Married At First Sight Recap: Making Memories



We are over halfway through the experiment.

Neil & Sam

Neil and Sam are still living apart which renews my concerns that Sam is just waiting out her six month contract and has checked out.  Wait, the house they moved out of was in Sandy Springs? That’s pretty much as conveniently located as you can be unless Sam works south of Atlanta or something. Even if she does, she would be driving against rush hour traffic. Also Neil is back in his apartment?  Why don’t they live there?

Sam goes out to lunch with her mother. She calls Neil “passive-aggressive.” No, Sam, he’s just passive. You’re aggressive.

Neil goes to Sam’s to do homework. Why can’t she go to his apartment? They have homework to do. Didn’t they do the look into each other’s eyes thing already? Or was that a preview? I think this is the most recent episode but I have seen Sam make faces and make a mockery of the whole exercise already.

Next they talk with a spiritual advisor. Wait Sam is Jewish? There are exactly 218 Jewish people in metro Atlanta and they find the one single one for Neil? And why are we not discussing Neil’s religion?

Sam and Neil are going to make a Jewish dinner together. Sam tells Neil he is going to be in charge of making latkes and then tells him he is going to need a bowl.  She is going to micromanage the shit out of this and then tell him he is not dominant enough. Let’s watch.  If she wants him to be the man, she should make the dinner and serve it to him. She doesn’t really get how the gender roles she claims to want works.  Sam is talking about how this is part of her Jewish heritage as she makes a “Jewish” meal while reading the directions on the back of  a box.  This would be like me making cornbread from a box of Jiffy.

Somehow, they have a soul bearing experience over boxed Jewish food. Progress?  Is it me or has Neil gotten better looking with every episode?


Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa


Vanessa & Tres

These two go to see a dog trainer. I like that Tres is claiming Vanessa’s dog as his dog too. And he brings up having kids and says he thinks she will be a good mother. Have I underestimated him as a player who is just on the show for attention?

Vanessa and Tres do their therapy exercise. Vanessa is hysterical when she tells Tres,”let’s do Oprah hands!” They fly through the activity in record time and kiss at the end.

Tres and Vanessa meet with the spiritual advisor. Tres says he has prayed and asked God to bless their marriage. This all seems a little too perfect for me. I am heavily in the middle of “you can’t believe a thing anybody says” moment though. So maybe it’s just me.  The spiritual advisor gives them a wedding album full of photos and tells them to make more memories. Barf.

Go to  Sip and Stroke, which is not at all the private sex club I expected based on the name.  It’s a place you go to drink while taking an art class. Okay I went to the liquor store because I was on the verge of a meltdown, and then the situation resolved and now I am drinking and I like these people better. Phone call with grandma and he says “my wife is listening on speakerphone” and I was all melty.

Tres cooks for Vanessa. The foundation of the recipe is Doritos.  Vanessa is a great sport.

David and Ashley

David and Ashley


Ashley & David

David still has hurt feelers about Ashley saying she is not attracted to him. He claims his biggest issue was her not telling him herself. I don’t believe that is his real issue.

David and Ashley do the same therapy that Sam and Neil did. Actually they have to say three things they like about each other. David quickly rattles off three nice things. Ashley gets tongue-tied. David is pushing back. But what David needs to do is pack HER bags.

Ashley and David both do a writing assignment and they both seem defeated. They should just let these two quit. David asks her if she is waiting for the clock to wind down.  She says, “I fell like I can’t answer that right now, but I feel like we are stuck.”  That was a yes, David. That was her saying she is waiting for the clock to wind down. David doesn’t have the sense to quit. He will continue banging his head on the wall for almost three more weeks.

The spiritual advisor arrives. He seems to think they just have to wait on the physical part. Ashley tells the guy that they are moving forward every week. She’s such a liar. David says he wants to be a great husband. The advisor asks how that feels and she says “okay” like a teenaged girl texting on her phone when her mother asks how school was. He gives them the photo album from their wedding. The advisor thinks seeing how cute they are in the photos will fix things. Because, moron.

God I am having house envy over their house. #GhettoAspirations They bond laughing over the awkwardness of some of their wedding photos. Wait, Ashley has a sense of humor?

Ashley and David go to play kickball. Ashley doesn’t emasculate him once. Progress? I know I am buzzed now because I am thinking, “hey, maybe I should get on one of the there kickball teams…”


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13 responses to “Married At First Sight Recap: Making Memories

  1. To me, Tres and Vanessa are the only two are progressing a a nice pace. I like how they interact with each other. The look into each other’s eyes with love. Their intimacy has brought them closer. With Neil and Sam, I think Sam is getting more into Neil than she wants to admit. Her not-so-serious,silly style is a defense mechanism to keep Neil away. The good thing is that Neil is very patient. He is a good guy and he sees how Sam will enhance his life. Regarding David and Ashley, David should walk away as Ashley is just having excuses for her not being more “open”. She is just not giving him a chance. When they were on the ferris wheel, that would’ve been a good time to kiss him. Poor David, when he tried it was awkward and this probably turned her off more. Anyway……I’m routing for Tres/Vanessa and David/Sam.

  2. Rose

    I like Tres and Vanessa but something about them doesn’t pass my smell test. Sam is her own worst enemy and, yes, Neil is looking better each episode. I hope he reconnects with his father. I still have a sliver of hope for Dave and Ashley. I about gave up on them but at the end of the episode a little hope was restored.

  3. CoBe

    Neil is one of those guys that gets better and better looking the more you get to know him. Total marriage material.

    Sam is a bitch.

    I love Tres and Vanessa and have since day one. I think they are both family oriented. I’d love to see them work.

    Ashley is a total fucking narcissistic asshole. She doesn’t want to be complimentary or kind to David because that would be seen as her accepting him as “good enough” for her.

    She just ain’t all that.

    • Rain

      Agree @ Ashley. There seems to be more to her problem of not warming up to David than just not being attracted to him. The way she pulled away from him when he tried to touch her back when she was crying when the therapist was talking to them was pretty shocking to me.

      She’s known the guy for 3+ weeks so he’s not a stranger and she admits he’s a kind person, yet she pulled away from his comforting touch like that? It just seemed to be a pretty severe reaction to what I considered to be a thoughtful and gentle response to her at the time. Would she have pulled away from anyone comforting her, or just David? She seems like such a cold fish who should have never signed up for the show.

      Every day/night David and Ashley spend together until they get to the end looks like torture.

  4. koko

    Anyone else get the impression that Ashley wouldn’t be into any man they set her up with. She just puts out a “no one could ever make me happy” vibe. So critical and judge….haha judgy eyes!

  5. Cat

    OK….being an old fogey, I had to look up “Oprah hands”. I saw two different definitions.

    Please explain?

    • tamaratattles

      I hadn’t heard the term before but when I saw her do it, it was totally something that Oprah does a LOT. I tried to find a picture but it’s hard to know what to search. Basically when she is really happy with some, instead of a high five (or ten really) she clasps their hands between the fingers from over the top.

      In this picture she is doing it with one hand with David Letterman, but she does it a lot with two hands with her girlfriends during an interview. It’s an Oprah thing. lol,

      Click link for the one handed version which she likely did because the desk made the two handed regular version difficult

  6. @immelza

    I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop with Tres and Vanessa, I see Tres being ‘good’ for a couple of weeks but eventually he will go out drinking with his friends or who ever and Vanessa will lose it. The others seem to me to just have the “lets get through this so we get a check” behavior going on and to me seem like they are totally mismatched. To make this show work they need some better experts. Jmo but none of them are really ready for marriage, they need to do some major personal work and figure out their own lives before subjecting another person to a commitment. To me it seems the promise of being on TV, getting attention and money was their motivation.

  7. Sue

    I love this show and enjoy your recaps. Thank you for doing them, I’m on vacation and had to buy some internet time to read the blog and tell you how much I enjoy the recaps

  8. I’m just glad I finally found someone who actually blogs this show! I have been looking for several weeks, not many out there. Great recap, spot on. Just lose Ashley already. NO hope there. And Sam?? I just can’t with this one. Wish she would brush her hair, and put a little lip gloss on or something, she just looks like she doesn’t care about her appearance at all! She acts more like a teenager, her silly antics are not cute on a 30 year old. Thanks for the recap.

  9. Peter

    Thanks Tamara for the recap. I agree with others that Vanessa and Tres seem to be a good match and will probably outlive the show. I just hope that they have the staying power for long after. Good news and progress there. Although, I think that Sam and Neil are off to an unhealthy start living in two different spaces. Not a good sign at all. I think we all know where David and Ashley are headed. I just think it is so sad for David. He really seems like a nice guy unless he is putting on a good front for the cameras. I saw a brief teaser for next show. I think Ashley was questioning him about asking another woman out for drinks? If that is the case, major red flag. However, it has been almost 4 weeks and Ashley shows no signs of warming up to him.

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