Child Genius Recap: Pull Yourself Together

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This week the Child Genius round is current events and the human body. I good in both of these categories, let’s see if I’m smarter than a fifth grader. The kids get study guides for the rounds. This is my excuse if I turn out to be not smarter than a fifth grader.

Chancellor’s mother won’t even let his eat breakfast without drilling him. Arnav’s dad is very even easy going. But his mother never lets up on the kid. Gianna’s dad had him this week, and he didn’t study with her at all. Jaden’s parents took him grocery shopping for some unschooling. If the subject was the nutritional value of radishes, he would do well.

Round One Current Events

Chancellor got eight questions right. He would have had nine but he answered a city (Jerusalem) instead of the country (Israel). I am not smarter than Chancellor, his questions were hard.

Adrian’s mother sort of reminds me of Yolanda, minus all the hypochondria. Adrian got 10/10.

Claire only got a 9/10. She will be in big trouble with he parents!

Vivek had some super hard questions. He got a 9/10.

Child genius Adrian 2

Somehow Jaden got 10/10, despite there being zero questions about produce.

Current events is not a strong suit for the little flower child, Iris.  She stills gets a 9/10.

Sam says he is really worn out from the competition. Sam says he is being pressured way too much by his parents. He got a 7/10.

Gianna is caught in the middle of her parents constant fighting. How does she not know Fidel Castro? Or hurricane Katrina? She is on the bottom with 6/10.

Arnav got a 9/10. He’s really disappointed.

Family Shaming at Half Time

Arnav is having a meltdown because he is in second place. He stood facing the wall for over thirty minutes. His mother says he can either have a meltdown or prepare to do better in the human anatomy round. He says he can’t do it. His mother, who is very strict, is amazingly easy on him.

Gianna’s dad seems to be hoping that she goes home this week. He’s not into the competition at all and tells her not to listen to her mother.

Sam thinks his questions were rigged. When it comes to current events, it’s basically luck. You either know the information or you don’t. Because Sam’s parents are from two different countries, I would think he would have been the best prepared for the current events category. His parents pressure him and he literally runs away.

Sam, Gianna and Chancellor are all at risk of going home.

Round Two Human Body

WOW! Claire got an 8/10 in a fairly easy category.

Adrian got a 9/10.

Vivek got a 9/10

Arnav is actually participating. I really thought he might bolt. Arnav got a 9/10.

Chancellor got a 9/10 and is back in the pack.

Jaden got a 9/10.

Iris shockingly also gets a 9/10.

Gianna got a 7/10 and is probably going home.

Sam squeaks through with an 8/10. Arnav, Vivek and IRIS!!!! tied for second place. This is the first time Iris has been in the top. Every question she is asked, she always seems confused but manages to pull out the correct answer most of the time.

Homeslice, Adrian was tied for first with JADEN! the paleo kid  a 19/20. This is the first time that Claire has not been in the top. She was in the bottom four out of nine competitors. She will be devastated. Vivek has overcome his stage fright and is feeling confident even though he is the youngest competitor.

Gianna went home. I think her dad was glad to have her out of the competition. Her parents continue to argue. Next week we are down to 8. It looks like Arts and Literature are a topic next week. Iris will excel at that. Sam struggles again.


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2 responses to “Child Genius Recap: Pull Yourself Together

  1. Deb in SF

    Glad I’m on this side watching those kids be tortured by their parents and not one of them. Such pressure! They’ll all have PTSD when it’s over.

  2. KidsRkids

    It is so clear to me that Sam may be lacking balance in the emotional area. The statements he makes in his rants are very alarming and hopefully will be addressed by a professional before he acts on his threats. Looks like next week we can look forward to another one of his famous meltdowns.

    I enjoyed seeing Arnav’s dad and grandfather making learning fun by turning it into a game. Arnav seems to thrive on winning – so kudos to dad and gramps for recognizing that and capitalizing on it. Too bad he looses it when he misses only one question, he seems very brilliant but has a tendency to be too hard on himself.

    I wish Claire would stop rolling her eyes when other contestants do well.

    Yeah for Iris – I think she is quite the young lady with such a kind heart. For that alone, i think she is a BIG winner.

    Vivek, you are adorable and seem to be having fun in your new found comfort zone.

    Glad to see Chancellor’s dad speak up regarding letting the poor kid have a break from studying. That little Chance is a kick.

    Adrain has the best study approach. From a previous episode you can see he devotes equal time to each category, as in the final round they will be quizzed on it all. Very smart to keep his reviews up.

    What a joy to go shopping with Jaden’s family. Not really sure what he will be using all that information for. Still not a fan of the Unschooling and Paleo diet talk that gets crammed down our throats each week. Jaden showed up this week and did a great job, still in love with his mellow soul.

    Oh no Gianna, so hard to see you go. You’re a little sweetheart – don’t let your parents inability to get along bring you down. It is very apparent they both love you very much.

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