Kim Richards To Appear On “The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition”

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Not to be outdone by sister Kyle Richards announcing her upcoming appearance on Celebrity Apprentice today, Kim Richards has some news of her own! Interesting timing, no?

You know what is a really good idea for someone to do when clinging to their sobriety? Did you guess go on a reality TV therapy with your daughter? Because that is what Kim  Richards is doing!  Kim filmed for the Lifetime show  The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition at the end of last year and the series is set to start airing Tuesday, March first at 10 p.m. on Lifetime.

Kim will be filming with daughter, Kimberly who will join other illustrious actresses like Heidi Montag and her mother, Courtney Stodden and her mom,  Natalie Nunn who is apparently from Bad Girls Club, Shar Jackson who is famous for getting impregnated by Kevin Federline, and Josie Canseco (Jose Canseco’s kid) and her mother.

Certainly, with a line-up like that we are looking at some stiff competition for Downton Abbey in the Golden Globes battle for best dramatic series in December. Seriously, who let Kim do this? The Hiltons are mad at Kyle for doing a sitcom about her life growing up in the Richards family, but this is okay?

Watch the trailer below…


In the preview we see the usual fake cry Kim and the angry Kim and it looks like Kim might storm out just like she did the last time she tried TV therapy with Dr. Phil.  That dramatic Dr. Phil scene was less than a year ago. Do we really think she has progressed to the point of trying again on a much less civilized program? In all the other relationships on the show, it seems like the daughter is the one with most of the issues. Perhaps only Courtney Stodden’s mother will give Kim any competition in the bad mother role.  Also it just occurred to me that they are calling Heidi, Heidi Montag is she no longer married to Spencer Pratt?

My question is how long has it been since her Bravo contract expired? I believe they have to wait out a full year before they can do other reality TV shows unless they get special permission, like Nene Leakes does. Also, this is not a good look for RHOBH, so those of you thinking she might come back next season might be in for a shock. With Brandi and Kim both doing D list reality this year, I’d say their chances of returning back to RHOBH are quite slim.

That said, Andy Cohen loves to capitalize on the personal shortcomings and addictions of housewives. And both Brandi and Kim have that in spades. So you never know. But I can  certainly see Lisa Vanderpump putting her foot down about either of them returning after this. And Andy sure loves him some Stinky Pinky and some Lisa Vanderpump.

So I’ll be watching and recapping this new trainwreck! Who is with me?


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65 responses to “Kim Richards To Appear On “The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition”

  1. Cat

    I will read the recaps, of course.

    Natalie Nunn? Ugh.

    Please tell me those clips of Kim and her daughter outside were not set in a cemetery? I hope they don’t drag poor Monty into this melodrama. They don’t need to include him in this. Let the man rest in peace.

  2. Margarett

    I’m with you no matter what you post or don’t post! Your posts, especially about Yolanda et al, make me feel well informed and clever!

  3. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    I’m in. Do not think Kim should be doing anything except concentrating on her Sobriety. I see a train wreck ahead of us so it might be something to entertain us.

  4. Gee, what could go wrong?

  5. Kevin

    TT, girl you are alone on this one! I will read your recaps but I will not subject my mind, body or soul to this foolishness described above. Courtney? Natalie? Heidi? And the women who spawned them? Plus Kim Richards to boot! I can’t, I just can’t.

  6. Kristen

    LMAO at “Stinky Pinky and some Lisa Vanderpump.” Tamara you slay me!

  7. NeverBeenJaxed

    I’m in! But cringing already!

  8. Micheal

    The only way Brandi is coming back fulltime is if Bravo manages to get Leanne on the show in some capacity. Kim, yeah I can see her coming back. At least her issues are real *cough* Yolanda *cough*.

    • Minky

      Yup, I’m afraid you’re right again Michael. I doubt, though, that Leanne is much of a saint either. It looks like Brandi’s ex just upgraded to a richer, more famous version of Brandi. He seems to have a type.

      • Maisey

        Oh yeah……ol’ Eddie has a type alright.

        Brandi, Leann, and Sheana.

        The trifecta of twat, the hat trick of ho’s, the trinity of thots……..

        The Three Stooges of insipid hoe-dom.

      • Calipatti

        I believe Leann is growing up, she is learning and I like her. Leann is not a ho, drunk or liar, all of which Brandi is.

  9. J Woods

    I’m so in.

  10. TT, I’m in! Since I don’t read anything remotely Yolanda, my TT reading has been more limited than I like. Delighted you’re recapping something new. It’s way too early in the year for this, but I nominate Kim Richard’s decision to appear on another reality show with her daughter as WORST IDEA EVER 2016.

  11. Jen

    I’m in. But we all may need a Fizzychiatrist afterwards. Lol! Or some Damn thing. Gee. Sounds like a train wreck …How fun!!! ?

  12. Spilledperfume

    I’m in.

    Heidi and Spence are still together. She has always gone by her maiden name.

  13. I’m SO in. The only mother/daughter combo missing is Farrah and her mom.
    I want to know how they all became trainwrecks, and how Kim’s daughter managed NOT to become a trainwreck.

    • I would SO love Farrah and her mom. Train Wreck ‘a Rollin’…

      • Miguel

        Evil grin, Lizbeth – should I wish or not? I’m in TT – the show hasn’t begun & already sipping the tea in the shade!!!

    • Angel(?)

      Hey I was going to say that! Maybe Farrah is holding out for season 2. What kind of guilt trip was put on Kimberly to make her appear on this show?

      • Minky

        Umm, …ahem! Haven’t you all forgotten someone? Janelle! White Trashlandia’s official spokesmodel.

        All of this is just awful. No, I don’t believe I’ll be watching the show. TT’s recaps, probably, yes.

  14. Jaded

    What could be gained here? Kim is the queen of denial. I feel awful for her children.

  15. sandra

    Kimberly seems too sweet and young to be on this show. Sad!

  16. Matzah60

    Omg, what a cast of characters! I know Kim was a train wreck on the RHBH, but I have a soft spot for her. This so-called therapy show is even worse than appearing on the RHBH. So disturbing! At whose suggestion did she film on this show and why. My only answer is she is broke.

    Yes, Heidi and Spence are still married. By chance while flipping through the channels, I saw a two or three part story about their life since they lost all their money.

    Above said, I must say I’m in. I guess I’m just a sucker for a train wreck.

    • I don’t think she’s broke. (“Broke” is, of course, relative.) Kim wants to be on TeeVee! She likes “reality television star” much better than “former RHOBH and 70’s child star.”

      • Matzah60

        I guess I should have said she doesn’t seem to have a regular stream of income. I wish she was able to market herself for some regular scripted TV shows and/or movies. It’s unsettling to see her in yet another vulnerable situation.

      • frenchpoodlename

        Or is Kathy Hilton demanding repayments?

    • Micheal

      Heidi and Spencer are broke? As a fan of Lauren Conrad, YES! She runs a mini empire. They pay the bills with trash reality tv cheques. Karma.

      • Matzah60

        Lol…like I said to Lizbeth, I guess I should have said broke as in relative to what they made and could have but never saved. They apparently put some away as the gravy train was running dry and popular opinion concerning both of them was so negative (rightfully so)…..but compared to all the money they made, Spencer claimed they lost most of it living a way over the top life. Heidi reversed those ginormous boobs of hers and they looked like a typical middle class couple. But, I agree with you Michael….Karma!!!

    • I think TT told us that Kim gets $25,000 a month alimony from her oil man ex-husband, but I could be wrong. I can’t begin to remember the post – maybe one about “Kim Richards Isn’t Homeless”? That alimoney comes every month. “Broke is relative.”

      • I’m replying to myself because I’m stoobed. I think the post I mentioned is one of TT’s “Related” posts. Omg. I’m going to bed or something.

      • Matzah60

        Wow, what does she do with all her money that she is unable to live within that ‘budget’ and still need help from Kyle and Kathy?! Kim must have spent the money as quickly as it came in and didn’t do a thing to earn it save for being married briefly to her second husband. Thanks for the info. I will go look at the post. :)

  17. Mark

    Tam-Tam, what do you mean by Stinky Pinky AND Lisa Vanderpump? *innocent face*

  18. Jane

    Lol at the downton abbey comment. This is such a grab bag of nuts, I may have to watch. What could possibly go wrong?

  19. Heidi

    The only people I’m familiar with are Heidi Montag and Kim. I have no clue about the others. Lifetime really had to dig the bottom of the barrel for this cast.

  20. Lime Brain

    I would watch if they had Tori Spelling and her mother on it.

    I wonder if they will put it on hulu so I can fast forward through all the other couples and just watch Kim.

  21. JoJoFLL

    No way Kim is sober.

    You don’t pull all the crazy shit she did last year and claim you are sober without going to rehab for months and months.

    Why do people keep feeding her rope?

    Tick, tock.

  22. Allison

    Scootch over, I’m watching and reading too! Natalie Nunn? ugh. I hope her Mac Tonite chin can fit on the tv screen.

    • Meredo

      Good one, Allison. Natalie scares me! Kim is lucky Natalie didn’t kick her ass for screaming at her in that ugly voice she gets. Natalie is one person I wouldn’t want to piss off. Then again, Kim thinks she can do and say whatever she wants without any consequences. I can’t believe she is doing this show. At least people can’t blame Kyle this time for Kim being on TV..

      • Allison

        Thanks, Meredo-I’ve been known to come up with a good one now and then :-) Natalie seems to be more yelling than brawling like in her younger years-she had to tone it down a leeeetle, what with her being a married lady and whatnot. She’s been making the reality rounds lately it seems. Kim, oh, Kim. I dont know who told her this was a good idea, but they lied.

  23. CoBe

    I’m watching, but not admitting it to anyone.

  24. I can’t picture Kim staying on the show for very long. She couldn’t get through and hour with Dr. Phil even after making him wait for her for a very long time. Even if she is “sober” she’s not introspective enough take any type of negative comments as they are intended. I predict a very short stay for Kim and her daughter.

  25. Dee

    I’m with you! I feel sorry for Kimberly, she is young enough to do what her Mom wants. I thought she was in college.

  26. beauxblue

    The interesting thing is Kim is so deep into denial about her addiction, but I presume her issues with her daughter stem from her addiction, how is she going to address the issues without acknowledging her addiction?

  27. zoemonster2

    Question“` when was this skim and kid show filmed? Dates please. Thx in advance. I can’t find it.

  28. tamaratattles

    I’ve given up on trying to correct the whole “Kim Richards gets buckets of money in perpetuity from one of her ex husbands rumors.

    And Mark, I’ll let you explain stinky pinky to the class. :)

  29. zoemonster2

    I’ll try again. This time without typos.

    Would or could someone tell me the filming (not the airtime) dates of this show. Was it filmed in December 2015? Is it being filmed now?


  30. Meredo

    @Zoemonster2, The post says they filmed at the end of last year. ?

  31. lru

    I can’t imagine that this is good for Kim or her child on any level. I would be terrified if a family member of mine so new in sobriety was putting their personal life out there.

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