Vanderpump Rules Recap: The Bitch Is Back

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Your usual recapper for Vanderpump Rules, Xanadude, put in for some for vacation time which I begrudgingly granted and he is off with El Spouso. who is a having a milestone birthday!  I’ve already heard from the happy couple who are having lots of fun without us.  Meanwhile, I got slammed with two late breaking stories (Peter Thomas is about to get arrested and Kenya Moore’s Birthday party was very interesting) and I am late getting started. This only makes my performance anxiety worse, as Xanadude does such a fabulous job.  Sadly, I am going to go for fast over good as usual, because the faster the post, the more readers the post gets. So here we go. We are back in Hawaii and the show will end with the kids finding out Jax got arrested. Okay, let’s do this fast and dirty recap!

We start with Jax lying about lying. Which is hysterical especially since Britanny believes him when he says things like, “sure I cheated on all my other girlfriends but you are different.” Britanny is still, to this day, dating Jax because she says she has no reason not to trust him. This reminded me of a commenter who said something similar about Phaedra Parks this week. It really makes my head spin. Another commenter said something wise about people not finding the truth because they aren’t looking for it. Brittany seems to be going through this relationship with her eyes closed.  Jax has said on camera several times how much he wants to fuck Lala. Britanny calls that “flirting.”  Jax smirks when Britanny says, “I just want you to be honest with me.” Delusional, party of one, your table is ready. pump rules hawaii tom ariana

After a few hits on the beer bong, Faith, James and Max go to check on Lala who has taken to her bed. Lala is pissed because no one cared that Faith went topless. Lala is devastated and crying because people are questioning her character and self-respect.  This from the girl who was on a podcast with the guy who runs a website degrading women, degrading herself to him on the podcast. She’s just crying because she’s not getting laid. Lala says she hasn’t spread her legs for anybody, and a very fucked up Max grins his drugged out face off. Those must be some good pain meds the doctor prescribed.  James, sees an opportunity and  gets into bed with Lala. Lala kicks him out. Even Lala has standards. When she is sober.

We now must endure more discussion with Scheana and Ariana. Ariana is never one to accept an apology, so this will continue all season. I’m calling it now. In this case, Scheana is not sorry.

We go back to slamming beer out of a beer bong, a common practice among groups of 30 somethings in a nice hotel in Hawaii. #Adulting  The hotel, that is comping all the rooms for these fools tries to class it up by rolling a bar of hard liquor and mixers out for them so they can drink out of some thing classier than a communal funnel. Seriously, would you hit a beer bong after this crew? No, no you would not. Shay gets very excited and tells, Scheana he wants to drink the hard liquor. Scheana then realizes that her husband is already drunk. He has been drinking without her permission. For this he will pay for many days. Scheana is not worried about Shay drinking because he has a problem, no, she is pissed that he is drinking because she needs someone to talk to about her unaccepted apology to Ariana. It’s always all about Scheana. Shay is useless to Scheana at this point. I’m sure she is consoled by the fact he’s probably too drunk to get it up.

It appears they were all sent to their rooms by the hotel.

Schwartz and Katie still have not “consummated their engagement.” He is really trying to call up his hetero side, but with Sandoval and Jax there in Hawaii half nekkid all the time,  he just can’t get it up.

Sandoval on the other hand is happy as a pig in shit to have girl drama to revel in. He is right smack in the middle of the drama between Ariana and Scheana and the longer he keeps that going the less hetero sex he has to have.

gif: T.Kyle RealityTVGifs

gif: T.Kyle RealityTVGifs

At the same time, Scheana is in bed with her husband lecturing him. Shay blows sunshine up Scheana’s ass. She must save lots of money on butt implants that way.

Lisa gets airtime calling her grown son at ten am on vacation. Of course, Ken is propped up next to her as they both stand in the closet. Lisa, aren’t you an LGBTQIADIGDKE advocate? You need to set a better example and come out of the closet.

Next. the crew does just what Lisa told Max not to do. They go for surfing lessons. Sidenote: Peter has a girlfriend who appears to be a genetic female.  Is there no alcohol allowed on the beaches at all in Hawaii? They are still drinking out of suntan lotion flasks.

As Sandoval and Jax paddle out, Sandoval asks why he is wearing sunglasses that he stole from the hotel. Jax admits he did steal them and says “the world is just getting them back again.” This is probably a different pair of sunglasses from the ones he steals later because I believe he was arrested at the store (which is located on the first floor of the building the hotel is in). Some of them are better surfers than others. Most of them seem to at least get up on the board.

I noticed how super large Katie’s butt was and how her swimsuit didn’t cover the subject, but I was not going to mention it. As least not until she mocked Lala’s  bikini bottoms as looking like underwear that a girl in a rap video would wear. I think she is jealous of Lala’s small frame.  There is very little to be jealous of when it comes to Lala but she does look good in a swimsuit and this is the second time in two episodes that Katie has been pressed about what Lala decides to swim in. Maybe she is worried her boyish figure is more attractive to Schwartz than she is. Scheana sees that Lala is getting picked on and decides to degrade her farther. Scheana says she used to be a whore like Lala but she has gotten past that. That’s how Scheana expresses compassion. She related it to herself.

Stassi shows up at Kristen’s apartment. It’s great we get Kristen time, but Stassi is quite the price to pay. Stassi tries to make up a story about why she and Patrick broke up. It’s all lies so I will spare you. Kristen is loving that as she says, “Stassi is slowly rolling down the mountain to rock bottom, and it’s kind of her fault.” Oh Kristen, please don’t hog all the schadenfreude! Stassi is trying to get her friends back. Stassi  wants to make up with Katie but she is mad that she stayed friends with Scheana who was showing everyone Stassi’s “sex tape.”  There are a lot of sad things about Stassi, but by far the saddest is that she could not get anyone to be in a sex tape with her.

We have Lisa straddling an inflatable swam while fretting about Max to Ken and the hairless mutt. If Giggy doesn’t get face time, he doesn’t get paid! Lisa is probably getting paid by the Huge Plastic Pink Swan Flotation Device Company too. I can’t blame her, She has a lot of debt.

When word comes that Stassi is back, Scheana says Stassi is a loser who is only out for herself. Well, Scheana would know.

Jax is in love with Britanny because she lacks self-confidence and doesn’t hold him to any sort of standard.

The gang goes out to dinner.The waiter suggests they order a watermelon bowl with 12 shots of liquor blended in. At dinner, Lala explains to James she is not interested in him because before the trip they tried to have sex and he could not get it up. James is emasculated by the conversation.

Sandoval pulls Scheana aside to chat. She tries to apologize again. We go over the whole text again. Tom says that the things she said about Tom are really just her projections of how she treats Shay. Scheana is offended he is talking about her relationship in a negative way —in the middle of a conversation where she is fake apologizing for talking to Adriana’s MOTHER about Sandoval in a negative way. Scheana leaves the conversation feeling like the offended party. Because it’s all about Scheana.

Stassi might be setting the record for most weave on a white girl. Kristen is sending an Uber for her new boyfriend. She has a real pattern of paying for boyfriends. Stassi tells her that the guy who is coming lives with his girlfriend. He shows up and says he has an ex and he doesn’t live with her. This guy lives in…. another state. I forget where. He seemed to just be in LA for filming season.

Back in Hawaii, everyone is partying for what I think is the last night. Brittany tells Lala and Faith she wants to start over with them and just be friends. Sidenote: Almost all of the cast is in Utah right now for the Sundance Film Festival. Including Jax and Kentucky.

They are making it look like Jax was arrested on the last night. But I don’t think that was how it went down. I think they had a whole day after his arrest.

Katie and Schwartz never had sex in Hawaii. I’m not sure about Schwartz and the Sandoval. Or Schwartz and Jax. Or Jax and Sandoval.

Bail is $11K. Apparently, production gets him bailed out an hour and a half before their flight. Or Sandoval called the pimp from Miami and got him to bail Jax out. Or as Jax said on WWWHL Schwartz bailed him out. Who knows. He makes it to the airport in the clothes he was arrested in. Jax plays the pity card with a guilt back up, “I feel so bad for my mistake. If you don’t want to be with me anymore, I totally understand.” Brittany didn’t play into as expected and say “Oh it’s okay, I still want to see you!” But she may as well have. I bet that part happened on the plane.

In his talking head Jax pretends to cry and says he is embarrassed. He’s not fooling me. I’m not one that can be Jaxed.

Next Week: Lisa Vanderpump reads Jax for the filth that he is.


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99 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Recap: The Bitch Is Back

  1. I didn’t think Jax crying was fake. As much as the guy lies and plays games, I don’t think he was faking. Just my observation.

  2. Realityjunkie

    I got the impression that money bags Tom S bailed him out. I felt like production would have left him there for added drama. I am convinced Tom S has a pot of gold somewhere.

    • More Tea Please!

      That’s what it looked like to me. But…were they on the phone with Jax’s parents first and told them they would take care of him?

      Is Brittany still with him? If so ,she is even dumber than she appeared to be before the arrest.

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah, they made it look like Sandoval bailed him out. Sandavol has no money, Kristen supported him when they lived together. If the call Sandoval made was real, he called they former Pimp who is in love with Jax from Miami and he bailed Jax out.

        Or it was just production who didn’t want to pay the airfare for Jax twice.

        And yes, Britanny was still with him when Jax was on WWHL a couple days ago. That is when she started saying on social media that she wasn’t going to break up with him over some “flirting.” And by flirting she means all of the times she heard Jax say he planned to fuck Lala.

      • BKSweetheart

        Also if you check Brittany’s Twitter she’s still posting (what looks like anyways) recent pics of them together.

      • BKSweetheart

        Weirdly I kind of enjoyed seeing Stassi again. I miss her snark. Oh and that flashback of her backhanding the shit out of Kristen was golden. The sound it made just let you know the smack landed awkwardly and probably hit her in the ear or something.

      • WonkyTonk

        BK don’t wish that on us. I just sat here watching them in the restaurant and in Kristin’s apartment thinking at some point Stassi’s gonna flip and go off on Kristin because she still hates her.

    • Realityjunkie

      Sorry I wasn’t clear TT. I was speaking about Tom 2! Schwartzie….pudding…muffin…and all the other shit Katie calls him. That one. They showed him going off to the side calling the bail bondsman after everyone had that “I not paying no $11,000” face.

      • Shae

        She won’t break up with him over “flirting” (touching, feeling on, and expressing how much he wants to bang another girl, repeatedly) but how about over lying to her face repeatedly about said topic?

        I guess she’s ok with that, too. Idiot.

    • Sharon

      It was Tom Schwartz who bailed Jax out at least according to what Tom and Andy discussed when he was on WWWL.

    • For an $11,000 bond, someone would need to post $1,100 cash and have to prove to the Court, either by their bank balance, home equity, etc. to be able to pay the entire $11,000, should he jump bail. This must have happened the day before, as he would have had to appear at his arraignment the following day.

    • Vet

      Tom S seems to be very thrifty, That’s his apartment that Kirsten, Tom 2, etc. stay in. He said he has had it for ten years. I would think that he had $1100 in the bank after doing this show for four years. This post was super negative for my taste. The Toms seem like good guys as far as reality tv goes, I don’t get all the hate.

  3. therealdeb

    That little idiot from Kentucky deserves to be cheated on if she is dense snough to believe Jax’s lies. I don’t even feel bad for her, not a bit. I love how Kristen related that Toma nd Ariana were the drama, i saw it as Scheanna created all the drama, well her and Katie. Kristen is still rolling in the hate. Stassi is such a snatch and i had decided that there was nobody who could be a bigger cunt, Scheanna gets that award! The way she treats her husband is really sad, he is just an accessory to her. She needed him to have a wedding, i don’t think she cared who married her as lond=g as she got to have a wedding and be the center of attention. I think all his “issues” are caused by her.

    • Angel(?)

      I believe that Brittney loves being on TV. She can put up with Jax until she gets in with the group. Then she can use “the dumping of Jax” as a story line for a season.

      • Agreed, Angel(?). I bet she and Jax have an agreement set up. He pays for her new boobs and gives her free rent and she pretends to be happy and in loved.

    • Katherine 2.0

      therealdeb, that’s some steamy vitriol for some silly, scattered young folks on your TV screen. I give these kids more of a pass than the housewives because as Kristin said, this is a simply “a brief stupid time” in their lives.

  4. ZenJen55

    Swartz bailed him out and Andy confirmed it on WWHL. Because #Trustfundbaby

  5. ZenJen55

    I think I’m in moderation! But Swartz bailed him out #Trustfundbaby

  6. Sequoia

    God, I miss you. nobody does this better then you do.

  7. Erica

    I wasn’t wild about Lala – but DAMN tere were some Bitter Betty cunt satchels!

    Scheana is a piece of work. I wish some one would back hand her… knock those overlarge teeth outta her head.

    She totally went against girlfriend code – and I’m tired of people claiming to be just telling the truth when really they are just being mean.

    • Angel(?)

      I think that Scheana’s “truth” changes moment to moment.

    • This is the most unlikable group on any show…….ever. The women are whores pretending to be models and waitresses, the men are gay pretending to be straight and Lisa V.reminds me of the crypt keeper propping up Ken and poor little Giggy. Max is a mess and it’s obvious that he was not the favorite child. Lisa’s affection is an after thought laden with guilt (and story line potential. I would not only not drink out of their beer bong but I wouldn’t sleep in any bed that any of them slept in. I might not even use the same elevator for fear of catching somethin. Great recap…better than the actual show. DId I mention that I HATE Scheanna.

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah, it’s been a while since we have talked about poor Max, Lisa’s other child. He does seem to suffer in Pandora’s shadow.

      • swizzle

        We could start a support group for the un-golden children of reality TV…Max, Bella and Anwar Hadid, who else?

      • More Tea Please!

        Merilyn,in my opinion this crowd is in a tie with the Real Housewives of Potomac when it comes to who is at the bottom of the toilet bowl. An honor of dubious distinction which I’m sure keeps Andy in perpetual woodie state.

      • janet

        Ive allways noticed Max is not the favorite child. LVP even added how Pandora was a dream and Max is naughty. Max isnt naughty, he is not feeling he fits in this family and I dont blame him. Adopted kids have more issues and its so shitty to compare siblings and judge. Each child is unique and not to be held out as a yard stick to the other one. Ive allways thought the V anderpumps are soooo cold. I dont like the way they handle Max at all. Its all about them, and they have to bring up Pandora to show theyre good parents. Typical wealthy people shit.

    • Shae

      Def, her mouth moves in an exaggerated way when she speaks because she’s trying to fit her lips over her large teeth. It’s strange. I know she had a lot of reconstructive dental work done, but they could’ve fit them to her mouth.

      She’s just a nasty bitch. If you’re going to apologize, do it well and mean it. If not, don’t bother.

      • Sliceo'pie

        In the past I was “meh” towards Scheana -this season I actually hate her. I think it started when she was so judgmental towards Lala, despite her own history of dating a well known married man and it went downhill from there. There is something so intensely dislikable about her this season. I know I’ll get slammed for this but I think I’d prefer watching Stassi over her given these were the only choices..
        Maybe it’s just because I’m in AA but her ignorance about her husband’s addiction is driving me crazy.

    • Dee

      Im with you Erica, I’m tired of rude people that say, well I’m just being honest. Noe! You’re being rude! Great recap Tamara. Did you know you’re one of the most famous bloggers? I’m happy for you. You’re the best!!

  8. Firewall 2

    I think Lala is using. I wanna say coke/Molly/MDMA. It would explain why she can’t keep her clothes on. No wonder it’s a stripper drug.

  9. Spilledperfume

    If I looked like Lala in a bikini I would have no problem being half naked.

    Katie has something weird going on with her mouth so between that and that ridiculous bun on her head at the beach I just can’t. Add in the constant “my finance” and “I own that ass” comments and she makes me cringe.

    • Angel(?)

      Marie’s weird mouth thing is a result of an accident she had. She fell through a skylight.

      • Spilledperfume

        OMG, I had no idea. That certainly explains why I keep noticing her mouth. It was driving me nuts because I couldn’t figure out what it was. On the show she’s Katie, is Marie her real name? I know next to nothing about these people.

      • Angel(?)

        LOL – I didn’t notice my spell checker change Katie’s name. Her name is just Katie. ?

        I can’t remember if it was on WWHL or a reunion but Katie explained that she had fallen through a sky light while on a modeling shoot.

    • CaribbeanQz

      @Spilledperfume The producers really shaded Katie with the side by side shot of her berating Lala. Because like TT said, Lala does look good in her suit. I’m also am curious as to whether or not the no sex is part of storyline or the truth. Katie has definitely taken note to the way Swartz has been salivating on the low in regards to Lala. He is constantly “not noticing” her assets. Thou doth protest too much Swartzie! In regards to Katie, I’ve been perplexed all season. Why aren’t you having sex?! Especially with the man you’re #desperate to marry and spend your life with??? Is she in this for the alleged trust fund? Or love?

    • Spilledperfume—–

      If I looked like Lala in a bikini—-I wouldn’t wear one. Lol.

    • Susan

      At least Katie has stopped saying ‘my boyfriend’.

  10. Lynn

    Hasn’t Jax been 36 for a couple years now? Who is he closest to him in age there?

  11. At least the show was enetertaining which is a lot more than I can say about the Real Housewives of Atlanta or Potomac. Bravo needs a reboot.

  12. Anastasia_Beave

    Scheana is so gross. Just a really disgusting, awful person. Shay needs to get out now.

    • WonkyTonk

      I wouldn’t say Scheana is a bad person per se, but I do feel sorry for Shay. Poor guy looks like he’s hating his life with her. The way Scheana has of turning everything, and I mean everything, back to herself is just getting ridiculously annoying.

    • WonkyTonk

      I think the most memorable line from this show is actually a teaser for next week’s episode in which Stassi yells at Pinky that Pinky hates her, and Pinky says You’re not important enough to hate now sit down. I eager to see how that whole scene works out. Go Pinky, Go Pinky, Go Pinky. Also I laughed out loud over your comment about her inability to find somebody to do a sex scene with. Twas funny.

      • WonkyTonk

        This one was directed towards TT, Anastasia. I keep getting caught by the posting trap that once I post it automatically comes back where anything I type where I haven’t clicked the reply button it goes as a response to the most recent person I replied to.

      • Hahaha her face when Lisa said that was priceless!

    • Kisha

      Oh, I totally agree. Scheana is the worst.

  13. So Tom Schwartz just has a bail bondsman on his contact list?? Really?

  14. Lala is a beautiful girl. She looks fantastic in her bikini.
    However, the bicycle wheels through her ears were a little distracting.

    I am not buying Britanny’s super- sweet- country- bumpkin- call- me -Elly- Mae-I’m-just-lovin’- my-man-shtick. She was pretty steely-eyed and cold dealing with Lala. She’s gotta know Jax is a no-good dog. And just another dog Lisa has adopted.

    Of all these goofy characters and their disfuntions de jour I have to egmit that the Tom’s Squared seem like pretty loyal, stand up friends to each other.

    • Queen of the Nile

      I agree with you … Lala is gorgeous (earrings notwithstanding) and the other girls are totally threatened by the attention she gets — especially Katie who has really put on some weight. Brittany’s got a hard edge and could easily go “Oklahoma” on somebody (shades of trailer trash Taylor). What will be interesting is the interaction between Stassi and Lala — Stassi is such a Queen Bee and won’t like being upstaged by a girl younger and hotter than she is. And … Stassi has also gotten chunky. Maybe too far away from the Pump nose candy? (Allegedly!)

      • Stephanie

        I actually think Stassi is prettier than LaLa

      • Aimless

        Where I grew up in England, hoop earrings were super popular. There was also a running joke about hoop earrings. The bigger the hoop, the bigger the slut. That’s all I could think about when I saw Lala wearing those crazy hoops:)

  15. It seems official, Scheana and Ariana got the memo that having a normal girlfriend relationship means you cannot remain cast members on the same reality show, get to fighting!
    James need not fret over Lala refusing to give him the goodies in Hawaii, it never was going to happen there. He just need to wait until he is back in L.A. and perched in his DJ booth. As soon as Lala sees some bimbo feigning interest in that James Dean wannabe, she will be back all over him, claiming her territory.

  16. I think Tom Sandoval gets alot of utility from thinking of himself as St Tom. That may explain why he was with Kristen so long and why he remains friendly with Jax. They are such colossal messes that they make Tom look like a long suffering saint in comparison. I’m kind of the resident Tom and Ariana hater here so I’m not inclined to sympathize much but I really think this whole Scheana vs T/A thing is silly. Just drop her as a friend if you are so wildly offended by what she said to Ariana’s mom. Tom’s “She is now in the same category as KRISTEN!” hyperbole made me roll my eyes.

    The person I pity when it comes to Scheana is Shay! The commentor (I cannot remember the name) who said they thought Scheana might have a drinking problem of her own could be right She wants Shay to remain her drinking buddy and drink just enough to get a buzz but not so much that he can’t pretend to listen to her drone on and on about Tom and Ariana. Her “I couldn’t be with someone 100% sober” was very telling.

    James is disgusting and Lala makes me sad. He care about her at all. I was so repulsed by him trying to have sex with her when she was clearly emotionally upset. He’s the worst. Even worse than Jax in my book.

    • WonkyTonk

      Yeah James trying to initiate sex with Lala after she just clearly showed she was an emotional wreck was a real douche move on his part, and then calling her a tease just made it even worse. That kid is such a freakin dick.

      I agree on Tom Sandoval and Ariana as well. Honestly I don’t really see the point of those two on the show, she’s constantly surly, and bitchy with an undeserved superiority complex, and he’s so into himself it’s kind of hard watching him primp, and seriously who shaves their forehead? And oh the drama with those two over Kristin.

      • Spilledperfume

        WonkyTonk, I don’t get the comment about Tom shaving his forehead. Someone mentioned it once before but I don’t know what that means – does he actually shave his forehead? Is he trying to change his hairline? Whenever he’s on the screen I stare at his forehead trying to see if it looks shaved.

      • WonkyTonk

        Yes he actually takes a razor and shaves his forehead in his exfoliation ritual.

      • Stephanie

        @SpilledPerfume, Tom Sandoval does shave his forehead for exfoliation and to keep it younger looking just like Caroline Manzo shaves her whole face for the same reasons.

  17. BKSweetheart

    Did anyone else notice Kristens f*cked up eye in her talking heads? You can tell it was still a little bit swollen and covered in make up. I forget what happened – TT posted about it while back.

    • Tamara T. can correct me if I am wrong, but I seem to recall that she(Kristen D.) was on WWHL a couple of months ago, and she talked about a very bad accident, perhaps it was a car accident, where she needed reconstruction surgery to her face, I guess it was NO JOKE! You can see the differences.

      • Dee

        I remember that Lindsay. I think she tripped getting out of the vehicle and her face hit the car. She had to have reconstruction surgery.

  18. Tp

    Wasn’t it Shwartz who made the phone calls bailing him out? I think it’s Shwartz who had the pot o gold somewhere. Daddy’s money, right ? I’ve noticed Katie’s weight gain too but i don’t blame her for being upset by Lala going topless and wearing dental floss as a swimsuit bottom, even with the giant zit on her ass. Lala complains about being bullied but she takes off her top in front of their fiancé and boyfriends, talks about wanting to eff Jax openly and shows up half naked to the beach. She claims that’s just who she is and I guess she’s being honest, she’s a slut! But she can’t expect the other women to accept her if she refuses to tone it down. There’s a reason she does these things and it’s because she wants all the guys to want her.

    • tamaratattles

      It may have been Schwartx, Tp, I am typing while watching (thus the frequent typos) but regardless of who it was, and regardless if your commentary on Lala is correct, none of the women or men on this show are in a position to slut shame Lala. They are especially not in a place to shame her for swimming topless in front of the guys, because THEY HAVE ALL DONE IT ON CAMERA IN PREVIOUS SEASONS! Every. Last. One. Of. THem

      • Agreed, I am so rooting for Lala, she is my underdog this season, and I hope she is back next season, or on to bigger and better for herself!

      • Sliceo'pie

        Thank you! I don’t like Lala but the slut shaming really drives me nuts.

      • Agreed, Sliceo’pie. Slut shaming is never okay, but from those women (they are no longer girls) it’s total hypocrisy. They hate Lala because they can’t be her any longer and have no clue how to behave.

    • KTina

      She’s young and looks awesome plus every single one of them either is or was a slut that has gone naked.

    • I watched the show again tonight and I saw the giant zit on her ass. Too funny!

  19. Shae

    Agreed. While I don’t think shaming lala for doing something so many of them have done is right, I do think if she’s unhappy with the attention/heat she’s getting she might reconsider what she’s doing that’s attracting it. If people aren’t respecting her and her word, maybe that’s because she doesn’t appear to respect others or herself at times. Jax being a lying sleazeball is not her fault, but flirting with him and seeking his attention, James’ attention, etc. is her fault. If she wants to be perceived differently than she is, she might try adjusting how she presents herself. You can do that without being fake.

    I do give her credit though for her honesty, I haven’t seen her misrepresent things or lie like the others do. If she has an issue, she seems to speak about it directly and accurately, which is more than can be said for the others.

  20. lru

    I don’t get Katie’s “fashion” choices. A few seasons ago, it was the orange hair. Now with her weight gain and facial shape, that bull ring at the end of her nose is the WORST choice she could make. I remember Stassi saying somewhere that she struggled with an adderral addiction around season one to stay so thin, and while not naming names, she wasn’t the only one. If this was the case, then bravo to to girls for getting healthy. Their hearts are a lot more important than being a size zero. Now they look more like most normal women.

  21. What is with Katie being so worried about everyone seeing Lala’s ass?

    I have now lost count of the times the Toms have pulled down their pants to show us the precious little tattoos they acquired.

    And God knows, they are welcome again to do so.

    • Evidently she feels threatened by Lala’s beauty and sex appeal, and the girl is smoking hot. She really is. Damn, I would kill to look like Lala in a micro bikini. Anyway, Katie doesn’t seem to have much interest in having sex with Schwartzie (is he that bad in bed?) and this is an issue for them both. I kind of feel bad for Schwartz always asking for sex and being denied. A healthy sex life is VERY important and if you ain’t getting none, well, sooner or later, it will be a recipe for disaster. Katie seems like a cold fish. JMO.

  22. Lol….giant zit. I didn’t see that. The fact that she was in Lisa”s pool.topless is straight up.disrespectful, unless it was staged

    • WonkyTonk

      I would have thought so but Max was there albeit looking onward awkwardly. Lisa seems to have been pretty ok with it saying they’re young having fun.

  23. CaribbeanQz

    Yes to everything Gingersnap said about Katie aka cold fish!

  24. Jewelz

    Not 100% sure on this, but I think when you post via bail bondsmen, you are only required to pay 10% of the amount. So if Jax’s bail was posted at 11K, he would only need to pay $1,100 to make bail.

  25. Matzah60

    All I can say, Tamara is LOL! This is my first hearty laugh of the day and every line made me laugh even harder. I spent the day calling and filing complaints against GM who has now had my car in their shop 30 plus days for a recall for a backorder that won’t be in until May. Without the repair, my car could catch on fire. They, being Gm think I should rent my own car for the next four plus months. Well, Eff them!! I am fighting an uphill battle with little chance of winning, but reading this recap of Vanderpump Rules made me laugh out loud! Many Thanks!!! :)

    • Cat

      Ridiculous! They need to give you a loaner car, or something. You shouldn’t be penalized for their shoddy manufacturing!

      • Matzah60

        I know. That’s what I told them, Cat, bit it is an old car and their cost to pay for a loaner for 5 months will probably be more than the value of the car. Not to mention, unless there is another bailout (I hope not), GM is going to fold. They had the largest recalls in auto history. It had to cost them their profit for the next two years. I don’t give a rat’s ass about their profit margin, but it is what it is.

        If it was spring, I could bike around the area doing errands, but the weather just isn’t there yet for me. Thanks for your support! :)

    • WonkyTonk

      I agree with Cat that’s freakin ridiculous. I’ll never buy another GM again in my life. In my case GM under pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration agreed to do a recall and fix the problem with a fuel pump in my model car which due to high heat weather was causing the car to squirt gas outside of the fuel tank to the point you could smell the gas within feet of the car. GM initiated recall by state, and since my VIN wasn’t part of the recall I had to come out of pocket for the $2,000 dollars plus rental car expenses. I filed a complaint with the NHTSA. I suggest you file a complaint with them and contact GM customer service and let them know you have. They’re going to have to respond to NHTSA and they’re not going to want the answer to be we’ve nothing for you. Good luck. Hopefully your situation ends better than mine.

      • Matzah60

        Same recall Wonky. My fuel tank has a big crack in the neck so I also need a fuel pump and fuel tank. I did all of the above and also filed a complaint with the attorney General’s office at the suggestion of a lawyer friend. I also filed a complaint with the FTC. I really can’t afford a new car now and my car as it is has no trade in value! Thank you for your help. I am so sorry you had to pay for it yourself. You know, GM knew about this problem since 2001 and the first recall didn’t come about until 2007 no until the end of December 2015 for my VIN.

  26. janet

    Some people can cry on cue. Its that simple.Scott Petersen was like that, I remember Amber Fry attesting to that. I think its a trait of a good looking spoiled guy, thats used to manipulating to get what he wants. Brittany will learn the hard way, I imagine, that being a nice good sport to someone like Jax, isnt going to change who he is, or the eventual outcome. Shes young so that means it will probably be a lesson she only has to learn once.

  27. Erica

    I can’t I know I’ve enjoyed the non-PC nature of this blog. Even enjoyed shit when I’m total opposite in opinion or interpretation of one of the shows.

    But the slut shaming on this thread (and in this episode) is 100 percent reprehensible. It is akin to victim blaming. All Lala did was go topless in a water/beach situation. It wasn’t an open invitation for someone, anyone to fuck her in some free for all gang bang that they had no choice in.

    I don’t expect a lot from the Pump cast. Schaena showed her true colors a while ago. But I thought better of this crowd.

    • Queen of the Nile

      ??? I don’t understand your comment … I didn’t see a pattern of Lala slut-shaming from commenters here. In fact, it’s been the opposite — most have been siding with Lala and calling out the VPR gang on their hypocrisy in making snarky remarks about her when they have all been naked at times on the show!

  28. Is Jax not working at Sur?,I just read that he opened a restaurant in Ventura, CA

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