Surveillance Video From Sports One Shows Part of Altercation

RHOA Gregg Peter


As a reported a week ago, Charlotte police are summoning Peter to court to answer to charges by a patron that Peter assaulted him. Peter has provided some video to TMZ to attempt to clear his name. In the video, which appears to be slowed down considerably, the patron seems to be instigating things with Peter who I think is sitting next to him at the beginning of the video. Is that the same person? Y’all know me and my facial recognition problems.

Anyway there is some clear jawboning on both sides and Peter does push the guy. But nothing her shows the guy hitting his head. But that doesn’t mean it is the whole tape either click through to watch…



I found lots of interesting things in this video, like how close Peter was sitting with the people on the sofa, and how empty the bar was.   It also seemed edited.

What are your thoughts?


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15 responses to “Surveillance Video From Sports One Shows Part of Altercation

  1. Matzah60

    Yes, same guy that was seated next to Peter. Agree it was edited. Some tape seems to be missing right before Peter and the guy stood up.

  2. Cat

    Darn tablet won’t let me watch it.

  3. AKA Riley

    You are not alone Cat. I can’t watch it on my computer nor my phone. Same problems when I tried to watch the one on the VP Rules clip of Jax stealing sunglasses. Oh well…..

  4. Home

    Yes…I agree that the tape was altered. It doesn’t show anything before they just stood up! There’s definitely a gap in time. I wonder who the women were? Also wonder what was the day and time..folks seemed to be dressed pretty casually. Also I only saw ONE person with a drink and that was Peter…the women were eating and I didn’t see the man drinking or eating anything…interesting….

  5. Spilledperfume

    The video won’t play for me. I think it’s my BlackBerry.

  6. Noellemybelle

    Is Kordell Stewart still involved in the sportsbar partnership?

  7. There’s money to be made in the bar biz. Lots of cash transactions. The key to success is not to drink, I’ve found, lol

    Judge Judy rules against whoever lays hands on 1st right? As the owner, Peter should definitely have removed himself from the volatility – not shove. Twice.

  8. JustJenn

    That was pretty choppy.

  9. @immelza

    Why does it look like the camera is moving the security camera is stationary and wouldn’t move right? That is one tiny bar they are in it looks like a hallway and the lighting is weird. It seems suspicious to me that he would let TMZ be the judge of this if he’s indeed innocent why not just go (with a lawyer) to the cops and show them?

    • Jim

      It looks like it might be a covered patio/smoking area of the bar, not the main room. The video is moving in frame because it’s not a direct copy. Someone just aimed a phone or a camera at a screen with the original video playing to make a copy.

    • tamaratattles

      I agree. It sure doesn’t look like a busy sports bar that is selling lots of booze and bar food. Everything about that place is suspect to me.

    • Emma

      That might be the VIP Room.

      • tamaratattles

        LOL. A Sports bar with a VIP room in Charlotte? No drinks for the VIPs? Something in the buttermilk ain’t clean.

      • @immelza

        Sorry it looks like a hallway to me, or like the entrance where you wait for a hostess to seat you. Does not look like a busy bar well maybe if you consider 11 people busy. Thanks Jim for the explanation of why the tape was shaky. This certainly doesn’t look like a huge fancy busy place that would require the owner to constantly be there, that’s what general managers are for. I agree TT something isn’t clean.

  10. ClassyLady80

    To me, it just looks like two old fuddie duddies trying to measure their manhood in front of some women. Truly pathetic. And yes, clearly edited. Peter never should have shoved the guy like that, no matter what he was saying to Peter. When you’re an adult and you have things to lose like reputation, business, and especially FREEDOM, it’s best to just walk away. No one should be able to get you worked up to the point that you assault/batter them. Come on Peter. Get it together.

    Or… maybe just maybe, he’s already working on a story line for next season and this is just a set up???

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