Nene Leakes Is Pissed At Kenya Moore; Kenya Makes Her Instagram Private

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There is a lot going on tonight on Instagram. First of all, Nene is going off on Kenya for calling her a backstabber. Really? Didn’t she try to get Cynthia fired multiple times? That’s like the pinnacle of backstabbing is it not?

She has trashed Sheree to Andy for years on WWHL. How exactly does she think that she didn’t backstab Kim as well? I don’t understand how she could possibly be on a high horse about what Kenya said about it. It’s all true. But she’s on Instagram ranting in broken English.

neneleakesSAY WHAT! YOU CALLING ME A BACKSTABBER?? I don’t address issues usually but this Backstabber comment coming from Miss Twirl herself @thekenyamoore must be address NOW! I challenge you to ask anyone I have ever been friends with and those I am currently friends with and that includes you asking @kimzolciakbiermann @shereewhitfield @CynthiaBailey10 etc the one thing they will all say about me is that I am a fun girl and I have a heart! In order to back stab a person you have to intentionally set out to do harm to someone and that ain’t me! When and if we fall out! I will read you, fall out and move on! You don’t have to worry about me because I’m not worrying about you. With that said, I have been back stabbed by those I loved, cared for and supported! I’am not in the business of harming people and I am not evil. NOW TWIRL ON THAT”

RHOA cyn bye

Kenya has set her Instagram to private! And removed several posts.

Cynthia has taken down all of the posts about Kenya’s birthday where Nene, Cynthia and Sheree all turned up to celebrate with her. It was not a filmed event, it was just Kenya out with people who just days ago were her friends.

To make matters worse, Kim and Cynthia are exchanging pleasantries. Things seem to have taken a very bad turn since Kenya’s birthday. Kenya said on Twitter tonight that Kim said something about “”being w/a group of people they found off the street.” If she said that I missed it. I must say I didn’t really pay much attention to her rant. Did y’all hear that?

Kenya is on WWHL in a bit and I will try to recap it tonight if I can stay awake.


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37 responses to “Nene Leakes Is Pissed At Kenya Moore; Kenya Makes Her Instagram Private

  1. Allison

    Nene is way too extra for me. She loves putting crap on front street which gets old and tacky, like some of her weaves, and is always guilty of what she’s blasting everyone else about.

  2. Jaded

    Uh, yeah…I can see Nene is not worrying about Kenya. God how I loathe her.

  3. tooclassyforyou

    “”being w/a group of people they found off the street.” Kim’s husband said this during tonight’s episode when Kim was ranting in the room.

  4. Oh Lord, this again? I think it was Kim’s husband when they were talking in the bathroom, if I’m right, that said something about people found on the street. He seemed to be preaching. Nene comes back in like a big ole moose and divides everybody. I thought she’d come back trying to kiss everybody’s ass, but she did it like they were always friends that never end. Am I tired of this yet?

  5. Minky

    Yes. The fact that all this fighting and dissention happens when Nene’s around is just a coincidence. Right? Nene’s neither a back-stabber, nor a shit-stirrer. She wouldn’t even know how to begin to do any of that. I suppose they’re all just jealous because she’s so much more famous than they are. So they’re coming for her. Yeah. That’s it.

  6. Aubin

    NeNe’s rant sounds like what a ten year old would say during a playground fight.

  7. @immelza

    Nene did exactly what she set out to do and that’s have something to go to the negotiating table with. She wants her peach back and now she will say “I bought the drama, and the internet traffic” I don’t know if Kenya realises this or maybe she does and she’s playing along. This is why I dvr so I can fast forward and watch the show in 20 mins. To me this show has just become way too predictable and someone start a fundraiser to get Phadrea a damm cover up!

  8. Lurker

    NeNe and Kenya are not beefing. These tweets were planned to drum up publicity.

    I wish people would realize how scripted reality TV has become.

    It’s pretty clear that Kim was cast to be the “Moral Compass’ of the group and she just doesn’t fit

    I love Kenya to death but her continuing to not want to be filmed alongside Kim Fields is a mistake. She should have just shown up and pretended to be unbothered.

    NeNe, Cynthia, Sheree and Kenya are so cute together. I’m actually loving Phaedra in this episode. She’s hilarious when not shading Kenya or pretending to be a preacher. Porsha is very likable again, also.

  9. Rodney4ever

    I went and looked on Cynthia’s Instagram acct as well as the others. No one removed any photos from the bday bash. I’m still curious as to hi this will play into next season.

  10. Xanadude

    Ah, but are Kenya and Sheree tight and still online friends? Will Sheree be Kenya’s new BFF?

  11. Miguel

    In light of this week’s events, this is all contrived crap. This may not be a popular opinion; however, all I can hear when the P’s gab is the grind of a trash disposal!

  12. JaneM

    Nene is still the “queen of mean”, but that’s who she is. I’m the most disgusted with Cynthia. She is so spineless and couldn’t even own up to her friendship with Kenya because of Nene. I want something to go well in Kenya’s personal life. I can tell that Cynthia really hurt her.

    • P mc

      Kenya really needs to get some mental therapy bc she has abandonment issues which she needs to get rid of. She can’t nor ever will love anyone bc she doesn’t love herself, hence hiding behind the nastiness towards others, the makeup, the contrite attitude. She needs a good therapist to help get find peace with herself before she goes farther with Matt and baby plans.

      • tamaratattles

        Well, now that she has heard this from you, I’m sure she will jump right on this. I doubt she has ever heard anything so profound in her life and never considered therapy (even though she has mentioned it to some degree on the show). It is only through your deep and profound insight, P mc, random internet person, that Kenya can ever be whole and sustain a relationship.

  13. This episode was really good.
    I was sooo shocked by Kenya’s actions towards Kim.
    She didn’t even let Kim get a word in…
    I dont think she knows when she goes too far.
    I saw tweets and IG posts replaying the reunion when Porsha drag’d her to the grown. I must admit, it was very funny to watch. (MY OPINION)
    anyways, i was very happy she could see how she may have gone too far with Kim on tonight on WWHL.

  14. Miguel

    Thanks for connecting the dots so nicely on this one TT over the past week. The birthday squad posted just before Jamaica airs? Oh, the shade of it all! I think I’m over rhoa…

  15. BigDaddyMike

    Kim DID make a shady comment to the tone of:
    If im not fitting in with THIS particular group, im not bothered….

  16. BigDaddyMike

    If Kim’s husband is NOT bisexual, he is a close cousin to it.
    He could just be well versed in how to communicate effectively with women from a women’s point of view.

    • SusieQ

      The one thing I don’t get in regards to Kim’s husband being gay or bisexual is – why does anyone care? They certainly appear to be happy so even if he’s gay and Kim is aware of it so what? I certainly don’t think it’s my business if he’s gay. He’s not my husband.

      In an effort at full disclosure I was in a serious relationship with a man that I planned to marry and he admitted that he was gay (he said he was bisexual but he was gay.) We eventually broke up but I had to let it sink in before I decided what to do. I didn’t storm off and never speak to him again. It was a painful experience and it broke my heart but I don’t look down on other people for their decisions in a similar situation.

  17. Cat

    Nene has a heart? This must be either Nene from a parallel universe, or some kind of Nene Body Snatcher’s clone.

  18. iloveearlgrey

    Tamara, do you think that maybe it’s not in the script for them to be friends, so they had to do all this post deleting because production made them?

  19. Why?That shows you what kind of man Kim husband is to worry about how big another man is to put fear in him .Take a beat down if that’s what it take but be a man in doing so if that’s your problem.You have Son’s.

  20. tamaratattles

    Exactly! Kim’s husband shows he is a good role model to his sons. So smart of you to notice that men don’t get violent with the husband of someone his wife is having an altercation with. That’s how he is a good role model to his sons who were in their room asleep.

  21. AustralianFanofTT

    Sorry not liking kim fields at all.. She is getting around dressed like a bag lady and she is always a smart mouth towards Kenya. I’d never heard of this child star before this season so she isn’t exactly the Hollywood royalty that she seems to think she is (and Kenya was right she does look older than 50)

    Kenya was wrong to be mad that Cynthia had chosen kim seeing as Kenya never made the meeting to discuss the commercial, however kim always speaks condescendingly towards Kenya and seems to jump on the Kenya bashing bandwagon whenever possible.

    Porsha was hilarious tonight and so was Phaedra doing her mating cat thing on the sun lounge.. Good grief what a picture! They both made me laugh they look like they are having a great time

    I’m really enjoying Sheree back on the show. She is really funny and I love her come backs to nene when they showed the flashbacks … I wish someone would do a meme of Sheree saying not to give that face .. Hilarious!!!

    Nene .. Makeup was lovely but the wig just wasn’t right. She looks so much nicer with short hair

    I felt sorry for Kenya in that Cynthia didn’t acknowledge her .. Just the same thing kenya’s mother has done to her and I thought was a really mean rotten thing to do to a person

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