The Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: How Whiskey Won the War

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By Guest Contributor Ben C.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it through the episode this week without breaking the television set, but somehow I managed. I’d say this episode was slightly less annoying than the previous two. Notice I said ‘slightly.’ I’m staying hopeful, and keeping my fingers crossed. As Tyra Banks once famously said, I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU – WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!! Now let’s get started, shall we?

Katie gets the ball rolling this week, at a meeting with the associate publisher of Washington Life Magazine. She was featured on the cover 10 years ago, and it was the start of her modeling career. They magazine wants to feature her again, while also highlighting the Rost Foundation (the foundation started by Katie and her mother, in memory of her father.) Katie confesses her mother “allowed” her to be director of the foundation. The publisher points out Katie almost has everything a girl could want, the only thing missing is a husband. This old geezer is giving me the creeps, I want to slap him through my screen.

Meanwhile, Karen has invited Gizelle to meet one-on-one for tea. Karen arrives in camouflage pants, while Gizelle wears combat boots. Talk about situational dressing. Karen tells Gizelle the situation would’ve been handled better, had she not invited both the ladies to lunch together. Gizelle thinks a grown group of women should be able to all sit together and have a discussion accordingly. She’s forgetting these particular ‘grown women’ she’s talking about, are also Real Housewives. The same rules don’t apply for them as they do the rest of the world.

RHOP Gizelle

Karen apologizes for offending Gizelle, and for giving Gizelle the picture frame with the five main rules of etiquette listed. They both agree they are grown women who can admit when they do something wrong and move on. In a talking head, Karen boasts she has no problem admitting when she is wrong, she just hardly ever is. I wonder what it’s actually like to live in a permanent state of denial. Karen suggests Gizelle invite Charrisse for a one-on-one conversation, similar to the one they are having. Gizelle thinks since she already has apologized to Charrisse once, she shouldn’t have to again. The ball is in her court now.

Later, Katie and Andrew (Katie’s non-husband) invite Ashley and her husband out for wine and cheese. In a refreshing change from typical Real Housewife behavior, Ashley reveals she isn’t much of a wine drinker. She’s more of a whiskey, tequila and beer kind of girl. She says she has a strong appreciation for the brown liquor. I knew I liked this chick! They’re all getting to know each other. Katie admits it’s exciting to hang out with another bi-racial couple, she doesn’t know of any others. She feels she has a lot in common with Ashley, and wants to get to know her better. Ashley reveals she met her husband working as a bartender, at a bar her now husband was part-owner of. She would watch him on the surveillance cameras from the office while she was at work. Homegirl LITERALLY had her eye on the prize. Katie comments she could learn a thing or two from Ashley on how to finally lock Andrew down. I forget Ashley has yet to meet Karen or Charrisse. Andrew (epically) describes Karen to Ashley. Calls her a trainwreck. He says she’s older, more haggard & more stuck up than the other women. Think Gizelle, on performance enhancing drugs gone bad. If wore a weave, I’d snatch it off my own head. There is no light to be seen, only shade.


RHOP Ashley old guy


We finally see the actual living situation of Robyn and her ex-husband, Juan. They wake up together, get the kids ready for school together, and apparently have coffee after breakfast together too. They’ve been having serious financial issues since Juan stopped playing professional basketball, and once the recession hit. Robyn wants to sell her wedding dress for extra money. The same wedding dress Juan caught her trying on at home for fun a few days prior. Robyn takes the dress to a shop with her mother to sell it. She originally bought the dress for 6,700 dollars. The saleslady tells Robyn that since the dress has been worn, she will have to take at least 40% off from the original price. Roybn takes a quick goodbye photo standing next to the dress flashing a peace sign, and proceeds to sell it.

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Karen’s daughter Rayvin is getting ready for her senior prom. Rayvin is getting her hair and makeup done, and is so excited she finally is permitted to sit in her mom’s makeup chair. Dang, Miss Karen really don’t play around with chairs and seating arrangements. Karen claims most Potomac mothers eventually fade into the background, but she’s the exception, and will always stand out. She got that right. Rayvin’s date to the prom is white, and we get a talking head of Karen stating interracial dating is normal in Potomac. So normal, apparently, that Katie knows of only one other bi-racial couple in the town. Karen isn’t bothered what race he is, as long as he’s a good person.

Karen and Charrisse (who, may I add, still needs her hair fixed) are out shopping. Karen catches Charrisse up on her meeting with Gizelle, and suggests Charrisse set something up similar with Gizelle to clear the air. Charrisse isn’t interested. At all. She says she offered Gizelle hospitality and friendship. Gizelle took the hospitality, and turned it into chaos. I’m curious what part of inviting your close friend to your house, and asking them to prepare enough food for a large party (while you’re upstairs getting hair and makeup done) is hospitable. But I digress. Ashley and Katie arrive at the store to meet the women. Apparently, this whole shopping trip is set-up only for Karen to pick out swimsuits for her daughter. She wants to have Ashley and Katie model the suits so she can decide what she likes best. It’s the first time Karen and Ashley have met. Karen seems to receive Ashley well. This is the first semi-likable, fun package we’ve seen of Karen so far. Ashley lets Karen know she is planning a whiskey tasting, and wants to invite all the women. Whiskey + these crazy people = I can only imagine. Karen accepts the invitation, but not without offering Ashley some unsolicited advice. She tells Ashley the women of Potomac have earned their position in society, so it takes respect to make it into a social circle like their own. She makes not one mention of etiquette, however. It’s a start. You go, Karen!

RHOP bikinis

Charrisse and Karen sit and watch the two girls model a variety of different bikinis. The women sit licking their lips, with wide eyes. This is all feeling very predatorial. Karen calls it “fun and empowering.”

All of the women are able to attend Ashley’s whiskey tasting, except Katie. She is attending an event for Washington Life Magazine, and plans on spreading the word about her foundation at the party. She’s planning a Casino Royale style party for her foundation, and wants to invite as many important people from the magazine event as possible. In the car ride to the party, we watch Katie give us the old tried-and-true Real Housewives method of how NOT to get a man to marry you. She makes one passive aggressive joke after the other about her not being engaged yet. They arrive at the event and quickly start working the room and networking. When someone asks if the two are married, an awkward exchange follows. In her talking head, Katie is frustrated that Andrew won’t put a ring on it. She says in their social circle, they need to be married. They’re too old to just be “shacked up.” Later, once they are at home, the marriage conversation continues. Katie brings up the couple having kids one day. She really starts to lay it on hard (probably due to a few too many glasses of red wine.) Katie makes it very clear, as if it wasn’t clear enough already, that she REALLY wants that ring.

Meanwhile, at Ashley’s whiskey tasting, the ladies are arriving one by one. The ladies aren’t too impressed with the locale Ashley has chosen. It’s in the basement area of a “trendy” bar. I have to admit, I did catch a few glimpses in the background of multiple men in cargo shorts and flip flops crowding around the bar. Karen even remarks she’s dressed to the nines, but the dress code is flip-flops. Gizelle adds she’s “Gucci to my socks. And y’all tell to me go to the basement.” Ashley starts teaching the women about a few different types of whiskey. None of the women particularly care for whiskey, but they are all good sports and play along. Once the drinks have been flowing for a while, so does the drama. Ashley confronts Gizelle about calling her a THOT, and after a brief discussion, Gizelle apologizes. After witnessing this example of true etiquette (or maybe just too many sips of whiskey) Charrisse decides to make amends with Gizelle. Charrisse gets up and they hugs it out. Looks like that brown liquor really worked its magic.

Next week: Gizelle has lunch with her ex-husband, Charrisse breaks down over issues in her marriage, and we find out which housewife (potentially) only has 25 dollars in the bank!!

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26 responses to “The Real Housewives of Potomac – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: How Whiskey Won the War

  1. Wanda

    Wow! It never ends! Bravo has found another set of women who are pretending to be more than they really are. I guess that’s what it means to be a “real housewife”.

  2. Spilledperfume

    I feel for you that you’re forced to watch this for our entertainment.

    • Ben C.

      at least the radiator is warm!!!…..for now, don’t give her any ideas!!!

      RHOP is allll for my own entertainment as well….if TT would only stop changing our locks and keys so frequently I’d one day ask the almighty for my chance to mold and teach minds of the world with my ultimate university class courses on “The Philosophy and Justification of the Real Housewives effect on Socioeconomic impacts, cognitive and responsive relationships, and it’s jurisdiction – as pop culture as a nation divided by one, Miss NeNe Leakes”

      do you think that will fit nicely on the textbook?

      Oh no, I think the radiator is too high again…

      • Spilledperfume

        If the title is meant to wrap around the book twice I think it will fit nicely.

        Uh oh, tea break is over I hear TT you better get back to the radiator. 😉

        Great job.

  3. Tulsateacher

    Totally agree with you concerning the state of Charrisse’s hair. Wtf?

  4. Mrs. Muffins

    Thanks for your recap Ben. I really tried with this franchise but couldn’t make it past the first two episodes. Bunch of self-righteous, wannabe losers IMO. These RH shows are way too tired. You know they are bad when they make you feel like you really have your shit together after watching. Your recaps are better than the actual show, which frees up time to watch Downton Abbey- so thank you!

  5. This sounds more enjoyable than the first two episodes. I’d rather watch someone like Ashley than insecure women like Karen, Charisse and Gizelle. Something is up with Katie. Her whole situation is weird and this guy obviously has no plans to marry her. They will be over soon.

  6. therealdeb

    I have read their blogs and am really annoyed that they refer to themselves in the 3rd person, omg! There is a complete difference in being classy and having proper manners and being an annoying cunt deciding what manners are ok. I really like Ashley’s spunk, she is fun and doesn’t take herself to seriously, i can totally go with that. I think Karen realized she acted the fool and was being a rag, I do so hope Charisse stops with her annoying shit as well. Katie, we should call her waity Katie like they did Kate Middleton. We all know that the wrong way to get a man down the aisle is to keep harping on him. This show hasn’t made me crazy the way that Atlanta has, those women all act fucking ghetto.

  7. iloveearlgrey

    “If wore a weave, I’d snatch it off my own head. There is no light to be seen, only shade.” LMAO!!! Ben C, you are hilarious!

  8. Dee

    BenC!! Great recap! I think Ashley and Katie were good sports to try on suits on camera. Where is this a polite request? Or Sigh…Thanks again Ben

    • therealdeb

      There is nowhere that this is polite, but they do seems to make their own rules. I think they wanted to see what the don’t have anymore, and in Charisse’s case never had. Karen and Charisse are nasty pieces of work, they are the type that acts that way to intimidate those who may actually have more than them and they do not want to appear weak.

  9. GirlMe

    I still like this show for reasons Tamara encouraged us to give Api Ski a chance… The first season is usually the best and most real.

    I wish they didn’t fight over petty stuff. I like Katie’s story line of how to either get engaged or scare a guy away.

    I like Ashley alot because she is so real. I guess that happens when you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not like Karen & Charisse. (I hate seeing Charisse on my tv. Very petty lady).

    I like Giselle most. Gonna keep hanging in there.

    Did anyone notice Robyn kiss her e-husband goodbye as they left for school. Divorced my a** Thats her man!

  10. Amy

    Katie begging him to marry her is one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever watched on tv.

    • Jaana

      Extremely uncomfortable. That man needs to go get a vasectomy until he knows he wants children then he can get it reversed, because Katie comes off like she would poke holes in condoms or fish them out of the trash after he is gone. Coo coo.

    • Katie is such an interesting an acculturated phony. She’s a genuine fake, it’s who she is but that man is not going to marry her. He’d be a fool and he doesn’t look like a fool. She really treats him like a large lobster she fished out of the lobster tank. She wants that one. I mean she loves what he can do to further her personal goals but does she love him? Really, for someone so sophisticated, she seems oddly crude, desperate and truly disturbing. Run, just run…

    • Denine

      It bothers me that Katie had a man at her Hebrew naming ceremony who is unwilling to commit to her or her children. She’s given this man basically the keys to get house and the ability to play daddy when it suits him. What reason does he have to get married when she’s already made him an honorary spouse?

  11. WhyOWhy

    Thanks for the recap, Ben! Fabulous as always!

    I am so sick of hearing Karen talk about etiquette. If you have to reinforce it so many times, you’re just reminding yourself you don’t have any.

    Also, I about died laughing when Andrew told Katie that if she hadn’t mentioned getting married so many times, he’d have asked six months ago. The look on her face was priceless. I rewound and watched it again.

    These women try too hard. Way less entertaining than BH or Atlanta (which I”m starting to get sucked into)

  12. More Tea Please!

    Charisse, ugh! Straw would look better than that hair. She looks like Funky Dineva’s twin!

  13. BKSweetheart

    Charisse is clearly a drunk.

  14. TexasLady

    Has anyone noticed how Katie’s children look so much like Andrew?

    Let’s think about this…She and Andrew have been dating over one year (per her description) and her twins are 1 1/2 years old.

    What man do you know (other than Brad Pitt) meets a woman who is pregnant with twins, already has another child and is willing to continue to date the woman and raise said children?

    Is it me or is there possibly another story here?

    Otherwise, I am enjoying the show.

  15. Katherine 2.0

    The Real Housewives franchise is fading as fast as Yolanda’s hold on reality. I will still watch this, though, for Ben’s recaps and for glimpses of familiar locations.

  16. Aimee Marie

    I don’t appreciate Ashley’s comment saying she was like these other women just younger. The constant need to remind everyone that she is younger, including her cougar tag line is in bad taste and very ageist. She is married to an old man for his money after all. Better hurry up and secure your financial future with a baby thot!

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