Thoughts on “The People Versus O.J. Simpson”

OF polygraph

Tonight the much anticipated ten episode FX series on the trial of O.J. Simpson began. I thought I’d give my thoughts briefly and give everyone a place to talk about the show.

My first reaction is that the acting is horrible. Cuba Gooding Jr. is miscast in this role. He’s way too small for the role and for some reason he has decided to adopt a very obnoxious whiney voice. It’s extremely distracting to me. John Travolta also sucks as Bob  Shapiro.  I’m not thrilled with David Schwimmer as Kardashian either. There is some really bad acting on this show.

OJ slow chase

The female actors are great though. Especially Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark. It looks like Connie Britton is going to do a hilarious Faye Resnick. The person playing Kris Kardashian is rather amusing as well.

I watched every second of the trial and read Marcia Clark and Christopher Darden’s books and some others. I’m looking forward to the dynamic between those two.

I think the guy playing Johnny Cochran is great and the guy playing Kato Kaetlin is spot on.

I’m ready to get to the trial. Where were Judge Ito’s hourglasses in the previews? They have to include those, right?

Who watched and what did you think?


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  1. I actually know very little about this case..what surprises how wimpy the kardashian was..because I know it is not a documentary..I paid very little attention to the details..and paid more attention to the actor’s that played the humans….so far..I didn;t know that the defence was working the prejiduce of the police to a high degree.

  2. Naturally (BIG SIGH) I missed it. Is it a mini-series? The OJ Simpson trial captivated almost the whole country and was a big deal.

    • Sorry TT, is just re-read the first line and I see it’s ten episodes….(whoopsie :)

      • *I* instead if ‘is’. I am going to blame de Lyme Brain.

      • *of* instead of ‘if’. FUCK dis Lyme Brain!

      • Pip

        Hahaha! G-Snap! You are funny. I am sure they will replay episode one a hundred times this week. I’m sure you can catch it.

      • Pip

        I thought Connie Britton was fucking AWESOME as the morally corrupt Faye Resnick. I am most excited about watching her. And I thought Cuba was really good as OJ. Explosive and unpredictable.
        Travolta-meh. Hopefully he will improve. I don’t remember Robert Shipiro that well, so I have nothing to really compare him to. David Schwimmer… those sad eyes and that insipid look. Seemed like he was just playing Ross to me.
        I didn’t watch the trial closely or read much about it. But I did watch the Bronco chase and the verdict.
        Seems like a hundred years ago.

      • Pip

        And… I forgot. Sarah Paulson is the greatest actress! Definitely one of my favorite actresses right now.

  3. Xanadude

    I feel old watching this. This happened literally half of my lifetime ago.
    My main question in the casting is will Connie Britton achieve the proper level of moral corruption in her portrayal of Faye Resnick, who was going through a…rough patch…in her life at the time?

    • addie2u

      Connie Britton prepared for the role by watching RHOBH. She’s quoted as saying “I did watch Faye on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, which was fantastic. I adore Andy Cohen, and of course he was way into it, so he helped me out.”

      The Beverly Hills OJ link was no coincidence. Andy’s loving this.

    • Matzah60

      Feeling old as well watch this mini-series. Like Tamara and many of you, I watched the entire trial. The trial was riveting and so is this made for movie mini series. What stands out for me is how poorly Marcia Clark was portrayed during the trial; vile comments about her appearance and all the mysoginist comments aimed at her in particular by OJ’s so called dream team.

      I think the women were cast well for their roles, as was Johnny Cochran. I can’t get passed Gooding’s small stature and voice. At the time, OJ was a bigger than life kind of guy, in part because of his fame, but also because of his physical attributes.

      Still, I am enjoying the series and it’s really interesting to watch something other than the HW shows.

      Thanks for giving this recap on such a historical time in life. Being the same age as Marcia Clark, I was so impressed with how she handled this trial against the team of the ‘good old boy’s club’ in court. She was brilliant in court, but sadly it took over a decade for many to realize it.

      • Nick

        Brilliant in court? She didn’t do much. The prosecution team blew a slam dunker. A SLAM DUNKER.

      • Matzah60

        @Nick. OJ spent 3 million dollars on his defense. He even had two DNA experts on his team. Kardashian stayed on as a volunteer assistant and had to have his law license reissued as he had abandoned law to go into the music industry. I would hardly call it a slam dunk; more like a miscarriage of justice based on race, sexism, and an all black jury that felt OJ stood for all blacks that were the victims if white police that violated their rights. The trial wasn’t about the physical evidence that should have ended in a guilty verdict.

        Clark was mocked and vilified by OJ’s dream team and the press. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t do an outstanding job preparing for and handling the case in court.

    • Spilledperfume

      You’ve got me hooked tt. I watched it on demand last night. It looks good.

      At the time I read Marcia’s book and there was another book that I can’t remember the name of but it was a really big red book and the title was along the lines of The American Dream.

      I’ll be back to read each week.

  4. I agree that Cuba is too small, but other than that I am absolutely loving this miniseries! I can not wait for next week! I can remember exactly where I was when some of these events took place. So strange to think this was over 20 years ago.

  5. I watched every minute of the whole story as it happened, and didn’t miss a minute of the trial either. Great theater, horrible result. I just can’t make myself go thru it all over again, and after reading your thoughts, I’m so glad I skipped it!

    • Dee-AZ @jordan1022

      I also watched every minute of it, however I have a feelIng I will be sucked in and watch the mini series. I just can’t help myself. I also remember the bronco chase

  6. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    I’m barely 15 min into show but wtf…..i can’t believe the casting of OJ. Seriously it’s gonna be hard watching Cuba pull off OJ. Casting was way off on that. I heard somewhere that Connie Britten is playing the morally corrupt Faye. TT agree w you on casting of Kato, spot on

  7. BeetsWhy

    The male casting is so horribly off! I love the fifty something Connie Britten playing a much younger skank, that just gives me joy ? I’m with Xanadude, it was literally half my life ago ? I remember all of it so clearly, I was obsessed. I was watching news relentlessly when oj was supposed to turn himself in and the ensuing bronco chase, it was the true beginning of reality tv.

  8. Erica

    I just didn’t have the heart for it – and I forgot it was tonight. Not sure I can do it. I think that the Kardashian/Jenners are getting unfairly trashed on the internet (Of COURSE Kris is going to talk about herself when talking about how kind Nicole was to her – and MANY close friends have been surprised to learn that their loved one was being abused by a spouse). I firmly believe that Robert was hired as an attorney and THEN found out that OJ did it – and was then trapped by attorney client confidentiality.

    • Jaded

      I felt the same. Watched every minute of the trial and when the verdict was read Kardashians face said it all. His face literally looked like he couldn’t believe OJ got by with murder.

    • Amy

      I have read somewhere on the net that Robert Kardashian was believed to have disposed
      Of the golfing bag that was missing from OJ Simpson home. I think that was why he had gone out of town. They say that is why he hired Kardashian so that he could not testify for prosecution.

  9. Boris Kodjoe would have been a PERFECT actor to portray OJ.

  10. addie2u

    Sarah Paulson was perfection as Marcia Clark.
    John Travolta was scary. It was uncomfortable watching him.
    Re Cato – he was recently on some talk show saying the movie wasn’t a true depiction of him (he was a vegetarian at the time & didn’t eat hamburgers). Sorry Cato, but other than the burgers, from what I recall, they nailed it. 😉

    • Cat

      I saw that! That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Like a hamburger is really going to matter.

      • Cat

        Wow. Thanks. I don’t get FX, so I can’t watch it, but I am interested in hearing about any inconsistencies.

        Ron Goldman’s family is right. This is disrespectful to the victims, and the families. When Dr. Phil had Cato on, talking about the hamburgers, he made that sound like such a big deal. Then, Dr. Phil asked him how his life is now. Apparently, Cato is profiting from these gruesome murders. Like so many others.

        The look of pain and disgust on the family’s face when he bragged about his success was disturbing. Ron and Nicole did not have that luxury of Life.

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t get why Kato is saying he was a vegetarian when he said on the stand that HE ASKED OJ to take him with him to McDonalds.

        I don’t have time for a better video of that testimony, this one is chopped up to show highlights (the funny parts) but he talks about going to McDonalds at the 12:30 mark

  11. DarkThoughts

    I really didn’t want to watch it but something made me set the DVR so I watched it. I liked it more than I thought I did. The beginning felt like an episode of American Horror Story. I think it was the camera angles.

    I feel that David Schwimmer is giving me more Ross than Robert. I’m over his constipated look already/again. He’s the reason I stopped watching Friends. John Travolta is interesting. Paulson is wonderful BUT lacks that cunt satchel flavor the real Marcia had.

    I’m in. Hey, did anyone catch Asia Monet Ray from Dance Moms as O.J. young daughter?

    • tamaratattles

      OMG! I totally missed Asia! Maybe she will be on future episodes. I’ll watch for her.

    • Yes I saw my girl Asia Ray and was surprised. Good for her. I agree I get more Ross than Kardashian. Travolta seems to be playing another character. Loving the Marcia Clarke actress. I remember watching this as a kid because there was nothing else on, this was all they showed in LA, was the trial. This is where I got my first taste of enjoying trials and true crime.

  12. beverly

    I watched everything about this whole trial while it was happening–at least every thing on TV. IF I wasn’t working I’d watch it all day long. On the days I did work I’d rush home and watch recaps on TV for hours. Was just sick to my stomach when they acquitted that murderer. Someone mentioned lots of people got started in TV as a result of this trial. One of those people was Greta van Susteren. Who remembers that?

    • Queen of the Nile

      Yes, I do remember the trial was Greta’s start. I can’t decide whether to watch the show or just read the recaps and comments. I also was obsessed with the original trial and followed it in detail. OJ’s acquittal was so disturbing to me that I don’t know if I can go through that again.

  13. Deby

    I am 52 in March, so unfortunately, I think this all went down a day or a thousand more than hALF of my life ago, at least that’s how my early morning fuzzy brain is calculating it. I watched every second I possibly could back then, glued to the television. I forgot about it last night & so hope it will be shown over & over again so I can watch. I remember it from the bronco Chase to the verdict. Also I recall it giving Greta a huge career boost. Wasn’t the brief show that started as a result of all this but is no longer on some kind of reality show or something that starred Cato? I’m so glad you will be covering & discussing it here! Thanks a bunch for that.

  14. Cat

    I watched the entire trial, too. I look forward to reading about any inconsistencies in this mini series.

    The families of Ron and Nicole are very upset by this. I guess it’s all about OJ, and the trial. The victims are pretty much dismissed.

    The writer was on Dr. Phil. He said it is factual…with “a little poetic license”. The families were furious when he said that.

    We will see if it is factual, or just a “crockumentary”.

    • Matzah60

      @Cat, I have read in the newspapers that the purpose of the series was to concentrate on the killings and the victims, but to show to the public how the justice system worked, how it failed us in this case, and how race and sexism played in a role in the trial. The basis for the story was taken from Jeffrey Toobin’s (sometime legal analyst and he also writes many articles in the New Yorker magazine) which focused on the judicial system and how it played a part in the acquittal of OJ.

  15. beverly

    I’m so glad OJ is rotting in prison now.

  16. JustJenn

    I watched and I’ll definitely will be watching again next week, but when Ross Gellar kept yelling “Juice” I just about lost my shit.

  17. BeerWenchinTX

    Why did Travolta play Shapiro like a queen???? His acting choices were extremely odd. I think Cuba was good as OJ and Schwimmer did the confusion I think Bob K had in the beginning really well. Paulsen was awesome as Marcia Clark. I can’t wait to see more of Connie Britton as the morally corrupt Faye Resnick!!!! I was obsessed with this trial and the Menendez brothers. This case actually made me realize that I didn’t want to become a lawyer aft all.

  18. loriflack

    ~ I had MAJOR morning sickness for a majority of my pregnancy so I have seen the trial completely. My gynecologist was close friends with the Browns and wore their symbolic angel pin on her white coat everyday.

  19. I did watch this and I think I will continue to watch. That being said, there were times the acting was so bad (especially Travolta for me) that I thought this was almost a spoof. Cato – was he really THAT stupid and was Shapiro really THAT incompetent? I thought the Marsha Clark and Darden were done well but some of the other stuff seemed almost silly.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, Kato was REALLY that stupid. And he also seemed to be auditioning for SNL during his testimony at a murder trial.

      Bob Shapiro is NOTHING like how Travolta portrayed him. I saw Travolta on Kelly and Michael this week saying he did not watch any of the tapes of Shapiro so he could put his own spin on it. Travolta is also an executive producer meaning he supplied some money to make the show so there was probably little Ryan Murphy could do to temper Travolta’s REALLY bad acting.

      • Cat

        That is so WEIRD! I saw Travolta on another show, I think it was Inside Edition? And he said he wanted to do justice to the character and story by being as authentic as possible.

        Wow.I like his work, usually. But he seems to have a big head with this one. Like Tom Cruise. Maybe it’s the Scientology talking?

  20. More Tea Please!

    I followed the original case and trial closely and was disgusted that OJ got away with murder. I still fume when I think about the glove trick and the prosecutions inability to show what a mockery that exercise was. Im not sure if I want to relive it through this mini-series, but I will definitely follow the TT recaps.

  21. Victoria

    Watching John Travolta was an exercise in patience. What are the odds he thought this was an SNL skit???

  22. I agree that Cuba Gooding isn’t a good match. He looks nothing like OJ. But I thought the acting was good. And the murder scene seemes real.I just started reading I Did It. That’s a whole other storr.

  23. I agree that Cuba isn’t a good match. He looks mouthing like OJ but I thought the acting was decent. And the murder scene looked so.real. I just started reading I Did It. Oye.


  24. CoBe

    So . . . among my brushes with fame has been meeting OJ several times after the murders. He was always wearing blue contact lenses, which made him look INCREDIBLY attractive and he has a very magnetic personality. I mean, it is impossible to hate him.

    He had several girlfriends in addition to his long term girlfriend. He certainly didn’t suffer with the ladies. I always found that incredibly strange.

    Each time I quickly said hello, made small talk, and excused myself, but it was unsettling to know that someone who did something so evil was so engaging.

    One of his close friends said something very interesting to me — I was invited to a lunch with him, OJ, and a group and declined.

    I said “How could you actually eat lunch with that man knowing what he’s done?”

    His friend said “You don’t desert friends, no matter what. I am appalled by what he did, but a true friend shows his colors by what he does when the rest of the world turns their back”

    It was a really interesting take.

    The last time I met him, I had run into him unexpectedly in South Beach at La Piagga. I was walking my dog along the boardwalk when he ran into the restaurant. It was OJ who helped me get him back. Took me a second to recognize him.

    Now when I see pictures of him in jail, he looks NOTHING like what he once did. I’ve never seen any picture that does OJ justice as far as charisma and good looks. Cuba Gooding Jr ABSOLUTELY does not have one ounce of what OJ had.

    • Matzah60

      Sorry, CoBe, but this is disturbing to hear. This is one of the several reasons that OJ was acquitted. America has this love affair with athletes and actors, not to mention this blind adoration for those who are good-looking. Of course, this was a time of racial, coming on the heels of the Rodney King verdict and questioning the way that white LA cops beat the shit out of King. This was used when intro.ducing Furman, the detective who worked the case and who was known for making racial comments.

      Being OJ’s very close friend was the reason that Robert Kardashian got involved with the case. If you look at original clips from the trial, .you will see the look of shock on Kardashian’s face when OJ was acquitted on every single count. He later went on to write a book saying he regretted defending OJ as he was sure of his guilt. Later, Kardashian’s role was overshadowed by Cochran who definitely played the race card as a defense.

      There was overwhelming physical evidence that proved OJ was guilty of the death of Nicole and Goldman. Not as a friend or a family member would I or could I defend someone who intentionally set out to snuff the lives of two people who didn’t deserve to die.

      There is nothing titillating or sexy about OJ; not his looks, his physical prowess, or his fame. He is an illiterate man (as TT noted) who garnered fame and wealth because of ‘success’ on the field and his ‘good looks’. His contribution to this world is the brutal killing of two young people, one the mother of his two children who had to live with the knowledge that their own father might have killed their mother. He is a POS and I’m glad to see him incarcerated now, even if it is for unrelated charges.

      • CoBe

        Matzah, no need to apologize to me. I agree that it is very disturbing.

        I only shared it because it was so intriguing to me. I am not someone who is moved by looks or celebrity AT ALL. It was more than that, it was like a magnetic appeal. I wish I could explain it better.

        The only other person I’ve ever met with anything similar was Bill Clinton (and that was just briefly).

        Some people have that “thing”.

        As to being illiterate, I don’t know anything about what OJ wrote, so it may be true. I can say that he is very well spoken.

      • Matzah60

        I get what you are saying. I ‘met’ Clinton at the National Constitution Center in Philly years back when he did his book tour. He agreed to personally sign everyone’s book that was purchased there. Clinton has such charisma and there is no way to put it in words. I agree that OJ possessed that same charisma to the public, but his real persona was exposed in court. Too bad that the jury looked past the physical evidence and the ‘legend’ when making their decision.

  25. Cat

    I find it interesting, OJ was excited about this movie. I couldn’t imagine why.

    But now, people are reading his book. Maybe that’s why? Does he profit from that book?

    • tamaratattles

      Cat, after OJ wrote the book, the Brown family took him to court under Son of Sam laws (they also took him to court for civil damages for murdering Ron) and were awarded all profits from the book. Somehow they never really saw much if any profits from the book from what I understand.

      • Cat

        Thanks. Yeah, on Dr. Phil, they said they have not received one penny from OJ in all these years. How is he getting away with that? Where is the money going?

      • JoJoFLL

        Powerhouse Judith Regan was fired from Harper Collins for trying to publish the book. I remember a few copies actually got out and sold on ebay for $15,000.

      • JoJoFLL

        I’m getting PePe LePew from Ross Gellar.

      • The Brown family has no rights to the book.They never did.

      • tamaratattles

        Sorry. I mistyped above clearly the brown family was not suing over Ron’s death, it was obviously the Goldman family. That said, Jill M’s “correction” of my statement was incorrect, the Browns were given10% of the book rights, and the Goldman’s 90%. OJ received an advance of between $600K and $800K depending on what source you believe..He spent it and they received nothing. The book was published over public outcry. I don’t believe the Goldmans have recovered much if any money DIRECTLY FROM OJ, But the book lists Ron’s father and sister as the author of the reprint they won the rights too. I includes OJ’s ghostwriter (OJ is functionally illiterate) text with their “purple pen style” commentary.” It remains available to purchase on Amazon to this day. Proceeds for that would not count against the judgment against OJ. Also, OJ moved to Florida because that state somehow protected him from creditors. I forget the details on that as well.

        “In August 2007, a Florida bankruptcy court awarded the rights to the book to the Goldman family to partially satisfy the civil judgment. The title of the book was changed to If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer, and published by Beaufort Books. Comments were added to the original manuscript by the Goldman family, the book’s ghostwriter Pablo Fenjves, and journalist Dominick Dunne.[7] The new cover design printed the word “If” greatly reduced in size compared with the other words, and placed it inside the “I”.[8]”

      • I am reading the book and it states that the Goldman’s got 90% and 10% went bsnkruptcy court.

      • CoBe

        Hey TT. The reason for the move to Florida is that Florida is one of the few states that will not seize a primary home as an asset in a bankruptcy or in a civil judgement against the resident.

        Also, OJ’s pension was not affected.

        He had plenty of money, so I don’t know where he was getting it from. He definitely wasn’t starving or hurting for anything.

      • Leelee

        Many Son of Sam laws have been found to be unconstitutional (1st Amendment violations as they single out written material as compared to other forms of income/ assets). So it probably wasn’t SoS, but rather the civil judgement that allowed them rights to the book. But when OJ declared bankruptcy, it most likely made any financial compensation nearly impossible to recover. It’s always been my understanding that the trial ruined OJs finances???

  26. JoJoFLL


    John Travolta is the most perfect perfection of orange! The eyebrows! The constipation! The weave! The voice! The mumbly mumblings!

  27. lovinlife63

    If I’m re-telling please just a pop on the hand and not the wls!! Did anyone notice that the lil girl playing the part of Sydney is Asia from Dance Mom’s or rather that dance contest and then had her own lil show for a bit?

    I have to agree with others for the bad acting. IMO, Sara Paulsen did not disappoint, but all else was cringe-worthy to me. Travolta produced….maybe he tried to wear to many hats / weaves….whatever

  28. loriflack

    I am certain that OJ has CTE…and wonder when it started.

    • CoBe

      I suppose it’s possible that he may try to get that diagnosis to get himself out of prison, but I can tell you that in all of my interactions with him, he never showed any signs of forgetfulness or hesitance with wording.

      • Cat

        According to the guy who wrote the book this is based upon, OJ is fairly illiterate. He claims it’s evident in the “suicide note”. His lawyers cleaned up the spelling and grammar before presenting it.

  29. loriflack

    He’s kind of a one-trick pony.

  30. interrobang

    This had me feeling like I was watching a really bad SNL skit; the acting, dialogue and pacing were so strange I didn’t know if I should laugh because it was trying to be a spoof or be horrified by the awfulness of it all. Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more uncomfortable with the whole production, John Travolta showed up on my screen and I genuinely felt distress. What a trainwreck. I doubt I’ll continue to watch but I will come here to read everyone’s comments/reviews.

  31. Diana

    I remember perfectly that footage you describe. I wondered then what was in the luggage. I watched that trial every chance I had. And I’m watching the FX series.

    • SashaV

      Wouldn’t it be nice if Robert Kardashian left information about the contents of the bag to be released upon OJ’ s death? I wish he did not go to his grave with that.

  32. OK, finally watched it. First impression: GRIPPING. For a story that everyone knows, I mean, we all know what’s going to happen…that is a monumental feat for them to have accomplished.

    In June of 1994 I was living in Manhattan and experiencing the beginning of a splendid and thrilling romance. I remember coming home from an early-afternoon date to my roommate saying “Check this out!” – OJ’s low-speed chase down the freeway. The two of us stared at the TV shaking our heads in disbelief. I think we both had an inkling that it’d be all downhill from there.

    That whole summer for me was one of new adventures and emotional highs. For the first time ever, I felt truly ALIVE. At the same time, this case was just so strange and unbelieveable.

    I don’t have the problems with the casting that you seem to, TT. While yes, I think they could have done much better with the role of OJ, everyone else (except Kato, but I’ll get to that later) seems well if not brilliantly cast. I mean, Selma Blair as Kris Jenner was truly inspired!

    OJ was an outwardly beautiful man. Cuba Gooding? Um…not so much. With him in the role, we don’t see the appeal and charisma that enabled OJ to become a star outside of the sports world.

    And the guy playing Kato? No, no, no. This guy is much too young and fresh looking. And physically larger; at least he seems that way. I don’t know their actual ages, but the real Kato was born looking older than this guy…and also Kato had a slightly greasy, slightly haggard quality about him that this actor lacks.

    As far as performances? Hm. Well, Travolta has never been my cup of tea. All he ever had going for him were his looks, and that ship sailed in 1983 or 84. What I saw here was him trying way too hard and not succeeding.

    Sarah Paulson is certainly a very gifted actress. My only tiny quibble with her so far? Her smoking. For all the times Marcia Clark is shown smoking, Paulson is unconvincing. It’s like every cigarette is the very first one she’s ever held. Not what you’d call “smoking with an experienced hand”! I know it’s a small thing but I mention it because every time I saw that, it broke the suspension of disbelief for a moment. (Also, the vast majority of actors I’ve known have smoked like chimneys. Clearly she’s not one of them!)

    Sorry for the novel-length comment. Safe to say I’ll be watching along with you and commenting!

  33. ZenJen55

    Scene 1, Kato, the dog was found a couple blocks away, he took the dog home but because the dog kept pacing and going to the door he decided to let the dog loose and follow it to see where the dog went. Yes small inconsistency.
    Plus Sydney did not call home looking for her Mother, Arnell went and got the children after Van Atter talked to her briefly.

  34. More Tea Please!

    I said I wasnt going to watch.

    Well…maybe Ill just take a little peek on FX Now.

    Just a quick peek.

    Damn! I’m hooked! Scoot over guys, give me a seat.

    (Travolta was just awful, the rest I can live with.)

  35. Rose

    I dvr’d it and will watch this weekend. I vividly remember where I was for the white bronco chase. Watched the trial but didn’t read any of the books. I still believe RHOBH time this season and Faye with this movie in mind.

  36. Cuba Gooding Jr is a good actor, but he doesn’t look or convey the role enough. O.J. was a very liked athlete who was considered charming and very attractive. Then, when this murder happened, (some) people looked at O.J. differently, like “wow, this guy IS kind of big and intimidating…never noticed that before”.
    Cuba just isn’t big enough or even slightly physically imposing, so that doesn’t work. (He’s smaller than the cops! It doesn’t look right)
    Sarah Paulson is totally channeling Marcia Clark! Even though Ms. Clark had a good grasp of the case, she was very annoying and intense. The public didn’t like her and that shouldn’t matter when it comes to the law, but it does. This actress plays irritating and overly hyped-up very well.
    I wish the script didn’t go out of its way to reference the Kartrashian Kids so much. We get it, O.J’s buddy’s offspring grew up to be media whores. We get it.
    And Kato? Perfect! Reminds us of just how odd Kato, and his relationship with O.J., was….

    • Yeah, the whole “Don’t kill yourself in Kimmie’s room!” thing was ridiculous. And was Robert Kardashian really such a wimp? Or is that just the Ross Geller slipping thru? Kato had me lol-ing tho.

      • Lady C, I read an article yesterday that that scene absolutely happened. I know the Kardashian references people think are making fun of them but no one knew who those four kids were back then except the people involved. I don’t know exactly how Bob was but I know he looked befuddled through a lot of the trial.

      • More Tea Please!

        I had no idea that Kardashian was not practicing law at the time of the murder. He reactivated his license and worked on the case at Shapiro’s request.

  37. Daniv

    I wish someone could please enlighten me as to why John Travolta being an actor & producer in this film and ‘living truthfully given the circumstances’ authentically reenacting Robert Schapiro, would not wear brown contacts? Robert Schapiro had brown eyes. Why wouldn’t you want to wear brown contacts in his portrayal? Shapiro did not have blue steel and I know contacts do not cost that much just like bad wigs do not cost that much (Lifetime movie reference). And to the Cuba Gooding Junior note – you’re right, his voice is not near as deep as it needs to be in fact it’s the polar opposite.

    • Spilledperfume

      John Travolta’s eye color didn’t phase me since I was to busy being repulsed by him.

      To think as an 11 year old I had a crush on him after seeing Saturday Night Fever. Now I cringe when he appears on screen.

  38. Mark

    OK, someone NEEDS to answer this for me, cuz’ I think I’m going crazy, and can’t find it on the interwebs:

    In the funeral scene, the girl that says, “He came. He has no shame.” – was that Megan King Edmonds??? As in Cuntsatchel King???

  39. Nan

    I thought the movie was very good.

  40. Nick

    I remember watching the bronco chase when I was 5-6, so the trailer intrigued me. It was well put together, the trailer that is. The acting in the first episode is horrible. I’ve seen a documentary on the trial, so I know the characters’ real life counterparts somewhat. The actors clearly don’t. John Travolta-way over the top. Nothing like Shapiro. Cuba Gooding-I have never liked him. He brings nothing to any of his roles and when he is acting, all I see is Cuba gooding junior trying to act laughably. The female lead prosecutor was portrayed very well IMO. While David schwimmer pulls off the RK look, all he brings to the table is looking dumb-founded and shocked throughout episode 1. Otherwise, he is Ross dressed up like RK. The guy who plays Cochran is not bad. Not good. But not bad. I’ll continue to watch, but the acting overall is horrible. This looked promising from the trailer, could have been based on the idea, but it all comes back to the bad acting in the first episode. My humble opinion. Not hating, just observing and throwing in my 2 cents. Just another reason why cable television shows will be obsolete within a decade because of premium network shows, Netflix, Amazon prime, etc.

  41. Frosty

    Not to knock Cuba, but he’s so physically miscast here, it keeps taking me out of the show. I’m hoping ESPN’s doc about the case will be better. I believe it’s going to be out this fall.

  42. Mike Suda

    Terrible choice casting Cuba Goofing Jr as OJ Simpson its very distracting to me because I don’t picture OJ… I see Cuba Goofing Jr….not only does he not resemble OJ he’s tiny compared to OJ who is an imposing figue.

  43. I came across this while searching “gooding too small to play oj”. Glad I’m not alone in thinking this is miscast.

  44. Rose

    Courtney B. Vance,Sarah Paulson and the guy as Chris Darden are all great. They should have gotten Terry Crews, The Rock, or someone with some bulk to play OJ. Cuba want the right fit physically.

    • I agree with everyone about Cuba Gooding playing O.J. He is so incredibly annoying squeaking and squealing in practically every scene – I find it distracting. And physically, not even close. It’s not to say that I don’t like Cuba Gooding, but I don’t understand how or why he was cast in this role (too physically small, voice too high, face too round, etc.) as opposed to so many other actors who could do the role justice. Perhaps no one else wanted anything else to do with it….

  45. Ally

    The “guy” playing Cocheran is Courtney Vance. I think Dwayne Johnson should have played O.J.

    • tamaratattles

      Really? I must have missed his name in the tens of interviews with him. Thank God we have you to swoop in her and tell us who is who. Do you happen to know who his wife is? Because we’ve all been wondering about that too! Yep. Just sitting here waiting for you to explain it all to us.

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