Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Pinky Spills A Secret!

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:6 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards -- (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

(Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

Tonight, I shall be filling in for Ben C who is bound and gagged and chained to his radiator indisposed at the moment due to going AWOL in the middle of writing his RHOP recap eating some bad oysters, may he RIP we expect him to make a full recovery. You just can’t get decent unpaid interns these days. This means I am going to focus on fast and not perfection, like Ben does.


In keeping with Xanadude’s theory that Lisa and Ken have a torrid sexual appetite where they bring in extra partners like Lisa collects other animals, we see the mature couple filling our their AARP forms entering a sex shop together. LOL at “the fucking towel” that is sort of a genius idea! That way you don’t use the fucking towel as a hand towel, or worse yet a guest towel. I digress.  Ken has taken over the lease and wants to put in a restaurant (where would they get the money for that at the moment? )  Perhaps they have settled up or Villa Blanca has sold.  I just realized those legal issues were in the summer of 2014! That’s two seasons of Big Brother ago!  It seems like yesterday. I presume they have had plenty of time for financial restructuring. Anyway, back to the show, Lisa is immediately drawn to the crops. Because, pony play. Um,  I mean mini-horses!  She does refer say ponies though, not mini-horses. I’m just saying. That vibrating duck seems quite powerful. Pinky is not feeling opening a British Tavern.

Kathryn drops by Villa Rosa, which is probably the most beautiful house in L.A. to visit Pinky. In her talking head, Kathryn talks about the swan shit, which must be awful. I just saw on Mohamed’s Instagram the other day that he has swans as well. Lisa starts off with the offensive questions right away. How old are you? Is your husband much younger? How much younger is he? What’s that like? Do you notice his age difference?  This seems to be Pinky’s role this season.  These two head to the BBQ together.RHOBH Eileen 2


Eileen is heading to Italy with Vince. She plans to take her sisters ashes. They are taking the boys and her deceased sister’s kids. Or daughter. Or something. There are seven in the group. This ash scattering stuff is going to drag on forever. I’m going to fast forward through some of this. I have my own dead sister if I feel like getting depressed about sisters and cancer. Which I don’t.


I am totally not a care person but this vintage Mercedes Kathryn is riding in undoes me. It’s just beautiful. We get our first look at Donnie. He’s hot and he is taking her diamond shopping. They also just got back from Europe. Ooooh, a giant emerald. Now we are in my wheelhouse!  Donnie is kind of metrosexual for a football player. Kathryn talks about flying overseas in first class not business. Um, I dunno what airline she flies but on overseas flights business is first class. If she is picking up two million in jewelry on a random Tuesday she should be flying private. Thus, I have now discounted this entire scene. They leave the infomercial without jewelry.

Gif Credit: T.Kyle

Gif Credit: T.Kyle


Rinna meets for lunch with Kathryn. I would like for the haters to watch Lisa eat. Because she does. They talk about lips and botox and fillers. Oh and the glory days. Kathryn says she couldn’t have kids. She and Donnie though about adoption but opted to travel instead. Good choice.


Kyle is having a BBQ so that production can set Kathryn and the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick for a bitch brawl. Faye is still working with Kyle on her closet room. My closet room has become a mound of clothes. It’s on my list of things to make and do. One day. Faye says she is not ready to talk to Kathryn about such a painful topic. But revealing all of Nicole’s secrets in a book right after her death, she was good with.

Yolanda arrives and lets us know it’s only been ten days since her boobs got yanked out. You know, in case we had forgotten the whole silicone up to her collarbone issue. Am I the only one who thought that implant looked pretty full?  She tells us she is wearing a poncho because she is supposed to keep her arms next to her body for two weeks. Yolanda is wondering why everyone is dressed up for a BBQ. Is she new to Beverly Hills? I don’t think there will actually be BBQ either. Erika arrives in jeans and she too is confused by Kyle’s boobs on display dress. It’s not even her usually causal Bohemian muumuu, which I LOVE by the way. HA! Kyle says she is not BBQing either. I knew it. Erika says in Atlanta, if you are invited to a BBQ you expect fucking BBQ. Rinna is surprised by the non BBQ too. But more shocked that Yolanda is there. This is two conflicts at one non BBQ!  Yolanda says no more nail polish, no hair color, no toxins. Lisa wonders where he silicone is going. Yolanda, who has never heard of the concept of the blood brain barrier it would seem, replies, “You’ll know when it hits your brain!” So now silicone has crept up past her collar bone slipped past that pesky blood brain barrier and infected her brain causing brain damage and making it unconscionable for David not to provide spousal support.  Hypothetically speaking.

In the limo, Kathryn said something about being a man in a woman’s body. Lisa said that is her line. They seem to bicker, yet Pinky says that Kathryn and Kyle were her allies this season.  Kathryn sees Faye and her blood begins to simmer. Kyle is pissed that Kyle didn’t warn her Faye was there. We have a flashback to Faye accusing Lisa of using Brandi to do her dirty work in 2012. Camille arrives. Kathryn says that she and Yolanda were in competition for the same jobs back in the day. Yolanda leaves announcing she is going back to bed. Pinky tells Lisa she is none to happy about Faye being there. About that time Faye walks by and Rinna says, “Faye, how did we meet?” Followed quickly by , “Why are you and Lisa having a little thing?” Oh Rinna I do love you so. Vanderpump is sinking into herself trying to evaporate but she is blocked in by the other two and has no clear escape route. This will be the end of the friendliness between the two Lisas for sure and Rinna won’t know what hit her. Faye says that they are both protective. Faye was protecting Kyle and Pinky was protecting Brandi.  Faye says it is time to move on.

RHOBH Brandi Slaps Lisa

And we all sit down. Kyle’s huge dog comes right up to Pinky with a tennis ball. So cute. Dogs do love Pinky. This makes me think she is probably a good person. Not perfect, but a good person.

Kathryn is across from Faye and now all I can see when I look at Kathryn is Aviva. Gee thanks. Do I have Wonky to blame for this?  At first they speak about Yolanda. Erika talks about how “massive” Yolanda’s surgery was.  Rinna again brings up to Erika that there is some question about Yolanda’s Lyme diagnosis. Kyle thanks Lisa for not bringing up Munchausen. Everyone tells Lisa she needs sit down with Yolanda as if Pinky and Kyle don’t have questions of their own. Speaking of questions, Kyle asks Lisa about Bella and Anwar.  Lisa says.” I never heard that… ”  Rinna interrupts and asks, “what do you mean you never heard that? Is it true?”  Pinky continues, ” I dunno, if she says it’s true the…” Kyle interrupts to ask what Mohamed says about it. Pinky says, ” No.” Kyle says, “Mohamed says no they don’t have it?” Pinky says, “…..well… he just that she’s the only one that has it…but…I don’t want to come between a husband….and…that….that’s..I..I.” Kyle says, “That is not her husband anymore by the way…” Shut up Kyle, let her finish blabbing the family secrets for fucksake! Pinky says, ” Well, ex-husband but one of my best friends.” And the one upmanship over Mohamed continues between Pinky and Yolanda. Did Yolanda finally win that war? Because rumor has it this scene really pissed him off! Lisa is trying to backpeddle and Kyle and Lisa keep pressing. Lisa is muttering under her breath to Kyle, “Don’t make me come over there I am serious.  I. Don’t.Want. To Talk. About. It!”

Holy shit!  This is almost as good as the time Brandi outted Adrienne or using a surrogate on national TV! I got so many hits on that post that I literally thought I had broken the Internet. I thought I was under a DOS attack. It was insane. And I was brand new and has no ads :(

Erika suddenly shout to Rinna to talk about her  Playboy shoot. And just like that we move on. Camille, Faye and Lisa Rinna have all been in Playboy. Faye seems pissed that Kyle blurted out she did Playboy so  she excuses herself and Kyle goes after her.  While she is gone Rinna pokes Kathryn with a stick about the tension between her and Faye. Kathryn says Faye capitalized on a tragedy and it was horrible.

We set up for the Faye v Kathryn showdown! When Faye comes back, Kathryn opens fire. Faye just sits there looking at her. Faye says she has nothing to say about that time. She says there is not much to discuss is there? Kathryn says it is an elephant in the room. Faye asks Kathryn if she feels better. Then she announces to the table that she doesn’t want to have any conversations at the table on this subject. Kyle starts singing the praises of Faye. Faye has managed to squash the conversation like a bug. It was the showdown that ever happened.

Next week: We have a bunch of menopausal women doing burlesque and Lisa Rinna sits down with Yolanda to discuss her Munhausen. Or Chronic Lyme Disease. Or silicone to the brain. Lisa actually says the word Munchausen to Yolanda. That should go well. And Pinky goes in on Kyle for not giving her a heads up that Faye would be at the non BBQ. And more drama between Kathryn, Kyle and Faye while dressed in burlesque attire.


January 26, 2016 · 10:40 pm

72 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Pinky Spills A Secret!

  1. Aerin

    I’m loving Erika so much so far. She is a great addition to the cast. And I enjoyed seeing LVP squirm a little during the Mohamed discussion- we don’t see that very often; usually it’s her making others squirm. Overall, though, I thought this episode was not super entertaining.

  2. Natasha vandenHoven

    Excellent recap. From a housewife north of the 49th parallel.

  3. Minky

    Yolanda and Porsha so need to have lunch together. That’s what Cynthia said about Porsha’s implants. That they made it all the way up to Porsha’s brain. Haaaa!

    Golly! I guess Pinky won’t ask people uncomfortable questions anymore now that she knows how it feels to be put on the spot unnecessarily. She sure learned her lesson. No?

    Seriously though, Pinky and Kyle are obviously very good frenemies. It’s so touching. Baaaarf!!!

    • Micheal

      To be fair, I doubt we will see Pinky complain for the next 3 episodes about how nosey everyone was (like Eileen did).

      It’s ok to be uncomfortable and ask that the topic be changed. What Lisa doesn’t like is when they sit there answering questions and then whinge behind her back to others. I think that is pretty fair.

      • Denine

        Agreed! When I think a question is too personal I politely refuse to answer. What’s so hard about that?

      • Minky

        Okay Michael. I concede that Lisa probably won’t complain because it would look undignified and beneath her to do so. But didn’t Eileen ask for a conversation subject change that Lisa ignored? I’m asking because I really don’t know. I just rely on TT’s recaps.

      • Micheal

        Apparently in BH everyone is so used to answering a pre-approved question script that they can’t handle a personal, spontaneous conversation. Normal people like the rest of us are used to dealing with nosey people, or friends who sometimes cross the invisible line.

      • Erica

        They always ask “what if I started asking her such questions? What would she do?” I dont know – how about TRY IT! Start asking her about being so young marrying a guy older than her – with grown children. Ask her about her kids…

        I get the feeling that she woudn’t give a shit. Make a joke of her questions you don’t want to answer and MOVE THE FUCK ON. At least she is interested.

        I guess I just see it as a habit that a beloved “second mom” had. Throw her in a room with a bunch of people and pretty soon she would know everyone’s marital status, relationship with their parents, number of kids, NAMES and AGES of said kids, who your best friend was, how you met your husband, etc. If you happened to mention that your kid was sick – you’d get a call a week later to see if everything was ok, or perhaps a ring at your door only to find a homecooked meal in a box. If you met her a while later – she asked about, with genuine interest, about everyone you care about.

        Is Lisa maybe not quite that altruistic? Probably. She is on this TV show and knows that shit stirring brings the ratings. But other than being personally hurt by some of the shit that happens (and that season they ganged up on her was BRUTAL) – I don’t think her intentions are that bad, and I don’t think she’s that judgmental. I don’t think she was genuinely judging Eileen for how she met her husband – but was maybe a little titillated by the naughtiness of it (and there is a big difference between being naughty and evil or bad)

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      I think LVP could handle them asking questions about HER no problem – of course she is going to be uncomfortable with them asking about someone else’s kids and her friend. Big different between that and LVP asking Eileen about Eileen.

  4. Micheal

    Rinna and Eileen have lost their sheen for me this season. What i loved about them last season (they seemed frank and real) is the opposite now. Eileen is filming production setup scenes, Rinna is saying whatever production tells her to. So trite.

    • Minky

      Well, shoot. It only stands to reason. This cast doesn’t have a pungent, unabashedly obnoxious villain anymore. Do they? So Eileen and Rinna have nothing to provide a counterbalance to like they did last season with Brandi, and the Kim drama that Brandi pushed along.

      This cast needs a new bee. If Faye was full-time, then Eileen and Rinna might make more sense. They would be cute and relatable again. Rinna can’t even do a good shit stirring. She apologizes for it. It’s like, no Rinna. You’ve got to stir the shit with wild abandon, Put your ass into it!!! And then cackle like the witches in MacBeth. Why do I gotta tell these people everything. Seriously?!!!

      • Micheal

        I guess it is refreshing to complain about casual rudeness and potstirring over last season’s addiction issues and examples of physical violence. Still, I am at the point of fast forwarding all the Eileen and Lisa Rinna scenes this season. I want more Erika! Love her.

      • Minky

        I think Erika is smarter than the lot of them. She could probably contribute so much more if she could get a foothold. For example, I’d love to see her take on Faye, or Lisa V. That would be interesting.

      • JustJenn

        It sounds like the original B will be back if you follow her Twitter. She said her old boss is now her new boss (Andy) and she’s now saying she was on a break from the show. Plus she’s in a new house now which always happens around filming time. Hopefully it’s not until next season.

      • Micheal

        Hopefully she is exaggerating as we know she filmed some scenes as a friend of Yolanda this season but that is it.

        If Brandi is back next season, I’m out.

      • JustJenn

        Me too, Micheal. Or I’m hoping they give her some sort of spin off where I won’t have to be bothered with her. I know some people love to hate her, and her Twitter account can be entertaining at times, but that voice alone is enough to keep me from watching RHOBH.

      • Lime Brain

        JustJenn, I thought Bethenny was the original B. I had to re-read your post a few times to get it. I originally thought you were posting old news in the wrong thread. Lol!

  5. V

    Yolanda kinda of won the war because not only does she have Mohamed going along with this mess ( I think LVP is telling the truth about what Mo said), but his relationship with LVP is surely damaged. Also I love Kyle, just not a Kyle/Faye combo.

  6. Cat

    How do these rich people keep their swans on their property? Or are they wild? The ones where I live come and go. So beautiful when they fly past my apartment.

    • Micheal

      The black swans in Melbourne all choose a breeding location and then seemingly never leave it. It’s cute as the couples are ‘tagged’ with a big necklace/collar with their details on it.
      If the swans are safe and well fed I doubt they would ever fly away.

      • Cat

        The ones here do. They stay, for the most part. But sometimes, they will fly away. So pretty when the Sun hits their feathers. The light is reflected in rainbow colors. Beautiful!

        Then later, they return.

      • Cat

        We get the gray ones with black heads and necks. Canadian geese, I think?

      • Micheal

        Our swans seems to be pretty territorial, in that they never leave their stretch of the river or go on holidays somewhere (and are surprisingly not aggressive to other pairs).

      • Cat

        Ha! I just realized, I’m mixing geese and swans. Oops!

      • Micheal

        Now that makes way more sense. I think swans are too lazy/majestic to migrate like geese do.

  7. I’m certain if Kyle got murdered Faye would write about a book about her too and then spread her legs for another nudie magazine for $$$. #MorallyCorruptHoeBag

  8. Of course Kathryn and LVP end up as allies. They both hate Faye. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc.

  9. Tp

    I find it a little hypocritical that Faye tells Kyle to stop beating herself up about her sister, Kim , since she was a cocaine addict herself and went to rehab many times in the past. In fact, Wikipedia says that OJ’s defense team had a theory that Nicole was murdered by Faye’s drug dealer, to whom she owed money. And , it says that the validity of her book was questionable because she was a drug addict at the time. So .. Who the hell is she to walk around acting so smug all the time? Smh. Kathryn should have demanded that she discuss the book with her. Why is it up to the morally corrupt Ms Resnick to decide when and if she’ll discuss the book and the fact that she announced to the world that this woman played a role in Nicole’s death when she’s never met her? I’d rather not see Faye on my tv screen tbh.

    • Lindsay

      I’m mad too that Faye wrote some book about it and now gets to be like, nope, that’s bad energy. Bitch what?!

    • Angel(?)

      Why is it up to Faye? Because Faye has an excellent way of shutting shit down and icing you out. last night was a perfect example.

      • The Kathryn/Morally Corrupt Faye Resnik showdown was so disappointing! After 20 years you’d think Kathryn would be better prepared. What a punk!

      • Angel(?)

        Glad to see you! Where have you been? Hopefully it was some place warm and sunny. ?

      • Hi, Angel! Thanks for the shout out. I’m not feeling great so I’m mostly lurking… But I’ll get my snark back soon enough!

      • Gentle hugs, LC. Feel better soon. <3

      • Spilledperfume

        I found Kathryn’s whole “don’t act like you know me if you don’t know” routine a bit much. What the heck was that? The phony voice and the whole neck and finger wagging. Really?! That’s how idiots act on the playground.

      • Pip

        Heh heh… You’re right, Lady C. That was a pretty lackluster showdown.
        I agree with pretty much everything you guys are thinking and saying. Faye is still the worst. But I thought it was stupid for Kathryn to want to rehash that at the table while everyone was eating. She should have done it privately.
        Also, if Aviva and Claudia Schiffer had a baby, she would be Kathryn.

  10. Cherry Bomb

    I too would be pissy about a non barbecue barbecue. I would show up in my Texas Trollup outdoor attire and see Kyle in her glam muumuu and Erika in her pink Barbie fmp ‘s and go “South of Oklahoma ” on their asses. Seriously it was a beautiful outdoor luncheon not a barbecue Kyle. Other than that… Lisa Rinna is so annoying….oooooohhhhh I get it… “These lips are made for talking….” just plain ol ‘messy. And why did Kyle have to invite Faye anyway ? That’s just plain ol ‘ messy. I’m not enjoying this season…. But still don’t ever want to see Kim or Brandi come back.

  11. BKSweetheart

    Man this episode was mess-SY. At first I thought it was f*cked up that Rinna just called Faye over under the pretense of wanting to “confirm” where she knew her from and immediately turned and boxed Lisa V. in. But then I got kind of a kick out of seeing Lisa squirm after she’s done it to several other cast members. At the dinner table as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some LVP but it’s fun seeing people get a dose of their own medicine from time to time.

    Kyles arms had to be tired after all that pot stirring she was doing. “Everyone at the table that’s done Playboy, raise your hand!!” – knowing damn right that Faye had done it and that would set off the showdown with Kathryn.

    Speaking of which – not of fan of this Kathryn lady so far. Trying too hard..

    Overall, I was thoroughly entertained!

    • Angel(?)

      Did I just dream that Kyle has been whinning all season about how she doesn’t want to be asked about Kim because it’s a family affair and personal? Yet she she stirs to the pot when it comes to Yoland’s family? Yes indeed she was manning the mix master last night.

  12. Tp

    Kyle must be getting work out of Faye in exchange for publicity. She has mentione every person she’s ever worked for several times now. Uhg

  13. Lindsay

    Andy must have a DL producer credit on the OJ miniseries because they can’t get away from that shit and it feels more like cross promotion than nostalgia.

  14. Faye Resnick is pathetic. She would spread like common peanut butter and jelly for a Bitcoin, a Greyhound Bus Pass and a subscription to Star magazine.

    • Okay, okay…..that was absolutely wrong of me to say about Faye.

      What I meant was….she would spread like a stale jar of Nutrella from the Dollar Store for a bottle of Unfiltered Blonde, a free ticket to the Palm Springs Tram and a box of Depends.

      • Okay…no…wait…um, I got it.

        I really mean Faye would spread it like a 2 month old tub of I Can’t Beleive It’s Not Butter for a shot of Fabellini, a bucket of Skinny Girl Popcorn and a chance to sit on Andy Cohen’s lap.

        And after all is said and done….it’s the Andy Cohen part that makes her such a whore.

        Yeah…..I really don’t like Faye too much.

      • Minky

        Hmm? So…I take it that you’re not really a very big fan of Faye? But she’s such a sweetie pie. And so good natured and wholesome. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Aaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha! Oh! My side!

        Seriously, though. Is it just me, or does Kyle invite Faye to stuff when she wants to hurt someone and she uses Faye to do it for her. Bitchery by proxy? I can’t even look at Faye. And, whenever Faye’s around it somehow emboldens Kyle to pick on people. Am I just imagining this?

    • Jim

      Bitcoins are about $400 each right now. So…

  15. Rose

    Dang, does Kyle even know what a BBQ is? I feel like all this Faye/Katharine drama is to get ratings for the upcoming American Crime Story: The people vs OJ with Cuba Gooding. LVP is squirming about the Muhammed thing….hmmm, reminds me of when Eileen came to her about bring uncomfortable so now Pinky feels uncomfortable with Kyle. Karma.

  16. Mohammedshairdo

    Kathryn seems very odd to me. When her husband was clapping because his wife is so hot was strange, or the fake diamond shopping? the pretend down to brawl anytime & rolling up sleeves, lame… and she said she carried a “dagger” for 20 years for Faye, and then she was just like ok yeah whatever lets not talk about it.

    I am not liking her, she is just wheird.

  17. Micheal

    My guess is that production thought the season may suck so they last minute brought in Kathryn to stir up OJ drama with Faye. Which is why she is coming across as ‘trying hard’. She kind of was dumped in the middle of the viper nest by production partway through the season, I kind of don’t blame her.

  18. JustJenn

    Why are these women so defensive of doing Playboy? Back in the day Hef was very selective of who he’d feature. In the words of Lisa Rinna “Own it, baby.” Or maybe it was Amy Phillips? Oh well..they still shouldn’t be ashamed.

  19. Thanks for the recap, TT–great job as always.
    I am not feeling the love for Kathryn or her husband–except for their old Mercedes…love the car. I hate people who claim they are superior because they were raised in the mid west. Go back to Milwaukee, Kathryn.
    That said, Faye is evil. It was such a hurtful time and she doesn’t want to ever speak of it. So why did she write the book?? There’s a miasma about her that brings out the hate in people.
    Erika is taking the Eileen position from last year. Sitting there, gorgeous, wide eyed and in shock as what is going on around her. So far she hasn’t had to deal with any collateral damage.
    Eileen is traveling the world, searching for a story line.
    Rinna is doing the producer’s work and seems to be having a blast.
    Lisa seems like a doddering old aunty when she starts asking those questions. Maybe she is the one who is going senile and Ken is taking care of her.
    I totally understand Mohammed’s position. However crazy and evil, Yolanda is the mother of his children. Things are dreadfully wrong and he has to some how save those kids. Bashing their mother is not the way to go. I am sure he hates that Yolanda brought them into her reality show story line, but for Lisa to say anything is pretty close to unforgivable.

    • Kevin

      “Eileen is traveling the world, searching for a storyline”. That literally made me laugh out loud because I have felt the same way about her all season. I loved Eileen and Lisa Lips last season, but I am over them now. Eileen literally has nothing to do with anything, and Lisa is just the producers puppet. I think now I am officially just watching this show for Pinky and Erika. Is it bad that I kind of like Kathryn, just a little?

  20. Spilledperfume

    Great recap.

  21. Meg

    I love how LVP asks all these direct questions. The expression on their faces is priceless.

    Eileen is huge disappointment. Yesterday she gave an interview to Jenny McCarthy and said that Faye is a lovely and nice woman… and she feels sorry for her because people are hating on her. Eileen is full of sh#t. #ByeFelicia.

    Rinna is so fake this season. Watching her you can tell that all she thinks of is – I need more camera time, what can I do to get more camera time, camera time, CAMERA TIME. Pathetic.

    Kyle is so proud that Faye is her friend. Why?! There is nothing to be proud of.

    • Toddy

      Kyle’s also proud of her niece Paris Hilton?

    • Queen of the Nile

      Yeah, I don’t get the Kyle/Faye friendship either. I wouldn’t be proud to call Resnick my close friend. BTW … Maisey, loved your Faye various spreading comments!! I haven’t decided which was the best, but I’m still laughing. :-)

  22. Katherine 2.0

    LVP is doing her dotty old lady impression, and it doesn’t look good on her. Neither does having Ken and Giggy hanging on her arm in nearly every scene like outdated accessories.

    Wishing for more of Eileen’s Italy trip. Looks like heaven. But she sees the writing on the wall for conventional soap operas, and needs to make this gig pay. I fear our sainted Eileen will go for the jugular if she has to do to keep the coffers full.

    For those writing Eileen off for not piling on Faye Resnick, why should she if Faye hasn’t done anything to her personally? Perhaps Faye has turned a corner in her life. She certainly has landed on her feet.

    Kathryn was a paper tiger at the dinner table, huffing and growling, then tucking her tail between her legs as Faye stared her down. Point, Faye.

  23. sandra

    Erika asked Kathryn what Faye wrote about her and Kathryn said she has never read it. I agree with Erika, she said “I would think if someone wrote something about you, you would read it.” I know that’s not exact, but close.

  24. frenchpoodlename

    In the Gif of Lisa and Brandi in Amsterdam, Brandi had said something about “Do you want me to slap you?” and Lisasaid”Go on then”. Dtifully, Brandi did, and was pilloried.

  25. Brandi should have asked Lisa if she would like her to jump off the nearest cliff. And then Brandi would have dutifully obliged. In other words, Brandi is a complete and utter nincompoop.

    • frenchpoodlename

      Lisa wrong-foots everyone. Brandi was a dupe.

      Erica, however, is like a biker-momma. Total “yang” affect. Fully armed, sovereign, imperial. think Jax’s mother in Sons of Anarchy. Enviable!

  26. Xanadude

    Loving on the Vanderpump’s pronunciation of the word “urinal,” with a long I sound. Your-eye-in-all. I replayed that ten seconds several times.

    • Yes, that British pronunciation of the word is quite something, isn’t it?

      I remember doing pretty much the same thing that you did years ago when I watched the movie Prick Up Your Ears. (It’s a must-see if you haven’t!)

      In it, Vanessa Redgrave, playing the literary agent of the now-deceased Joe Orton, is being interviewed about his diaries. “Well, u-RYE-nals figure largely in them…” she allows, hilariously. (Mr. Orton loved his tea-rooms. Or “cottages” as they’re called over there!)

  27. I find Yolanda so annoying coming to every function greasy and no makeup. She is capable of doing a little makeup (you see photos of her at many functions these days with full makeup), yet she only appears on RHOBHs looking unkempt. Just another opportunity for her to do another “poor me, I’ve drug myself from my sickbed to attend your party…give me attention” ploy. A total Racket. She has always begrudged those friends that don’t call her enough, or don’t come over and sit with her in her sick den, coming across as needy and pathetic, but this takes the cake. There I said it.

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