Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Who let the Orangutan out of her cage?

RHOBH 2 Kyle

By Guest Contributor Ben C.

Let me start out by saying, ERIKA JAYNE HAS A CHAPEL IN HER HOUSE. A chapel. Yes, you read that right. Miss Erika Jayne has enough time, space & money to build a chapel inside her own house. I bow down. Literally. Find a pew and anoint your head, because I’m feeling the spirit tonight! Let’s do this!

The episode begins with Lisa Vanderpump having Kyle over for tea. They’re planning a joint anniversary party (20 years for Kyle, 33 years for Lisa) and are going to check out the event space together. I’m always wondering how much security / greenery Lisa has surrounding the outside of her house. Her front doors (and seemingly the rest of the doors in the house) are completely glass from top to bottom, and additionally never seem to be locked. Kyle waltzes right in and finds Lisa in the kitchen. Lisa tells Kyle she’s angry no one gave her a heads up that Faye would be at the “barbecue” (Lisa says Kyle let the orangutan out of the cage!)

Vanderpump compares it to inviting “witchy-poo” (poor Carlton, she tried her hardest) to an event, and not telling Kyle about it. Kyle tells Lisa she would be taken aback at first, but then quickly move on. Which I’m sure Kyle would absolutely do…and afterwards proceed to whine to her other friends about it on camera. Lisa apparently has a really crude nickname for Faye she uses, but Kyle won’t allow her to say it on camera. Where’s Brandi Glanville when you need her?


RHOBH 2 Yolanda

Over in Malibu, Yolanda is taking a walk on the beach (her first one in over a year!) with Erika. Yolanda is getting the details on what happened after she left the barbecue. Erika goes right for it, and tells Yolanda she “overheard” (meaning she was sitting at an 8 person dinner table and directly heard the statement) Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle discussing Bella and Anwar not having Lyme Disease. (Side note: Can anyone find out if Anwar is of the legal age of consent? Asking for a friend.) I’m having a really hard time reading Yolanda’s reaction. It’s part bad acting, part semi-surprised disbelief. Yolanda tells Erika that Lisa Rinna called her earlier in the day. Lisa wants to set up a lunch date to “have a talk” one-on-one. Yolanda invited her over to her house (condo?) for coffee. They show a clip of the phone call, and I love Yolanda’s subtle shadiness. It really is an artform. She says the ladies are despicable for questioning her health and questioning her integrity as a women. Drag them!! PS: catch up on the ENTIRE #YolandaSaga here. TT has done a GREAT job of going over every detail!

Back across town, Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump arrive at the event space. We find out they are throwing a Moulin Rouge themed party. My thoughts are the same as Kyle’s, they all want an excuse to wear fishnets, thigh highs, and look trashy. They’re worried about being over capacity, so Lisa makes many passive-aggressive (and just plain aggressive) jokes hinting at uninviting Faye to free up space. The event space has a vault built in, and Lisa jokes about reserving a space for Faye inside of it. Sounds like fun.

RHOBH 2 Erika ChapelLater, Erika has Lisa Rinna over to her house. Lisa wants advice on how to approach the Yolanda situation. I’m SO excited because….WE GET TO SEE ERIKA’S HOUSE!!! (re-read my above statement.) Erika lives in Pasadena. Take whatever from that you will. Her house is GORGEOUS. You can tell she’s from the south, it definitely has a classic old-south feeling to it.

Lisa loves it – describes it as “old money done right.” She says it makes Lisa Vanderpump’s house look like a disco. Erika gives Lisa a tour of the library, the dining room, and finally THE CHAPEL. Erika collects religious art, so instead of just having “another pointless room” (ugh, meaning she already has multiple “pointless” rooms) she built a chapel. Besides, she absolutely needs the extra prayer around these ladies. Rinna is shocked, for once. She’s been around a long time; seen a lot of things, done a lot of things – but never met someone with a chapel inside their own home. Erikas backyard looks like a damn resort. I proclaim here and now, I want to be Erika Jayne Girardi when I grow up. The ladies move to the back porch (or whatever you call a super fancy porch area that’s looks over beautiful plush gardens and pools with built-in fountains) to discuss Yolanda. Lisa starts to explain the whole Munchausen (or as Erika calls it “the word”) ordeal. Rinna claims she was told this information by another group of people. She bought into it, googled what it was, and passed the information along to Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle. She admits doesn’t think it was right, and doesn’t agree with it anymore. Lisa says she didn’t come up with “the word” – she never said it or brought it up originally, but she engaged in a conversation about it and now wants to clear the air with Yolanda.

RHOVH 2 Lisa Rinna

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We see a quick, random scene of Erika at a voice lesson. The girl can actually SING. Like, actually sing. Not “On Display” by Melissa Gorga style. Erika has an upcoming live performance in San Diego, and all the ladies are coming to see her. MY BODY IS READY!

Ah, I was wondering why I was so into this episode and not falling asleep. No Eileen! But speak of the devil, and the devil will appear. (Okay, she’s not that bad. Just so bland. So boring. Just like a cheap dry white wine.) Vince and Eileen are prepping for the Moulin Rouge party. I went to grab another beer during this scene. It’s forced soap opera acting between the two, and they really should be removed next season. She seems like such a nice lady, but they have enough soap opera money coming in so I’m not worried. .

Next, it’s time for Lisa Rinna arriving at Yolanda’s condo for “the talk.” Lisa is super nervous. She says Yolanda isn’t an easy person to talk to. Yolanda makes her uncomfortable – especially when in her own home. Lisa cuts right to the chase. She tells Yolanda her version of the Munchausen story. Lisa says people are confused at the conflicting photos Yolanda posts on Instagram. I wonder if Instagram gets paid every time a RHOBH says ‘Instagram’ outloud. She heard “the word” (Munchausen) and repeated it to the other ladies, and feels terrible. Lisa explains to Yolanda exactly what Munchausen is – and yet again, I can’t get a read on Yolanda’s reaction. Rinna wraps the conversation up pretty quickly, and uses Yolandas illness as the excuse to leave. She claims she can tell Yolanda is quickly getting tired, and can see she doesn’t feel well. I guess Lisa forgot just recently she didn’t believe Yolanda was even sick at all! Before she leaves, Lisa calls herself an “impulsive, stupid asshole.” With that, Yolanda seems pleased.

Over at Kyles house, Portia’s hair is fully grown out, professionally highlighted, and straightened.

RHOBH 2 Moulin

The ladies are all getting ready for the Moulin Rouge dual-anniversary party. They show up all wearing variations of pretty much exact same costume – save Erika and Lisa Vanderpump, who added slightly more creativity to the generic outfits. Lisa Rinna, in my opinion, looks the greatest.  Slicked back hair, with a long hair piece in the back. Legs for days. You better hustle, girl! #LisaJayne

They all arrive one by one at the event space and begin to mingle. There’s an awkward yet hilarious moment at the bar, when Kathryn reprimands Erika for using the c-word. (Erika is coming for your crown, Brandi!!) Erika makes it obvious she can’t be bothered with Kathryn at this moment in time. Kyle wants to show off how she’s kept her husband for 20 years, and does so by doing “the splits” (multiple times) for the ladies. You gotta give it to the girl, the splits ARE on point. Across the room, Lisa Vanderpump decides to approach Faye (“what would an anniversary party be without Faye Resnick?”) and they have a cold, yet friendly enough exchange. Miss Morally Corrupt ‘94 appears as if she came fresh from a botox & filler appointment. Those cheeks are positively PLUMPED! Her face literally doesn’t move the entire time. It’s stuck in a sort of scary, twisted, clown smile. I can’t tell if it’s from fear of Vanderpump, or the botox. Maybe a mixture of both.

RHOBH 2 Faye


Oh, Kathryn must be a dream for production. She jumps right into a conversation (about Faye) between Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump, and wastes no time giving her opinion on the topic. Spoiler alert: it’s not a good one. She thinks it’s gross Faye was involved in the whole OJ story at all. It was distasteful to write a book – especially to include her in it, pose for playboy, etc. Kyle attempts to stick up for Faye, she’s clearly annoyed with Kathryn. And also clearly intoxicated.

Cue the splits.

Next Week: The girls go to San Diego to watch Erika Jayne perform live! Yolanda has lunch with Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump and calls them out on bringing up her kids! The ladies get into a group discussion (argument?) about who spilled the beans to Yolanda. It’s getting good, ladies and gents!

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156 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Who let the Orangutan out of her cage?

  1. DejaBlue53

    I am so over Kyle bringing up a subject and then whining that it was brought up. Kim, Faye etc etc etc. Can’t stand her.

    • SuzyQ

      Thank you for pointing this out! Kyle drives me crazy when she intentionally stirs the pot and then acts shocked and offended at the fall out. She can be so likable at times, but she isn’t the actress she thinks she is and her production cues are always so false and obvious

    • I am so over Kyle smacking those lips with her underbite. And playing with her hair. And whining about people talking about her sister – you’re on a FRICKING reality show and your sister used to star in it as well.. And her anniversary party is supposed to be all about HER, dammit!

      Ugh. Kyle.

  2. Miguel

    It appears Lisa R.’s going to be the fall gal for Erika J’s spillage. – getting interested indeed, TT.

  3. Psylocke

    So we’re supposed to believe Lisa has hated Faye all of this time because like three years ago she called out Lisa for using Brandi as her mouthpiece (which was true)?

    The only reason Lisa continues to disparage Faye on camera is because she knows the entirety of America, from the Statue of Liberty to the Constitution itself, HATES her. It’s just more next-level manipulation from Ms. Bobby Fisher.

    • Rubbishhousewife

      Maybe it’s a British thing, because if an uninvited gatecrasher turned up to my vow renewal, started on my friend and then insulted me to my face, I think I’d hold a grudge too….I’d want to avoid all social contact with that person. Faye is a lowlife, why does Vanderpump need a devious reason to dislike her?

    • Katie

      Yes, I think it really is that simple. Lisa got along with Faye just fine before her vow renewals. The limo after Camille’s dinner party and she made a joke during season 2 at a party when she saw Faye and told her something along the lines of “I’m glad you’re here, I didn’t want to be the only morally corrupt one.” in a funny tone and they were both laughing.

      Lisa’s ego is VERY fragile. She is thin skinned and she will never forget when Faye Resnick went toe-to-toe with her. It embarrassed her. It doesn’t matter that Faye ended up being right.

  4. Thank you, Ben C.! Great recap. I probably won’t have time to watch the show until the weekend, and anyway, I am betting your recap is more fun. Though, I need to see the chapel.

  5. Minky

    Yes, totally good recap. What was the point of the Rinna/Yolanda meeting? So Rinna could wash her hands of the shit talking? Like I said before: Do it right Rinna! Don’t back peddle! Dammit! :0)

    • Carol

      I equate Lisa Rinna somehow falling into a conversation with people questioning Yolanda’s illness with Mama Joyce’s word on the street. You are the street Lisa Rinna.

    • sandra

      Lisa’s learning, Minky. I thought Yoland was pleased to hear people are talking about her, she tried to play dumb.

      • Librarygirl

        Yes, I read yo’s response as a self satisfied smkrk. What is strange is that in real time she is still pushing it. What will cause her to get an accurate read on folk’s disillusion with her? But then Vicki still has her followers after a disastrous season…just tiresome.

  6. Sliceo'pie

    Does anyone else think Faye’s a cunt?

  7. Jody

    What is Kyle’s purpose in life? She seems to have no direction. She just hangs out, gossips, and cleans her closet.

    • Yeah, Raising four girls and owning clothing stores—what does she do all day?

      • Jody

        Kyle has help at home and in the business.
        She seems more like trouble looking for a place to happen. YAWN’

      • sandra

        Yeah, lisamia I agree. Kyle has plenty to keep her busy. I enjoy Kyle’s scenes at home, she’s funny and down to earth.

    • swizzle

      Interning with Kris Jenner on how to pimp out Portia and giving interviews to every media outlet about her extended family.

      Didn’t she supposedly sell a pilot about her life? Why are we not seeing any of that development?

      • I think she said she had a development deal to produce a show about her childhood. That’s miles away from having a pilot. Assuming the project gets out of development (gets financing), a pilot is written, cast, and shot, and then is picked up by a network to get made into a series, it’s a long process. And that’s a lot of very big IF’s. It would be a long time before anything airs on our TV’s.

      • tamaratattles

        Um, the show is in production. It was picked up by TVland and has some power behind its production… “TV Land is staying the single-camera comedy course with a new high-profile project in development — a period half-hour inspired TVLand Logo 2012 Blue (with TM)by the life of actress-turned-reality star Kyle Richards from former 30 Rock executive producer John Riggi, Warner Horizon Television and John Wells Prods.”

        Y’all just can’t acknowledge a damn thing Kyle does.

      • Well cool. Kyle has successfully surmounted the many obstacles in place for getting a show from concept to air. Good for her!

      • swizzle

        I’m not dismissing Kyle’s production deal, I just wish we saw her working on that. It would be infinitely more interesting than Portia roller skating and most of everything else this season. I’d be genuinely interested in the behind the scenes of how a sitcom comes together…character development, casting, storylines…Plus it would be great promo for the show. Heck, it could be the next Malibu Country, the most talked about yet never viewed TV show.

      • Madge

        I heard the Hiltons are trying to stop production before it begins. Not sure they have a legal leg to stand on though.

    • Toni Lee Gildea

      She is here to do the splits.

  8. Cat

    Wasn’t Yolanda the one that first mentioned the kids being sick?

    Does Yolanda get paid the same as the others? From the recaps, she doesn’t seem to have much camera time. She shows up, gets tired, and leaves. Nice work, if you can get it.


    • Lily

      Indeed, Cat. She not only mentioned it, she posted vials of their blood (BLOOD!) with HER kids names, birth dates, titter tests and some provider info. No psychiatric degree needed to call that morbid and oddly desensitized. What mother wants to actually see their own kids blood? The whole point of being a mother is to keep that shit in their circulatory system, not put it in tiny vases with disease codes on them. I think this lady is a lot stranger than we will possibly ever know.

  9. Tara

    Great job Ben C!
    I love Erika, her sassy attitude is magnetic. She has the class to back it up.
    The beach scene with Yo was odd to say the least. I don’t want to judge but I am human and sometimes a bad one. TT’s time line of Yo’s social networking post is genius.
    I feel like it’s about to get ugly with the Lisa’s. I hate it when stuff like that happens bc their fallout will overshadow the true reason-subject= Yo and all this bs.
    Hope y’all are all having a great week.

  10. Bella

    Yo thinking she is the face of Lyme is delusional and scary. I used to sympathize with her because, i’ve been fighting stage IV cancer for years. While its two completely separate things, I whole heartedly understand and relate to the one day you can feel amazing, and then feel like death the next however many days. It’s awful. I also can understand how people can doubt without knowing/understanding what it’s like. Is it hurtful when you’re going through hell? Yes, however, that’s when you take the time to educate people.

    Has she ever tried to actually connect to the Lyme community? What has she done besides go to “world renowned” quack doctors? There’s top doctors in Connecticut and NY. It’s also weird she does treatment after treatment but won’t list what exactly they are, and what they do/how they’ll help. She also doesn’t follow up on how it worked for her. People will blindly follow her because she’s famous. Also because when you suffer day in/out you become desperate for anything. She could actually hurt people should they follow what she does.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against holistic or clinical trial route. I actually mix both natural and western medicine.

    It seems she just looks up basic information on the Internet and goes from there.

    It angers me to the core. For all of us truly suffering and even fighting for our lives whether it’s Lyme or cancer or some other disease. And then to bring her children into it?! And even her castmates? It’s SICK and shame on her. Also Shame on bravo for allowing this. Just like the brooks situation. These fakers make it harder for those of us suffering to get the support we need… it’s truly a smack in the face.

    Sorry TT. Delete this If needed, it just upsets me. I’m a long time reader and adore you/this site/the commenters.

    • Judilu

      I think many of us have here have some medical issues which make us really angry at Yolanda. She makes it hard for a lot of people yet she cannot take anything ..Her true face showed last night when she mimicked Lisa saying she loved the kids. I do not believe for a second that she had no idea what Lisa had said prior to that conversation, she probably practiced in front of mirror feigning disbelief and outrage.

      • Rubbishhousewife

        Completely agree with both of you, Judilu and Bella. The realities of living with long term/severe health problems are very different to what Yolanda is trying to portray. Whether it’s to force a divorce settlement or market a cure, or just plain attention-seeking, it makes me angry. The idea that she is claiming to be some kind of figuregead for “invisible” illnesses (they aren’t that invisible, I’ve seen the looks on my brothers’ faces when I can’t walk properly) just drives me potty.

      • Bella

        Didn’t mean to make it like it’s just me. I did mean anyone with health problems or those caring for them. Spot on with everything. She also showed her guilt when lisa was giving her the explanation of why people question. She just sat their like a bitch with a stone cold face. Instead of acknowledging that it’s understandable how people could misconstrue that or have ignorant comments and such.

    • tamaratattles

      Bella, why would I delete this? THIS IS WHAT A BRAVE WOMAN FIGHTING SERIOUS ILLNESS SOUNDS LIKE. I’m pulling for you girlfriend. I am so honored that you spend your precious time here. It makes me want to do a better job. Sending barrels of healing thoughts. xoxoxo tt

      • Bella

        Thanks TT. You give me so many much needed laughs, I adore you/this place! xoxo. Thanks to everyone as for the well wishes as well.

        So glad it’s not just me that she infuriates.

    • caroline

      Hi Bella,
      Your post is spot on, ive had this conversation with others and seeing her behaviour infuriates me as it often appears to be more for a storyline, than to truly help others who are genuinely ill. Anyway thanks for your post & wishing you all the best xo

    • Sarah Parker

      You asked why she doesn’t detail her treatment then sd she could lead people down the wrong path. With what you are going through which can not be easy-you know it is complicated to share certain treatment and not others. Every situation is different and even though I’ve been thorough lyme for years and pretty much have the overall treatment down as far as the probable best treatment -I only share individually or w a closed lyme group as I don’t know what other health issues people have and don’t want to be responsible if they have adverse side effects. She had sd she is doing LDI and other things. Just giving insight from my perspective-not a right or wrong. Interesting someone brought up desensitization-it is a huge side effect of lyme which may explain the blood vials, etc. I never had it and didn’t connect some things that seem off but wonder if that is why. Prayers for your fight. You must be a warrior!

  11. My few thoughts:

    Love, Love, LOVE Erika’s new talking-head look. The gold sequined dress; the hairstyle. Outré to the perfect degree.

    Things are being said this season on the show that someone – anyone – should have said on this past season of Orange County. Whether rightly or wrongly, Erika is defending her friend and it’s viscerally satisfying.

    Moulin Rouge-themed party? Ugh. Enough already. Even lo these many years later, I’m still suffering from Moulin Rouge overload. Enough already. Tired, tired. And sorry Miss LaBelle, I don’t want to hear “Lady Marmalade” ever again. It’s a good song and all, but those bitches who re-made it ruined it. I’ve heard it so many times that I’ve had my fill for this lifetime. And the next. I will, however, watch the original Moulin Rouge, a bio-pic about the artist Toulouse-Lautrec. Different entirely. OK, rant over. Sorry.

    As much as I dislike Faye Resnick and as despicable as she is, I have to hand it to her for her mastery of the Kathryn/LVP situation. At their initial encounter, she diffused the situation to the degree that all Kathryn could say was a meek, “Yes…” to her question of is she happy now. She didn’t engage last night. She said almost nothing to LVP leaving her practically speechless. THAT’s how you render your enemies toothless and befuddled. They were both looking for a fight, neither got one, and both walked away figuratively scratching their heads and wondering what happened.

    • PaganChick

      I didn’t get the impression that Lisa V was looking for a fight with Faye. I think she dislikes her – which she is perfectly entitled to feel that way as people who haven’t even interacted with her seem to hate her – but was trying to be cordial to her.

      I think Kathryn may have been looking for a fight at the non BBQ and it fizzled out on her. But, I don’t think there would have been any issue between Kathryn and Kyle if Kyle hadn’t passive aggressively tried to egg Lisa into talking about her and Faye’s interaction. Kyle already knew how that went because Faye told her. So why go to Lisa who is standing next to Kathryn and ask Lisa about how things went with Faye after already knowing the answer?

      It’s the passive aggressive shit stirring that Kyle does that always ends up being her undoing for me. And what 40 plus year old mother of 4 accuses their 50 something year old friend of “siding with the new girl?” Isn’t that reserved for middle school and maybe high school?

      • I don’t think LVP was looking for a fight in a “Bring it, bitch!” kind of way, but I think she was certainly looking to re-hash past conflict for the benefit of the cameras and hence, the show’s storyline.

        And yes, Kyle’s “siding with the new girl” is very adolescent. The Housewives from any city who display emotional maturity are the rare exceptions. Otherwise, there’d be very little conflict and no reason to have a show!

      • Lawstangel

        @ Paganchick- “Kyle already knew how that went because Faye told her. So why go to Lisa who is standing next to Kathryn and ask Lisa about how things went with Faye after already knowing the answer?”

        I do not find this odd at all. Everyone clearly has a different perspective, especially when it comes to LVP. I have done this myself when 2 people, both friends of mine, are at a party and one says everything is cool and the other is furious. I knew LVP did not like Faye, but I would not have thought she needed a “warning” when Kyle invited her to the BBQ. LVP & Faye did not get into the type of altercation that Carlton and Kyle got into.

        Carlton, to this day still talks smack about Kyle on social media (along with Allison Dubois) she definitely holds a grudge. LVP is fully aware that Kyle & Faye are friends, given that Faye is almost always invited to Kyle’s events. So I wonder why she would think that Faye would not be there. I am with Psylocke regarding the reasoning for LVP’s disdain for Faye.

        @ericku-OMG that was the worst costume I have ever seen! Taylor looked absolutely frightening!!! YUCK.

        As far as Yolanda, personally I do not think Rinna did anything wrong. She was with a group of people who brought up Munchhausen, didn’t know what it was, looked it up, discussed it with a couple of friends, then told Yolanda. Yo’s behavior with respect to her illness is certainly suspect. Had it not been filmed I doubt any of this would have been an issue. I though it was interesting they edited out the name of the people/person who actually talked the original shit about Yo. It’s all just weird. I think that whole exchange was production driven.

        Why didn’t Vince go to the party????

      • Spilledperfume

        Andy asked Lisa who started the Yolanda/Munchhausen subject and she said it was a female hairdresser but she didn’t give their name.

  12. NYDudette

    Can’t stand Yolanda and her “holier than thou” attitude. I feel Lisa Rinna is just kissing too much tush and Yolanda does not deserve that much. And yes, she is doing nothing in that show.. boring. Did you guys noticed that she said “is the first time I walk in 6 months”??? didn’t she go out for a walk with Erika and Kyle for #lymekidsgate ??? she is so full of it.. I can’t stand her.

    • My thoughts exactly, nydudette. She was in the park on a walk in the last episode. Add it to her list of can’t read, can’t write- all of which we’ve seen her do! Ugh, so ridiculous.

  13. And OMG, one huge thing I forgot to mention: TAYLOR ARMSTRONG!

    WTF was that costume and makeup? The Walking Dead Zombies of Moulin Rouge?

    And dear God, I’ve never seen thirst like that. Just bold-faced. She must have been roaming the Sahara for the last few months. Just very “I can see you two are having an intense, private conversation. Let me just stick my face in the middle so I can get on camera…thanks.”

    I was waiting for one of them to shoo her away or at least turn and glare at her. Oh, the self-control it must have taken for neither of them to do that!

  14. Spilledperfume

    Anwar is 17.

  15. Spilledperfume

    Great recap Ben. I enjoyed the show but I didn’t give it my full attention. I will have to watch it again on demand.

  16. Angel(?)

    For the first time ever, I actually turned off RHOBH in the middle of the show! I just can not take any more sanctimonious crap from Yolanda. My stomach actually felt queasy watching her. Why does the bitch not get that if talk about your health issues and your children’s on national TV then YOU, Yolanda, have made the topic fair game? That’s why most celebrities keep their children’s affairs private.

    Note to Ben C.: Great recap as usual. But you don’t have to wait til you grow up to be Erika Jayne G. When you grow up. You just got to marry well!

  17. Kyle thinks every time she does the splits an angel gets it’s wings.

    • Kika

      Kyle has very short legs. If she had long legs like the rest of the women she would not be able to do the splits.

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, of course, that makes perfect sense. Flexibility is really nothing more than having short legs.

        WTF is wrong with you people when it comes to Kyle. Are the splits annoying? Of course. But everyone has their party tricks. Mine is… oh, um, let me hush.

    • “Kyle thinks every time she does the splits an angel gets it’s wings”
      If they make a remake of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, they need to use this.

    • VioletBlue

      LMAO Maisey! You have way more class than I do! All I can think now is “every time she spreads her legs . . .”

  18. loriflack

    ~ thanx for the juicy tidbits, Ben C ~

    Lisa Rinna made such a big stink about owning your own shit in her talking heads.
    NOW, she can’t wait to be on camera playing a self made character of remorse.
    Some of these gals are still stuck in soap opera mentality.

  19. PaganChick

    @Lawstangel I think the reason LisaV wanted a warning that Faye was going to be at the BBQ was because this wasn’t like a big event where it would be easy to avoid interacting with her. This was a small gathering specifically for bringing the whole cast together for the first time, including “the new girl.” In that situation, I would personally want a warning that someone I didn’t like would be there and I would have to share a table with that person. Kyle warned Faye about who all would be there, why not warn Lisa? It just points back to the passive aggressive shit stirring that Kyle can’t seem to stop herself from doing.

    • Jim

      I think your confusing two different events; the BBQ and the anniversary party. Lisa V was fully aware that Faye was invited to the anniversary party. They had discussions about it while planning the party and looking for the venue.

    • Lawstangel

      What I addressed above in my other post was a different topic. As far as the “warning” goes, I am willing to accept Kyles explanantion that Kyle thought LVP was “over it” I just don’t find her to be as devious as you think she is. We can just agree to disagree. :-)

      • PaganChick

        I don’t think Kyle is devious at all. If she were devious she would be able to stir up drama without being so obvious and clumsy about it. There is a certain level of panache required to be devious and Kyle doesn’t have that. I just think that her immaturity and need to stir up drama was showing through big time both with the BBQ and the Anniversary party.

    • Sweet T

      One of my favorite things about the housewives shows is how they complain about something they did themselves. Didn’t Brandi and Lisa’s relationship end because lisa kept inviting shaenna to parties without warning? I wouldn’t expect a warning probably because I am a mature adult without a nemesis and can act civilly in social situations.

  20. pocketbooklover

    I would like for Kyle one time, just one time, to stick up for LVP. She always has snide remarks to make about her in her talking heads and to the other women. Isn’t that what LVP was upset about before?

  21. Queen of the Nile

    Ben C., excellent recap! I don’t know whose eyes gave me the biggest creeps — Yolanda’s strange and wicked smiley ones, or Taylor’s black-rimmed psych ward ones…

  22. BKSweetheart

    Ugh I just hated Lisa R’s weird passive aggressive convo with Yolanda. “A ‘word’ was said to me” “I engaged in a conversation” “i heard that some one else had heard from someone else” etc. It was just terrible. Like someone else said she should just own that shit. I’m not a fan of Yolanda by any means and someone needs to call her out. I don’t understand why everyone tip toes around her so much. Her behavior IS bizarre and confusing. Besides what is she going to do? Not be LR’s friend anymore? Like that would be such a loss. Yo doesn’t do anything for anyone. All she does is sulk around and want everyone to feel sorry for her.

  23. I think if you put Vince in a room with Yolanda he would be able to read her up and down, he’s a decent poker player.

  24. loriflack

    @BKSweetheart…I really only noticed how Lisa Rinna made an animated point of feeding into the camera time with her contrived catch phrase.

  25. Lime Brain

    Can anyone explain why Faye even wants to be on this show knowing that most people are repulsed by her and talk shit about her?

  26. Sarah

    1. Lisa R should start wearing her hair back like she had at the party

    2. All I could think about ladies’ costumes at the party was – they went to the same Party city costume rental and why am I looking at 50 some year old women’s half naked asses??? Couldn’t they do Moulen rouge with a bit more coverage???

    3. Speaking of coverage, LVP’s dress looked like a product of a first episode looser on a season of Project Runway! Too many ideas (and tackiness) in one “garment”! She is usually so classy but that was painful too look at for long. I just wanted to reach out rip off those roses

    4. I don’t care how sick you are put some fucking organic/non silicone bronzer/concealer/self tanner/mascara on or get off national tv with your wrinkle scary self! We see enough if that shit in the mirror at home! She looks fine in talking head so WTF? And yes if she fighting for a cure can we hear more about the procedures, treatments, side effects???

    5. LOVE Erika who remembers where she came from and who she is now and owns it (like her C word feedback) and doesn’t pretend to be some high society …cunt like Kathryn who you know is WT to the core! Remember what her husband said about her “Kathy” persona?

    Good show!:)

  27. Mousie

    yeah what the f with lisa rinna and her “I engaged” crap – forget the syntax crapola and call it what it is – as in “I gossiped about you with someone”. What a load of bs. And can Yolanda just exit stage left? Really no need for her anymore and from the looks of it she just needs to recover from whatever anyway. Not interesting at all. And Kyle needs to stick up for her supposed friend Lisa V the way she is sticking up for trash. Taylor was so obvious, sticking her head in between the two of them for camera time, and they just ignored her.

  28. I wonder what’s in the envelope Yolanda brings to lunch with LVP and Kyle next week. Perhaps a certificate of completion for not Gigi 1 and not Gigi 2 from “The Yolanda Foster School of Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease”?

    I was momentarily confused during the scenes from the Moulin Rouge party – looked more like something from OC or NY. :-(

    Agree with Bella’s comments above re: behavior Yolanda would exhibit if she were truly interested in bringing awareness to chronic disease. I still can’t figure out why Bravo thinks Yolanda and her story line are entertaining.

  29. Undine

    It is so maddening to watch this show and see all the ladies tip toeing around the fact that Yolanda is a out right liar. I wish someone would have the ovaries to call her on her absolute bullshit. All this backpedaling and soft shoeing and inept diplomacy makes for a really dull show. And Kyle is the worst, she has a great life, a hot husband, lots of money, etc but she’s still a rotten little double dealing mean girl. If anyone is “morally corrupt”, it’s Kyle. She is so shady to LVP, and is disloyal every chance she gets. Funny thing is, LVP genuinely seems to like Kyle but Kyle always pays her back barely concealed, simmering resentment. If I was LVP I would pay Kyle dust after this season, what is the point of their relationship if the loyalty is always one sided?

    • ?????????????? ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ because someone is paying attention to Kyle and her bullshit! You see Lisa is not debased enough for Kyle to not talk shit about her! Look at the company Kyle keeps and she is always rooting for them; morally corrupt and socially dysfunctional creatures!

      And can we talk about Eryka Jane’s ugly blond hair piece in her talking head! It adds 20 years to her life and every time I see her I think of that big old lady from Age of Innocence that people would patronize for her money!

      • tamaratattles

        Janshell, you need to have a seat. Seriously. Didn’t you just say you just started watching the show? YOU SEEM TO KNOW NOTHING other than the show. And not we can’t talk about Erika’s hair. Atleast you shouldn’t.

      • I don’t even understand that statement and no I never said I just started watching the show

  30. I’m not down with all the Eryka praise and I don’t much care for her house or confessional (I’m sorry it’s not big enough for me to call that a chapel); I like Lisa’s house much more because it seems more inviting! To each his own I guess! I also think Eryka is very messy, if you are going to be carrying news back to Yo at least tell the truth not your own distorted version! She is not even really trying to be part of this group just have her film with Yo so I can skip those scenes! Loved the banter with Kyle and Lisa; it’s the most interesting thing about Kyle and should be thankful that production shows something interesting about her! Why does Eileen have jowls? What’s going on with her face?

    • tamaratattles

      REALLY? You want to come on to the Internet and mock one of the most successful daytime drama actresses of all fucking time? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THE WORD ‘JOWLS’Means? Shut the fuck up.

      • Minky

        Yes, I agree with you Tamara. I think Eileen is very pretty, and her face has character. The “jowls” or other expression lines indicate that she has emotions and that she thinks. That’s always a good thing.

      • Johanna

        I think there should be a new commenting rule- if you don’t want your intellect questioned or to be told shut the fuck up, don’t ask questions and never express your opinion unless it’s fully in line with Tamara’s

    • tamaratattles

      What was classy about your comment insulting the looks of all the housewives? Why would you think you could say all those things and not get a response?

  31. Frosty

    This is the first season I’ve liked all the cast. Not Faye though – and it’s not even about the murder trial, because even If she just started popping up, Dana/Pam-like, I’d still dislike her. There’s just something dark about her energy.

    I like Erika, her house is beautiful done, but not my taste. Kyle and LVP, when they’re getting along, are great together. Whatever else may being going on, they share a chemistry and ease with each other that just lift every scene they’re in.

    Taylor photobombing Kyle and Lisa’s conversation. Ugh.

  32. Rose

    I’m so sick of seeing Kyle do her splits. Yo’s gaze during Rinna’s “cover your ass talk” creeped me out. Taylor must have thought this was a Halloween party.

  33. beattyful

    Did Lisa really refer to Faye Resnick – a Black woman – as an orangutan?!?!?!

    • Minky

      I was wondering about that myself. Sometimes these women go too far with the insults, no matter which franchise/city, regardless of race or ethnicity.

    • Sari


      She referred to Faye Resnick – an ORANGE woman – as an orangutan.

      I think it was more of a play on “orange” than a racial slur.

      Plus, Resnik, to the best of my knowledge, has never identified as being a black woman.

      • BKSweetheart

        Lol at orange woman. Yeah I also sort of cringed when LVP said that.. Definitely a fine line there. But to be fair, Faye sort of does look like an orangutan lol.

        Also I think she is Latina..

      • SuzyQ

        I read this explanation in Lisa’s blog as well, but I’m not buying it. Lisa had months (since this was filmed) to come up with a “funny” explanation. I have been a LVP fan, but she is becoming less likable each season. This season she is coming off very itchy it makes me wonder if our puppet master Andy is trying to redeem Brandi by showing she was telling the truth about Lisa all along

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      Yes she did. Would it have been okay with you if she was white? Race has nothing to do with it. Faye has a very orange hue and that’s why she called her that. Why does every little thing have to be turned in to a race issue.

      • beattyful

        Why are you being so sensitive and defensive? You don’t know me enough to accuse me of “making everything a race issue.” Read a history book – whether or not Lisa intended it or not, comparing people of African descent (yes, I’m including biracial folks like Faye in this category) to any form of ape/monkey has age-old racist implications. Again, this may not have been Lisa’s intent, but this is the real life context. Chill out and check your privilege.

      • CoBe

        All people are of African descent. That’s where people came from.

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        I’m hardly the sensitive one in this conversation. I did not infer that YOU were making everything a race issue, that was a general statement otherwise I would have included “you” in it, that aside you were certainly attempting to turn LVP’s comments in to one. Have you never heard someone call a child a little monkey as a term of endearment? Or a naughty chimp? Luckily you are the only comment I have seen so far that alludes to it being a racial slur. Common sense prevails.

    • Sam

      I had no idea Faye is African American. She does not look it at all, IMO. She’s had so much plastic surgery and fillers and dyed her hair to the point where it’s impossible to determine her ethnicity by her appearance anyway. I would imagine Lisa V probably doesn’t realize it either! I think she’s referring to the orange from her spray tan.

      • Lily

        Not even Faye has identified her own ethnicity. She once answered that question with “Columbian” but she was young then, and may not have known the difference between ethnicity and nationality. Her mother is identified by Wiki as Sicillian and Spanish, and her father is only reported as having abandoned the family early on.

        I picked up zero racial under/overtones in LVP’s orangutan remark – mostly because Faye has gone very far out of her way to color herself that burnt sienna palate that frankly looks a whole lot like…an orangutan. She does claim to be an interior decorator to the stars, so you’d think she understands a color wheel, but then this is the same woman who went all 80’s mauve on Kyle’s dining room. Oof. Mauve. Almost as bad as teal.

        I don’t like Faye, and if I had to pinpoint why it would have zero to do with her writing about the sexual preferences of her just-murdered “best friend” though that was a pretty shitty memorial. Thanks, Friend. No, I don’t like that thing my Mother calls a ‘Christian Whisper’ and Faye uses it. That saccharine sweet voice certain sanctimonious Christian ladies used in the Parish hall to compliment you on your “interesting” outfit.

        It makes me want to punch her in the nose-job.

    • No she did not because Faye Resnick is not a black woman. In fact, in the past (during the OJ days) when she has been asked if she was black she very stridently denied being black.
      So save your faux outrage.

  34. susan

    The awkward walk to the MR event — painful to watch. Especially Lisa Rinna. If you can’t walk gracefully, change shoes.

  35. CoBe

    I’m having some cognitive dissonance about Erika.

    I absolutely love the girl.

    However, I wish she wasn’t Yolanda’s flying monkey. All of her talents are being used for evil.

    What a shame.

    I realize there is no love lost for LVP on this site, but I don’t like seeing anyone being ganged up on without provocation. There has been a longstanding effort by Yolanda to discredit LVP and it seems like she gets her wish this season.

    RHoBH won’t be the same without LVP or the LVP we know (she is markedly different and more reserved this year).

    Having said that, I also like Faye Resnick, and think she is also being mistreated, so I don’t expect anyone to agree with me.

    • The jury is out for me with Faye Resnick, everything else you stated I agree.

    • Meg

      I agree what you said. They are desperate to take LVP down. Especially Yolanda. She is extremely vicious and possessive woman. However I think Queen LVP will be fine simply because Yolanda miscalculated few things.

    • Agreed about Erica. Do I like her? Do I dislike her? She was obviously brought on so Yolanda had someone to film with. I hate how she ran back to Yolanda and tattled about them talking about Bella and Anwar. That was slimy. I suppose she’s completely been taken in by Yolanda, but still. She’s pretending to adore LVP, yet she runs to Yolanda and tells her LVP said this about her children with no mention that it was Kyle that instigated the conversation about them. Yeah I think I’m leaning towards not liking.

  36. What’s up with LVP & her ridiculous old lady hats? Being British, you’d think she’d know better. It really didn’t fit the Moulin Rouge theme.

    • Sweet T

      We need a moulin Rouge drag race episode so they can show the housewives how it’s done. Actually we need a faux housewives inspired acting challenge episode with Camille as the judge.

  37. Shae

    I see where Lisa Rinna’s coming from, the pics on IG are confusing, as are all the random bits of info Yolanda throws out. I can see why people would be confused or suspicious, but I also understand that Yo would expect her friends not to question her. The thing about Lisa is, I don’t think she actually believed Yo was lying or that she had Munchaunsen’s, I think she just felt guilty for not shutting the person who spoke about it and suggested it, down immediately (as Yo’s friend).

    That’s what she meant by “engaged”, she even entertained the thought of it, and feels badly for it. Yes, it can be seen as gossip, but how does Yo expect to plaster herself and her kids’ illness all over social media and not have people ask, comment, etc? She is never out and about so people ask her friends/associates and such. She is putting them in the position of explaining her illness, and the safe way to go is I guess to just say “she’s very sick and I hope she gets better. if you want to know more, ask her, I really can’t say” because anything else is speculation you might get in trouble for.

    I don’t think anything lisa did was ill-intended and I don’t think she was sitting around “gosipping” and denying her illness, I think she just allowed herself to consider that when she should’ve shut it down or at least kept her mouth shut and thoughts to herself. In that way, I think it was completely appropriate for her to own up to it to Yo, I would totally forgive a friend for that. Not everyone handles every situation perfectly. It was bs hearing Erika and Yo act like people were trashing the kids and saying she wasn’t sick etc., that was light years from what happened. Erika should’ve handled that better and made that clearer if she was going to open her mouth. I like her, but i was surprised she let Yo run with it that way.

  38. Housewivedout

    Great recap thank you! Question: Was I the only one left underwhelmed and claustrophobic by Kathyn’s place? I’d rather live in their fabulous vintage Mercedes Benz. After all that posing at the jewelry dealer’s…don’t know what to think. Did I miss something? Are they staying at a Comfort Inn and suites until their mansion is finished?

    • CoBe

      She and her husband live in San Diego. They rented an obviously shitty apartment in Beverly Hills to be on the show.

      She claims she wants to be on the show to confront Faye Resnick, who “drew her into the OJ case”. Meanwhile, NOBODY REMEMBERED SHE WAS INVOLVED until she ran around screeching about how she didn’t want to be remembered as having been involved.

      Kathryn is a wanna be, a facade, and irritating as all get out.

  39. I’m really not a boring person or a stick in the mud, but I think it is ridiculously shallow & vapid for these 50+ year old women to dress up like 19th century whores for fun. Besides looking desperate, they looked clownish too.

    • Minky

      If they really were dressed as 19th cent prostitutes, they’d look a lot more conservative and reserved. SMH.

      • Katherine 2.0

        No, Urethra’s got it right – the can-can dancers were basically prostitutes, and they dressed this way, but managed to look at lot less tacky. I agree with you Urethra. I am all for women dressing any way that pleases them, but their interpretation of this particular theme did smack of desperation.
        They weren’t very creative, and the costumes did age them all, regardless of the shape they are in. Poor Zombie Taylor was the epitome.

  40. Julie

    Anyone else notice how Maurice was NOT attracted to Kyle?! His comment of “Soooo Sexxxxxxy” when Kyle was getting dressed, was sooooo forced. And disingenuous. At the party Kyle tried several times to get Maurice to make out with her, letting her lips linger during a kiss, while he pulled away and turned his head…. To me it is fairly easy to tell when a man is really into a woman, and Maurice seems almost brotherly towards Kyle. That being said, their marital arrangement seems to suit them both just fine, so, whatever floats their boat!
    Absolutely loved Erika’s home!!

    • Lawstangel

      Seriously????? I think you must have watched a completely different show. I think he loves his wife very much and I saw that in their interactions during the show. I actually was thinking this is one show where most of the ladies have husbands who love them.

    • Maybe Mauricio doesn’t like kissing when Kyle while she is wearing enough lipstick to paint a car. I avoided kissing women with makeup too. I hated the smell & aftertaste of lipstick.

      • Spilledperfume

        I have to remind my boyfriend to wipe my lip gloss off before we go into a restaurant and that’s the way I like it.

        Having said that I don’t think we can judge Kyle’s marriage on a kiss or lack of a kiss based on a scene in a reality show.

    • Sharon

      So strange as I had a completely different take on Kyle and Mauricio. He seemed very into Kyle at the party and picked her up at one point and gave her a long deep kiss. Not sure what show you were watching.

  41. PaganChick

    I noticed something in that meeting between Yolanda and LisaR. Well, I noticed a few things, but this really stood out to me. Yolanda said something about how hot her hands were. My mom would complain about that when she went through menopause. Now that I am peri-menopausal I notice it along with hot flashes as well. Has Yolanda even admitted to herself that she may be menopausal, or that maybe even some of the treatments she has subjected herself to may have brought on menopause? Or, is that a known symptom of Lyme Disease? I ask because Yolanda seems to be lumping all of her symptoms under the Lyme Disease umbrella and it may be why she seems to be getting worse rather than better.

  42. Gia

    I’m really liking Erika. She’s an unapologetic bitch. She’s mouthy. Opinionated. Trashy. Loves the gays and loves. Party. Basically, she’s a rich Brandi. All this to say (and I just HATE to say ‘I told you so’) but Brandi would still be on this show if she had Erika money. The girls would have given her way more slack for her antics. Beverly Hills is such a vapid waste land…ugh.

    • Kika

      Brandi is a vindictive biotch! She is nothing like Erika.

    • PaganChick

      I still haven’t made my mind up about Ericka. I like that she is unapologetic about who she is. But, I wish she were more willing to speak up in the moment rather than saving it for her one-to-one confessional interviews.

      I like that she brings the house porn, but I don’t like that she leaves out important details when reporting back to Yolanda about what was said while Yo wasn’t there.

      That said, I don’t think that Ericka is a rich Brandi. The one defining quality for both women is impulse control. Brandi has none. And when people tried to help her exercise impulse control like Lisa V did, her lack of impulse control got even worse – and her being constantly drunk didn’t help.

      I think that Ericka’s impulse control is why she landed the rich lawyer and the life that she has. Brandi’s lack of impulse control (and possibly any real friendships) is why she keeps getting herself into ridiculous law suits and paparazzi mishaps.

    • Wat?! No, I disagree. If Erica started pulling ish like Brandi did she’d be gone too.

    • Sweet T

      Erika is who Brandi wishes she can be. Someone who can say I love the word cunt and I’m going to say it whenever I fucking can. Erika has confidence and really doesn’t care about what other people say about her. Brandi is self absorbed with low self esteem and cares about everything while pretending not to.

  43. jen

    I just like that fun Camille keeps popping up and she looks great too. Fun Camile is way better than bitchy pouting Camile that whines about her ex husband’s new younger but ugly version of a wife might get a pair of her shoes in one of her multiple closets in multiple mansions. New fun Camille just hangs out, drinks, dances and watches the shit show go on. Put her back on and get rid of Eileen. I like her and she seems like a really nice person but too boring for someone who actually has an interesting life.

  44. Larkin

    LVP forgets how vicious she and Brandi where to Kyle and everything that Faye said to her and nasty Brandi needed to be said plain and simple.

    LVP loves to dish but can’t take it. If anyone calls her on her shit they are disloyal. You can’t help but love LVP but she was a horrible person in her Brandi days.

    She seems to gravitate to beautiful people who screw over her and she never learns her lesson.

  45. Mousie

    I thought the orangutang comment was funny, what can I say. I wouldn’t feel bad if I were Lisa V. I would have totally been insulted to by FR saying mean things to her at her first vow renewal party and I sure wouldn’t want her at my anniversary party. Kyle sticks up for FR waaaay more than she ever does LVP. Shows where her loyalties are.

  46. KaraW

    What do you all think of Kathryn and Donnie? They may be fun in real life, but I’m not feeling them on the show at all. I checked the recap and didn’t see mention of them when they had their own scenes. Probably because there’s just nothing to say. Just a weird interaction about breakfast.

  47. Bluzulu

    I ain’t saying Faye Resnick is a patron saint, but Lisa Vanderpump referring to her as an orangutan is quite racist considering she’s a Black woman. Regardless of whether she identifies as one or not…the remark was quite disturbing. I absolutely detest Lisa Vanderpump and her Leprechaun lapdog husband, Ken. DETEST!!! I think they are absolutely fake vile beasts. They give me the creeps!

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