David Foster Finally Had Enough of Extravagant Treatments, Blind Item Claims

yolandahfoster❤️Thank you Dr.Klinghardt for being my guiding light in uncovering the mystery of chronic disease, I am forever grateful for your kindness, knowledge and guidance in this crazy journey........... #AnotherDayAtTheOffice #DrKlinghardt #Gratitude #SophiaHealthInstitute #Seattle #LymeDiseaseAwereness

yolandahfoster❤️Thank you Dr.Klinghardt for being my guiding light in uncovering the mystery of chronic disease, I am forever grateful for your kindness, knowledge and guidance in this crazy journey……….. #AnotherDayAtTheOffice #DrKlinghardt #Gratitude #SophiaHealthInstitute #Seattle #LymeDiseaseAwereness

The above picture was posted two days ago. There is so much wrong with this photo. What  type of sick people take selfies with their doctors and post them to the Internet? Even in today’s selfie crazed society, when is THAT normal behavior. And when have you ever been in an exam room with fifty shades of crazy meds on the shelves lining the walls. Not to mention that the article I quoted from here says that all of Yolanda’s doctors have reprimands from the agencies who oversee medical licensure. So she went to Seattle this week? Who is paying for all of this?

Our friends over at Crazy Days and Nights have revealed a not so difficult blind item today. I never have time to read there anymore so I especially appreciate those who passed this information along so quickly today.  It seems that David Foster was fully aware that the treatments Yolanda was receiving were not from legitimate doctors. It also is clear he is NOT paying for them anymore!   According to CDAN:

December 24, 2015

This almost permanent A list musician/producer has been telling people that the main reason his wife left him is because he would not write any more checks to a doctor who he said was more like a television preacher. There was always something new and each thing that was new would cost a ton of money and then quickly be replaced by something much newer and the cycle never ended.

David and Yolanda Foster

yolandahfoster❤️Just because some ppl are done with your journey, doesn't mean your journey is done........ #AnotherWastedSaturday #LifeFromTheSideLines #Spoonie #LymeDiseaseAwereness #DeterminedToFindACure #AffordableForAll PS: Bad Selfie Day

yolandahfoster❤️Just because some ppl are done with your journey, doesn’t mean your journey is done…….. #AnotherWastedSaturday #LifeFromTheSideLines #Spoonie #LymeDiseaseAwereness #DeterminedToFindACure #AffordableForAll PS: Bad Selfie Day

The photo above is from last Saturday. I’m just going to say it. That is brown eye shadow. I can’t pussy foot around this anymore.

So if we believe this as true, and CDAN is often spot on with regard to folks who live in the LA area, then Yolanda left David because he thought her treatments were ridiculous in addition to being extremely expensive scams.  I can totally envision David making the comparison to an evangelical preacher on TV.  It’s like the “piece of blessed prayer cloth” scam on steroids.

But why would Yolanda leave him over that? Sure she will get some cash in the settlement, but why not stay and bilk the billionaire in other ways?  Cleary, this is how she supports herself. It does seem that divorce was her plan the entire time; however comma, but what’s the rush to pull the plug?  I have a feeling David just LET her file and he was already done with her.

I think that David just couldn’t deal with someone who was not really sick. Because I think we are going to all be considering Munchausen Syndrome again very soon.  On the next episode of RHOBH, it appears that Pinky is going to confirm that Mohammed has said his kids do not have Lyme.  I’m sure that since David and Mohammed are friends, they have discussed Yolanda’s health issues at length.

If Yolanda truly does have Munchausen’s that is a HUGE problem because those suffering from the disease rarely ever admit they have a problem.  As we learned here, the possibility that Yolanda and her two children make up a significant percentage of all the people with any sort of actual Lyme disease in the state of California is extremely unlikely.

Things look a whole lot sadder for Yolanda now. I wonder how much pressure GiGi got to play for the Lyme Charity on Masterchef recently? Bella really seems like the only kid who is truly playing along.


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136 responses to “David Foster Finally Had Enough of Extravagant Treatments, Blind Item Claims

  1. Lindsay

    How much pressure Gigi got from her mother…or how much money?!

    • V

      GiGi, the only child who doesn’t have to have chronic lyme disease, is definitely being pressured. Gigi has a legit modeling career so i feel like money wouldn’t work on her, she has her own. I think she is being guilted somehow or pressured some way into at least doing charity work.

    • cobe

      Children, even adult children, will do amazing things to cover for the family secrets.

      Sometimes they even convince themselves of things that aren’t true just so that they do not have to face the facts.

      I think that is the case here.

      Gigi knows, but doesn’t want to admit it publicly. Better to raise funds and pretend to believe Mommy.

      • peachteachr

        There was a psychologist/psychiatrist on PBS many years ago who said, and I’m paraphrasing, “There are no secrets in families. Whether it’s addiction, sexual abuse, or philandering, everyone in the family has some level of cognition about the issue.” As the daughter of an alcoholic, that always made sense to me. I so agree, cobe. To me, what Yolanda is doing is child abuse. Involving her children in her search for a disease or giving them copies of her will before fairly routine surgery is cruel, imo.

  2. Lisaj

    So we are all thinking it, did/does Bravo know? Is this BrooksAyers the sequel?

    • Matzah60

      I don’t think Bravo knew. I think a lot of this info is coming to light right now. Munchausen, as TT said it very hard to prove and also most who have it will not acknowledge it. It takes on a life of its own. I worked with 3 kids that were all ‘sick’……the list of maladies was crazy long and not very believable. The mother had Munchausen by Proxy, but I have to say, she did convince her children that they were all really sick and they went to at least three to four Doc visits a week. She was an RN, so she had just enough knowledge to keep pressing on with the hoax.

      The whole thing was a money scam wherein she got SS disability for all three children who lived with her, had a live-in nurse for awhile who took care of the child she almost killed, received medicaid, free medical care for the kids, until the plug was pulled by a doctor from CHOP in Philly that turned her in said he believed the children were being manipulated in her scam and she had Munchausen by proxy. Child services didn’t have the know how or resources to prove she did have Munchausen as she had enough nutty doctors to back up her claim (went up and down the east coast and to the midwest) and she continued with the scam, but with much less success.

      Wackadoodles. So many out there.

      • Linda Blake

        OH my god another Brooks in different ways but it all comes back to so much bull s..t makes me think they are conspiring together think about it

      • Oh my gosh I hope nothing happened to the doctor who exposed her shenanigans professionally I mean!

      • Now it is just “Chronic Disease” instead of “Chronic Lyme’s Disease with Co-infections” Because who tf and prove you don’t have some vague chronic disease. And no real doctor is going to come forward and say I tried to treat this person she is nuts, because has a cult following of crazies. I believe this has been a life-long pattern, we know as far back as Anwar’s birth she has been making up crap. She broke her back three times giving birth to Anwar and it took 8 yrs. to fuse together? Get me the Guinness book of World Records. Mohammad knows she is nuts. All Muhammad or David have to do is have a conversation with a medical doctor to know that she is full of crap. Every time she had a test come back negative she found an unscrupulous doctor who would give her a positive test. When she said both of her kids had Chronic Lyme’s disease, it became indisputable that she was mentally ill. She has even removed the tick bite from the equation, for crying out loud. And her boob job? Routine implant exchange, maybe a few years too late, but she was orgasmic at how much “plastic” they found in her body. She holds the world’s record! She is freaking thrilled. Lady, there is a percentage of silicone that fits in an implant. You cannot leak more silicone than you have in your implant and your implants looked to be in good shape. Don’t be fooled by the blood. They didn’t rinse it off for “effect” Her kids got weakened immune systems from breastfeeding eighteen years ago when her implants were perfect? You don’t say. And that made them more susceptible to catching Lyme’s Disease, chronically (repeatedly) Do you even listen yoy yourself? You are spewing nonsense. And to bring your kids into your dark tunnel of hell with you is pretty freaking selfish. She is severely mentally ill.

      • Matzah60

        @Gessiewtf, that comment about Yo being orgasmic about how much plastic was in her body struck a chord with me. When I was homeschooling these three kids from this family for the school system, their mother would salivate when she informed me of ‘new’ maladies and ‘diseases’ her children had. The Child Study team at the school district I worked for actually said that the mother seemed “orgasmic” when she described the children’s medical conditions.

        Her stories were always inconsistent and I came to loathe her. I tried to compartmentalize as it was good money for three afternoons after my teaching job, but I finally started to push back a little and would cut her short to tell her I needed to start my teaching hours with her kids.

        @Janshell, the doctor was not named to the mother as the reporting person. Instead, child services said that they were referred by the hospital, CHOP. They did a very long investigation and I myself was questioned, but nothing came of it then. There are cases where women (most are female) were accused of Munchausen and it turned out the doctor or reporting agency was wrong. There are very few experts on this mental disease that can really identify these parents.

  3. Laura

    I wonder if Bella is playing along because she can partially blame her D.U.I. on Lyme symptoms?

  4. Katherine 2.0

    Ah, poor deluded Yolanda. Reminds me of this crazy doctor on Sensitive Skin, a great show from Canada. Every time this guy goes to the doctor, played by Elliot Gould, he ends up spending thousands on treatments because they are not necessary, so not covered by insurance. Such a scam.

  5. Natalie

    Hmmmm, remember when Yolanda talked about ” breaking her back” during the delivery of her son, would love to find out the nitty gritty on that situation. She is the ultimate pampered kook.

    • jen

      Yes I wondered a long time about that. Going through labor myself twice and once to a very large baby that took almost 2 days to come I just could not see how that happened. I have heard of tailbone injuries though. You feel like a truck hit you but nothing broken.

      • My sister broke her pelvic bone, but nothing as serious as a broken back.

      • Well that must be what happened to me when I gave birth to my son. My right leg was dragging behind me for a week after I gave birth to him, and he was 12.6 lbs. A skinny boy now.

      • Sharon

        I think Yolanda probably experienced “back labor”, which is when the baby is turned the wrong way with its head pressing on the mother’s tailbone. It is very painful and I went through it my son and also had 2 day labor. So I made damn sure I got an epidural when my daughter was born. I am an RN and have never in my life heard of anyone actually breaking their back or tailbone during childbirth though. I have heard of bruised tailbones. I think she may have experienced back labor and then blew it out of proportion. She usually has a grain of truth to her stories but exaggerates or lies to get sympathy, I guess? She seems to be a pathological liar. I do feel sorry for her and her kids as she is spiraling out of control with all these stories- couldn’t drive for 3 yrs, couldn’t read, write watch TV, etc.It’s very sad because no one will believe her in the future if she gets sick and when her symptoms are real. Like the boy who cried wolf.

    • I chuckled when I read Yolanda had claimed she broke her back during childbirth. She’s that person who’s doctor says to her “you may have broke your TAILBONE during labor” and repeats the story to others as “during labor I broke da back.”

  6. karen

    There is something mentally wrong with her. I do not blame David stop putting your money out to these fake doctors

    • Matzah60

      Yes,Karen. I actually think she has a personality disorder. Yolanda is a con artist. Wow, I have been wanting to write a comment that there is brown eye shadow under her eyes for some time now, but was afraid of being attacked for being insensitive. So glad to hear Tamara write it in the post above.

      Tamara wrote in a post on December 1, 2015 about the divorce announcement that she had suspected that the two of them have been living separate lives for over a year now, starting back in 2014. I do believe this to be 100% true. It seems to be that David was concerned about an onslaught of bad press about how he left a ‘sick’ woman. Indeed, that’s exactly what happened initially, but it seems that this season of RHBH will be her own demise. The crazy Instagram posts being sick and healthy in one week, the inconsistent lies that are taped and viewed each week on the show, along with a group of ladies who film with her who obviously do not believe her, except perhaps, Erica and maybe Eileen.

      I don’t know why Yolanda decided to leave him as she was obviously bilking him out of tons of money. It had been rumored around the internet (no idea if this is true) that when she left the reunion last year, albeit, early, she headed to an island to get a facelift, sans David Foster.

      There is a line in a movie I saw over 20 years ago which may be applicable to both parties in this divorce. “I left you long before you left me.”

      • Lime Brain

        I remember TT saying that saying that production gave Lisa Rhinna the job to bring up the Munchausen possibility. I’m thinking David Foster’s divorce lawyers gave production the info in the first place. This way he doesn’t look bad leaving a “sick” woman and to save the prenup.

      • Hmm, she really doesn’t look like she’s had a facelift to me.

    • Matzah60

      Andy Cohen was asked on his site in the ask andy videos about whether you was surprised about the divorce. He replied that he wasn’t and the reason for that was a very pro Yo statement, throwing much shade on David Foster.

      Honestly, I think that they are both self-absorbed, but the main difference is that David actually has incredible talent and Yolanda is just a pretty face looking for a free paycheck from hubby 1 and 2. I am sure there will be hubby 3, unless of course they watch RHBH

      • Colleen

        Maybe Yo will end up will the windmill guy from last season. Lol sorry…couldn’t resist!

      • tamaratattles

        What a terrible thing to say!!!

        That windmill guy seems like such a nice person. :)

      • When Yolanda first came on the RHOBH I thought David was a narcissistic jerk BUT I have since changed my whole attitude. He truly is a gifted lyricist and finding also how generous his charity work has been He tried with Yolanda. She sure had me buffaloed. She would suck the life from anyone with the attention she needs. I first thought it was because he was away so much and I felt bad for her, when he was around all that “my king, my love” nauseated me but it was all for attention she craved. I now feel she indeed has Munchausen syndrome for sure. I actually feel for her

  7. Toni Lee Gildea

    “Something ain’t clean in the buttermilk” comes to mind.

  8. V

    what sucks about all this is that her cast mates were right, Yo is sick but not with CLD; however because they don’t want to be sent a bunch of hate messages on twitter they are just going to end up going along with yolanda’s game and continue watching her be the spokesperson for Lyme Disease.

  9. cobe

    I suspect as long as she has Daisy, stroking her hair and whispering sweet nothings in her ear, she will be a-ok.

    Thinking David was okay with Daisy as an add on but she became a replacement.

  10. Dawn

    I stopped following Yolanda’s Tweets, since I interpret them all as manipulating the public or trying to shame doubting friends, and it’s irritating me.

    This may be old fashioned, but it was customary in “polite” society for the man to allow the woman to file for divorce, even when he was the one wanting out of the marriage first/more. Sort of the reverse of the custom that the man is the one to propose marriage, even if the woman is the one pushing for it. I can see David giving her that honor.

  11. Minky

    Thank god for TT! I’m so glad you mentioned the eyeshadow thing. I thought I was the only one who noticed. She’s done her eyes like a panda bear.

    What’s this about Munchausen? Is it Munchausen if she’s doing this with monetary gain in mind? I don’t know hardly anything about it. Can’t wait for the Rinna breakdown next episode.

  12. Yolanda is an evil ghoulish creature. I hope Gigi and Anwar can escape her clutches.

  13. Psylocke

    She’s always been a liar. I’ve been watching season …4? (Introductory season for her and Brandi) and viewing it with the foresight we now have, and the shit that comes out of her mouth is just unreal.

    The last thing I remember her saying in her first 50 seconds on screen was that she “drew every inch” of the blue prints for their Malibu house, like picking tiles and fixtures all of a sudden makes you a hardknox architect capable of designing a Malibu mansion.

    • Sharon

      You hit the nail on the head Psylock- she is a compulsive liar. There may be an itty bitty grain of truth and she takes it and exaggerates to make these fantastical stories. Like breaking her back during childbirth. She probably had back labor which is very painful but your back doesn’t actually break. Then as you said, saying she drew the actual blueprints for the Malibu house when she merely decoratedcit and maybe made changes to the design or layout. Another example is her having stated that her children’s immune systems were damaged by her breastfeeding with silicon implants. There was conjecture only in the medical community, not fact that this could happen and studies were funded based on this hypothesis and then proven wrong in studies. It’s like she gets a little bit of knowledge (from google probably) and then passes it off as factual to bolster her claims. Very sad and a very scary and poor representative for people really suffering from after effects of Lyme Disease.

  14. Cat

    When your trophy wife loses it’s shine, you trade it in for a new one.

    Has Yolanda been a guest on Dr. Oz yet? Oh, wait, that’s Nene’s gig. He does like to push product, though.

    I have to agree about the photo, and the brown eye shadow. A person may have dark CIRCLES under their eyes. I’ve never heard of dark TRIANGLES.

    Maybe it’s a Chronic Lyme thing?

    • I don’t know, why would she use brown rather than blue? And why triangles rather than circles? If I were going to fake it…not that I don’t think something shady is going on.

    • cobe

      Uh, therurublog, seriously?


      This is clearly eyeshadow.

      I didn’t want to believe it, but there is no work around to justify it. She is also wearing blush and lip gloss.

      She has made a mockery and a joke of people with chronic illnesses.

      What she did to Lisa Rinna on her blog two weeks ago (linking to an attack by an actual sick woman) was probably the most vicious, cruel thing I’ve ever seen on any housewives show. I still feel ill thinking about it.

      Then, passive aggressively smiling and talking about how she feels “sorry” for folks that don’t believe her because they lack “empa-tea”. She looked truly evil in that moment.

      Re-watch that moment if you have any interest in protecting yourself against people with personality disorders. You will see what is referred to as “micro-expressions”, which are unconscious “tells” about a person’s state of mind.

      Yolanda flashes something called “duper’s delight”, which is when a person is lying and utterly thrilled that they are fooling everyone.

      It’s terrifying.

    • Kelly

      Lately I have been obsessed with youtube makeup tutorials on face contouring and undereye baking. I love watching the transformation from dark undereye circles to flawless skin. You always put the concealer on in the shape of a triangle. It becomes a habit – that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw her undereye shadows.

  15. zoemonster2

    Mohammed does not believe in alternative medical routes. That’s why he is NOT in the ‘chronic’ camp. He’s a traditionalist. He refuses to admit that was indeed said. A. Huge mysogynist

    That said“`I dont believe Yo either.

    • Minky

      Hmmm? Whether Mohammad believes in this, that or the other, and whether or not he’s a misogynist, you’re right. Whatever Yolanda’s up to it’s not okay.

      The thing is, she’s involving his children. All three. Two allegedly are ill, while the third looks as though she’s being forced to go along with the fiction and do Lyme charity appearances. If I were their parent I’d be mad too. She’s stooped low enough to claim that her children are ill with an imaginary disease. It was already bad enough that she was claiming all of this for herself.

      She’s lying and she knows it. Her kids know it, David knows it and Mohammed knows too. What it’s going to take for anybody close to her to call her out publicly is anybody’s guess. If she starts forcing her kids to undergo ridiculous and dangerous treatments for a disease they don’t have, maybe then their father will do something.

      • Sharon

        Minky, the thing is, it looks like the kids are already being treated with LDI (supposed to boost immune system to fight Lyme bacteria) from some doctor in Alaska. It is not an IDSA approved treatment for Lyme disease. TT posted pic of the vials in Yolanda’s fridge a few weeks ago.. Plus Yolanda has said they have been in treatment for 3+ years. How could Mohammed not know this?? Either he agrees with treatment or Yolanda is lying and they are not being treated. I am hoping Mohammad makes a statement soon. We will know more after next weeks RHBH episode. I don’t know if Mohammad actually denied they have lyme disease or it was clever editing to appear he says this to get more people to tune in. I badly for these kids. The scene where she discussed her will with them was a huge turning point for me as that was clearly a ploy for viewers sympathy and she could have cared less that it was hurtful to those kids and her Mom! She could have easily left that info with David and/or Mohammed or even her lawyer.

      • I’m willing to place a bet that it was 100% clever editing. No way is Mohammed going on RHOBH to announce he believes Yo is lying. He has way more class than that.

  16. Jane

    Not interested in watching sick people on TV, so I turn the channel when she and her interminable illnesses of the week are on. She has some serious issues with all the teeth pulling, IVs, enemas, etc. Too bad she can’t have fun with her money, like Erika, but at least she’s not scamming some cancer cure swill.

  17. Queen of the Nile

    Who is taking these fucking pictures of Yolanda? Why is she draped like a Madonna statue? (And I don’t mean “Like a Virgin” Madonna.) And as Maisey has pointed out — why do we always have to see her feet??

  18. ZenJen55

    She also has on a light blush and nude lip gloss. She just stopped wearing fake eyelashes and mascara to make it look like shes wearing no make-up.

    Now to figure out is it for David’s money or Munchausens or even both….no matter it’s deliberate.

  19. swizzle

    I went to urgent care today to deal with a nasty infected appendage…damn, I forgot to take selfies with the doc. When will I ever learn?! I’m going to pick up my RX later, maybe I’ll grab a shot with the pharmacy tech at Walgreen’s.

    Yo has menopause and silicon leakage…that’s it in my opinion. Those are the real sources of her symptoms, but she’s too cuckoo to admit that. Now that the implants were removed, that situation should start to get better. Menopause may take a while. She should talk to her buddy Suzanne Somers for some advice. All these rent-a-docs she’s seeing are creepy criminals who prey on the worried well and hypochondriacs.

    • misery chick

      @ SWIZZLE-lol, taking a selfie with the pharmacy tech-one of the best comments EVER about YoFo’s situation…

      HA ? HA ? HA ? HA ? HA ? HA ? HA ? HA ? HA ? HA ?

  20. The sheets draped over her head and chest make her look like the flying nun after she just got laid. She really does need attention. Not well.

    • Tara

      That is hilarious! Thank you, I needed a good laugh. In the middle of a damn ice storm and lost power an hour ago!

      • Dee

        Sorry to hear Tara, we are under a blizzard watch. Snow is deep. Yolanda needs to stop with the series. I agree she is having hot flashes. Yes, they are awful but not worth posting selfies with make-up to make her look worse. Ugh

    • Very funny, I laughed out loud. This is probably obvious but doesn’t she take more selfies than any one of the housewives? Actually, much more than all the BH housewives combined.

    • WonkyTonk

      OMG I can’t believe I didn’t see it earlier. Everyone do a google search on “mother teresa” lower case without the quotes. Take a look at the pics on the right side of the screen. Any thoughts? It’s like she’s intentionally trying to create that impression.

      • OMG, you are so right Wonky Tonk, mother teresa. My mouth is open. I can’t imagine it was intentional!! But my mind does imagine she’s “angelic” role playing. She has no clue; she lives in a uniquely sequestered world.

  21. More Tea Please!

    Wasn’t it just two weeks ago that the miracle doctor in Ohio cured her by removing her silicone?

  22. checkeredapron

    Why isn’t she ever wearing shoes? Who is barefoot during oral surgery? and now in this doctor’s office? Maybe she is sick from picking up germs on her bare feet at all these random medical offices. Does she have supportive followers on instagram? I can’t imagine anyone liking to see all these sick selfies.It’s repulsive.

  23. I’m a long time reader, first time commenter. First off, I’m a HUGE fan of TT & her star commenters! (You know who you are). That being said, I’ve never been a fan of Yolanda. I’ve always felt that she is condescending and elitist by nature. She feels that she is above everyone and it grates on me to see all of these “Poor Yolanda” comments. She is a smart woman and IS very ill. I agree with Psylocke in that she suffers from menopause & silicone leakage. That’s it. End of my sympathy. She is a piece of work! I’m suffering from menopause & I’m not spending umpteen millions of dollars to prove that I’m not old enough to be going through it! When Yo was at Rinna’s birthday dinner sans makeup, she stated that she was fine one minute, but the next she felt like an engine overheating. She got hot & flushed & had to leave. That was IT for me. It’s called a HOT FLASH. Women YOUR AGE have them!!! She seems to miraculously recover in time to film each season. She is a FRAUD. Sick, but an enormous FRAUD.

    • Cat

      I agree. I think it’s a combination of things that is making her sick. But I think her main problem is that stupid Master Cleanse.

      I was going to try it, but when I went to look for the recipes, I saw all sorts of health warnings.

      I decided to stick with my ice water.

      Welcome to TT! Hope to see more comments from you! We have cookies!

  24. Sali

    Wow… I’m speechless. I don’t understand what her motivation for this would be. The sick selfies have always seemed like she’s screaming for attention. She’s either truly mentally ill or a con artist. I don’t know which is worse.

    • Librarygirl

      Yo got a ton of attention with this fraud, during a time that she was divorcing, menopausal,and apparently suffering from silicone poisoning. I agree with TTYL that the whole Lynette thing was a facade, much to the detrimental to of others who sought guidance from her supposed illness. She is a fraud.

  25. CanadaCat

    LOL TT on the eyeshadow under the eyes…you called it, as per usual. I think Yo’s most affected body part is her head. She’s kookoo for cocoa puffs and I really think a large part of what’s going on is her need for attention, to be “special”, in the spotlight about something, and to have her “thing” since she can’t be about all that love crap she was shlepping ad nauseum. What better answer to all of that then bring a spokesperson for something that isn’t easy to define, diagnose, or treat, something obscure and vague. I think she jumped on this health bandwagon right around the time she knew she and David weren’t going to last. Just think, wtf would be her storyline w/out her illnesses? Too bad her fake no-makeup faces and bullshit she spews are so easy to see through. Sorry, Yo, you lost my respect.

  26. @immelza

    She is a strange bird indeed. The sick selfies are just way too much no one who is truly sick spends time having someone take their pictures and filming a ‘reality’ show. I think Yo has a plan, she’s planned her kids careers and now since she didn’t get her ‘lifestyle’ show she’s now on to this. I see her announcing she’s cured then writing a book, endorsing supplements and whatever other snake oil she can rustle up. She’ll hit the talk show circut and on the background screen will be all her sick selfies flashing as she boasts how she researched and cured herself. I wish someone would shut her down with this crap, people who are truly sick can’t drop everything, board their private plane and fly to Korea for a colonic, nor do they need to buy bottles of unregulated as supplements. I know after I broke my neck I tried everything to gain my health back, I was desperate until I finally learned how to survive daily. Oh and I have probably been to 1000 different Drs and never thought let’s kick off our shoes and take a selfie! Sorry for the long post this con job woman annoys the heck out of me oh and the predicted 18-24 inches of snow (I need to get it together and move my ass to someplace warmer!)

  27. Rose

    She’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs. That second photo is hilarious!

    • Librarygirl

      Looks like she is being shot off into space. Or the I love Lucy episode where she and Ethel are in the steam tent to loose weight.

  28. Angel(?)

    Would you like to be married to a narcissist with delusions of grandeur? Me, umm, no. Wait! Actually I think I am. ?

  29. captain eel

    Yolanda is a constant poor but prolific liar. Aging has taken its toll on the has been model, the once upon a time trophy wife, and the washed up gold digging con woman with the god complex. Sickie selfies are all she has left to try to gain attention, which she desperately craves. David finally saw the light, the XXXL feet and the disturbed mind.

    • janet

      You said that well captain! People who live like this, manipulating and being deceptive, dont do so hot when their youth and looks start to dim. That’s a big camaflauge for a person, especially women. People love beauty and are often so captivated and charmed by it, that the real person underneath it all, can fool and trick and get away with murder! But, that only lasts so long . If theres no beauty within, their power starts to disappear and they hate that more than anything, because the tricks don’t work anymore.

      • Allison

        It’s crazy how much my image of her has changed. The more she posts and talks about her “illness” and that we hear, it appears Munchausen-y more and more, especially involving her other 2 kids in the ridiculous treatments that have no medical value. She’s gone off the rails, and is trying super hard to convince the public of how sick she is. But I think the sick she is may be psych and not medical, more and more. I hope someone intervenes, but they’re all adults, so I dont know how much anyone can really do.

  30. Jen

    Hey, I’m a has been trophy wife and I’m aging like everyone on the planet. I have unnamed illness. But I can strike a pose at most of my procedures and with my doctors (quacks) allegedly….lol…I’m deathly ill let’s pose and take a selfie!!! Pay attention to me! Me! Me Me Not you!!!! memememememememe!!!!!

  31. Allison

    She seems so invested in her illness that it wouldn’t surprise me if the reason she left David is that he didn’t want to play any more. I can’t keep track of her symptoms and diagnoses-the parasite, the silicone, brain damage….horseflies barns ticks and Lyme, just can’t keep track. Cool side note:one of TT’s tweets to Bethany Frankel is on the daily mail website.

    • tamaratattles

      Of all the things y’all email me about, my tweet on DM didn’t make the cut? THanks for the heads up, Allison!

      • CanadaCat

        Does anyone know how to find the article where TTs tweet was mentioned in relation to Bethenny? I’ve looked online but am not savvy enough to find it.

      • Allison

        Sorry ahead of time if someone answered this-but of you go to the daily mail website in US entertainment its in the story about Bethenny Frankel’s tweet about Walmart. My apologies if I’m breaking any posting rules mentioning other sites ? its a great tweet, actually. How ya’ll find it!

      • Cat

        I just scrolled until I found it. It was a good tweet.

      • Allison

        You’re welcome, TT-it was spot on, too. ?

      • peachteachr

        You also are mentioned in the NY Post Page Six on the Bethenny story. They posted your tweet, too. Can’t help but hum the part of the Jeffersons’ opening song that says, “We’re moving on up.”

    • Another side note: I saw Andy in Seattle last weekend. During the open questions, he was asked to read his last text message. He refused saying it was from Bethenny. She’s pissed at him, the text was bad so he wouldn’t share. Actually he didn’t share anything I already didn’t know.

    • janet

      I agree. David was very touching with Yolanda at the surgery to remove her implants. He played the doting concerned husband. But how long could one do that, if you came to the realization that the person enjoyed the attention of being SICK? Its never going to end, and they’ve been revealed for the weirdo that they are. Another time that I noticed a crack in Yolanda’s perfect wife routine, was when David after dealing with the Bella DUI all on his own, and tried to interject an observation about middle child issues that he and Dr. Phil had discussed. And Yolanda SHUT IT DOWN. She stuck her hand in David’s face and told him that was ridiculous. She would not listen and I felt bad for David, as he was trying to be a caring step father and Yo basically wouldnt let him.,

      • David Foster was the Jenner boys step father and they say he’s the one who raised them like his own and they called him their father and Bruce was just Bruce. They never saw him. I think that shows what kind of character he has.

  32. cobe

    Hmmm . . . I’m looking at “Dr Klinghardt” and I’m looking at Daisy and they look suspiciously alike.

    Anyone ever seen both of them in the same room at the same time?

  33. Bettie Seeker

    The article and all the comments are fascinating. I was never sure there was a psych piece to
    Yolanda’s illness until we saw the will scene. Just callus, manipulative, terrible behavior to stage for cameras with kids and Mom held hostage. That just absolutely stunk of agenda. Or serious mental illness.

  34. KaraW

    It’s sad. I never saw her look more beautiful than she did at the reunion where she left early. All she had to do was keep showing up, showing off the Malibu house with the lemons the magnificent refrigerator, and making her quirky comments and we all would have kept watching. How does a person with that much attention need more? It can’t be that she needed someone to wait on her… she could have paid for that anyway, sick or not. Was it the kids growing up that broke her somehow? I know there’s talk of it being a scam, but what a waste of time for her and the kids.

  35. She was a former stunner in her youth which she traded for marriages with rich men but no longer can garner the attention she once had and still craves. Models, actresses, celebrities in general become addicted to the fame and attention probably more than the money. This is a sad, desperate attempt to keep eyes on her. She probably doesn’t even realize why she’s doing it, that’s why they give it a name, Munchaussen, because it’s an all to familiar syndrome. By contrast, David’s claim to fame is not associated with his looks so he is always going to be valued for what he was and still is. If he lives to be 100, he’ll still be worshipped. It’s not easy being everyones shadow person.

    • janet

      Its too bad katimir2. Yolanda probably could have had a nice life with David Foster. Her youngest child is almost grown, and she would have had all the freedom to travel and enjoy life with him very soon, and pretty much did now. They were together 4years before marriage, so I think David did not know the REAL Yolanda, only what she let him think about her. Even though 4 years was a long time to fool someone, I have heard of people really changing as soon as the ceremony has been performed. I also saw a show one time, about a con man that fooled a group of middle aged ladies, and one of them was involved with him for about four or five years. She even described a european vacation where they were hiking, and when she twisted her ankle,..she said he carried her all the way down a mountain. She had really thought he was the real deal. He gave most of the women HIV. It seems David was a strategic marriage for Yolanda maybe. I think menapause treatment and the silicone removal would fix her too, but some people like to be sick for attention. Nothing will fix that, if thats her problem. Shes got access to the best anti aging doctors and got implants fixed and yet it goes on. She could afford growth hormone shots and everything Suzanne Sommers does.

  36. Anastasia_Beave

    She needs to stop it with the Lyme stuff. She very clearly and obviously does not have Lyme disease. Move on. Be an advocate for leaky implants ir something.
    So now we have this, then Shahs with GG and her RA, then a new season of OC still talking about Brooks I’m sure. It’s never going to end.

  37. Dee

    Was it here that I read David said she wanted a divorce over a year ago. Not believing she is as sick as she says. After chemo I was so sick I couldn’t email or put on make up. Had no hair to dye. She is offensive to every person who is actually sick, suffering, trying to put their lives back together. I’m sorry, it is infuriating that she is putting eye-shadow under her eyes.

  38. Scatty

    On that pic of her in bed, she uses #Spoonie. Does anyone know what this means, or is she trying to imply she was “spooning” with someone in bed? And if it was a #badselfieday, why take the damn selfie then? This woman is getting crazier by the day.

    • cobe

      Scatty, there is something that people with chronic illnesses use to describe their situation called “The Spoon Theory”.

      If you Google it, you will see what she is talking about.

      • Sharon

        Sorry Cobe! I did not see your reply about spoon theory. I was too busy writing my reply which turned t to be a book.

      • cobe

        No need to apologize Sharon.

        Great explanation.

        I’m really sorry to hear about what you’ve been through.

      • hannahkingrose

        I as a sufferer of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome which is a recognized and documented disorder btw and am familiar with the “spoon theory”. To those of you who don’t suffer from a chronic debilitating disease, it’s a way to explain how we try to pick and choose what to do in a day and why we can’t do something because we have run out of energy or strength before we can. It’s hard for healthy people to grasp I know.

        What pisses me off completely about this is that Yolanda is using spoon theory to bolster her allegedly made up condition. She is making us who truly are in pain and sick look bad. She makes people question us by her lies. I despise having my picture taken especially when I’m having a bad day. No one who is ill would do things to make themselves sicker. All these cleanses OMG how could you not be sick? That doesn’t happen in nature. Two almond meals come on now really. Hell I wonder now if she actually had the parasites put into her body to keep her weight down. Some people actually do this. I always try to think the best of people especially those who say they are sick. Unfortunately this time I’ve got to go with Yolanda going through menopause hormonal brain, thinking she’s losing her looks, needing attention, and silicone poisoning. Geez Yolanda, if you need attention take a young lover or join Erika Jane and become Yolanda Faye or something.

    • Sharon

      Scatty, there is a thing called the spoon theory that is used by people with chronic diseases that cause extreme fatigue and/or pain. (CHF, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MS, Lupus, etc) Basically counting “spoons” is like a way to measure how much you can do in a day. For example, you start out with say 10 spoons for each day. It takes maybe 2 spoons to take a shower, 1 spoon to walk to bathroom, 3 to cook a meal. So by 12 noon you have only 4 spoons left so you know you can’t do too much for rest of the day. If you Google “spoon theory” it will give you more info and make better sense. Personally I don’t find this theory helpful but some people do.

      It’s just another “catchy” term or theory that Yolanda has latched onto to try and legitimize her illness. It is maddening to me as she is a terrible spokesperson for Lyme disease and anyone who still has symptoms after antibiotic treatment. Her crazy antics have been a huge setback for how public perceives anyone who really has this disease in the acute phase or post treatment lyme disease syndrome (not to be confused with chronic lyme disease)

      I was bit by a tick and had bullseye rash in 1992. It took over 6 months from tick bite to getting diagnosis and I experienced classic textbook symptoms of neuroborrealis-hospitalized with “viral” meningitis, bells palsy, parotid gland swelling, severe noise and light sensitivity. Then it progressed to my joints when an infectious disease MD tested me for Lyme and it came back highly CDC positive. I was treated for 2 weeks with IV antibiotics(ceftriaxone) as they didn’t know enough about treatment at that time. Unfortunately I was under treated as the current CDC standard of care for neuroborrealis is 6-8 weeks of IV antibiotics. In 1993, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and “lyme arthritis”. I still had some on and off periods of noise and light sensitivity and pricking in face on same side as had Bell’s Palsey and now have nerve damage. I worked as an RN and raised 2 great kids over the years even though I was constantly stiff and sore but it got ac lot worse when I turned 50. Just 2 years ago I treated with 8 weeks of IV antibiotics as I tested highly CDC positive for current and pwillast infection again..It helped with decreasing muscle aches and noise and light sensitivity however I can no longer work. My doctors think I never completely got rid of Lyme in 1992 and as I aged and immune system could no longer keep it at bay. So I am left with post treatment lyme syndrome: severe joint pain, trigeminal neuragia(facial nerve damage) cardiac issues, severe fatigue however muscle aches much better. This can be a serious, life altering disease if not found and treated within first few weeks. Some people can even be cured if found within first 8-12 weeks. I didn’t have a chance and cannot fathom all of Yolanda’s selfies, crazy stories, globe trotting, lying, manipulation, ect. We need research into Lyme Disease and Post lyme syndrome and she has thrown a monkey wrench into it for sure by maKing it a laughing stock.

      • Sharon

        Thanks Cobe! I usually don’t share my personal story in detail like this online and sorry if this is tmi. It’s just that Yolanda is truly doing a huge disservice to anyone with either acute lyme or post treatment lyme disease. Most people can’t differentiate these from chronic lyme so I don’t want to get lumped into same category as Yolanda who has appointed herself as spokeperson for Lyme disease

      • Cat

        Thanks for explaining “spoon theory”.

        It sounded really flaky to me…how the heck does a spoon measure your fatigue? Then, I read the original post from the woman who created it.

        It’s not a way to measure your daily activities, but a way to DEMONSTRATE to someone who has never had to deal with chronic fatigue how quickly your energy runs out.

        The last thing we all need is some stupid game.

        The original explanation makes sense, and is a good way to make people understand.

        But…is Yolanda making spoon theory into an actual daily measurement?

      • I went and read that too. The lady that wrote it sure sounds like a bitch. I felt bad for the friend in her story.

      • Also I wonder how many spoons a selfie costs?

      • Yoland Foster: Counting spoons with forked tongue.

      • hannahkingrose

        Sharon so sorry for all you are having to go through with Post Treatment Lyme Syndrome. I made a comment and I managed to get it nested in the wrong place over yours. Was definitely agreeing with you about Yolanda being a terrible spokesperson for Lyme’s or any other chronic disease for that matter. Gives us all a bad name and makes people look sideways at us. I hope you are able to manage your symptoms as best you can. Gentle hugs. You are in my prayers.

      • cobe

        Sharon, your story was poignant and perfectly appropriate.

        There are many of us who suffer from chronic illnesses. It is a terrible thing to go through and awful to try to explain to those around us what we are going through.

        What Yolanda has done is make a mockery of the entire thing. It is very obvious that she has stolen phrasing and emotions from people truly suffering and incorporated those phrases into her Yolanda pity party.

        It infuriates me.

        I’ve never been a fan of the spoon theory, but it is frustrating to try to explain the lack of energy to someone who doesn’t understand. I refer to it more as a checking account with a low balance. If you push that balance too far, you will incur fees that you have to pay the next day. Better to take it slow and only do what you are able to each day.

        satinbliss, I agree that the person who wrote the spoon theory sounds like a real bitch. However, it is also important to remember that it is incredibly frustrating to try to explain the situation to someone who doesn’t experience chronic fatigue. Spoon theory resonates with a lot of people who have trouble expressing themselves or their situation on their own.

      • I get it. I only have a few “spoons” to allot myself each day. I just think the way she described the story was very patronizing. Like her friend, (and most people) were retarded or something.

        Plus I like to be cheeky. 😉

  39. @immelza

    Sharon, thanks for sharing your story. I hope you feel better and I’m sending out looks of positive thoughts take care.

  40. More Tea Please!

    Dr Klinghardt appears to be a Total Quackerdoodle! One look at his “protocol” and I agree with David Foster needing to divorce himself from Yolanda and her para$itic enablers.

  41. Katherine 2.0

    Good post, TT. Funny how Yo’s pics show her looking ill, but not so ill that she’s wholly unattractive. She’s still got her pride, or at least her version of pride.

  42. Yolanda, Brooks and several others are the reason I stopped watching these shows. Those of us who have had to deal with tragedy or real illness have had enough…at least, I have.

  43. Sweet T

    She had an eating disorder that morphed into an imaginary illness. I hope she gets to a therapist but I doubt it will happen

    • Josie

      So glad someone had the balls to say it. I think it was a lemon cleanse 3 almonds per day eating disorder which morphed into munchausen.

      All the kids must know or suspect but they love their mom and are being supportive. Yolanda is stubborn. Who could ever get thru to her with so many quacks supporting her? Is there a munchausen intervention?

      That mother teresa naked sexy selfie is really weird. I have a hunch she think her selfies are sexy.

  44. I really have no idea. Who does when we aren’t in her body. I’m fully aware of Lymes disease and Munchausen’s itself. She’s not making her kids sick and saying they’re sick constantly for support and they’re old enough anyway. What I do know is, how many times have you gone to a doctor and they don’t know what’s wrong with you? You not only go to one but a few and they may even be a specialist in what part of the body you’re feeling an issue with, yet they can’t figure out what’s wrong and you continue to feel like shit or in pain and when others don’t feel that way, they don’t know what it’s like or how hard it is to live normally and so many people don’t have all kinds of money to just keep seeing doctors until one of them thankfully gives you an answer!

    • tamaratattles

      Corey, don’t you find it odd that many of the doctors that Yolanda goes to have complaints with the medical board? Don’t you find it odd that in the breast capital of the universe, Yolanda has to go to a doctor in Cleveland Ohio because that is the one that allows the procedure to be filmed for television? Don’t you find any of this a bit different from the rest of us here with chronic illness who are not taking suppositories for malaria?

    • Cat

      My first chemo session, the friend who drove me to treatment took my picture. I was livid, and made her delete it.

      There’s one difference. Is that enough?

      I never said she wasn’t sick. A lot of us agree she is sick. But she’s obsessed with the attention. And now, she’s staging sick photos of her kids.

      THAT is SICK.

  45. K.

    Give me a break, Tamara you obviously don’t have the empathy you say you have! There are epidemic numbers of people who have chronic illnesses traditional MD’s don’t have any idea how to treat much less think they are real. Remember epileptic attacks were once viewed as evidence of people being possessed by the devil. Then those with epilepsy were shunned.

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