Celebrity Apprentice Filming Starts This Weekend!



With the Arnold being a west coast dude, it seems that Celebrity Apprentice has more than a new HBIC (businessman! ) in Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a new filming locale as well!  Or so I believe. Porsha is already in LA to start filming. This is my only source on for the new LA locale so she might have taken the wrong train on the underground railroad and I could be totally misleading you.

And in other news one of my tamaratattles spies has informed me that Kim  Fields is filling in for Porsha while  she is filming Celebrity Apprentice.  My source caught a bit of it on TV tonight and said, ” It’s horrible… Almost as bad as Porsha. Damn.”  But I must say every time I’ve seen Porsha on Dish Nation, which I admit is not much, I thought she was great! She’s a lot more palatable there than when she is trying to out THOT Phaedra on RHOA.

Some people work for a living and some people twerk for a living.

Some people work for a living and some people twerk for a living.


I also think Kim will be good as her replacement. I’ve always liked Kim and I was disappointed that she seemed to gravitate to the hypocritical Phaedra Parks when she arrived. I know she THOUGHT  they shared similar values and have young boys  but she is still hanging out with Phaedra on the Al Sharpton internship tour, and that is where she lost me. Plus, I’m still Team Twirl and Kenya is going to chew Kim up and spit her out this season on RHOA.  Now I admit Kenya came at Kim wrong from the beginning and I have been very vocal in my disappointment that Kenya got messy with the roller skate shade very early on and is letting her guard down too much around Sheree, but sometimes we just have to watch our favorites make mistakes.  Housewives is just like sports, you can get mad at your team for dropping the ball, but it’s still your team.

I’ll try to remember to watch Dish Nation tomorrow and tell you what I think and whether Kim is on the air with her youngest boy hanging off her titty.

I haven;t decided yet if I am going to spoil Celebrity Apprentice like I did last season. I had a lot of spies at Universal Studios for the last one, but I am not as excited about this one as I was when Kenya was on.

That said, I am #TeamKyle all the way.


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25 responses to “Celebrity Apprentice Filming Starts This Weekend!

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    The Arnold.

  2. Micheal

    If anything Kenya pushed Kim into Phaedra’s arms. I wish Kyle and Porscha all the best. It is for charity, as long as money is made for valid charities then I’m happy.

  3. Theresa

    I saw Kim on dish nation this week. Didn’t realize what I was watching and was confused. She didn’t do a bad job tho. I do agree that porsha actually does well on dish…the whole 5 times I’ve seen it

  4. JoJoFLL

    I always thought with Trump there was a little bit of respectability. I mean the man at least has an Ivy League degree.

    Porsha Williams? Really?


  5. Minky

    I predict that Porsha will be like a hybrid of Brandi and Vivica Fox, just dumber and even more sneaky. Is anybody gonna start a betting pool on whether or not Porsha ends up getting into a physical fight with anyone, a la Kenya and Cynthia and the stylist lady (Shaun?)? Hmmm?

  6. tamaratattles

    Meh I haven’t even gotten my flat in Paris I won last season.

    And lol at Josie seeing if she is a window licker… come on in sweetie, the water is fine.

  7. Rose

    I’d like the CA spoilers again this season. Maybe I missed something but I don’t get Kenya’s venom toward Kim. One minute I feel sorry for her (mommy issues), the next she’s back to the old ugly acting Kenya….the one I dislike.

  8. I need to dvr it. Thanks for the heads up, TT.

  9. Shellbelle

    Kim had moments where she sounded like the intelligent woman I’m sure she is but then she threw out some “yaaaasssss” and “hunni” and it ruined it.

  10. If my vote counts for anything, I loved the CA spoilers and want to see them again. I think this is going to be a hoot. I’m wondering though, does Porsha have the contacts in LA to call and get donors in to raise money? Kyle certainly does, but Porsha may not have those assets.

  11. Kevin

    So what charity is Porsha playing for? Save The THOTS?

  12. ShyGuy

    I’ll be watching for Kyle, Snooki and Ms. Ali. I guess porsha secured her peach for season 9.

  13. Cat

    I am willing to bet that instead of Trump’s “You’re fired!”, Arnold will say ” You WON’T be back!”. :)

  14. Karina

    #teamkyle All the way!!

  15. loriflack

    Porsha looks good beat less ~

  16. Bria

    Last season was epic. I let this season pass and stick on the recap only.

  17. Truthseeker

    Do you think Porsha will play for Phaedra’s charity? Lol

  18. Miguel

    LOL @ the image of Kim & her ‘baby’ boy, TT!

  19. Calipatti

    Porsha doesn’t have people she can contact for money and it takes big money to win.
    Confused why Boy George is doing CA, he is “A” list, Icon.

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