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RHOBH Season 4 Yolanda

RHOBH Scene for Season 4


Before I plunge into this, here is a  blind item that CDAN posted today. I’ve heard rumors that the lucative site was recently sold, but not sure about that. So take the blinds with a grain of salt.

“Arguably the second most famous person in this celebrity/reality family told a couple of people at a gathering that no one in her family has a disease which had been claimed most of the family suffers from.”

On to Yolanda’s blog. As usual, I’ll be writing my thoughts with my purple pen. EDIT: As I began this post, I began looking for things in Yolanda’s old posts. I have included quotes from her posts which I read today from the beginning that I thought might interest you. So this will be a very long post. Go grab a snack and your favorite beverage and settle in.

Tonight’s show was disheartening. Still, I am the subject of conversation amongst “friends.” Looks like I got out of dodge right on time at that barbecue. The only thing I saw grilling was gossip…I have nothing to prove and know that my journey is public due to the job I’ve chosen as a Housewife, but I can’t accept something so delicate as my children’s health being talked about in such a way. I know I’m not the only mother who would speak to this… It’s one thing when your integrity is doubted, spoken of behind your back, but it strikes another cord when it’s your children.

Yolanda, mijn life, you are the one that proudly proclaimed two of your children had Lyme disease as part as your very public quest to “DO IT FOR THE POOR CHILDREN WHO ARE SUFFERING!”  You are the one that announced on TV that you and two of your children comprise three of a total of 61 cases of Lyme contracted in 2012. You are the ones making ludicrous claims that your kids where infected by horseflies,  while living on a very well manicured “ranch. ” It seems you hoped we would not know that horseflies to not carry lyme disease.

Season 4

Season 4

From Yolanda’s November 2012 Bravo Blog Once I got completely stopped in my tracks with a brain virus this past September, I spent most of my days home in bed without any stimulation, so I had all the time in the world to play with my social media outlets and write a blog, which I really learned to enjoy.”

From Yolanda’s December 3 2012 blog about the trip to Ojai, in this blog she also talks about Kyle mocking her for getting up early to go for a run. “The dinner was great and I was happy to finally be asked a more in-depth question of why I was not drinking alcohol but my answer did not seem to impress anyone [Laughs]. (because I really expected more interest and sympathy over my story) Anyway in Europe, we are raised with holistic medicine. I had been dealing with the pain of breaking my back while delivering my son and the ensuing triple back fusion for 13 years, but in March when I started having extreme joint pain all over my body, I decided to go to Germany to do the fresh cell therapy, which is a holistic way to revitalize the body’s own cells in order to treat disease. Now looking back, that was the first onset of my ME-CFS. I just did not know it at that time. (Yep, at first it was Chronic Fatigue, I had forgotten that. Another catch all diagnosis without definitive test)

Bella and Anwar were diagnosed at the end of 2013 and have been in extensive holistic treatment ever since. It’s very common for multiple family members to be affected by Lyme disease. (No it is not) The children and I lived on a horse ranch in Santa Barbara for 10 years and spent the majority of our time outside in nature. (Between 1992 and 2011 there were 39 cases of Lyme disease.  Thirty nine cases in 19 years.)

RHOBH Yolanda Will Meeting

From Yolanda’s December 2012 Bravo Blog, ” This week has been quite a revelation in my health journey. After struggling for the past year to get an accurate diagnosis, I finally found out that I have had Neuro-Borrelia Lyme Disease. So far I have learned that it is a very misunderstood and hard-to-detect enemy, so I feel a lot of comfort in having something that I can fight head on! It will require many months of intravenous antibiotics and immune therapy but I’m very optimistic and ready to fight the good fight. “

Bella had to give up her lifelong dream of having a professional riding career and a shot at the Olympics due to her severe symptoms and inability to ride. This was the biggest heartbreak of her life and an extremely sensitive subject for her. She is resilient and focused on a new direction–she’s made a name for herself in the modeling industry while she struggles with symptoms of chronic Lyme every day. If this is true, no one would have known about it, like for instance her employers, had you not publicized her illness

Anwar still does regular Ozone/UVI treatments and has had great success with LDI. I am glad to say that he is doing much better and finished a football season with great scores and healthy energy.  Yep, Anwar moved in with his father and was suddenly cured. Funny how that happened. Never missed a football game

yolandahfoster❤️Thank you Dr.Klinghardt for being my guiding light in uncovering the mystery of chronic disease, I am forever grateful for your kindness, knowledge and guidance in this crazy journey........... #AnotherDayAtTheOffice #DrKlinghardt #Gratitude #SophiaHealthInstitute #Seattle #LymeDiseaseAwereness NOTE: THE VAST QUANTITIES OF SUPPLEMENTS Dr. K sells surrounding them in the treatment room.

yolandahfoster❤️Thank you Dr.Klinghardt for being my guiding light in uncovering the mystery of chronic disease, I am forever grateful for your kindness, knowledge and guidance in this crazy journey……….#AnotherDayAtTheOffice #DrKlinghardt #Gratitude #SophiaHealthInstitute #Seattle #LymeDiseaseAwereness

Both of them are under the care of Dr. Detrich Klinghardt ( a serious whackadoodle who has faced sanctions and whose herbal supplements cost  $10K a year per patient and his appointments are $2K a pop) and have made good progress this past year. With Mohamed’s support, I have managed my children’s healthcare on a daily basis since the day they were born. It is up to no one but us to make claims toward their health status. Shame on those who think it’s OK to spread rumors and provoke doubt about something so heart wrenching. You brought it up. You can hardly blame others for noticing your extremely odd “treatment” which include such items from Dr. K as suppositories with the medical that are given to malaria patients to kill parasites that carry malaria)  This is supposedly where David finally had enough with expensive quackery.

As I see the story unfold in front of me, I am just grateful that I exist in a very different vibration! On this we can all agree.

I heard the words, morals, and values on tonight’s episode but saw a completely different interpretation of what I think those words mean. I choose to live in the present, because when you suffer from chronic illness, you don’t have a choice. It’s day by day, one foot in front of the other. When there is a good day, you soak up that moment. Those “good selfie” moments are captured because they’re a gift. And the sick selfies are captured for sympathy and court documentation.

Many of you have written and asked what it feels like to have something that was a part of me for so long taken away: my breast implants. Seriously?  People did that? It feels different but great! It’s a big change, but the piece of health I have regained is so worth it. While the majority of my career has relied on my aesthetics and how I look, I worked hard at keeping a spiritual connection with what was most important, what is inside me. Perhaps it’s for that reason that I am not struggling with this new normal. I understand now that my soul is my power, not perfection or my ego. I continue to teach this to my children, despite their glamorous careers. If we can maintain our core values, the exteriors take second place and become a gift, a source of gratitude.

Yolanda’s Bravo Blog January 15, 2013 ” Thanks for all your well wishes; I am on day 40 of my IV antibiotic treatments with hopefully only 30 more to go. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and hoping to get back to my normal life sooner than later”

Every day we have a choice–the old saying of a glass half empty or half full… I can sit here and speak to my fellow Housewives who spend so much energy questioning my journey and each other, or I can look at my children, my friends, my family, and the endless blessings that surround me. My life is raw, authentic, and focused on giving back to the journey God has given me; I want to leave this earth a better place with answers and education on Lyme and invisible chronic disease.

As my health and brain function slowly improve, I’m having creative visions that I am eager to unleash. The discoveries I’ve had to make along the way these past four years will lead to something amazing. I hope to share this with all of you, so we can be the change we want to see in the world. And here  comes the book, and the cleanses, and the pitches for a “lifestyle TV show” and….and….and…

Cheers to my girls on an amazing couture week in Paris… I can’t wait to be front row sometime very soon.

From Yolanda’s January 22, 2013, ” I don’t want to bore you, as I am definitely starting to bore myself with my health updates, but I don’t want to ignore those of you asking. I just started my second round of 45-day IV antibiotics and thankfully am starting to see some sparks of brightness in my days. I am hopeful and very excited to get back my energy but most of all, my brain ,which I have missed more than anything in these past five months.” (This twice she has confirmed her illness began in September of 2012)

In her January 28, 2013 blog, she talks about the  episode with Suzanne Somers about menopause. And begins to subtly backtrack her symptoms  ” Thanks again for all your well wishes. I am on Day 54 of my treatment and I continue to see some bright spots in my days. Looking back, though, I can see myself struggling to keep it together and participate as each episode airs. The Lyme disease had so severely affected my brain functioning that it was extremely hard for me to think, form sentences, and stay focused. I was always trying to be so extremely healthy because it was the only way I could get through my days.”

February, 11 2013. “Thank you so much for all your well wishes, it really means a lot to me. I am on Day 69 of my treatment for Lyme, still struggling through my days as the side effects of the medication are starting to be worse than the disease itself. But with that said, I can see the 90-day finish line and hopefully can start getting back to being the workhorse that I am. There is nothing harder for me than to sit at the sideline, not being able to be productive. I know it shouldn’t, but it’s making me feel like a loser. As I have spent the past five months in bed, I am naturally going to favor those who showed up at my house and jumped in bed with me for a cup of coffee (Brandi) …I am a girl’s girl, and I’m sensitive to little things like that.”

In her February 25 2013 blog about the RHOBH trip to Paris.”Hello Bravo lovers! Sorry I missed you last week but I had just started my 30-day program at a wellness center in Florida and I wasn’t feeling well enough to focus on writing a sensible blog. After 85 days of IV antibiotics and minor results, I’ve decided to give the holistic route a shot.”

The last blog of her first season, April 1, 2013, ” I completed the six-week program in Florida yesterday. I’m now in NY to visit colleges with Gigi as we are starting to plan her new life in the Big Apple. Even though my health journey will continue, I am counting the days until I get back to my family. “

Second season November 11, 2013 assholes on social media are harassing her about her hair. “I am the shell of the woman I used to be so the hardest thing for me is to accept my limitations and deal with the feeling of inadequacy due to not being able to do all that I used to. I truly miss me being me!  On the day they removed my port, I was still pretty optimistic that I had arrived at the end of my journey and was close to the finishing line of my recovery. Unfortunately, this episode was shot in March of 2013 and I realize that eight months later I am still struggling through my days and still haven’t found a cure or was able to put this disease in remission.”

On  November 18th she posts that she is too sick to blog. On November 25, she writes a very long blog ranting against Kyle and supporting Brandi. In fact, Yolanda has sung the praises of Brandi in every blog she has ever written to this point.

RHOBH Yolanda Self Defense

January 24, 2014 on the blog about Yolanda when they all went to the gym and Yolanda nearly choked the trainer to death by brute force. Remember that?  “My MRI shows a 20 percent improvement in my brain function, which is extraordinary news and finally gives me hope to soon be back to my normal self again. After this two-year battle…”

February 3, 2014 A day or two before Yolanda had been on WWHL. “Was Bella in NYC then or just Gigi?  As I read further in, it was just Gigi in NYC at this time. Okay, it looks like Bella may have been there. It is hard to tell with the time difference between filming and show time.  “First, I wanted to clear up Brandi’s jab at me with her tweet while I was on WWHL saying I cancelled dinner plans with her. It surprised me because it would have been justified if I had been a hypocrite and cancelled plans with her and instead taken a business meeting that was more important — but that’s absolutely not what happened! I cancelled because I was dealing with my crying child across the country in NY who was just diagnosed with a disease we were trying to figure out. This is something I shared with B in good faith — but not something I wanted to share with all of you because that’s my daughter’s privacy. But since Brandi brought it up on national TV, I feel I have to clarify the situation.”

From March 4, 2014 I think I was the first to report the Fosters upcoming divorce. some  two months earlier here she denies it. “I am happy to share with you that my husband and I are great and still going strong after eight years of a beautiful love story. Yes, we are selling our home, not because we are getting a divorce, but rather due to the fact that my health does not allow me to waste energy on running a big home. I need to stay focused on my recovery. Yes, I know you are sick and tired of hearing about my chronic illness, but by the way — SO AM I! ” Up until about this time, Yolanda was much better all during filming of season four. At the point the houses went on the market, Yolanda began to “relapse” (one does not relapse with Lyme disease, you either have it or you’re cured) .

January 2015

January 2015

Blog From December 10, 2014. Lots of info on Bella and her DUI. Also discussion of her equestrian pursuits and how disciple they made her.  No mention of any health issues. Also no mention of quitting riding due to her health. “Bella has always been a very conscientious child, so dealing with a heart filled with regret plus the consequences and shame of her actions has been a tough burden for her to bear. Life taught her that sometimes good people make bad choices but that it doesn’t mean they are bad people…it means they are human.”

December 30, 2014 “Unfortunately, I’ve been down for the count, which has been quite frustrating. While I’ve been having a hard time over the past couple of weeks (and in fact, this blog took me three days to write), I watch Brandi’s house warming party with great personal sentiment because that, sadly, was the absolute only day in 2014 that I felt a spring in my step and enough brain power to speak with a clear train of thought.”

January 15, 2015 Yolanda writes a long blog on Lyme disease and how she can’t blog. “Lyme Neuroborreliosis is a spirochete infection in the brain that can leave one with severe brain impairment and neurological issues. I have lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV, because I can’t process information or any stimulation for that matter. It feels like someone came in and confiscated my brain and tied my hands behind my back to just watch and see life go by without me participating in it.”

April 1, 2015 a super long blog about the reunion. This blog includes the infamous “I got Q fever from a baby cow story”

“My world has become very small. I have moved into an apartment with my husband and son in order to have a more manageable scope of responsibilities while I recover slowly and learn to take life one day at a time. Getting well is my full-time job these days. It took me a while to learn the true meaning of patience and surrender, but I have finally accepted that healing doesn’t happen on our schedule. It doesn’t have a clock or a calendar.”

“The diagnosis isn’t simple, either. A late stage chronic Lyme disease patient probably doesn’t just have Lyme disease. Unfortunately, this situation is like peeling a onion with many layers of problems. I won’t bore you with the details of my diseases collected throughout my life journey of 48 years until the day I got sick now almost three years ago. One funny story gives you a sense, though, of the long-term journey. At 12 years old, I raised a premature baby cow on our farm, because her mom had died. I bottle-fed it everyday, let it suck on my chin and babied it until it was stable. I just recently found out that my little love gave me Q fever that has been a low-grade infection throughout my entire life.”

Q Fever  is an EXTREMELY RARE disease with less than 1,000 cases per year. It is usually FATAL IF UNTREATED. It would not produce a lowgrade fever throughout one’s life. It is treated with doxycycline a common antibiotic that most everyone has taken at least once in their life.

December 1, 2015 first post of this season. It’s all about Lyme diseaseI wish my message was more fun and glamorous than this, but I accept that these are the cards life has dealt me. I’m extremely fortunate and grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to 11 countries, five states, and see 100+doctors, but the truth is that even though I have made great strides in the past six months, I have not found a cure yet.”

December 8, 2015  “I want to address Lisa VDP’s statement on tonight’s show. I was surprised to hear her say I have any doubt about my Lyme diagnosis, because I don’t. The fact is my challenges are multi-faceted. So far, we’ve treated my Lyme disease, co-infections, heavy metal toxicity, silicone ruptures, parasites, and viral, bacterial and fungal infections. I don’t expect anyone to understand a disease so complex. I’ve been immersed in discovery 101–finding my way back to health. Removing my metal-based crowns was gnarly, but in hindsight, it has brought clarity to my case. I was highly allergic to the materials and metals that they were made of, so through chelation, we have been able the bring down my heavy metal toxicity significantly.”

Heavy  metal toxicity is all the rage in “Lymie circles” if you google it nothing from reputable research centers comes up. It’s probably a thing, but it is right up there with parasites among the Lymie crowd.

December 15, 2015 She talks about her kid’s suffering in silence, I mean seriously busy  modeling careers and two high schools sports teams. I’ve missed my daughters’ first runway shows, birthday parties, award shows, Anwar’s football and soccer games. I have watched my own two children suffer in silence from this debilitating disease, so I have learned not to pass judgement but rather accept what I don’t understand with compassion.”

December 22, 2015  To get the full effect of this one you need to read it yourself. Click here for full onset crazy.  ” 100 books later, and immersed in worldwide research that I never thought I could process has given me a masters in being fearless and the strength to battle this epidemic called Lyme disease – it’s the power of believing in myself that’s let me come this far.” So either she hasn’t read a book in four years or she has read 110.After years of aimlessly searching for the right care and a cure, my case is finally in the capable hands of who I believe to be the two greatest Lyme literate doctors in the world: Dr. Richard Horowitz and Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.”

She goes on to list the myriad of things these two quacks have found. Things like babesiosis  an extreme rare illness that she refers to as “a malarial like parasite .” Babesiosis is not a parasite at all, it is an illness that once gets if bitten by a tick who was infected by microscopic parasites where those microscopic parasites get into red blood cells. It’s certainly not “two feet long parasites.” like she described on the show. In 2013 there were 1,562 cases of babesiosis, there were between 2 and 9 cases in California.  This is “the reason” for those expensive suppositories Dr, K sells. 

December 29, 2015 ” Last June, David woke up one morning and said, “We are not doing any more treatments until you get a full body scan.” That scan probably saved my life, as doctors found free-floating silicone under my left arm pit, under my right clavicle bone, and under my rib cage. None of these findings changed my late stage Lyme disease diagnosis, but it was a good explanation of why three years of hard work had not paid off yet.”

January 6 2016 “I ruptured an implant 10 years ago in a water-skiing fall, (And you didn’t have the busted implant removed?) the leakage from that incident had travelled, over the years, through my body and taken a life of its own. Dr. Feng’s partner at the Cleveland clinic did a precise needle ultrasound mapping locating the exact areas where free floating silicone was detected, one hour before my 7.5 hour surgery. It was fascinating to learn that 2.8-3 cm silicone granulomas were found in my lymph nodes, under my clavicle bone and deep inside my chest cavity, creating a constant immune response and a constant feeling of something that was trying to kill me from the inside out.”

There was another post between this one and the one I covered, completely but nothing of note. I spent way too much of my day on this project today. I was looking for where Yolanda addressed Bella’s horse riding and never found what I was looking for and by the time I got sick of the process something in me just wanted to complete it. So if you read all this, bless your heart.

I will say that I really went on a rollercoaster working on this post. Yolanda seems to have an authentic voice that would resonate with most of us who have chronic illness. I was especially struck when she said at one point, “I miss the person I used to be.” as that is something that happens a lot around menopause when everything changes including our personalities and interests and physical stamina especially when combined with other illnesses that begin to creep in. I was really feeling sympathetic toward Yolanda.  But then all the rare diseases started.  It’s odd enough that she would contract Lyme disease in a  very large state that sees less than 100 cases state wide each year. That’s a big state. Then came Q Fever, and babesiosis  and the likelihood of so many extremely rare diseases became beyond unbelievable.  And the fact that her “doctors” have so much weird stuff about them on the Internet and none of it is someone saying they were cured of Lyme disease by these guys.

So there you have it. Let me know what you think.


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141 responses to “Let’s Talk About Yolanda’s Bravo Blog (s)…

  1. WhyOWhy

    Thank you for doing this. I read the whole thing!

    I think there is something wrong with Yolanda, but not Lyme. I couldn’t begin to guess, so who knows, but I do hope that whatever it is, she figures it out and gets better. I just wish she’d stop promoting all this incorrect information. It doesn’t help those with legit Lyme or those who aren’t sure.

    • Dee

      Wow! You have gotten a lot of information for us. Thank you so much Tamara. I’m shocked that she would say her children are suffering in silence while she treats herself, but not them. As a mother myself, I would never put my health before mine.
      None of this makes sense to me.

  2. Tara

    WoW TT You have done a lot of work since you posted Yo’s last blog.
    It’s all so sad.
    It shows, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, it can’t buy happiness, health or sanity.
    We love you TT
    P.S. I had sushi with a hottie and now have my kid at Krispy Kreme. The hot sign was on, don’t judge:)

  3. Thank you for this detailed timeline of Yolanda’s .I read each detail of Yolanda and her daily dose of …whatever..it is disturbing that Yolanda has claimed she is the “face” of LD.many of her follower’s follow her unfortunate medical choices..so irresponsible

    .she is very high maintenance..each blog she has no problem slamming and judging her friends ..you know..the ones that have been visiting her and inviting her out …what disturbed me the most about this threesome..Bella actually said in her interview..that her LD was to blame for her drinking and driving..such crap.

    Yolanda is so busy in her victim stance..she doesn’t even care if her “physician” is a botox expert or has been on pobation..

    I do feel bad that this is her actual reality and has convinced her children..that it is theirs as well.

    • “I do feel bad that this is her actual reality and has convinced her children..that it is theirs as well”.

      Couldn’t agree more with samael’s statement. She obviously believes she has chronic Lyme disease and has convinced not Gigi 1 and not Gigi 2 that they have it as well.

      As TT states above in her purple pen, there is a book coming soon!! Also a luxury line of Lyme disease fighting accessories: white robes, personalized IV poles, supplement organization systems, non-toxic hair dye, nail polish and makeup, lime green smart phones, instruction booklets for taking just the right partially clothed selfie (sick or well) as well as make-up tips for those “I’m not wearing any make-up” moments.

      • Minky

        Aaaaaah! Tootsie! So funny. “not Gigi 1 and not Gigi 2” Ain’t THAT the truth?!!!

      • Matzah60

        LOL, Tootsie. Personalized Lyme Disease accessories!

      • Matzah60

        Wow! I read your entire post and just want to give you kudos for all the detailed info and arduous work that you had to do to put up this post. I found her words quite telling in her Dec 8, 2015 post about LVP. Particularly when she states, “I don’t expect anyone to understand a disease so complex. I’ve been immersed in discovery 101–finding my way back to health.” I don’t think she counted on the viewers, bloggers, and other HW to decipher or dissect all the gobbly gook she wrote the last 3years. Her posts are riddled with inaccurate facts, over the top explanations, and comments about her children that don’t add up.

        This was an amazing post, Tamara!!

  4. Tonya

    As a mom of 3 w/a RARE REAL case of incurable Liver/Lung Cancer I sure hope this is not ANOTHER fake story line!! Not only can J not go get the treatment I had before because we are simple blue collar folks whose insurance wont pay for it but there is hardly any awareness or info on EHE. (Epitheloid Hemangelomia)
    I am beyond offended Bravo wpuld NOT do more fact checking especially after the whole Brooks lies.
    Physically I look fine so I sure dont need my REAL disease to be questioned.

    • Tonya, I’m so sorry. I too have something you cannot see but is very real and very painful. Sending you good thoughts. I, like you, cant afford the treatments I need that would likely help (our wonderful health care system…) wishing you the best.

      • Dee

        Tonya Redscorpio, I’m so sorry to hear you are sick. There are people who have invisible illness’s and this woman is running through money like it’s air. I would love to see her help someone else. Thanks again TT, this was fascinating read. I appreciate and value, I will make a donation for you on the first. Ugh I hate getting paid once a month. ;

  5. Gigi

    It is really disheartening that Yolanda is using this plataform to spread such ridiculous and false statements. There’s no such thing as Chronic Lyme Disease or that she got it from a damn horse fly and then her kids got it too from said horse flies. Do I believe there’s something wrong with her? Perhaps. But I can tell you I suffer from chronic pain due to kidney cancer as a matter of fact will be going in for my second surgery on my kidney to completely remove it in a month and there’s no way in hell you will catch me doing selfies when I am having a bad day or from the hospital. That last picture of her and Bella was so staged it made me so mad that she would exploit her kids that way! Her ex husband stating that it was a private matter was laughable she is the one that made it public once she stated that her kids “catches” it too on national tv. I actually commend David Foster for putting up with this farce for so long. I use to kind of feel bad for her at the beginning but when she kept doing all of those ridiculous selfies I knew something was just not right only a mental case would be doing that in my opinion.

    • It was very interesting to see all of her differing stories all put together in the same place. For those of us who are dealing with real, diagnosed illnesses like neck cancer with a feeding tube, a real port for a real reason, radiation and chemotherapy (my young, triathlete husband ) who will beat this, her tomfoolery and lies and bullshit are offensive to us. There are real people going through a dark journey, and her hypochondria is an insult. She has seen hundreds of doctors? Hundreds of Doctors? Mine only needed to see about two or three before he received a genuine diagnosis, a genuine treatment plan, and a fight for his health. So, that is why Yolanda makes me want to punch her in the face.. She calls herself a brave trailblazer, she is nothing of the sort. Anyway, I was glad to see this article where somebody pit it a;; together. I knew she was full of shit when she said she fractured her back three times while pushing out Anwar. Really? While your physicians just stood around and said. “My Goodness! There goes another fracture! On our watch! That makes three!” This case won’t be reviewed for malpractice or anything! Why, I bet it takes eight years to fuse her back together” Munchhausen for years. And Mohamed does not have the balls to take his kids for a complete physical which would indicate that they are completely fine.
      He goes along with her insanity to keep the peace. At the expense of her children? Does anybody think that Anwar would have been cleared for sports if he had Lyme’s disease? Not at any school I have worked at. Thanks for taking the time to put all this together ms. TT

      • Gabriella

        So many of our lovely fellow posters with genuine illnesses and not the huge resources to help deal with them. My heart goes out to you all.

  6. I know that this has been said before, but her descriptions of her symptoms sound very much like depression. I could say many of the same things about myself that she says. I’ve never imagined calling it Chronic Lyme or anything like that though. I can’t call it menopause either!

    I, too, miss the person I used to be. I know exactly what she means. I look back and wonder how the hell I ever had the energy to do a fraction of the things that I used to.

    Another thing that struck me was her descriptions of can’t read, etc. When I was at my worst, I went from being a voracious reader and movie watcher to being someone who couldn’t focus or concentrate, couldn’t follow the plots of movies. I watched a lot of shit like “World’s Worst Drivers…Caught On Tape!” and “Cops” because that was the caliber of programming I could follow. (That was right around the time RHoOC started…umm hmm)

    Anyway, save for the silicone leakage, it all sounds like depression to me. Maybe there is some social/cultural stigma in her upbringing that makes her want to believe it has to be something physical rather than psychological. Regardless, I hope Yolanda finds some relief.

    • Minky

      Yeah, I agree with you Erickzu. Someone like Yolanda is never going to admit to being depressed because for her depression is not an illness but a character flaw. Being sad, which is what a lot of people believe is all depression really is, is just an emotion that they feel a person with a strong enough will can simply suppress and move on with life. And there’s the fear of being seen as weak or emotionally unbalanced.

      Now an actual physical disease, even one that isn’t acknowledged by the medical community, is another thing. Then it’s okay to lay down and rest. And she can use that as an example of how indomitable her spirit is, and what a fighter and go-getter she is. She’s super-woman even when she’s hooked up to IV’s! How brave of her. I can’t with this Yolanda. Just can’t >:0(

    • Matzah60

      @Ericzku. I agree with you and relate to your struggles. I do think in Yo’s instance that this has been an ongoing and repetitive pattern, dating back to the birth of Anwar (15 years ago) with her back breaking during delivery (really?) and her triple back fusion. Who even knows if that’s true?? Interesting that 18 months after Anwar was born, she and Mo were divorced (or at least separated). It seems that Mo realized back then that Yo was wacky. They had 3 children in their 6 year marriage and a year and a half after Anwar was born, Mo ran for the hills!

  7. Ugh. I can’t with this. As someone who was diagnosed for real with Lyme Disease in 1992 with a titer that was off the charts, this whole thing pisses me off. I live in NE Pennsylvania on the NY/NJ border and we have a high incidence here of LD because of geography. Matter of fact the year I was diagnosed there was a 75% infection rate in my area. It was out of control. I have friends that I’ve grown up with that went undiagnosed for a year or two and were very sick. One of them was read her last rights at 28 years old. But all were totally incapacitated. On disability incapacitated. One friend at 30 years old had a stroke and was in the hospital for a month. At 30. But we all managed to get help from the Lyme literate doctors available to us. And the first course of treatment is ALWAYS antibiotics! Most often doxycycline. Whether it is in oral form or IV infusion it is the first line of defense.

    I’ve been told I have Fibromyalgia, “Chronic Lyme”, CFS, CFIDS, MS, Lupus SLE and a boatload of other autoimmune illnesses. Here’s what I know. I had a dx of Lyme Disease in 1992 which was untreated for a very long time and when we did finally figure it out, guess what the doctor gave me? Good old doxycycline. For 9 months. Made me sick as hell and I don’t really know how much of it actually made it into my system because I threw up every time I took it. However, I have to think on some reasonable level that some of it did and it helped. Back then IV therapy was not available or I probably would have been on IV Fusion therapy.

    Most days I feel like garbage and it’s probably due to something with the undiagnosed LD all those years ago but I don’t think they have it figured out yet after all these years and billions of dollars spent on research.

    Here’s what else I know. My life is forever changed too but it’s too late to do anything about it. Eat well, drink lots of water, exercise, get quality sleep when you can, take NORMAL vitamins and supplements if you need to. Take care of yourself the best you can and that’s about all one can do to live out the rest of your years. They will figure it out eventually but they haven’t yet.

    Oh, and BTW, horseflies don’t transmit LD. Deer ticks, which are carried on deer do (LOTS of those here running free through the woods), and sometimes they are transferred to the family pet (doggy or kitty) and a person pets the animal, gets bitten by a tick and it takes 24 hours of a tick being attached to the human body for the infection to be transmitted. Sometimes you see a bullseye rash, sometimes you don’t. I didn’t. Or at least I don’t remember ever seeing one but it’s not that uncommon. The American Lyme Disease Foundation in Lyme, CT is an awesome resource for LD education and I’ve belonged to it since 1992. I highly recommend it.

    All the money Yo has and she could have just traveled to Westchester, NY where one of the top LD docs in the country has his offices and always has. He is highly respected in the LD community as one of the leading physicians for the treatment of Lyme Disease. He saved the life of my friend who was on her deathbed. He isn’t cheap but he doesn’t charge $2,000 a visit. His specialty is tick-borne illness. That’s it.

    Sorry for the rant but I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    TT Thank you as always for the awesome blog and I especially adore the purple pen.

    **drops mic – walks off stage**

    • librarygirl

      My experience with Lyme here in CT has been similar to yours. Ticks are everywhere. Many friends have had their lives changed forever due to this disease. To watch my IT guy loose 30 lbs., endure several surgeries and end up with seizures is only one example of what this illness can do if not caught in time. Why didn’t Yo avail herself of the resources in this part of the country, where Lyme has hit the hardest? I was hoping for intelligent discussion of this topic as we knew it was going to be featured on a national TV platform. All we got was quackery and egomania beyond words. She should be very ashamed that she did so many a disservice. And Mo should step up and vouch for his children’s health. My wish is that we find a cure for this disease, and help the lives of those who truly suffer.

  8. Kemper

    Sheesh after reading that, I think she has Chronic Hypochondria with a side of Munchausen By Proxy.. And how the hell is she writing all these blogs with little or no brain function? Pretty soon shes going to have the above diagnosis named after her!

    • And how did she research over 100 books on the subject after she could no longer read, write or even watch TV?

    • Margie

      Haha! I’ve wondered the same thing! Ghost writers? Oh, and not to be rude, but it would be Munchausen without the ‘by proxy’ if you’re just referring to her. The ‘by proxy’ would be accurate if you’re talking about how she is claiming her children are sick, also. Either way, you’re so right!

  9. Dracla Dunning

    I fear for her children. The photograph of Yolanda in bed with Bella sent a chill up my spine and I pray for her children to stay strong and protected. Yolanda appears evil in that photo. I bet you she is one mean bitch behind closed doors…another Mommy Dearest.
    I doubt Yolanda is aware of her Lyme contradictions and if called out on them she will make all these co tradictions work for her. She is a master at manipulation.
    Possibly she has done herself a grest disservice by posting all of this medical information and publicly documenting her medical journey, even as nutso as it reads. There is a saying that goes, “Say it, forget it. Write it, regret it. She may rue the day she decided to make her medical issues so public.

    • You know I felt the same when I saw that sickening picture. What Mother in her right mind exploits her child in this way to garner sympathy??? Oops !!! forgot…….Yolo is nuts so we can forgive her.

  10. Margarett

    Boy, what a great post! I appreciate all the time and effort that you devoted. I did read it all including the blog you suggested that we read ourselves.

    I am extremely hesitant to doubt whatever a person says about their own health. This being said, the sheer number of rare/uncommon ailments, infections, and questionable diagnosis make me highly skeptical.

    I hope that what I believe is correct. That is that neither Yolanda nor her children have anything more serious than a plan to somehow profit and get attention and sympathy from this “story”.

  11. swizzle

    I hope her kids see these stats and the fact that horseflies do not transmit. Those alone are reason to question this diagnosis. I’m glad Anwar is living with Mohammed. Just hope Bella sees the light before her mom f’s up her with these BS treatments.

  12. Minky

    TT, you’re awesome. Big props for weeding through all those years of Yolanda blogs. I read the whole thing. Yolanda has been up to something for some time now, IMO.

    Whatever she has been cooking hinges on her being able to prove that her children are ill with the same disease that she claims to have. She doesn’t even seem to care that this might jeopardize her children’s career prospects or how their viewed by other people. That’s how important her plan is to her. Yolanda is mocking god, or fate, and that’s never a good idea.

  13. JennLovesAndy

    Wow Tamara! I read it all but you wrote it all. That is quite a feat and undertaking. This is why you are the best blogger eva!! Thanks for taking one for the team with this mess.

  14. Heidi

    Yolanda is a whackadoodle. I knew she was most definitely full of shit when she said she was instructed to keep her arms by her side for two weeks after her surgery. I went thru a double mastectomy, and I can promise you that my surgery was more intense than yo’s. I wasn’t given restrictions with respect to movement. Keeping your arms at your side? That comment is insulting to any woman who has gone thru breast cancer and surgery.
    TT, I know the commenting rule about including your own experience and making a comparison, so I understand if this comment puts me in the WLS.

    • tamaratattles

      There is not a rule like that. If there was, I’d be posting from the WLS. :) It’s more about taking over the comments section to tell your own stories. :)

    • Erica

      Heidi – bless you on the mastectomy. Hope you are well now. I have a feeling that the rules about raising your arms depends on how your procedure was done – and if breast tissue is left. I have friends who had a breast reduction and lift (something I want someday) and I have friends who have had a mastectomy. The reduction and lift people DID have the restriction – one friend had her two daughters come at different times over a 3 week period (with some of us on standby) because of the restriction. I think it had something to do with stretching the stitches and damaging what breast tissue is left. The friends who had mastectomies weren’t worried about that – no breast tissue left.

  15. Ingrid

    Wow, I am humbled by some of you sharing your stories! There are some brave tattlers out there! I always wonder how Yolanda would be doing living a middle class life, instead of unlimited funds, searching for something that does not exist in medicine. I too had lyme many years ago, have a bad ankle now, that started after the lyme. Big damn deal. I do everything I am supposed to be doing for my family, work full time, etc, just limp frequently while doing it, and try not to complain. Many people live with chronic pain and illness, we just dont lie around in our white bathrobes taking selfies and promoting quackery.

  16. Rose

    Hats of TT in putting all of this together! I read every word and when you read it back to back it is horrifying. I feel for Bella and Anwar. Yo really needs serious help.

  17. Angel(?)

    Thanks for the work TT. I’m so sickened by Yo. I believe something WAS wrong with Yolanda. But then she decided to be the Lyme messiah and slowly I’ve lost all sense of compassion with her.

    I wonder if Bella and Anwar will one day suffer health issues due to all this “stuff” that they are taking? Scary because they are so young.

  18. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Wow. Great job and yes I read it all. It’s mind boggling. Thank you for getting so much info in this post. For whatever reason I have never liked Yo from day one.

  19. Tamara, that’s a great piece you just did there. Very impressive. Yo is just rife with contradictions. One of my good friends is lifelong bf’s with Mohamed. My friend said that when Yo came to the US, she was a hard working Dutch girl. But once she got a taste of the money, it was all different. I thought that was interesting. I have met Mo in person. He’s polite and not an over-sharer from what I gathered, but I did not speak to him for long and certainly not in depth. He and my friend as well seem to hail from an era where personal problems are not overshared… But again, what do I know. 😉

    Yo is truly crazy… She can’t read but managed to read hundreds of books. Her brain doesn’t work, but she’s researched and blogged. The implants have a busted story then a story they’ve been in for 20 years. I know I’m repeating your story, but I simply cannot believe the audacity of this woman… But as you have said, that brain clause in California divorce law sure rings true.

    Can’t wait for her new “Lyme line” lifestyle items. ~ eye roll ~ I can see the vitamin supplements already…

  20. Meant to say, the hypocrisy of ‘this is a delicate private matter’ v’s broadcasting, literally, 24/7 on IG and everywhere else… Yo, please. Forget Felicia. #byeyo

  21. Shannah

    Tamara, thank you for that chronological compilation of this curious saga. I never read the Bravo blogs so a lot of that information was new to me. I thought there was something strange about Yolanda before, but now I am convinced the whole situation is rather disturbing on so many levels.

    Previously, I thought that Yolanda was one of those women who, at an early age, was the cynosure of all eyes in her sphere of life and was now struggling in accepting that her glory days were over. We’ve all known women like that who desperately grasp on to anything to squeeze out 10 more minutes of limelight. However, now it seems that she has gone from one episode of desperate illness to another throughout her life. She apparently learned that if she is the most ill person in the room, she gets the most attention. That alone, makes me pity her.

    But Yolanda is the sort of person I can pity on one level, and be completely annoyed/disgusted with on another. I think the thing that annoys me most about her is that she has all these self-proclaimed invisible diseases and tries to convince us of how very noble she is in dealing with them. The photos of her swathed in blankets, dark circles under the eyes, IV in her arm – yet amidst all the unspeakable agony she is suffering, she still manages to give her adoring fans a brave smile. Such a martyr she is! So now I am just waiting for the stigmata to appear.

  22. VioletBlue

    That spells it out to me, for sure. If all that bizarre info was just in one blog, I can only imagine what is floating around in interviews and articles. At first, when all the conflicting stories started, I felt kinda pissed, like she was taking us all for fools. But after reading that, I kinda feel sorry for her. All that “stuff” makes her sound so desperate and sad. I am truly baffled by all the bullshit.

  23. Tulsateacher

    Seeing this story broken down by dates and having her conflcting stories on her blogs paired together as you’ve done here really helped me to see just how twisted the story has become.

  24. karen

    Thank you TT for all of that hard work – Yolo is nuts and should be on a couch. David probably got tired of all of this BS.

  25. Thanks, TT, for all the investigative work. I feel like you’re giving us the knowledge to be wiser and more discernible viewers so we can spot the fakers and fakery in reality tv. We know these shows have a lot of scripted and prompted content, but Yo’s illness story line is something else. I’m in awe of the deep, long game she is playing. The way she manipulates people and plays on their sympathy is sickening — no pun intended. Yo, not LVP, is the chess master in the show.

  26. Cat

    I get the feeling that she spends all of her time in bed, taking sick selfies, and surfing the internet, looking for anything rare that fits her symptoms.

    And I’m willing to bet she has NEVER googled the dangers of that stupid Master Cleanse Diet. (Or should it be “DIE it”? If she did, she would see that all of her symptoms are there.

    I never knew that the only thing you eat on the Master Cleanse Diet is LAXATIVES!

    Good grief! No wonder she can’t function! She will be damned lucky if she doesn’t have a heart attack!

    • Minky

      Mmmm hmmmm. Yes to all of that, Cat. I remember looking into the Master Cleanse for myself a long time ago. It’s very restrictive. Nothing but the lemonade, water, salt water, and laxative tea. That’s it. Also I’m not surprised that it takes a toll on your insides. The bowel movements that this cleanse produces are supposed to look like enormous multicolored nose goblins. Ewwwwwwww! Also people do this from 7 days to 40 days. 40!!!! That’s a long ass time to go without any real food. So yeah. Disordered eating for sure.

      • tamaratattles

        Minky, believe it or not, I skipped over a bunch of stuff in the blogs, because I was getting sick of it! (heh) But at one point she said she was talking about restricting Gigi’s diet because she had a big gig the next week. She said she had promised to do the cleanse with her. THEN she said that it probably wasn’t a good idea for her to start the day before some surgery she was having….

        Maybe I did include it. At some point my brain just fried. I had two more recaps to do yesterday and I just had to take a break.

      • sandra

        I’ll bet the laxative tea is senna and if it is, that stuff is very dangerous.

    • 25

      Sorry to butt in–I’ve done the master cleanse a couple times, and I felt amazing afterward. It’s not technically a starvation diet, because the maple syrup has a caloric content of 200cals/tbsp; it’s just a diet void of any nutrients.

      BUT of course the digestive tract is full of good bacteria and flora that gets flushed when you do a “toxin” cleanse like that, and especially when you have a (coffee) enema every other day–so bad!!

      Why don’t her holistic quacks tell her to let her body take a rest from time to time & fight on its own? Build up good bacteria, and some resilience. Let your body make a poop on its own..

  27. onamonapia

    As another poster said, this is indeed a curious case- mildly interested to see how it continues to unfold

  28. So she started right out from the beginning with holistic medicine, and then continued with holistic and alternative medicine. I didn’t see one mention of an actual real medical doctor. With all her husbands’s money, she’s a sitting duck AND gold egg-laying goose for every kook doctor around the world. I’d feel bad for her but I find it highly suspicious that no real Western medical doctor was ever seen… likely because Munchausen’s or a severe personality disorder would have been the alternative diagnosis.
    I always thought from the beginning that she was using her disease to her advantage. Early on it always became an issue whenever it helped get her out of things – like when she got to leave the reunion early. I believe that was the year she had accused Ken of physically abusing her when he touched her arm. A healthy Yolanda would have had to answer to the actual tape of that exchange, but she was allowed to discuss her Lyme and then go home. And until this year she was always very healthy on camera during the season (when she’s getting attention and a paycheck), then relapsing when there were no cameras around but her instagram account.
    People are saying they have no doubt she’s sick with *something*, but I’m not so sure. She has told too many outright lies – the lies have been documented here and on other sites, over and over and over again, with words right out of her own mouth. I don’t have any sympathy for her. I think she’s quite manipulative and is only now starting to lose control of things – but it doesn’t matter because now she’s the pied piper of Lyme and has thousands of lemmings following her right off the attention cliff. Let’s not forget that without Lyme, she has no storyline whatsoever. None.

    • I agree with you, but I do think she is sick. Definitely looks like mental illness, and if she doesn’t have an underlying problem I’d say all the “cures and treatments” are probably making her sick.

  29. Wow! This is a great piece of investigation journalism. It’s a lot to take in. I must have missed the Q fever bit the first time around, among many other things. Thank you TT for all your work on this. It’s VERY illuminating.

    Incidentally, I think it’s interesting that David foster appears to have more common sense than the multitude of doctors yo had been seeing all over the globe, paying them thousands upon thousands.. and not one considered checking out her implants. Rather they zoned in on other more likely culprits such as: malarial like parasites, heavy metal toxicity, brain viruses, Q fever and Lyme. Lol

    It’s crazy how invested people get in their bullshit that they just aren’t capable of seeing anything that resembles truth. I hope at the very least people stop enabling her before she really hurts or kills herself &/or her kids; not to mention all her fans who lap this crap up or other chronically ill people who may consider giving some of these quack docs their life savings. I think you’ve done a good thing here by putting all this under a microscope, so BRAVO!

  30. I have to admit, I don’t really care about Yolanda much one way or the other. Her true colors came out with her treatment of Joyce, Ken, etc.

    But I do care, very much, about the effect this quackery fuckery has on people who are really sick and suffering. My heart goes out to them.

    As always, I try to find the positive in any situation.

    I guess Yolanda and her kids will not get malaria.

    So there is that.

    • fivecatsownme

      You are so right Maisy. How many people have been harmed by these quack treatments? Dr. HODADs. Hands of Death and Destruction. I saw a selfie of Yolanda with a kitten and I am suprised she didn’t get toxoplasmosis and bubonic plague from it’s fleas. I am amazed she went to Mexico and didn’t get dengue fever.

    • Minky

      The thing about Lyme Disease in particular is that it was a hotly debated illness up until about a decade ago (give or take a couple of years) regarding how it should be treated. This long-term antibiotic treatment is a relatively new thing, right? It works, but it took forever for the mainstream medical community to acknowledge that.

      Have any of you ever seen that documentary about the doctors who fought tooth and nail AGAINST evidence of the efficacy of antibiotic therapy? I remember watching it and I was disgusted at how adamantly the medical community, as represented in the film, resisted and alterations to its then standard way of treating Lyme.

      So strides have been made in the treatment of real Lyme Disease. Actual Lyme patients were suffering and being dismissed and mistreated by doctors. Now the long-term antibiotic treatment is the standard procedure, as far as I can tell. But it took a lot to get there.

      And now, here comes Yolanda! Captain Save-a-Lymie, herself. The champion of the ignored and mistreated. The voice of the voiceless. I mean, really! Come on!!!

  31. Queen of the Nile

    Excellent research, TT!! Presenting everything in a timeline told such a convoluted story. Yolanda is a troubled woman but I’m tired of her manipulations. Loved poster Shannah’s comment about waiting for the stigmata to appear …. LMOA

  32. Great work, TT. Thanks! I am surprised Yolanda hasn’t mentioned chemtrails. Maybe she’s saving that for more alimony.
    I can’t stand Yolanda. I hope she leaves RHoBH and starts a pod cast that I never have to listen to.
    I wonder how long it will take for the bubble to burst with the kids.

    • Lily

      You’re funny, Lisamia. Chemtrails. I’ve been wondering what Yolanda will be beset with next. Sad thing is air pollution is real, and unhealthy for everyone, let alone people with sensitivities. Yo would find a way screw up the small amount of support those people get too. She should probably just lead with what she doesn’t have in her next speech.

    • Lily

      And thanks TT for laying out the inconsistencies in Yolanda’s claims vs. objective reality.

      Your blog is being referenced left and right by many other sources. This logical layout is going to be important in getting Yolanda off the podium until she has a story that makes sense scientifically.

      Yolanda is a dangerous fountain of misinformation.

  33. Alisa

    I also do not understand if she was sick throughout her marriage to Foster how she built and decorated a Hugh home, planned dinner parties, did that exercising with her training running up and down the stairs, flying to NY to find and decorate apartment with G, and take a trip to her homeland with the housewives and never acted sick.

    She once made the comment that Mohommad had cheated on her and then she was always saying you have to treat your man like a king, always dress your best for your king, and keep yourself in shape or your king will trade you in. I also don’t see how someone with triple back fusions can run up and down their stairs like she did or do yoga. Just some thoughts there.

    As an aside I do believe LVP does really love Kyle but I think Kyle feels jealous of LVPs style and elegance but now Kyle is finally getting more financially gifted she thinks she does not need LVP anymore so she is still trying to bring LVP down behind the scenes. It also looks like it is LVPs turn for being screwed by production. My opinion and I don’t like either one of them.

    • tamaratattles

      Alisa, great point about the triple back fusions and the yoga. Plus wouldn’t you be able to tell from her gait if she has a spine fused in three places? More things to wonder about…

    • Gabriella

      Yes, and also Ken appears to be a totally faithful husband to Lisa – something else to be envious of.

  34. Ktina

    It’s obvious that something is/was wrong with her. I believe it’s a combination of menopause and some sort of auto immune disease. She can combat the menopause symptoms with bio-identical hormones. She has the money.

    When menopause hits, it makes you feel like you’ll never be the same. Some days are better than others. It’s getting better now but only because I’ve started working out instead of laying in bed all day every weekend.

  35. cobe

    Yolanda has “empa-tea” for anyone who doesn’t believe her??

    I guess when she protests that she is going to educate the public, she means she will educate the public AFTER they pay $19.99 for her new book/treatment plan.

    She learned well from Dr Klinghardt.

  36. beattyful

    I love this blog!!!!!

  37. Thank you TT for the enlightening blog and information. I have never liked Yolanda and certainly have no idea what is really wrong with her if there is something wrong with her. I only know that she has gone to some extremes to show that she is very ill and it seems to have consumed her entire life and provided her with a story line for the show. I wonder about her mental situation as well as her physical one and if any of this played a part in her and David’s divorce. I find that Yolanda is self-absorbed and although loves her children, is using them in some way to further her desire to prove that she is very ill and unable to function normally. I have never heard of anyone going through some of the procedures and “treatments” for Lyme disease or for that matter…ANY disease. Something is not right about her entire story and I believe that if she were really so sick that it has affected her to the point where she can’t read or even watch television among many other “symptoms” that she has claimed that she would not be on this show. Frankly, I am tired of these depressing story lines and the constant reminder of the illness of some of the participants on The Real Housewife franchises (Brooks?). The only one who is truly ill is Kim RIchards who has a well documented and obvious illness. I wish that the producers of these shows would get back to entertaining us rather than depressing us with all of this confusing and unprovable junk that seems to be over-taking everyone else’s life and story lines. I want to see the glamour and fabulous lives of these rich women who live lives that I will never live and not the constant conversation of “is she or isn’t she” really sick. Please keep that purple pen coming as it highlights the lack of truth being put forth and has replaced what I originally began watching these shows for. I no longer watch the “Housewiife” shows because I don’t want to be depressed when I am looking for an avenue of escape from my real life. I get all of my info from you, on here.

  38. Kevin

    It seems to me that Yolanda started menopause early and does not want to admit it or come to terms with it. I’m sorry but at this point I just don’t believe anything Yolanda says. Was she ever an attorney because she seems like a well trained liar. She may also need a psych evaluation. I think a lot of what’s troubling her is in her head. #ByeYolanda #justmytake

  39. k-slay

    “So either she hasn’t read a book in four years or she has read 110.” This cracked me up. But in reality it says it all in that one sentence. When is someone going to call her out on all of the inconsistencies in her statements? That would have been a more ‘user-friendly’ approach for Lisa Rinna to have taken, rather than the munchausen syndrome she led with right out of the gate.

  40. natalie

    OK I have changed my mind. Everyone knows someone that leads a very healthy lifestyle but is fraught with medical issues non the less. I am inclined to believe that she and her two kids have/had lymes. I think she is suffering from some sort of side effect of having it untreated for so long.

    It is very annoying though, the never ending whining of not being able to fully enjoy her overly pampered lifestyle. She is exceptionally spoiled, attention whore.

    I can not wait to see what her creative juices have been up to, my guess is a line of supplements.

  41. kym

    So it was the breast implant that popped 10 years ago and her body was reacting to silicon floating around her body.

  42. PaganChick

    I am curious about the picture. In order to get that angle, wouldn’t someone need to be standing on the bed over them? That just doesn’t sound very conducive to healing for Bella.

    • PaganChick

      Sorry, I was still thinking about the photo of Yolanda and Bella in bed while Bella has an IV in her arm. But, now that I think about it, most of the photos of Yolanda in bed have to have been at least semi professionally staged because some of the angles simply can’t be accomplished by someone just standing beside the bed. The one Bella would require the photographer to be over them some how which I would guess either having someone standing on the bed over them or some sort of camera hung from above.

      • Hi PagenChick

        maybe the person that has been taking her instagram pix..is her Assistant Daisey..the self proclaimed sex trade worker..who never had lyme disease..yet Yolanda states on RHBH ..Daisey is a survivor of LD

      • This is a very pertinent observation and one that i made on Yolandas twitter account only to an hour later find myself blocked.
        Clearly Yolo didnt like my querying the photographic acrobatics!!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah, we’re not a big fan of people harassing Bravolebs on their social media here. Especially sick ones. It’s a shame she has to waste time blocking idiots. You should read the Paris Jackson post. Or some of the Kim Richards ones to see how some of the more broken people react to online harassment by people who think they want to hear whatever thought comes to the mind of random strangers.

  43. Josie

    Apparently Yo has been collecting diseases: “I won’t bore you with the details of my diseases collected throughout my life journey of 48 years”.

    Seriously, how can anyone believe Yo has “Lyme disease, co-infections, heavy metal toxicity, silicone ruptures, parasites, and viral, bacterial and fungal infections.” How is this even humanly possible? Thank goodness Anwar now lives with Mo but who will save Bella?

  44. Ss101

    Munchaussen seems to be a very viable explanation after all of the latest happenings

    • tamaratattles

      I’m on the fence about Munchausen. I do think that PRODUCTION told Lisa Rinna to throw it out there just like they set Meghan up to expose Brooks. (and Rinna is getting the same flack Meghan did) But I am really not convinced that Yolanda is faking her symptoms completely. I do think she exaggerates them for attention, but I don’t see Munchausen being something Yolanda would choose. On the other hand it is a mental illness… I’m conflicted. She’s either a devious gold digger, or a woman who is genuinely ill and unfortunately not going to any legitimate doctors to get real treatment. Or it could be menopause and silicone leakage. She is certainly going to great lengths with all the surgery. I can’t see people doing that solely for attention. It’s all just very bizarre.

      • Cat

        I agree, she is genuinely I’ll. BUT, I still think the majority of her problem is that stupid Master Cleanse. The ingredients sound safe, but fasting, detoxing, cleansing…whatever the buzz word of the week is, should not be done for more than a few days.30 days is too long. And I get the feeling Yolanda has made it part of her normal routine. It’s not normal, and not safe.

        I’m not against holistic medicine. Heck, I am treating my own anxiety, since doctors won’t help me. But like with traditional medications, you have to know what you are putting into your body, and also know the risks. Even if it’s “Natural”.

      • Cat

        Damned autocorrect. Of course, I meant “ill”, not ” I’ll”

      • Margarett

        I also believe that Yolanda is exaggerating. I remember hearing (when I was working as a nurse). that “when you hear hoofbeats look for a horse and not a zebra”. Exaggeration and/or a mental disorder is a ‘horse’ while the numerous disorders that Yolanda claims fall under the ‘zebra’ category. Just my opinion. I really know squat about this daffy appearing Dutch woman. 😉

      • I don’t know much about Munchausen but it’s possible sufferers of it genuinely believe they’re ill.

      • Ah, I see, Munchausen sufferers DO NOT believe they are ill and know they are faking. Google is your friend.

  45. Theresa

    OMG Tamara. You took one for the team! Thanks for all the info with history and back up. I hope you made really good friends with that attorney for the UK guy. You might need her. Lol. Yolanda has abused my good will. I was sympathetic for a while, then just figured it was menopause and now I’m just over her. Thanks for the hard work

  46. Rubbishhousewife

    I just came to thank you, Tamara. I found you when I was googling to find someone who would have the guts to point out the Emperor’s New Clothes situation with Yolanda, because for me, her illness smelt wrong from the outset. Now it has hit new levels of crazy, and still hardly anyone dares to say this doesn’t make sense.
    I hope I’m not oversharing and about to get my bum kicked on my first post – I have MS, and find myself enraged at how she is making herself the spokeswoman for chronic, invisible illness, she is causing a great deal of damage, I feel. And as for the sick selfies! Being somewhat middle aged, I know lots of people who have to deal with long term illness, pain, fatigue etc. The one thing we all do is fake it on a daily basis, we fake being well, we put make up and fake smiles on to hide the illness. If I had Housewife money for make up artists etc. no one would ever see me have an off day. When we mere mortals can’t manage faking it on really bad days, we hide our greasy hair and failure to shower, not show our illness off with selfies!
    Such a relief to see someone, somewhere is talking some sense on this, thank you!

    • tamaratattles

      Just making some observations. :) I’ve been trying to distract myself from life issues today and googling is my meditation…I have found only one person on all of Google to claims to have broken her back (let alone in three places) during child birth. Any guesses who that might be?

      “Breaking” of tailbones happens sometimes. But it is not really a broken bone, it is a rupture of the connective tissue between the coccyx bones. It is treated with ice packs and pain meds, not spinal fusion. #TheMoreYouKnow !

      • And……if I did break my back in 3 places, the last hobby I would persue after that would be horseback riding.

      • Queen of the Nile

        I did the same Google search and came to the same conclusion! I was just really curious if such a thing every happened, but it seems Yolanda is the only woman on the planet who broke her back delivering a baby.

      • Queen of the Nile

        “… ever happened…” I hate missing typos.

      • Cat

        I’m sure by now, you’ve searched “dangers of master cleanse”. All of her symptoms are right there, in a nice, neat, little package.

      • TAMARA

        I’ve always wondered about her saying she broke her back during child birth. It makes no sense to me! I can’t imagine how one would do that.

      • Rubbishhousewife

        Lol at the back breaking – I don’t know much about childbirth, but it raised my eyebrows. Even when I believed her illness, I always felt she was rather competitive about it, always had to be the worst case the doctor had ever seen…..I’m really not comfortable when people enjoy “being sick” so much!

    • Margarett

      Perfectly said, Rubbishhpusewife! I could not figure out how to say what you’ve said.

      Thanks from a”faker”!

    • Welcome and glad to have u here rubbish, and thanks for sharing a bit of your story. It seems a significant majority of us suffer with fatigue, aches and other invisible maladies that prevent us from enjoying a good quality of life, which is why Yolanda’s charade strikes a chord a bit close to home. It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one when I come here.

    • In exactly the circumstances as you , I stumbled across TT a short while ago, I was formerly a great supporter of Yolanda, I engaged with her on twitter and read with interest her so called journey towards good health. But then things just started to look wrong, the endless selfies ,quack treatments and contradictory statements and mode of behaviour. I was eventually banished off her social media account for asking a perfectly reasonable question regarding the latest photo she had shared with the world.
      I firmly believe that she has had some form of illness, maybe even Lyme, but also the onset of the menopause has coincided with this. I think she attributing her crappy mood and physical symptoms to Lyme and is failing to acknowledge that many of her symptoms are totally menopause related.
      As for the Munchausen by proxy?? I think it is entirely plausible. Menopause does crazy things to a woman and in severe cases it causes serious mental health issues. My own Mother was hospitalised for debilitating depression at 51. all menopause related. Shes fit as a fiddle now!
      So it is not beyond the realms of probability that the menopause has screwed Yolandas mental state to the extent that she has become delusional about the state of her own kids health. I feel so sorry for those offspring of hers.
      Despite the fact that she is clearly milking the attention , I still feel some sympathy for her. Its about time one of her family members or a close friend take control of this situation now and get her to a psych, because im sure depression would be diagnosed and a
      course of hormone therapy might just be the answer to her problems.

  47. Hmmm, so who is the second most famous female in the family? Gigi and Bella are probably both more famous than Yolanda, aren’t they? They’re everywhere these days with Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevigne.

  48. PaganChick

    Samael, I have wondered if Daisy was really more of Yolanda’s personal assistant/photographer helping her “document her journey” rather than any real health advocate ever since she was introduced. Nothing in her background really jibes with health care advocacy, but she would be the perfect person to document these beautifully photographed selfies of Yolanda’s and now Bella’s suffering.

  49. Katherine 2.0

    I read the whole thing! Fantastic job of connecting the dots, TT, in a lucid, unimpeachable manner. You should have been a lawyer.

  50. DJ

    I LIVE for the Purple Pen!!! The Purple Pen deserves a Pulitzer!!!!

    Seriously, Tamara you have such great insight. This was a awesome read!

  51. Jen

    Gosh I feel like an arsehole. I sure hope she gets well. When I’m Ill I never take posed selfies nor do I post it on Social Media. I realize she’s a Reality star n she feels the need to keep all informed. I will pray for her recovery. No matter what illness she has but it all seems so damned contrived. It’s hard to believe. Heal up Yolanda. Don’t drag your kids into it. It’s unfair and sad. That is all. ?

  52. SG

    Is it just me, or does the positioning of the IV’s in the pictures seem weird? I have no medical background except having seen my family have them (one for two weeks). I have never seen them positioned as in the above picture or the like the one with Bella in bed. Thoughts anyone?

  53. Nikol

    I would think someone whom also suffers from chronic illness would feel some sympathy but you have decided she is liar whom is not I’ll nor is her children. And because he doctors are different as she prefers holistic they are not credible. I do like your blog but you flip flop and ever since the divorce announcement she is a villain. I wish you could show her the same compassion showed to you when you were going through issues but I guess not. Praying for her healing.

    • tamaratattles

      Where did I say she was a liar, or that I didn’t have compassion. Please point that out for me. I’ll wait. And this time, try to do it in standard English that doesn’t require me to use my decoding skills. Thanks!

      • Cat

        Wow. Nikol must have slipped in from a parallel universe.

        Most commenters here agree that SOMETHING is wrong with Yolanda’s health. If you need to blame anyone for us having doubts, or issues with Yolanda using her children for sympathy, blame Yolanda.

        SHE is the one with the wild claims that don’t add up.

    • Yolanda has stated already in her blogs and interviews that:

      – 100+ top physicians diagnosed her with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
      – the same top physician’s NEVER detected a 2 foot long parasite
      – yolanda is ignoring dr.’s directions
      – weekly colonics are unsafe for the body
      – the diet her Dr. Klinghardt ( who had 3 years probation) has her and her childremn…used to be called the #starvation diet
      – she is removing body parts
      – she stated that last year she was immoble/couldn’t read/write..yet she completed 12 blogs travelled the world ..singapore/ belgium/denmark etc
      – stem cell surgery one day..two days later cycling in Denmark

      the psyche of this behavior is not sane…where in this story..does TT ever claim that Yolanda is a liar..geez

      where is the common sense in just the above behaviors?

    • tbk

      It’ll be okay Bella.

  54. Twilly

    Ok, she is BATSHIT CRAZY.

  55. Twilly

    You deserve a Pulitzer for this work, btw!

  56. lru

    Read every word. This was quite informative. Thank you!

  57. Thank you for the good read, TT. I always though she had CFS and now it was compounded with menopause. I feel sorry for her and the delusions that seem to plague her.

  58. Lime Brain

    I wonder why Yolanda wasn’t at Gigi’s fashion show that David went to. She says she’s 60% better. I don’t think she posted any sick photos of herself or anything that day.

    Gigi invited David to go and it was his first time going to one. I wonder if Gigi is sick of her mother and invited David to get back at her for this whole Lyme mess.

    But I’m sure I’m just letting my imagination run wild and David just happened to be in the same town at the same time.

  59. Jane

    Every time I try to read about The Sick One, my eyes start to roll back in my head. She lost me at cowlick disease and the rest has been more ridiculous.

  60. THANK YOU for this very detailed post. This is a messed up situation and I’m praying for Yolanda on a lot of levels…

    “So either she hasn’t read a book in four years or she has read 110.”
    This really made me LOL.

  61. BravoAddict

    Missing your Dance Moms recap this week! I live for them!

    • tamaratattles

      Sorry Bravo Addict! I am behind this week with all the Yolanda drama taking up so much time. I’ll get on it later today. I do have a boozey lunch date in an hour or two so it might be…interesting. LOL. I meeting someone for Sangria and well lunch. But the Sangria is my motivator!

  62. After reading that David woke up one morning and told her she is getting a cat scan, he felt that something else was going on. He put his foot down. Altho I don’t think her illnesses are the sole reason for their divorce I do think that she obsessively spent so much time and $$ to the point that David said enough. Yea, the guy is a gazillionare, but that doesn’t mean he should shell out all the dough she is seemingly wasting on quacks, especially if it’s something he doesn’t believe in. It seems really complicated.

  63. @immelza

    Does anyone know or has seen Yo’s back as she would have a pretty significant scar from a 3 level fusion. I know this because I have a fusion scar down myback of my neck and you can’t miss it. Also there’s no way her daughter was even close to competing in the Olympics, she would need to be showing at least 3 horses every week at Grand Prix level and winning just to be invited to the trials. An Olympic bid is about 8-10 million conservative estimate. I know as I worked for a 2x medalist for 10 years. Also no way Yo could ride horses, do yoga ect with a 3 level fusion and never once complain on camera that she’s not supposed to do this or her back hurts. I have said before and believe this is all a new business for her and she will be hawking books, supplements, spoon jewelry, videos ect as she hits the talkshow circut and all her sick pictures (isn’t a selfies if you take it yourself?) will flash on the screen behind her as she explains her invisible illness health journey.Sorry for the long post, this woman annoys me (a lot)

    • Thanks. I’ve been hoping someone with equestrian competition knowledge would fill in some details on that. I know it’s not easy to be an Olympian in any sport and I questioned Yolanda just throwing that out there that she couldn’t compete in the okympics like it was already a done deal but for the Lyme disease. Yolanda seems to have a problem with twisting the truth in all areas of life, doesn’t she?

  64. @immelza

    Oh and I wanted to ask do the housewives get any kind of disability insurance through the production company? Before the reunion she could file a disability claim so she doesn’t have to go and answer any questions. I think I remember you saying they get most of their pay check after the reunion so maybe she will be ramping up looking for a way out of shady Andy’s questions?

  65. loriflack

    ?? That pic of Yolanda gazing at her daughter in bed is creepy and could be a scene out of American Horror Story.

  66. Miguel

    Why hasn’t the AMA sanctioned these doctors whom seem to be taking advantage of mentally unstable people? They are charlatans, getting rich off placebos and psychologically endangering people. The demise of Yo’s health is on their hands – has anyone recommended psychotherapy? Thanks as always, TT!

    • I think at some point Yolanda must’ve had a blood test where she tested positive for Lyme. My friend had the same test after suffering joint pain for 6 months. It took her 2yrs to recover from Lyme in California. What confuses me about this whole Yolanda thing is that if someone says their sick and look sick, why question it? Yolanda isn’t Brooks. She’s not a con artist & has no history of chronic illnesses. She has nothing to gain from being sick. Attention? She already has attention. Pity? Who wants pity? So she takes selfies. And? Also, if it bothers people, why follow her or read about her? What do we usually do with whack-a-doodles? We ignore them. I’m one of the few that believe her. I watched my friend struggle with this illness. And she took a ton of supplements because her doctor recommended them. I take a lot of supplements. Maybe it’s a California thing but my UCLA doctors approve & suggest which ones to take. I cured a bladder infection with a cranberry supplement only because the antibiotics had too many side effects. So for us, wholistic healing isn’t strange.

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