that she has to be gofunding.
    Also, I am super annoyed by Neil smoking around her, and I don’t even care if she’s smoking herself. It’s just rude.

  13. hannahkingrose

    Prayers for Big Ang. She is the only one who seems to have a heart as big as her personality. It is sad to hear that it has spread and is so bad now. Hopefully all the prayers will be heard and maybe she can be kept pain free. I would assume she is surrounded by all of her family that she loves so much and that will comfort her.

  14. Prayers for Big Ang and Neil to feel God’s comfort and support through this ordeal.
    Without good health what is there, really?
    It makes the screaming matches and hair pulling over petty issues on MW seem even more ridiculous and unimportant. I hope Big Ang is blessed with being surrounded by her friends and loved ones now – I hope she feels cared for; the love will give her strength.

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