Married At First Sight Recap: Fireworks!


Married at first sight


We are a little over four weeks in now… Time for some fireworks… It’s the Fourth of July! Everyone is hosting a July 4th celebration.

David and Ashley

Their Party

It looks like production is going to try to redeem Ashley a little bit this week. Good luck with that.

Ashley says she likes to bake, as we see her swiping a can of Betty Crocker frosting onto a sheet cake. Then she arranges graham crackers on a plate. She must be exhausted by all this effort. The good edit in talking heads continues. #eyeroll

Ashley greets all the visitors with hugs. So they have all now officially gotten more sex from Ashley than David has. Also, none of Ashley’s friends show up, which disappointed David who was hoping someone could explain his wife’s personality to him. I think the absence of friends says all he needs to know. All of David’s friends being there gives David a feeling of comfort. We’ll see if THAT lasts to the end of the episode.

Ashley tells us that she feels left out of the party. She says that David is being “single David.”  Well Ashley, married people usually don’t have an aversion to touching each other. Also, do we know where Ashley is from? Because I’m betting she’s a Yankee. I’m just saying. David was thrilled with the party.

Conflict of the Week:  Ashley tells David she feels like she was left out of the party. David is surprised. He thought the party went great. He wanted Ashley to mingle with his friends and get to know them without it being about him. Ashley is whining about feeling like a guest at her own party. David said he was on the grill for an hour and a half. They were hosting. They had hosting duties.  David buys flowers for Ashley the next day to celebrate their one month anniversary. Ashley is not receiving things well. She says that she got a message last night that David asked a girl out for drinks the previous weekend. The show ends there. Next Week: We see Ashley throwing a fit and David crying at his parent’s grave. I forget which one is dead.

But keep reading for this week’s drama with our other two sets of newlywed…


Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

Their Party

These two seem to have a surprisingly easy time of things. Almost like it’s all an act. But we are setting up a conflict. Tres has a female friend named Jenna. They are just friends. Vanessa is already concerned. I would be too.

Tres prepares by pouring GALLONS of liquor into a fish bowl. All his rowdy friends are coming over tonight. Tres reminds us in his talking heads that he wants to be a serious family man and a good husband. Let’s see if that lasts through the end of the episode.  Tres tries to put some chairs together. It seems difficult for him. Their celebration definitely seemed like the most fun of the three.

Conflict of the Week:  Totally Jenna.  She arrives late to the party and is introduced when Vanessa gets her production cue to go inside the house and see her sitting on the couch next to Tres. They shake hands and Vanessa walks away. Vanessa is prettier than Jenna. Vanessa suspects Jenna has feelings for Tres. Vanessa smiles and flirts with Tres who dutifully comes up to stand next to her. Vanessa tells Jenna to go out into the yard and see what’s out there. Jenna awkwardly does.  Score: Vanessa 3 Jenna 0.

The next morning, Vanessa is furious with Tres and Tres has no idea why. Apparently, “their” dog has been sick. This morning Vanessa was very worried about the dog and thinking about going back to the Vet. But Tres just went to the gym as he had planned. Really? Is this the biggest issue in this marriage? Vanessa wants Tres to have more of a “husband mentality” he legitimately doesn’t know what she means by that and asks, but also accuses her of trying to build him into the perfect husband. She is really mad because at the party someone said, “I can see the chemistry! I can see the love!” When talking about them and Tres jokingly said that “love” is a strong word. Hey Tres, “husband mentality” means keeping your mouth shut in those situations and then complimenting your wife. Men do this so that the next day they don’t have built up resentments that come out over a sick dog. Vanessa shuts down and Tres asks for communication. Vanessa says she is going home! She wants time apart! She is really worried that Tres is not in this for the long haul. I’m not either. But Tres seems sincerely hurt that she is abandoning him.  Tres does the diary cam alone. The next morning she comes back. Tres says he has changed his life and really committed to this. Vanessa telling him he is not doing enough was hurtful. He wishes she would make him a list. She asks what she could work on. She said, not abandoning him would be a good start. It reminds him of his mother.


Married Sam and Neil


Neil and Sam

Their Party

Sam is still taking charge of everything. Including the BBQ. They are apparently forced back into staying at Sam’s place. The BBQ will be at the park since they can’t seem to live together. I’m sure Sam deducted points from her mental test score of Neil for not being the man doing the BBQ.

Sam is eavesdropping on Neil’s conversation with his friends and rolling her eyes as he politely answers their questions. She occasionally screams, “answer honestly!”  Neil tells us he is still in friendship mode. Sam tells loud stories while Neil is much quieter.  Neil’s friend asks Sam why she thinks they were matched. She says, ” Because we are both nice people (well Neil is)  and he’s quiet and I’m loud!” As much as I am rooting for this couple and Sam in particular, I have to admit I am wondering if Neil was a really bad person in a previous life.

Neil takes some time to talk with Sam’s roommate, “Sammie” to get some advice. Sammie says she learned to change the way she talks to Sam. Meanwhile, Neil’s friend points out to Sam that Neil was clearly distraught and sitting alone earlier, and implies that she should have checked in with him to see what was wrong. Sam has a weird response (go figure) about how when it is just the two of them alone things are better between them. Which is odd since she refuses to live with him and be inconvenienced about a commute for six weeks while working on an arranged marriage.  When are they having this alone time that is so, “fine?” Does she mean off camera? Back with Neil and Sammie, it seems that Sammie says that Neil is just what Sam needs.

Couples Time: Sam takes Neil to a gym where She likes to do aerial work on the silks. Even though Neil is not really into doing it himself, he tries it. He did love watching Sam do it.

Conflict of the Week:  This week, we try to resolve Sam issue. We don’t get there, but Sam feels a lot better having met his friends and finding out that his friends are more like her than him. This makes her believe that he really does like her personality. Well, most of it. Sam says she wants this to work. Maybe she will take a few walls down to that end.

They also address the living arrangement issues. Sam says her five year plan is that they buy a house together. They both currently own, and yet we find out that dogs are not allowed at Neil’s condo. I do not understand buying any property that has a home/condo association. I can’t imagine letting someone set the rules for a home I own. That is what owning a home is all about. In the meantime, they will look for a place to stay together, and Neil will live with the two Sams. These two definitely had the most progress this episode.


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14 responses to “Married At First Sight Recap: Fireworks!

  1. Stephanie

    I was rooting for David thinking he probably asked a girl friend of his out for drinks to get a female’s opinion about his wife and marriage. But after seeing previews I’m not so sure.

    • Lisa

      Maybe he’s cutting his losses with his “wife”. I would have already packed her “s**t and set it in the curb.

    • microop

      Ashley is so mean, I can’t fault him

      • I have to believe that there is a contractual reason why David just can’t tell Ashley to leave. This is a joke and he is being treated horribly by this awful, cold woman. If he asked someone out then more power to him. He ha no real “wife” and she treats him like scum so why not look elsewhere? They shouldn’t last and probably won’t last so I see no harm in David looking ahead for someone who might love him. I detest Ashley. As for Sam and Neil…she is way too much work and Neil will have a nervous break-down if he stays with her. She needs help. Tres doesn’t deserve Vanessa’s insecurity either. She is ready and willing to leave him at the drop of a hat. His female friend means nothing to him in a romantic way (which was obvious to me) and Vanessa is just too insecure. I don’t see any of these couples working out. This show is a joke.

  2. DarkThoughts

    I smell a script here. Who the F texted Ashley? Who knows the both of them? No friends of hers showed up probably because she didn’t invite any. She acts completely repulsed by David. I bet anything in her book she considers him fat. She’s always in workout close AND David looked a lo thinner than in his wedding pics.

    When did Sam get smacked upside the head? I hope she realizes that Neil is great for her. I have the feeling he laid the pipe on her and her head is spinning. You know that the best stuff is not shown.

    I am very proud of Vanessa. That’s how you handle a stupid thot that shows up with eyes on your man. You make her obey and toss it in the backyard. Loved it.

  3. This show is so painfully awkward that I use it to develop my mental and physical toughness. Example: I force myself to do push-ups through every segment of David Eggshells and Ashley Bitchface. Granted, by the end of the show I’m trying to push through lactic acid lock-up and yelling “STFU” at the tv…whatever!
    A couple of things…
    1) After effectively neutering David for a month and rejecting him on every level, Ashley is now COMPLAINING that she felt like a single woman at the party? Huh?
    1a) David responds to this by apologizing and buying her flowers AND a fat cupcake for their 4 week anniversary?? NO! Someone please tell David all he had to do was smile and say something like “… next time that happens … pinch yourself and remember my face”
    2) Neil hasn’t laid any pipe… he had a little window but he missed it.
    3) Tres and Vanessa: That entitled little dog is the alpha in that house…and that’s a huge problem for all three of them. The situation magnifies each of their inadequacies,
    4) That babe at David’s party in the red and white shirt is really cute!

  4. Rose

    Vanessa is so childish and immature. Girl, you need to learn how to train your man! Sam was better this week. I may be the only one still pulling for Ashley and David.

  5. Tika

    I thought that Vanessa used her dog as an excuse the truth is Tres as I like to say was showing his ass in front of his friends particularly Jenna when he made that comment about love being a strong word and that embarrassed Vanessa. Ashley needs to sit down and shut up at this point with her behavior she has no rights. Sam ugh I just find her to be blah and as far as I’m concerned it’s too late for her to try to be nice she has weeks of presenting herself like a bitch

  6. iprefermyteaunsweet

    I really love Neil and Sam and hope they work it out. Neil seems like a sweetheart. So he’s introverted… I am too so I guess that’s why he’s appealing to me. But IMO these two are the ones that probably really have a shot at lasting. David should just throw in the towel, and I think Trey and Vanessa’s attraction is more physical than anything else despite the fact they seem like they are trying to make it work. But did you see how fast homegirl packed her car and left?!

  7. Peter

    As always, enjoyed the recap. The recap and comments confirm a lot of my observations about the couples. I think that David and Ashley are struggling too much to survive. It may be better for them to move on and find others to make them happy. I am very curious about that woman he asked out for drinks. I agree that Vanessa and Tres may be wrapped up in the physical without a lot of foundation there. When someone said that they felt the love and Tres backed off, that was an interesting response. Almost to say that he is not firmly committed. For the sake of the relationship, he may have to create a healthy distance or say goodbye to that female friend. I was once advised by a much wiser soul that friends of the opposite sex have to be managed differently once you are married. How would Tres feel if Vanessa invited a really handsome man over and said he was just a “friend”? Women tend to have a sixth sense about these things. If it bothers her, you have to respect that. The marriage comes first. Overall, Sam and Neil seem to have the best shot. Their personalities complement each other well. It may be tough to watch but it seems to work. Neil is very laid back and Sam is more of a take charge personality. While too much of either would not work, a good healthy balance is a good fit.

  8. Tres will you get divorced and marry me? We can just meet at the wedding. lol Ashley is not a nice person. She doesn’t find him attractive but she’s not a 10. But she treats him so badly, do they have to wait till the end of 6 weeks to get the divorced. Surely, these two will. She hasn’t smiled since the wedding. Sam and Neil are both quirky but I can’t tell how they’ll do so far. But I’m pulling for Tres and Vanessa, but I’m available if they divorce.

  9. tamaratattles

    Sorry, Had to remove a comment because someone didn’t think talking about Twitter comments in REAL TIME was a spoiler.

    We are only TALKING ABOUT THE EPISODES HERE. Not before or after shows or twitter, JUST THE CURRENT EPISODE OF THE SHOW.


    This is why I don’t generally recap competition shows. There is always someone…

  10. rosie

    I really don’t see why the show continues to show Ashley and David. She is cold, mean, selfish, and most importantly unwilling to try to make it work. Okay so she’s not attracted to his appearance, she can’t see pass that. Why is the show allowing her to be on the show and continue to treat this man poorly. You can see it on her pathetic long, cold face, her body language that she can’t stand to be around him. When she talks to him there’s no emotions of at least caring for him as a friend. Did you all not tell her what married at first sight involved? Or was she in it for the show and not the reason for the show. I didn’t like Sam at first but she’d growing on me she is at least trying. Sam can be verbally abusive, and heartless at times but I see her trying. Ashley I can’t stand her and when she comes on we change the channel then go back when we don’t have to see her. How can some people be on a show and not see what a horrible person they are.

  11. Cheeky

    I agree with all the comments about Ashley being cold and bitchy. I can’t deal with that zombie, soulless look on her face. She’s not attracted to David but so what? I bet most of us weren’t attracted to Neil at first and now he seems 100 times more attractive since we’ve gotten to see his personality. David seems better looking than I first thought too–all because his personality adds to his appearance. Ashley once (briefly) seemed pretty and now, thanks to her zero personality, she looks like an evil troll to me. Whenever she opens her mouth, I listen to her statement, and then I re-listen to it again as if it’s being said ABOUT HER. The things that she says are annoying to her are the very things that annoy all of us about her. Reminds me of something I’ve heard Dr. Phil say that he’d heard his father say: “There’s something about that old boy that I don’t like about myself.” We’re always quick to point out the very flaws we don’t like in ourselves. Ashley needs to do some self-reflecting. We probably all do, lol.

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