Happy 45th Birthday, Kenya Moore!


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Today is Kenya Moore’s birthday and she has to be in a good place!  Kenya told us in her Bravo blog this week she has dealt with her mama drama, “I feel like I have been reborn. I finally feel at peace and am excited. I wish my mother nothing but peace. ”  Her dream home, Moore Manor is coming along nicely. “Moore Manor is moving fast! All my building framing, plumbing and electrical, and HVAC has been completed. Sheetrock is going up now. Every day the house is transforming, and it’s all very exciting! I am so anxious to move in that I pick up a tool and get to work myself sometimes. Just call me Builder Bobb!”

That hair, though!

That hair, though!


Kenya is also thrilled that her hair care products are finally being distributed to excited fans.  If you haven’t ordered yours yet, you can take advantage of her birthday sale! Kenya says, ” I’m giving everyone 45% off of all #KenyaMooreHairCare in honor of my 45th birthday! Coupon code is “HappyBirthday”. Go to KenyaMooreHair.com to order now.”

Let’s hope she gets a good edit on RHOA tonight. But don’t hold your breath!  We’ve got that whole Makeup Free dinner sponsored by Kim coming up.  And everybody knows, when you come for Kenya’s makeup, she’ll come for your weave.

I’ll be recapping Real Housewives of Atlanta in my fast and furious way tonight at 8 p.m. and it should be up shortly after 9 p.m. warts and all.   Ben C will be recapping  Real Housewives of the Potomac from the west coast and will shine his up and add screencaps and all the bells and whistles and I’ll put that up for him in the morning.


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26 responses to “Happy 45th Birthday, Kenya Moore!

  1. Rakely

    Happy birthday Kenya! I love cheering for Kenya, the underdog Andy dislikes. Hope I look anywhere near that gorgeous at 45. The previews are making me nervous, though… the editing shows Kenya coming for Kim and her marriage?? And it shows Kim following Phaedra’s (?!) advice. Because Phaedra has a great marriage with a felon! I’m crossing my fingers that the previews and editing are deceptive. But Bravo in current years is always manipulative and misleading, right?

  2. Cat

    Good for her for moving on! One of the most liberating things you can do sometimes is to cut ties with family.

  3. Minky

    Seriously. I really, really, really hope Kenya was misrepresented in the preview. Like I said, I don’t trust Kim. If Kenya’s mad at Kim I hope it’s for a very good reason. Who the hell knows what Kim’s buddy Phaedra put her up to.

  4. Sunshine

    When did Kenya become a saint and an angel? That behavior is not editing. It’s Kenya doing what she do. Girl’s got to keep her spot on the show.

    • Matzah60

      Really?? So what do “Kenya do?” Your words, not mine. Every woman on the show has to maintain a storyline in order to maintain their spot on the show. Kenya is just as entitled to her opinion as Kim, Phaedra, or any of the other women on the show. I’m curious to know who you find redeeming on this show. Would it be Phaedra, Nene, flip flopping Cynthia who turns on Kenya, the non-housewife whore, Porsche?

      What is the purpose of having a party requiring each woman to come sans makeup? Everyone has the right to dress as they please and wear as little or as much makeup as they want. Who made Kim judge and jury on how they should present themselves.

      So odd that Kim is so concerned about women wearing makeup or too much of it, but it seemed acceptable for her to have her new bestie on RHOA, Phaedra, dressed in some whorish outfit (mother of two small sons) which matched Phaedra’s matching whore outfit in Miami. I guess it was alright for THOT Porsche to twerk at the pool at the house they rented with her entire ass hanging out of her bikini and both cheeks shaking!

      • Sunshine

        Errr-Uuhhm I believe that was my point. All the ladies try to figure out ways to stay relevant on these shows. So let her do what she DO. Just don’t blame it on the editing.

      • Matzah60

        Sorry, Sunshine. I think I misread your comment!!

  5. Carolyn d. King

    Happy birthday Kenya. You so loved!!!!

  6. Rose

    Hope she had a great birthday. Not getting the Kim hate from the promo other than Kenya had acne back when she first started the show. Is fear of going beatless driving her anger at Kim.

  7. Xanadude

    The no make up party seems to have been filmed during or close after the #nomakeupselfie meme hit last year, encouraging women to share make up free pics as a way to draw attention to both natural beauty and as a way to draw attention to breast cancer awareness. No malice. No shade.

  8. JustJenn

    Happy Birthday, Kenya. Hope you had a twirling good day!

  9. BKSweetheart

    Happy Birthday Kenya! She still one of my faves. I dont always like the edit she gets on RHOA – but it is what it is.

  10. Mimi

    Happy Birthday Kenya!! I am happy for you, you are at peace and things are positive in your life.

    p.s isn’t it funny that Kenya gets the bad edit on RHOA but other than her relationship with her mother (which is not her doing), she has not been in the news for fraud, arrest or any of the litany of things that the other “good” women on RHOA are known for?

    • Sunshine

      P.S. isn’t it funny that this is the only place where her behavior is excused. Oh yeah and she also got a bad edit on the Apprentice. Right???

    • tamaratattles

      Sunshine, clearly you weren’t around for the celeb apprentice conversations. But don’t let facts get in your way. We’re team pretty here for the most part. We’re not big on hypocrites and thugs here We leave them to the gutter. Or the alley…You might be more comfortable hanging out there too!

      • Sunshine

        Why yes I was around for those conversations. Just don’t have much time to comment. I can see this is where I get called names and you try to insult me. Funny………

  11. Micheal

    Sadly her conditioner and mask contain silicones so I will have to skip her products. I’m trying to keep my hair healthy. Don’t want to ruin it.

  12. Miguel

    Happy, happier, happiest birthday, Kenya!!! You’re fast becoming one of my favorite Housewives. Wish you great blessings now, and always!

  13. Wallace

    Incredibly stunning photo. I’ve really come around with Kenya. When she isn’t trying to front or be manipulative shes likable.

  14. Bria

    Happy Birthday Queen Kenya, let the felons & Thot keep staying press.

  15. Jennie

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Queen Kenya. Don’t let the thots n fake bibled up and fake Sanctified Women get to you. If they had it together, they would NOTbother to hate on you.They would fix what’s wrong in their own lives n backyards. Keep your chin up girl. I’m very proud of you. May all your dreams come true.

  16. ClassyLady80!

    Happy (Belated) Birthday, Kenya! May you continue to stay on top in 2016 and beyond!!

    Tamara, I just want to say that I love you and your support of this amazing woman. Kenya is so easy to vilify and I’m so glad I can come to this site and the read positive comments of like-minded, intelligent women who see past the smoke and mirrors and understand who Kenya is, as well as what she represents. Thank you so much for carving out a place for us on these weird internets, lol. Muah!

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