WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

WWHL with Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

Andy describes Lisa Rinna as being “Just like a delicious hotdog, she’s made of mostly lips and just the right amount of ass!”  Which is funny. Especially if when you were a kid you found out that hotdogs were made of left over pig parts, like the lips. Is that an urban legend? Am I dating myself ? #BuyKosherFranksBlessedByRabbis

I’m late recapping this because I was all in my O.J. Feelings last night and Spectrum hasn’t been giving me actual information about the TV shows for over a week now, just that the show will be on, with you know, some guests. So here we go.

The bartender is “Groundhog Faye” which is some intern in an animal suit with Faye Resnick’s face on top. Andy is excited that next Tuesday Teresa Giudice will stop by on her book tour. She will be on GMA that morning so he did not get first dibs. GMA must be paying a buttload.

RHOBH 2 Erika ChapelShady Andy begins by saying that “it was almost like Lisa had never seen the inside of a church before” regarding her reaction to Erika’s chapel. Um, Andrew, THE CHURCH IS IN HER HOUSE! I think most people were gobsmacked. I know Ben C practically splooged his radiator talking about it before he could even start the recap. It was sort of a big deal!

Andy goes in to show a montage of how many times Lisa Rinna sais the word “engaged” in reference to how many times she engaged in the Munchausen conversation. And by engaged she meant was tapped by production to bring it up on the show.  Harry says they were engaged for about five years.

Next the shows a montage of Lisa Rinna’s hair, and compares it to the movie Groundhog Day. More shade about how she’s had the same hair for 20 years. It’s a timeless look, Andrew.  Some of us love it like, Raquel Welch who has a wigline with the “Lisa Rinna” wig.  Rinna sent one to Amy Phillips to use when making fun of her in her housewives parodies.

Next, yet another montage of how much Lisa Rinna talks about Harry on the show.  Then Andy plays the scene from Amsterdam where Kim Richards alleges that Harry is hiding a secret Rinna doesn’t want revealed. Because Andy just can’t stop insulting and embarrassing his guests. It appears to be his entire reason for having the show. He also brings up that Harry said he would divorce her if she did the show, but later changed his mind. Harry is cheering after the scene. Andy asked what he did and he says he settled that when he posted the photo of him with the dog. Rinna would ask Kim, “What did he do? Did he fuck the dog?”

More montage of what Lisa has said. Harry says the shaved lady garden is a pedophile thing. He says he likes the hair. He refuses to say anything bad about Lisa. He loves her and says, “I got the whole package.”

On to Munchausen. Dear God. This is what the sixth montage? Oh wait, it’s a scene with Yolanda and Kyle and Pinky at a restaurant. Yolanda has her hair pulled back and the brown eyeshadow  sickness working overtime. She presents Yolanda with medical records claiming Anwar and Bella have Lyme disease. Pinky doesn’t take them. Dear God this woman is working this illness WAY harder than Brooks Ayers ever did.  Andy and Rinna exchange some interesting eye contact after the scene, Andy giggles. Then he asks Rinna if she regrets bringing it up? She says, “Ya know, I don’t regret it, I never regret anything, I grow and learn when I do things. It’s been a great learning experience.”  What she learned was why the old school cast refuses to carry the producers shady storylines on to the set. Never be the first to say it, Rinna. Just nod when others do.  Andy has “duper’s delight” throughout this entire conversation. He literally cannot stop grinning. Harry makes a MUNCHausen joke.

I wish Lisa Rinna was doing this with Andy right now.

I wish Lisa Rinna was doing this with Andy right now.


Andy remembers halfway through the show and after being extremely shady to Lisa that her father just died. So he gives condolences before the break. Wasn’t Andy talking about manner this week on his latest episode of another egotistical outlet, “Ask Andy?”  I believe it was about the importance of handwritten notes. On the other hand he was talking about RECEIVING them.


Was the person who mentioned Munchausen to you first Taylor Armstrong? No it wasn’t it was a female hairdresser.

(Lots of questions about Harry and Lisa’s marriage. It’s all sunshine and roses. Almost too much.)

How mad was your daughter for sharing her crush on Anwar? She was horrified!

Who makes the most money of the two? Lisa (Depends has been very good to them)

Who would you invite into a threesome (this is part of a game)? Lisa says Eileen, Harry zips his lips.

The poll question was about Kyle saying she didn’t trust Pinky with her phone. Who would YOU not trust with YOUR phone? The results were Kyle 44%  but people are starting to catch on to Pinky who came in second at 36% the only other contender was Rinna at a distant third with 10%





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34 responses to “WWHL With Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin

  1. V

    I wonder what the documents say…

    To whom this may concern,
    Bella and Anwar have lyme Disease

  2. sandra

    Wow…Andy is such a jerk, I hope somebody checks him hard and soon. I love Lisa’s hair and she’s great for the show. Andy asked a lot of the same questions of Harry as last time he was on. I think he also gave Harry the same crappy boxers both times. Great recap, TT.

    • Minky

      Rinna is totally adorable. Her hair style works with her features and is probably a lot easier to manage than some of the more involved hair styles some of the other Wives are trying to rock (I’m looking at you Pinky).

      • Spilledperfume

        I have always liked Lisa R hair. It really does suit her. I wish I could pull it off. O loved when she said she keeps it short because she still wants her husband to f*ck her.

  3. Spilledperfume

    I love Lisa and Harry.

  4. Wallace

    I’ve been rewatching seasons one and two. Vanderpump was the instigator but none of the others were catching on to her the first season. She’s always been super shady and cutting in her talking heads.

  5. peachteachr

    I love Lisa and Harry, too.I don’t get the Faye hate. Hasn’t Kyle had Faye on each season? I never remember LVP saying a bad word about her in all these years. Why now? Love Kyle and always have. Not crazy about the new girls and I’m confused by Yolanda’s path.

  6. Andy needs to get layed.

  7. More Tea Please!

    Those two are so sweet together!

  8. I just don’t get the calculating sneaky behavior people are always referring to with Pinky! After the last RHWBH episode I’m wondering if that didn’t start with Faye Resnick! As if she is any credible person to base a theory on!

  9. Matzah60

    “Shady Andy” is spot on. He seems orgasmic when he is taunting his guests. Even shadier is how he had both Eileen and another HW whose name I can’t recall in the second chair.

    Gotta say, was impressed how Harry defended his lady. I do think she’s the breadwinner in that house and Harry seems to acknowledge it and backs her up at every turn.

    As for Teresa Guidice, GMA got a lot of flack on Twitter for paying big bucks to interview a felon. I wonder what the reaction will be n WWHL.

    • Minky

      Totally agree about Harry. I love me a gentleman. They’re hard to find.

      WWHL having felons on is no biggie. They do it all the time. Just business as usual at the clubhouse. Ew.

      • Matzah60

        @Minky, a good man is hard to find, indeed! It made me laugh when you mentioned Andy’s Clubhouse. I forget that’s how Andy referred to it. It sort of reminds me of PeeWee Herman’s playhouse, both run by insipid perverts!

  10. Lindsay

    Seriously I hate these sickness storylines. So tedious.

  11. JustJenn

    I really wanted to watch this but fell asleep early..thanks for the recap, TT! I rarely watch WWHL any more anyway as Andy’s cuntish behavior makes the show very uncomfortable to watch. And I used to love him..sigh.

  12. Sari

    Remember when Andy used to get all fangirl over his housewife guests on WWHL? His excitement was adorable.

    Now, he’s over it… and it shows. WWHL has become increasingly more difficult to watch.

    Lisa and Harry did a decent job. Sorry Andy- it’ll be really hard to get those two to crack on live tv. They’re professionals.

  13. Minky

    Dumb question: When is Andrew going to have Yolanda on WWHL? Has she already been on in the past? Is is wrong of me to wish for Andy to grill Yolanda like he does the other wives? Okay, that was 3 dumb questions, but whatevers.

    • Sari

      Would Andy risk offending Yolanda? That could prevent Yolanda from returning and from cameras documenting her post-David “My King, My Love” life.

      No. Sorry. I already know the answer to my question. Yes, he would. Andy gives no fucks about throwing shade to his guests.

      And, I’m sure nothing would prevent Yolanda from signing on for another season. She’s got those children to pimp. It’s time for her to launch her own product, too. A home colonic line? A DIY intravenous vitamin therapy kit?

    • iloveearlgrey

      Andy is such a fraud. He never asks the important/burning questions. He always sticks to asking stupid shady things no one gives a shit about. He will probably ask Yolanda some fluff shit about David and how she dealt with the women questioning her Lyme.

  14. iloveearlgrey

    Andy and his wonk-eye need to shut up. Lisa looks AH-MAZING. Her hair matches her features.

  15. Mm in OC


  16. “…and the brown eyeshadow sickness working overtime.” lmfao!

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