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It’s time to decide which juniors get to show in NY Fashion Week. Or you know, in a garage down the street during the week of the actual show. Or something.

Julie Chen, but first...


Please report to the comments section of last weeks recap to enjoy the mad rantings of a Jaxson fan. It’s the best laugh I’ve had all day.  The commenter became even more unhinged with Cat dared to exercise her option to comment on the Jaxson fan’s state of mind. Apparently, we were not supposed to notice. Clearly, Jax’ mama the commenter was not as happy to see Jaxson go as we were.

Now on to the part where y’all believe me that Zach doesn’t get a Tim Gunn save. Yep, I see no Zach. I do see the cook black chic with the big Afro who designed and made her own prom dress. Zachary claims to have seen it but wasn’t that several years ago? Or no? Anyway, it is a gorgeous dress. I love me some bold ethnic prints. I don’t wear bold colors or prints anymore, I’ve mellow out on that a lot, but back when dinosaurs roamed the earth I quite enjoyed them.  The challenge is to design anything they want that makes a statement about who they are.
Project Runway Jr


The sponsor is an iron company and they have to include an iron on stencil to their $400 worth of Mood fabrics. Poor things. There is always lining…

In the workroom, Zachary is freaking out. He has no plan. He keeps wandering around bothering the girls who are working.

Tim’s Critic

Maya is doing an all black outfit. It has boning to represent a ribcage and a back zipper to represent the spine. Tim loves it. He tells her that it is very important to concentrate on fit;

Peytie is doing some sort of romper. I’m not thrilled with her fabrics. I really expected her to go with ethnic prints based on the young woman who helped introduce the challenge, because Peytie has done well with them in the past. These fabrics are more reminiscent of Zachary’s “tie fabric.”

Sam is doing a dress with a jacket. I’m not fond of her materials either. This has been an issue all season with all of them picking ugly textiles. Sam’s are not ugly but I’m not impressed with the look so far. I am confident that she can pull something out though.

Zachary is making some sort of formal gown. That is his wheelhouse.Tim is wowed by everyone. He really had no negative feedback for anyone.

Peytie only plans to use the iron on transfers on her chocker. I think Peytie has also decided to do a skirt instead of the romper. I hope the don’t take points of for not using the stupid transfers on the actual outfit. I wouldn’t want iron on transfers on my final garment either.

tim gunn

The Runway

Peytie’s look comes out first and I say, “OMG!” about the same time that Kelly Osborne does. Peytie has done a purple romper but it has the long print dress over the top. I love it. It is slit open to the waist on either side to show the purple shorts and the whole thing is fabulous. She did a great job selecting colors that her model wears beautifully. It’s very well done. The razor back shape of the dress exposes the top of the romper and the belt has lots of fringe that I just love.

Sam’s dress is clearly menswear inspired as are all of her fashions. It includes the usual jacket, but this one is more feminine than the boxier ones she has won with in the past. It’s not my favorite look of hers, but I can’t see her not going through to fashion week. It’s a very well done outfit. She went shorter with it than I was planning and I wish she hadn’t.

Maya’s dress is really nice as well. It’s a shiny silvery dress with a long sheer black …cape? It is sort of a bit “super hero” but that might just be the model’s Wonder Woman pose at the end of the runway.

Zachary’s dress is beautiful. I think it is a ageless design that anyone could wear. I love the burgundy halter top. It is a bit too open on the side for most people now that I see that you cannot wear a bra at all and it shows side boob. That could be problematic. I love the long flowy black skirt. It looks great on the model.

I honestly have no idea who I would send home. Maybe Sam. But there is no way in hell they are going to do that.

Judges Deliberations

Maya’s dress has a lot of details that the judges love. She also did black on black with the iron on transfers so that they are barely noticeable. The judges seem to love it. Christian says that there is a lot of rippling in her dress when they look at it without the floor length cape.

Zachary’s dress seems well received, but he has some issues with fit. Kelly says that this is sort of repetitive of his previous looks. Kelly says his details didn’t show up on the runway. They don’t seem to like it.

Sam’s dress gets great reviews. Christian loves the dress. They like that she stayed with her menswear aesthetic.  Only Kelly mentions the wonky hem line.

Peytie’s dress gets lots of compliments. They love that she made the belt.

It seems like it is down to Zachary or Sam for elimination. I can’t see them eliminating either one. But they never bring all three designers of one gender to Fashion week.  I think Kelly will fight for Sam though. Maybe they will eliminate Zachary and Tim Gunn will use his save? They are really trashing Zachary. The hostess puts out there that Sam does the jacket thing every time. Kelly mentions wanting more versatility.


Maya is put through first, and then Peytie but neither of them is declared the winner. Both are just told they are moving forward. And then there were two.  Sam is in. Zachary begins sobbing before they can even tell him he’s officially out.

Tim Gunn uses his save! So all four go to NYFW. It was kind of them to let  Zachary sob for half an hour first. He needed to be taken down a peg.


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12 responses to “Project Runway Jr Recap: Make A Statement

  1. Spilledperfume

    Now I want to watch to see the outfits and the designers. I will have to look for the repeat or watch it on demand.

    When my sister and I were still living at home and sharing clothes she bought home a silk dress that was open down the sides and you could see everything. Literally everything. Since I wanted to wear the dress I sewed up the sides because being a 36D there was no way either of us could wear that dress. She was so mad that I sewed the dress but she knew I was right. Why would someone make a dress that you could clearly see through one side to the other?

    I have to go read your previous post.

  2. BeetsWhy

    All I remember about this episode was Kelly’s Easter egg candy blue lipstick, I truly could not see anything else.

    • tamaratattles

      I really don’t get why Kelly is hired on fashion shows. What are her qualifications? Why does she dress like a clown if she has qualifications?

      • Mark

        I couldn’t stop thinking that, if I was a clearly talented teenager, I would have a lot of trouble rolling my eyes and giving backchat to Kelly’s critique.

        “It’s beautiful, but the hemline isn’t quite right. I was expecting more…”

        “Mmmmmmmm-hmmmmm, Miss blue-lipstick, why-am-I-here, fashion expert. Going through Changes? Are you back on drugs? Chiiiiile, here’s yo’ makeup wip. Wipe yo’ face.” *rolls neck*

        They’re really well behaved children.

      • Maybe Kelly is on fashion shows (or any other show) because Sharon is her manager and everyone is scared of her? Kelly is a horrible example of fashion and not at all qualified to judge anything in my opinion. She’s a spoiled brat with a big mouth and no talent. Great recap…I fell asleep before the end of the show.

    • Queen of the Nile

      Mark, hilarious comment! I’m still laughing ….

  3. Spilledperfume

    Now that I’ve watched the last 2 episodes I understand your post a lot better (give me an ‘A’ for stating the obvious.) I loved Maya’s and Peytie’s looks the best.

    I had the same thought about Kelly Osborne – I don’t get why she’s considered a fashion expert. I remember her being criticized on Fashion Police and then she was on Fashion Police as an expert. That blue lipstick was awful.

  4. Spilledperfume

    PS: My favorite comment was Zachary telling Maya he would be her Pipper Middelton and hold the back of the duster behind her and Maya said “Who’s that?”

  5. Cat

    Haha….I’m going to miss JaCKSon’s mommy.

    Is she enjoying the cat food tacos?

    • tamaratattles

      No, even the Window Lickers have standards. Plus there is some hoarding of the cat food tacos happening there. It’s apparently related to the snow storm.

  6. tamaratattles

    UGH just noticed the extra Tim Gunn post. WP just loves to put every photo at the top of the post. Then I have to delete it and re add it. Apparently I missed one.

    At least it was Tim Gunn. There can never be too much Tim Gunn…

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