Mohamed Hadid Is TOTALLY Pissed At Lisa Vanderpump!

Sylvester Stallone Sues Mohamed Hadid


After tonight’s RHOBH aired on the east coast, Mohamed took to Instagram to make the statement about the show, which he had clearly been informed about the minute Yolanda got her screener this week. If you read here regularly, you already knew he was pissed when you ready this post.

But on tonight’s episode of RHOBH , Lisa Vanderpump came right out and said Mohamed said that the kids do not have Lyme. It seemed like she knew right away she has messed up big time. She pleaded with Kyle to shut up, but she didn’t and it was very obvious that she was telling the truth and knew that she had violated a confidence.

So tonight Mohamed posted again…RHOBH Mohamed statement

UPDATED: In my haste to get everything up tonight, I neglected the text Mohamed put up with the above photo.

mohamedhadid Not everyone’s reality is the true reality! @bravotv @bravoandy @bravowwhl”  Whose reality is not true? Interesting.

Clearly he is pissed off and trying to give himself an out to say to Yolanda he never said that. He appears to be trying to placate Yolanda who obviously has some issues going on. I cannot wait for Yolanda’s Bravo blog that she has totally been working on all week.

Not he does not say the kids have Lyme. Only that their family matters should have remained private. He is PISSED.

Other than a couple of retweets, Lisa Vanderpump is dead silent on Twitter.

The feud between Mohamed and Pinky TOTALLY needs to be filmed. Mohamed loves a camera as much as any of them. TMZ get a camera over there! I have to go recap WWHL.

Stay tuned!


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88 responses to “Mohamed Hadid Is TOTALLY Pissed At Lisa Vanderpump!

  1. Oh please, please, please. Mohamed has just GOT TO BE the next housewive.

    Come on, he already has the hair.

  2. Micheal

    Well I guess we all know that the kids are not ill now. Surely their father would know (and confirm it like Yolanda did) if they were suffering chronic lyme. So why would they agree to support their mother like this? Guilt or something?

    • Denine

      All but one who clearly didn’t want to put a lucrative career at risk, or maybe Yolanda was the one who decided not to risk Gigi’s career? Who knows…

      • Micheal

        Even though Gigi clearly won’t agree to being sick, she is giving interviews etc. Supporting the chronic lyme lie. Very risky if it all comes out and goes very public, even for Gigi.

  3. Minky

    Shit, TT! You just keep ’em coming. You’re gonna need another vacay pretty soon if you keep this up.

    But really, how else was Mohamed supposed to respond? Even if he hated Yolanda’s Lemon and Lyme cleansed guts, he would still keep that to himself for the sake of his kids. He’s being a gentlemen, never mind his true feelings, and I say good for him.

    And he’s sending a message to Lisa that she needs to hush herself. Finally somebody said it.

    • Matzah60

      I don’t think Mohammed is sending a message to Lisa. I don’t think they’ve been friends for awhile. I think that he’s covering his ass. A secret is a secret only if you don’t tell anybody. If he didn’t want anybody to know, he shouldn’t have told Lisa. Once you tell one person, it becomes part of the gossip.

      Frankly, the whole thing looks weird because the three kids are standing behind Yolanda and Mohammed clearly doesn’t believe his kids are sick and/or that Yolanda is sick.

      This man is causing a lot of problems in the neighborhood where he lives. He has built a monstrosity without building permits and against zoning laws. His neighbors are furious. This is not a particularly honest man.

      • Minky

        Can’t he send Lisa a message via public statement on social media? Especially if they aren’t speaking in person because they’re not friends? I guess I just assumed as much because the title of this article says that Mohamed is pissed at Pinky and then I assumed that this was his way of telling her and covering his ass with Yolanda both at the same time.

        And I’m not saying that Mohamed is a saint. But he can be a jerk in business and protective of his family too. Right?

      • Matzah60

        I think you’re right. I never thought of it that way. The two are not mutually exclusive.

        I don’t use Twitter that much, most Facebook. I just thought that maybe Mohammed had blocked Lisa or something to that effect

  4. He must have forgotten how LVP very publically jumped to his defense last year

  5. Denine

    This is the second time Mohammed has been pisssed off publicly. The first time was when Brandi blabbed that Yolanda told her that Mohammed said a certain persons privates smelled bad on WWHL! While I believe Lisa is telling the truth, there is still gonna be hell to pay. Can’t wait for the reunion as Yolanda isn’t going to let Lisa live this down, knowing Lisa can’t say anything else!

  6. Cat

    I am suddenly liking Mohammed. “Fine” is a great answer, because it really doesn’t commit one way or the other.

    • I think you misunderstand what he is saying. He said “fine” when he was asked at dinner how his children are doing.

      • Cat

        Nope. I didn’t misunderstand. I am only going by what I am reading, since I can’t see or hear it for myself. But, thanks.

        Was it a harsh or sarcastic “FINE”? Or a boring, noncommittal “fine”? How was his body language? Facial expression? Did he flip a table? Did his head spin around?

      • Minky

        Okay, I think Cat got the meaning of Mohamed’s “fine” just fine. Haha! See what I did there?

        Anyhoo: Mohamed is saying that he replied “fine” to Lisa when she asked after his family AND he means that Lisa incorrectly interpreted that one word answer, “fine”, as Mohamed’s confirmation that his children do not have Lyme’s. Actually Mohamed’s implying that Lisa is a mean spirited busy body.

        I gotta say, Mohamed’s a very good writer. He didn’t flat out flog Lisa verbally in this post, but he certainly is expressing his displeasure over anybody (Lisa) repeating any of his opinions regarding the Yolanda matter, that he probably expressed to her with the unspoken understanding that she’d keep them to herself.

        But who knows. Maybe I’m assuming way too much?

      • Cat

        All I can go by is TT’s blog. And unless I’m reading it incorrectly, he does not say the kids have Lyme. And he does not say they don’t. He’s just saying they are “fine”, and for everyone to STFU.

        I think Lisa made an assumption, and created drama where there was no drama.

        He just wants to keep things private. That’s all. I like that.

      • Minky

        No, you’re totally right Cat. I totally agree with your assessment of Mohamed’s intentions. You understood Mohammed’s use of the word “fine” perfectly. I just get too damn analytical so I start writing and don’t know how to stop. I gotta say, I’ve been having so much fun commenting tonight. I’ve totally ignored a ton of paperwork I should have done for work tomorrow. Ahhhh yes! Priorities. Mmm hmm.

    • Sharon

      Cat-I agree that it is a great answer.I think it is very classy and like he said, he wasn’t going to discuss his children publicly at a restaurant and that his brief answer of “fine” was misconstrued. It’s a great way to brush off questions and shut down a conversation that shouldn’t be taking place in a public venue.

      I don’t think Mohammad and LVP are really that close since she knew nothing about Bella and Anwar and clearly Mohammed is well aware as he sees Yolanda’s instagram posts of medication vials with kids names on them at the very least. He is close to his kids and probably sees them getting other treatments as well. If he had any issues with it, now we’d be the time for him to publicly denounce it as he would have a ton of public support. My opinion is only about whether or not Mohammad supports Yolanda and 2 chikdren’s diagnosis.

      Personally I think Yolanda is a terrible self appointed spokesperson for anything to do with Lyme disease as she is so manipulative, exaggerates wildly, and seems to be addicted to unconventional treatments which could be causing some symptoms or making symptoms worse.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      LVP was completely surprised when Kyle revealed that Yo claimed the kids had Lyme so there’s no doubt she asked Mo if it was true. From Mohamed’s own post he claims he was asked how his kids were and his answer was fine – if he believed they had Lyme wouldn’t his answer to someone he claims was his best friend be more than they’re “fine”. He’s very careful here because he isn’t saying that LVP is making it up or that he didn’t say that, he’s saying his words word misconstrued. He’s throwing LVP under the bus because he can’t call Yolanda and their kids out.

      • Cat

        My sister calls me weekly, to ask how I’m feeling. I always say “fine”, no matter how good or bad I am feeling. I don’t want to spend an hour doing an “organ recital” with her. “Fine” is a great way to end a topic quickly and move on.

        I think people are reading too much into this. Yes, he was angry. He wants to remain private when it comes to the kids. That’s exactly what he says in his Instagram.

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        Cat – most of us do say “fine” when asked, except Yolanda who will tell you “I have to be, I have no choice”. I think Mo is covering his ass by saying his words were misconstrued. It’s a shame that his friendship with Lisa will also fall victim to Yolanda’s Lyme.

      • Cat

        See how that abruptly ends the argument?

  7. Matzah60

    I totally agree with Denine. I believe Lisa’s response. I think Mohammed is a bit slimy. I just think Lisa outed him and he is not pleased. I also believe that he made that comment about Joanna Krupa, the woman that Yolanda has claimed ended her marriage with Mohammed.

    He sent a tweet into Andy on WWHL about what Lisa said on RHBH tonight. It was the same comment that Tamara posted above.

    It was very uncool of Kyle to keep pumping Lisa for an answer and uncool for Lisa to respond to her. If Lisa wanted to shut it down, she should never have answered Kyle’s question. They were both very disrespectful to Erica Girardi who is a close friend of Yolanda. I am not defending Yolanda’s stance on her illness, but that is not a dinner party discussion in front of friends of either Yolanda and/or Mohammed.

    Rinna, LVP and Kyle are such yentas. They talk about everyone behind their back. They are all shit stirrers, especially Rinna and LVP.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I see this more as Mohammed having an issue with the way Bravo’s portrayed this. He’s tweeting Andy, not Lisa…I feel like maybe he’s covering his ass with Yo for something he really said though.

      • Matzah60

        I think your explanation is more plausible than mine. Mohammed has always been portrayed as a loving, protective father on the few appearances he has made on the show. In past years, we have seen him interacting with Yo (inviting both Yo and David to his house for Bella’s send off party to NY/college, talking to Yo in the company of Shiva outside on his property) in a kind, respectful manner. Even if he despises Yo, Mo has made a point, at least on the show of not allowing any rancor for Yo or the divorce to poison his children’s relationship with their mother or cause the 3 children they share any discomfort when they are together for their kids milestones.

        That is quite admirable as it is often not the case in a divorce. So, yes, it makes sense that Mo is not happy as being portrayed in an unflattering light. The perception that he has outed Yolanda to his close friend Lisa (which I tend to believe), the same woman who has been in conflict with Yo on more than one occasion would make the viewers believe that he is not quite as honorable as we once believed.

  8. ZenJen55

    That Mohammed did the same thing concerning the Brandi/Joanna fish tale! I believe he did say that to Brandi about Joanna but backpedaled when Joanna got offended and filed legal action!

  9. V

    hmmm it is interesting TT that he never said they did have lymes. Im sure he only posted this so that his kids wont look stupid since they have been saying they have lymes, what a great team player.

    This is definitely great gossip and I would like to take the time to thank Mohammed for telling LVP this little info, Kyle for asking LVP on camera and of course LVP herself for spilling the beans.

  10. cc101

    Does anyone else ever feel like they are being lectured each week when they read Yolanda’s blog? I just find her sooooo condescending.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


    • Minky

      Yes. Yolanda reminds me of that stuck up auntie that everybody’s got, who thinks that her shit don’t stink, and when you visit her house you’re not allowed to sit on the good furniture or there’s a room full of furniture that no one ever enters because all the couches and carpets are white and it just for guests to look at. Whew! Yeah. Yolanda’s that auntie. Totally.

      Or…..Have any of you ever watched the Brit Sit “Keeping Up Appearances”? Yolanda is totally Hyacinth Bucket. TOTALLY!!!

      • Sweet T

        How many times did I get excited while looking at the TV guide channel to see “keeping up” listed? How disappointed was I do find out it was the kardashians and not hyacinth? I love that show and her wacky embarrassing family

      • fivecatsownme

        That is pronounced Booo-Kaay.

    • I’m sorry, but I have to ask: If you don’t like what Yo writes in her blog, why do you read it? I always find it interesting when people complain about shows or blogs saing, “Why do people watch this trash?” And yet there they are commenting about it.

      It’s equivalent of me asking why people read Tamara’s blog, and yet here I am commenting on it. It’s a bit illogical. But, hey…to each their own.

    • Kay

      Quite agree with you about Yolanda
      LVP does not suck up to Yolanda which is necessary if you want her friendship
      David Foster has had a lucky escape

  11. Sali

    You called it!!!

  12. Lisaj

    One would hope he would defend his children’s privacy however Yolanda put them out on the table and I would imagine as dear friends, LVP would immediately call him and inquiry if they were indeed ill as well. But manipulation by the mother of your children trumps friendship and without David backing her up, she’s got few non-quack allies.
    I think LVP went lightly on this, remember Yolanda accusations of Ken assaulting her? The shaming for missing a picture making party, the jealousy of a long marriage and greater popularity by the fans, Yolanda is wicked good at the long game of revenge. I for one think LVP was telling the truth and I’m betting other viewers do too.
    Is Shiva still in the picture?

  13. Sharon

    Yolanda just posted a pic of Bella with an IV in her arm, on Instagram. I think that is not cool on Yolanda’s part. However I take Mohammad’s Instagram post and message to Andy on WWHL to be completely in support of the Lyme diagnosis and treatment for Bella and Anwar, otherwise he would said they were not diagnosed with Lyme disease.

  14. elizabeth

    What? I thought his post was a confirmation of his children and Yolanda having Lyme disease. He clearly states he doesn’t want to make public private family matters. He’s not going to discuss private health matters of his children because he has too much respect for them. Just like my family doesn’t discuss my Dad’s illness. He may not like letting friends know the challenges his kids have because he wants people to think they’re perfect. Maybe it’s an ego thing. Plus, he knows by answering yes it opens the floor for more questions from Lisa. Lisa needs to get off Yolanda! Enough!

    • Rain

      I interpreted Mohamed’s response to be just as ambiguous as his original ‘fine’ comment to LVP’s question about how the children were. I didn’t interpret it strongly either way and I think he intended it to be received that way – it’s perfect, actually because he can deny (or confirm) his meaning or intent to both sides to placate them w/o getting messy and causing more problems.

  15. I think he confided in LVP, she tried to give a non-answer answer to Kyle and realized it wasn’t working, and Mohamed couldn’t call her a liar, but did the best he could to cover for himself. No sane human looks at what Yolanda is doing and thinks it’s normal. It isn’t possible in my opinion that he doesn’t see right through Yolanda’s crazy obsession.

  16. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    The only person who has made these kids a talking point on the show is Yolanda! She dragged those kids in to prove something to the other HWs. Kyle was incredulous when Yo said they had Lyme and she knows what she is doing asking LVP. Mo is really throwing LVP under the bus now by saying that his response to a question in a restaurant about how his children were was misconstrued. What a shame he has decided to throw away what seemed to be a very loyal and long friendship because he has to pander to Yolanda and the disease she has spread through her children.

    • Rakely

      Totally agree. He’s throwing away one of his biggest public supporters by blasting LVP.

    • Wait. HE threw away a friendship? How? By saying he wants to protect his children’s privacy? Yes, what a bastard!

      Seems to me that if anyone threw away a friendship, it would have been the person who betrayed a confidence/opened her yap about things which she has no business discussing.

      • Did we watch the same scene? Because I recall Kyle really pushing the issue and LVP being very uncomfortable and not wanting to answer and even saying, let’s not talk about her children but Kyle pressed harder and LVP said “No!” and then tried to move on from the topic.

        Kyle knows what she’s doing – she’s exacting revenge on LVP over the Kim gossip by making her look bad on TV. It appears to me that she never misses a chance to try to take LVP down a notch. Kyle is so transparent, she’s like a 16 yr old mean girl: status-obsessed (you can’t sit with us) and catty as all hell but always plays nice to your face.

  17. The way Lisa is serving Brandi teas now that she’s gone…wow.

  18. Angel(?)

    Mohamed has 5 kids?

  19. Lime Brain

    He is claiming he told Lisa that they are “fine”. I think they had a more in-depth private conversation. I think his saying that he said they are “fine” is a very diplomatic way to appease Yolanda and let Lisa save some face. He didn’t call her an outright liar.

    Besides, Lisa seemed to be cut off guard when Kyle asked, and tried to shut her down. Kyle was like a dog with a bone with that topic. She wasn’t going to let it drop. Some friend.

  20. cobe

    If Mohamed interferes in any way with Yo’s new business (book?), which definitely has something to do with Lyme and definitely will suffer if she is outed as a fraud, he will be on the hook for supporting her FOREVER (even if voluntarily, out of guilt).

    Further, she is the mother of three of his children. Regardless of her crazy, he will support her.

    I may be outing myself, but I have met Mohamed years ago. He was close friends and with and a business competitor/associate of my ex. In all ways, he is a gentleman. In all business discussions, he was always ethical.

    I never met Yolanda or heard anything about her, but he was certainly available. If I count backwards, I’m thinking he was fairly recently divorced.

    It took me a while to realize that Mohamed was the same man I had dinner and laughs with so many years ago. I remember his as very genuine, sincere, and funny.

    I don’t know, it’s a bit hard to see all of the negative comments about someone who always struck me as very polite, kind, soft spoken, and meticulously ethical.

    I know people keep pointing out the problem he is having with building in California, and I don’t know anything about it. But judging solely from character, I don’t believe he has done anything wrong and I believe it will all be sorted out.

    I’m sad to see the stranglehold Yolanda has on him as it has always seemed to me that Shiva seems to be a perfect partner for him–kind, sophisticated, and beautiful.

    • natalie

      Shiva is that you?

    • Angel(?)

      He’s caught in the middle and doesn’t want to be. Ultimately, Yolanda is responsible for putting this gossip out there.

      • cobe

        Agreed, Angel.

        LVP should definitely have been more discreet, but the person ultimately at fault here is Yolanda.

        Nobody will call her out on it though because they all have a vested interest in sweeping it under the rug.

  21. Is he five? He has no defense!

  22. Toni

    All of Mohammed’s statements are carefully worded and do not mention Lyme, only that he supports his children and their mother. Mohammed also says nothing more than Lisa must have misunderstood.

    Lisa really should have kept her mouth shut and it looked like she regret the no immediately afterward and tried to backtrack. Sometimes our mouths work faster than our brains, clearly LVP is no exception

    I predict a carefully worded apology statement from Lisa coming soon

  23. frenchpoodlename

    To quote “Q” in James Bond ” Never let them see you bleed”. Oh Yolanda, the clue is in the dorsal fin.

  24. Angel(?)

    I wonder if Mohamed and David have been tested for Lyme disease?

    Yolanda is like a deer tick that latches on and won’t let go.

  25. bravocueen

    So, if you believe that Mo said that about the kids and LVP just betrayed his confidence, wouldn’t it make sense to believe that Mo said the Miami chic had a stinky vag and Brandi betrayed his confidence also? Two identical scenarios.

    • cobe

      The scenarios are not identical as one of those scenarios involves a private discussion about the health of one’s children and the other scenario involves a man saying something very nasty about a woman he knows.

      • bravocueen

        But both scenarios involved a man saying something privately, then when it is revealed publicly, he denies it. Too similar to think that’s not his M.O.

  26. Is he this pissed at Yolanda as well? Considering she’s been putting the entire families private matters/health issues out there for all to see for how many seasons now? What a bunch of fu**ing f**kery!

  27. Queen of the Nile

    Wow … this Yolanda snowball is getting bigger and taking out more people along the way. She is certainly playing everyone — how sly.

  28. Josie

    All Mo had to do is say that Lisa misunderstood. He said “fine” as in they are doing well. This nonsense on not being friends anymore only confirms that Pinky told the thruth.

    Now prepare yourself for double sick selfies of Yo and Bella. Ugh. How does he condone what Yo is doing to Bella? How does him sticking his head in the sand help Yo?

  29. Frosty

    I read Mohammed’s “fine” as “This is the only comment I will make about this issue.” Obviously I don’t know him, but he seems to be coming more from a family man place than legalistic, so it’s possible to over-interpret what he means by “fine.” Of all the housewives LVP seems most in charge of herself so I’m surprised she made such a whopper of a lip slip. He’s certainly drawn the lines though, between “friends,” “public” and “family.”

  30. SocialDiva

    Whether he said fine as in they are handling things or fine as of right now; the bottom line is LVP should have responded with “if you really want to know ask Yolanda or Mohammed as its not my place to discuss their children” . The fact that Yolanda was there earlier and they all had an opportunity to ask her directly how Bella & Anwar were, yet didn’t speaks volumes about the moral fiber of these women to disregard their friendship with a woman who is obviously ill and suffering from a debilitating disease (not necessarily Lyme as I feel she’s been misdiagnosed and this may very well be a genetic disorder – God knows Doctors milk patients for all its worth) Should Yolanda feel betrayed.??? Absolutely… Is Mohammed covering his tracks … No …. LVP couldn’t give 2 shits about his kids so I find it highly unlikely that she’s ever even asked about them in a social environment, let alone privately. If it’s not about her she could care less. If she were really concerned she’d take her celebrity platform to use it and raise funds for a cure rather than spending all her time on an issue (Yulang) in another country that frankly we the USA have no control over. LVP picks “safe” issues to get behind rather than get her hands dirty on real life issues — she lets others do that for her via direct DM’s to her Twitter followers.

    As a side note I’m not getting her comment about strolling through the sex shop and commenting about being a gay rights /LGBT supporter… Does that twit not know that straight people use sex toys also?

    • tamaratattles

      You don’t seem to know anything about the relationship between Lisa and Mohamed or Lisa and Ken and Mohamed’s children, or Mohamed’s relationship to Lisa’s children. All of those relationships are extremely close. They were there for the birth and milestones and marriages (in fact Mohamed hosted Pandy’s wedding festivities at his home). Of course they have talked about all five of Mohamed’s kids and certainly discussed Yolanda’s announcement about Anwar and Bella’s health.

      Of course he is covering his tracks because he has worked hard to keep a positive relationship with Yolanda since the divorce. WTF is Lisa supposed to be raising money for, Munchausen? Why does Lisa need to raise money for Yo’s “illness” when Yo has TWO multimillionaires (billionaires?) that support her and her charities?

      And the sex shop was is West Hollywood, which is the gay neighborhood. The sex shop was a gay sex shop owned by the two gay males standing there. While straight people likely stop in as well, it’s a sex shop in a gay neighborhood for gay people. What kind of twit doesn’t know that?

      • sandra

        Tamara, I love your reply! I think Mohamed is Pandy’s Godfather, if I remember correctly.

      • Hadid is the father of Yolanda’s children. I doubt Hadid would need to keep a positive relationship with Yolanda unless there were children. And if he wants to stay close to his children, he’ll protect them and their mother above any friendship. Parent/child relationships trump even close friendships. If you’re child tells you they’re ill, you worry. You don’t go around telling friends they aren’t sick, no matter how close you are especially knowing that LVP is on a gossipy trash show. The man isn’t stupid. LVP probably misunderstood him. Hadid probably said “Fine” when LVP asked how the kids were and she took that as they’ve never been ill (although that’s a big leap). The “they’re fine” answer is a polite way of stopping more questions. It could also mean that they’re fine, now. We don’t know when he said it. LVP should’ve deflected Kyle’s question. Lisa knows how to do this but she was certainly squirming.

        Why is Lisa raising money for Munchausens? It’s a psychiatric illness that comes with a very long history of illnesses. It usually begins around ages 20-40. And doctors can spot it very quickly since many fake illnesses are involved plus a ton of doctors throughout a sick person’s life. One long term illness points away from Munchausens. It also involves physical and mental abuse plus neglect as a child.

        As for attention seeking, isn’t this what all of these women are doing? The whole show revolves around seeking attention. It’s the nature of the beast.

  31. I’m glad someone is holding LVP accountable for her dishonest vicious ways. Yo’s issues aside, it’s a shame that she is still trying to punish Yo for disobeying her wishes seasons ago. Classic LVP. She does it to all her friends including Kyle.

    She pissed of the wrong person though. Who’s still friends with LVP? Not many…

    • Kay

      Take a good look at who Yolanda is friends with, Brandi for instance, I think that says everything about the sort of person she is

      • Lisaj

        Exactly! I’m a grudge holder on a good day but mess with my husband or kids, I will never forget.

  32. No matter who brought up the question, LVP was definite when she said Hadid said, “NO…he said no!” the kids don’t have Lyme. Hadid’s comment read by Andy on WWHL refutes what LVP said completely. So who should we believe, the father or LVP the inquisitor? Hadid explained what happened. I believe him. I doubt he’d make a public statement refuting LVP’s misquote if he had said an absolute “No.” There were probably others at the dinner that heard the conversation.

    LVP should’ve said that she didn’t know & leave it at that instead of making up her own interpretation of what Hadid said. Sounds to me as if he’s not too happy with LVP’s meddling & misquoting. But she’s obviously not sorry. Is she ever?

  33. tamaratattles

    Oh lookie here!

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