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Okay, I love Eileen Davidson, but this is NOT THE NIGHT TO HAVE HER ON WWHL! Gawd, Andrew. Can you do nothing right? This was a Kyle night. Eileen was not even in the country when this whole BBQ went down.  WTF does she know? Kyle and/or Rinna needed to be on together with an early time call and very strong drinks!  Also, I’d like to be pissed about Michelle sitting in Eileen’s seat but I have a feeling Michelle just plonked herself there as she seems overserved already. Eileen looks to be miffed and trying to hide it. On the other hand, Andy is a big Knots Landing fan and if it is her first time, we might actually have Andy to blame for violating seating code.

He introduces Eileen saying that she is having real life drama and she thinks Lisa Vanderpump is partially to blame. Eileen groans as he says it. But first more discussion of spreading her sister’s ashes.  Andy announces that Lisa Rinna’s father had passed and so has Monty Brinson. Eileen didn’t know about Monty.

Andy plays a montage of Rinna stirring the pot. Andy asks what one should wear to a RHOBH BBQ. Eileen says whatever Kyle tells you not to wear. Eileen is really upset that Faye Resnick is getting slammed on social media right now. I haven’t had time to read comments here yet, but I imagine it is happening here as well. Eileen and Michelle both say that Faye is a lovely person,.RHOBH  EIleen Vince

Finally, Andy moves on to the big bombshell that Vanderpump dropped. Andy reads Mohamed’s Instagram statement. Then makes absolutely no comment at all on the clip where Lisa spills the beans, nor does he ask Eileen about it. He goes right to the phones. Really Andrew?

Why do you think that Lisa Vanderpump keeps questioning other housewives seemingly very happy marriages? OOOHHH Good question! Eileen says she isn’t really sure. She thinks Lisa is a very smart and savvy person and doesn’t do anything unintentionally. Maybe she is just trying to move the story along.

Andy asks a twitter question about why Eileen didn’t make a big deal out of it when Brandi Glanville brought up the affair last season? Eileen says she didn’t feel like she made a big deal out of it at all. She just told Lisa she was uncomfortable with the way she presented it and she is not ashamed of how she met her husband. She feels responsibility to the people who are involved who are not on the show. When the spotlight is on them, she feels uncomfortable.

Michelle says Lisa Vanderpump reminds her of Alexis Carrington. Michelle seems like she has had a few cocktails. Did I mention that? As soon as she started  talking I was worried. So was Andy. We went to break.

Apparently, the burlesque looking scenes are a Moulin Rouge party. Why does every event on this show require a dress up theme? They show a clip where Pinky is sticking up for Kathryn and Kyle is pissed that Kathryn is trash talking her BFF, Faye. In a talking head Kyle says, “The last time Lisa decided to side with a new girl, it didn’t work out so well for her.”

The Poll Question was “Who talks the most behind people’s backs.” And the idiots only voted for three of the choices. The winner was Rinna with 44% , Kyle with 33% and only 2o% are on to Lisa Vanderpump.


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10 responses to “WWHL With Michelle Lee and Eileen Davidson

  1. Weirdiskate

    If you have lived ( unfortunately I have) in the area you learn quickly every event “Why does every event on this show require a dress up theme?” is a costume party of some sort with a stupid theme

  2. Lisaj

    There’s something so passively aggressive about Eileen and I love her on the soaps. If she’s so offended by something, say it at the time, but alas that seems to be her storyline forever, stewing.
    Faye is beautiful and kind to Kyle and handled herself with class tonight. I’m obviously missing something because IJDG all the hate.
    Andy seemed more enthralled with Michelle than recapping tonight’s episode. Boo hiss.

    • CDWASH

      Re; Faye. She wrote a book for profit after her best friend was brutally murdered.I don’t know what she did with the $$, maybe she gave it to Nicole’s children or maybe to a domestic abuse center or maybe she went on a fabulous vacation. Exposing the affair(if it’s true) between Nicole and Marcus Allen paints her best friend to be immoral. After all most people do not think a woman should be involved with a married man. Obviously she did not speak to Kathryn before she described Kathryn’s persona . That takes some balls.Then she posed for playboy, ching ching again. What the hell.She went on all the talk shows. Any personal information Faye may have known about her friend should have remained confidential. Makes you feel even more sorry for Nicole.

  3. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    I’m not sure that LVP was “presenting” anything when she was simply asking Eileen how they met etc – that’s pretty normal girl talk at a dinner table with a few glasses of vino isn’t it? It was up to Eileen then to present it how she wanted in her answers – or not at all if she was uncomfortable. What is really irritating is that Eileen is now doing the circuit telling anyone who will listen that this season she wanted the HWs and viewers to get to know the real her and the sh*t that has gone on in her life, she claimed on a radio show yesterday that she didn’t want to talk about handbags and shoes with these women this season – but yet she has done nothing but whine about LVP asking her about her real actual life! Seems Eileen wants to censor her story as much as Kim Richards did.
    Mohamed is throwing his “best friend in the whole wide world” under the bus right now.

    • Jaded

      Interesting. I saw it completely different. The day after Eileen told Lisa she was uncomfortable with the questions Lisa is the one that brought it up again not Eileen. Lisa asked if Eileen was OK and Eileen answered with a yes and asked if Lisa was OK. That was fine but what wasn’t fine was that Lisa then didn’t like Eileen’s answer. You don’t get to choose how a person answers your questions.

  4. Spilledperfume

    I was completely confused by Michelle’s behavior. It didn’t occur to me that she might have started drinking early. All I could focus on was that she would not leave that ugly necklace alone.

  5. Lime Brain

    I think Eileen was the only HW willing to go on the show last night since she wasn’t at the bbq. The others didn’t want to touch last night’s episode with a 10 foot pole.

  6. Lime Brain

    I forgot to add, Michelle Lee reminded me of what Lisa Rhinna will be like in 20 years.

  7. “The winner was Rinna with 44% , Kyle with 33% and only 2o% are on to Lisa Vanderpump.”
    While people are obviously on it with Rinna, viewers are too stupid to realize how shady LVP is. Kyle will never live down the horrible edits she got those first few seasons. I feel bad for Kyle. She’s obviously the best housewife and the most relatable of these women. The hatred she gets is totally undeserved. :(

  8. Stupid polls. People are too stupid to realize how shady LVP is to her “friends”. Rinna talks a lot of trash, but I feel like she’s just chatty and has a big mouth. No pun intended. At least Rinna has no qualms about owning what she says to people even when it’s really nasty. She forgives and accept apologies. LVP is too narcissistic to do either.

    And let me not get on how much Kyle DOESN’T deserve the hatred she receives from the Bravo viewers… :(

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