Top Chef Recap: Back In The Day

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

We begin with that glorious moment where Wesley went home. Sorry homeboy, not a fan. I totally zoned out. I get really into this show and forget I am supposed to be recapping. It’s the tenth anniversary of Top Chef so I think most things are going to be around the number ten.  We have ten chefs left. They each got to choose an ingredient from the pantry and everyone must use the same ten items only. Phillip went first, and he chose the protein, which is exactly what I would have done. He picked a New York steak. The next dude, I think it was my boy Isaac, then picked chicken!  Not the best move but maybe he has a plan?  Jason picked celery when there were no vegetables other than tomatoes. This should be interesting.  Other than Phillip, I kind of like everyone left. And Phillip is actually okay with me if he would just stop with the  dog shit smoke infusions and the snot on a rock. I still don’t know everyone’s names, because I’m slow.

Isaac doesn’t even use the chicken he picked. The chick that does the great desserts took a jab at Isaac for his “lack of refinement.” She’s not winning me over by trash talking my boy. That said, Isaac was in the bottom and so was last week’s winner, Karen. Jeremey and  Amar were in the top. Jeremy wins his first immunity.

The elimination challenge is to create a dish representing where they were 10 years ago. They show Jeremy, who is bald, from his My Space photos ten years ago. He was in a hair band. Kwame was, are you sitting down???, just starting high school! This makes me feel bad about some of my inappropriate thoughts. It wasn’t a good time for him as it was when his relationship with his father deteriorated. Marjorie was a new (“green”) chef so she is doing a green curry. They don’t have lemon grass. Aren’t they at Whole Foods? Jason was in his first management job in a restaurant and he was a crazy, raging bitch who yelled at everybody.  Karen was poor and in love with her girlfriend making lots of pasta. Chad talks about quitting drinking a year or so ago and losing 75 pounds This helps keep me on the wagon for #Healthy2016 I have two brand new jeans in the next TWO sizes down. Because I’ve got goals, dammit.

Top Chef Isaac

Oh! They are cooking in front of the judges. Like open kitchen to the dining room, chef’s table  That’s serious pressure. Ten years ago  Jeremy  found out his mom’s biological parents were Italian so lobster ravioli it is. Oh wow, Katrina was ten years ago for Isaac. What a rough memory that is.  Duck gumbo, for Isaac! YUM!  Carl got a job in a French restaurant. He’s making snails. I’ll pass. Chad joined the navy after 9/11 and he got out of the navy ten years ago. He got a job as a cook. He is making ceviche.  Ten years ago Phillip was dating a Peruvian girl who taught him how to make ceviche. So he is making it too. If Chad’s is better, Phillip will probably go home. Especially since Phillip just said to the guest judge and former Top Chef contestant, Michael Voltaggio,  that he thought he was going to be able to cook his way, but he found out that he is expected to make the judges happy. SIGH. I try to like you Phillip, but it’s hard. And Tom did NOT like that comment. Tom says we don’t look for anything in particular and Michael adds it’s really about just cooking good food. This is a bad edit for Phillip. So he’s likely leaving us tonight.

Amar is making a lobster dish for his chef that he was working for ten years ago that all the chefs know. He has ALS and Amar is cooking to honor him. Kwame is making a dish to represent where he used to eat with his dead. He’s having trouble shaking thoughts of his lack of relationship with his father. His head is not in the game and he cuts himself. He is making jerk….broccoli? Really Kwame?

Time to for the ten chefs to serve the ten guests all of whom are well known chefs, I think. More pressure. Marjorie is up first with her seared halibut with a green curry. They really seemed to like it. Chad has a shrimp ceviche. It was really well received. Isaac’s duck gumbo was well received except one person ( I think a former Top Chef contestant) said the casing was too tough on his Andouille. Tom really liked it.  Jason did a trout that he was worried was under seasoned. It was underseasoned. Tom said it was “a bit of a letdown.”  Jason has been struggling to fit in with the group a bit. I hope he doesn’t go home tonight. I love him.

Karen made orecchiette with a pork (?) ragu. I’ve never heard of it either, apparently orecchiette is just one of many kinds of pasta named for its “ear shape” because everyone wants to ear things shaped like human ears.  I don’t get the pork thing either. She got a mixed result with a few criticisms. Amar made a butter poached lobster with lots of other stuff. They loved it.

Carl’s snail dish. They really loved it. Phillip’s ceviche with lots of shellfish. They hated it. Phillip whines as usual in his talking head about how the chefs don’t know good food.  Kwame says this is the worst thing he has every plated. His emotions about that time are on the plate. Jerk broccoli on cornbread pudding with smokey bleu cheese doesn’t seem like something that would have ever worked. They all hated it.  Jeremy’s lobster ravioli came with salmon. They told Jeremy it’s a good thing he has immunity. They seemed highly offended by the presence of salmon next to lobster ravioli. It was so bizarre to me.

I don’t get why so many of them wear their aprons to judging. Stop that! Tom says usually when it is down to ten someone with a good dish goes home. Not tonight. Tonight someone is going home for a bad dish.

Majorie (green curry), Chad (his ceviche beat Phillip!) and Carl (snails) are top three. They LOVED the snails so I expect Carl to win. But I’d like Chad to win. Majorie won! They said it was the best dish of the night.

Kwame (jerk Broccoli for fucksake!) , Phillip (ceviche)  and Jason (poached trout) PLEASE let it be Phillip, I love Jason and Kwame.  Phillip is doing a good job of talking himself out the door. Jason is in a bad headspace and Tom asks him about it. Jason says he hasn’t felt himself lately. He just left his restaurant because he had lost his joy. Tom seems compassionate. Then Padma sends him home. Awwwww, Kwame cried when they sent Jason home.  The end note had a memorial to the chef with ALS who passed at 51 in 2015.

Next week: Instagram is the judge? So how does that work? No tasting? Marjorie continues to be pressed about Isaac. She says this is his challenge. Why is that?


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13 responses to “Top Chef Recap: Back In The Day

  1. JoJoFLL

    I thought for sure Phillip was going home.

    How uncomfortable was Padma when Gayle and Tom were talking about where they were ten years ago?

    Katie Lee Joel was hosting.

    She was horrible but the gossip sites aren’t doing Padma any favors. I wish i had some scoop on that.

  2. Cat

    I don’t understand these chefs and judges sometimes. They tend to love things that sound really gross to me. If that’s what gourmet eating is, I think I’ll pass.

    Bring on the bacon cheeseburger, onion rings, and cold beer.

  3. Rose

    I hate that Jason went home and not Phillip.

  4. Cjbomb

    The woman who said the andouille sausage casing was tough was Mei- last years winner and all around bad-ass. I’m completely confused as to why Jason left and Phillip didn’t get kicked out the door especially with his dumbass comments. Thank GOD Kwame dodged that bullet.

  5. Shae

    My heart would’ve broken if Kwame had been sent home on the back of that performance. He’s been so great and to have the memory of his dad mess him up that way and be kicked off would’ve been awful. Sad to see Jason go, I liked him and HATE phillip, but oh well. Phillip needs a serious attitude adjustment, he just doesn’t seem to know how to handle himself with people.

    I was surprised jeremy made such a bad dish, but I guess if you’re going to mess up it’s best to do so when you have immunity lol

  6. I am new to commenting, but not new to this site. I stopped watching most of the shows on Bravo but I love to read the recaps here. Top Chef is my all time favorite and one that I never miss. My daughter went to the Culinary Institute of America with Kwame, in fact, he was one of the first students I met, he even made us risotto! Watching him in the bottom three this week just broke my heart. I think Philip and his attitude need to go home already!

    • tamaratattles

      Welcome, Deedles! I see to remember your name. I love Kwame too. I think he will be fine. He was just feeling some kinda way on last night’s episode.

      • Thanks for the welcome! This Yankee is ready for the blizzard coming our way. I will be snowed in and watching t.v. all weekend and then coming here for some hot tea.

  7. WonkyTonk

    I don’t get this challenge, never have, don’t see the point of it especially since in so many seasons you can tell a lot of the chefs are just making shit up to justify what they plated. I suppose there doesn’t have to be a point though I guess. Really like Isaac, dude’s funny, and makes a lot of food that I would love to eat, but I’m thinking that female chef is right he’s going to have to up his game to higher end food and presentation.

  8. Wanda

    Kwame is my fav. The pain he was feeling must have been very deep, to let his negative relationship cause him to make jerk broccoli. OMG, his ambivalent with his dad really came through in that dish, in so many ways.

  9. Jane

    Gosh, I don’t get the Jason love. He seemed on the verge of tears all season. Oh well, to each her own. Phillip is painful to watch, like the kid who always frantically waved his hand first in school. Still love Isaac, that sexy thing. He can stir my gumbo anytime. Kwame seems like a great chef and stand up guy. Enjoyed the homage to the chef who passed and Marjorie saying she’d cry in the kitchen.

  10. Margarett

    I just can’t like Philip no matter how hard I try. I think Tom is having the same problem. He surely wasn’t pleased with Phillip’s remarks/excuses.

    I’m rooting for Issac (just can’t spell that). I also like Marjorie’s humility and excitement at just being a contestant.

    Chad may have inspired you, Tamara, but you have inspired me. Not only did I fix breakfast, but we had stuffed salmon and salad for dinner. You get a “solid A” from me for determination and perseverance!

    BTW, I love escargot! Keep up the great work in the new week and I will follow your excellent example!

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