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All The Tea From Andy Cohen's Book Party Last Night

TamaraTattles.com has  a new source on Apollo Nida that is not related to the Phaedra Parks v Angela Stanton case. I found out a few interesting things although the details are hazy. It involves someone who was depositioned in the Parks v Stanton defamation case, the father of one of Angela’s children, Justin Cody.

Justin is an interesting character in the defamation case, because initially it was believed that because of some ill will between Justin and Angela over visitation and such, that Justin was going to be a witness for Phaedra.  But according to Justin’s Deposition here he had a change of heart and decided to do the right thing for his kid, and testify truthfully. At the time of the deposition, Justin was being held in the Robert A Deyton detention facility for pre-trial prisoners and/or pre-designation felons awaiting their prison assignments.

Justin  was at some point assigned to Lexington , Kentucky and that is when the story gets interesting. First I should note that it is very common for prisoners to be transferred within the Bureau of Prisons for a variety of reasons, most commonly to maintain the proper ratios of prisoners to guards, but there are many other reasons. The fact that both prisoners have been moved doesn’t necessarily prove that anything I am about to share actually occurred. However, I am confident in my source.

RHOA Apollo hugs Phaedra

Here is what my new source has exclusively told TamaraTattles.com. When Apollo Nida “went asunder”  at Lexington, Justin Cody was already an inmate there. Lexington is a relatively small facility that is classified as “administrative” with regard to its security level.  Because it is designated a medical facility they have all levels of prisoners there and house them according to their security level.  According to my source, Apollo was in the same area with Justin and they had an altercation. I am not clear on whether it was a physical altercation, or a verbal sparring match. But something went down with these two.

Shortly after Apollo arrived, Justin was transferred to Atlanta USP which is a medium security prison, and definitely not on the short list of places one wants to be housed.  There are a lot of horror stories about Atlanta USP out there and it is generally a prison where people go to await a transfer. As of today, Justin is still at Atlanta USP.

Apollo was transferred to Fort Dix, a low security prison,  about a year later. I have no way to know if there was disciplinary action taken against either Justin or Apollo. It does seem that Apollo got the much better transfer out of Lexington. If their was disciplinary action taken it could affect the release date for whoever was written up.

Justin is expected to be released in the fall of 2019 with Apollo ‘s sentence ending toward the end of 2020.

My new source reinforces what I continue to hear regarding Apollo and Phaedra. Phaedra is afraid to divorce him because he might take revenge with telling all he knows about Phaedra.

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28 responses to “Exclusive: New Apollo Nida Tea !

  1. Matzah60

    Does that mean that on the last episode where Phaedra meets with her lawyer to file for divorce was just a bullshit appointment for filming? It is odd to the extreme for me that an attorney would hook up with a known criminal who just served five years in prison and marry him. Surely the attraction was purely sexual and to hook up with someone who could execute some scam that Phaedra devised. Phaedra is completely disingenuous and always seems to have an agenda. She is not someone that I could trust on any level.

  2. Spilledperfume

    Thanks for the tea.

  3. tamaratattles

    Matz, if you read the Justin cody depo, the motivation for Phaedra’s quick marriage is obvious. For one she was pregnant and secondly, she didn’t want Apollo spilling the beans on her involvement with Angela Stanton, alledgedly, based on the depo taken under oath.

  4. Gapeachinsc

    The prison at Fort Dix is quite nice as far at prisons go…makes me think Apollo didn’t get in trouble…or maybe the number of years he has to serve is in his favor.

  5. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    TT you are exactly right (as always) about her reasons for marrying him. It’s just all mind-boggling to me. I don’t think she’ll divorce him either.

  6. My bosses brother is currently incarcerated at Fort Dix & will be for awhile. She watches most of the housewives shows so I’m hoping she can find out some good gossip. When I read your post about Apollo being transferred there, between him and Juicy, my first thought was when will they start filming a Real Housewives of Fort Dix. I mean, theres not much Bravo isn’t willing to exploit is there?

  7. ZenJen55

    Great source TT!
    If my memory is correct didn’t Justin get in trouble for a money scheme? IRS checks or credit card…..
    Bet Apollo has plenty of coins in his account and IMO he’s a snitch and that’s why he went to Ft Dix and Justin was sent to the dungeon! I just wish Atlanta Police would investigate Phaedra and indict her for the alleged crimes she’s been a partner in.

  8. BKSweetheart

    Phaedra’s phoniness sickens me. I can’t wait for her dirty past to finally catch up with her. It will be spectacular.

    • Based on the last episode, I think Phaedra is just trash, along with her buddy Porsha. That scene by the pool was so without any class or taste, just disgusting. I don’t like everything Kenya, Cynthia and Kandi do, but they have waaayyy more class than those two do.

  9. Minky

    Oh, Tamara! Whenever I see Lionel I know the tea’s gonna be GOOD! I was wondering about the status of the Stanton case. Is Phaedra stone-walling or something?

  10. More Tea Please!

    When, oh when, are the Feds going to take a sip of this hot tea with a twist of lemon? It is so overdue!

  11. Bria

    exciting tea….i can’t wait to see Ms. southern belle’s face when the feds catch up with her.

  12. Forbes List

    Oh Phaedra. You can fool some of the people sometimes, but you cant fool he Gov’t all the time.

  13. Theresa

    I think I need not go back and read all of the Angela Stanton posts. I think this might be a lot bigger than I realized. I don’t like phoney Phaedra (omg my phone autocorrected to the right spelling yet doesn’t for other Greek gods) so I’ve just skimmed over it. I should have known that if TT is constantly posting it, I need to pay attention.

    Off to click a bunch of links today. I try to click a few every time I visit. I assume it generates hits which means money for TT. I also click ads when I am on the computer. Hope it helps out change in your pocket!

    • Theresa

      Need TO not need not. Dang phone knows Phaedra but not plain English

      • Pat

        You are cracking me up! Real Housewives of Fort Dix? “Phony Phaedra”? A phone that spells odd words correctly but not simple words? ROFWL! (1).Even though I refuse to watch all RH shows except RHOA without Nene, I too would probably check out RHOFD;(2) Perfect nickname (3) We must have the exact same phone,

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, Theresa, if you haven’t read the Justin Cody deposition, start there. Then this post will make a lot more sense.

    • Calipatti

      Theresa, nice reminder for all of us in your comnent. ?

    • More Tea Please!

      I recommend that you also read Angela’s book!

  14. FGF

    I’m wondering if this is the REAL reason Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship ended. The whole storyline of Kandi not being there and Kandi being mad about her confiding in Nene seemed over blown to me. Could this be why Kandi and Todd seemed to side with Apollo? It’s starting to look more and more like she really was involved and Apollo was the fall guy.

  15. I come here but don’t post often but I just had to say this. I’ve always been a believer that Phaedra and Apollo have the dirt on each other and she can’t divorce him or else he will sing like a bird. Remember just before he went to jail that scene they had in the garage with him and that drill and she kept saying she was going to call the police and for him to get away; but the moment he leaned in and whispered into her ear her whole attitude changed. Whatever he said to her “scared” her ishless. In the law don’t they say the hands of one is the hands of all. They keep washing each others back because they are both into each other’s dirt.

    • vonalsburg

      Yeah, I remember that episode…Apollo also said something to the effect of, “I’m not going to come out of prison with nothing.” This was after he whispered to her I think.

  16. JoJoFLL

    My senior year of college I interned for the SC Department of Corrections.

    Inmates are assigned prison by security level for their behavior while incarcerated and not their crime.

    From what you wrote TT, it looks like Justin instigated the altercation and is being punished for it.

    • tamaratattles

      Perhaps you were not pain attention in your senior year of college? Inmates are most certainly assigned a security level based on their crimes. That’s why most white collar criminals are sent to low security camps and serial killers are sentenced to high security lockdown.

      Once in jail, if say Teresa had gone off in Camp Cupcake she would have been moved to the HSU, or the shoe as they call it, which is a high security unit where she may or may not have been able to work her way back out.

      But the initial placement is made on the crime itself. I do agree that it appears that Justin did get the more serious transfer. Especially considering that his charges were similar to Apollo’s.

  17. vonalsburg

    I always said that if Apollo wrote a “tell-all” and really told (all), it would be a smash!…however she is the mother of those two innocent beautiful baby boys and they must be considered.

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