Kenya Moore Celebrated Her Birthday In Style With Three Housewives!

RHOA Kenya's Birthday,  Nene Sheree


Check out who celebrated Kenya’s birthday with her! None other than Nene Leakes, Sheree Whitfield and Cynthia Bailey! Kandi Burruss sent congratulations via social media because she is home taking care of baby Ace, who she is breastfeeding. We know this because she posted a photo of herself breastfeeding while feeding herself at the same time. She’s multitasking like the mom of a newborn already.

Photos of the fierce foursome were flying all around social media today. Kenya referred to the group as “sisters” while Sheree called them, “the originals”, Nene tagged them as #theoriginals #theunforgettables #slay ! It looks like these four, (five if you count Kandi understandably tweeting it in) are a unified team ahead of the upcoming pickup letters in a couple of months Let’s hope this group holds and the two Ps are left without a pod.
RHOA Kenya birthday King and Twirl

Thing were even better for Kenya as she seems to have made it official that Matt is indeed her boyfriend. He was present at the birthday celebration, and he gave her two adorable puppies that she named King and Twirl.  It’s great to see her so happy after the loss of her beloved dog Velvet.

RHOA Kenya's Birthday, Cynthia, nene, sheree


Nene was in great spirits and was show singing Happy Birthday the loudest to “Keyonce.” It seems like a good time was had by all. Can this group manage to keep it together through the beginning of next season? I doubt it. But I have to say, Sheree is a much better addition that Tammy, or Porsha, or Phaedra.  These ladies would at least try to out “class” each other and their shady moments would be much more mature.

There was not a single Bravo camera in sight.

And finally, it appears this was the birthday present that Kenya most enjoyed taking home with her.

RHOA Kenya's Matt


You go, girl.  Ain’t nothing wrong with that.


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43 responses to “Kenya Moore Celebrated Her Birthday In Style With Three Housewives!

  1. Tara

    Damn! He is HOT!
    I love the pic of Kenya and her puppies. That smile says it all, good for her.

    • AND is appears she’s not wearing make-up! Haha, take that Kim…she’ll show her naked face when she decides, not YOU! I LOVE Kenya for this picure!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Kenya’s appeared without makeup on RHOA before too. She has nothing to hide, naturally beautiful!

    • What an unlikely foursome. Yep, they’re banding together to make a statement. YOU listening ANDREW? Nene shouldn’t EVER attempt to look sexy in pictures…although she did make me laugh at her because she looks so goofy in her attempt :)

    • G-Snap

      Lol. Nene “attempting” to look sexy is kinda like Elmer Fudd huntin’ wabbitts.

      It ain’t ever going to happen.

  2. Jaded

    Nene is just sucking up until she feels safe again. Interesting since I thought she and Phaedra were so close. Happy birthday Kenya! Wow, that man is fine!

  3. Miguel

    I agree TT – these four may be able to resurrect the now-foul franchise; and undo some of the disgusting that Porsche, Phaedra, Tammy, et al. have subjected the viewers to.

  4. Kari

    Love this group!!! The P’s and Kim fields can go

  5. Are those Yorkie’s?

    Sheree has played it extremely and surprisingly smart during her return. Mama Joyce’s attempt to rehab her tarnished image is a little more transparent but I’m ranking Sheree right up there with Countess LuAnn on playing her cards right so far – just the right mix of drama and fun.

    I didn’t think she could be that savvy – unless it’s the editing maybe?

    • Psylocke

      I was thinking the same thing! But it honestly seems like her red-outfit-with-the-side-bang interviews are fed one-liners that were shot multiple times.

  6. ShyGuy

    Love this, Carlos and Andy better lock these 4 in for season 9 plus kandi and two new women.

  7. pfffttt

    TT — are you warming up to She by Sheree? LOL 😉

    I have to say. I am a little shocked at Sheree. I thought Sheree would be snatching wigs and be all “who gone check me boo” to earn a peach. She has only really gone after people that started in on her first this season.

    Also, I saw on facebook where Nene and Claudia ran into each other in LA and took a photo. Nene’s instagram post about it was really classy.

    Maybe this time away from RHOA has been good for Nene? Her attitude is much better.

  8. Sequoia

    Hell has surely frozen over.

  9. Kenya looks happy. Let’s hope so because ratchet Kenya is no fun to watch.

  10. Lisaj

    If anyone deserves some happiness and sunshine in their life it’s Kenya! Happy birthday and enjoy the man eye candy!

  11. Cecy

    HBD Kenya. It’s amazing what a good man and good sex can do for an alpha female attitude. Glad to see you find some happiness! I need those puppies, so cute..what a thoughtful gift. I hope this group plus kandi do band together with some collective wisdom on how to write the script on a new season. Forget the twerking thots.

  12. Cat

    I wouldn’t mind this group. I actually liked Nene the first few seasons. Maybe being away did her some good?

    • I used to love Nene, until her head got so big and she became so insecure and jealous. I hope she’s back to the Nene we had in Kenya’s first season, she was so unbothered by Kenya. That’s the last time I liked her. I’m not optimistic though after her “Kenya couldn’t do it” comment, but they do look to be getting along.

  13. Minky

    Yay Kenya! Adorable poochies. Very handsome boyfriend. She’s gorgeous. And, at least for me, Kenya IS the show right now.

    I had to do a double take because I thought that Cynthia was Marlo before I read the post. Very similar face in that lighting.

    I can still do without Nene. Does anybody really miss her?

    It would be great if they’d get rid of Porsha, Phaedra and the increasingly unbearable Kim. I’ve never been so disappointed with a new cast member in the history of the show. She’s neither bringing it nor taking it.

    And happy 45 to Kenya!

  14. Keya

    Although I’m no longer a Nene fan, any pic that doesn’t have Phaedra or Porsha in it is okay by me LOL Can’t stand those two birds.

    Happy birthday Kenya, and many more! She looks lovely in her pics.

  15. RVA

    OMG! I always knew Cynthia was gorgeous, but she is stunning in the that first picture. I’m totally crushing on her right now.

  16. caily

    Happy Birthday, Kenya! The puppies are adorable and so is the new hunk!

  17. pfffttt

    It does seem like all four have formed an unlikely alliance. Add Kandi, because Kandi and Nene have been exchanging lighthearted instagram/twitter jokes and seem to be getting along. Nene also threw some shade at Porsha last time she was on WWHL and said Porsha has changed and not all for the better.

  18. natalie

    I am confused, I thought we were suppose to hate Nene and Sheerree….

  19. When are we going to see Baby Ace Wells Tucker face?

  20. Yamoah Asiedu

    I really like seeing these four together. They look good.There seems to be a little tension between Kenya and Nene as their body language in the first photo shows. Nevertheless they appear to have made up and put their differences to one side. Again, very good in my opinion. Women fall out, stop talking, bitch about each other, vow to NEVERSPEAKTOTHATB****AGAIN, then resolve the issue and start talking again. Rinse and repeat. It happens all the time. It’s a good visual for my daughters (who argue all the bloody time!) If Nene can make up with (I will never speak to) Kim Zolciak ) again, then sworn enemy Phaedra. She can easily make up with Sheree, Kenya and very soon, hopefully Marlo too.

  21. Yamoah Asiedu

    Oh and of course Happy birthday to Kenya Moore. You look beautiful and happy.Your man is hot (not as hot as mine!!) but still hot. Hope this will be your best year ever.

  22. sarcasatire

    Kenya wanted to be Nene’s nemesis, but realized she needed Nene around for that. So now she’ll be Nene’s friend. For the retweets.

  23. Margarett

    All that and puppies, too! Good for you, Kenya!

    I would have to go back to watching every week if the “two peas” we’re gone. Thanks for another good post.

  24. bria

    Fabulous team, even though I can’t stand Nene but any thing without the south thots will do. Kim , I love your sense of Alice in Wonderland but not on this show.

  25. Dracla Dunning

    What’s up with Nene’s face? She looks terrible, especially around the lips. The thought of her returning makes me sick but it is in the stars so I better learn to accept her presence. At least she will provide some comic relief with her atrocious wigs and “uniform” of a tee-shirt worn with ripped jeans.

  26. onamonapia

    Nene in that photo- lol

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