Lisa Vanderpump Attempts to Placate Mohamed And Mend Friendship

When the door was opened...

When the door was opened…

It seems a lot of you didn’t really see what I saw in the Instagram message from Mohamed.  Mohamed was clearly pissed that Lisa had outed his private conversation on national TV.  It was clear when Lisa said it, she knew she should not have. It as clear by Mohamed’s first Instagram comment he was not speaking to her. He’s pissed. He tried to cover their conversation by saying that he told her the kids were “fine” and she must have misinterpreted things.  There is no way he wants Yolanda to know he doesn’t believe her or that he knows that the kids don’t have Lyme disease. Now that it is out there, if the kids did have Lyme, Mohamed would have said, as Yolanda stated, both Anwar and Bella have Lyme disease. Beyond that, their illness is not up for debate on the show. Yolanda and I have treatment plans in place and both kids are doing well. That is, they are fine.

But that is not what he did. He could not play along with Yolanda’s delusions, and he could not admit he had shared his thoughts with “one of his best friends” who just blabbed it to the world. So he rode the fence with the “fine” story.

Today, LVP’s blog is up, but it sure seems like she wrote it last night. There are quite a few typos and errors and homophone word substitution errors in her short little blog. And that is not typical of Lisa’s blogs  And she also validates Mohamed’s “fine” story.

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Devious

Does this face look manipulative to you? :)

On the subject regarding Lyme disease, I can’t stress this enough: I believe when we initiate conversation on a reality show,whether inadvertently or not, we open the doors for discussion. I have initiated sensitive subjects myself,with regard to my children, for one… Max’s adoption, with the full understanding that as cameras were documenting this, it would be flung into a forum where many would speculate. It was a conscious choice, so people would gain a better understanding of our family dynamic.

There has never been any love lost between Yolanda and Lisa.  Yolanda came in hot in her first season saying to Brandi, “Who is dis world is Lisa Vanderpump?” Yolanda knew Lisa very well from her time married to Mohamed. Lisa was around long before she was in the picture as a very good friend of Mohamed. She came on the show and became a cheerleader for the antithesis of everything she hates (poor people, drunk women, sluts, loud mouths) just to spite Lisa. And the two have been quietly trying to kill each other ever since.

So Lisa cannot bite her tongue. She has to point out that Yolanda did it first.
I would never delve into the health history of somebody’s children, but now as the subject was brought to the forefront by Yolanda, a week previously, without provocation, then I was asked questions by Kyle, I have no alternative but to speak my truth. My truth being over the years of interacting with all of the children there had never been any mention of illness.

I knew them to to thrive, flourish, but I state I had no reason to question their well being.

More “she started it” with a backup of, “I’ve been around these kids all my life. There is nothing wrong with them! “

RHOBH Lisa Pump Surprise

Mohamed had always said they were fine, but that is their prerogative as parents, whatever medical issues or information they choose to divulge. I obviously interpreted that as they were not infected by this insidious disease, and as it is not contagious, I understood them to be healthy. I love and adore all three of them, for sure.

This is almost EXACTLY Mohamed’s cover story. I probably said they were fine at dinner. It’s interesting the level of detail in such a short statement.  He seems to acknowledge that a conversation happened with Lisa, and that it happened in a public restaurant. He has a memory of the conversation they had. The details to me prove he’s lying about the “fine” story. And Lisa picked up on that story to support his lie.

I regret even acknowledging the subject, but we live and we learn.

Because it has really pissed off my good friend and put him in a bad position. I hope that my subtle shift in the story from Mohamed said they are not sick to “they didn’t look sick to me!” will get me out of the doghouse with him.


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123 responses to “Lisa Vanderpump Attempts to Placate Mohamed And Mend Friendship

  1. Micheal

    I feel bad for LVP. Clearly she is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She would love to show to the world that Yolanda is a huge liar. Yet, as she genuinely cares for Mohammed and the kids, she has to walk that fine line.

    • Betty

      Why not just stay out of it Ultimately, there is no way to prove whether they do or they don’t. Maybe next time Yolanda can grill LVP on what her lazy son Max is doing and how old is present girlfriend is. :)

      • Micheal

        Really? Stay out of Yolanda’s one and only stroyline this season? The one that both production and the other HWs bring up every episode?

        Did you forget the season where Yolanda with most of the other HWs all ganged up on LVP? LVP was not even making up a fake illness to try and invalidate a prenup. Blech, amateur.

      • Xanadude

        That was, I believe, the season I contemplated taking a shot every time Yolanda became the arbiter of who was and who was not “a girl’s girl.”. A phrase I loathe now more than ever (topped only by the excreble “It is what it is,” the most passive aggressive lack of personal responsibility nonstatement ever

      • Lisa V never insulted Yolanda’s children. Quite the opposite, actually.

      • Dee

        Xanadude, thank you. Someone once said, it is what it is, I wondered what it meant. So glad to know

      • Amy

        Shes on reality TV , she knows bravo will try to manipulate the editing. If she did not want her children’s diagnosis speculated on then she should not have told the housewives on TV. Also she should not have filmed this season. With her being as sick as she says she is then quit the show so you can concentrate on getting better.

      • LOL – LVP was amusing for the first season – after that her taffeta gowns and 9 layer makeup face and sneer were repulsive. I also don’t believe her accent hasn’t worn off and her children’s “play” accents are hilarious. Her poor doggie carrying- poopie cleaning up husband is a classic wimp. Poor old dude

    • Undine

      I feel bad for LVP too. She’s in a tough spot. If Mohammed loves her as he says he does, hopefully in time he will forgive her for telling the honest, bewildered truth. LVP seemed genuinely perplexed, flummoxed by the whole “now the kids have lyme too” bs. How can Mohammed stay mad at LVP but meanwhile let his kids be tortured mentally and physically by their mother’s quackery? His behavior is perplexing to me. As rich as he is, he should rain down like fire on Yolanda and shut that shit down. Especially for the minor child, Anwar. All this gentle, she’s the mother of my children stuff doesn’t work for me.

      • Minky

        You and Michael make good points. LVP was placed into an uncomfortable situation by the circumstances. However, I believe she allowed herself to be baited, maybe even unconsciously. She could have just told Kyle, “Well, Kyle, if you want to know about Yolanda’s children’s health status, then why don’t you ask Yolanda?” For the thought to have not crossed LVP’s mind that Kyle might have been digging for dirt is pretty hard to believe.

        I too wonder why Yolanda’s doing this to her kids and why nobody in her life is trying to stop her. But, whatever.

      • Micheal

        Oh I agree that what LVP said was both stupid and in breach of confidence. I still empathise with her situation. However, if she really wanted to expose Yolanda and her lies, we all know she could have done it by now. Clearly, for whatever reason Mohammed does not want Lisa to do that, so for the most part she is ‘towing the party line’.

      • Dd

        My question is this, “Why are Anwar and Bella,the only 2 that has Lyme?”

      • Denine

        Because Gigi’s career is too lucrative to jeopardize with a phony diagnosis.

    • microop

      I don’t feel bad for her. You do what is in the best interest of your best friend no matter what. Even if that means letting Yolanda get away with lying.

      • Micheal

        And then be complicit in a HUGE lie, that when it comes out will damage the reputation of all those involved? At some point you have to cover your own arse.

      • microop

        No one is going to hold Lisa accountable for Yolanda lying. I like Lisa but what she did was uncool, and mo has every right to be pissed, for as long as he wants.

    • Ann mootz

      Totally agree!!

  2. swizzle

    I cannot figure out the relationship among LVP, Yo and Mohamed. LVP and Mohamed were friends before and after his marriage to Yo. Yo and Mo had those three kids who LVP claims to be very close to, yet she really has no connection to Yo. Just all seems so odd to me.

    Clearly Mohamed told LVP the kids don’t have Lyme and they are covering for it now. I get why Mohamed wanted it kept between friends. LVP will now pay the price for going too far on TV. There are consequences for behaving poorly, inappropriately.

    • JoJoFLL

      I’m very close to my husband’s best friend’s kids to the point that they’ve spent the night at my house hundreds of times. I’ve never met their mother who at the time lived less than two miles from me.

    • Toddy

      I’m great friends with my brother, but less than thrilled with his wife (and she’s been in the fam 20+ yrs). I’d much rather visit with him and kids when she’s otherwise occupied. So I can see the Lisa/Mohamad/Yo situation.

    • Meg

      The thing is that Yolanda and Mohamed were married only for 6 years. Half of that time Yolanda was pregnant (the other half probably “very ill” because I’m sure you heard that story about how she broke her back during labour). After divorce they share custody 50/50, kids are still small, Yolanda is out of the picture, LVP’s and Mo’s friendship blooms. That’s my theory.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      I believe Lisa said she knows the children since they were very little – Yo and Mohamed divorced when the kids were young. It is possible that she knew Mohamed before he married Yolanda but didn’t socialize with him during that time, especially if she was living in the South of France then?

      • More Tea Please!

        Remember Yo says they lived on a horse ranch in Santa Barbara, I assume until she built the Malibu you with the Mohammed Divorce Undone Prenup money. So chances are Mohammed had an in-town pad and the kids were seldom in Beverley Hills.

    • Sliceo'pie

      I don’t love every person my friends or family members have married-I don’t find it unusual that they might not care for each other.

  3. Angel(?)

    I bet Lisa could just KILL Kyle. However, she slipped up. I’ve been in situations like this before hence my mantra. It’s all lying liarface Yolanda’s fault for fabricating this story and having everyone go along.

    Is Mohamed as close to his first wife as he is to Yo? I never knew he had 2 older daughters until his post.

    • Lawstangel

      When that convo. between Kyle & LVP transpired, in LVP’s talking head she expressed exasperation about Kyle quizzing her. It was exactly the way Kyle felt when LVP would not let up on the Kim questions.

      • Just curious. How do you know exactly how Kyle felt? Everyone’s been asking lots of questions about her sister Kim, not just Lisa V.

      • Lawstangel

        @Far- I know because Kyle discussed it in her “talking heads” first at the dinner table in Italy and again in the Hamptons. I agree it was not exclusive to LVP, but on at least two of those occasions LVP was the only one present.

      • Suzanne D

        Asking Kyle about her sister, who was a cast member and kept making news headlines while this was filming, is a different ball game than asking a friend about another person’s children. I could have more respect for Kyle’s wishes not to discuss Kim if she shut everyone down and didn’t want to talk about her on camera. But Kyle only allowed her aunt and cousin and Faye ask her about Kim on camera. She got annoyed with everyone else. I know people are tired of the Kim Cloud hanging over this season, but they forget that the show was being filmed when she made a drunken fool of herself at her daughter’s wedding, ran away and hid in Mexico somewhere, returned to rehab only to flee in the middle of the night while everyone was over in Europe for Nicky’s wedding, then the infamous Target heist. Of course it was going to be a hot topic during the show.

    • Sharon

      Angel, check out Mohammad’s Instagram. His 2 older daughters are very pretty too and one of them has a baby so he has at least one grandchild. I think it is a boy. He doesn’t show any pics of the older girls mother and I am not sure if they even have the same Mom.

      • Katie

        They do. Mary Hadid. Mohammad married Yolanda VERY soon after divorcing Mary.

      • CoBe

        Mohamed married Yolanda as soon as his divorce became final. EXACTLY six months after filing.

        So . . .

        I’m not sure Yolanda can complain too much about who is or isn’t cheating on whom.

  4. Margarett

    In light of the public declaration by Yolanda that the children were ill and suffering, I might have interpreted the “fine” the same way that LVP did initially. There certainly must have been more to the conversation. (At least there would have been had it occurred with a friend and me.)

  5. Johnny

    As Anwar lives with Mohamed now, and the girls are grown, he’s probably stopped paying child support to YoLYMEda, so she must be desperate to hold onto Foster’s ca$h. She’s going to have to start bringing the drama – and a full time commitment – to RHOBH if she wants to keep that check too, so I’m hoping to see a full-on confrontation between her and LVP at the reunion and all those years of bitterness finally exposed (assuming Yo doesn’t duck out early again).

    That said, if she left RHOBH, it might strengthen her case for needing Foster’s spousal support, in which case perhaps this is her last season? It’s clear that Bravo intend to bring back both Brandi and Kim, as they’re mentioned in every episode, so Yo wouldn’t be missed next year.

    • JoJoFLL

      By law she would still be receiving child support no matter who Anwar was living with. Child support is federally mandated and it isn’t based per child but a percentage of your annual income.

      • tamaratattles

        actually, child support is paid to the parent with physical custody. I’m sure Yo still has it as there is not much time before Anwar turns 18 and he will pay Yo anyway. It’s also not federally mandated, each state has their own formula. In each state the number of children is totally a factor. In CA Mo was paying 10K a month per child, he is now down to just one. He also paid 10K a month to Yo until she married. When she was “a single mother” as she likes to drone on about, she was pulling 480K a year from Mohammed.

      • cobe

        If Anwar goes to college, Yolanda could extend child support through the college years, assuming child custody has not been officially changed.

        My guess would be that Mohamed would just continue to pay the support in order not to disrupt the lifestyle of his “ailing” wife.

        I’ve seen this kind of thing before and it is really sad.

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t understand all of these fantastical theories about child support until the kid is drawing social security that seem to crop up all the time here. Anwar does not have Lyme. Even Yo is saying he is playing football and soccer. Anwar will not get “child support” during college. What he will have is a fat bank account provided by his father like any other rich kid in college.

      • CoBe

        Child support does not go to Anwar, it goes to Yolanda. Whether he is living with her or not, she still received child support while he is in college, if he goes.

        California law.

        Anwar will get his own trust fund, but Yolanda is angling to remain on the child support dole for another few years.

      • CoBe

        Oops. Apologies. I was wrong on California law. Some states allow child support to continue as long as the child is in full time school.

        Sorry about that.

        I’ll be more careful next time.

      • How the child support would be distributed in the event that Anwar attends college would have been addressed in the divorce. Since we are not privy to what exactly is contained in the divorce decree, it is impossible to know to whom the payments, if any, would be made.

      • tamaratattles

        Child support terminates when a child turns 18 years old except when the 18-year-old child is still a full-time high school student and lives with a parent. In that situation, child support terminates when the child turns 19 or graduates from high school, whichever occurs first. California child support also terminates if a child marries, joins the military, is emancipated or dies.

        In no state to parent pay child support for college students, If the kid turns 18 and is still in high school child support continues until graduation or age 19.

        Parents work out plans for college amongst themselves. In this case Moh would pay for all their college.

      • Northeastgrl

        Actually child support can in fact include college expenses in some states. Guidelines vary state by state and its based on the same variables that typically determine support.

    • JoJoFLL

      Yolanda is that crazy that everyone is walking on eggshells around her? I feel bad for the kids.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more!

    • tamaratattles

      Again THAT IS NOT CHILD SUPPORT! Arrangements for who pays what for college are often in the divorce decree. But that is not child support.

  6. Lime Brain

    I blame Kyle for this. I just don’t understand her and her mean girlness.

    At the beginning of the season, it was nice seeing the two of them being friends again and enjoying their vacation in Italy. Now she ambushes Lisa and Katherine, at the bbq she is hosting, by not telling either one that Faye was going to be there. But she warned Faye about who was going to be there. What kind of friend does that? Then she seats Lisa next to Faye and Katherine directly across from her. Some hostess.

    I think it threw Lisa off her game and wasn’t prepared for Kyle’s preplanned attack on Lisa about Yolanda’s kids. She would not let it drop. She certainly wanted the subject of her sister dropped last week. I know that production was behind it, but she certainly didn’t have to go along with it. And what was with the whole, “Faye is my best friend” crap? I guess everyone else there was chopped liver.

    I can’t wait to see her blog and what she has to say. Probably, “Poor me. I didn’t know that all this was going to happen.”

    I wondered at the beginning of the season who Lisa was referring to with her tag line. Now I know. I’m not even a big Lisa V fan. The only one left that I like is Camille.

    I hope the rest of the season is not going to be about oj. The whole thing was very sad. I feel bad for both families and OJ’s kids having all this brought back up again with the movie coming out. I may have to quit watching this season if it’s going to be all about oj.

    • tamaratattles

      Do you really no know that production plans the dinner parties, outing, and trips and tells people who they can and can’t tell about the guest list and also does the seating charts? they also decide who rides together (lisa and Kathryn) (Kenya and Kandi) etc. Tells people not to show up or when to arrive (late)…etc

      • Lime Brain

        Yes, I realize it’s all a production set up. But if they are friends in real life, wouldn’t you sneak a heads up to Lisa about Faye? It’s not like these people are desperate for money. She warned Faye. Bravo would have gotten a better show down between Faye and Katherine if Faye hadn’t been warn.

    • Lawstangel

      Wow, that is some creative thinking. Back to blame it all on Kyle. Lisa has been pretty aggressive with the “questions” this season among many of the ladies. She has questioned Kyle in the same manner in her relentless quest to find out about Kim.

      • Lime Brain

        The funny thing is, I was actually liking Kyle this season.

      • Meredo

        @Limebrain, I totally agree with you regarding Ktle and what she did to LVP. If LVP would have persisted in her questions about Kim Kyle would have been even more rude than she already was. Actually, most of the time LVP was merely trying to tell Kyle she shouldn’t feel guilty about Kim, that she’s been a great sister to her, etc. She really never seemed to just ask questions just to be nosy, just to be supportive of Kyle.And Kyle was still a bitch to LVP just for that. Its Kyles treatment of LVP that usually makes me not like her even though for the most part I do. It just seems she can’t ever just let her jealousy of LVP go and just be her friend.I think LVP genuinely likes Kyle but after awhile can’t ignore the backstabbing and snide remarks. This is the same reason I detest Yo (however, I don’t like her at all like On any level). I so agree with everything TT wrote how Yo has been after LVP since season one. If I were LVP and my friendship with Mohammed was ruined over this debacle, it’d be a no holds barred to give it to Yo. I think she has taken so much shit from Yo and let it go because of Mohammed, but if that friendship is now over then LVP shouldn’t let Yo get away with treating her the way she does.
        I feel so bad for LVP, I don’t think she did anything wrong. She answered a question without much embellishment and then even tried to shut it down. I hope Mohammed watched the show and saw for himself she didn’t really betray him, IMO at least.

      • Johnny

        ^^ I’m not sure Vanderpump is really that much more invasive than anyone of the other girls, it’s just smart editing with the talking heads.

        I mean, Rinna asked Kathryn about her uterus the very second they met up for lunch. They were barely even sat down. What’s more personal and invasive than a woman’s fertility?

  7. karen

    You are right TT when Yolo came on the show I could tell right away she was out to get Lisa. I do not believe their is anything wrong with Yolo other than she has mental issues and loves sympathy. I also do not believe her kids are sick.

  8. Lime Brain

    I just thought of something. This was all filmed how many months ago?

    Erika was sitting there at the table listening to everything. Wouldn’t she have told Yolanda back then about Lisa’s and Kyle’s conversation about Yolanda’s kids?

    Why now the sudden outrage from Mohamed with that curious post of “No more!” and Lisa’s hurried blog? They had months to have their assistants work together for responses that would actually make it more believable that Lisa was mistaken by what Mohammed said.

    Either Erika kept her mouth shut and never told Yolanda, Lisa never told Mohamed that she f’d up and tried to explain herself or, I don’t know what else. He must have known Mon t he ago.

    • Katherine 2.0

      That is suspect.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that LVP and Mr. Hadid concocted this scenario as a way to get the info out and still preserve Hadid’s relationship with his ex. Lisa is rarely caught off guard, and Kyle’s question didn’t seem spontaneous, but planned.

      LVP returned the favor for Kyle – asking her “intrusive” questions about Nikki’s wedding and Kim – so that Kyle could sputter about not wanting to talk about it, but still putting her situation with the rest of the family out in the open, and earning her some sympathy from viewers.

      Everyone knows now, or strongly suspects, that LVP’s “blunder” gave the impression that Hadid does not support the Lyme disease claims. He never publicly stated that his children are sick, just that LVP misinterpreted his comments. He still looks supportive of Yolanda. But he must know the potential damage this false claim can have on his children’s future.

      As for LVP, as TT said, her relationship with Yolanda was never good, so what does it matter if Yo is irked at her for spilling the beans?

      • Lawstangel

        I am going to mull that one over……

      • Miguel

        Your Lisa-Kyle-Mo analysis is quite astute, Katherine 2.0 – I hadn’t thought of this! It seems all three have gently washed their hands of the Phantom illness, in case the proverbial s#*t hits the fan!

    • Hmmm, good point. I want to like Erika but her friendship with Yo makes me think less of her. If she kept her mouth shut about it I can respect that.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya, I am hoping Erika did not come on the show to go after Lisa V for Yolanda. So far I find her entertaining. She doesn’t seem to like Lisa V, but not sure if that’s Yolanda’s poison or her own impression. I guess we shall see.

  9. Lime Brain

    *months ago.

  10. Cmugga

    TT, you don’t disappoint, I read LVP’S blog today and was about to request the infamous, “purple pen”. 😛

  11. Teresa

    I agree with every word of this blog, and I did pick up on Yolanda’s distain towards Lisa long ago. I think Yolanda befriended Brandi to irritate Lisa, and was in Brandi’s ear calling her a “hollywood” friend, belittling Lisa every chance she got. In fact, I think it was Yolanda who turned Brandi against Lisa. Yolanda’s attitude towards Ken was unwarrented. Yolanda was reaching when she said Ken hit her. We all seen what happened. The way Yolanda treated Joyce was unsettling and uncomfortable to watch. Joyce didnot deserve Yolanda’s condensending treatement. I also think that Yolanda’s marriage desolved because David saw the truth, and he would no longer condone it.

    • I could totally see baby Yolanda milking cows ,while baby Lisa was picking roses.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      ITA Teresa! Yolanda groomed Brandi and started with the sandals in Paris. The sad thing is BG was too stupid to stop and think that LVP was the one who she called in the middle of the night in an emergency and who drove straight over to The Valley to help her – where was Yo? LVP and BG socialized outside of the show in SUR regularly by BG’s own admission. Yo went on WWHL and said she and BG don’t see each other outside of filming. And yet LVP was tarnished as the Hollywood Friend.

    • Meredo

      @Teresa, a big “YES” to everything you said. My sentiments exactly.

  12. Cat

    Finally. A picture of Yolanda wearing shoes.

  13. Teresa

    Was watching “The Doctors” today, and they were talking about “detoxing”, and I immediately thought of Yolanda. They said there is NO NEED to spend hundreds of dollars to detox. Your liver works perfecting fine doing this. They also gave the advice to eat some fruits and veggies, that will detox you. IF you have a healthy diet, which we know that Yolanda barely eats, then their is NO need to detox your body, your organs from your kidney, liver, and skin will do it for you.

  14. cobe

    I wouldn’t be surprised if LVP sent her blog to Mohamed for approval before posting. It seems like they are speaking (as friends do) and trying to work out the best way to resolve this while allowing everyone to save face.

    Also, this happened several months ago. I believe that LVP must have tried to get production to stop any mention of the kids. This would be the reason that Mohamed tagged Andy and Bravo in his post, but not LVP. It had been worked through with LVP to whatever point it could have been.

    Yolanda is like a poison to anyone around her. What a scary human being. Glad that Anwar is away from her and safe.

    Funny how she complains about the parasite in her ass, but she is the biggest parasite on the show.

  15. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    Tamara I saw exactly what you did in his Instagrams. I have seen some theories that he is getting at Yolanda in his posts or that he is being gallant in his replies but all I can see is that he is really blaming this all on LVP and throwing her under the bus because he can’t admit what he really said. There is no way that LVP, after hearing from Kyle of all people that his kids were diagnosed with Lyme in 2013, didn’t go to him and say “is this true, do they have Lyme?”.
    Yolanda has worked with these women for two seasons since this diagnosis but no one, not even their father’s close friend, knew about it? Not Kyle who Yo spent a week floating around the Med with and was with her when the DUI happened? It’s clear Brandi didn’t know either when she spoke about rumors of Bella being an alcoholic. Yolanda has always held herself up as the only authentic one on that show, she judges them for being Hollywood Friends, but yet she never once shared an inkling that her kids were unwell, let alone diagnosed with Lyme too. Why the secret? What kind of ambassador for Lyme sufferers hides the fact that two of her teenage children have this disease?

    • NYDudette

      And ambassador that is full of sh*t ?…! I hope Yo is off the show after this season, she brings nothing but lies and misinformation and zero nice hair or clothes or trips…nada, which are the only reasons for me to watch it.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Very interesting..

  16. Lily

    Yolanda has shown herself to be intensely competitive in strange ways. During her first season she came in with this Romance agenda. Hitting it hard with a trainer, she spoke to him about keeping her body in shape, and mentioned this as important since David had been married twice before. His longest marriage was 16 years, and Yolanda actually told the trainer she needed to be married to him longer than his longest marriage. It was such an odd statement, but it shows her thought process.

    The Keep Romance Alive campaign never took off. It was obvious David isn’t wired that way, and was visibly embarrassed when she shouted “my love” or “my king” especially in front of others, like Mohammed.

    Then she began to highlight her abilities as a designer and homemaker. Even David admitted that Yo’s reason for doing the show was to get a ‘lifestyle’ brand going. She’s not bad at it, but it was too obvious that she had teams of people doing the creative work. Aside from a Lemon chicken dinner, and sub-par bolognese sauce that David criticized, she didn’t seem to cook. For her parties she moaned that it wasn’t easy to coordinate caterers and florists and a Butler, and again, none of it seemed authentic.

    Yo was desparately in search of a platform, a purpose, something she could be the face of. Something she could be lauded for, the way Lisa V is lauded for development (26 restaurants) charming extravagance, a solid marriage. I think Mohammed was always impressed with Lisa V’s work ethic and personal success. Yo is very insecure, and would like to be regarded as more than a trophy wife.

    Now Yo is giving speeches about her own courage to the Lyme Disease cause, and being recognized as a champion of some sort. So illness is something she is excelling at – overachieving. Many illnesses. She gets daily praise – brave, strong, survivor, payers and thoughts. Outrageous claims that is “common for multiple family members to contract Lyme” and declaring she will find a cure for her babies.

    Her glaring mistake is assuming we have little awareness or information about Lyme disease. She mixes bits of eggagerated research on Lyme, tosses in silicone, parasites, toxins, cow saliva, heavy metal poisoning, enemas, claims being paralyzed, locked in her house AND condo, loses ability to read, write, drive, speak – all clearly contradicted by her displaying the ability to do these very things on film. By the time she’s done with her speeches, we have no clarity and a dozen questions. I wish the chairs of this foundation would not let her near a mic until she’s clear about what she has.

    Now she’s showing up to parties intentionally looking like she has fleas. She must have said four times and very loudly that she was ‘going back to bed.’ Everything is so dramatic with her. Most sick people have a desire to be ‘normal’ as silly as that word is, and try very hard not to call attention to the ways in which they actually are incapable of engaging in life the way they used to.

    So Yo finally excelled at something other than modeling. She’s professionally sick, and rewarded for it. Toss in her children, and fighting for her babies lives, and she’s going for the Gold. St Yolanda.

    Her illnesses are mostly unsubstantiated, and her descriptions are riddled with illogical conclusions. How do you get this lady to stop speaking for those with legitimate chronic illnesses? That’s a real question. Who can stop this lady from damaging the credibility of the those who do have auto-immune diseases? She’s not giving up this ‘platform’ on her own volition. It’s emotionally rewarding, and financially beneficial. It’s so disturbing.

    Sorry for my long post. My empathy duct is blocked for this lady, whatever she may have.

    • tamaratattles

      “She mixes bits of eggagerated research on Lyme, tosses in silicone, parasites, toxins, cow saliva, heavy metal poisoning, enemas, claims being paralyzed, locked in her house AND condo, loses ability to read, write, drive, speak – all clearly contradicted by her displaying the ability to do these very things on film.”

      This sounds like mean hyperbole designed to make someone look like a fool. ONLY IT’S NOT. it is a factual statement. It’s just shocking to see that one sentence even after reading it all for hours yesterday. It’s just mind blowing.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      What a great comment. I agree with it all.

    • Sam

      Very well said. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Excellent summary, Lily. You raise a timely question regarding Yolanda as the poster child for lyme disease. I know there is much discussion in my home state about extending treatment protocols for people with the disease, and controversy about the veracity of the tests for the disease.
      Someone like Yolanda at the forefront of this disease only exacerbates problems for those seeking to verify that they do, indeed, have it, and getting them the treatment they need.

    • Sweet T

      This is the best comment about Yolanda. She really is excelling at being ill. It’s getting her what she is looking for: attention and admiration.

      • Lily

        Thanks for reading my rant.

        Self-harm, orthorexia, etc. is one thing – so long as it stays directed at the self. But Yolanda has reached the tipping point of damaging other people who need and deserve to be believed. This “awareness” campaign is bringing the opposite of that awareness, and that is confusion. Thanks anyway, Yo. Already have that.

        I didn’t ever have Lyme, but I’d be pissed if this lady’s presentation of questionable research messed with my ability to get proper care. She hashtags #LymeDiseaseAwareness, and #invisibleillnesses. I’m in the latter category, and I don’t want Yolanda – who claims to have zero ability to read or write – delivering a dissertation on the origins of auto-immune failures, and spouting off bad statistics.

        I don’t want to be mean to the lady, and I’ve twisted my logic into a pretzel defending her unknown illness. After reading TT’s timeline of statements vs. action, I now have to declare that a person who believes they are sick is an actual malingerer – at best. That makes me feel terrible. But I have no other reasonable conclusion. Yolanda is causing us to be second guessed. But who would tell her that? And would she believe it? Would she even care?


    • Wendy

      Wow wow wow wow!! You are SPOT-ON regarding yoyo …

      I so want to tweet this but I won’t … amazing. !!

  17. cobe

    Look, anyone who has ever been interested in what a Freudian slip is, can now see it happening first hand.

    From Yolanda’s picture with Bella:

    “Watching my brave babies suffer in silence IN ORDER TO SUPPORT ME ON MY JOURNEY…”

    Those babies absolutely ARE suffering and are absolutely forced to be SILENT so they don’t disgrace their own mother.

    If they had Lyme, the statement would have been about THEIR journey (all of them).

    • I noticed this as well…very telling!

    • NYDudette

      I noticed it too, and had to read it again and again just to confirm it. Her mind truly betrayed her.

    • Minky

      Oh snap! Damn, Cobe. You have a very good eye. That totally got past me. Maybe it was a Freudian slip, but it was also probably a pretty accurate statement of fact. She was glowering a Bella in that photo like the Grinch glowered at Whoville. Even a perfectly staged photo can unintentionally reveal a whole lot of information visually.

    • You are so right! I totally missed that. Also, this has been bothering me…and slightly off today’s topic …but remember when she gathered the kids for a lunch time presentation of her will… She INSISTED on switching seats when the time came to present her will saying she wanted to sit beside Gigi. What she really wanted was to present the scene of her sharing her possible demise the next day using the lovely backdrop of the ocean below and had to do some obvious seat maneuvering to make that happen

  18. Barbara

    The kids are models and became ambassadors for Lyme which means they get invited for appearances at charity functions, etc. Those appearances raise their public profile, which enhances their careers. It is apparent to me this is all about fame and income. This is what Mo is protecting.

    • Lawstangel

      Maybe for Bella, but not Gigi, she is the real deal. Gigi had 7 Vogue covers in 2015. She did not get those by any sympathy for Lyme disease. She walked in all the major shows this year and again that is not from any sympathy vote.

      • Barbara

        Well my point is about Anwar and Bella since Gigi was not identified as being ill with Lyme. I was speaking of their father`s motivation. After reading Tamaras well written log of Yolandas blog history, it seems hard to come up with any valid reason why Mohammed would co sign a “fake” illness storyline unless there was something to be gained from it.

      • Calipatti

        Hot new “PillowTalk” just dropped also.

  19. Forbes List

    I think when Yolanda starts talking about her lyme disease and all her treatments everyone should just give her that dead eyed Erika ( whom i love) stare, say hmmm and leave it at that.
    this monster feeds on drama, sympathy and attention. stop feeding the beast and it will go away.

  20. Jaded

    LVP is no saint. I started looking at her differently when she giggled and backed Brandi’s mean girl antics. Boy did that come home to roost. There have been so many instances of her being wrong, not admitting it and starting problems. She just doesn’t get caught or isn’t called on it. She’s still better than the rest of this crew but I see her.

  21. Sam

    It’s my theory that Mohammed has serious doubts about Yolanda’s illness and probably doesn’t believe the kids have Lyme, either. However he most likely plays nice so that she lets Anwar live with him without an issue. In this way he gets Anwar away from his nutcase mother without legal battles and a public fight. By betraying a confidence, LVP may have jeopardized that arrangement, because if Yolanda does not think Mohammed believes her, she might insist Anwar needed to stay with her to get the proper care. Perhaps behind the scenes, the kids even realize Yolanda is nuts but support her so she does not look like a fool. Or, more likely, because she is their mother, and they love her, they trust her and think she wants the best for them. I wonder who diagnosed the kids? Was it the quack with the 10K a month regimen? I’ve seen this kind of thing before with my MIL, who has gone off the rails with this stuff. While I do believe that there are natural and homeopathic treatments that can work, these people who become so invested in this type of thing can almost be like brainwashed cult members who think the medical establishment is lying and trying to keep the natural cures from the public. So the fact that he is sanctioned and not well regarded in the medical community probably means nothing to Yo.

  22. Amy V

    Well…gosh! Well…gosh! Rinna s response to the deafening awkwardness at the end of the episode. Oh man…I fucking loved it! LMAO

  23. Dixie Sugabaker

    What if the “No more” statement was not to Lisa but to Bravo and Andy. I find it hard to believe that Lisa and Mohommed had not discussed this conversation previously and had tried to keep Bravo from airing it. This conversation with the Housewives was months ago when the statement was not that big of a deal, but perhaps now could affect Anwar continuing to live with Mohommed? What if the threat is not to Lisa but to Bravo?

  24. claire

    I think Yo should’ve completed her BBQ ensemble with a rolling IV stand…

  25. Meredo

    I pray that Yolanda reads this blog and all the comments, just so she will know not everyone is buying her bullshit. In fact, most here find her to be one batshit crazy whackadoo!

  26. “Yolanda came in hot in her first season saying to Brandi, “Who is dis world is Lisa Vanderpump?””
    Incorrect. Yolanda said this about ADRIENNE MALOOF.

    “She came on the show and became a cheerleader for the antithesis of everything she hates (poor people, drunk women, sluts, loud mouths) just to spite Lisa. And the two have been quietly trying to kill each other ever since.”
    Also incorrect. At this time, LVP was using Brandi to get back at Adrienne. Remember, Brandi/Lisa/Yo were the “dream team” that essentially ganged up on Adrienne/Kyle and all of their allies.

    I do think think there has always been underlying tension between them based on the Mohammed connection. Things went bad for them when Yo realized certain people didn’t support her during her sickness and important events. LVP was one of these hollywood friends. Only Brandi passed the test for Yolanda.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      J.D: you are right that the comment was about Adrienne but there is no doubt Yolanda was out to get LVP from the off. She joined S3 but by mid season she revealed her hand in Paris when she told Kim that LVP was not a true friend because she didn’t call her the next morning after their fight. She apparently said a lot more than wasn’t aired and this is what Kyle and Kim both brought up at the reunion and Yo denied. This was long before Yolanda was sick which she claimed at the time she became aware of when she was standing in Kyle’s shop in the season finale trying to form words to argue with Taylor. Interestingly LVP also pointed out to Yo in the S4 reunion that she did visit her when sick, called out to have dinner with them and also just to sit with Yolanda and Yolanda never apologized to LVP for the false accusation, just that her Lyme brain made her forget. So IMO it wasn’t that LVP was a Hollywood Friend – it was merely that she could never meet Yo’s standards, which were obviously set much higher for her than for other HWs. It’s also interesting that Brandi then started accusing LVP of being a bad friend even though it was LVP, and not Yolanda, that BG called in the middle of the night to drive out to the Valley in an emergency and it was LVP that BG socialized with off camera in SUR etc. Never Yolanda who admitted that she only saw these HWs when filming. Remember Kyle also pointed out at a reunion that she called and sent texts to Yo a number of times but never got an invite to lunch or to visit off camera?
      LVP never claimed to be part of the Dream Team – that was something Yo started to try and laugh off her terrible hosting skills.

  27. CoBe

    For all of you asking “Why only Bella and Anwar and not Gigi?”, my guess is that the testing was done when Gigi was 18, but Bella and Anwar were still minors.

    You could see on Gigi’s face when the “reading of the will” was done that she is over this shit.

    Sure, she is raising money for Lyme Disease now, but that is likely because of the backlash she sees her mom getting. It’s one thing for her to call Yo on Yo’s bullshit, it’s quite another to watch the world call your mentally unstable mother on her bullshit.

    My theory anyhow.

  28. I got into a bit of a rabbit hole googling Yo’s doctor last night, and among his many batshit theories, “ancestral trauma” as a Lyme aggravator being my favorite, he believes that most of the human population has dormant Lyme that can be activated by…seemingly everything, including sex and breast feeding.

    So, I’m sure he tested Yo’s kids using non-FDA approved testing methods and. Found positive results. Between the David blind and Mohammed’s comment about different individual realities, I really think Yo believes this myth with all her heart. Whether it’s profound mental illness or garden variety denial is where I’m confused.

    • Lily

      “Ancestral Trauma” is pretty spectacular. Ha! I’ll run that by my family at Easter.

      In this rabbit hole, does this doctor have ANY connection to Scientology? Their ‘Body Thetans’ concept is almost identical. I’ve inly done a cursory search on him. If he’s not a Scientolgist, he should be.

      • Lime Brain

        Lol! I was thinking about scientology also. Esp, after Yolanda mentioned in her blog about being on another vibration from the other women, and now an interview of Daisy on the bravo news page about Yolanda’s vibration.

      • It did remind me of Scientology, except I couldn’t remember the term “theta”, so thanks. I kept thinking ‘that’s like the thing they do audits for until you reach a state of Tom Cruise.’

        Klinghardt is a lot like Yo in that he sounds knowledgeable and then says something that’s just WHAT?! Secret Dallas Lyme lab? You dropped out of med school because your teacher was a Nazi war criminal? Lyme is an STD?

        The message board I was looking at was pretty divided with some people thinking he’s a total quack, others saying he’s legit and to just ignore the more out there theories. I lean towards quack.

        If I was a housewife (so, never) I’d just say I believe Yo has Lyme but I disagreed with her promoting alternative medicine. Then I’m not gaslighting or attacking. But…reality tv, I know.

    • koko

      Good grief! Totally loony tunes.

    • Miguel

      I have the same question too, SUR.

  29. Lime Brain

    Yolanda mentioned on her Twitter today that she has the mthfr mutant gene. (That makes me giggle just typing it). Is this a new problem to add to her laundry list of maladies or an old one?

    I googled it and I get the feeling that she is going to use this as a basis for whatever crap cure she will be selling in the future. That and the rife beam ray machine.

    • Sweet T

      Really? mthfr? Wouldn’t she have passed that one to her three kids? That gene cause spinal bifida, cleft palate and brain defects.

      I am totally fascinated by Yolanda but was completely uninterested in the RHOOC guy. He was a scam artist and she may be too for the alimony. But I think she does have the munchuesen. She is really all over the place. Traveling the world, 100 doctors, closets of medicine and passing her illness onto her children is blowing my mind. I can’t believe I get to have such an in depth look into her mind.

  30. Sweet T

    Do you know heather Thompson from RHONY is semi involved in Lyme as well? She is in a partnership with the Lyme research alliance group. She “stands for the bitten, but I represent the unbitten.” It’s one of those organizations that promote Lyme literate doctors. But you cannot simply find a Lyme literate Doctor. “Since chronic Lyme disease is controversial many doctors do not want their names on the internet. “. So you have to give in your email address and they will find you a doctor. I signed up to see what they tell me.

  31. @immelza

    Ancestral Trauma! I have found my new excuse! I must say TT you write the best blog and have the commentors! Maybe Mo doesn’t want Yo to know that he really knows the truth about the kids and despite his resources he can’t or hasn’t figured out how to handle everything. Rather than face the wrath of parasite ridden Yo he’s just trying to protect the kids as much as he can without causing a huge ( and Yo would make it public with more sick pictures and hashtags) incident.

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