Yolanda Foster’s Instagram Keeps Getting Weirder …



She also posted a photo of her legs in the bathtub to let us know she puts Epsom salts in her bathwater to remove “heavy metal toxins.”  In this post, she was pointing out to us that her hair is in an “in between” stage and was wondering whether to grow it out or cut it.

It’s just a matter of time before we get full frontal.


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101 responses to “Yolanda Foster’s Instagram Keeps Getting Weirder …

  1. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    I am speechless. There is something mentally going on w her. I can’t even look at her IG anymore. Thanks TT for following her since I can’t any longer. Yo needs a serious intervention

  2. Dee

    WTF?!! I can’t, don’t know what to think!! Anyone have any idea what she’s doing?!

  3. Jaana

    It’s just a matter of time before we get full frontal.
    I love you TT.

  4. Jaana

    I soak my feet with Epsom Salts after a long day at work. Thanks Yolanda for letting us know what a miracle worker it is. *rolls eyes*.

  5. Spilledperfume

    She needs to heal. Not worry about her hair. Removing her implants and all of the stray silicone was really traumatizing for her body. At some point they may recommend reconstructive surgery but I’m not sure what that would intale if they can’t use small implants. Maybe Terry Dubrow can help her down the road and we can see her on Botched. All I know is that when I had surgery on my breasts I looked like a mess for several months (the scars are awful) and I had a lot of pain. She wasn’t lying when she said she wasn’t supposed to lift her arms above her head and the tank top/poncho combo was spot on.

    Why does she feel the need to (over) share so much on Instagram?

  6. Greenwood

    Just when you think it couldn’t get any weirder. What must her children be thinking? I’m starting to wonder if there is a substance abuse problem, because this is very very strange. She’s got my attention, tho, and I can’t turn away. Several months ago she announced that she was not going to color her hair anymore (she has obviously put streaks/highlights in it for a long time). Well, I feel sure she is still streaking/highlighting it, because those roots are NOT several months old. That looks like a highlighting job that is only about 3 or 4 weeks old, at the most. Wow.

    • Spilledperfume

      I noticed that as well. It definitely looks like she has been keeping up with her hair. Even some of her talking heads look like she has fresh highlights.

      • Minky

        Yep. Hair grows about 1/2 inch a month, on average. It takes forever and a day to grow long hair naturally. Most people who have hair know that. But not our Yo!

  7. I told her to put some clothes on. There is no reason she should be asking the public if she needs to let her hair grow naked.

    • Reading Beads

      Shoes. I would settle for shoes. I’m so tired of seeing her bunions and awful feet. She has a thing about showing her feet, but then, she is a whackadoodle. (Sorry Tamara)

  8. jen

    Yea. Something is wrong here mentally. Something is just not right.

  9. Denine

    I still think she’s coloring her hair, just not her roots perhaps?

    • JoJoFLL

      She’s coloring her hair and wearing makeup. There are all natural, plant based makeup and hair color that would be Yolanda approved.

    • peachteachr

      When I was in my late 40’s, I would dye my hair then my hairdresser would highlight it. At some point, Yolanda is going to say it was the silicone so that she can be healthy again. Unless she thinks the ill, divorced, pitiful woman is a better storyline.

  10. Zoemonster2

    Thx for the warning.

  11. Micheal

    Firstly, it is obvious that is not years worth of regrowth, which means Yolanda in the last few months totally had her roots bleached. Isn’t that against everything she has been screeching about on the show?

    Secondly, the rest of her hair is still platinum blonde, to maintain platinum blonde hair you need to regularly tone that shit and also use high end purple shampoo/conditioner which are usually never 100% organic to prevent breakage.

    • therealdeb

      That can all be achieved with a heavy foil. There are blue based lightners on the market now that there weren’t before. Ususally the purple (blueing) shampoo is to cast out yellow due to smoke, minerals int he water and what have you. Even air polution can cause Bleached hair to yellow. There are vegan and organic product lines that have products that do that, Pureology is one of them.

  12. “Do deese glasses make me look smarter in dis picture?”

    • Lindsay

      Oh dear, I cannot stop laughing

    • Queen of the Nile

      OMG, Maisey — I laughed so hard my husband came in from another room to find out what was so funny!! You have the most wickedly delicious sense of humor. Thank you for so many laughs from your comments …it’s powerful medicine for some gray days. :-) And of course TT delights with her posts (It’s just a matter of time before we get full frontal — Ha!)

      • Dee

        I’m with you guys, its hard not to laugh. My husband also wanted to know what i was laughing at. Ilooked up counting spoons, ugh, more look,at MEE!! Holy hell! We never heard anything from Ziggy. She needs to take a seat, help someone who is really ill.

    • Margarett

      Oh, Maisey, you are a stitch! You always give me a good laugh just when I need one. Thanks so much.

    • Allison

      @maisey warning next time-i almost spit my lemonade ? side note:its the way she whistles her S’s that hurts my ears. Every time. Ouch.

    • Reading Beads

      OMG Maisey, laughing so hard I can hardly see! I thought I was the only one that picked up on her sudden and thick reversal to that accent. She spoke much better English in the David years, her talking head regarding the implants and ‘canon’, the lack of t’s in her pronunciation were worse than ever. She’s playing a part, though for the life of me, I cannot figure out what part that is!

  13. Katherine 2.0

    Shave your head.

    • Cat

      That is the next “logical” step for her.

      She lost her shoes, and now her clothes. Did David literally take everything?

      • Minky

        Yeah, sure. She’s going to become an ascetic and renounce all worldly things. Like very expensive “doctor” visits and alternative medicines that cost their weight in gold. Pshhht!

        Either she’s lost her mind for realsies, or she’s trying to prove something again. Does she deserve pity? I just don’t know.

    • jen

      Yes lol shave it. I wonder if there is an addiction issue here. Pills?

  14. Cat

    Do those glasses NOT have lenses? I know that was a fad for awhile…wearing just the frames.

    She said no more hair dye, didn’t she? I am kind of curious to see her with her natural hair color.

    • Cat

      Maybe she’s trying to look smarter? Hence the messy Einstein hairdo? And the fake glasses?

    • Heidi

      Cat, I believe she said no more hair dye, nail polish, make up or Botox on a recent episode. So far, no evidence of three out of those four. She obviously still dye’s her hair, nice smooth forehead and mouth lines at 50+ years, and she is obviously wearing some cosmetics in that photo.

  15. This woman is obsessed, absolutely obsessed with herself…it’s freaky and unnatural.

  16. Erica

    If she keeps removing the “heavy metals” from her body – isn’t she going to have deficiencies like anemia? Isn’t magnesium considered a metal too?

    I’m not a doctor and don’t profess to know any of this….

  17. “Dispute not with her: she is lunatic.” (William Shakespeare, Richard III)

  18. She is posting all these half naked selfies to hang on to her youth. All she is doing is making herself look like an old lady trying to stay young. In this pic she even has the duck lips going, LOL. She needs to get over herself. She is just fishing for compliments.

  19. Angel(?)

    How does this woman have any followers? It baffles me.

  20. @immelza

    This woman must spend a majority of her time planning, shooting,and of course editing all these stupid pictures. I thought she was deathly ill, confined to hear bed unable to read, write, watch TV? How does poor sickly Yo have the strength for this? Omg is she cured! Hallelujah! (Lol!) Now she can spend the rest of her time promoting her journey to health with her books, endorsements and magic potions that normal hardworking actual suffering sick people can’t afford. This woman is a con woman who’s auditioning for her next role as some heath\ wellness expert. I envision $35 boxes of lemon scented Epsom salts.

    • Sweet T

      I go back and forth between her being mentally ill or a con artist with amazing planning skills for a long con.

      Was she sick from the implants then started getting lots of attention for being sick and didn’t know how to stop herself? Is this just another manifestation of her eating disorder? Or did she fail in getting her health and fitness show so she decided to become really ill to cure herself and get a show that way?

  21. Toni Lee Gildea

    I don’t understand the angle she has that phone. Is she taking a pic of the mirror? Or a pic of the person taking her pic? Is she posting a pic of her taking a pic? My head hurts.

  22. microop

    How is her hair still blond if she isn’t dying it? Lemon juice?

  23. Kika

    In the pic with the glasses she is starting to look like her mother.

    • captain eel

      Yolanda looks more like her mother now than she looks like her former self in the “let me stroke your airplane” video. When was the last time she told a sane truth? It’s been awhile if you think about it.

  24. Kika

    I believe Yolanda is depressed and I am worried that we might hear of a suicide attempt in the near future. She needs some sort of psychoactive medication. I am really worried about her. I have seen this before.

  25. Wampascat

    She looks like Andy Warhol in this picture.

  26. Oh Lord—- this woman is not going to be happy until she publishes her latest Pap smear to all 50 States, Puerto Rico and Guam.

    Then, I am sure, she will ask for “privacy”.

  27. Kika

    I am reading many posts that indicate Yolanda is acting in a manner where she has some sort of control; that is a con artist, gold digger, etc. This woman has lost any and all control over her life and seems to be quite paranoid. It is very sad. I, for one, do not find any of her actions amusing and it is sad that so many of you are laughing at her. She has lost control now for quite some time. David having left her could put her over the edge. I don’t for one moment think she left him.

    • Rubbishhousewife

      I know what you mean, Kika. I get quite angry with her, because of her manipulation in relation to her non existent illness, which I feel is very harmful as far as perceptions of chronic illness are concerned, but being manipulative and attention-seeking doesn’t exclude being mentally ill. I’m starting to feel I am watching a train wreck that could end quite horribly.

  28. Shannah

    I think it is time for Dr. Moon and his finger to take action.

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!! Make it stop.

  29. Allison

    @kika-she’s been over the edge for a looong time, before she left David and filed for divorce.

  30. Allison

    Please-just as long as she doesn’t put those horrible ratty extensions in that she had the first few seasons. Terrible.

  31. She looks newly botoxed.

  32. Xanadude

    Is Yolanda the new Sante Kimes?

    • Sliceo'pie

      She reminds me of someone with an eating disorder-their lives become very small as they become obsessed with this one thing, in their case food, in this case it’s Yolanda’s, “Illness”.

      I honestly did not have strong feelings about her choices and behavior until the kids were brought in–You don’t fuck with your kids..that whole discussion about her Will, in front of the cameras, was sickening, pulling them into the alternative medicine scams-putting only God knows what into their bodies..sickening.

      • Gabriella

        That bit with the will and “I might die” scenario really annoyed me. She was only going in to have her implants taken out. People have to go in every day to have non elective heart or brain surgery.

      • Reading Beads

        At least each child got a ‘dream team’ heart on the colorful will envelope. :)

  33. QuickGunMurugan

    I think she is very smart. This is her way to prove that she has mental illness and get the prenup annulled. Then get a big pay off.

  34. Dracla Dunning

    When I first saw this picture of Yolanda I could not stop looking at how deformed she appears. She looks quite off her rocker and is actually morphing into a cartoon character before my eyes. Sort of like one of those toothless, banjo playing ridge runners.

  35. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    I have no doubt that we will soon see Yolanda back to her former glam self. Now she is rid of David the mumsy greasy flat hair and no make up look can be dispensed with. I’m convinced Yo is thrilled with the divorce – filing on her birthday was very pointed and she certainly isn’t crying in to her lemon cleanse each morning. The platinum hair and implants will be back now she has to find another husbanker.

  36. Shae

    Being open about your illness to reduce stigma and increase awareness is one thing, but this level of publicity with private information and bizarre pictures is just another entirely. This is not productive or helpful, this is sickness or attention whoring.

    I believe Yolanda is suffering from something, and her mental capacity def seems to be affected, but somebody has to rein her in for her own good.

  37. I think that Yo is auditioning for her next rich husband. There is something definitely off with this woman. It my be called “Fame-whore” disease and she caught it from Brandi.

  38. tbk

    This instagram post has nothing to do with Yolanda’s hair decisions. Yolanda is shilling for Apple. This was a lucrative weekend for her. Wonder how many spoons she used up.
    Sly like a fox.

    • tamaratattles

      Do you really think this is a face/personality that Apple wants to pay for endorsements? I don’t. Those sorts of things are usually a bit more obvious like the THOTs and their tooth bleach.

      • natalie

        she has 1.5 million followers, that is a lot of people looking at her using apple, makes me wonder.

      • Dee

        Noe!! Tamara, at this rate Apple will lose customers. I’m really shocked that this once beautiful model would show up looking like this! Even I, a lowly peasant put make up on before going out. How in the hell is she helping anyone with Lyme?! I just heard Gigi donated $25k to her Mom’s charity. What is Yolanda doing?!

      • tamaratattles

        First of all, Apple is a tech company, not “Bob Johnsons Tooth Whiter” and they would be well aware that most of Yo’s followers are fake. Furthermore, the actual real people who follow her are middleaged women with a variety of real or imagined chronic illnesses. Finally, she is crazy as a bessybug at the moment. There is absolutely nothing about Yolanda that would have Apple paying her for a tweet. Apple gets PLENTY of free publicity from idiots waiting in line to buy their next $500 phone despite being on food stamps and from their near monopoly of technology products show in movies and TV shows.

        The thought that she got paid for that mess is ridiculous.

      • Allison

        Utterly ludicrous. Thank you for shooting the Apple theory down.

      • Dee

        So sorry I didn’t realize your question above was rhetorical. Bad on me

  39. Roxy

    1.5 million followers, but it only 1% ever like anything she posts?!? Doesn’t sound like a Apple success story or a Yolanda Foster Fan Base, just a lot of people watching a car wreck!

  40. Roxy

    Excuse me, that is 0.1%!!! Even worse! She probably bought those followers ?

    • Dee

      Roxy, good point! While I feel sorry for her. I wish someone would tell her to stop. Please Yolanda stop! You are embarrassing you children

  41. PaganChick

    Ok, I am really weirded out by this picture. Not because it is a latest addition to the crazy she is contributing to social media but because how is it possible that she took the picture we are looking at with the phone facing the mirror? Maybe it is a optical illusion or something, but wouldn’t the photo show her in side view if the phone is pointed toward a mirror beside her rather than directly in front of her? Does this mean she has someone taking a picture of her taking a selfie? Because that is what it looks like to me. I would love an explanation for how the photo she is taking is the photo that we are seeing because it doesn’t look right to me.

    • Dee

      It looks like she took it in front of a mirror. I don’t know how to take selfies cause I’m not ….

    • Pagan—-
      I, too, have found the photo vexing when I try to figure out who/how it was taken. (Oh, wait a minute…isn’t who/how what Rinna calls her butt crack?!? )

      Anyway, I figured our lady La Foster built herself some sort of Hall of Mirrors a la Versailles for her oh so special photos.

      Or perhaps she HAS hired someone to take them.
      You know……Selfies by Proxy.

  42. Lime Brain

    She’s getting very “Norma Desmond”esque to me.

    “I’m ready for my close up, Mr. Deville”.

    There’s a Norma Desmond/Gloria Swanson youtube titled “I am a star” that eerily reminds me of what Yolanda appears to be turning into.

    • amisteree

      No kidding, you are spot on, Lime Brain. Nice work for someone suffering from “lime brain!”
      Norma Desmond, Blanche DuBois, Big or Little Edie Beale, even Mommy Dearest all come to mind when I see her selfies. It’s also like a season of American Horror Story morphed into a real housewives show. American Horror Story: Lyme Brain Selfies

  43. Josie

    I dont understand how stupid pics like this are inspirational to anyone. She thinks she is Joan of Arc for Lyme sufferers.

    • amisteree

      Josie, I think I agree with you that she thinks of herself that way, as a martyr. She seems more delusional, and is being exploited by people such as Daisy. On the other hand, sometimes I do think she is a calculating con artist.

  44. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    I was looking for the post about Yo travelling to Germany for stem cell treatment for her back and came across an article about S3 ep5 where Yo mentions having lamb cell treatment (she said she wasn’t drinking because of it) but she appeared perfectly healthy and fit. It seems that lamb cell treatment is carried out as an aesthetic beauty treatment. So now I am convinced that Yolanda’s apparent fatigue and brain fog at the end of s3 was a reaction to this treatment and she spent the subsequent years overloading her body with cure after cure without giving her own immune system a chance to recover. She can’t admit that it was a stem cell treatment for vanity so she is using Lyme as a cover up.

    • Dee

      If she gets colonics as often as she said why would she need to detox? What is there to detox? Lemon juice is an acid that will cause a lot of wear on your teeth. Is that why she had them pulled?

  45. Greenwood

    Ever since we saw Yoland in the recovery center, I’ve wondered: If you had silicone capsules dug out all the way up to your collarbone, wouldn’t you have a lot of swelling and bruising all the way up to your shoulders and collarbones?

  46. Has anybody else noticed Yolanda’s Lyme treatments actually her modeling days, flying all over Europe by charter, then staying in 5 star hotels, then once again all the attention is on her

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