Fire At PUMP! Fire Department Called To Lisa Vanderpump’s Newest Restaurant

Vanderpump Rules Lisa

There was a small kitchen fire at PUMP this morning and you would think it was a four alarm catastrophe with multiple deaths based on the photos.

Ever the one to capitalize on any situation,  Pinky apparently worked her TMZ magic to basically get free advertising for the joint out of the deal.

There are often small kitchen fires in restaurants, and very rarely do they need the assistance of two fire trucks and hot fire fighters dashing into the one story restaurant with a huge …. ladder. What on earth were they going to do with that big ladder in a kitchen? It really looked more like something from a movie set than an actual emergency. I was waiting for the firemen to strip to their undies and do a YMCA dance while grinding their junk at us.

Pump Rules PUMP staff

Alas, the stripper routine either didn’t happen or was not caught on cameras. I basically think ever uniformed dude I see is likely to start a stripper routine. I blame too many years at the The Cornet Club in my youth.

TMZ made sure to let us know that PUMP will be open for business tonight “If you can get a reservation.”  Which usually isn’t much of a problem from what I hear from folks who have been there.  But it is a Friday night, so it will probably be full of hot firemen from the WeHo fire department.

I mean can you imagine what the WeHo fire station must look like? I’m having auditory hallucinations of porn music just typing that.


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13 responses to “Fire At PUMP! Fire Department Called To Lisa Vanderpump’s Newest Restaurant

  1. Spilledperfume

    I do love hot firemen!

  2. loriflack

    Reminds me of the Below Deck dirty oven episode⚓️

  3. Rose

    “Ever the one to capitalize on a situation”…that about sums it up

  4. Shellbelle

    Ah, The Cornet Club. What fond memories I have…

  5. Maggie5

    In fairness to LVP . . . my daughter was in a fender bender and it brought out: Two squad cars, an ambulance (no one was injured), and TWO fire trucks. I was all, “isn’t this . . . OVERKILL?” And the Officer in charge said that this was normal procedure.

  6. tlcory

    Oh boy I’ve forgotten about the Cornet Club, one time I went I took a cheap $12.00 bottle of wine and it cost be $22.00 to carry it in! Lol

  7. T D

    Someone please make a Shkreli dartboard. One should hang in all the best bars, around the world.. Even if anyone would never use it, it would stand by itself on principlal alone as an honestly directed target of anger. At such cost.

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