Project Runway Finale Part 1 : Make It Work


This is the first of a two part season finale. Tonight, Tim Gunn checks up on the progress of their collections.


I love Peytie’s collection. She has a younger sister who has hand painted a lot of her textiles with gold mandalas and it’s really pretty. She’s also using my favorite textile that she used in the backpack challenge that she won on three pieces. Tim says it’s too many pieces for one collection. No it isn’t. The designers have always done this for cohesiveness.  The textile is Peytie’s  aesthetic ! I hate to disagree with Tim Gunn but he is dead wrong here. I hate her long dress and Tim does too. Tim tries to play ping pong and turns into Pee Wee Herman.


Maya is having a meltdown. She has started over several times and hasn’t slept. She’s making herself sick. Her collection is “spring warrior’ and her entire collection is black, white and gold.  Tim says she has too many textiles. He’s nit picking because her collection is really good.


Sam is really behind. She doesn’t have enough to show yet. Her theme is feminized military. Tim says she is doing too much neoprene. He’s worried her model will look like the Michelin Man. She has a few construction issues. I’ve always had Sam as the winner, but I’m not so sure now. I like both of the other two girls collections better. But they are much farther along.


Zachary’s collection is “lighter colors.”  Apparently it is also lighter colors that don’t go well together. I don’t like his collection but I am probably biased because I don’t want him to win. In fact, I was hoping he would not get the Tim Gunn save. He just seems to me to think he is way better at this than he is. Everything I am looking at in this collection makes the model’s hips look huge. He has seven different fabrics. It’s not cohesive at all. Tim says it’s kind of like a pu pu platter with all of the fabrics. Tim says it sort of looks like prom. Zachary’s mom is adorable.
project runway junior


The kids come back to NYC for the final time. They have two hours to show two looks to the judges. Samantha is in trouble. She barely has two looks to show. She is actually making a pair of shorts during the two hours. For me right now, It’s between Maya  and Peytie for the win.

Preview for Judges Feedback

Peytie shows an asymmetrical skirt from her favorite textile, and a black top with the gold hand -painted mandalas. I like both pieces but I am not sure they work together. She also shows the long strapless orange dress that I don’t like. It is not yet fitted for the model.

Maya shows a gorgegous black skirt that has a full length sheer overlay over a short skit, paired with a black and white top. I love it.  She also shows a tailored dress with her subtle gold floral print with a long sheer cape. She has the best two pieces of the group.

Sam shows two very similar neoprene looks. Sam has a definite aesthetic and she never seems to stray from it. The more I see her stuff, the more redundant it becomes.  I think her looks are really good, but there is no wow factor.

Zachary shows his purple prom dress, which I like the best out of what he has. He also shows black cigarette pants with a long poncho type top. It’s sort of Ugly Betty. The top hips the hips with a lot of fullness. You’d need to be anorexic to look good in this top. The model is thin, so it looks decent on her.

Judges Feedback

Peytie’s skirt was not supposed to be asymmetrical. She tried to adjust it but Christian said he really liked the asymmetrical look. They love the hand painting. They like the orange dress but the fit is terrible. One of the judges hates the fabric and calls it upholstery. The beading on the collar can’t be seen. Kelly agrees with me that the prints don’t necessarily go together but she likes them individually.

The judges say that Zachary’s looks are a bit on the mature side. The bubble bottom on the prom dress is a bit too bubbly.  Christian doesn’t see the cohesiveness. They are not thrilled with the poncho dress. Everyone says to make it younger.  Except Aya who loves that he is designing for a more mature woman.

They love Maya’s looks. They were more complementary with her than anyone. Christian suggests adding one bright yellow piece.  Maya’s model’s have posture problems. I think the judges will love her collection because these are not even her best two looks. They want a day look.

Sam’s feedback is fairly positive. Aya says that she needs to do more than the same cargo shorts. Christian wants more color. Aya wants an evening look.  Kelly keeps saying what I thought. This time it is she needs a wow factor. I’m not sure how I feel about agreeing with Kelly.

All the kids feel overwhelmed with work. Peytie is scraping the orange dress I don’t like.  They have two days to get it together.


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19 responses to “Project Runway Finale Part 1 : Make It Work

  1. Pip

    When I was watching this last night it occurred to me that I actually like this show more than PR or PR All Stars. I think it is so awesome and refreshing to watch these kids who are happy, grateful, and not jaded. They are all adorable and I would actually rather watch them more than the adults who compete on this show. I just want to hug all of them!
    I agree that Peytie and Maya are the front runners right now. But Sam has mad talent. I think any of these three could win.

    • amisteree

      Pip, I agree with you, I like this more than Project Runway, and I’m a super-fan of PR. But this show has a lightheartedness to it, and when the kids become giddy it’s contagious.

    • I agree. I love watching these brilliantly talented kids, It’s amazing to watch what they have created and I love their attitudes toward the show and each other. This show is a winner. I hope that they all succeed.

  2. Sherry

    I love this show! I am not into Zachary’s looks and Maya is my fav. She was so stressed out she kinda scared me. You can tell she really was not getting sleep. These kids are so much nicer to each other. There is no drama between them, it’s all about the designs.

  3. velvet goldmine

    I think Tim’s concern with Peytie’s fabric was that not only had the judges already seen it from the previous challenge, but there are only six looks altogether in the “Jr.” finale (there are usually 10 or 11 looks in a regular PR season). So this means that half of her looks will have that fairly overwhelming print.

  4. Deb in SF

    I love this show too, and I loved this episode especially. I love that they support and cheer for one another, unlike the “adult” designers. The immediately began unwrapping their designs, unlike the adults, who hid theirs (well, not all of them). Agree that Maya and Peytie are now the front runners. Can’t wait til next Thursday!

  5. This recap is spot on. I thought Maya was going to fall down from exhaustion.

  6. Spilledperfume

    I’m sorry I missed the show. Now that I’ve read your recap I’ll have to watch it on demand so that I’m caught up for the finale.

  7. Queen of the Nile

    This show is such fun to watch — talented young people, excited about their creativity and appreciative of the opportunities they’re getting. I also love how much Tim cares and looks out for them. I think Maya and Peytie are the most interesting designers and I’m looking forward to their final collections, especially after getting the judges’ feedback!

  8. KidsRkids

    Wow! These four kids are certainly talented, i an surprised, though, at how much work was not completed on their collections before they arrived, especially in Samathas case. She arrived without even one look complete.being super fans of the show they all should have know they would be sending a few looks down the runway for the judges to preview.

    Zacherys designs seem to be off his game. I was expecting high glam with his impeccable tailoring skills. His drawings were so beautiful with his designs and colors like the ball gown drawn in pink. The gown was executed in a dull grayish blue fabric which, for me, took the luster away and the rest of his looks do not seems to tie into each other. I hope Zachery can rally and turn it around. He is such a joy to watch.

    Peyties designs are confusing me. I have always loved her use of patterned textiles, but it seems like the combinations are not meshing such as the orange beaded choker, the color combo to me seemed like an add on that didn’t work in with her color palette. I hope she finds her way again and she brings to the runway her beautiful BoHo style. Peytie is such a delightful young lady with an infectious personality!

    Mya is amazing! By far she was the best prepared when arriving back in New York. Her collection has a flow to it that certainly tells a story and has new creative twists within it that i am looking so forward to seeing. Who couldn’t fall in love with this precious young one. SO IMPRESSED!

    Samatha, my little darling, what happened? I am shocked at what little progress she completed in four weeks. I was not surprised at the direction she chose to go in, preety much the same look that we have seen the whole season. Her unfinished edges have bothered me the whole season since i believe that it is your finishing touches that sets you apart. Samatha has been challenged from the judges to produce a look worthy of a black tie affair, yikes – how will she achieve this with the material she chose to work with? I think, by far, Samatha is sitting in a very gloomy place right now – SO much work to do with very little time.

    Oh no, preview of next week – why are they surprised that a “twist” has been thrown in? They all knew this would be coming. Unfortunately, it gives us all something to worry about for a week (kind of like a cliff hanger). Can’t wait for Thursday to see how they all hold up.

  9. tamaratattles

    Yes, and the twist is usually to make one more look for their collection in a day! These kids are so far behind, this will be especially problematic for them!

  10. nancy83

    I’m so impressed by these kids; I think they all have so much talent and I love that fact that they are still supportive of each other and not catty. The best part of the show was seeing Tim play ping pong, I had to rewind several times, that really was funny.

  11. Nancy (the other one)

    I, too, was surprised at how far behind Sam was. She has had less travel, so technically had more time than the other competitors. I also feel it is between Maya and Peytie. This has been such an enjoyable watch. I cannot believe that Maya is only 14! The poise, skill and talent is so far beyond what I expected and I love how supportive the team is.

  12. Rain

    I’m always so blown away with how talented the PR Jr competitors are!
    I was surprised they had such little time at home to work on their collections and went back to school (Peytie said she was back) while doing so, too! Dang. Then, they flew to NYC to film the collection preview episode and then flew back home for a week to finish up their work, only to turn around and fly back to NYC for Fashion Week. Whew! I know they’re young, but… talk about exhaustion!!

    I can’t wait to see the finale. I wonder if Sam will get the win because her collection is different. I’m pulling for Maya, though.

  13. Lawstangel

    One of the most shocking things for me was how young all the parents were! Peytie’s in particular! and her sister….one talented family. I have to give it to my hometown girl, if she can pull it together, she may win…I was disappointed in Sam, while her clothing was not my particular aesthetic, I think she should have had a lot more done, given the fact that she did not have to travel like the rest. As a few others mentioned, if they had been watching the show, they should have had a good idea what awaited them when rolled back into New York this week. I saw a promo for the next PR, it looks like it will be an “All Stars” instead of a “regular” show and one of my past faves, Kini, was in the commercial. I really liked him on his season, they kept underestimating him until it was too late! Hope this will be better than the last season!

  14. Lime Brain

    Lifetime has the marathon on right now. It’s fun watching it to see what the finalists made during the season. I thought Samantha hadn’t made a dress before the shirt dress she made in the last challenge before the finale. But she made one in the unconventional challenge with the car mits that the judges loved.

    Now the team challenge of doing the 40’s and 60’s. They sent Samantha to pick the material and I’m yelling “Noooo!” She came back with the same drab colors that she’s using in her finale collection.

    I miss Zack! I wish Tim Gunn used his save on him.

    Zachary’s outfit in this episode looks like one of the ones he previewed to the judges in last weeks episode. Nobody went home on this one.

    Now on is the episode where Pettie uses the tribal print that she reuses for her collection.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode to see who wins.!

  15. KidsRkids

    Hey PIP I’m watching all the previous episodes as well … anticipating the winner being crowned

  16. Lime Brain

    The nice thing in rewatching these episodes is seeing all the things Samantha did earlier. I loved the black and white cape she did with the outfit she did with Zack.

    I forgot all the different things she did. Near the end, it seemed she kept repeating herself with the drab colors, neoprene and cargo pants.

    I think her rut might start with this episode where they have to dress the dance team.

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