Did Mohamed Cut Ties With Lisa Vanderpump?

RHOBH Mohammed


On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,  Lisa Vanderpump appears in the previews to say that Mohammed has told her that his kids with Yolanda do not have Lyme Disease.  While we are not certain if it was an editing trick or an actual event, rumors abound that Mo and Pinky’s very long friendship is at risk over her blabbing.

Mohammed has been spotted with  Gigi  and Bella  and Yolanda  sitting  on a very public sidewalk frequented by the paparazzi this week. He sure seems to be making a statement. RHOBH Lisa gasp


Check out this Instagram post by Mohamed. A commenter writes, ” You know Lisa Vanderpump is not your friend to treat the mother of your 3 children like that she will betrayed (sic) you for airtime.”  Mohamed responded, “No longer.”

That seems like a pretty straightforward rebuke of Pinky.  I suppose that divulging family secrets on national TV is grounds for the dissolution of a longtime friendship. These two have been tight forever. But Lisa’s friendship all seem to come to an end at some point.

Do you think this is the end of their friendship, or is this Instagram comment just not that serious?



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73 responses to “Did Mohamed Cut Ties With Lisa Vanderpump?


    He may be upset with her for now. But if he really doesn’t believe that his kids are sick then he will eventually forgive her and they will be friends again. Maybe just not as public.

    • I’m assuming he’s seen the preview we’ve all seen, which makes it LOOK like Lisa’s saying Mohammed said the kids don’t have Lyme. Either he’s dumb enough not to know how Bravo editing works or it’s something off the show that happened.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Sorry guys, I should say I meant as a real-life friend, he’d be stupid to base his opinion on the preview rather than wait for the episode to go down to see what was really said. Not that any of us are foolish for thinking that she threw him under the bus.

      • Lime Brain

        The housewives get a tape of the episode a few days before it is aired. Yolanda must have shown it to him, if there is anything worth showing of Lisa V causing trouble.

  2. Rakely

    Did Lisa ever do anything unfriendly towards Yo? Not that I can recall. But Yo lashed out at Ken and also targeted them in Puerto Rico with Brandi. I’m sure it’s an awkward position to be in, for both Lisa and Mohammed as friends. But come on, he’s a smart man. He must know Yolanda is nuts. And Lisa has never needed him for airtime. She’s one of Andy’s favorites and she has her own successful spin off

  3. Cat

    Could be, they just sat down together, and he told her to stop. Friends can do that, sometimes. He doesn’t seem like the drama type, to me.

    • Rakely

      Hope he forgives LVP if he was truly upset. They seem to have had a very long and genuine friendship. Am I crazy- I’m still a Pinky fan!

      • Cat

        He doesn’t seem like the drama type, though. I think people are reading too much into this. Friends can disagree, and still be friends.

  4. Swizzle

    If this the end of their long friendship, it will be interesting. Lisa may finally learn that she can’t just spout off whatever she wants without repercussions. Bet she doesn’t laugh when she apologizes to Mohammed and turn it to make it his fault…I apologize, hah, hah, hah, but you shouldn’t have told me that if you didn’t want me to repeat it…

    Or, we’re all just misunderstanding a comment on Intagram.

  5. Minky

    Maybe Mohammed was just attempting to correct that commenter’s grammar? Is that a stretch? In any case Lisa V’s passive-aggressive maw is gonna get her into big trouble sooner or later. Not a surprise. Not everybody is a dumb as she thinks they are.

  6. Lawstangel

    A couple of thoughts. Whoever wrote that tweet is a troublemaker. Why put that out there for the world to see? Clearly they have a axe to grind… If Mohammed is your friend why put all that in public? If Mohammad did say it, did he tell her is was a secret or not to discuss it? How would she know it was a “secret?” Mohammed has his own troubles right now with the city, he is no saint. This seems so high school.

    • tamaratattles

      Lawst, I’m going to assume you don’t spend much time on social media. There are always idiots who Instagram or tweet the Bravolebs negative things on their Instagram. Someone just said here, that people are tweeting this to Lisa. I’ve blocked the people on my TL who did that, and they will soon be blocked by Lisa. People think that they can tweet or Instagram comment whatever they want to these people. The idiot who posted that to Mohamed actually thought they were being helpful and advising Mohamed on Lisa’s dastardly ways because clearly that commenter knows way more about his friendship with Lisa than Mo himself. Welcome to the Internet. :)

      • Lawstangel

        TT- You are correct! I spend very little time on social media!! I do have a Twitter account, but I do not use it much. I mostly do blogs and Facebook. I only use Twitter when I need to (to attempt to win something or when @HiddenCash was in town) and of course I text. I do not need to be any more involved in the lives of people I do not even know. I rely on places such as this, to make sense of the rest of it for me. Good job TT ! I guess I don’t want to be the person who vacantly stares at their phone with a “checked out” look when I am in an elevator or at a store. I find it interesting that there is so much dialog about one remark on a preview. Wow.

  7. GirlFromKY

    LVP for the first time is really starting to get on my nerves this season. Always really liked her before. But that passive aggressive crap she pulled with Eileen was so blatantly obvious, it made me just want to slap her when she tried to make Eileen look like a fool for confronting her about it afterward. I’m not down with people playing those games. Big pet peeve that will make me karate chop the ending of a friendship immediately.

    • Sali

      She’s been grating my nerves this season, too. I’ve always been aware of her manipulative ways, but, as bad as this sounds, they didn’t seem harmful… She really doesn’t apologize. She deflects and turns shit around to make others feel as if they’re in the wrong. That bugs me immensely!

    • swizzle

      She lost Brandi who did her dirty work for her…so now she has to do it herself. Not very becoming.

      • I guess part of the dirty work orchestrated by Lisa was being grabbed by the neck, pushed and then slapped in Amsterdam. by Brandi Yeah, that’s Brandi doing your dirty work.

      • Thank you, spunky2015.

      • swizzle

        Brandi certainly went off the rails and behaved like an idiot, but Lisa had been using her to do her dirty work. Doesn’t excuse Brandi’s behavior, but does explain partially to me why Lisa is coming off so negatively this season because she has to do her own dirty work.

  8. V

    if your that close with someone i dont see why this would end the friendship plus its not like she is all over the media stating he said no, i dont remember the clip but wasnt she asked what he said ? i feel like lvp doesnt care about her frienships on the show ( except for maybe when it comes to kyle) but if he really is done with her, this probably hurts her the most and thats a huge loss. People tweeted at lvp asking her about this and she hasnt responded so I guess we’ll she what she says about it, if anything at all

  9. cobe

    Uh, yes. He has cut ties with her.

    Bringing him into this mess was likely inexcusable. Now he looks suspect regardless of what he does.

    If they were still friends, he would have deleted the comment or denied the comment. He didn’t.

    Dining with Yo speaks VOLUMES.

    Yolanda the Manipulator got what she wanted. Again. She has never been happy about the friendship between LVP and Mo. Or the relationship between LVP and Shiva.

    For some reason, I am just imagining her getting ready for bed, removing her undereye makeup, smiling smugly, and climbing under the sheets.

    Of course the children, Mo, and everyone around Yo know that this is a mental problem. It is just that nobody wants to call it out as such in the hopes that she will be able to save face when she is finally “cured” and can move on with her life.

    Nobody is going to stand up to her and nobody is going to call her out.

    Keep smugly smiling Yo. We see it and we know as well as you do that there is nothing anyone can or will do about it.

    • Rakely

      Totally agree Cobe! But the kids are grown now, so Mom & Dad don’t have to be best friends any longer. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Mohammed suddendly said, “Yes, she’s just crazy.” Why won’t he look at this logically like David did?

      • cobe

        Rakely, Anwar is still underage.

        And living with dad.

        Mental illnesses like this one are a tricky thing. People tiptoe around it and nobody wants to say it out loud.

        Also, it is best to pretend to believe in hopes that she will get it together and it will be easier to say “Oh, I WAS really really sick, but now I’m feeling better”

        In other words, the more people protest, the sicker she will claim to be and the only way to break that circle is for family to gently pretend to believe. I’m sure Mo has spoken to a psychiatrist (and DF has spoken to his buddy Dr Phil) by now who has advised sympathy and acknowledgement. The way to justify it is by remembering that this is a woman who IS truly ill.

        This is what I think the “friendship break” is about.

        Sometimes it is best to know the truth, but not say anything. It’s called discretion.

        LisaMia, I think the same. She looks like she just doesn’t want to be there any more. I can relate to that feeling.

        But she is also making a shit ton of money basically advertising her own restaurants and endeavors, so I don’t think she’ll leave the gravy train.

        At least not yet.

    • Well said, cobe. I am guessing about the same thing. I am also wondering if this is going to be LVP’s last season. She seems really bored and Ken looks old and borderline senile. When they ladies were trying to force LVP into admitting what keeps her up nights, I was waiting for her to point to Ken and shrug.

      • Suzanne D

        LVP can’t win with the whiner crowd. Right now, I don’t have any issues keeping me up at night either. LVP has shared problems, but she doesn’t allow them to create total dysfunction in her life. If I remember correctly, LVP was very busy the last 2 seasons with getting PUMP ready. She missed Yo’s paint a square for Gigi lunch, and Yo had a fit.

        People always gloss over that fact that LVP does apologize (when she feels she needs to) when confronted. Eileen told her that she felt uncomfortable and felt grilled by LVP at the Belle party. LVP apologized and continue to explain herself and offer a solution for the future. It’s not LVP’s fault that Eileen kept going on and on about it. I would get annoyed too, if someone kept bringing up an issue that I thought we resolved. LVP apologized but Eileen refused to accept it. Now I love both ladies. Neither are perfect. But Eileen has to learn that all people emote differently.

        Mohammed and LVP/Ken are very good friends. Yo is still fuming that Mohammed takes LVP’s side all the time. I doubt this is going to change anything with their friendship.

      • Rakely

        You guys are absolutely correct. My comment was light-hearted and did not account for the seriousness of a mental illness.

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        Suzanne D – I complete agree with you. Lisa has apologized many times to these women but is never good enough for them because they want her head on platter. Yo really went to town on her for that finger painting party and took umbrage that Lisa didn’t call her to say she couldn’t make it when in fact Lisa had called production – who set up the event – when she knew she would be at City Hall. So Yo didn’t even personally invite them but expects a personal call from Lisa. When Lisa then called to wish them a lovely afternoon and Yo was in a snot Lisa then apologized. Yo then spent the rest of the season claiming Lisa never apologizes. Did Yo ever apologize for what she did to Ken? She apologizes for hurting their feelings but she also knows that it is all BS and if she apologized for every little thing they have an issue with she would just be endorsing their claims. I think what kills these HWs more than anything is that Lisa needs nothing from them, she isn’t whining about apologies and events they don’t turn up to. She isn’t needy and desperate and it irritates the hell out of them. I also think this could be her last season. Ken is so over it too, he can’t even play along anymore with these women.

      • Agree with everything you said, TBHHE, thanks.

      • BH Eyes—
        Damn, where can I get me some of this umbrage that everyone is taking this week?

  10. Gia

    If I was Mo, my thoughts on it would be: Don’t speculate about my family. Don’t talk about what I do or don’t believe regardless if I have ever said it or not. The end. IMO there is a code of conduct amongst these rich, Beverly Hills types; unless you’re talking about great, talented or fabulous I am, don’t talk about me at all. Especially, ESPECIALLY on tv. TV exposure is their validation. They have closets full of secrets and I honestly believe there is a weird code of silence amongst them all. LV broke that rule, regardless of how insignificant we think it is. (Side note, that’s also the mistake Brandi made.)

    • Gia, I agree, especially since LVP is on a show and Hadid isn’t. He can’t actually respond, can he? And what’s with these women constantly bringing up Kim & Brandi? Are they haunting this season? They’re mentioned so much they should be getting royalty’s from Bravo. And now it’s O.J. and Nicole. Crikey. They’ve really run out of conflicts. This season must be the drama-free-bring-out-the-ghosts version.

      Last season the ratings were .8 This season it’s .5

      It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.

    • WELL-SAID. This is the main source of conflict i nthe Beverly Hills franchise: you can know my real life issues but don’t you dare bring it up on this here TV show that we’re on! We see it time and time again whether it’s Kim’s drinking needing to be swept under the wrong, trouble marriages needing to be swept under the rug, surrogacy, etc etc. For us, it doesn’t matter, when you say you’re a “friend” of someone’s and they expect you to keep a secret, it’s called keep it a secret.

      Prime example: LVP vs Eileen and LVP claiming that when she brought up Eileen’s past “affair” they were alone… except they were national television…

    • janet

      Youre most likely right about the code of silence Gia. Mohammad probably wishes Lisa had lied and said she didnt know anything. By saying anything against what Yolanda is claiming, Mohammad probably feels Lisa threw hin under the bus. He doesnt want to do anything to rock the boat with his family. Hes held hostage to Yolanda because of the children. Even though grown, he still wants them to visit and celebrate holidays all together, and on into the future when they marry and bring grand children with them. Im surprised Lisa wouldnt be smart enough to keep quiet and just ssy she doesnt discuss it with him and doesnt know what he thinks.

    • Librarygirl

      I would agree with you, that discretion is severely lacking with most of these ladies. However, I. Ages me believe that perhaps Mo did make the fishy remark about the Miami lady. You would think that LVP and Monday would hang tight at least until after the trial,

  11. SB

    I think I remember Adrienne Maloof accusing her of selling stories to tabloids. Maybe it was a different HW but one of them accused her of that a few seasons back.

    • Adrienne admitted she lied and apologized to Lisa. That’s when Lisa and Brandi became friends because Brandi outed Adrienne and Lisa was appreciative. Lisa makes a few snarky comments now and the world is against her.

      I heard Lisa being interviewed and was asked about the Eileen situation and Lisa said you just can’t go on these type of shows and say would you like some tea.

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t remember Adrienne ever copping to selling stories to the tabloids. I do know that LVP wined and dined a lot of tabloid journalists in 90210 at her restaurants to keep her Villa Blanca lawsuits out of the news.

        I have no idea what the whole world is doing regarding LVP, but I can tell you that long time readers here were certainly disappointed in the way multiple hostile work environment lawsuits were handled by her. She not only did nothing to support the women involved but Ken was found personally liable for destroying evidence of the accusations made. Then she claimed, as housewives are wont to do, that she won the cause despite being held liable for over a million dollars in attorneys fees.

        So for us, that is when LVP stopped getting the cute British accent pass.

        Finally, there are two instances in this one post of things you’ve read are heard elsewhere. You are misinformed on both counts. Please limit your comments on things you hear elsewhere to wherever you read or heard them.

      • Just to clarify, Adrienne did apologized to Lisa at the reunion about Lisa leaking stories. Sounds more like Bernie stirring the pot. Know this won’t be posted, but for your FYI Vanderpump was on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius-XM show last week and made that comment regarding Eileen. All the housewives go on her show after appearing on WWHL and Jenny usually gets them to spill more then they want to.

      • tamaratattles

        I am aware of Jenny’s show and posted about it here previously. The tea comment was made as a jab to Eileen and was no in no way apologetic for her behavior. Quite the opposite.

  12. i remember adrienne maloof’s chef bernie was selling stories to the tabloids.

  13. Kari

    I find Lisa to be very conniving and not as innocent as she wants us to believe

  14. JustJenn

    Never involve the children..even if they are grown. I understand that LVP is curious and maybe even concerned about them, but don’t make it a storyline. Nothing good is going to come from that especially when Bella is going along with her Mother’s claims.

  15. Toddy

    Maybe this is just part of the storyline. Or a way to keep interest up.

  16. Like the article says, LVP’s friendships don’t seem to last, do they? Like a good narcissist, LVP doesn’t want friendships she can’t control. Look at that poor butler…I mean husband of hers. Besides carrying Giggy in her Majesty’s wake, I bet he’s not allowed into her bedroom (even if he was bleeding). She probably has a padlock on the door to make sure. Does that woman have any other family like a mum or a dad? Or was she just spawned out of a puffy, pink cloud?

  17. Who is LVP in this world? She punishes “friends” that she can’t control, and this is yet another example. Lisa/Brandi/Yolanda was definitely being nasty to Kyle that entire season. Yo/Brandi called Lisa out on it and LVP isn’t done punishing Yolanda for taking Brandi’s side.

    For LVP to put repeat what Mo said, her REAL friend, goes to show how nasty her vitriol is towards a supposed enemy. Whether it was true or not, there was no reason to say it on TV other than to cause trouble.

    • The show hasn’t even aired yet and you come to this conclusion.

      • Exactly, Spunky.

        We all know how very deceptively edited Bravo’s preview clips are. I’m amazed at the incredible stories people have made up in their heads about this, all based on two seconds of a preview clip. I’m reserving any opinion until I see what actually happens.

    • pocketbooklover

      Remember that Yo knew the truth about magazinegate (that Lisa didn’t tell Brandi to take the magazine) but chose not to say anything because she didn’t like Lisa’s attitude.

  18. Well Lisa should probably learn not to be such an open book with other people’s family drama! Lesson learned I hope and if this is true I hope they can reignite their friendship!


    It’s serious.
    Things said on these shows actually are said by the people speaking quite often.
    But I bet he will get over it eventually. I mean……..if he’s actually mad at all. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s being done for publicity.

  20. Angel(?)

    Here’s the question was Mohamed asked the question by LVP? If he wasn’t, and LVP is putting words in his mouth, then he has every right to be really pissed off. However, if he was asked the question and he said no, then he really that’s on him.

    To explain, I have a personal mantra that fits this situation. Never say anything in private that you are not willing to defend in public. Meaning sometimes friends screw up and repeat something you did not want the world to know. So if it’s something you don’t want others to know, keep it to yourself.

    • Meg

      Exactly. BTW It’s interesting how quickly some people forgot that Yolanda is the one who started that whole mess. She “outed” her own children and now EVERYBODY can talk about it.

      • That’s what my thinking was. Yolanda told everyone, so it wasn’t a secret. Of course, Mohammed might have told Lisa in confidence that he didn’t believe the kids were sick, but he has to know by now that nothing is going to be kept a secret.

    • cobe

      I agree with you to a point, Angel.

      When you tell a trusted friend something privately, I wouldn’t expect for it to be broadcast on a reality show.

      But ultimately, the responsibility has to be with Mo.

      I think LVP let something slip that she didn’t mean to and shouldn’t have.

      It could be a friendship ender or it could be a blip. IF she did indeed let something like that slip, it is a pretty big friendship blunder though.

  21. Maddie

    Mohammed can’t be serious. Lisa went out of her way to stand up for him when Brandi made her accusations against Mohammed. Lisa is a good and loyal friend fo Mohammed.

    • janet

      Oh I forgot to consider Mo wanting a harmonious relationship with Yo, due to child support and alimony issues. It beehoves him to be supportive and solicitous to the newly separated Yolanda. He may want to help her find her next husband too! LVP be damned.

  22. Gabriella

    I don’t see what the big deal is if she is only repeating something that he said. If he had told her it was off the record, then I could understand him being pissed.

  23. Beckie Grodd

    All of these women signed up and are being paid to air their lives on national television, do they really think any thing is off limit? If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!

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