Joe and Teresa Giudice Foreclosed on Again!

The rental property

The rental property


It’s a new year and a new foreclosure for Felons By Bravo, Teresa and Joe Giudice!  Last year, their “shore house” was up for auction after being foreclosed on.  The auction is just a legal formality because just like the shore house, the Giudice’s owe more than the likely  sale price of their house.  The Giudices paid  $170,000 or so for the house, yet according to Vicki Hyman  of, the couple owes $212,521.20 to their lender and Zillow estimates the market value at $245,536 ( I don’t think Zillow has seen the kitchen or the interior at all)” since the house is not available for inspection, no one is going to buy this pig in a poke. Hyman reports, “The auction will take place at 2 p.m. in the Freeholder’s Public Meeting Room, 5th Floor, Records and Administration Building, Court Street, Morristown, although these sales are often postponed. As is typically the case with foreclosures in New Jersey, the minimum bid is $100.”

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The Giudices, who have decided to blame their bankruptcy attorney for their felonious acts, have likely been blacklisted by top notch attorneys.  Their current attorney and fellow fame whore, tells Hyman, (please sit down and swallow any liquids before reading furthere)  ” “They are eliminating excess and focusing on doing more with less.”  It seems  like that is what the kids in NJ are calling suffering the consequences of lying to multiple banks to get multiple mortgages beyond the value of your houses these days. It’s like that time that Teresa went to Federal Prison to have a quiet place to work on her book without the distraction of four kids and a husband.

I think my kitchen MIGHT win in a beauty contest with this kitchen.

I think my kitchen MIGHT win in a beauty contest with this kitchen. Maybe.


Fun fact, this is the home that they lived in when most of the crimes were committed. They couple then moved into the Montville monstrosity  when they were cast on RHONJ.  Then they took their ill-gotten gains and appeared on national TV with stacks of Benjamins and paid for tens of thousands of dollars worth of furnishing in cash.  Soon after moving in, Teresa would famously declare she could never live in a “used house,” a sentiment that Sheree Whitfield also appropriated to describe her glamorous life of apartment living on air mattresses.# One of the best things Caroline Manzo ever said on TV was to Teresa when she said something along the lines of “Oh honey, I know where you were living last week. Don’t front with me.” And yet, most viewers just love, love, love Teresa and besmirch my favorite New Jersey housewife, Caroline. There is no accounting for taste  Well in New Jersey there seems to be no accounting, period.

Well, that is the latest Felons By Bravo update! I hope someone has covered the water pipes!


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16 responses to “Joe and Teresa Giudice Foreclosed on Again!

  1. Lisaj

    Remember Danielle saying she saw where they were living before and it had linoleum and Tre lost her ever loving mind?

  2. GirlFromKY

    Wonder when they’re going to finally be forced out of the house they live in. By them staying is just a big f*** YOU to everyone who follows the law.

    • Minky

      What the Giudice clan and many other wives from all of the franchises don’t seem to realize is that Bravo is basically a dog fight racket and the wives, and many of their husbands, are the pit bulls and rottweilers that Bravo keeps in cages and riles up for the fights.

      That’s what that mansion is for Teresa. A dog cage. Bravo’s giving them money so they can keep up with the mortgage payments because they can’t really film her anywhere but that house now because of the ankle bracelet thing.

      Bravo can’t pay all of the money they owe to creditors, but they can give them just enough to keep them in that gaudy house. Maybe my assessment is a little too harsh, but this woman and her husband broke the fucking law majorly and haven’t really suffered at all for it. The husband is gonna have a tougher time than Teresa, but still. Foreclosed homes should be the least of their worries.

      • Right on post! Bravo will do anything to keep this family on their show! It’s actually a sick joke but Im not laughing AND WILL NEVER WATCH TERESA, EVER!

  3. More Tea Please!

    The comments on the article are fantastic. There is no love lost in their community for these felons.

  4. JoJoFLL

    Zillow takes the average selling price of homes in the neighborhood for their estimates instead what the homes actually sell for. is a much better site, they are part of the National Realtor’s Association and their figures come straight from the MLS.

  5. Just Saying

    Thank you for the information, I watch hws but never really followed everything about Teresa so this story gives a lot of info I didn’t realize and Caroline’s comment says it all, btw I was beginning to think I was the only mango fan glad to find out I’m not

  6. ZenJen55

    I think we should bid on it! TT needs a Shore House! Look at the Trehuggers and Window Lickers she puts up with in order to keep us entertained!

    Pipes winterized. Everyone in the path of this storm please stay home, watch Bravo reruns and hopefully Tamara will share some more tea. Sipping

  7. jen

    Damn good tea. I can’t help but just feel for the children. Not just this forclosure just the whole thing!

  8. Angel(?)

    Since bravo basically owns Tre, why don’t they bring back Danielle? I would watch if I could see her gloat in front of Tre.

  9. margroc

    Ugh! Caroline Manxo and her sanctimonious shit. Forget Tre, Caroline is the worst!

  10. Matzah60

    I don’t really know why it takes so long for a foreclosure in NJ. I am a resident of the state and fortunately, I have never been placed in this situation. What I do know is that if you look at the list of foreclosures and short sales in your neighborhood, you will be appalled to find that most of the sales are realtors representing banks. Since 2008, the number of foreclosures has probably tripled and banks really don’t want to be in the business of selling homes. They would prefer to give the owner untold number of chances to catch up on their mortgage. It takes three missed payments before you even hear from a bank about delinquent mortgage payments. In fact, I read on not too long ago that the Laurita’s had stopped paying their mortgage for a year and were behind in their state taxes (not real estate taxes) to the tune of over $330K. That’s a shitload of money.

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