Is Kim Fields About To Become The New Phaedra Parks?


Photo Credit Walter Michot  Miami Herald(

Photo Credit: Walter Michot Miami Herald

From Kim’s Blog Have you ever had to travel with the kids without your husband before?
Kim Fields: Yes. We do have sitters who have travel with me or we get assistance when we get to a city, when we are provided enough lead time to coordinate. There are unfortunately crazies out there, I can’t just call anybody. What was going through your mind during the meeting with Congresswoman Wilson?
KF: I thought she was engaging, insightful, and passionate about her inspiring work not only in Congress but with her foundation. THE FUCK? You got all that before you stormed out with your boys? Do you regret going on the D.C. trip?
KF: Not at all!! Nothing but wonderful things have come from the DC trip! I’m delayed getting this out today because I was just with Congresswoman Wilson at her event where she honored me and my family.

Gif by T.Kyle's RealityTVGif Tumblr

Gif by T.Kyle’s RealityTVGif Tumblr

From Phaedra’s blog, “I am working with Congresswoman Wilson to fully develop and build my program, Save Our Sons, which shares the vision of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project. I endeavor to connect young black boys with the necessary resources, which will afford them the opportunity to matriculate in this society in a productive manner.”

RHOA Episode 2: Funerals by Phaedra, Lesbian Pride, and A Birthday Party for Kim

About Phaedra, when I did a “save our sons” search on my sight, this came up  Interesting to reread that depo after all this time even though it doesn’t have anything to do with this post. What does have to do with this post is THIS POST FROM 2014 in that post Phaedra was lending her name to an event at a high school publicized as Save Our Sons.  It was a RHOA filming event. There were no IRS files for a Save Our Sons charity at that time going back ten years. Save Our Sons does have a national group but it was not affiliated with the RHOA filming.  That was the episode where the RHOA fought in the kitchen and Nene ran off and one of my readers nearly hit her with her car. That reader was a guest at the event and said that the RHOA had nothing to do with it off camera. It appeared to be all a fiasco.

Phaedra Buttermilk

Gif by RealityTVGifs

Now , flash forward to 2016 and Phaedra is patterning an organization after Frederica Wilson’s foundation in Florida. Phaedra has never met a political news  event with a camera she can get in front of. It looks like she dragged Kim down to Miami for MLK day for Frederica’s event for her mentorship program. Between Phaedra jumping in front of the camera with her boy, who I assume was immediately passed to her mother or a nanny,  and Kim saying that she and her family were honored at the event Um why? you are not in her district, your kids have a father, and you have nothing to do with the program, not to mention you ran out of her office when she was discussing the program.

BTW, This whole “Save Our Sons” filming scene came on the heels of the “Save Our Daughters” fiasco.

I can’t with these two. Kim’s becoming just as delusional as Phaedra. I had more to say but I’ve been reading up on this stuff today and it’s trying to harsh my good mood and I am not going to let it. Nope. Not today. I have things to do.


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31 responses to “Is Kim Fields About To Become The New Phaedra Parks?

  1. Psylocke

    How is this Kim Fields being like Pheadra? Is she now leading a crime ring, sleeping on air mattresses, and slipping pickles into her underwear when no ones looking?

    The congresswoman wants to benefit from Kim’s wholesome celebrity and Kim wants to feel good about herself by getting honored – I don’t see how it’s anything more than that.

    • Minky

      Underwear? Kim doesn’t wear underwear. It’s overrated. Remember? Well, it’s now established that she’s a liar. Very much like Phaedra. I really hope Kim Fields doesn’t also have Phaedraesque skeletons in her closet. Seriously, I’ve been side-eyeing her ever since I found out that she’s buddies with Phaedra. I just can’t trust her after that.

    • Matzah60

      Kim seemed genuinely displeased with the events, discussion of Congresswoman Wilson about black men and how they are not liked or accepted in this country, the luncheon, complaining that this was not a trip for children, discussing with her eldest child that this message is not the same as she and her hubby wish to pass on to him.

      Now, she has a blog saying what a fantastic, inspiring, wonderful weekend she had and how she was honored by the magnanimous Congresswoman, and finally, contradicts her previous story about how she and her husband are “hands-on” and they don’t have live-in nannies, day or night help, etc. Now she states that she has traveled without her husband before and has hired people to travel with and take care of her two sons.

      Furthermore, it seems her only connection to the group is via Phaedra Parks. I find that peculiar, in and of itself.

      • Psylocke

        How are those two things mutually exclusive? It WASNT for children – she had one crying and one bored out of his mind. She specifically said she would have enjoyed it if not for having to care for her children. It’s an adult discussion, and she didn’t want her kid there.

        As for her traveling with help, it’s not a contradiction, it’s a response; both Phaedra and Sheree made comments that she should have been better prepared. This is her explaining why she didn’t bring help.

        I just don’t see how the summation of these things warrants her being compared to the devil herself.

  2. Aubin

    I bet KF made a donation after the DC fiasco and thus the congresswoman ‘honored’ her. IMHO KF is a long way from resembling Phaedra in any way.

  3. tamaratattles

    My comparison to Phaedra is only about Kim jumping on Phaedra’s political/charity wagon. I’m not sure she is savvy enough to know Phaedra’s motivations. Back in 2014 one of her missions with the Save Our Sons was to help imprisoned black men exercise their legal rights. I’m not sure why but that is no longer her priority…

    Phaedra has latched on to every mother who has lost a son to police violence that makes national news. She wants to be Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. That should tell you all you need to know.

    • peachteachr

      Didn’t Phaedra start this when “Big Mike” Brown got killed in Ferguson? It seems like I remember her being at some of those church support groups with his mom and a love offering was always involved. In other words, we all thought Phaedra was there to be near a money making scheme. She was at several events that summer and maybe even around Trayvon Martin’s mom’s speaking events. At the time we were sort of making fun of Phaedra and money again.
      This is what bothers me. Atlanta has a very successful program for young black boys that was formed in the 80’s called 100 Black Men. They mentor young black boys all year and then throw a fancy dress ball once a year. If Kim or Phaedra want to work with young men it seems they would try to work with a well established organization in their own backyards that already has a program up and running. Something in the buttermilk indeed.

    • ClassyLady80

      How Kim, or any person for that matter, fails to see straight through Phaedra is astounding to me. She is the epitome of a shyster. It is so obvious that it’s almost comical… how do people not see this??

  4. GirlFromKY

    I just don’t understand why people go so far out of their way to give the impression of something they’re really not. Though I had a ball living in Atlanta for several years, there is definitely a rampant characteristic of people trying to portray themselves from what the truth really is. You know that hot guy you had a date with who drives that killer Jaguar and wears those nice suits? Well, come to find out the truth is he lives in his mother’s basement and isn’t paying child support because he’s still married! You know that woman who always dresses to the nines in designer clothing? Well the truth is she has holes in her underwear, her credit score is 506, and she quit paying her credit cards over 6 months ago.

  5. Sunshine

    I applaud Phaedra for what she is trying to do. I don’t think she is trying to be like Al or Jessie at all.

    • tamaratattles

      Congrats Sunshine! You are just as naïve as the rest of the Phaedra fans. You probably think she had no idea what Apollo was up to, Was not involved in the crimes that sent Angela Stanton to prison, and is a fine example of both a Christian woman and a southern belle. It must be blissful in your world.

    • Rain

      I have to ask… what is Phaedra trying to do that you’re giving her credit for?

    • Mimi

      Phaedra is trying too hard. Its like she knows the feds may soon be after her, so she’s trying hard to reinvent herself.

  6. steve

    Not wanting to break rules but have a question. You know i dont watch these shows and all i know i have learned here. My question….Phaedra is the entertainment lawyer/mortician/exercise video maker attached to Apollo, who is staying at the federal “hotel” Joe will soon be going too?

    • Steve……..oh no, no, no. You got it wrong. I can tell you don’t watch the show.

      Phaedra is a fine upstanding good Christian woman. She is the classic epitome of a genteel Southern Belle steeped in the finest traditions of an age gone by.
      A solid wife and partner, a hands on Mother-of-the-Year candidate and a shining example in the community.

      Best of all? She dresses like Grace Kelly.

      You must have her mixed up with someone else.

      • hannahkingrose

        Maisey, I bet your nose grew at least a foot for that one. How in the world were you able to type all that bs without any typos from giggling so hard?

      • Minky

        @Maisey Yes. All of that. What you said. Except one teensy weensy little thing: Grace Kelly wished she could’ve dressed as well as Phaedra. Wished!!!

        Like, all those fucking tacky ass gowns designed by Edith Head. Seriously? Pshhhhht! Phaedra’s skin-tight, red pleather, panatlones top all of them. Whatevers!

        That is all.

  7. Mimi

    Kim’s Phaedra like personality explains why she and Kenya are not on good terms (or as the previews for this weeks episode implies).
    There is nothing redeemable about Kim, sorry, being Tootie on a television show is not enough to win me over. There is something about her that is pretentious and insincere to me. Poor thing still thinks she’s Tootie or Regine.

  8. Bria

    Laughing hard and choking on my ssliva from reading all these comments. Phaedra lacks self awareness and crazy.

  9. Deb in SF

    Wow, I just read the deposition in the first link from your blog. A lot of that was new to me, and I’m almost gobsmacked. Caught, bought, and got. Why hasn’t Phaedra been prosecuted?

  10. Cecy

    They are some personality disorder similarities. KF is coming off as naive & lacking self awareness. I bet she is divorced within 5yrs. She has been riding the tootie train with sunshine blown up her semi-Hollywood arse since childhood. I wanted to like her but I don’t. I think Phaedra’s narcissism is slightly different where KF seems ignorant as to how she is judging others. Phaedra absolutely knows she is arrogant..and pretends she isn’t aware. I guess that makes Phaedra more dangerous than a narcissist! Btw, I just found ur blog recently, great job trying to be objective about reality shows. I’m truly admirer of ur BS meter!

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