What Did Faye Resnick Say About Kathryn Edwards In Her Book?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills - January 26, 2016


Faye Resnick was dubbed ” The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick” by Camille Grammer at the infamous” dinner party from hell” held at Camille’s house in season one, episode nine.  This was probably the most iconic episode of any Real Housewives franchise ever. Faye is rarely mentioned anywhere without someone calling he morally corrupt.  At the time of Nicole Brown Simpson’s tragic murder, on June 12, 1994,  Faye stepped forward as her best friend and immediately began writing a book. Her book, Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, was released on October 1 of 1994, an astounding three and a half months after the horrific double homicide of Nicole and Ron Goldman. Multiple news outlets have discussed Faye’s struggles with cocaine addiction for eight years leading up to the books public. In fact, at one point, OJ’s defense team claimed that Nicole and Ron were murdered by drug dealers to whom Faye Resnick owed money.  Four days before Nicole was murdered, Faye checked into rehab. Again, OJ’s defense attorneys attempted (and I believe failed) to have this information introduced as part of their defense.  In 1996 she wrote another book about her experiences during the OJ trial. In 1997, she posed for Playboy along with an interview about OJ and Nicole.

This season on RHOBH, newcomer Kathryn Edwards is loaded for bear over a 21 year old brief mention in Faye Resnick’s tell all. Yet Kathryn claims she has never read the book, but may have read the excerpt regarding her and her engagement to Marcus Allen at the time of the murders. RHOBH Faye

Those who did read the book gave it scathing reviews. Publisher’s Weekly had this to say about the book, ”  Co-written by (Mike) Walker, who work(ed) for the National Enquirer, the book is chock-full of details about the doomed couple’s lives: O.J.’s uncontrollable temper, ego and possessiveness; Nicole’s physical yearnings for tequila, Kansas City Chiefs football star Marcus Allen (who is a longtime friend of O.J.’s) and slain waiter Ron Goldman, who Resnick insists did not have an affair with her murdered girlfriend, but whom she felt certain Nicole was inevitably'' going todo.” The book, which includes a brief chapter chronicling the night shortly before the murders when Resnick and Nicole fell into each other’s arms and experimented with lesbian sex, altruistically concludes with a section offering a state-by-state listing of Help Line phone numbers for female victims of domestic violence.”

Thanks to The Dish, we can now read the excerpts in question. ..

Nicole and OJ divorced in 1992 after a seven year marriage that was fraught with domestic violence. After several incidents where police were called, Nicole managed to leave her abusive marriage and move into her own home. However, OJ continued to attempt to reconcile with Nicole.  According to Faye, the two were very close to reconciling when OJ insisted to know all the men she had dated and the extent of their intimacy since their divorce. This is when OJ’s friend Marcus Allen, and subsequently Kathryn Edwards, names came up.

From Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted

Then she came to the other names she so desperately did not want to reveal. Finally, Nicole admitted her affair with Marcus Allen. She quickly told OJ that she’d only let him “play” with her. She didn’t admit to actual intercourse. OJ exploded. He turned on her like a man possessed. Nicole told me OJ threatened her, saying “If you’re ever with Marcus again, I’ll…I don’t know what I’ll do, but it will be bad. I won’t be able to control myself.” He wouldn’t let it end. It held up the reconciliation attempt for months. At times we were worried that OJ might take revenge on Marcus by telling his fiancée Kathryn about the affair with Nicole. That would have been a disaster, because Kathryn was a sweet woman who was well aware of Marcus’ womanizing and might have felt she had to call off the wedding. OJ did not do that, but he did confront Marcus. No one knows exactly what was said, but it ended up with him swearing to OJ that he would never touch Nicole again. Marcus said it wouldn’t be a problem anymore, because he was getting married.


RHOBH Kathryn


Faye brings up Kathryn again when recounting a conversation with Kris Kardashian about how Marcus Allen was interested in dating her.  I really don’t see the point of this entire conversation and how it relates to Nicole’s story. It does seem to be an unnecessary mention of Kathryn. The above paragraph should have been enough, in my opinion.

“Kris, I don’t know what to think about this. I know Marcus Allen has been trying to get my phone number, and Nicole wants me to go out with him to the Monkey Bar. I like Marcus but not in that way. On the other hand, I’d like to keep him as a friend, because he is a friend of Nicole’s. What do you think?” Kris said, “Whatever you do, don’t go out with Marcus Allen. He’s the biggest womanizer in the world and don’t forget he’s engaged to Kathryn. She turns a blind eye to his fooling around, but it hurts her when he does it publicly.”

Kathryn married Marcus in 1993 well before the death of Nicole. They divorced in 2001 after eight years of marriage. During  the OJ trial multiple sources reported that OJ called Marcus from jail trying to get Marcus to testify that he had a relationship with Nicole that OJ knew about to prove that OJ was not jealous. Marcus refused to lie for OJ and broke all ties with him. Many people believe that Nicole’s flirtations with Marcus Allen led to OJ murdering her. However, Faye’s account of those times was marred by drug use and therefore her recollections are unreliable.

Many of you seem  convinced that the OJ storyline on RHOBH is more than coincidental considering the huge new series on FX,  The People v  OJ Simpson:  American Crime Story that premieres on Tuesday, February 2nd at 9 p.m. I ‘ve done some digging and the only connection to Bravo I found was Adam Neely.  Adam Neely is Reza Farahan’s husband and he is an assistant editor on the show.  Adam has done editing on all of Ryan Murphy’s shows (Glee, American Horror Story, Scream Queens).  The timing of the RHOBH episodes seems to simply be a stroke of good luck or perhaps production piggybacking on the Ryan Murphy series. But there is no financial connection between the two shows.

So, do you think that Kathryn is making too much of a minor comment in a twenty-one year old book? Do you think Faye has the right to put her past behind her? Whose side are you on?


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114 responses to “What Did Faye Resnick Say About Kathryn Edwards In Her Book?

  1. Johnny

    I think Kathryn is a total irrelevance and non-entity. She’s mad because Kris Jenner basically called her out for being more insisted in NFL $$$$ than whether her husband was faithful (all Faye did was quote Kris, as usual the Kardashian is the real villain here – she said it!). Like, get over it! #golddigger

    I know Faye is easy to pinpoint as the villain, and she is clearly a dreadful woman, but I don’t think the punishment fits the crime in this case. The Twitterati were rabid and vitriolic going after Faye last night, but it’s not like she accused the woman of being a crackhead or murderer or something.

    A lot of lives were ruined or changed forever as a result of Nicole’s murder – Kathryn’s was NOT one of them. She needs to get over herself.

    • Tp

      Or.. If Kathryn weren’t a new housewife on the show, there would be no need to have Faye on this season. Oh ! That’s right!! Kyle needs her closet remodeled! So she has to trade off screen time for Faye’s work. I’m not a fan of Faye’s and the way she dismissed Kathryn was just .. I just don’t like her and will never understand why she’s ever on the show.

      • Tp

        And Kris Jenner calling someone a gold digger is sort of the pot calling the kettle black. As is the case with most all of these women. They all pretty much married for money,let’s be honest!

      • Dd

        I could not have said it bettet. Did those 2 forget that Faye’s life was threatened when they tried to put her on the show. Kyle as well as her bff must realize that her reputation will always be one of her accessories. It is as much a part of her as well as her, shall I say, knack for design.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Wow, you were able to infer a lot about Katherine from those few lines in the book and 10 minutes screen time..Kinda weird actually.
      I’d be pissed if someone wrote some shit about me, however minor ,in a book-whether Faye quoted someone or not, it was her choice not to fact check and stick it in her, “novel” Then that bullshit act where she’s so above talking about it, “It’s too painful for me to talk about”. I bet she’d reconsider if someone cut her a check..

  2. Jaana

    Kathryn has every right to be upset. Faye should not be writing about her and even if Kathryn turned a blind eye it was none of her business.

    • Zoemonster2

      “Will not regret the past nor close the door in it “. Faye is in the here/now. And that can be hard. She did well

      What’s a b h o
      R a b l e is that bravo didn’t acknowledge Monty’s death. Bad bidness.

  3. newjerzeyboy

    If it weren’t for the lovely Faye Resnick, there would be no reason for Kathryn to even be on the show. She should thank Ms. Resnick, now she can get her kitchen finished. Plus she lives in a condo, are condo livers really suitable for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, are their no standards anymore.

    • WhyOWhy

      I feel like condo owners are more legit than renters like Kim and Brandi, who have to move all the time.

    • Jewels50

      She owns a home in San Diego, does that make her more suitable?

    • pfffttt

      People said the same thing about Claudia Jordan’s apartment when she was on RHOA. Even though Claudia’s apartment in Atlantic Station was at least in Atlanta and not way out in Duluth like Porsha and Nene’s homes. Claudia’s rent was most likely equal to the rent Nene and Porsha were paying for their homes too.

      A condo in downtown LA, West Hollywood, or the Hollywood Hills can be more expensive than some of the homes the Beverly Hills wives live in. Where is Kathryn’s condo? At least she is not deep in the Valley or in Malibu like some of the women.

      Also, the home that Bravo put pictures up on their site of Kathryn’s… is not a condo. It’s a home and a beautiful one at that.

      • G.

        Exactly. I’ve been to open houses (for amusement) for condos in NYC, 2-4 bedrooms, for 5-10 million. In Brooklyn, not Manhattan. A friend who was wise enough to scrape together a downpayment in 1995 just sold her Manhattan condo for 7 million. She’s quitting her job. Is that condo life not good enough? WWDS – what would Dorinda say?

      • Pip

        Kathryn said her condo was in Brentwood. Brentwood is in the Hollywood Hills and rife with movie stars… it’s a very affluent neighborhood, much like Bel Air.

  4. TD

    It was quite contradictory when Kathryn confronted Faye and yet claimed she never read the book. Of course you had to read the fucking book or even just a part of it to question the author about the details in the book.

    Moreover, wasn’t the reason Nicole was murdered because OJ thought she had an affair with Ron Goldman ? Somebody please fill me in. The OJ story has always been quite scary in my opinion and I’m upset that Bravo stooped this low and this dark.

  5. Denine

    I never, ever on Rancid Resnick’s side. I am sure there are those who bring the rumors up to Katherine from time to time, even though it was long ago so why not attempt to set the story straight?

  6. WhyOWhy

    Kathryn can be upset. She doesn’t know Faye, Faye doesn’t know her and she doesn’t know what Kathryn turned a blind eye to. So far, I really like Kathryn, I think she’s really pretty and smart and fairly normal for this group of chicks.

  7. Zoemonster2

    Addicts do stupid stuff. The morally corrupt Faye offered to discuss it privately. That’s what recovery does— makes you turn away from drama. Yay Faye. Everybody (see the Vanderkids IE) isn’t mature—- until
    They are. And decades have passed.

    • Denine

      So…where was that recovery when she went after Camille and Lisa? Does it come and go depending on the circumstances?

      • Jewels50

        Did you notice Faye was downing shots at the BBQ?

      • Shae

        No, but as people are always imperfect, especially those in recovery, they don’t always make the “correct” decision. Progress not perfection. You are taught in recovery to do right by others, yourself, shy away from hurting people and drama, etc. that is what you strive for, doesn’t mean you always succeed. Nobody succeeds all the time at anything.

        Props to faye for her sobriety, I think she handled the situation very well.

      • Zoemonster2

        @shay well said.

      • Denine

        As someone who specifically and solely set out to extract personal fame from the horrific death of someone she claimed as her best friend without regard for her friends family or her friends young children… yeah, can’t give that woman credit for anything positive.

      • Zoemonster2

        Prove it I say resnicks recovered. I seriously question that observation.

      • Denine

        Are you serious? The proof is the book she wrote just months after her friends death. If she was indeed in treatment at the time of her friends death, would that not indicate she was in recovery when she wrote the book? A book that contained intimate details of her friends life her parents definitely didn’t need to read about, and her kids didn’t need to hear about. All the proof needed, whether or not you choose to see it.

      • Psylocke

        Recovered as in no longer selling her dead best friends secrets for a dime sack, but will still be throwing back shots of tequila in front of a camera, or recovered as in fully sober and in some type of program?

        Hint: it’s not the latter.

      • Psylocke

        Faye really missed her golden opportunity. She’s pretty much the most hated housewife of all times, WHO ISNT EVEN A HOUSEWIFE, and she just made herself look like a cunt again.

        If she just said something like “I apologize if I could take it back I would, I wrote it at a time when I was emotionally and mentally unwell and it’s going to haunt me the rest of my life” I guarantee you the Twitterati would break out in unbridled support with hashtags like #secondchances and #every1makesmistales.

        Then she could finally get her coveted spot on the show and live out the rest of her years in Bravo bliss

      • Absolutely agree with you. A simple acknowledgement and apology was all it would have taken. When she said with that steely look in her eyes, “feel better now?” A shiver went up my spine. That bitch is heartless.

  8. Angel(?)

    OMG this is stupid. Kathryn, it was 20 years ago. Faye made her look stupid at that dinner.

  9. k-slay

    I think Kathryn was looking to start a fight and can already tell her behavior is delusional. She even said she was “ready to go” and felt shortchanged. Faye is not a saint but she handled herself with dignity at the table and people do extreme things under drug induced behavior, especially if she needed money to fuel her habit. I understand her not wanting to go back to that time, and agree that if Kathryn wanted to have a conversation, it should be done in private. I think if Kathryn really felt unsettled from this for 20 years and wanted to handle herself in a classy demeanor she could have asked Faye to step aside to clear the air or go to lunch sometime to discuss. Kathryn wanted attention for something she “didn’t even read” which is complete BS, she read it. I already don’t like Kathryn, and not even just because of this circumstance, but because of how braggy she comes off to me. Kathryn seems crazy to me right off the bat, and eerily reminds me of Aviva from RHONY. Again, this is all MY opinion.

    • Sequoia

      Who else’s opinion would it be?

    • Aviva – that’s it. I’ve been trying to put my finger on just what it is about Kathryn I don’t like and I think she reminds of Aviva. That being said, people change and grow over time. This all happened many years ago and to carry anger that long seems a bit crazy to me. This should be something that Kathryn and Faye can easily overcome if they were to have a private conversation. I think it’s ok that Kathryn brought it up at the bbq because she had to know everyone was talking about it and wondering. She may have wanted to try and have some control over the conversation rather than have Kyle or Lisa stick their faces into the situation and drive the whole thing off the rails. Faye may very well be a whole different person than the one who wrote the book and did the interviews. I’m certainly not the same person I was over 20 years ago.

    • BeetsWhy

      I totally see Aviva with a splash of Michelle Phillips in her Knots Landing days…I can’t see anything else so I’m not invested in her place yet.

    • Tp

      The ONLY reason any of us are speaking Faye’s name today is because she used her friends death and intimate details to gain notoriety, be it negative or positive. She accomplished what she set out to do. Imo, she’s a dispicable person whether she was an addict or not. I’ve never seen or heard her apologize to Nicole’s family for what she did.

      • librarygirl

        I so agree, that whole group of Kyle’s friends, most especially Faye, make me queasy. I did read Faye’s book, as we bought all of the titles about the OJ case at our library. It was trash, conjecture, and meant to be self serving, in the seediest of ways. Just a lot of “facts” strung together to further deprecate her slain friend, while bringing attention to herself as both an addict, Nichole’s lover, etc. As a country, we were all affected by this murder trial, and we now have an entire fleet of Hollywood dreck that have gained traction of off that time in history. Thanks OJ!

      • k-slay

        Everyone’s acting like Faye is the one who killed Nicole. It’s all very sad. Faye is Kyle’s best friend. Kyle is on the show. We talk about Faye because she is Kyle’s best friend, on a show about Kyle’s life. Kyle has been filmed with Faye many many times, which most have had nothing to do with the OJ trial. I think that clears up why we speak her name in general. Regarding this topic, the issue was brought up by Kathryn, to be relevant and have something to talk about, not Faye. I think it’s an easy target/topic to say you’re mad about/at and have some screen time. Two lines in a book, where one was positive, over twenty years ago, causes that type of lifelong grudge? I’d hate to be her. Holding onto resentments are like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die.

    • Tp

      I want to say one more thing and then I’ll shut up, I swear. I don’t think that Kathryn being fired up and ready to do battle with Faye makes Kathryn a crazy person at all. We have all been there! She had waited 20 years to meet this woman face to face. Faye discussed her in a book when she had never met her and didn’t know her at all. And at a time , like everyone said, that was completely inappropriate after the murders, thus connecting Kathryn’s name to it without her consent. I would probably feel the same way at the dinner. I think it says more about Kathryn that she let it go. Yes, she was outsmarted by the conniving and icy Faye so she was caught off guard. And because she’s probably a nice person, she let it go even though she really wanted to have her say. I would’ve felt cheated too. Faye, however, didn’t want to be called out and because she’s a much more icy and cold person, she kne just how to shut her up by being a bitch , which caught Kathryn off guard. Because Kathryn isn’t a bitch like Faye. I didn’t think she looked crazy at all. I think she was outfoxed.

  10. Minky

    Why is Kyle friends with Faye? It makes me wonder about her. Like, a lot.

    • Lawstangel

      @Minky- She (Kyle) has know her for many, many years. When she was a young girl. Many people have a “sketchy” friend or two from back in the day……

    • Me too! Not a fan of Faye or Kathryn either for that matter. They both seem to be a better fit for OC than Beverly Hills.. I don’t know what it is about them but they both seem..cheap or something. They’re not sparkly enough for Beverly Hills. Faye did make Kathryn look like an idiot at the barbecue though, but that’s probably just because she has ice in her veins. Kathryn had every right to have issues with her in my opinion.

      Kathryn is TOTALLY a dead ringer for Aviva. This disturbs me greatly.

    • Zoemonster2

      @minky the history goes wayyyyyyyyy back between the Hilton girls and Faye. If I wasn’t so senile , I’d list specifics. But I can tell you this—- during that time 20
      Yrs ago, kathy
      Hiltons dinner parties were a thrill

      And she was throwing dinner parties for all
      The key players (Marcia Clark , etc)

      That said—Resnick managed to recover from
      Stupidity. And now 20 years later, we can watch her deal
      With life as a recovered person.

      • Tulsateacher

        So is Faye “recovered” or not Zoemonster? I’m only asking because you were adamant upthread that you had never said Resenick is recovered (or something very similar). Now you’re clearly calling her recovered. What happened?

    • crampina

      I think Faye is her friend because Kyle puts money in Faye’s pocket with Kyle hiring her to decorate her homes. I wonder how close they would be if Kyle didn’t have Mauricio’s money.

    • VioletBlue

      Excellent point, Minky! I wondered the same thing. Kyle claims Faye is always, akways, always, there for her. In my experience, you hang with people who are like you, or those you want to be like.
      If you are not a manipulative, sneak, chances are you don’t hang with any. Unless, of course, you are on a reality show, lol.

  11. JoJoFLL

    If I were Kathryn, I’d vehemently dislike Faye Resnick. I wouldn’t care about what she said about me but putting those rumors out there in public says a lot about what kind of person Faye is.

    Blood money.

    I personally think Faye Resnick is a disgusting human being.

    Months after my best friend died I would barely be able to speak about her let alone have an entire novel published.

  12. Billie_bee

    I loathe Faye. The sight of her is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    • Allison

      I agree. I wish they’d stop putting her on my TV. She’s haughty, snooty(which makes her look ridiculous, she’s only famous thru the blood of her “best friend”) and a vile human. What’s that saying about a lipstick wearing pig?

      • Sabrina

        I agree, Allison- every time I see Faye I have a strong aversion to her, unlike almost everyone on the RH series of shows- she gives me the impression that she is arrogant, money- grubbing, and true to no one but herself. From downing shots while talking down to Kathryn, attempting to avoid dealing with the truth- her inappropriate book, including people like Kathryn she neither knew nor had a reason to discuss(harmless though the mention, as quoted here, sounds) . Form this discussion, it sounds like Faye revealed her friend’s secrets in order to make money before the ink was dry on her death certificate, in writing this book so quickly, and she attempted to broaden sales widely by mentioning any prominent/semi-familiar name she could find, Kathryn an apparent example.

        In every single moment I have seen Faye on RHBH, I have been offended and disgusted- and frankly what sympathy/respect I have for Kyle in the family situations she confronts daily, are overwhelmed each time I am reminded that Faye is her very close friend- Faye and Kris Jenner, that is. Kyle has tried so many times to get Faye on the show and there is no audience interest in that at all. While I bet Andy would love to have her on as a trouble maker, the truth is she is so disgusting and low that I would not watch at all- nor would most others. I think Faye has been close to being at least an FOH several times, but it has been rebuffed profoundly each time, properly so. There is not a word that comes out of her mouth that does not make me twitch with disgust- her superiority covers for her desperation to avoid conflict while avoiding the issue she created , and her own embarrassment. She is as low as they come- and I loved the “morally corrupt” description- never heard it apply to anyone as it does, so appropriately, to Faye

      • Allison

        Well said, Sabrina!! I have to say, I wonder why Kyle keeps bringing her around-she has no problem sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, (taking up for Adrienne-I’m pretty sure Adrienne can fight her own battles and doesn;t need defense from the likes of Faye Resnick) and watching her cozy up to Yolanda made me sick. She seems to look for the richest one in the room. Kyle was skeevy, forcing the matter and acting surprised there might be an issue between the two women-I was happy that Kathryn shut her down when she tried bringing up Nicole and went to Erica to say hello. She wasnt playing today. I feel like Kyle has tried to get her on the show in some capacity for so long, thankfully Andy sees what a HORRIBLE idea that would be. And Kyle WOULD NOT DROP the Lyme/kids issue! I actually said to the TV, “seriously, shut up!” and she kept doing that nervous lip-smacking habit she does-what was that all about? Gross.

  13. Cat

    I don’t like Faye, either. To me, the book is nothing but blood money. Who does that to their dead “friend”?

    TT, are you going to blog about the upcoming movie? I hope so. I think.

    I’m just afraid it will be another example of the recent trend to make monsters look like victims.

    • Pip

      Cuba Gooding Jr. said until he took this role and played the part of OJ, he always thought OJ was innocent. But now he thinks he is guilty. Apparently this story swayed him big time.
      I hope you will be recapping it, too, Tamara! I know it’s a ten part weekly series, but I hope we can discuss it here. I think it’s going to be really interesting.

      • tamaratattles


        It’s PIP! I thought you had managed to quit me! You can’t quit me, girl!

      • Pip

        Oh honey… I’ll never quit you. I’ve just been busy up here, dontcha know! Glad you’re well girl! ?

  14. I don’t like Faye. I don’t like Kathryn. Faye should never have written the book. Being a coke head does not excuse her from acting like a hyena over the remains of her ‘best friend’. I still don’t like Kathryn. And yeah, it makes me wonder about Kyle for having a friend like Faye.

    • sandra

      lismia, ITA! Faye comes off all sorts of wrong. Kathryn seems so extra and fake. I don’t really care to see either of them again.

  15. What’s up with Kathryn’s stupid neck rolling, finger pointing fake ass accent when she said “Don’t say you KNOOOWW me when you don’t KNOOOWW me”

    Yeah. That’s just how people from Wisconsin sound.

    Oh brother……another “gangsta”
    “Straight Outta Madison”

    • librarygirl

      Now that made me laugh! Who the hell does she think she is? Reminds me of Brandi, or Heather!

      • Perhaps next time Kathryn rolls up in da hood to get it poppin’ and crackin’ with her homegirls, she could perhaps consider getting all up in Faye’s grill.

        Just sayin’.

  16. Lisaj

    I’m for Faye. Poor taste and questionable friendships coupled with drugs 20 years ago, really? That’s enough to hang her in public forever? She seems to have cleaned up her act, good for her. I don’t believe Nicole Simpson was a saint but never deserved to be murdered for her sexual encounters if that is indeed true. I wouldn’t like to be forever judged on my behavior in my 20-30’s. If Kyle trust her and that trust is misplaced, shame on her but IMO Faye held her shit together last night and faced the woman who said she’d dreamed of ruining her for half of her life. #issues

    • Lawstangel

      Nicole was not a very nice person, perhaps because she was troubled?? Her and Ron were “friends with benefits” (a girlfriend of mine, her now husband was his roommate at one time) he occasionally drove her car, a Ferrari with the license plate “late for a date” she got him into private clubs he was unable to get into on his own. They “hung out” but were not an item. I say she was not a nice person because she did a lot of underhanded shit back in the day, BUT SHE IN NO WAY Deserved to be harmed, let alone murdered. Conventional wisdom among her crowd was that she did sleep with Marcus Allen to “get back” at OJ. Like many explosive relationships the two of them were very tit for tat, trying to hurt each other. The problem is she failed to realize that snake she was poking was going to bite her hard one day. Very tragic situation, I was no saint back in the day myself. Makes one think.

      BTW I have said book somewhere, I bought it a few years back at the 99 cents store, out of sheer curiosity. I always thought that was a bitch move to write that book so soon her death. During the trial Faye befriended Dominick Dunne who was writing for Vanity Fair, they sat together at the trial. During the trial there were like 10 “public seats” available on a daily basis, they did a lotto every morning to sit in the gallery. My friend and I went one day but did not get in. While sitting in the hall I met Annie Lebovitz!! My friend told her I was interested in photography and she came over and talked to me about it. I got her autograph and she asked me to look after her camera equipment for a few mins. while she was in the restroom. She was super cool!

      • Matzah60

        That was the concensus while the trial proceeded. I didn’t know her of course, but Kris Jenner, Faye, and Nicole were all best buddies and were very involved with drugs; cocaine as I recall. This was before 24/7 news and social media and much of the gossip came from the likes of the Enquirer and the Globe. Most of the stories in these rags were ludicrous, but this Trial of the Century had people salivating over these magazines.

        When Faye’s book came out a little less than 4 months after her death, the trial literally stopped in order to give both sides in court a chance to read it. At the time, it was said that while Faye capitalized on her best friend’s death that the factual content was pretty accurate. People wanted to read any of the ‘sordid’ facts of OJ, Nicole, Kris Jenner, and Kato Katelin. It was a bestseller but hurt Faye’s integrity, likability factor, and forever damaged her credibility, even as a witness.

        If I recall correctly, it was the first televised trial that I can recall. Judge Ito got a lot of flack for his handling of the case in court. Seems like a lifetime ago.

      • tamaratattles

        Matz, Please refresh yourself on the commenting rules. Particularly #10. It’s not necessary to download everything you know in your comments. Please stick to the topic. It’s not just this post, but a trend… I’m just finally pointing it out here. :)

      • Matzah60

        Sorry. I did go off on a tangent and promise to stay on topic.

      • tamaratattles

        LAWST, Please refresh yourself on the commenting rules. Particularly #10. It’s not necessary to download everything you (think you) know in your comments. Please stick to the topic. Also, I have not posted anything defamatory to the murder victims here, and you shouldn’t either.

    • Zoemonster2


    • janet

      Some people act like Faye is worse than O.J. we need to remember who did the crime, who was responsable for the chain of events that caused all this. Perhaps Kathryn should aim her anger at O.J. instead. Kathryn says whats not to like about professional football players. Well, with the fame and money comes a loss of privacy or being the subject of more gossip than the average person. She also signed up to be in a reality show. Im pretty sure she knew that opened her up to be examined, but she wanted that check anyway. I grew up in a small town, and alot was covered up crime wise. Theres a real injustice to with holding information and being fed propaganda. Its that kind of thing that leads to people getting away with murder. Kathryn is full of it. I read that book a long time ago, and only remember the parts about Marcus Allen. I didnt have a clue who she was till now.

  17. 25


  18. Kari

    Faye seems like a nice lady. Camille said on twitter the other day that she regrets bad mouthing her on season 1. LVP is just mad that Faye had the balls to confront her

  19. The stench of blood money never goes away, be it twenty years to two. Faye Resnick will have that albatross around her neck until the day that she dies, and she deserves it. I don’t like her, don’t respect her, and wish she would get her haughty, unattractive face off my favorite HW’s show. She IS disgusting, and by sitting there, looking Kathryn straight in her eye, unabashedly unrepentant, in my opinion proves she’s STILL low rent. AND just when I’m digging Kyle again, she has to go and praise this slime ball for what a great friend she is. Yeah, right…until somebody gets nearly decapitated that is.

  20. JoJoFLL

    So I just watched the episode and Faye is as vile and disgusting as I thought she was before.

    No one had brought Kathryn’s name into that OJ mess until Faye Resnick did.

    Faye is saying she only wants to talk about this in private?

    Too bad she didn’t show the same courtesy to Kathryn. Kathryn was an unwilling cast of horrible characters in the grotesque circus that was the OJ mess because of Faye.

  21. Toni

    I don’t like Faye. I find her to be opportunistic and judgemental (not a good combination) — decorator? Really?

    Having said this – Kathryn is ridiculous. The comments weren’t all that bad and frankly, if you are in the public eye, much worse can be said about you than she’s a nice person and she turns a blind eye to infidelity. 20 years of a grudge? Seems petty.

    What really irks me is Kyle – Faye is supposedly her bff and every time Faye comes on the show she gets nothing but hate. Why set this scenario up with Faye and Kathryn? It’s really gross how low Kyle could stoop to get drama for the show.

  22. janet

    I dont really care for Faye, because of her attack dog style, but I dont fault her writing that book about Nichole and Ron’s murder. The reason being, the tale of domestic abuse by a wealthy sports hero and his wife, needed to be told. The public needed to get an idea of what went down, and how Nichole had such a hard time getting support, from cops and even her own family, who benefited from O.J.’s wealth and connections. Alot of people were very cowardly about standing up to O.J. and even Robert Kardashian admitted before his death, his regret in helping OJ and he saw it clearly after the fact when it was too late. Faye also gave us a glimpse into the twisted co deoendent nature of the abuser and the victim. I allways felt after reading that book, that Nichole might have lived, if she hadnt made an appeal for a reconcilliation with OJ, when she heard he was moving on with a girlfriend and appeared to be faithful to her. Sure the book blows the lid off of the privacy of some people, but I felt the book did some good, even if Faye didnt have perfect motives for writing it.

    • Gia

      I think it’s fucked up that you feel entitled to any of that information and even more fucked up that you take a drug addicts recollection as fact…especially when they are getting paid to say it. Fucked. up.

    • 25

      Taylor why can’t you just go away.

      Did you actually read the book? It’s full of private details about the deceased’s life that go far beyond the scope of her abusive relationship. Faye talks about fucking her. It’s despicable to have a friend get murdered and for a person’s immediate thought to be capitalizing on her death. It was published in 3 months. That’s quite the turnaround time, even if she only “wrote” it. Faye’s sexcapades didn’t save the lives of any abuse victims.

  23. WhyOWhy

    I was just telling my Intern yesterday about how I watched the OJ trial from beginning to end INCLUDING the car chase. He was born in 1992. Good Lord, I am old.

  24. My close friend owned the restaurant where Ron worked. I have insider info, but wish to follow TT’s rules, and I am too tired for my brain to process if that would be rule breaking. ?The whole story is bizarre; Kathryn def read the book, I think Faye is creepy, and I don’t like how showy Kathryn is.

    Yes, seeing lux lifestyle is great, but the manner of stating “you buy whatever gifts whenever” and want the necklace that’s $2 million or earrings that are $2.8m, it just gets kinda… Trying too hard to illustrate your oh-so-luxurious lifestyle. ‘I ain’t saying she a gold digger… But she ain’t messin with no brokey Brokes.’

  25. Erica

    THAT’S IT?????

    That is so fucking minor!

    So Faye and Kris thought that she knew she was marrying a male ho. They also agreed that Faye shouldn’t return his interest because it would hurt her. (A twisted form of girl code, but girl code nonetheless – when they didn’t know her!)

    Allen testified about all this – her name was probably discussed in their social circles with or without the book.

    Tempest in a teacup.

    And I loved how Morally Corrupt Faye just froze her ass out with silence until “Feel better now”. Damn I have to learn that.

  26. Xanadude

    Camille accomplished three amazing things during her HW career: quickest conversion between seasons from bitch to saint ever, Alison Dubois, and giving us the phrase “the morally corrupt Faye Resnick.”

  27. Sweet T

    Twenty years and you’re still carrying a dagger? Bitch get over it. I’m betting it’s the only interesting thing we will see from you.

    And Faye is a master at shutting things down and starting things up. She waited twenty years but didn’t get to say a word.

    Three months to write a book is way too short a period of time. I’m sure she wasn’t the only one writing but was the fastest. Most others were probably starting when she was done. I was raised to keep my mouth shut about other people’s lives but then I’m not a drug addict and all the drug addicts I know would do it in a second if it meant more money and more drugs. I know it is unpopular to say because so many people hate Faye but drug addicts do things they would not do otherwise because of addiction. Maybe she regrets it. Maybe that is what that blanket apology was for (though I thought it was for Camille mostly).

    • Matzah60

      I tend to agree with you. While not a fan of Faye in general, I do think addiction of any kind makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do otherwise. It takes over your body and consumes your soul. While never having an addiction to drugs or alcohol, I did have a gambling addiction for two years. It seemed to take over my life. It’s insidious and I can see how the drug addiction Faye had gave her tunnel vision. She needed money to pay off drug debts and to acquire more drugs.Though the result was loss of Faye’s integrity, I don’t believe she meant to besmirch her BFF Nicole.

  28. Clouds

    She was mentioned twice and only in 2 sentences and it appears Kris is the only that said it, not Faye. I think her being anger about that part is kind of shallow and riddiculous. However, I can see her being angry about the book in general because it really is a vile thing.

  29. beauxblue

    while Ericka Jayne girardi thinks she’s an enigma I think faye is, after being tagged as morally corrupt, which I suspect will be the headline on her obit, I can’t figure out why she keeps showing up. Do they pay her? is she that thirsty? if part of her recovery was to be contrite and apologize that might explain it, but the apology was clearly not sincere. it was over 20 years ago, she was an addict, I think recently divorced or going through a divorce, so she took the opportunities that came her way, but why not use the hindsight of 20 years and give a heartfelt apology if that is what Kathryn really needs.

  30. Matzah60

    Is Katherine a full-time wife or was she just brought in for this conflict with Faye? Wondering why she came in halfway through the season?

    • Micheal

      My guess is that production thought the season had too much butt waxing, fake illnesses and pony buying and not enough ‘drama’. That and the fact that Erika is rather demure at times and isnt a bull in a china shop like Brandi was. My guess is that production thought Erika would be a rich version of Brandi, but instead she is awesome.

      • Matzah60

        I think your guesses are spot on, Michael. Thanks for answering my question. I’ve been awol with the flu. Been sleeping around the clock and just got the chance to thank you.

  31. Dd

    My question is, ” How did Kyle meet Faye? Was it through her sister Kim, since they are both recovering addicts?” Was she Kim’s friend before Kyle’s?

  32. Jen

    Faye Resnick is a desperate Woman. Why else would she subject herself to further shame and ridicule. I disdain her. She had no heart putting all their sexual exploits out there for all of God’s Creation to see. Nicoles poor babies. Blood Money is disgusting and will be on her hands forever. She didn’t kill anyone, but she profited from her dear ‘friends’ gruesome murder. She is despicable. I know it was 20 yrs ago. I still dislike her. Yuck!

  33. Josie

    Your friend is murdered and you write a book airing her dirty laundry and filled with lies. Who does that? Why the morally corrupt Faye Resnick of course!

    I hope Kathryn eventually lets her have it. Allen testified that he never slept with Nicole. Can you imagine the whispers and gossip she had to endure because of Faye’s lies?

    Kyle can pretend Faye is now Mother Teresa however, I dont believe anyone capable of doing that to a “friend” has changed all that much.

  34. First of all, Faye isn’t the one who said anything negative about Kathryn. Allegedly, it was Kris Kardashian. Faye just printed them… That being said, I’m all teh way team Faye. She was in a very dark place at the time and that was 20 years ago. She’s a pitbull of a friend, and I’m not impressed with Kathryn picking her as an easy target.

    • Micheal

      Brandi used the same excuse about a certain someones feminine odour issues (“I just repeated what so and so said”). Faye printed it = Faye is just as much to blame morally and legally. Printing rumours makes you just as guilty as the person who made it up. Faye is trash.

      • Johnny

        I mean, they’re Real Housewives. Aren’t they all trash lol? Would we watch if they weren’t?

        I know I’m in the minority here, but I love Faye for her first-rate dreadfulness. It’s her blatant manipulation and give-no-fucks attitude that makes me think she’d actually be kind of great as a housewife.

      • Pip

        I agree. I have never understood why they don’t bring Faye on FT. I think she is a snooty biotch, but they want bitchy, assertive women who aren’t afraid to stand up. I for one would love it if they brought on Faye and Camile.

    • Erica

      I don’t even get what Kris said that was so bad. It would hurt anyone if their partner cheated on them publicly.

  35. jen

    Thank you for this post giving so much info on this. Interesting.

  36. Faye’s book is a piece of trash. And, yes. I’d be pissed if someone I didn’t know used my name in a book. But by Kathryn giving a 20 yr old book that was blasted by everyone any kind of recognition, she’s lowering herself to Faye’s level. I would’ve left it alone. Kathryn came out looking like all talk & no show. And Faye, as hated as she is, pulled the carpet out from Kathryn when she refused to give her any ammunition. Round #1 goes to Faye.

  37. I forgot to add that what kind of slime besmirches her dead friend with titillating tales of lesbian sex? Nicole was dead. She couldn’t deny what could’ve been a lie. Faye is beyond disgusting.

  38. Once again it’s two ladies fighting rather than focusing on the cheater. This subject would be mute had Marcus not cheated on Kathryn!

  39. Kathryn has a right to her feelings. But she seems to be mostly talk. If she doesn’t know what Faye wrote about her, she loses credibility. The book is trashy. But you’d think she’d at least skim it to dislike Faye so much. Her conflict over Faye has become old already.

  40. xandrab000

    Until now, I never understood what everyone is talking about when it comes to Faye’s reputation. Now I get it, and it seems well deserved. I mean, publishing a book within 3 months of her “best friend’s” death?? Dragging people into it that she never met? I just want to smack that self righteous, “it’s too painful to talk about it” look right off her face.

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