Mob Wives Recap: Your Daddy’s A Rat!


Mob Wives New BloodWe’re back home on Mob Wives this week and hopefully we can get Drita reintegrated into a least some of the posse because I’m tired of watching her type at home alone with her cute kids. I need to see some action here.


Big Ang comes to  meet Drita for dinner at a gorgeous restaurant. Big Ang is really pissed that the Feds closed her bar, and she wants Neil to step up and pay the bills. Well Ang, you married a garbage man. I love Neil and I think he is a great husband but she can’t  expect Neil to make more than he was when she was working just because she lost the bar. He makes what he makes which is a perfectly acceptable salary for most people and it was probably HIS insurance that paid all your cancer bills and kept you from losing the bar over medical bills.

Big Ang is having a Big birthday party (so she can’t be that broke, okay I know production pays, but still she has a job where production pays). All the bitches are going to be there so Big Ang fills Drita in on all the trash talking. Carla is pissed because Drita told Big Ang that he boyfriend was beating her. Drita says she only told Big Ang because she was worried about Carla. Drita does a lot of trash talking she unfortunately will not follow through on. It’s sad when Bad Girls Club has more violence than Mob Wives.  I wanna see some people get whacked!

Drita meets with a publisher, because that is so easy to do. I’ll just guess she gets a book contract and skip through this part.

Mob Wives renee


Renee is “gardening” to keep herself in a Zen state of mind. This means walking out with a flat of pansies and planting them in a freshly created mound of dirt around a tree in her yard.  She then takes the cute little hand shovel and puts the blooming plants in the loamy dirt. Newsflash Renee, taking the easy way out and putting the plants into dirt that production put down for you is going to suffocate that tree and kill it. And taking down a tree like that is expensive as shit. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Karen shows up to talk about her situation with Storm. No one cares. Renee looks gorgeous in her full face gardening makeup. I also love her full length dress she is gardening in. Oh I am supposed to be paying attention to Karen. She is telling some bullshit story about why she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Renee and Carla go out to dinner with some childhood friends. Renee is telling Carla to fill them in on Drita. Fuck you, Renee. Who are all these people and why is Renee selling Drita out? People. Need. To. Be. WHACKED.


Brittany goes to Karen’s house. They talk about their rat families. Karen seems to think Victoria Gotti is influencing judges to keep her daddy from getting out early. How is he a non violent offender again?

Later she pretends to bring his stuff back.  Nobody cares. That dick is not where anyone wants to go now. So he takes her back.


Big Ang!

Big Ang!

Big Ang

Big Ang is being a bitch. Neil has gotten a second job to support her. Big Ang is still being an emasculating bitch like she was at the beginning of Couples Therapy. Neil says she went and bought a ten thousand dollar couch when they could have had a five thousand dollar couch. The fuck? This has to be scripted. I really need a couch btw, mine is busted on the one side I sit on and brand new on the other. I’d turn it but I need to face the window. #Blogger problems Ang says he is the one that sleeps on the couch. Ang says she feels like she is the man. She wants to break up with Neil. She admits Neil was with her all through cancer, she married him knowing what is job is and she is just being a cunt. Now she has cancer again, you know who is there with her AGAIN? Neil. This better be storyline, but even so, I would have made them change it to Ang is very clingly with Neil because she almost died. This makes her look awful and I do not want to see this all season.

Big Ang!

Big Ang!

Big Ang’s Party

She’s 55! And doesn’t look a day over 70! Just kidding I love Big Ang when she is being nice to Neil. She didn’t even let Neil come to the party. In reality, the dude was probably working his second job to support her evil ass.  I really hope this is all a setup to be on Couples Therapy but that already aired!  She supposedly got over herself on that show.

Brittany shows up in a tight dress. She is super skinny so we see all three of the burritos she had for lunch in that dress. Drita runs in and fake kisses everyone very dramatically. That new inconsequential bitch with the nasally voice tries to step to Drita. Drita doesn’t kill her because apparently she is in a good mood.

Some drunk dude call’s Karen’s father a rat. Which I thought he was, but being the fine journalist that I am I googled to be sure and the first thing that came up was ” Infamous mafia rat Salvatore (Sammy the Bull) Gravano” so clearly, that is the NY Daily News feeling about things.  I’m not really up on my “mobster.” So anyway,  Karen goes all gangsta (mobsta?) on this dude who totally turtles.  Renee acts like Karen is going to assault the drunk dude. EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR DAD IS A RAT KAREN!  It’s all over the Internet. I wouldn’t know him from Joe Giudice if it wasn’t for this show calling him a rat every episode. You know this show, the one that gives you a pay check!  Dude points out that there are a lot of chicks there with rat fathers and she jumped to conclusions thinking hers was special in that regard.

Big Ang, Carla and the little brunette chick meet and Big Ang trash talks Neil. Not a good look at all Ang. That brunette chick is pissed that Drita likes the blond chick better. Big Ang has a plan to bring Carla and Drita together…

Apparently, they will meet in an abandoned warehouse. Sidenote: Louis Vuitton’s have become synonymous with trashy reality stars who front.  I once or twice have seen the Louis Vuitton shop in Paris and I can only imagine how he cringes  to see his shoes on these shows. Who would want those shoes now? How much concrete does Karen have in her Home Depot ass?

Next Week: The meeting goes down and Drita sprays everyone. Okay, that was my dream scenario.


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16 responses to “Mob Wives Recap: Your Daddy’s A Rat!

  1. Margarett

    “How much concrete does Karen have in her Home Depot ass?” Too funny! She certainly gave us a chance to see it in profile while she was going into the warehouse. The whole sit down set up just cracks me up!

    Thanks for the recap, Tamara.

  2. Grandmalou

    These old ass women beef like teenage girls. Getting tired of the cussing, yelling, and clown makeup. Karen’s story line is weak and her Christian Louboutin (red bittom) ? shoes were a bit much for a sit down meeting on metal chairs. Big Ang is not aging well and looks like she really doesn’t care anymore. It’s time for mob wives to retire.

  3. Tara

    My son is recording way too many shows- my dvr is full of Pokemon and Fantasy Island.
    Thank you TT for another awesome recap since I didn’t get to see it.
    I hope Carla and Drita can get their issues straight. They were great together.

  4. FGF

    I never understood why these reality show participants allow randoms to work them up and get screen time! Damn near everybody’s a rat in the mafia these days, Karen’s dad just happens to be the first and most prolific!! And the whole Victoria set up has to be storyline so Karen can have a “sit down” with her. If Sammy the Bull is released he’d be released in Arizona. I doubt that he’d ever return to NY with all of the bounties on his head. And as much as I’m tired of seeing violence on reality TV; I do miss the old Drita who would smack a chick instead of standing around arguing in designer shoes and handbags!

    • Tulsateacher

      I would be very surprised if Victoria films a scene in the same room as Karen much less have a sit-down with her. Karen’s rat father wore a wire and took John Gotti and the Gambino family down. Then the pussy insisted the govt pay for extensive facial reconstruction surgery before going into the witness protection program. He knew whoever killed him would be a hero in Staten Island. John Gotti was promised inpatient cancer treatment while in prison if he would name names and chose to die rather than be a rat bitch. I do not think Gotti is a hero by any means. I just think one goes into the lifestyle knowing he can easily be killed or do prison time. That’s the risk you take going in. And if you do serve time without running your mouth the family takes care of your wife and children; they will want for nothing.
      * You may have figured out based on my username, Tulsateacher, that I live in Tulsa, OK, where we have no costra nostra to speak of, only gang activity. I read a lot of true crime books about the mafia, have seen every episode of The Sopranos, and my favorite movie is “Casino”; those are my “credentials” on the subject. My comments about her dad being a “rat bitch” have to do with my hatred of Karen and not with any mafia affilations I may have *

      • Sammy the Bull never wore a wire. He ratted on the family when he was already in custody with John Gotti.

      • FGF

        I know she wouldn’t but I think Karen wants to meet with Victoria very badly. I remember Victoria filming with Ang and Renee and them pleading Karen’s case and Victoria being unmoved.

        Also, I’m cracking up at your disclaimer!! I’m from Fort Worth, Tx, and the only reason I know anything about the mob is my dad served time with Paul Vario (of Goodfellas fame) back in the ’80’s and I became intrigued after the stories he shared. ?

      • Suzanne D

        Nate Dogg is 100% correct. Sammy never wore a wire. The Feds bugged the private apartment above The Raven and recorded John Gotti himself implicating Sammy in some of his dirty work. While in custody, the Feds played him those tapes, and he decided to rat.

        And as far a John Gotti goes, the NEVER withheld cancer treatments from him in prison because he wouldn’t rat. Many times over his incarceration, they offered him less time if he would rat. But he never did. Neither the Feds nor the mob took Gotti down. It was cigarettes that killed him. He was getting treatment while in prison, but that doesn’t guaranty recovery.

        I live in NC now but am from Jersey. I didn’t know any of these guys personally but did know some associates. I don’t consider myself a mob expert, but I’m familiar with the players and remember when all that stuff was going down. Like the news accounts of when they took down Paul Castellano. I also remember the Lufthansa heist thing too.

      • Tulsateacher

        Suzanne and Nate Dogg- Thank you both for the info. I watch a lot of documentaries about the mob, so many they start to blend together. I thought I had either seen or read something about the feds tricking Sammy into either wearing a wire or telling them where they had been secretly meeting and the feds planted bugs there by lying to him that Gotti wanted him dead and they had him saying it on tape and he believed them without even asking to see the evidence himself.
        Okay, now that I’ve reread that I’m thinking I got from Donnie Brasco or Goodfellows… I should have told you that I had dental surgery this morning and I’m home in my sweats watching Vanderpump Rules. These percocets have me thinking one thing and typing another!
        Very cool story about your pops FGF!

      • Sweet T

        They’re all innocent because there is no such thing as the mob.

  5. Jaded

    I only want to know what really happened between Carla and Drita out of curiosity. Drita is too good for Carla imo. Ang really looks bad in every sense of the word. I feel bad because I really like her. Renee and Karen are entitled and it’s so obvious. That’s why they love the drama.


    I have always liked Ang, but when she goes nuts on Neil for being a regular joe shmoe, it really makes me dislike her. On Couples Therapy they resolved their issues so fast I thought they were faking it for the cameras!

  7. Sammy Gravano turned rat when he heard a wire tape by the FBI where Gotti curses Sammy out and wants to whack him. Sammy felt betrayed by Gotti and since they were all going down Sammy decided to get back at Gotti by cooperating. He is in jail now for drug trafficking in Arizona

  8. K quick comment, I live 10 mins from Howard Beach & I do have to say “good times, good times”. No, it was like celebrities lived right where you did. Every other month a new scandal (murder, ahem) would go down in the papers & local news. Like TT said, they chose to be in that life & knew the consequences. Karen is soooo loud for no reason like she would’ve thown down w/ dude pulease. Fourth of July fireworks over here were great due to John Gotti & he was very handsome. That’s it. Have a great weekend to all!

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