David Foster Supports Step-Daughter Gigi Hadid At Versace Fashion Show

davidfoster My first fashion show ever!!! Starting at the top with this one @gigihadid leading the pack!!! It was amazing and so was she!!! #proudstepdad #versace

davidfoster My first fashion show ever!!! Starting at the top with this one @gigihadid leading the pack!!! It was amazing and so was she!!! #proudstepdad #versace

David Foster has been working in Paris this week. While he was there, his step daughter, Gigi Hadid was walking I the Versace show. So David headed off to his first ever fashion show to support her! David is really coming off as the a great guy in a really bad situation.

But that doesn’t stop the Internet trolls. Let’s take a look at a random sampling of fools on the Internet that feel comfortable judging David’s situation. I’m always intrigued that the biggest trolls usually have either the word “mom” of “truth” in their Internet handles and email address.

I’ve included a small random sampling of the comments to David from several of his most recent photo posts below.

RHOBH David Eiffel Tower


lululemmony You can’t call yourself her stepdad dude.  You lost that privilege when you left her sick mother. Bam! (That Bam! really shines a light on her intelligence level, leading one to believe that this idiot is of the Nene varietal.)

wisegirl_212 @davidfoster you bailed on Yolanda when she needed you the most. You’re so transparent and all the money you have and your next 30 something girlfriend will never make you happy. I used to be a fan but not anymore. Remember when you took your wedding vows? For better or worse? Meant nothing to you. Karma is real…just remember what you put out you get back. God bless Yolanda. (I love that this one talks about Karma and getting back what you put out. And is such a Yolanda fan she has read none of the stories about Yolanda filing for divorce.)
wisegirl_212  @davidfoster …btw…this pic of you shows who you truly are. Narcistic, self indulgent and all about you. You’re talented but your good looks and heart are dead. ( But wait, she has more to say! It’s David that is posting to many selfies. Seriously? )

On a memorial post to Celine Dion’s husband Rene

dgeb58  And she stuck w him !!! That’s love!! In sickness and in health till death do us part!!

70s_disco_baby    No mention of David Bowie?  ( I get emails all the time about who I do and do not post obits about. I have to say, this past week or so has been  death after death. I just opted to stop or it would have been more obits that entertainment posts. :( )

On a post about working with Jordan Smith winner of the voice:

lindsaylu11 You should be ashamed of what you are saying on a national televised program of your wife and her body! How would you like for someone to say that about your daughters or worse a husband or boyfriend to say that for all to hear. How disappointing. I bet your daughters don’t condone that nor do her daughters or son or ex husband for that matter. #respect #bodyshaming @davidfoster
jacdupp  You are an insensitive jerk. Your comments on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about your wife’s breast were so inappropriate. It is men like you that make women feel they need to have breasts to be attractive or God forbid they have breast cancer and need to have their breasts removed. Breasts do not define women. #shallow
loredonnarossici  @davidfoster How is @yolandahfoster ❓❓❓❓??❣???. Oh oh I see Sick !! And you said??bye FELICIA ?

ragel820   You are a complete A&@hole! Could you be any more insensitive to Yolanda? I hope now that people have seen a glimpse of what you’re really like they won’t do business with you!

dithdeluca   “Ken has better tits than her now.” What a disgusting thing to say as your wife lays there in pain

yoduckyrachella Unfollowing because of rhobh episode. Disgusting.

On a photo of him with his granddaughter at an ice rink..

chillergirl   U SUCK FOR LEAVING @yolandahfoster when she so sick,,,!!!!! God help u when u r left with no one!!!! Money isnt everything u p.o.s.

I mainly posted them for Lawstangel to get a tiny glimpse into the types of tweets and comments  these reality folks get. And David is not even on the show that much. And also to explain why  I block the idiots on Twitter who like to mean tweet to Bravolebs and tag me and in the process get me blocked along with them. I’ve blocked a couple dozen morons in the past few days since the Mohammed post when morons decided to send the post LVP or Mohammed.

I’ll never understand the mindset of people who think that the people they tweet insults to really are interested in their opinions. Even here, on a birthday or a death posts, I have to delete comments where people say things like “well I hated his whole family, but it’s still sad he is dead” Or in  a birthday thread “I can’t stand that bitch!” and that is HERE where I spend a lot of time sending people to the Window Licking Section!

The Internet is full of crazy people who spend their days tweeting celebrities with advice on their lives from their IKEA sofas.


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50 responses to “David Foster Supports Step-Daughter Gigi Hadid At Versace Fashion Show

  1. Dee

    I can’t believe that strangers post some thing to people they don’t know. Just like I don’t understand the people who come here to say they are leaving your site…idiots!!

  2. Wow. I think this is why I’m not on social media. It’s as depressing as watching the news. When the internet started becoming widespread, I thought it would make the world smarter. Seems I was sadly mistaken.

  3. Anastasia_Beave

    I’ve noticed thst there are some really…um….”passionate” Yolanda fans out there. Nice for her that at least some are believing the lies.

    • Librarygirl

      And the funny thing is that they seem to represent the earth mother, spiritual type of females that praise Yolanda for her courage, strength, purity, and who the heck knows what else. Either that or they are representatives of folks who suffer from “invisible illnesses”. Do they realize that she has no strength of character and has ended up demeaning those who truly suffer from such ailments?

  4. swizzle

    What is wrong with people?

  5. People who don’t go looking for the truth will never find it. My hairdresser just loves Phaedra and I just shake my head. And she has no idea about Phaedra, but she also would not see the truth if it slapped her in the face. When it comes to these trolls, they’re like an infection or a rash you have to deal with.

  6. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Other than great job TT. All I can say is WOW mofo idiots out there. I can’t fathom slamming someone to the twittersphere that I don’t know. It’s bat shit crazy!!

  7. First, I so adore purple! The only thing that comes to my mind with these comments is how extremely bored these people must be in their own lives. Sad.

  8. Teresa

    IKEA sofas!!! Love it!!!

    • Matzah60

      I was just about to same the same @Teresa!! Love the last line with the IKEA couch.

      The thing is, these crazies that post on his Twitter or Instagram page actually they KNOW him, but they don’t!! Like Katherine Edwards will say tomorrow night on RHBH, “Don’t act like you know me, when you don’t me at all.” The trolls live in an imaginary world where they feel these celebrities are their real friends and/or enemies.

      As a human being, I wouldn’t be able to post that kind of hate to most people. I’d like to say all, but I think most is more accurate. Before the age of computers, if you sent a handwritten letter like that to someone, the cops would be called.

      Who gets on social media and calls someone they absolutely do not know save a few appearances on housewives show and calls them a POS…Wow!!

  9. Tinalee

    Huh? I am confused. Are you not bashing people for the exact same thing you do? Do you know all of these “celebrities” you insult daily? Hey don’t get me wrong, I agree with what you have to say in regards to the above comments however, do you not do the exact same thing!? Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!
    Maybe this time without the personal attacks on my character! Because again, you don’t know who I am. I’m not a bad person, I read is your website on occasion and enjoy it at times however, this one just really stumped me.

    • Stephanie

      @Tinalee, can you even provide an example? Further, if you don’t like how TT runs her blog, follow the rules and leave.

    • We talk about them behind their backs, they don’t have to go looking for criticisms, insults, or humor about them. I think that’s a big difference than personally attacking them in their own cybersocialsphere. You know, this is a gossip blog.

    • cobe

      Dear Tinalee,

      I hereby bequeath to you my beloved cactus.

      You are going to need it when Tamara gets around to reading your comment.

      • Cat

        I miss “Spike”.

      • Uh oh Tinalee……
        You have NO IDEA where that cactus has been!

      • cobe

        Spike makes Yolanda’s parasite look like child’s play

      • tamaratattles

        Thankfully, Tinalee mentioned that I had already expressed myself to her once, and left her in the mix. Now that she has made it clear how dissatisfied she is with the blog, I can (and have) escort her to the WLS where her muted, self-righteous rantings can join the chorus of those who went before her and fall on deaf ears like the rest of them.

        I’m glad we got rid of Spike. I don’t think Eric thought through the smells his cactus activity forced us all to endure.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      TT is talking about people who use Twitter or Instagram to tweet their opinions directly to these celebrities, because they are under some delusion that celebs give a f*ck what they think. That’s way different than running a blog where people discuss, amongst themselves, what they think of an episode or particular person.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’ve actually changed my opinion to the positive about David Foster this season. I always thought he was narcissistic but he’s been shown caring for Yolanda and actually seems like a decent guy.

      • Lisaj

        Alright I’m going to just say this and duck and run. David it seems weird to me to go to your soon to be ex step daughters run way show. I wish I could remember more clearly which episode but the way he looked at Gigi made me slightly uncomfortable. It had to be early on but the icky creepy factor went to the moon.
        I’m guessing he did this out of the good will of his heart or good press and idiots on Instagram or Twitter hide behind a screen, but the Fosters just creep me out.

      • Here we go LisaJ. What’s weird is that you can’t imagine David as a good, decent man (who can get any tail he could possibly want) who takes care of family, even extended family, even with such a track record; yet, you CAN imagine him as creepy and inappropriate to young Gigi. I think your comment says more about you than it does about who David is and where your creepy, disgusting thoughts go.

      • tamaratattles

        I agree Kat. Lisaj’s comment is one that will be very unsettling for Gigi or her parents or David’s children to read. Gigi was in grade school when David came into her life. She lived with HIM not Mohamed and he was and will always be a father figure to her. I just don’t get why anyone makes these sorts of horrific statements. They are very unsettling to those of us who actually KNOW creepy and it’s not a light allegation to make. Especially in public about a man with plenty of money to sue you with.

      • fivecatsownme

        David Foster seems like a nice guy. It is great he can keep positive relationships with his step kids. My mom and stepdad divorced and I still remained close to him until he died. Loving step parents are a bonus. I get tired of the salacious inferences.
        I wish the twitter trolls would remember Yolanda filed for divorce. I think David wanted her off the show to regain her health. I tried twitter and facebook. No mas.

      • Wow Lisaj, I consider myself to have an extra-sensitive “creep-dar” and I NEVER got that vibe!

  10. Stephanie

    This is one of the main reasons that I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. My heart goes out to David and TT, when you have to read and “soft” through this shit!

  11. gapeachinsc

    Tinalee – I thought I had already posted but I guess not – the difference is we talk about this crap among ourselves and don’t “mean tweet” these people regarding the REALITY shows we see them on and make judgement calls on their lives, directly to them – for the most part we all realize we are not necessarily seeing reality and if we are, we are not prone to attacking them personally. We comment here and say whatever we feel, but we are not contacting them in order to trash them.

  12. ZenJen55

    I have personally seen people who slam Tamara on Twitter, it is vicious. And heaven forbid, if you take up for her….but TT can more than hold her own!

    If the Jenner boys say David was/is a great step-dad, and they do, who was there when their own dad was being dad to the Kardashians, I think speaks volumes. They would know

    • gapeachinsc

      Thanks, ZenJen – that spoke volumes to me, as well. Bruce was only out for himself. David really cares about all his children – step or otherwise.

    • Matzah60

      Amen, ZenJen55. As much as I admired Bruce Jenner decades ago, I lost a little admiration for him knowing he wasn’t present for his own biological children while they were growing up. Bruce stated that himself. On the other hand, David Foster was married to Bruce’s ex, Linda Thompson for close to 15 years I believe and he had much to do with raising both boys. When one of the boys got married, there was a picture of David Foster at the wedding with the wedding party. Brody Jenner also said that David was the one who taught them to ride a bike, a car, etc. He raised them essentially.

      • janet

        I remember Bruce’s sons trying to express the pain they felt, about his lack of involvement in their lives growing up. Bruce totally dismissed what they had to say, and saying that was a long time ago. He refused to listen, and I was not impressed at all with his fathering. As a parent, I believe we should allways listen to their truth, and apologize were we failed. I dont care how long ago it was. I think its great David came to the fashion show to watch Gigli. It shows he isnt walking away. That hes still a part of her life despite the divorce. Classy and decent.

    • I agree TT definitely can handle her own. I was just going to say to, David Foster played father to the Jenner boys. They considered him their father growing up. Shows his character he takes care of the women that he marries, children too. He seems like a pretty good guy.

  13. Cat

    TT, I, for one, am glad you don’t do obits for everyone. Especially this year. It would be too depressing.

  14. Rose

    Everyone has an opinion but talking nasty on their feed is downright rude. I felt some kind of way about David but she divorced him. Cream rises to the top and I hope his truth comes out. Nice of him to support Gigi….to me that speaks volumes of his character.

  15. IM OK NOW

    I miss the early internet blog days before illiterant trolls started acquiring computers. My eyes have read so much garbage and trolls have ruin more the one thriving blog with their stupid remarks.

    • Lawstangel

      @ I’m OK- No kidding ! I used to go to another reality show based blog, prior to finding/ hearing about TT, the people were so vile and nasty, every once in awhile I pop in to have a look and the vitriol has only become more offensive. One night I commented on something and they all attacked me. I dished it right back Ar them and they all whined to the moderator who banned me. Personally, I think they ought to rip the electricity out of some of those back woods trailer parks they sit in!

    • Lawstangel

      TT- Good examples. I am about to pick up my jaw from the floor. It is one think to rant and rave on a blog. But to tweet that crap directly to someone?? Who the fuck do they think they are. No MANNERS!

  16. JoJoFLL

    Having quite a few friends on reality shows, those comments ARE really hurtful.

    • Gapeachinsc

      Hey JoJoFll – tell your friends to hang tough! I’m sure it must be hurtful. We make our judgements based on these stupid shows. I imagine most all of us would come off looking like idiots too, if we were on one of these stupid shows. I can just imagine how horrible I would look, let alone flaky…lol. Remind them we love them, and we eat it up, obviously we do.

  17. Kim

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion & reality “celebs” put themselves out there more than most. HOWEVER, there’s a huge difference between voicing your opinion & a public flogging. One rule I live by, don’t judge unless you want to be judged as well. We’ve all had moments in our lives we’re not proud of, just ours aren’t televised. There’ll always be windows for those who enjoy licking them though. 😀

  18. tamaratattles

    I just deleted two disgusting messages from the same former commenter in the Monty comments. It literally made me sick to my stomach. I’m trying to figure out if I am going to keep dinner down or if I should let myself puke before recapping VPR.

    Such disgusting behavior. And it was a longtime poster. I’m shaken but the level of vitriol. And I’m used to reading this shit every day.

    • Cat

      Glad I missed them.

      We don’t know these people. It’s one thing to make fun of their hair. Sometimes the attempts at humor go too far.

      Other times, I think commenters project their own miserable lives onto these celebs.

  19. Angel(?)

    I feel sorry for David. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. I think it was sweet of him to attend.

  20. Shannah

    Good grief, those were some vicious comments. It’s unsettling to know that people like that have no hesitation in posting such venomous remarks. More troubling is that they are out driving cars next to us on the expressway; walking down the same aisle in the grocer’s; perhaps even living on the same street and we never realize the festering hate that is tumbling around inside them. Sometimes God must shake his head in dismay.

  21. loriflack

    That is what blows my mind, too. They are walking and living among is everyday.

  22. Margarett

    “…from their Ikea sofas.” Priceless! You just crack me up, Tamara.

    The posts filled with hate and ignorance are unbelievable. That anyone would send them to strangers causes me to wonder if they actually think they know these celebrities.

  23. onamonapia

    Yikes- folks are way to personally invested in people they have never met ( and probably never will)

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