Dance Moms Recap: Everyone Really Is Replaceable !

Dance Moms Abby Meltdown
So yesterday, we started seeing for the first time the beginnings of Abby’s apology tour. She gave a brief statement to a magazine yesterday where she said she’s not a bully, just a tough coach.  I mainly agree with that and have a lot less issues with Abby’s aggressive personality than most of you. I do think this season, Abby has become unhinged over this whole bankruptcy fraud issue. It’s a major deal. Once the FEDS bring charges, it’s basically plea deal time where you hire the best lawyer you can afford to shorten your sentence and get you in a nice prison camp with pretty uniforms and a good track for walks.

Almost no one saw her attempt t spin things positively yesterday but a whole lot of people know about the stunt she pulled on her Instagram. Apparently, Abby called Pizza Hut near her California house and asked about the five dollar special.  Times must be hard, or else she was at the studio trying to feed a lot of kids. The idiot on the phone didn’t know what she was talking  about and so she went off on him and he hung up on her. So Abby, who is not a bully, we know this because she told us yesterday, posts the store’s phone number and has all of her millions of followers call and harass the idiot whose life is already hard enough because his job is answering the phones at Pizza Hut. This wound up on TMZ which let a lot of people know she is a bully.

Dance Moms Never Be Afraid To Try Gif

But for now, I am going to erase that from my mind and recap this episode because it’s the Debbie Allen episode, y’all!

So when we left off Abby was in full blown meltdown sobbing to people on the phone about her impending prison sentence.  I can’t say I’d have a different reaction. She is in no shape to film. No pun intended. Which is why we find the Moms and dancers outside of 3rd Street Dance, the borrowed studio. Abby is literally living in the studio (which is illegal) and has “resigned” and locked everyone out. Yet the dancers are still supposed to dance competitions under her name? Um, noe. Why would they do that?

Nia is in tears because she posted a video on how to do turns on the Internet and idiots on social media left nasty remarks. Between that and her dance teacher flaking out, she’s not doing so well.

Gianna is taking over classes. She says pyramid is not her thing and moves right in to assigning dances. There are no solos. There are three duets. Nia and Kalani have an African duet. Because that is all Abby ever gives Nia. But for the same reason, Nia is really good with that genre.  Two of the minis, Peyton and Alexis a going to recreate “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” a duet that Chloe and Asia did several seasons ago. I don’t think there is enough size differential for these two to do that choreography.  Kendall and Brynn have a duet called The Odd Couple.  These two mothers hate each other and immediately go at it.  The group number is a large group entry with the elite team and the mini group. It’s a big Bollywood number. That sounds cute.

What is not cute is the veteran moms being bitches to the mini moms. Those little girls are not competition. What’s the beef?

It’s apparently just Nia and Kalani that get to go work with Debbie Allen. It’s so nice for these two to get such a special treat. Oh wait, Holly told Ms. Allen that Abby has left them in the street. It sounds like they might get to come back. When the moms get together Melissa basically says she doesn’t want her kids dancing with Debbie Allen. Really? This has got to be some scripted bullshit right here.

Two of the mini’s, Peyton (Abby’s favorite, BTW) and Areana were struggling with their choreography. It’s a very hard routine even for the elites to pick up in two days. So back at the hotel, the moms of the other two girls rehearsed their kids without the two that needed the extra help. What kind of team is that?

Nia and Kalani’s duet instructor is riding them hard. Kalani is learning African dance for the first time and Bollywood at the same time. Both Nia and Kalani are emotional. Peyton is also buckling under the stress.  I would like to point out they HAVE done a Bollywood group dance before, and Nia did a Bollywood solo at least once.

Dance Moms Bollywood

The Competition

The night before all of the minis actually rehearsed together. But Peyton’s mom “almost called the cops” on one of the blond moms. I really didn’t understand the issue other than they were calling out a six year old for needing a bit more time to learn two pieces of difficult choreography in two days. But these bitches really seem to hate each other.

OMG, Peyton has a full face of clown makeup (Literally) and a huge rainbow afro. It’s not enough to have to learn two dances, she has to worry about  wig malfunction?  Peyton still isn’t hitting her choreography for either the group dance or her duet. This is too much to put on a six year old.  On the other hand, Gianna telling her that they went over the same issue twenty times is what dance teachers do. Peyton’s mom makes matters worse by snatching Peyton out in her full wardrobe acting like she is not going to let her dance. The producers keep chasing after her.  Holly and Mackenzie go to talk to Peyton and support her. Peyton’s mom decides to let her dance.

Alexus and Peyton’s Duet

I thought it was great. Like I got goosebumps great. Peyton could have been a bit crisper in some of her movements, but all things considered and the parental drama she had to endure, I think she deserves a damn gold medal. They were both very good and Peyton did a lot of tumbling that will give them some points.

Nia and Kalani

First of all it was super cool that they had live drummers and not piped in music for their duet. However, they were not together at all. I get they only had one day. I’m just saying it shows.  Kalani is looking down a lot and her turns are more ALDC group dance than African dance. Nia on the other hand has the steps down just fine. If this had been a solo for Nia, or maybe even for Kalani since she would not have had to dance next to Nia, it would have won. This is sort of a hot mess. Kalani’s feet were really bad.

Holly seems to think it went great.

Kendall and Brynn

When Kendall is not dancing as a pretty little girl, she doesn’t know what to do. Perhaps the same could be said of Brynn, but she doesn’t have to worry about that today.  They did fine. I think it was a dumb concept. Kendall seemed a beat behind Brynn in her turns. This is a couple that should not have been paired. It’s duets though. How much competition can there be? Once again there doesn’t seem to be anyone here.

Both Brynn and Kendall’s moms blame the other kid for that performance.

The Group Dance

Peyton’s mom is very nervous. The costumes are amazing! But the spacing at the beginning is terrible. Why is Kendal right in front of Jo Jo?  The starting point seems all kinds of wrong to me. With ten dancers, it’s hard to check how everyone is doing. It looks really good until the camera zoom in on Peyton who has no idea what she is doing, but she has her big smile and is looking at the mini next to her copying her moves about four beats behind. Bless her heart. I barely even noticed Maddie wasn’t here this week until Nia got a feature part in the group dance. Overall, the costumes were so amazing that it was easy to get distracted and miss a lot of mistakes. Most of which were Peyton’s. There was trouble again on the final positions. Nia wobbled, among other things.  The choreography was probably the best we have ever seen on this show, and there were moments of brilliance. Considering the amount of time they worked on this, it was pretty amazing.


The mini duet won first place!

In the junior advanced group, Kendall and Brynn got third.

In the teen advanced group,  Nia and Kalani got first.

We are now going to overall group awards, which means that the group probably won their division. And they also won first overall!

Next Week: Abby is back. But not for good?


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4 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Everyone Really Is Replaceable !

  1. This show bothers me. All of these girls are incredible dancers and athletes and they are being used by their mothers and Lee. While I think she has to be tough, I also think I would never subject my child to her bullying. I have no idea why these mothers allow it. I took ballet and dance lessons from the time I was 2 until I was 18. I had tough teachers and demanding routines, but this woman is off the rails and her fascination with some of the little girls kinda bugs me. As far as her bankruptcy fraud, well, maybe she can do lunch with Teresa Guidice. Maybe Teresa can give her some pointers.

  2. Swizzle

    It’s so sweet how the older girls are taking the minis under their wings. The adults could learn a lesson from them.

    And I don’t mind when Abby is tough regarding the dancing, but she crosses the line often and is just nasty. Her comments about the girls’ physical appearance (eyes, ears, limbs) is just wrong.

  3. Wanda

    What will moms do to get their children (and themselves) publicity? Make asses of themselves on tv. The girls are so talented but Abby is a real train wreck and now the parents don’t seem to be getting what they pay for. Loved seeing Debbie Allen.

  4. Dee

    Dear Tamara, thank God for you and all the people on here who share bits of themselves. I am being bullied by people who are my ” loved ones” I am ugly crying, ugly with all its connotations. I came here to laugh. You are the best. God bless you! Please don’t send me away. I look like Abby only with bad hair lol

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