Dance Moms Recap: Abby Quits The Team!


This week Maddie is going up against Brynn! I can’t be the only one hoping Brynn wins. But will she get the choreography to let that happen?

We start with Abby crying on the phone to someone. Production maybe? She seems to be pissed that she is being filmed in her private quarters of the studio. The kids are waiting for Abby to show up, and Abby is screaming at for someone to get out. The original dance moms send  the mini dance moms to check on Abby. Wow, that’s a bitch move by the moms.

Melissa and Jill try to talk to Abby but she throws them out. Jill is going after Ashley (Brynn’s mom). Jill storms  out ranting about wanting to punch her in the face. While they are outside they run into a guy who is doing a shoot with Maddie for Seventeen and he wants to pick two girls to be in the photo shoot with her.

Kendall  seems to have put on some weight. The girls dance in triads for the photographer and Brynn looks great. Abby comes out to influence the choices. Abby advocates for Kendall and Kalani. The photographer likes Nia. The guy picks Nia and Kendall. It was neck and neck with Kendall and Brynn.

We finally get to pyramid. They don’t show the pyramid but we do see that Maddie is on top despite not being there in weeks.  The minis will be doing a group dance, and it’s a solo showdown between Brynn and Maddie. Abby seems to be really working with Brynn.
Dance Moms Kendall


Ashley suggests that Jill might be in menopause. Oh.Noe.She.Diint. Maddie sort of trash talks Jill and her own mother to the photographer for Seventeen. Maddie is getting a bit big for her britches. Kendall is really pretty.

Jo Jo’s mom calls the moms at the photoshoot to tell them that Ashely is trash talking them. Jo Jo’s mom just went through the hazing Ashley is going through. You would think she would be more sympathetic toward Ashley.  She also goes in on one of the mini groups moms.

The next day, Abby doesn’t shot up for rehearsal. Abby sends the dance moms a text saying she is quitting the studio. Um, really?

The Competition

The mini moms are freaking out because Abby is not there for their first competition.

Maddie’s solo was great, but I sort of tuned out during it.

Kalani was very sweet and supportive toward Brynn before she went out for he solo. Brynn was really good but I think Maddie’s choreography might have been a bit more difficult. Brynn’s mom says that she had the best choreography.

The girls take the minis under their wing and are super supportive. The minis group dance was good. I have no idea what their competition is like. They did have a few rough spots.

The group dance was good. Maddie was the lead dancer and everyone else was just background. Nia finally got out of the back row. Jo Jo didn’t seem to be completely in step with everyone else.

Brynn came in fourth place. But Maddie came in second! She lost to a boy.

The mini’s got second in their division. The junior group got first place.

Next week both groups will be doing a combined group dance. Will Abby show up?


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5 responses to “Dance Moms Recap: Abby Quits The Team!

  1. Cat

    How does one “quit” their own business? Can she at least fire herself, and collect unemployment? Just kidding.

    Maybe the Feds made her quit?

  2. Erica

    does Abby have a court date yet?

  3. Spilledperfume

    I refuse to watch this show but I liked your recap.

  4. Jeremy

    Hey TT

    Always love / read the recaps, but I just can’t help but think you are always off in your predictions re better performances / stronger technical difficulty.

    Brynn’s solo was easily more technical than Maddie’s, but it is Maddie’s transitional movements and fluidity which set her up for the win. She has that inhale / exhale thing which makes her dances more artistry than choreography.

    Abby is in serious trouble by the looks of things. Not quite sure how she is going to avoid serious jail time.

  5. Amy

    The best pet of the episode was when nasty Jill calls out Brynns mom to that choreographer.
    Jill: Brynns mom says Brynns dance was harder than Maddies! (Then she waits for the choreographer to shoot it down…)
    Choreogpher: yep, it was.

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