Yolanda Fights Back After RHOBH Episode With New Sick Selfie With Bella

RHOBH Yolanda and Bella

yolandahfoster ️Watching my babies struggle in silence in order to support me in my journey has struck the deepest core of hopelessness inside of me, it is because of them that I continue to fight relentlessly……. I will not allow them to live a life of pain and suffering……. I will prevail and walk to the end of the earth to find a cure for them and millions of others debilitated by this invisible disease!!!! We all deserve to live a healthy life, don’t you think? #LymeDiseaseAwareness #FightingTheInvisible #RealLifeProblems #SoulPower #WeMustFindACureAffordableForAll #RHOBH @bravotv @bravoandy @evolutionusa

I am really starting to wonder if Mohamed is intervening on this. But what can he do? Yolanda has posted photos of Lyme disease serums for both Anwar and Bella. I really feel. Bella dutifully takes the sacks of supplements from the whackadoodle doctor I Seattle who charges $2K for an appointment and $10K a year for the very questionable supplements. One thing he gives is a suppository with the ingredient given to MALARIA patients. It’s an antiparasitic! Parasites are not a symptom of Lyme disease. But this is one of the doctor’s biggest sellers, and yes he is part owner of the supplement company.

Yo and Anwar, he's a model now too!

Yo and Anwar, he’s a model now too!


I wonder if  David and Mohammed have discussed this and how to handle it?  I think Mohamed has gotten Anwar out of the line of fire and over to live with him. He has had Yolanda over for all the family holidays which is a smart way to keep an eye on what she gives the kids. But here is Bella with an IV with Yolanda looking on with a smile.

This really creeps me out. I’m going to tackle Yolanda’s blog in the morning.

This was just too much to ignore.


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118 responses to “Yolanda Fights Back After RHOBH Episode With New Sick Selfie With Bella

  1. Lisaj

    This is just too much, the blog was so disturbing, the Instagram the icing on the cake.

    • Denine

      It looks like a fashion shot.

      • Toddy

        Yes! They’re wearing the same colors, with a splash of color from that pink towel? Blanket? Looks staged.

    • I’m absolutely stunned by this photo. My mouth dropped open, no joke.

      “my babies struggle in silence in order to support me in my journey”

      If they’re sick, isn’t it THEIR journey too?!

    • GrubPubert

      Totally agree. That top photo was no selfie. It was a studio portrait. You cannot sel-diagnose a brain inflammation. And if her doctor is giving Bella anti-parasiticals it is because Bella did the same stupid thing some supermodels of the 80s did to stay thin–she deliberately ingested tapeworms, and surely her mother would not encourage that in this day and age! Yolanda has yet to learn that you can live your illness or you can live your life. Many people have been far sicker for far longer, and she will find that the last person who turned disability into fame was Helen Keller. With illness, there’s a fine line between being famous and being infamous. Yolanda has been coming across as crazy and crazy mean.

  2. Lisaj

    One more thing, who the hell is taking these pictures?????

  3. Kristen

    Ugh. You nailed it Tamara, this photo is so disturbing. Even if their diagnosis was legitimate, what kind of parent parades around their children’s suffering like that?

    I feel for Mohammad. What a terribly difficult spot to be in.

  4. Minky

    NO. SHE. DIDN’T!!!!

    This just gets weirder and weirder all the damn time! It’s like an American Apparel ad for Lyme disease. Dafuq!!!!

  5. Cat

    These photos are so staged, it’s ridiculous.

    What happened to the dark triangles under her eyes?
    And what about the creepy “I will not allow them to live a life of pain and suffering” comment? Is she planning on a mercy killing?

    This is getting too weird. And it’s starting to piss me off.

    Yolanda creeps meowt.

  6. V

    Yolanda said she has nothing to prove so i’m sure its just a coincidence that she just happens to post this picture where she is showing how sick Bella is. This is just getting ridiculous ! and is this an old pic that she saved up to post? isn’t Bella in Paris with Gigi modeling for Chanel ?

    • tamaratattles

      Yes. But really, how hard is it to fly to Europe and work in multiple fashion shows in a week? :)

      • Angel(?)

        Hmmmm….I might be little jet lagged and could use a vitamin C IV drip too if I just came back from walking multiple runways in Paris. This family should be looked upon as an inspiration for rallying for jobs that keep you in the public eye while battling a chronic disease. ?

      • Denine

        I have to wonder if her mother’s constant chatted about how debilitated her children and she herself is, isn’t keeping designers from booking Bella?

  7. Mrs. R

    I just looked at the California Health Department statistics forcLyme disease, and from 2011 to 2014, there were only 11 cases in Santa Barbara…………….what are the odds that 3 of those cases are the same family?

  8. Anwar looks really beautiful in that pic. He’s got very striking facial features. Overall he looks gorgeous and seems like the camera loves him.

  9. OMG, Stephen King could have written Yolanda. I hope Mohammed and David can untangle those poor kids from that creature. And yeah, who the heck is taking those gruesome photos???

  10. Toddy

    And the fifty freakin’ hashtags. Like a teenybopper. Maybe Bella and Anwar are just exhausted like most teens (who also have modeling careers). I suppose she’s had their houses tested for mold? Because I’d suspect something environmental if my kids and I were constantly ill.

    • Suzanne D

      Of course these kids are exhausted. Yolanda has them living on lemon juice and a couple of almonds a day. Oh and 100 vitamins and supplement pills. They look and act more like they are all suffering from malnutrition.

  11. I had my doubts but after seeing this pic, I no longer doubt that Bella has Lyme disease. I mean, she has an IV in her arm so she must be sick, ya know?


  12. JustJenn

    I can’t with Yolanda, so I won’t.

  13. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    This looks like an old picture if Yo’s hair is anything to go by but seriously who is taking them? That’s what I want Yo to be asked on WWHL. I bet Bella and Anwar are only too happy to have an excuse to miss things they don’t want to do or lay around in bed. But I wonder how many modelling jobs Bella has had to turn down because of her Lyme? Zero I bet, just like Yo could go a whole season of RHOBH without a hint of it until this year. It’s a bit sh*tty of Mo to throw LVP under the bus but I guess he can hardly tell his kids he doesn’t believe them or their mother.

  14. Meg

    “extensive holistic treatment” that’s all I need to hear. Yolanda is crazy and full of sh#t. I totally believe now that Mohamed said to LVP what she claims he said. He has no balls.

    • natalie

      not really, she has her shit pumped out weekly….

      • Cecy

        Lol that’s right. Her self imposed colonic schedule has us all in a catch 22. She has no shit to be full of. Yoyo is a certifiable nut. #richpeopleproblems which new holistic therapy to try now. How can the randomness of everything she has done ever lead to a “chronic lyme cure”& truly attainable for us “commoners”. She needs to be banished to Holland. Or whatever hole she crawled out. She has a chronic disease for sure but it is all mental & menopausal.

  15. amtraveler

    Notice Yo’s nail polish too….

  16. cobe

    From Yo’s blog:

    As my health and brain function slowly improve, I’m having creative visions that I am eager to unleash.


    She’ll be selling something soon.

  17. justme

    I never post but this is a bunch of BS…Bella just walked in Chanel and Balmain like 2 days ago…when was this pic supposedly taken?

  18. Shae

    I always liked Yolanda, but this is disturbing. If your children are truly sick, don’t exploit them or encourage them to exploit themselves.

  19. If anything, that young lady is suffering from being a teen living on her own and burning the candle at both ends. She is photographed traveling and partying daily in the tabloids. It is exhaustion…not lyme.

  20. Rakely

    I’ve been asking from day one about who is taking these pictures. They’re usually not selfies, so Daisy is a good guess. Yolanda is literally “modeling” in most shots – very posed and intentional. Silicone leakage and menopause aside, could she be have developed Munchausen to keep “modeling” and to stay in the “lyme” light? Forgive the pun. Is she competing with her daughters in a weird way?

    • Wow – I think you’re on to something. Midlife crisis, menopause and needing to still be important and be told she’s still beautiful. I don’t know if that equates to Munchhausen’s but it can certainly turn into a mental disorder.

  21. Rakely

    Sorry, nope! This photo is so disturbing and wrong! A normal young adult would never “pose” for this shot, and that is exactly what Bella is doing. Look at their facial expressions and body language. This is staged. If you’re Bella and you don’t need to get out of a DUI, you would not be photographed during treatment. I understand that Yolanda probably has a mental illness, but how much will be too much to finally make Mohammed grow a pair and stop this?

    • Matzah60

      I don’t think that Mohammed has the power to stop this. All he can do is thank his lucky stars that his two girls live away from the perpetrator, in this case, Yo, and be thankful that Anwar has moved in with him. There are doctors who treat children of mothers like Yo who suspect something is awry, but what seems mystifying is that the kids they see often display actual symptoms of the illness.

      My brother is a shrink, but specializes in geriatric psychiatry, so he Is no expert on Munchausen. For that matter, neither am I. My exposure to the mental disorder is solely from my experience with the mother of three kids I home schooled wherein a noted pediatrician at CHOP sent protective services to this woman’s house to investigate if this mother was making her kids sick.

      My brother did say that there’s a subtype of Munchausen by proxy called, ironically, Chronic Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. People suffering from this are compulsive and allow the Syndrome to consume much of their lives. My brother said that this syndrome is episodic and occurs in bouts where the parent goes on ‘hiatus’ and lives a normal life. The child only exhibits the symptoms of a false illness in the prescience of the mom. The possibilities are endless, as individuals with this disorder do not conform to feigning any particular illness.

  22. Toni

    These pictures are very sad

    I remember thinking when Yolanda was setting Gigi up in NY, with a professionally decorated apartment that later sold for 2M that’s these Beverly Hills kids must want for nothing…the trade offs though, children used as pawns and for publicity…you wonder how many would have traded it all for some normalcy?

  23. Tulsateacher

    That picture is just as if not more creepy than anything I’ve seen on AHS.

  24. swizzle

    So sad and so disturbing. It was bad enough when Yo was f’ing up her own body with all these BS treatments, now she’s got her kid on board too? Please stop.

  25. jen

    Bella looks hungover. What the hell do they put in these ivs? This is so weird.

  26. This crap makes me sick. For real!

  27. frenchpoodlename

    Is this one of those “snowballing” illnesses? It starts as Lyme, then is compounded by immune system breakdown, compounded by auto immune allergic reaction, then compounded by self-hated – she can’t get better, and everybody hates her for being I’ll, compounded by life events. The self rejection manifest in all those colonics, purges, orthorexia, is so not helped by the Hadid then the Foster marriage fading away. yolanda is punishing herself too much, with invasive and traumatic dental and surgical procedures. Is she thinking :”I am not acceptable. I must fix this”.?

    Been there, Yolanda, done that. You need to get angry. Focus that distress outwards.

    Now that Brandi is gone, they needed a scapegoat. Rinna will be the next. It’s to do with vulnerability, and one’s power being depleted. Maybe she could call it “What began as Lyme” illness. We all know the enevitable snowballing and compounding, and the isolation .

    So long as she doesn’t go into.endocrine failure, as I did, she will be ok.

  28. Jen

    Poor kids! scary. She needs to be committed. Get her head examined.

  29. Donna

    something is “off” with that iv, shouldn’t the line be over her head, not under the covers?

  30. Sliceo'pie

    This pic looks like a still from an ABC after school special or one of those, “Women in Peril” movies on Lifetime.

    I felt sad and angry at the same time when I looked at the picture..

  31. Cat

    If Yolanda really needs all of these IV treatments, why did she have her chest port removed?

    • Dee-AZ @jordan1022

      Ty Cat. That has been my question all along. Why remove the port, doesn’t make sense. You leave the port in. This pic & shit is so disturbing

      • Cat

        All those IVs can’t be good for their veins. If they are for real, they run the risk of veins collapsing.

        We never see what the IV is hooked up to. And they are always in bed, not a hospital. For all we know, she just has a little plastic tubing taped to her arm.

        I have way to many questions. The more pics she posts, the more I don’t believe her.

      • Minky

        I had a grandaunt who was a real pill. A miserable, bitter, holier-than-thou busy body who was always all up in everybody’s business. She was also always “ill”. Just barely holding n the life by the skin of her teeth. In her life time she had at least a DOZEN surgeries. A DOZEN!!! Many if them, it was speculated, were probably unnecessary. Well, she lived to be a hundred. Never worked a day in her life and was always on some new meds or treatments. Much like our Yolanda.

        There’s a saying in my culture that’s hard to translate but I will try: “The rosy cheeked die young, while the pallid just keep on living.” Meaning that a person who “looks” ill will usually outlive hearty, strong looking people. It’s a cultural expression, based on some old shit, but I believe it applies to Yolanda in this case.

  32. Every time I see this photo I hear
    “soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur……….”

  33. Judilu

    It is how she is looking at Bella that gives me the extra creeps….I don’t think I have ever felt such distaste that verges on hate for someone that I do not know…..it makes me feel bad that I feel so strongly.

  34. Jen

    Mohammad Baby!? If you’re reading this…please get Yolanda some real medical treatment and counseling. She’s not even my friend. But, I’m very concerned for your children first and then her. Save your kids. If you don’t we will all be screaming Jesus take the wheel! You’re a handsome older man and probably very smart too. Use those smarts and get control of this situation. We all see it and you’re ex Yolanda is out of control.

  35. Queen of the Nile

    Definitely an old picture. Yolanda is certifiable — I feel sorry for her kids.

  36. Jen

    I feel sick watching a former model lose her marbles on TV. She has Silicone poisoning and menopause. Or some kind of endrocine disease. She looks like she’s no longer a trophy wife and feels like she’s lost her way, she doesn’t know how to operate anymore not being prized. She reminds me of an older Stepford wife who is now malfunctioning. So sad to watch her make a mockery of people who truly are sick and suffering. Sad :(

  37. Twilly

    Wow what a natural, not at all staged photo!

  38. Cat

    OMG! I KNEW I had seen that pose before. Bella is posed like the painting “Woman With Disheveled Hair”!

  39. Wanda

    I would think that if Bella and Anwar want modeling jobs, that this appearance of chronic illness will impact their ability to secure some jobs. Who wants to hire a sick person?

  40. annie moore

    Gigi hit the modeling world by storm, not so much for Bella. In Yo’s twisted mind, she now puts this “disease” on Bella – and will use it as excuse for her career not going off the charts. That picture is a publicity stunt for both Yo & Bella.

  41. sandra

    Just a random thought that probably doesn’t mean anything. I have a friend that became an American Citizen after a 20yr marriage failed. The divorce made it necessary. So, I’m wondering if Yolanda had a well thought out plan prior to her marriage to David. I think when Yo became an American Citizen, she was still healthy and presenting her life as perfect. Well, almost perfect, she couldn’t afford a couple more horses for Bella. Does her timing to become a citizen have anything to do with all that has happened?

  42. Rakely

    Okay so who is her next victim- oops sorry, I meant husband? How ironclad will his prenup be?? Hope he googles her and reads this.

    • Margarett

      So disturbing and sad. I can’t figure out if Yolanda is selfish and manipulative or delusional.

      I’m sure there are plenty of people who are ready and willing to profit from the situation no matter the consequences for this family.

  43. Anastasia_Beave

    When this implodes, it will be huge. It’s coming, and soon. They’re all too cocky in the lie. They think they’ve fooled us all.

    • Matzah60

      I agree. All you have to do is check her Twitter account to see how many posters sympathize with Yo. It’s striking to see how many followers have come to her defense and attacked David on his Twitter.

      I remember the pediatrician who wrote a compassionate, but direct open letter about Yo. He said she was misdiagnosed. Andy brought it up at last year’s reunion. She brushed it off and said that there are people in her own family that don’t believe her. Yo also said he was an asshole though it was bleeped out. My point is that yo feels that the general public isn’t savvy enough to figure out what’s ‘really’ going on with her.

      She is definitely mentally ill and if she has Munchausen, that is still a form of mental illness caused by a personality disorder.

  44. WatchingATrainwreak

    Didn’t Bella have wisdom teeth removed months ago? That could be a heat pack against her face & might explain the hangover look (on painkillers)…Yolanda definitely looks posed; however, it’s even more disturbing if you take the photo at face value…a mother cuddling a child in pain and/or illness with a vulture of a photographer standing over them snapping away at a very personally intimate moment? Sorry, I find it all strange and a bit creepy.

  45. NYDudette

    LVP’s blog is out!!

  46. cjbomb

    If you are that sick you are not jetting off to model for Chanel. Or staying on a reality show. Sorry, I’m from CT and know NORMAL people who have dealt with this disease, long-term and short term and it doesn’t look like this. This is just weirdly narcissistic and wrong.

  47. Rose

    She needs to stop. Why do this to your kids? She can post her own sickies but don’t exploit your children. Wackadoodle.

  48. Xanadude

    The black medicine bag/iPad carrier strategically placed over her cooch adds just the perfect creepy touch to the photo…

  49. This shit must do wonders for the kid’s modeling brand. Thanks mom for posting me looking unglamorous and making me an insurance liability as a spokesperson! Are they too dumb to get that?

  50. T D

    How long before cries of dis zika virus?

    • tamaratattles

      OMG TD ! I just heard about this today and thought of Yolanda immediately! LOL It’s in Georgia on the coast and there are SHIT TONS of mosquitos down there. I used to live on Saint Simons Island and the GNATS took a lot of getting used to, but on the mainland it the mosquitos were even worse.

      I did get used to the gnats but visitors complained about them nonstop. In GA we talk about living above the gnat line (Atlanta is above) or below the gnat line which is south Georgia and I can’t stress enough how many gnats are down there.

      • Margarett

        There have been a couple of reported cases here in Houston. Yolanda may have been exposed if she and the “king” came to the livestock show and rodeo.

      • Zika scares the crap out of me. I read they will have a vaccine by the end of the year. In the mean time, don’t get pregnant!

  51. koko

    This is seriously disturbing.

  52. koko

    the timing is interesting after LVP said Mohamnad said that the kids didn’t have Lyme. Maybe this is her way of proving it. The whole thing is really disturbing.

  53. TinaJ

    Very disturbing!

  54. TinaJ

    This lady needs mental help! The thing is David has already revealed she’s wanted a “lifestyle” show forever so she only joined RHOBH as a stepping stone for a spinoff but it didn’t work out that way for her! Her constant one sided doting on her hubby and knighting him every episode was far from appealing and as Ken pointed out he never was by her side on show supporting her unless it was a dinner at THEIR house showing off all his famous connects! All we fell in love with was her glass fridge and Malibu view and sorry its just not enough for your own show so now she’s come up with this scenario to give her something else to be in the “spotlight” & “educate others.” But all this experimental stuff she’s doing ain’t working? So why would I still listen to her anyway? Look her marriage was ending, she knew it, she has no other income, her kids left the nest and make the amount in one day that some people take home yearly so Yo probably doesn’t feel needed and has everything in the world to be depressed, anxious and attention seeking about! and hey I don’t doubt she has Lyme at all but call it what it is! the measures this lady is going through to physically show “im so sick” and her exaggerated, contradictory symptoms and ailments she speaks of is just insane! I hope she gets what she needs out of this cuz it’s an awful lot to keep going and can leave a lot of damage with her kids in its wake.

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