And The Next (and Last) American Idol Is… Mackenzie Bourg

I’ve been watching enough competitions to know a ringer when I see one. I’m not sure who this kid is, but he smells like money. He’s 23 trying to look 17.  He did an original song during his audition  TWICE (click though for that YouTube) that’s two times it was played on TV and all over Youtube the kid has already won. American Idol loves a white guy with a guitar and this kid is so well rehearsed he can’t fail. Noticed how perfectly he hits his minute and a half mark on this song. During The Voice last season people were talking to me about Jordan Smith.  I didn’t have the heart to tell them he was a recruit. I knew the moment I saw his college. That place has been recruiting grounds for all the shows and in fact I think his choir was on another voice competition show.


I suppose it doesn’t matter if they wander in off the streets or if their manage got the gig. I think this kid has been groomed for this show for years. And I think he is spectacular.

I’m not buying the hair he spends hours mussing up, the undersized guitar to add to his boyish look, or the buttoned up shirt he wears when he does his Asperger’s awkward stride off the stage. But I’m buying his talent.

He’s good. He’s really good.

I’m not so sure his real last name is Bourg either. But you know me and my conspiracy theories…


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15 responses to “And The Next (and Last) American Idol Is… Mackenzie Bourg

  1. Spilledperfume

    I stopped watching Idol years ago but I love your recap.

  2. Mzjulesaz

    I love him!

  3. Deb in SF

    Eh. I think he’s boring. Also seemed to have breathing problems.

  4. Katherine 2.0

    Eh, he’s no Sawyer Fredericks. :)

  5. Cheychey

    Loved him! Also early favs of mine was the girl with the Afro with cute baby and the kinda strange girl that did the Cindy lauper song in Hollywood week with the raspy voice.

    • tamaratattles

      It’s really hard for a female to win this show. Especially ones with non traditional beauty. They picked too many odd girls this time. I agree with you, I love me an oldball girl. I’m interested to see if the fat country girl stay long enough to get a makeover. But I suspect it will be a white guy who plays guitar who wins. Because 14 year old girls do a lot of voting. That is why the pony I picked is trying to look younger and Beiberier than he is. :)

  6. He was on The Voice a few years ago. This seems to support the “ringer” theory.

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, he is very well groomed. Had a song on iTunes a few years back… was Bourg his last name on The Voice? What year was he on?

      • Bugsy

        His name really is Mackenzie Bourg, and he’s from Lafayette, LA.

      • Shar Woods

        Hi TT! Mackenzie Bourg was on The Voice during Season 3 (2012) when he was 19. His blind audition song was “Pumped Up Kicks” and the only judge to turn for him was CeeLo Green. He made it through rounds 2 and 3 but was eliminated in the Live Playoffs. He sang “What Makes You Beautiful” but didn’t get enough votes to be in the top 12, nor was he saved. At the time he had a backstory that one year prior to The Voice, he suffered from viral mitochondriosis and almost died. He awoke from a medically-induced coma and decided to devote himself to songwriting/singing and appear on The Voice. So this is definitely American Idol winner material.

      • Shar Woods

        Hi TT! He appeared on The Voice during Season 3 (2012) when he was 19. His blind audition song was “Pumped Up Kicks” and the only judge who turned around for him was CeeLo Green. He made it through rounds 2 and 3, but was eliminated in the Live Playoffs. Mackenzie failed to receive enough votes to make it to the top 12 and was not saved.

      • Shar Woods

        Sorry for the duplicate comment, but I got a computer message that my first post failed to send.

  7. Jelley

    I love him, too! And he’s from Louisiana…

  8. I think he’s very genuine. I’ve seen interviews of him in his home state LA and he says show stylists make him look a certain way to fit a certain image they have in mind but he always tries to fight for his own look. I don’t think he has to try to look younger, he’s very naturally young looking with his baby face and skinny build. :) I think he’s a natural.

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