Will Kyle Richards Be The Next Celebrity Apprentice?

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NBC has announced the next batch of hopefuls to become the next Celebrity Apprentice and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Kyle Richards is on the list!  Oh but wait, we have a Real Housewife of Atlanta on the list as well, Porsha Williams is also going to be a contestant.

I have to say I was excited for Kyle to be on, at least she won’t have to be diving into a swimming pool from the high dive this time. If you missed Stars in Danger!, click here.  I sort of loved that show where Kyle and Kim both had to dive from a high dive with other celebs.  It was so bad it was good.

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I am not sure what to expect of Kyle, she will certainly be who I want to win. She does have her own business and raised a passel of kids which will all be helpful.  And they usually keep the housewives on for ratings.  Kyle will be following in the footsteps of Nene Leakes, Brandy Glanville, Lisa Rinna and  Kenya Moore on the show.  Without fail the housewives end up acting foolish or causing drama so perhaps Kyle could be the first to be a serious contender.

Celeb Apprentice Phonegate









Joining Kyle will be Boy George, Laila Ali, Jon Lovitz, Vince Neil, Snooki, Carson Kressley, Brooke Burke, Carnie Wilson , Carrie Keagan and some random athletes we don’t know.

Frankly, I am not even sure I am going to cover this much. NBC needs to learn to know when to let it go. Without Donald, it makes no sense to do the  show. He was the whole show. You can’t just thrown in Arnold Schwarzenegger and call it a day!

I’ll try to muster up the energy to watch Kyle and maybe see Porsha act a fool on a different channel, but I really just rather have Stars In Danger! back.  Not that was a show.


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46 responses to “Will Kyle Richards Be The Next Celebrity Apprentice?

  1. CoBe

    Not happy about Ah-nold hosting, but I love love love Carson Kresley, so I guess it’s a wash.

    Fingers crossed the show will be good.

  2. swizzle

    She has some very wealthy connections, so she has a good chance. So many of those challenges involve calling in favors from your wealthy friends and family. I wonder what her charity will be.

  3. tamaratattles

    I wonder if Rick and Kathy will pick up the phone…. Pinky will!

  4. Hahaha Arnold really? Well Kyle and Porsha can entertain me but I’ll be rooting for Laila Ali and Brooke Burke!

  5. Spilledperfume

    I don’t plan on watching. I’ve never been a Donald fan (I have a close relative that worked for him for years) and I doubt I’d like the show any better with Arnold. I’m a Jon Lovitz fan but not enough to make me watch the show.

    I like Carson Kresley but I’ve watched him for years on other shows.

    Stars In Danger sounds like it was a fun watch.

  6. V

    Im definitely rooting for Kyle and Laila, but I might just read the recaps because I don’t think I’ll be able to watch porsha

  7. Sequoia

    While she’s in New York City, maybe Porsha will find that underground railroad she’s heard so much about.

    • Kevin

      Not likely. They are filming this season in Los Angeles to accommodate Arnold. I hear the theme this season is going to be tech based, Silicon Valley type stuff, maybe not the traditional Celebrity Apprentice that were used to.

    • Miguel

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! The comments on this blog are the best – this one’s yours, Sequoia!

  8. Cheychey

    She stands a really good chance of winning with the Hiltons in her pocket making donations.

  9. It might be interesting to watch Porsha have one of her melt downs all over people who are not going to take her crap. She’s not very bright and when she doesn’t grasp what’s going on around her she resort to violence. I’m always amazed when I catch her being “normal” on Dish Nation. It’s such a severe disconnect from the Porsha we see on RHOA.

  10. Tulsateacher

    I will watch this season because of my love of all things Motley Crue. Vince Neil, the lead singer of the band, should make for good entertainment simply because he’s not really business savvy and he has a history of getting blackout drunk and getting into fights. He’s also a man whore and I fully expect him to bang Porsha.

    • Lawstangel

      OMG -a few years back he owed a law firm I worked for a large sum of money. We chased him for the better part of a year. He was a cagey train wreck.

    • Sweet T

      I too am looking forward to Vince Neil. I hope he lasts a while. I’m thinking he will try to have sex with everyone but may be successful with Porsche if he offers the right handbag. But he doesn’t seem the type of guy to rent a woman a car. He’s a rock star he expects it all for free

  11. Oh how disappointing.. I love celebrity apprentice but Arnold, Los Angeles and worst of all Porsha??? I hope they have good insurance. I wonder which cast member Porsha will assault.

    Ill be rooting for Kyle I guess.

  12. microop

    Didn’t Teresa make it far? Like 3rd or 4th place?

  13. JoJoFLL

    I think Mark Cuban would have been a better pick.

  14. Minky

    Ahhhhhnold! Hear me now and listen to me later! Haha!

    Oh gosh. I just don’t like Arnold. Not at all. They should’ve cast a host that’s seriously known as a hawk in business. Warren Buffet? Why not a woman judge/host? Not Martha, though.

    • Lawstangel

      Warren Buffet, Steve Ballmer, Tyra Banks and Jessica Alba replace Trumps kids in the boardroom.

      • OMG Tyra? Ty ty baby? Harvard continuing ed business woman tycoon extraordinaire and patented inventor of the tooch and booch? Blech I’ll pass.

        I need a shower now.

    • Sweet T

      I was so disappointed by Martha in her series. She was so boring and I thought she would have been interesting. Remember her prizes for winning? One of them was to play scrabble with her at her home. Donald is giving away diamonds and she’s playing f#*cking scrabble. The only thing that saved that show was that kooky guy.

      • Marthas version was pretty bad. I still have that stupid chant stuck in my head for that challenge that bethenny’s team totally bombed on. “it’s time for Tide to go, it’s time for Tide to go!” Lol Anyone else remember that?

      • Miguel

        This is too funny – I may have to watch???

      • Calipatti

        When Martha had her show one of her biggest downfalls was her lack of generosity to her audience and other fans.
        She mocked a woman who picked the most expensive gift when offered a choice. It was a $100. scrap book.

  15. Rose

    It certainly won’t be Porsha!

  16. I have never been interested in Celebrity Apprentice, but I think I will watch this one.

  17. jen

    Kyle will do great. I am excited to watch!

  18. Lawstangel

    Wondering what’s wrong with Harvard business school?

  19. @immelza

    Okay so how long does it take for Porsha to start twerking and who’s the (un) lucky soul? I think Kyle has a really good chance of winning and I also hope its not for some Lyme disease Yolanda owned charity.

  20. tamaratattles

    I totally forgot about Porsha’s propensity for assaulting people. Kyle and Mauricio support some Beverly Hills Charity. I don’t recall exactly what it does it seems like it is some sort of historical thing. She’ll need to pick something like babies with cleft palates or the stupid dog thing in China that Vanderbilt likes. Or the LA Food bank which seems to be very popular with Hollywood celebs.

    When Teresa was on, she was very quiet and agreeable and flew under the radar for a very long time. Based on Porsha’s Dish Nation persona, she has the ability to keep her temper under control and behave herself if she wants to. Arnold will be just like Trump and keep the pretty women around longer than they deserve. They sort of know in advance who they are going to get rid of on the first half of the show.

    And you just know that Arnold is going to say, “Porsha, (or whoever) you’ve been TERMINATED! “

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