Monty Brinson (58), Former Husband of Kim Richards Has Died

Kim, Terilynn and Monty and his daughter celebrate July 4th, 2015

Kim, Terilynn and Monty and his daughter celebrate July 4th, 2015


About 7 pm PST on January 24, 2016, Rick Hilton posted the following, “We have lost Monty Brinson after a brave battle with cancer. His heart was a big as the moon and he was loved by all he Met. He will be sorely missed. I love You always!”

Monty’s Instagram had made it rather obvious that the time was near. Monty was constantly worried about others, even on his death bed. Rather than say anything else, I’ve posted his last few Instagram messages for you to read. RIP, Monty. And Kim, stay strong.

Monty’s last comment. Jan 21 montybrinson Today I know a lot of people that follow me my wish that you would send a short message of a time we spent together that you will not forget about us and our friendship 

July 25, 2015

July 25, 2015


(Jan 21) montybrinson I just got a sign from God, with all the fight and love inside me he’s going to keep me down here for awhile so I can win this battle so I can watch over my loved ones and take care of them, I’m going to be stronger than ever and over come this. Too much love inside me to give up #embrace #love #daughters #exeivrs #faith #life #thankful #blessed #tomorrow #family #heaven #god #friends #strangers and I’d I’d like to thank all the the people who have crossed my path you’ve all touched my heart may everyone have a blessed night and much love to everyone sweet dreams Monty

( Jan 20 ) montybrinson What a beautiful day January Wednesday the 20th 2016. Yesterday was such a uplifting day which I will be sharing with you later on. It was magical even though I’m facing death eye to eye which instead of being being scared or pity I’m imbracing it as I go forward with this journey. I pray my journey helps others in what lays ahead of them through their struggles. Then it’s all worth the pain which y’all make easier on me each day. What if like to accomplish is to take away all your pain and make life easier on yourself. I got the strength to fight it for all of us and I’m damn well going to try to make your life uplifting if if I can. Remember if you don’t believe you won’t receive, well I BELIEVE. Today is going to be another great day no matter the pain keep throwing it at me I can take it nor will will I let it over come my life. Beautiful day to all as always and much love Monty #believe #love #thankful #blessed #thankful #life #happiness I love life and making people happy. Thank each of y’all for making me happy now go out and smile to make this a brighter world

Kim's bedside table posted by Monty Brinson on Instagram October 2015

Kim’s bedside table posted by Monty Brinson on Instagram October 2015


( Jan 18) montybrinson Today is a great day for me as I do wish for everybody to be surrounded by angels all morning, afternoon and evening. Ever since I was diagnosed with cancer then the few setbacks along the way have been encouraging and inspiring. What’s made me is the love and kindness from around the world that t I have touched. I hope their is enough time left in me to write my experience with love kindness. My story is about how to embrace life no matter what you face life or death and if I can change one person ‘s life it’s been all worth it. I get such joy making others happy when then they are down. I wish I could tell the stories that I have done for when down and the people that have helped me when I was down but it’s on our hearts great memories. Love you all. Honestly I don’t know yet how long I have left but my heart thanks each one of you and through this journey of mine it’s been incredible. For the the one’s who know me but the ones who don’t know me ask me any question regarding my journey and i will answer it also any question you would like to know about me personally I will answer answer back as long as it only has to do with me and is not in appropriate. This will be fun. And to ever person friends family that have enter my life every secret anything thing personal in your life dies with me and will be in heaven I was a true friend to each and everyone of you and thank you for being my friend you created me my heart feels whole once again thank you for the love and tonight looking forward to answering the questions also my friends who have funny stories about us write them down make me laugh.


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38 responses to “Monty Brinson (58), Former Husband of Kim Richards Has Died

  1. BeetsWhy

    What a positive person, such a shame. I have to wonder why he and Kim divorced. I hope she stays sober as she adjusts to his passing.

  2. Deb in SF

    Very sad. He gave it a good fight. Seems like a totally selfless man. Hope her family is watching over Kim like a hawk. This one will hurt if she allows it to. Thanks for your sensitive approach to Monty’s passing, TT.

  3. captain eel

    Very sad to hear of the passing of a nice and kind man. RIP Monty. Condolences to his family and friends.

  4. Would You Like Some Tea??

    He was very optimistic and positive until the end. I pray his family will be able to eventually celebrate his life and heal from mourning.

  5. Minky

    What a beautiful person. Sucht a lovely, nice man. RIP Monty.

  6. Lisaj

    The one truly good soul I ever saw on RHOBH. That made me cry. God bless the family and Monty watch over them in heaven. How very very sad.

  7. claire

    Heartbreaking even though inevitable. Hope Kim can make it through…maybe this will be her wings to health.

  8. Monty seemed like such a sweet, sweet soul.
    I know his tender heart will live on in all his children and loved ones.
    I truly hope Kim is surrounded now by strength and loving support

  9. lori

    Oh how sad. What a beautiful, positive soul. I think he most certainly has been successful with his wish to help others who are struggling in life. I just hope that Kim survives this. Hopefully someone will have the foresight to remove all medications from his home before Kim steps foot in it. That would just be way to tempting, in an effort to numb the pain. RIP Monty.

  10. Micheal

    Sounds like he went with dignity. I hope that his family are banding together for support and wish them the best.

  11. So sad to hear this. I’ve never liked Kim but I have to say she was lucky to have this guy in her life. Seems like such a kind and generous soul. RIP Monty.

  12. So incredibly sad! I know he is happy wherever his soul is!

  13. Dee

    Thank-you Tamara, he was a sweet soul. He will be missed by many people. He was always so positive, he lifted so many.

  14. Spilledperfume

    Rest in peace Monty.

    What a shame he didn’t get to write his story. I would have liked to read it.

  15. A kind and loving man. RIP Monty.

  16. Erica

    God Speed, Monty.

    You fought the good fight.

    My thoughts are especially with his children, especially his daughter with Kim (and her other children). I am sincerely thinking and worried about Kim’s reactions AND her children having to deal with those reactions. Bless his heart – he was a good person, but I think some of what he posted was from an enabler point of view in regards to her addictions. He was either not ready to see, or she had him buffalo’d. NOt unusually (especially considering his physical health), and really – no one’s fault. But right now, her children may be bearing an extra burden of their own grief as well as their mother’s issues and inability to deal with her grief in a more healthy way. Kathy and Rick – you did well in supporting him through this illness, but don’t make Kim’s disease worse by enabling. Support your niece instead. If you are going to enable Kim in her disease, don’t make it her children’s burden as well, and don’t take it out on Kyle if she and her family choose not to do so anymore.

  17. Shannah

    Farewell, Monty. May flights of angels sing you to your rest.

    After Tamara included some of Monty’s Instagram posts in a recap last year I started reading his postings from time to time to see how he was faring. I couldn’t post anything to him because I don’t use Instagram or Twitter, but I found myself caring about him and including him in my prayers.

    I became enchanted by his comments. He truly was a unique person. Throughout all his health issues he was concerned with all the friends and strangers from around the world who looked to him to uplift them in their own struggles. He became a sort of touchstone for so many. In all his comments I could sense that it meant a lot to him to be there as an uplifting force of hope for all the people who were walking their own paths to the other side. He was funny and loving; nurturing and gentle; wise and understanding. Small things that he wrote told me that he was a man who had great respect for everyone and a true reverence for life itself. He made me wish that I had such a friend as he. He made me wish that we all did. I don’t know anything about his life other than what I read in his posts – but I hope with all my heart that it was a really good one.

    Rest in peace, Monty.

  18. hannahkingrose

    To Monty,

    Amazing grace, how sweet the sound,
    That saved a wretch like me…
    I once was lost, but now am found,
    Was blind, but now I see.

    T’was Grace that taught…
    My heart to fear.
    And Grace my fears relieved.
    How precious did that Grace appear,
    The hour I first believed.

    Through many dangers, toils and snares,
    I have already come.
    T’was Grace that brought us safe thus far,
    And grace will lead us home. Amen

    Peaceful journey home Monty. Rest easy.

  19. My heart is so incredibly heavy reading this although I knew from Monty’s IG that he didn’t have much time left on this earthly plane. Rest in eternal peace Monty. You are a beautiful soul.


  20. JustJenn

    Such sad news. Rest in peace, Monty.

  21. marywanna

    So sorry to hear of his passing. He certainly was a unique person and seemed to always have a positive outlook. Condolences to all who grieve his passing.

  22. Angel(?)

    Monty can rest now. He is no longer suffering. Although he will be missed, I hope that Brooke and Kim stay strong. I hope that they remember his love for them and his desire for them to be healthy and happy.

  23. Cat

    So, so sad to hear. RIP, Monty.

  24. Sammie

    His messages where always filled with such love and positivity. My heart hurts for his loved ones especially his children, hope they find comfort in his memory.

  25. God Bless Monty and his surviving family and friends. Peace to you Kim Richards. You know have a VERY special Guardian Angel. God bless you!!

  26. Matzah60

    I think Rick Hilton said it best when he said that Monty’s “heart was as big as the moon and he was loved by all he met.” I can only add that I think he touched the lives of so many people who he never met; his followers on Twitter and Instagram who were touched by his love, kindness, bravado, and unconditional love for his family. RIP, Monty and Godspeed! <3

  27. Judilu

    May Monty rest, His love for his daughters and friends shone thru his posts…I think he would have been such a character to speak with. I am wishing for comfort for his family and all those who who knew him and lots and lots of strength for Kim.

  28. ClassyLady80

    Very courageous man with a genuinely good soul until the end. May he rest in peace. Sending prayers for strength and comfort to his family at this time.

  29. Rose

    Reading his posts made me cry….brave to the end. Brings back memories of my Mom’s last days in hospice. My prayers for Kim and his family. I hope this doesn’t send her spiraling down.

  30. tripleOGpearl

    I am otherwise a very cold, unfeeling bitch. I guess it’s the prison guard in me. But this right here made the wind blow sand in my eyes . I couldn’t imagine the pain he was feeling knowing that he was leaving his loved one’s behind. His concern for them is def apparent. I hope that they were able to convince him that they would be fine in order to allow his final moments to be filled with peace free from worry .

  31. gapeachinsc

    With tears in my eyes…I swear I can’t read this post. Most of us could learn a thing or two by this man’s struggle and the way he handled himself (I’m looking at you too, Yolanda) and the way he seemed to care about others without the judgement.

  32. ZenJen55

    “Without a doubt I know that we will be revived, when we shall leave this place”

    Kim do it for him, stay strong for this will make you or break you…

    RIP, Monty

  33. Landon Grey

    Wow. Such heartbreaking news. Rest in Peace, Monty.

  34. WTHeck

    This is very sad, he was too young. I also lost my father on Saturday after a very long battle with Alzheimer’s.

  35. Poor Monty. I hope Kim can keep it together, especially over the next few days of services for Monty. It’s probably not the easiest of times for her, and I feel badly for her as well. But hopefully she has had a bit of sobriety under her belt (again) and has enough self control, support and empathy towards her daughter and Montys family to keep her shit in check.

  36. Margarett

    This will undoubtedly be a very hard time for Kim. It’s hard to deal with the pain of grief.

    Rest in peace,Monty.

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