Clarification on Post Regarding Joe Giudice’s Potential Deportation



Sometimes it seems to me like everyone in the world reads, and that’s a good thing. In a recent post about the potential for Joe Giudice’s likelihood of deportation, I wrote:

During the appeal process with ICE, Scott-Jones served another 15 months in prison. His appeals were not met with success and it seemed unlikely he would be allowed to stay in the country.

I recently received an email from Mr. Scott-Jones’ immigration attorney, Keren Sohahong  who wanted me to point out that she did win her appeal on Scott-Jones case and the judge agreed to issue Mr. Scott-Jones a green card. The reason he was not released at that time was not because she lost the case, as I suggested, but because ICE threatened to appeal the decision.

Ms Sohahong explained it to me as follows:

In Mr. Scott-Jones’ case after we successfully appealed the July 2014 decision, the case went back to the Immigration Court, where we won at the re-trial.  ICE then had 30 days to decide whether to appeal the decision.  The ICE attorney on the case stated adamantly that she would appeal the decision, so Mr. Scott-Jones remained detained.  On the day the appeal was due, ICE suddenly decided not to submit an appeal, and he was released (since we had won the case at the re-trial). Because we were expecting ICE to appeal, I had been prepping myself, Adrian and his family about the months-long challenge ahead of us, so we were all surprised by the sudden reversal in ICE’s decision to forego their appeal.  Adrian’s now with his lovely wife and stepson in Florida, and is recovering physically and emotionally. #All’sWellThatEndsWell




So there you have it. Apologies to Ms. Sohahong for inaccurately representing that she lost her appeal. I’m happy that she got in touch with me to set the record straight. I’m even happier that she is a local Atlanta attorney with whom I seem to have a few things in common. (like our appreciation for a good hashtag)  One can never have enough attorney friends in Atlanta, and I am happy to make a new one!

My focus on this subject was on the issue of deportation and how this case supports my feeling that Joe Giudice will more likely than not be deported. Beyond that topic, Mr. Scott-Jones should not be lumped in as in any way similar to Joe Giudice. Joe has a long history of crimes in this country where Mr. Scott-Jones does not.  With regard to my overall point on Joe’s potential deportation, Ms. Sohahong agrees stating:

I just wanted to request that you correct that, so your readers know that ICE definitely does not release detainees after 15 months simply out of good will; least of all, individuals from countries like the United Kingdom. In fact, it’s more likely that citizens and nationals of developed countries who have committed the types of criminal offenses as Mr. Scott-Jones and Mr. Giudice get deported, as there is virtually no chance that they would face torture upon returning to their native countries. Sadly, very little weight, if any, is given to the fact that these individuals have lawfully resided in the country for decades and have established their lives here.

I am loath to repost this topic since the last time we discussed it we had ugly rantings about dual citizens that made me, and some dual citizens who read here quite uncomfortable. However, I regret implying that Ms. Sohahong did not win her appeal, and did not want to misrepresent her hard work on the case that eventually allowed Mr. Scott-Jones to retain his residency here and reunite with his family. I will point out that when commenting one should remember that anyone could be reading your comments and take all potential audiences in to account when making broad statements about different types of citizenship.

Now, has anyone seen Juicy lately? Should I issue a BOLO on him for my  Italian readers? :)

Thanks to Ms. Sohahong for reaching out to clarify the facts of her case.


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35 responses to “Clarification on Post Regarding Joe Giudice’s Potential Deportation

  1. Stephanie

    This is one of the many reasons why I love your blog. You correct a mistake immediately, even knowing that you rarely make such mistakes given your thorough investigating. Thanks TT for your honesty and consideration among hard topics like Joe Guidice, Kim Richards, and deaths like Whitney Houston’s daughter and Monty Brinson.

  2. Cat

    Thanks for the correction and update.

    I guess I’ll have to go back and read comments. I missed the dual citizenship debate.

    What’s wrong with dual citizenship? Some people just complain to complain, I think.

    • Micheal

      Yeah wtf? I’m dual Aussie and British. My partner is dual US and Aussie. Who cares?

      • Erica

        Well, lately…. Ted Cruz cares a whole hell of a lot about the issue of dual citizenship! LOL LOL LOL.

        Sorry – couldn’t resist!

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. Some commenters took shit a little too far. I remember being offended too. I come from a family of “foreigners” many of whom are dual citizens.

      Apparently they’re all capable of unspeakable atrocities and are in this country to live and enjoy the fruits of “real” Americans’ labor without working, but will forever hold allegiance to wherever the fuck they came from, and they all really hate good, old fashioned, red blooded Americans. I’m paraphrasing heavily, but you know the drill. Ew. Just…ew.

      • Cat

        I think it would be cool. I have a problem with flying over water, so the only other country I’ve visited is Canada. I would love to live in France, or the U.K.

      • Cat

        Minky, (using my Phaedra voice) EVERYONE knows that “real Americans” NEVER commit crimes. (Rolls eyes)

        People need to stop judging others by where they come from, and focus on how people (including themselves) treat others.

  3. Sherry

    Wow! How interesting…I love that they read your blog and wanted to give you the whole story. When is Joe suppose to check in? Curious as to what happens here.

  4. swizzle

    I think it’s horseshit that non-violent immigrants are held in nasty holding facilities while ICE decides what steps to take next. Wouldn’t we all be better served if the person was “out on bail” and being a productive member of society?

    • tamaratattles

      No, we would not. We are not running a Holiday Inn. Criminals are in jail for a reason. If we had stronger immigration enforcement this would not be an issue. These facilities are generally for people being deported for illegal entry or criminal acts. Bail is not an issue when one is facing deportation. I’m not the least bit concerned about improving conditions for illegal immigrants or Joe Giudice. #SorryNotSorry.

      In the case of Mr. Scott-Jones he was here legally but scheduled for deportation due to criminal activity.

      • swizzle

        I’m not being soft on illegal immigrants or criminals, but if I recall from this original story, this guy was in ICE holding for a long time. Deport them or let them stay, holding them for months while their status is in limbo is such a waste of our resources. Just one more part of a very broken system.

  5. WonkyTonk

    I’m gonna laugh if that lawyer ends up representing Joe Giudice. It’s clear she’s got experience with a similar situation. Wouldn’t be a bad idea actually.

    • Micheal

      She also won…that is pretty persuasive.

      • tamaratattles

        Speaking of winners, are you going to be doing barrister stuff in a George Washington wig when you get to jolly old England? Is so, please send selfies. TIA.

      • Micheal

        I really don’t think I’m going to go to the bar. The attire is only one of the reasons why I am not interested. I might try to work at the oz consulate or something interesting like that. Better than a stuffy firm.

      • tamaratattles

        So um, why are you moving there without a job? How will you keep me to the style to which I am hoping to become accustomed with no job? I’m not back to worrying about my financial future! :(

      • Micheal

        Partner selling company for some $$. Contracts include clauses preventing competition in OZ. So time to go to London and start again. Also ready to think about settling down. Don’t want to have kids here,il it’s better to do it in England. Too hard here (also won’t get their dual citizenship if adopted here).

      • tamaratattles

        Oh I didn’t know the partner was going. I’m feeling much better about our future again. Carry on.

      • tamaratattles

        Yes, but you indicated you were in a life or death situation. I have to have a backup plan!!! So um, glad you lived!

  6. tamaratattles

    Yeah, he was in there for a long time because the deportation system is not streamlined. There appears to be many appeals available both for the potential deportee and ICE. 15 months is way to long for someone to be detained only to release or deport them. However, bail is not a viable solution.

  7. JoJoFLL

    I’m torn about this subject but in the end, the Guidices knew what they were doing and thought they were smarter than the law.

  8. fivecatsownme

    If Joe is deported, will Italy allow Teresa to reside there due to her convicted felon status? She may qualify for a US passport, but would Italy deny her a visa?

  9. Calipatti

    Great update TT.

  10. More Tea Please!

    In contrast to Joe, didn’t Scott-Jones cooperate with the prosecutors to allow them to bring charges against others? What has Juicy done to redeem himself?


  11. Matzah60

    I just want to fess that it was I who brought up dual citizenship. I brought up restive to my son’s in laws, but I did Apologize to Tamara and I am awfully sorry for offending what seems to be many people on this blog. I am very sorry. My parents and grandparents were all immigrants and many came here from Germany from Concentration Camps. Navigating their way to the US wasn’t easy then as the US was xenophobic and anti-Semitic at this time in history.

    Regardless, I am sorry for hurting anyone’s feelings as that surely wasn’t my intention.

    Congrats to you, Tamara. You and your blog are celebrities. How neat that this lawyer reads your blog!

    • Matzah—for what it’s worth, I enjoy reading all of your posts.

      I remember the ones about your Mother and Father and the trials that ensued.
      And it touched me.
      And I never thought that any of your opinions— weather I agreed or not— were meant to hurt anyone else.

      • Dracla Dunning

        I second that, Maisey.

      • Matzah60

        @Maisey and Dracula Dunning, It’s worth a lot. Maisey, I appreciate your kind words. I am very touched. The camaraderie with others on this sight is more important than hurting someone in defense of my beliefs. I think few people have bad intentions, but most problems often arise from good intentions. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I will be more mindful of what I ‘say’ in my comments. No matter how old I get, I realize there is still much I can learn from others and that my truth isn’t necessarily going to be another’s truth.

        Thanks again, Maisey and Dracula. Not realizing how my own words offended others was eye-opening.You lifted my spirits. <3

  12. Calipatti

    I’ve a DIL with dual citizenship, US and Palau. My other DIL came on a visa is now married. She legally works but doesn’t plan on being a citizen.
    Think my last son will marry his blonde California airhead. What a group!

    • Calipatti

      California cities use Safe Haven act and snub their nose at ICE. Most of us want the Safe Haven act abolished.

      • Denine

        And there are many in California who don’t.

      • Calipatti

        Denine, Safe Haven intent was good when it protected the working man from from the sweeping raids Border Patrol did.
        I don’t think a illegal convicted of a crime should be given Safe Haven. Makes no sense to me why criminals are protected.

  13. onamonapia

    Joe should hire this attny juuust in case

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