Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Jamaican Me Mad!

RHOA Jamaica 3

I’m not really too excited about this episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta as they head to Jamaica. It seems Kenya gets really out of line with Kim. I thought the same thing last week though and I really didn’t think Kenya did anything wrong at the brunch at Kim’s house. Let’s hope it is just the editing in the previews that  makes  Kenya look bad.

I sure wish someone would loan Nene some money so she could stop wearing men’s undershirts.

Cynthia has decided to give the commercial to Kim. I suppose this is what pisses Kenya off. Kim is bringing her kids with her to Jamaica, even though production said no kids. She is bringing a nanny this time. I really don’t know what Bob Whitfield is doing there. My understanding was they are not back together. But it sure looks like it to me.

Cynthia meets with Kim and Kenya about the eyewear commercial. And just like that Kenya and Cynthia are arguing already about Kenya getting dumped from the production team. Kenya is taking things very personally. Kenya points out that Kim has never done a commercial before. Why on earth are they eating sushi in Jamaica? Kenya is really mean to Kim. Kenya yanks Kim’s chair and Kim walks away. Kenya goes screaming after her clapping and acting like a fool. This is so not a good look. Cynthia is embarrassed.

RHOA jamaica nene cynthia

Kim vents to her husband and makes very little sense. She ranting about Kenya’s “translator” and I’m not really understanding what she means. She is also very confident and says, she’s a brand! She’s Kim Fields! Kenya is at the kiddie table and she’s at the adult table. Kim had the opportunity to come off looking like the bigger person and now she seems no better than Kenya. Kim is cussing in her talking head and in the real time. Her husband tells her this is not a prison basketball court. He says they baited her and she went there.

Supposedly nobody knew that Nene was coming there. But it sure seems like Cynthia and Peter knew. Everyone else looked shocked. I heard that everyone was pissed when she showed up, even production. Peter clamors for his coveted peach by asking Kenya and Kim to discuss their beef. Kenya is not having it. She says she would rather gouge her eyes out with a spoon, light her ass on fire with one of the lanterns or drive off a cliff that rehash the commercial drama. Several of those present seem to want to help her execute any or all of those options. Kenya and Matt get up and leave the table. Phaedra tells Nene that Kenya and Cynthia are best friends. Everyone tries to tell Nene that it’s true. But Cynthia suddenly starts backpedaling.

This recap is boring because, this show is sort of boring. Maybe I’m just tired but I don’t have a lot to say tonight. I’m totally caught up on the DVR and that is usually a sign that nothing much is happening. Which is odd because it’s the big Nene reveal.

Sheree shows up at Nene’s room and we get a montage all the way back to season one when Sheree left Nene off her guest list. I thought hell would freeze over before Nene made up with Sheree.

The two Ps sure are confident in their two pieces. I’m just saying.

Malorie shows up to surprise Cynthia.

Sheree goes to Kenya’s room to carry the gossip. She tells Kenya that Cynthia said she was not best friends with Cynthia.

Kenya goes to Cynthia’s room to talk to her about what she said to Nene about her. Cynthia sort of waffles on exactly what she said to Nene. Kenya decides not to go into Kingston with everyone else and stay behind with Matt.

Next week Sheree and Kenya come for Kim’s husband. Sheree says people call him “fruity or gay.” I wonder how Andy Cohen feels about that?


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77 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Jamaican Me Mad!

  1. Sweet T

    I’m not watching this season as I enjoy your recaps more than the show. Does Matt take off his shirt? because then I might watch.

    • Faith

      Thanks TT I am in UK. Thanks. Bravo is really trying to stir the tea. She by Broke, brought 6,8..19 figures husband? Still like Kenya! Cynthia….is she’s still walking, last I checked one needed a backbone to stand! Kim, don’t sign up for money!

  2. Miguel

    I’ll watch as long as you do – your recaps make it enjoyable!!!

  3. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Great recap as always TT. Hope everyone checks their DVR. Why does Bravo screw w us on the times occasionally. FFS. Also I’m sorry you want to stop recapping Top Chef. It’s one of my fav Bravo shows.

  4. ShyGuy

    Yea Tamara the feeling is mutual and after all that hanging with Kenya for her birthday nene just dragged Kenya on Instagram. Fake scripted mess full with fake backstabbing woman (Nene).

  5. Spilledperfume

    Phadrea and her 2 piece was not a pretty picture.

    • No, it was not. When she said her ‘meat was sweet’ I almost hurled.

      • Jim

        Phaedra did have the best line of the night though. When Kenya said that she would “scoop her own eyeballs out with a spoon”… quick cut to Phaedra in her interview, “does someone have a spoon?” That reply almost made me like her, lol.

    • You couldn’t tell Phaedra she does not look good. She obviously sees something else in the mirror. I find her swim attire always distasteful and so unflattering, [said in my best Potomac etiquette voice]. Yuck.

    • Kenya was just mean spirited and defensive and goes straight into insulting people when she is hurt and she has mastered that all too well. I didn’t like her at all tonight. My take on her is she relives her rejection by her mother over and over and over again. Don’t reject Kenya, she just goes into a blind rage.

  6. BFish

    I can’t figure out why Kenya thought she was really going to have a part in directing/producing the commercial. She didn’t present her ideas before they got to Jamaica; obviously the plan is to film said commercial in Jamaica, the supposed point of the trip. Where do her last minute ideas reasonably come into play? She didn’t even act like she tried to reach out to Cynthia about presenting her ideas prior to the trip.

    • JaneM

      Because Cynthia led her to believe that was the reason they were going to Jamaica. Cynthia never told Kenya anything different.

      • tamaratattles

        Kenya knew full well that they were going to Jamaica for their usual end of the season trip. Cynthia just had the cover story this season because it was her turn.

    • k-slay

      Thought the exact same thing.. she had to set up things prior to getting there so it makes no sense that she still thought she was going to be involved or going to pitch her ideas. I wonder if she made any effort before they left to talk to Cynthia about her ideas and Cynthia just said lets discuss down there? But either way, she should have known.

  7. Minky

    Hmmm. So you’re saying that Kenya gets mad because Cynthia gave the commercial to Kim, even though Cynthia has pretended to be Kenya’s friend for all of this season. IDK if Kenya’s anger was warranted, but I do know that I’m liking Kim less and less. Also: Did Sheree go after Kim’s husband, or was it Kenya? And Kim brings her kids even though productions tells her not too. Hmmm? I don’t know what to think anymore.

    • Kenya going after Kim was completely unwarranted, almost to the point of irrationality. Kenya expected to “get the job” w/the commercial, although she:

      1) Couldn’t be bothered to show up at the meeting with Cynthia to discuss the project, and

      2) Had no ideas to pitch anyway and instead chose to attack the person who did get the job, because she bothered to do the above.

      Kenya thought that just because she’s friends with Cynthia, she didn’t need to put on any work, and the job would come to her automatically? Naaah Gurl, that’s not how the world works.

      • Minky

        You’re right. Kenya shouldn’t expect any special treatment. I have a sinking feeling that they must’ve left something out on the show. Where’s the commercial? Did they make it yet?

      • Xanadude

        ALMOST to the point of irrationality? No…she crossed the line.

      • Yes, true. I suppose I meant it as in “psychotic break with reality” but I guess that would qualify too…

  8. More Tea Please!

    Did they show like 30 seconds of Nene, or was she so flat that you just tuned out TT?

  9. ZenJen55

    Sheree looked absolutely ridiculous with the hairchain, Asa from Shahs looks stunning in them and her fabulous bangles!
    Sheree dress age appropriate please

  10. peachteachr

    NeNe’s clothes, on, me. It almost looks like suede and is not beachy at all. How can she have a successful clothing line? Shouldn’t she have a stylist and the hair…poor NeNe.

  11. Truthseeker

    It’s interesting seeing a glimpse of the real Kim Fields. Profanity and all. That’s the one I recall from years ago.

    • Sunshine

      Do you think we got a glimpse of the real Kenya too? You know with the chair pulling and the insults all aimed at Kim.

    • O.O

      Sometimes certain situations can jolt one out of character . The way Kenya behaved towards Kim on tonight’s episode would be one of those times ..

      • Truthseeker

        In the past, Kim Fields had a reputation as a Diva. I just think she’s attempting to come across a certain way on TV now.

  12. Truthseeker

    Kenya’s not completely off base. Cynthia should have told her in advance not in front of the group. The same way she invited Nene and didn’t tell the group. Cynthia is being messy.

  13. pocketbooklover

    I’ve never been a fan of Kenya and tonight only reinforced that opinion. She is like a petulant child that overreacts when she doesn’t get her way Instead of taking advantage of the experiences Kim has, she acted like a deranged lunatic ensuring they will never work together. Just like she did with Roger Bob when he said he wouldn’t hold her hand 24/7. As big as Atlanta and the entertainment industry is, its still a small closed knit community and she continues to do things to shut herself out.

  14. Sheree & Bob traveled to Jamaica together and shared a room? Clearly she’s desperate to find a sugar daddy to pay for the completion of Chateau Sheree.

    • tamaratattles

      IIRC (and I’m not sure I am recalling correctly) Bob filed for bankruptcy recently. Also there is that whole thing about Sheree having a close female friend these days. I’m thinking Bob is the beard. Allegedly.

  15. Kenya was out of line in her reaction to Kim’s getting the commercial. Good on her for owning up to it in WWHL.
    It’s sad anytime Porsha and Phaedra start speaking sense (re: Cynthia’s flip-flopping).

  16. I don’t condone Cynthia’s flip-flopping but I think Kenya’s treatment of Kim really freaked her out. I would be so embarrassed if any of my friends acted that way (whether we were bff’s or merely f’s).

  17. FGF

    I wonder if Cynthia’s running back to Nene because Kenya has a man now. She mentioned earlier in the season that Peter practically lives in Charlotte so Nene may be the only person available to talk on the phone with all day. Kenya has a man and a new house to attend to.

    Additionally, it’s clear that Kim can truly handle herself in a crazy situation. She sat there and kept her composure when Porsha towered over Cynthia on the boat and again when Kenya disrespected her personal space in Jamaica. I really felt bad for her because she was trying to be civil and Kenya was over talking her and hurling insults at her.

    I said during Kenya’s first season that she has the same abandonment issues that Nene suffers from and lashes out in the exact same way. However; Kenya seems to get a pass because of her looks and supposed intellect.

  18. Cheychey

    I’ve never been a huge Kenya fan. That being said Sheree going to the room and telling her what Cynthia said had only one way to play out . Hurting Kenya’s feelings and causing drama with the other girls. How else was Kenya to feel hearing someone she had grown close to said she doesn’t feel the same. As for the commercial Kenya acted unprofessionally by not showing up. But you lost out on a eyeglass commercial not a movie role shake it off and move on. I think it was more about marking her territory this is my friend and I’m just as important if not more than you more than getting the job. Her best friend gave the job to her competition and that hurt her fragile ego.

  19. Dee

    This stupid show is faker than a 3 dollar bill and so silly and childish that it is very hard to watch. I fast forwarded through almost the whole show this morning. Kenya’s acting is terrible. So is the rest, especially the cock-eyed ex husband.

  20. Valentine

    Kenya should not have gone for that chair. It was almost physical and I always took her to be above that, especially after the Porsha incident. However, I have a soft spot for Kenya and even though she was wrong, Kim Fields came off as looking worse to me.

    I don’t trust Kim! She gets on my nerves with her feigned holier-than-thou attitude. She needs to get over herself. I have been around people with this same personality and they’re just such a beating to put up with. At least we got to see some of the real Kim and her snippy little husband.

    I’m so disappointed in Cynthia. I always used to like her, but she is just coming off like a terrible friend. You just don’t dump friends like that. So fake, but I guess it all is.

    • Belinda

      That’s exactly what I think too! If I was in that situation, I would be pissed! Finding out in front of everyone else that Cynthia choose Kim over Kenya for the commercial was awful. Kenya was right that they (Cynthia and Kenya) could have talked for 5 minutes at any time before the trip. When the 3 of them say down to talk, Kim was definitely acting superior and talking down to Kenya.
      I haven’t like Kim from the beginning either. Taking her kids with them to Jamaica was ridiculous. She was probably taking advantage of the free trip and turning it into a family vacation since she can’t afford it herself.
      For me, this whole situation was caused and exacerbated by Cynthia. I’ve always liked her, but this completely changed my opinion. I can’t believe she didn’t stick up for Kenya at all during dinner. She’s the worst kind of “friend” to have. And saying they were “still getting to know each other”?! Wth?! And then she lied to Kenya about what she said. Ugh. She’s awful.

      • And it was essentially Kim’s demand that she “doesn’t co-direct” that made the decision for Cynthia. We all know the co-directing was producer setup. Cynthia’s a people pleaser and came up with the excuse that Kenya missed the meeting so she have a reason to meet Kim’s demand that she do the commercial by herself. Then to top it off Cynthia puts Nene in the commercial after saying she still wanted Kenya in it. Cynthia knows it’ll be easy to throw Kenya under the bus. I used to think Cynthia was a good person deep down but how can she not be seeing what she does? She’s crawled right back up Nene’s ass.

        And someone has to say it: who is Kim Fields in this world? I knew her as Tootie and never thought about her again until RHOA. She’s absolutely delusional about her career, seems to me she and Kenya are in the same league. Kenya had every reason to direct her anger at Kim; Kenya knew she had demanded to do the commercial alone.

    • Cynthia has proven herself to be a inverterbrate, shall we proceed to call her slug?

  21. bria

    It’s sad how this episode played out against Kenya. If not of Kenya psychotic behavior, there will not be much to talk about. Atleast she brought out the real Kim Fields not the perfect mother. Cynthia confuses me

  22. Wanda

    I’m not sure why Kim Fields agreed to be on this show, but ultimately it is going to make her look bad. She tries to come off as being a smart, talented, business woman. But instead she is just looking like a woman who pitches bad ideas for a commercial, shows poor judgement in dragging her children along to adult events, and looking like a whiny butt all the time. She doesn’t realize it, but the producers have made her look like a real housewife, but a stale one. I was hoping she would bring a spark of class to the show, but I suspect there is going to be more “reality” (aka dirt or gossip) about her life, than she anticipated.

  23. tamaratattles

    The whole eyeglass commercial was storyline. If Kenya was supposed to be at the meeting with Cynthia and Kim she would have been there. Clearly she had another scene shooting with Matt in place of that. Cynthia “blindsiding” Kenya on the bus, also storyline. Kenya and Kim saying they were in Jamaica to shoot a commercial is ridiculous, we all know they go somewhere to brawl on foreign soil at the end of each season.

    Kenya’s behavior was horrible. Kim Fields’ behavior was shocking. We’ve seen Kenya act a fool before, (her first season) but something about Kim makes me feel like Kenya is in the Real Housewives Olympics and Kim is in the special Olympics. Maybe I am stuck thinking of Kim as a child, but it seems particularly wrong for Kenya to come at Kim that way. Had it been Nene or Sheree or Phaedra she went for, it would have been a more even battle and Kenya would not have looked so unhinged.

    As much as Kenya was giving the fake commercial storyline to work with, She TOTALLY overdid it and set herself up to be on an island by herself during the reunion, a situation no one ever wants to be in.

    ANd just when IRL she was getting along with Cynthia, Nene, and Sheree, which would have been a valuable alliance for the reunion. Sigh.

    • Spilledperfume

      I always appreciate your notes explaining things to those of us who are new to these shows. I like when I can read “it’s just a storyline” “she over did it.” It makes my head hurt less.

    • Sandra

      Imp, Kim is that person who flys just under the shit radar, goading you while throwing kisses and hearts at everyone else.
      The ladies see it but, Kim is a convenient weapon they use, to take digs at Kenya and collectively say Kenya is wrong, “we don’t feel as she does.”

      Kim has shown passive aggressive behavior towards Kenya all season and I think Kenya had reached her limit. After the beatless brunch, Kenya left her home without saying good bye, she was so angry.

      Also, Kenya was very supportive of Cynthia who got into a violent fight with Porsha on her boat ride but, Cynthia is saying Kenya can leave the island because of her argument with Kim and I’m sure this is exactly how Cynthia was treating her. Her friend gives her the simple explanation of “I’m good.” Of course Kenya feels Cynthia has rejected her.

      I agree at the storylines but, feel that production lit the fireworks by setting these scenes up and stood back and filmed the reactions. The reactions are real, imo.

      Kenya had the same strained look on her face at the dinner that night that she had at reunion 6. I believe that she felt twice rejected by Cynthia, when Nene came with this BFF bullshit and Cynthia basically disowned her friendship with Kenya – the only friend she felt she had in the group.

      It was a setup by production and I think it was shitty that they did this to Kenya because it was unnecessary and she has had a rough season personally because of her mother and her Aunt. She had a meltdown because of the rejection or perceived rejection.
      Finally, at least Kenya apologized to Kim which is an occurrence we rarely see on this show…..and I’m glad she has Matt.

      • getreal2014

        I love you and TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya’s comments.

        I feel the same way and find Kim’s condescending, nose turned up attitude irritating as hail. She’s beyond passive-aggressive and she started shading Kenya in her first interview for RHOA.

        So far, she’s criticized how the women dress, how much makeup they wear, and lied on Kenya as far as Kenya being messy by putting Glen out. She then turns around and says she left because she felt unsafe, so how is that a bad thing that Kenya did?

        She shades Kenya every chance she gets and laughs off everything the other ladies do. Porsha’s funny, albeit violent. Nene’s funny, although nasty and divisive, but she want’s to go after Kenya for the slightest thing every time.

        Will she use her “instigation vs. information” against Sheree when Sheree brings back gossip? Of course not, she’s a bandwagoner and fake as hail. She’s broke, her commercial was whacked, and yeah I can’t stand her bich ass husband either. He gets in women’s business and has since day one.

        Kim needs to go and take her holier than thou, righteous bs with her.

        I think Kenya had had enough, and I don’t blame her. Enough with Kim’s nasty and sly digs. She’s Phaedra 2.0, IMO.

    • Minky

      Precisely, Tamara. That’s why something about this last episode doesn’t add up for me. If Nene, Cynthia and Sheree were celebrating Kenya’s birthday not but a few days ago, then what happened since the birthday? All three of those women were there to witness what was shown of Kenya’s poor behavior to the audience only last night in real time in Jamaica. Cynthia in particular was there when Kenya did the chair incident. So why be friendly with her at all in the time since this happened in Jamaica. Why so abruptly distance themselves from her just now? They also went to Christmas parties together too. IDGI.

      • tamaratattles

        The Christmas Party is the season finale and everyone had to come. Nene didn’t see the TALKING HEADS Kenya did until after the party which pissed her off. Cynthia just seems to be picking a side because I don’t recall Kenya saying to much that should have pissed off Cynthia. That said, I have a bit of Lyme Brain this week because I went off (now back on) my healthy diet and wasn’t really focused on #RHOA last night which I’m sure showed up in my short recap.

      • Miguel

        Thanks for the chronology, TT – I feel less duped & jaded. I was off the ride; but you’ve clarified what I also perceived as fake/contrived.

      • Minky

        No, Tamara. Your recap was perfectly okay. I’m the one who’s a bit slow and I’m having trouble following this mess of a story line. And I don’t watch the shows, to boot. Thank you muchly. :0)

    • Matzah60

      I was about to ask if there really was a commercial which you confirmed was only part of the storyline. I was saddened to see Kenya acting so mean and aggressive. I think she went after Kim because Kim is the weakest link in the group and certainly the easiest one to attack. I don’t see Kenya going after NeNe or even Cynthia like that. She was clearly unleashing her anger on Cynthia via her fight with Kim. At least, that’s how it appeared to me.

      Later, finding out through messy Sheree that she (Kenya) was NOT Cynthia’s BFF and her look of despair when Nene appeared in Jamaica certainly was very hurtful for Kenya and yes, another rejection for her. This will not bode well for the reunion. Kenya will be on an island by herself, much as she was the first year she joined the show.

  24. Rita

    I just can’t take this show any more. You know, I like to watch TV for entertainment. Not to get pissed off and annoyed. Yes, I know it’s only a show.

  25. L

    To me Kim comes off as a master manipulator she has been giving subtle digs at Kenya throughout this whole season. Only Kenya would notice it because she one too. And that monotone voice? Give me a break!

    And who gives a f*** about Nene anyway!? She’s still a damn annoying moose. She still wants to control Cynthia why was she so bothered about Ken/Cyn friendship like grow up already! How much you want to bet Nene is going to ditch the two P’s now she friends with Cyn again?

  26. Cheychey

    It doesn’t bother me that Kim brings her kids on location when she films. Lots of stars do it. She could have easily got a car to follow them to the hotel for the kids and nanny. What bothers me is they were filming on the bus which means everyone was gonna be on turn up mode. Not a place for kids. They were talking about if Sheree was gonna be boning with kids like 5ft away. I mean she got upset in Washington and said this is not for kids but that talk on the bus was really not for kids. I still love her though. To be able to hold your composure when someone pulls out your chair like it’s time for you to go and not get really ratchet she will go down in housewife history for me. I don’t know of many besides maybe Caroline that would have just left gracefully.

    • tamaratattles

      The problems with bringing kids was exactly what you said. AND that production had specifically said no kids. Even Noelle was not allowed (or if she was we never saw her) and she had family there. But bringing two children and a nanny (who were quickly Rosa Parksed to the back of the bus) was REALLY bad. The nanny and/or Kim’s husband should have provided their own transportation for the boys to the hotel, as I assume they paid for the tickets for the kids and the nanny. Keeping them in the hotel with the nanny out of sight of cameras and ratchetness is one thing. Expecting the “people from the gutter” from being incredibly inappropriate on the ADULT bus was ridiculous.

      • Minky

        I personally don’t like that. If your job/boss says no to something, you basically respect that and follow the rules, just like everybody else. No special rues for you. At least in the real world and not on TV.

        Kim bringing her kids was some sort of atout. I don’t know how to accurately translate that shizz into English, but basically a little something she always keeps with her incase she needs to turn the tables so she can have the upper hand by default. It’s not okay to use your kids that way. End of rant. Sorry.

  27. ItsMe

    The hypocrisy is crazy. All the “ratchets” thrown at Porsha for “attacking” Cynthia but “queen” Kenya gets a pass?

    • Sunshine

      She can do no wrong. I also don’t find Kenya’s rent a dude attractive at all.

    • tamaratattles

      I certainly didn’t give Kenya a pass at ALL. That doesn’t mean she is ratchet like Porsha. Kenya has consistently stayed above the violent fray unlike Porsha who has attacked MULTIPLE PEOPLE at RHOA filming, including TWO this season alone.

      Kenya’s behavior was horrid and unacceptable. Unlike Porsha, Kenya has apologized for her behavior and is ashamed of it. BIG difference. HUUUGE difference between the two.

    • Miguel

      A chair is an inanimate object – as such, cannot be assaulted/attacked; whereas, pummeling/attacking an animal/human being constitutes abuse/assault. I get your dislike of Kenya; however, remain at a loss on your oversimplification, ItsMe.

  28. Wow, Kenya was awful to Kim– And it was very misplaced anger, because Kenya had such a hard time believing that Cynthia could be so shady. (I really believe that Kenya will regret the way she treated Kim, and end up apologizing to her ). First, Cyn doesn’t tell Kenya in private that she wants only Kim to do the commercial– why?? Then, Cyn didn’t mention to Kenya that Nene was coming to Jamaica, which caught K off guard…and finally, Cynthia announces to all the ladies that she and Kenya aren’t actuslly BFFs, they’re only just “getting to know each other”. Man, Cynthia is weak and disloyal- she totally blindsided Kenya by being a fake friend.
    I feel terrible for Kenya, cuz she really had Cynthia’s back for a long while. And when Kenya tried to express that she’s confused snd hurt, Cyn says to Kenya: “Are you done?”, and ends the discussion! — Cynthia is willing to throw Kenya, a woman she acted close to, under the bus JUST FOR A STORYLINE. That’s disgusting. Cheater Peter has really rubbed off on his wife: Cynthia is very untrustworthy and camera-hungry. Kenya has been used and discarded by slippery Cynthia. Now Cynthia wants camera time with Nene- the bigger star of the franchise- so she’ll rekindle that ‘friendship’, and toss away her relationship with Kenya. Very sad for Ms. Moore.

  29. Mimi

    Does anyone know the name of the resort from this episode?

  30. Rose

    Horrible episode. Kenya was totally of base in her behavior and took it over the top. I get she losses her mind with rejection because of her momma issues but this was behind. Cynthia is a poor manager and if I was Kim I’d a been posed Cynthia didn’t step in to squad the conversation and sat there allowing Kenya to escalate it almost to the point of violence. I wasn’t a Kenya fan in the beginning but came to like her but now I’m not a fan again.

  31. Miss Case

    Tamara, yes Cynthia and Peter knew. They discussed it in their closet before Peter ever left for Jamaica. They wanted to surprise the group by not sharing that they had gotten together with Nene and Gregg.

    • tamaratattles

      The scenes with Cynthia and Nene in Atlanta were filmed AFTER the trip to Jamaica. I think she was the first one told on the island.

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