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As I am doing my setup for tonight’s RHOA episode, I noticed Tammy’s name in the tag set.  It reminded me to point out to those of you who said Tammy didn’t lose her peach over Miami that we sure have not seen her since.  In other words,  “Oh! would you lookey there? I was right again.”   Tonight, in honor of Kenya’s birthday, I think we are going to start to see her move in for the final takedown of Kim Fields.  Let’s watch to see how much of Kim’s demise is actually a result of her dear friend Phaedra.


Kandi and Todd are getting excited for the baby to come soon. They haven’t done a nursery or anything done to prepare. Todd has no idea what is about to happen. He seems to think he doesn’t have to do much. Todd wasn’t around when his daughter was born.

Kandi and Todd take a parenting class. Kandi says she doesn’t want the nanny to do everything. Todd is very excited about the nanny. Kandi says maybe they should get a manny. Todd says that will not be happening. The teacher comes to the house. She wanted to see the nursery that doesn’t exist. The teacher says you can breast feed until time for kindergarten. Clearly, they didn’t vet this woman at all. At least Kandi knows better than that. This woman is pretty much a joke. Which is the point of the scene, I suppose.


Porsha goes in to her legal job to get ready to go on the air. Porsha randomly starts talking about her nude photos since she broke her phone. The makeup artist is as skeeved out as I was. Bless her heart. Porsha has no storyline.

Phaedra and Apollo during happier times..

Phaedra and Apollo during happier times..


I wonder what Phaedra’s kids think about these “school pickup and drop off ” scenes. You know Ayden is smart enough to say “Mama why are you acting like you pick me up from school?”  Dylan is the Blanket Jackson of the Parks-Nida family. If you look at pictures of the family, you will see what I mean.  Phaedra looks as lost as usual trying to do an activity with Ayden. In this case, they are making a birfday card for Apollo.

Another fake Phaedra scene at an attorney’s office where she says she is ready to file for divorce. Last I heard, nothing had been filed by either side. I am not sure how to explain how bad this attorney’s voice is.  Is her jaw wired shut? I’m asking seriously. Apollo’s prison transfer came, but it is not to a more child friendly facility. It’s actually worse than the one he was in.



I am starting to be one of those people who judges what others drink. I see the Coffeemate, which I used to  love and think, OMG! It’s a bottle of chemicals that make people sick! I’ve brainwashed myself. I suppose that is a good thing. Kim is planning her “Beatless Brunch.”  For those of you without middle school children, apparently “beatless” means make-up free.  Sometimes I try to imagine these women at the Cherokee Town Club and just laugh and laugh. “beatless” SMH. She is discussing it with Victoria, her stylist. Her stylist who is showing her face on TV while Kimmy wears an off one shoulder shiney shirt. Let’s hope Victoria is better at brunches. I guarantee you Phaedra is not showing up “beatless.” I’ve seen it and she looks unrecognizable.

Brunch is chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits. Sounds good so far! Kandi goes with very little makeup to pick up Kenya. Kenya is wearing her makeup because she’s ” a grown ass woman.”  She’s really not wearing much though.Phaedra arrives first in her usual spanx and heavy spackle. She tells Kim “it’s a very light beat much like yours.”  It’s half an inch thick, just like usual. Kenya is offended by Kim before she even gets there. Kim’s invitation made Kenya feel like she was telling the all they wear too much makeup. Which they do. Porsha arrives in full spackle and triple lashes as well. Did Kim really think these girls would come barefaced? Porsha’s excuse is she is coming from work. Cynthia arrives with very light makeup. Kandi encourages Kenya to come for Kim’s wig if she comes of Kenya’s makeup. Kandi is so messy. Sheree comes with very little makeup either. She looks great and so does Cynthia.

Kim has the brunch served before Kenya and Kandi arrive. Seriously? Who does that. This is not going to go well. Kim greets them at the door with “Good Morning!…I mean Good Afternoon!” So apparently they are late. Kandi is always late. If you want her on time you have to give her an early call time than what you really want. All the producers know that. So sending Kenya with Kandi somehow makes sense all of the sudden. #storyline

Speaking of storyline. I hope we go back to focusing Kenya’s storyline on her new house. I am tired of hearing about the same issue with her family over two seasons. These shows are getting too heavy unnecessarily. Let’s stop with the sick people and the childhood traumas, and the children coping without fathers and get back to what this show is supposed to be about.  SHADE.

Porsha has such a respectful response to Kenya’s story. Both at the table and in her talking heads. Who expected maturity from her?

Cynthia brings up the commercial with Kenya and Kim working on it together and Kenya felt that Kim’s comments were arrogant. Kim says that shows are not generally co-directed. Cynthia wants them to shoot the commercial at Jamaica This is the big invite to the trip. Kandi can’t go because she is too pregnant.

Kenya was actually very polite to Kim when she mentioned that she felt like she was being told she should wear less makeup in the “audio invitation.” I would have been offended to get a robo call inviting me to a party. I expect a person invitation from the hostess when going to someone’s home. Am I too old school? Are robocalls a thing now? And the hostility seed between Kim and Kenya has been planted. Kim gave them a gift bag with a compact, a pen and notebook to write a poem about their natural beauty, and some makeup removal pads.  Yeah. I think I would feel a little preached at myself.

Cynthia tells Kenya and Kim she will check with them for a good time to meet soon. Kenya says she thinks they should both come up with a creative and pitch it to her. Kim closes the door, locks it and mutters to herself, “Well, when you have directed two or three hundred hours of television, then we can talk.” I can see Kim being a bit offended to have to work with Kenya who is new to directing but does have directing and producing experience. But if the client asks that you would in partnership with someone, you either agree to do so and act professionally, or if you feel the other person is not worthy of partnering with you, and you don’t wish to lead by example or mentor them, you politely decline.  Getting your panties in a wad is not cute.

Is Cynthia standing in front of artwork of her in sunglasses at Art Basel wearing  a t-shirt of herself? LOL you go girl!

Is Cynthia standing in front of artwork of her in sunglasses at Art Basel wearing a t-shirt of herself? LOL you go girl!


Cynthia is meeting with her eyewear team. She wants to do a commercial and she wants Kenya and Kim to be involved. Speaking of commercials, I heard Cynthia doing a radio commercial the other day for her fibroid doctor.  She wants those two to work together on a beach shoot. I don’t see that going so well.

A few days after brunch, Cynthia meets with Kenya and Kim. In the interim, au naturel Kim has had her roots touched up on her blond hair. Kenya is held up at her home construction and has to cancel and reschedule with Cynthia. Cynthia is not happy. She says when she worked on Life Twirls On she was very busy too but she showed up on time whenever she was asked. It’s interesting to me that Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia have all had fibroid surgery since being on the show!

OMG! Kim’s pitch is so uninspired. She brings a storyboard of a couple walking on the beach. Wow! Who would have thought of that. But they have no sunglasses on. When they put them on they are on a red carpet. UGH. Maybe I am just not feeling Kim today after her Bravo blog. But a first grader would have come up with that. Where is all this creative talent she supposedly has? And why would a director be the one coming up with the creative? Cynthia pretends to love it. Then she tells Kim she really wants Kenya to work with her. Cynthia asks Kim if she sees herself as the producer or the director. Kim says on most projects she is producer/director. Kim says “I don’t co-direct!” In other words, we don’t need Kenya. Cynthia asks if she is saying they don’t need Kenya. Kim basically says she doesn’t need Kenya but if she wants Kenya she can play nice.

Kenya just happens to have a crew at Moore Manor where she is working with Matt even though she is “supposed to be ” at the restaurant with Kim and Cynthia. This show is as poorly directed as that Toni Braxton movie on Lifetime last night. So many weird scenes on that movie. Did you watch it? Like when the lady handed the waiter a credit card and they immediately walked out as he was walking away with the card? There were a million things like that in the movie. Still it was worth a watch. We need Matt there to show their relationship developing before Kenya takes him to Jamaica. They seem to have a lot of physical dates.

Next Week: It’s Jamaica! I think it was ridiculous and terrible editing to put that fakeass after the fact Nene scene in last weeks show. Everyone knows that Nene shocked all the ladies in Jamaica. To have the whole chat with Nene about Kenya scene was stupid. Next week, Sheree brings Bob Whitfield to Jamaica for some reason. And the women talk about the gay rumors that surrounded Kim’s husband.  Chris is seen telling Kim that they baited her. Did she admit something? Turn in next week and find out.


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136 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Somebody Needs To Get Beat

  1. Rolly

    I can’t with Kim. A woman should never be so concerned with how the next woman grooms herself. It’s not insecure that women don’t want to go beatless. It’s insecure when a woman wants to level the playing field while she catches up with the others. Clearly Kim was beat to the gawds sans new wardrobe (obviously picked by her stylist) when she met with Cynthia. Ijs, you never hear of makeup wearers shunning bare face women for not wearing makeup. And some of these walking deads could use some help. ??

  2. Rose

    I don’t get the Kim hate. The invite clearly said celebrate your natural beauty. And yes invites are “personal” these days through evites, text or other electronic means (drives me crazy too!). There were no paparazzi lurking in Kims bush’s to snap their beat pics. Kenya was out of line with Kim and being a no show for Cynthia. Sheree and Cynthia looked beautiful in the near natural state. That is all.

      • blaine

        Me too. I just don’t understand the acerbic reactions from some of the ladies. It just seems a bit much.

      • Rose

        Dove and other companies and major magazines have done major promotional campaigns going beatless. I looked at it as an opportunity to relax and let their hair down but these C list reality celebs think they’re above it all. I honestly thought they looked much better without ask that goop and caterpillar lashes on their faces. If going out after they could have gone in kims bathroom and put their layers of makeup on before leaving her house. Own your beauty!!!

    • margroc

      IMO Kenya is just a b*tch that looks for something to bitch about. My friends and I have parties and get togethers where you are invited to wear yoga or pajama pants, no makeup. My friends take it as a casual girls night where you can let it all hang out I don’t have any friends like Kenya though. Cause why would I want one, there’s enough bs in life without plain inviting it into your house. If she took such “umbrage” why go then? If she declined the invite – she’d have no reason to throw “shade” or bitch.

    • sherry

      True, no paparazzi, but it was being filmed for TV. :)

      • Tokrsa

        I don’t think that Kim realized that these women maybe had other places to go after brunch and wouldn’t have time to go back home to finish getting ready. I think Kim was throwing a bit of shade in trying to get the others to realize their “inner” beauty. If there is one thing about all these ladies is they ooze self confidence and have no problem telling themselves how fabulous they think they are.

    • Nobody, but nobody is going to send me an invitation and tell me how much makeup to wear. Don’t even tell me how to dress unless it is a wear pink for breast cancer kind of thing. And the goody bags were so dumb. I would have thrown mine on the lawn. She is a real kill-joy.

  3. Matzah60

    I really didn’t see the point of that luncheon that Kim hosted. Why would a grown woman have other grown woman to her house to ‘teach’ them to love their natural beauty. It was very ‘judgey’ and really, everyone came with a little bit of makeup on anyway. The only one with black roots and absolutely no makeup was Kim.

    There must be a lot of fighting going on that has been left on the editing floor, because the rancor between Kim and Kenya went from 0 to 100 without much explanation. Kenya was polite, but definitely angry when she arrived at the party. I think that she was forced to go to the party and as you said, Tamara, Kenya was forced to go with Kandi. We have seen on prior seasons that Kandi is sometimes1 to two hours late for a trip or an event.

    I think with Nene’s return and the rebirth of Nene and Cynthia’s alliance as friends, either Kim or Kenya are on the chopping block. Maybe that is the crux of the feud.

    • Matzah60

      I mean the chopping block for the next season re: Kim and Kenya.

      I was surprised that Kenya blew off Cynthia, but sometimes when women get into a new relationship with a new man, they sometimes leave some old friends in the dust, spending much of their time with their new love. I know it was wrong for Kenya to be a no show for the meeting. If she had sent a text or made a brief phone call explaining the situation, it would be easier to give her a pass, but I do think that Kenya is really not accepted by the other women and Kim has joined the game of blaming Kenya for everything like Phaedra. Kim has jumped on Phaedra’s train

      • Miguel

        Not sure there’s any room left, this season, on the classless, tactless, trashy train. Please Bravo lose Porsche & Phaedra asap!!!

      • tamaratattles

        PSSSSSST! Kenya was filming another scene set to take place at the same time. If Kenya was supposed to go to the Cynthia set, Bravo would not have a team filming her with Matt. #STORYLINE

      • Matzah60

        Ah, so once again, Kenya was set up by Bravo. Thanks Tamara!

  4. ShyGuy

    This show is boring now, bad editing, dry cast. When Tammy left so did I, do better next season bravo. That’s all I got ?

  5. whymebaby

    I did watch and loved the Toni Braxton Movie . TT, I was hoping you watched it too !! I missed the credit card part though . I really don’t like Kim anymore and her ideas were boring . All the ladies had makeup on that I could see so what was the point? I will watch Toni again and see what fun stuff I missed. I really miss all her great songs and love her with Babyface . They sound so good together ! Always have . Thanks for the recap.

  6. Mimi

    I don’t think Kim is the person to speak to anyone about loving their natural beauty with that orange lions mane she’s wearing. She reminds me of the
    She is insecure and even the way she looks at the other women at functions portray her insecurity. She is out of her element. She shouldn’t have sign on to RHOA then act like she didn’t know what to expect or better than the other women. She’s so insincere.

  7. whymebaby

    ps. I bought all but one of Kenya’s hair products today while they are on sale. One was out of stock . I will let you know how they work. Happy Birthday Kenya.

    • Micheal

      Let me know if there are a lot of silicones in the conditioner. I like how they are sulphate free, but silicones are just as bad.

  8. Mimi

    lol i meant to say above, she reminds me of the first lady of Cameroon

  9. SleepingBeauty

    The whole show is so contrived. I’m unable to can….I just can’t with these ladies. The constant shade is getting old. They are always looking to create a conflict where there isn’t one. It seems when Kim was planning the brunch she was very thoughtful and considerate and wanted do to something nice for the ladies. To me, it seemed like she wanted a slumber party type atmosphere where they could all just let their hair down, take their face off and just chill, but not one of their pretentious behinds could do it even for an afternoon. Kim is not a good fit for the show but for all the right reasons.

    • WonkyTonk

      I’m so with you on this. You get it. I swear I’m getting to the point I’m beginning to hate seeing Kenya on the show she’s so nasty in every scene this season. I used to love her but no more. Where the hell is the unbridled hate she’s throwing at Kim coming from? Kim has done nothing to Kenya, but Kenya insists on constantly being a bitch towards her. I don’t like it, and I absolutely don’t like Kenya this season.

      • Kimoe

        I think Kenya is profesionally jealous of Kim. Kim seems well established in the industry. Well connected and successful. Also Kim has ‘real’ TV street cred which Kenya does not. Kim also ( beard or no beard) has a husband and children. Basically Kim has everything Kenya craves.

  10. Dee-AZ @jordan1022

    Great recap TT as always. It’s just starting here so I’m suffering through it.

  11. Denine

    So I suppose I shouldn’t mention that I breastfed until my daughter was three….

    • Matzah60

      I don’t think it’s my place to tell you when to stop breastfeeding, but I am curious as to the reasoning for doing so until 3 yrs old. I only ask because my daughter-in-law who is 35 still breastfeeds her daughter, my granddaughter, who is now 23 months old. I have no intention of judging your answer. I am just curious.

      • Dee

        Matzah, when breast feeding there is such a bond between Mother and child it is indescribable. I always wished I could have done it longer but no place at work to do it. I think 5 is a little old but at some point the baby gives it up due to eating solids, out of a cup, etc

      • Matzah60

        Thanks, Dee. I had my son at age 30. I had unpaid maternity leave for 6 weeks and worked an hour away from my home, so I didn’t consider breastfeeding an option. I would never ask my daughter-in-law because I don’t think it’s any of my business how she raises her child and would never want her to feel that I am judging her, as I am not. I had my second child at 36 and I guess I just never considered doing it any different the second time around. Thanks again, Dee :)

      • Toddy

        Two of mine started losing interest around 9 months. But one little rascal didn’t want to give up the pre-bedtime session (at 14 months). I was done, though, and weaned him shortly thereafter. I think most pediatricians say there is little nutritional benefit after one year, but some young moms I know say it continues to build up immunities. To each his own.

  12. Michelle

    I thought it was a scarf in the bag. Kenya joked it was make up remover. Kim stated it was a scarf as a gift

    • Mrs. Muffins

      I heard Kim say it was a scarf after Kenya made the makeup remover comment too. Personally I’m not holding Kim responsible for the no makeup brunch, sounds like a production forced concept to me. Sort of like I don’t think Cynthia came up with the Jamaica trip. Or that Kenya was really filming/working on her house when she was suppose to be at that meeting. Or that Cynthia really wants Kim and Kenya to do a real commercial that will ever be aired outside of a Bravo show. Remember when this show was at least somewhat real? Pretty over it.

    • Rose

      Yes, it was a scarf in Kim’s gift bag. Of course they all side with Kenya and not the new girl. I’m just sad Kim befriended Phaedra first.

      • Mrs. Muffins

        Ha ha- Kim definitely does not get a pass for that. I hope she is making a lot of money this season, because everyone’s rapidly questioning their wax poetic nostalgia for Tootie.

  13. Xanadude

    I’m with Kim – I didn’t see any malice or condescension or anything negative in her invitation or her message. She was trying to inject some positivity into the proceedings. I’m enjoying both her, and, frankly, her professionalism and her child rearing. Sorry that she had to be introduced as a friend of Phaedra, as she clearly is not.

    • tamaratattles

      She seems to be right in Phaedra’s wake even after filming. And everyone seemed to be on Kenya’s side, so clearly there was a lot we missed.

      • BeetsWhy

        I know I’m in the minority on your site, but I am just not a Kenya fan. I trust nothing she says or does and her fakeness seems completely obvious to me. Kim Fields is an actual actor/producer/director, Kenya just thinks she is and her jealousy is so obvious. What s wrong with having a Beatless Brunch? It’s a popular theme and why not do it? Afraid of cameras? Kandi did it best, loved the lumber jack plaid and glasses! only a confident woman can do it and we see who the insecure b*tches are now…looking at you Kenya and Porsha!

      • Minky

        I don’t wear make-up. Ever. It’s not related to any cause, it’s just normal, for me. I don’t begrudge other women the choice to wear make-up. That’s exactly what it is. A choice. Neither good nor bad. I really don’t understand organizing an event around it. Maybe I missed something.

        Many of my friends are surprised when I say that I don’t wear makeup. They just assume that I do. They’ve called me brave. I don’t know what to think about the “brave thing. But anyway…

        I think Kim’s “Beatless Brunch” was a silly idea. Is is a feminism thing? A pan-political thing? IDGI. I have my opinions about make-up, but I would never force them down anybody’s throat. Or do the peer pressure thing.

        Even Phaedra threw her “friend” Kim some shade, implying that Kim was wearing make-up to her own make-up-free event. Wow! And Kim’s allied with her? SMH.

      • Spilledperfume

        I didn’t think Kim had any makeup on?

        I thought Kim’s hair looked great in her talking head where it was flat ironed. She seems to get snide comments about her hair and I know someone referred to it as looking like Ramen noodles and tonight while I watched the mini marathon someone referred to NeNe’s hair as Ramen noodles. I like Kim’s hair much better NeNe’s blond hair.

        After watching the back episodes I want to go back and read TT’s recaps on the shows. First I have to finish reading about Sheree. Those posts are priceless.

      • Minky

        No, spilledperfume. You’re right. I assume Kim didn’t have any on. But like Tamara wrote in her post, Phaedra says to Kim that she (Phaedra) is wearing “light make-up”, just like Kim. She says this at the non-beaten brunch. I interpret that as shade. Is it not?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Xanadude I have to disagree. If you think Kim was being “positive” by asking the ladies not to wear makeup, I take it you think wearing makeup is “negative”? Not everybody feels that way (though some do), and I think that Kim’s invitation was judgmental. It’s nobody’s business how much makeup I wear or whether or not I wear it, or when, and I would take offense to someone implying it’s a negative thing to do. Especially if they’re wearing a weave.

  14. Jen

    Kim please quit coming for Kenya. Kenya is the Beauty of the group. You’re around her age and you have let yourself go. No shade, but that what happens when you’re Married. You get TOO comfortable and start going make up free n wearing moomoos and not doing your hair. When we give up on ourselves and I’ve done it too, and had to remind myself to wear make up. Remind myself to fix my hair and exercise. When we let ourselves go, we feel depressed more and more like we lost ourselves. Start loving yourself and wake up happy. Wear nice clothes and put on make up. It goes for everyone. Get on that diet, if you feel too heavy and start loving yourselves. If someone takes care of themselves, let them. We are NOT in charge of others and how they look or live. But, if they look put together and you don’t…then find frumpy Women to hang around. Like attracts like. The Women all stepped up their hair game and many of them got Lipo n boob jobs when Miss Kenya came on board. They were evil and hateful and jealous of the Body and Beauty she still posesses. They lied about her…flat chested Porsha drug her by her hair…now Porsha has big ol fake boobies. Nenes n Phaedras fat asses finally slimmed down or got the old fat sucked out. All in all they all hated her, and were jealous of her. They became what they envied about her. That’s the truth as I see it. If you feel fine being frumpy, that’s ok too. But, don’t get mad at others who take the time to take care of themselves.

  15. Erica

    OK… Kenya’s guy MIGHT have some construction/handyman type of experience or knowledge – but that scene was so contrived. First of all, if she has hired a general contractor or even a subcontractor (if she is acting as her own G.C.) I doubt they would appreciate her boyfriend working on the framing (I’m guessing that is what they were doing… any small projects probably would be later) unless they know he is really skilled (but then you are risking any sort of liability your subcontractor has in a botched job. If she is trying to save money – or speed things along – clean up is a great way to do that instead.

    He had the right gloves, etc…. but shit, her jeans were not exactly safe. ::: roll eyes:::

    I want to side with Kim… but honestly, that was a shady invite no matter how it was delivered. Someone above mentioned a slumber party. YES… that is the place for a makeup free, put your hair (or wig) down, etc. I’m a former English teacher, and i probably would have hurt myself in my eye roll at the ‘poem assignment”. That was fucking shady too. A gift of a journal… a really nice one with a pen with meditations or something? Of writing ideas or women oriented quotes? Fantastic. But what she did was clearly an attempt to “school” them. Sweetie, Edna Garrett you aint.

  16. Minky

    Great recap, yet again.

    Totally agree with you about the Coffee Mate. Personally I love half & half. A bit old school, but so good with strong coffee.

    Also, yes to the “Blanket” statement. Totally spot on.

    I’m not Miss Manners all of the time, but Kim should’ve known better. Serving the meal before everybody’s arrived? Seriously? And the robo-call invite? That’s ridiculous. She doesn’t have to send engraved announcements, but still. Why not a phone call from Kim personally? That’s acceptable. Menu does sound good, though.

    Okay, I’ve basically been giving Kim the benefit of the doubt all season. She’s finally gone too far. Maybe she has directed and/or produced a lot in the past. But how about now? If she was still on her game in the entertainment industry she wouldn’t need to be on this show. Period, point-blank, STFU.

    So, rather than saying Kim should take a seat, I think it’s more appropriate to tell her that she needs to remain seated.

    • Minks—-

      Words to live by. Going to use it at work tomorrow. And everyday after.

      In fact, going to get it tattooed on my ass so I can be like the Toms. LOL.

    • Undine

      Omg! You have to be joking, right? It’s not rude to serve before all the guests arrive, it’s rude for guests to arrive late. If the majority of your guests are there, willing and ready to eat–you of course serve them and treat them well, which Kim obviously did. Since when the most basic rules of common senses be politeness get twisted around?

      • Minky

        Perhaps you’re right, Undine. However, Kim must have been at least partially aware of the filming schedule and production stuff. She can’t have not noticed all those cameras, and not known that they were there to film all of the invited housewives. Again, I know I could be wrong about all of that.

  17. Oooh ooohh, Ms. Fields!! Ms. Fields! ??
    I have my “poem assignment” completed.

    There once was a lady named Kim
    Who invited her friends on a whim
    But to control the aesthetics
    She decreed no cosmetics
    Oy! This woman’s increasingly dim.

  18. What is kim talking about that on most projects she is director/producer? On what projects? And her idea needs some tweaking! Why would you be on a sunny beach and then switch to a red carpet? On a beach? I could understand if it switched to people frolicking and island music blasting!

    I’m not enjoying this stupid feud that Kenya seems intent on prolonging with her provocative attitude! Kim knows she was being shady too when she dismissed her after Kenya voiced her concerns over the Beatles affair! Chewing my ass! Look if you want to celebrate natural beauty the 10 pounds of weave don’t count? They need Kandi’s skin care regimen she looked good without; I was scared for the rest!

  19. Spilledperfume

    I thought Kandi looked good as well.

    Since I’m new to the show I watched a mini RHOA marathon today while I was snowed in and I really don’t like Phadrea.

    How do you follow someone like Kim or her husband on Twitter? I had a Twitter account that I set up a few years ago but I never used it so I don’t even remember the sign in info.

  20. Miele

    I totally get why Kim sent a robo-call as her invite… She wanted it to be a bit more personal than an e-vite but while still getting the information to everyone at (roughly) the same time. If she started calling them one by one, by the time she got to the third phone call tongues would’ve already started wagging and the petty train would have made it to the next time zone. The robo-call cuts down on the potential mess during the invite-sending phase and makes it much easier for the hostess. I get that it’s not really proper etiquette (shout-out to RHOP!), but I know I personally wouldn’t want to waste time or brain cells drafting a battle plan for the order in which I should call my pseudo friends to ensure each of them hears me out. Okay, dang that got long fast. Just my insomnia-fueled thoughts….

  21. JustJenn

    If someone invited me to a makeup free party I wouldn’t go. I loove makeup and as a natural blond even a little mascara makes a huge difference..Kim can gtfo with her judgemental self. I’m really hoping she’s a one and done.

    • I agree, Just Jenn. Why is Kim now the cosmetic police, or this is production driven to make her relevant. Kim is a bore. Kenya’s snark on Kim’s hair is like two poodles fighting was hilarious.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


    • Toddy

      There was some type of awareness campaign on social media, a challenge to take bare-faced selfie. I don’t remember the cause, but I’m guessing Kim’s brunch was related somehow. I can’t imagine having guests in my home and being all preachy-intense on them, though. Btw, this barn looks better painted??

  22. Cat

    Sounds like this show is turning into a big infomercial, instead of a “reality” show. It’s no longer about relationships, but about product.

    • ClassyLady80

      I agree, Cat. Everyone is trying to sell a product that they have vast knowledge about. Kandi and her sex toys, Porsha and her thot wear, Kenya and her hair care. I wonder if Kim Fields will develop a skin bleaching line? Or hair bleaching line? Or wig/weave bleaching line? Or an electric frizz creator tool?

  23. I might be stretching it a bit but:

    Kim – could it be possible she picked a Makeup Free gathering knowing Kenya has always had skin care issues and wanted to shade/embarrass her? Why not ask everyone to take there Wigs & Weaves off… Who would do such a thing on National TV

    Cynthia – wise up…probably should take a business course or two. I’m a fan of Kim’s previous works, but I’ve never thought of her to be on the A-lister Tyler Perry Merle Streep level.

    Phaedra – really girl….you trying to convince us that you are going to divorce Apollo. I’m also still waiting to see if any episode will air without you throwing shade towards Kenya. EVERY show you’ve thrown a stone…wow. Still hurting or just plain Bitter !

    Porsha – omg…I’m embarrassed to type it…I’ll get hit with the Comments & Rules Book. Lol

  24. cavex2

    Best line of the night was when Kenya said Kim’s hair looked like 2 poodles fighting and she was scared because she did not have dog bones. LOL I loved Kim in “Living Single” as Regine, so was excited for her to be on the show. But her fucking attitude has ruined it for me. She seems so judgmental about everything and everyone. I feel the ladies on their first season need to back off just a tad and learn how to flow with the group. I sincerely dislike Kim now and am ready for her to leave the show in a big huff. Her home life seems so disorganized and stressful. She brags about not having a nanny but the way she does it seems like she is slapping the ladies with nanny’s for not doing it all themselves.
    I agree with Kenya that this was Kim’s way to let them all know they wear too much make-up. Looking forward to the Reunion. :)

  25. Jaded

    Is it just me or is Porsha tolerable without Nene?

  26. Kenya said to Kim in a very nice way. “I felt like your invite was a backhanded compliment, and you need not preach at us.” And when Kim just dismissed her comment, I did like how Kenya pointed that out.

    It’d be different if Kenya came at her extremely rudely, but she didn’t.

  27. LoveMyBB

    Totally different take on Kim/Kenya, but interesting how we can hear the same conversation but come to completely different opinions based on our own previous perceptions.

  28. Home

    I keep saying that Kim Fields DOES NOT fit in RHOA! Every episode she’s in she just get weirder and weirder…smh. Why not just have a brunch? Did it have to have a theme? I had to laugh at myself when I finally agreed with Porsha on something…when she said it was hard for Kenya to give love when she never received it…was the total truth! Although beautiful Kenya is a walking back job!

    • Miguel

      I thought it was hurtful and malicious – can’t believe Home found this funny. I assume you also thought the underground railroad required a track, conductor and cars?

      • Home

        Maybe I WROTE it wrong or you READ it wrong. I WAS NOT laughing at the statement. I was laughing at MYSELF that i agreed with Porsha on her statement about kenya. I never agree with Porsha on anything so it was quite amusing to me. and YES..if you were rejected by the woman who brought you into this world and should be your first best friend…how in the world can you love….smh

  29. Gabriella

    Just watching this episode now. I was just thinking how I hate Kim’s “fairy floss” up-do, and then she walked in to the meeting with that awful do that looked like a cross between a mop and a dog. What was she thinking?

  30. WonkyTonk

    If you need makeup to feel good about yourself then I would suggest something is horribly amiss. As a gay dude I don’t really get the whole makeup thing. I mean it’s like the wearer is presenting a false image of themselves to the world. A lie really. And then there’s the fact most people who wear it don’t know how to properly apply it so they walk around all day with it caked on their faces with cracks showing up in the moving parts of the face, and it’s just ridiculous, but you don’t really say anything to them because they would be deeply offended as Kenya gets here at the mere suggestion that people live without makeup even if only for a single morning. Kenya’s umbrage over the concept of the get together says way more about her than Kim. Way more.

    • Psylocke

      “As a gay man I’m not socially conditioned nor expected to wear makeup, and by my own admission I know nothing about it, but yet I feel like I have authority on the topic so here is my judgment”

      Is literally what you just said.

      The fact of the matter is that a certain amount of makeup is “good grooming”. If you think for even a second a woman could walk into an interview without a lick of makeup on, and could – or SHOULD – be able to “just let her confidence shine through” as if real life were some inspirational Facebook meme, then you’re really fucking ignorant.

      The social implications of not wearing makeup is one thing, but the professional are far more problematic, and have defining and real impacts on women’s lives. You will NOT be taken seriously in the workplace if you don’t wear make-up. Point blank.

      I would implore you to look up even one of the multiple studies that directly link positive first impressions of women who wear makeup versus those that don’t.

      • beth

        “You will NOT be taken seriously in the workplace if you don’t wear make-up. Point blank.”

        I won’t argue whether or not that is sometimes, or even usually, true, but I can say from personal experience that it is not always true. Twelve years ago, I interviewed for, and got, the job I presently have – a programmer in a medium-size law firm. I was 49, was not wearing make-up, and was over-weight. To top it off, I was not, and am not, an attractive woman. Apparently, I was taken seriously anyway, despite being fucking ignorant.

        According to you, no one should expect to get a job based on merit … bite me.

      • Cat

        Yay, beth!

        I fired my therapist, because she focused on my lack of makeup. I was there to try to deal with the trauma of breast cancer, and treatments, and needing an emergency pacemaker. And almost dying.

        For some reason, she thought my lack of makeup on a hot Summer day was more important.

        Silly people. There are much more important things to worry about.

      • WonkyTonk

        Figured it was coming and here’s the deal. I don’t really care. Makeup is a lie. Now people can choose to justify that lie any old way the please, but it’s still a lie. Wear it, don’t wear it I really don’t care, but let’s not pretend when wearing it you’re presenting your true face because you’re literally not.

      • WonkyTonk

        Beth I feel you. It’s really weird what people place importance on during an interview. I work in a field where eyeglasses equate to better prospect for the job. It’s crazy but I do wear a set when I interview. The thing is though with makeup, and I think it’s sad, is that wearing it forces emphasis on the wrong god damned thing. Women have to wear it to be relevant? Fuck no. They have to wear it to be beautiful? Fuck no. I just don’t get why so many women perpetuate it. Their doing neither themselves or other women any favors.

      • Psylocke

        Of course congratulations on your job, and it really goes without saying that there are exceptions – many exceptions – and it also drastically varies across different fields.

        One of my first internships was in HR with a county in Northern California. In my six months there, I saw two different instances of women being reprimanded for their lacking of “grooming”, one directly and the other indirectly – the latter being a pool of three candidates up for promotion with similar qualifications, which was reduced to two after a male director deemed that one of the candidates’ “lack of grooming” would negatively impact how clients perceive them.

        Across the years I casually relayed this to different people whenever the topic would arise, and about three years ago an old friend put me in contact with a journalist (who was involved in a study for a a national newspaper) who was organizing a panel on the subject. I saw dozens upon dozens, if not hundreds, of women in one room all share their personal stories of how their decision to not wear make-up caused tangible repercussions in their professional life.

        The reality is you DONT know how, over all those years, that could have impacted your professional aspirations. And that fact alone is why this entire topic has a much greater subtext to it, and it pisses me off that someone with no pony in the race could speak so generally about it.

      • Spilledperfume

        I’ve always considered grooming and makeup as two different things. Good grooming habits are a lot more important then makeup.

      • Psylocke

        Wonky stop with the bullshit about it being a “lie” – you can’t say you don’t care one way or the other and then call every woman who wears makeup a liar – wearing a foundation because your moderately insecure about your adult acne, or an eye shadow because you like the way it matches your outfit isn’t perpetuating some massive deception.

        It’s borderline misogynistic. You’re calling out the one beauty regiment that males stereotypically don’t partake in, when the same can be said for virtually any sector of the beauty industry.

        Do you wear deodorant? Because your arm pits sure as hell don’t naturally smell like some Hawaiian winter spring, so why are you lying about it? And please don’t tell me you’ve been deceiving people with your soft hair by using a conditioner, or lying about the gravity defying wonders of your hair by using hair spray or gel. Do you use a facial cleanser or moisturizer? The public has a right to know if your skin is naturally dry and dull.

      • WonkyTonk

        Psylocke justify it any way you feel it necessary to get through the day. I still don’t care. It’s a lie. Plain and simple. As I said before you can’t wear it and insist you’re showing your true face because quite literally you’re not.

      • Psylocke

        Wonky stop with the bullshit about it being a “lie” – you can’t say you don’t care one way or the other and then call every woman who wears makeup a liar – wearing a foundation because your moderately insecure about your adult acne, or an eye shadow because you like the way it matches your outfit isn’t perpetuating some massive deception.

        It’s borderline misogynistic. You’re calling out the one beauty regiment that males stereotypically don’t partake in, when the same can be said for virtually any sector of the beauty industry.

        Do you wear deodorant? Because your arm pits sure as hell don’t naturally smell like some Hawaiian winter spring, so why are you lying about it? And please don’t tell me you’ve been deceiving people with your soft hair by using a conditioner, or lying about the gravity defying wonders of your hair by using hair spray or gel. Do you use a facial cleanser or moisturizer? The public has a right to know if your skin is actually dry and dull.

      • Psylocke

        Let me clarify that “grooming” in this instance was HR semantics for not wearing make-up. The verbiage was something picking someone up in a company car without a paint job.

        – And no one needs to lie or justify themselves to appease some random hypocrite, worry not how I get through my day.

      • Spilledperfume

        I had no idea. In the past when I worked with someone with bad grooming habits it wasn’t because of no makeup. It was a much smellier situation and it wasn’t pleasant.

      • WonkyTonk

        Psylocke stop with the telling me what to do. You’re not changing my mind by the simple virtue of the fact what I’m saying isn’t inaccurate. When you come up with a rationalization that changes that fact I’ll reassess until then…still not caring.

      • tamaratattles

        Wonky dear, I don’t always agree with Psylocke, but she is one of the most intelligent posters here (which I suppose makes me unintelligent a lot now that I think about it). I will say this. It seems the only two people who don’t understand the basis of the discussion over women and cosmetics are you and Xanadude. Both gay men with no dog in the fight and no first hand experience on the subject. I find your passion for the topic somewhat odd and ….I have to agree with Psylocke here, misogynistic. I will say I don’t agree with Psylocke’s over generalizations and absolutes (the makeup requirement is a real thing in many professions but not all). But I find your zealous arguments on this topic perplexing. For example, if the topic was about the best treatment for jock itch, I would not have much to say.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @psylocke Just borderline?

        @wonky I don’t think the issue is that anyone is putting on makeup and claiming “this is my true face”. This is what is called a “red herring”.

      • Xanadude

        I really don’t understand how my saying that’s its a positive thing for Kim to tell the ladies they are beautiful as they are with or without makeup, and to do what thousands of people were doing by going makeupless for a day, somehow gets warped into my being mysoginistic. It’s not what I said. It’s not what was implied. And, frankly, it pisses me off.

      • tamaratattles

        The misogyny discussion was at least from my perspective related to Wonky’s comments, not yours Xanadude. I just mentioned you because I found it interesting that the two people who were arguing that Kim was justified in her comments at the brunch were male, who I presume do not wear makeup.

        Frankly, I don’t remember much about your initial comments other than thinking you didn’t seem to get the shade because it was a female to female sort of thing. Then when Wonky had such strong views stating that women who wear makeup are perpetuating a lie…well… his comments did strike me as misogynistic. Sorry for sort of lumping you into my thoughts, it was not intentional.

        Now get back to enjoying your vacation! I am feeling terribly abandoned by the interns! You are on vacay, Ben is totally MIA and UF has been silent for quite some time! I am starting to think the three of you are together somewhere plotting a takeover! xo

      • Sequoia

        Gay men don’t wear makeup? #news to me.

      • Sequoia

        Gay men don’t wear makeup? #news to me

      • tamaratattles

        Shut it old man! You’re NOT HELPING! :)

      • WonkyTonk

        I found Psylocke to be dismissive and rude. I didn’t see any need to be nice in the face of that. In fact it just made me dig in. I’m not saying that women who wear make up are liars that’s what she’s attributing to me, but at the same time you can’t wear makeup and pretend that the end result is equivalent to the original without makeup. That’s the only point I’m making. Saying that makeup is a lie is hyperbole, and I probably would have left it at the one mention until Psylocke responded the way she did.

      • Minky

        @beth You’re probably much prettier than you think you are. And yay You for getting a good job based on your talent, skills and experience. That’s the way it should be, after all.

        I just got through reading the “Great Beat Up Face Debate” between psylocke and Wonky. My word! Please forgive me, but I just can’t help myself. I gotta speak!

        Both Psylock and Wonky are speaking with passion and from their own personal observations of the world. I like them both, so I refuse to pick a side. You both make good points when I consider your views based on your own stated convictions, and values.

        Perhaps most men, regardless of orientation, aren’t “required” to wear make-up, but being attractive isn’t usually seen as a disadvantage, and that requires cultivation and grooming, (i.e. working out, shaving/tending to facial hair, skin care, haircuts, clothing and accessory choices, etc.) Again, regardless of sexual orientation. So, basically I believe that it’s okay for men to have an opinion on the matter. And that it’s not misogynistic. Men worry about looking cute just like women do.

        As I’ve said earlier, I go bare-faced. I feel that make-up would just be me trying to gild the lily. What’s the point? Just kidding…um…kind of. :0)

        Yes. I am employed. I also got my reasonably good and pretty competitive job without wearing make-up. I honestly don’t know how the fuck that happened. I did wear some high heels though. They make my ass look gorgeous. And I’m pretty damned good at what I do for a living. So, whatever.

        Is make-up a lie? That’s a seriously deep question that doesn’t have an easy answer. Some people feel that they can be more their authentic selves when they’re wearing a mask. That makes some sense. At the same time soldiers and warriors wear masks and war paint so as to appear scarier and more gruesome to their opponent and so that they can prevent betraying their true feelings (fear, sadness, pain) via facial expressions. Lawrence Oliver preferred to wear something that obscured his true facial appearance when he acted. He felt it helped him do a better job. SO many more examples…

      • WonkyTonk

        Thanks Minky. It’s really bugging me that I’ve somehow managed to create the impression I’m a misogynist. I can be a dick at times, and stubborn, and yeah even wrong from time to time, but misogynist I’ve never been called that before, that’s not even anywhere near my ballpark, and it’s bugging the hell out of me right now.

      • Minky

        No worries Wonky. At least as far as I’m concerned.

        I believe that neither you nor Xanadude were out of line in your assessments of the beat-less issue. You stated your respective opinions and you had your reasons. I respect that. I can also understand your hurt over feeling like you’ve been called a misogynist. Unfortunately a lot of men, gay and straight, are incorrectly labeled as such. Xanadude said he believes that Kim’s brunch was a positive thing. You don’t care for make-up and see it’s use, or overuse, as a symptom of some of the things that are wrong with this world, and perhaps especially the way women are treated and other gender issues. I TOTALLY get that and feel that both of you have valid points. I’m very female by the way. And I certainly have my opinions, very strong ones, about men’s issues.

        As I’ve stated, I believe make-up wearing is a personal choice. Neither good nor bad. But maybe I really only can wish it was truly a choice? I’m aware of what Psylocke is talking about in the professional world for women and how they’re judged based on their appearance. Psylocke is being a realist. She’s right. That shit happens a lot. Is it okay that it happens? Absolutely not. It’s not a choice if you’re basically guaranteed to not get hired if you don’t wear make-up, don’t dress a certain way, are not conventionally attractive, don’t flirt with your male superiors, etc.

        As Winnie the Pooh would say: “Oh bother!”

      • WonkyTonk

        I get it now. Sometimes I hate this format. Had this been a message board I would have PMed you or a couple of other posters and asked for your opinions offline. This format doesn’t allow for that. And frankly I got carried away.

      • Minky

        Honey! Trust me, I know all about getting carried away. I really do! ;0)

      • Cat

        I agree with…(drum roll)…Minky!

        My original comment, to Jen, somewhere up above this thread, was “Wow.”

        Why? Because I wasn’t insulted, and I thought maybe I should be. I surprised myself. At this stage of the game, I no longer care what people think of how I look or dress. I get a lot of stares when I’m out, because I only have one boob. The other one is HUGE. I sometimes have to toss it over my shoulder, because it gets in the way.

        Anyway, I figure, if people want to stare, let them. If they become rude, I’ll simply flash them, and tell them to take a good long look. Who cares? Maybe someday, I’ll join a circus.

        At least I’m here for them to stare at.

      • Psylocke

        @Spilledperfume LOL yeah I should have clarified that earlier! In a federal position you can’t really disparage someone for not wearing cosmetics for a multitude of reasons, so it’s just asserted as a lack of grooming. I definitely encountered REAL instances of grooming deficiencies during my brief stint as an HR drone; there was one man in particular who literally did not shower, and instead doused himself in baby powder periodically throughout the day. Eventually his computer became inoperable, and when tech support came up to take a look at it, this straight up MUSHROOM CLOUD of baby powder came bellowing of his PC. The inside of his PC was just completely full of baby powder from side to side.

        @Tonky In a rare change of heart I do feel rather bad for my drunken rage, but it’s always been disappointing to me when gay men say things that I would usually expect from straight bros.

        @TT I’ve screenshoted your reply and will use it as evidence the next time you call me a dumb bitch.

      • tamaratattles

        Psylocke, I’ve been a bit lightheaded on my #Healthy2016 diet. I’m not sure my other comment counts.

        Anyway, now that we have all held hands and sung Kubahya and shit, let’s get back to arguing. This lovefest makeup sex stuff is annoying.

  31. Gabriella

    I feel for Kenya. I understand her mother giving her up to the paternal grandmother to raise because she was young but to act like she didn’t exist was awful, and especially totally ignoring her at family gatherings her whole life.

    • WonkyTonk

      After watching that episode I thought what the hell kind of family would keep inviting that mother to family functions knowing her indifference to her child would hurt that child so much. Lori’s position in support of her sister over Kenya is I think fairly deplorable. I have no clue what drives that and suspect a lot more is going on than we know, but for Lori to say Kenya doesn’t have a right to reach out to her mother is ‘f’ing ridiculous.

  32. Anastasia_Beave

    That pickle picture is DISGUSTING.

  33. “Dylan is the Blanket Jackson of the Parks-Nida family”…HaHa! Oh, the shade of it all TT! Love it!

    “You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”
    Abraham Lincoln (or not).

    Phony Phaedra doesn’t have me fooled any of the time. It makes me sad for little Dylan…his mother is such a liar.

    Now, what’s with this “beatless” word, and it’s meaning is going without make-up? Who comes up with this jargon? I think it sounds stupid and if I go without make-up, I’m going to say I’m going without make-up. Some wording I refuse to acquiesce to, and ‘beatless” is one of them. Gawd. I was more than willing to give Kim the benefit of the doubt when she became a HW, but at this point, I’m starting to dislike her. She’s out of her league, she’s out of her element, and she’s in over her head. Maybe she thought this ‘going without make-up’ would be a bonding experience if everyone showed their vulnerable and true outward appearance, but I think it was more of a ploy to see who would go along with her stupid game. I’m glad Kenya stood up to her on that one.

  34. beth

    If Kim really wants to celebrate “natural beauty”, she’ll have to stop dyeing her hair, shaving her legs, etc.

  35. I KNEW I could come here to find out wth “beatless” is, lol…tx TT! Saved me from asking my daughter.

    Kenya remains true to her real housewives self in her interactions and seems the most authentic given the parameters of this show. I’m loving how she has not taken any of the subtle kim fields put downs all season long. I hate that NeNe and Sheree are with her on her birthday tho – guessing that’s just the way it’s playing out?

  36. Spilledperfume

    I could be way off base here but the only time I’ve ever heard the expression “beat your face” in regards to makeup was during an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race so I assumed that it was an expression used by drag queens in reference to applying their makeup which is a lengthy process . If I received an invitation to go beatless I would not know what that meant.

    As far as the whole wearing makeup/not wearing makeup discussion – after wearing makeup for years I found it very hard to go out without makeup because I was so used to wearing things like foundation and pressed powder that if I didn’t wear it I would sweat like crazy (very unattractive.) After going for several glycolic facials I can go makeup free but I still like mascara and lip gloss or at least chapstick. The whole point of glycolic facials is to get your skin back to being makeup optional and it’s a great feeling. Years of foundation and pressed powder can make it so that you need makeup.

    • tamaratattles

      Yes, the majority of the slang the RHOA use is stolen from the drag community and/or the local gay community in general here. It began with the show (and it’s producers) and it is ridiculous for these women to appropriate it. Particularly since most of them are quite homophobic (Nene in particular). It’s just another component of the show’s fakery.

  37. loriflack

    But, what would Caitlyn Jenner do??

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