Daily Tea: Yankees in the Deep Freeze!

snow tea


I keep meaning to do a daily tea on our #Healthy2016 plan for happiness. My plan is to do them on the weekend when things are slow, but I wanted to get something up for the east coast weather. Apparently, an Ice Age has begun. We might even get a flake or two here in Atlanta on Saturday!  I hope everyone has prepared and bought tons of alcohol and snack foods and other essentials!

As for #Healthy2016,  I have been updating on Twitter  so you should definitely be following me. I do all sorts of oversharing there!  I’d like to get up to 10,000 real live people who follow me and like the website in 2016! I do a lot of blocking though so who knows. :)

I’ve been to the gym twice this week, and it’s killing me. Yesterday the sole of my running shoes  fell off my left shoe. Like the entire sole just flew off. I went to TJ Maxx on the other side of town today looking for a pair of jeans I like in the next smaller size today (because optimist) and didn’t find any new workout shoes. And I am not at all picky about them really. I suppose I can try again tomorrow. I did find the jeans, and a box of 12 KIND bars for  $11. #Counterproductive At least they are made with good ingredients and I have been craving sweets for some reason.

snow stormOver all I am pleased with my progress. I am not weighing at all. I’m not drinking, I’m eating mostly organic, lots of raw foods and more water than you could imagine. My mood is great but I am doing a lot more moving around (four hours of errands in THE WORLD today) and I wear out easy. But I’m headed in the right direction. #Healthy2016

Are you ready for the ICE AGE? Are you still making good choices for a #Healthy2016 ? If you are new to TT, Our “daily tea” threads are for us to talk about whatever is on our minds. It’s an open forum. So talk to me! And stay warm!


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70 responses to “Daily Tea: Yankees in the Deep Freeze!

  1. susan

    I’m envious. Good for you.

  2. JoJoFLL

    Hate on me haters. It’s 70 degrees here right now in South Florida.

    Good for you Tamara!

    I’m supposed to run the Miami Half Marathon Sunday and I am so not trained.

    • Mzjulesaz

      We just came off of a cold snap in Phoenix and are now enjoying 70’s as well. Good luck on the 1/2 marathon!

    • Cat

      You won’t get any hate from me. I lived in Orlando for 16 years, and couldn’t wait to get out. I just can’t handle the heat and humidity.

      I’d rather cuddle up in my blanket in front of the fire, sip some hot tea or hot chocolate, and watch the snow come down.

    • Cat

      I am struggling. My biggest obstacle is myself. I keep thinking I can jump right back to where I was 3 years ago. Not gonna happen. Too much has changed, and too much damage has been done.

      And I have to realize, I am not 20 anymore. I just don’t want to feel like I’m 80.

      So…I am taking it day by day, hour by hour. My blood pressure is still down to normal, 120/80 last time. It was a whopping 170/110 when I started the meds.

      I am still tweaking the new “diet”. It’s not really a diet, but a lifestyle change. I realized this month, I need to cut back on carbs, I just like potatoes and bread too much!

      As for exercise, that’s a tough one. I don’t exercise as much as I want to, or need to. But, I am still recovering, so…it is what it is. I told my oncologist last week, “You may have saved my life, but I’m not living.”

      I want to LIVE, dammit. THAT is my new resolution, and it trumps all the other goals I have set.

      Right now, I am doing some long overdue mental work. I called it my “Disney Cleanse”, purging all the negative energy from my years at Mousewitz, and letting it GO. FINALLY!

      Then, and only then will I be able to pursue my life’s work: Writing and illustrating MY children’s books. Hey, Dr. Seuss started late in life….why can’t I?

      Thanks to Zenjen, for taking the time to read my Disney experiences, and not calling me crazy. Those things really DID happen.

    • JennLovesAndy

      Good luck on your race! I am sure you will do great or at least have fun, listen to some tunes, people watch and read the signs (my fav part of the race- well besides the beer at the end)!

  3. WonkyTonk

    If you like KIND bars you should definitely try the various Odwalla bars they’re freakin delicious, plus they’re GMO-free.

    Yeah my east coast friends are facebooking their alcohol stash for the impending snowpocalypse. I’ve been through a few blizzards and they’re actually kind of fun when you’re a kid. You get off from school, and you’ve got tons of fresh snow to play with when the snowing stops, and your parents let you out of the house. My friends are kind of looking forward to the days off from work if they get them.

  4. Rose

    Blizzard warning here, up to 24″ expected.

  5. Spilledperfume

    I’m in New York and we’re supposed to get a full fledged snow storm and I am not prepared.

  6. Xanadude

    I spent about an hour cleaning and finally just painting over graffiti in the ladies restroom today (all the while singing “I’ve Got a Meeting in the Ladies Room”). Sad thing is is that it was all Jesus and G-d and Bible quotes

    • WonkyTonk

      My father was a straight up charismatic Catholic, and he used to say to me, Wonky he would say, if you’re gonna do, do it right. I wonder if he would think this is an example of doing something wrong but in a right way. Either way I think this is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while.

  7. JustJenn

    That’s great, TT..sounds like 2016 is off to an excellent start for you! I really haven’t been successful at all – my pants are actually feeling a little tight and I spent an hour alone in a car with my ex..just talking though. I did start working out daily and when it warms up a little hopefully I’ll feel like eating better.

  8. BeetsWhy

    I’m in PHL and we are looking at 12-16″…but I swear every time they make such a big deal out of a storm we end up with a dusting. But just in case they are right I stocked up on rock salt, a shiny new shovel and my new very favorite cookie ever. It might be a regional brand but if you are familiar with Sweetzels spice wafers in the orange box this is for you. They have a new product, spiced mini cremes. O.M.G. they are to die for. If you have them in your area do not waste time, go get them!

  9. Sherry

    Wow! Great Job! And that is a steal of a deal on the KIND Bars. I better go check out my store. You should have healthy treats around so you don’t freak out and bake a cake or something and eat the whole thing. :)

    I have been juicing and I just got a great deal on a treadmill. It was leaning up against my garage when I got home so I had to drag it all the way inside by myself. I figure that work out alone was worth the price I paid. I am attempting to put it together now. I busted out my old fitbit and that has helped me to be aware of how little I was moving most days. So the treadmill is to get me past the 10,000 steps mark that I can’t seem to reach even on my busy days.

    Good Luck to you all in your up coming storm. I am a little jealous. Booze and Snacks…whats not to love?

  10. blaine

    Wow! Great for you!!! Twice in a week is a.really good start! Are you someone who watches shows or reads on the treadmill or are you a clock ticking down kinda woman?

    I really like ASICS running shoes (GT 2000), their soles can take a pounding and offer great support for my wide foot… but I rip out the sole of any shoe i buy and replace it with a trim-able dr Scholls gel insert.

    • JoJoFLL

      I run in Asic Gel Nimbus and have been for about ten years now.

      • hannahkingrose

        JoJoFLL I love that you run. I can’t even remember the last time I ran anywhere. Before it was because the boobs were too big and it just hurt. Now it’s no cartilage in my knee. At this point I figure the only time I’ll ever attempt to “RUN” again is if there is someone chasing me with a knife. I might be able to get away from someone with a knife. If they have a gun, I ain’t even going to get tired for no reason lol

    • Spilledperfume

      I don’t know about Tamara but if I tried reading while on the treadmill I would get dizzy and fall off.

      That’s not even a joke.

      Thank you for the tip on the gel inserts. I’ve been meaning to try them. Now I definitely will. Do you have to rip out the shoes sole to use them?

      • blaine

        I couldn’t read either, I’m not sure what it says about my form but my head would bob so much I could never keep my place on the page, ha! I used to save my real housewives shows for the treadmill but haven’t been able to do much since my last pregnancy a couple years ago.

        And as for the insoles, nope! They just come right out. :-)

      • Spilledperfume

        Thank you.

  11. We’re expecting a little sleet, ice maybe, on the coast. I made homemade cream of tomato soup, baked a quiche, turned out a batch of Jorge Cruz’s macadamia nut clusters, and picked up an extra bag of dog food. I have wine, vodka, coffee and Baileys and Kahlua. If you haven’t seen it, watch “The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden” on Netflix. It’s a documentary/history/murder mystery. I was fascinated. I haven’t done so well on the healthy thing. I should start February 1.❤️

  12. beth

    TT, weather map shows a big storm over Georgia right now – hope all is okay where you are. Not sure how much snow we will get in MA – current prediction is a few inches, but I don’t trust weather forecasts more than 1.5 days in advance.

  13. I joined #healthy2016 a little late but it’s going good so far (food-wise). I’m eating mostly vegetables & protein plus no sugar (which is the hardest part for me). I need to add the exercise part next. In Northern California we just got pummeled by a huge rainstorm. The river in my backyard is raging. It’s been gloomy but we need really wet winters to get out of this drought so I’m grateful. Best wishes to everyone on the East Coast. Stay warm!

    • Sherry

      The Lady Cocotte, Hello! Your food plan sounds great. I am trying to get back to that way of eating. I did no sugar for about a year and so many problems went away, so why oh why did I let that evil sugar sneak back? I am in Northern California too…we are suppose to get a big storm tomorrow (Friday). Not complaining….love a storm and I am excited for more water too. Good Luck to you!

    • WonkyTonk

      So strong. I just can’t. For example right now I’m stuck in a game I like to call: Watching them cookies on the kitchen table. Yeah, it consists of looking at them from every angle, and then playing a lightning round of: Why you can’t eat them cookies, followed by a lightning round of: Dem cookies would go great with ______ fill in any and all ice cream flavors ever everywhere. Usually by then I will have wavered and taken the first bite, and it’s all downhill from there, but sometimes I’ll smash them into tiny little bits and throw them in the trash can, and walk away. At that point the new game starts: Does the five second rule apply to things you just threw in the trash can? That one I’ve always won…so far.

  14. Karina

    I like your style taking good care of yourself. I’ll be waking up to about 14 degree temps. tomorow. Eating lots of homemade soups. Trying to stay away from processed foods. I noticed you mentioned electrolyte water. Funny I bought some pedialyte this week but I was going to save it because I heard it cures hangovers. (Still drink 2 glasses wine most nights). I’ll try some of the regular brand 365 and drink daily. My 80 year old mom introduced me to vitimix collagen. She makes drinks out of it in a nutribullet blender. Her skin looks so good and a sales clerk asked if we were friends while we were out shopping. I was thinking do I look that old! So she is ia big motivator and inspiration for me to Kiel Working form the inside out. Still no exercise. Geeze my mom has me beat there too! She takes dancing lessons and goes to the gym. Having healthy people and family around me helps a lot! Sleep is still a problem. Not enough.

  15. Have you tried a quest bar, Tamara? They come in loads of flavors, though I live and breathe for the chocolate chip cookie dough type. Quest are dairy free, grain free, low carb, and protein and fiber rich. You can get them at GNC. Enjoy your good health!

    • I wanted to love Quest bars so badly. Hated them…I just knew the lemon ones would be delicious. I threw four or five in the trash, couldn’t do it. Maybe don’t stock up on them til you eat one. You’re making me brave, Marie. I’ll buy a chocolate chip cookie dough and try it again.

  16. Pitypat

    The weather people are scaring the hell out of me with expressions like “bullseye historic storm on Washington, DC”. I am reminiscing about the days when snow was so much fun, not anxiety producing.

  17. Lime Brain

    I was going to post in the 2016 resolution thread, but figured I might as well post here instead. So far, I would rate myself a big fat goose egg for my resolutions. But to be fair to myself, I had a mini-Kim Richards situation dumped in my lap right after the new year and things have been chaotic.

    So, I’ve decided to start my resolutions February 1st. Better late than never. I need the rest of this month to regroup and get myself motivated. I need to get back healthy eating. My unrealistic ultimate goal is to cut all sugar out of my diet, but I will be happy to settle with just plain eating mostly vegetarian with a little bit of meat and dairy and no processed food. I’ve quit ice cream, diet sodas, booze and cold cuts for quite a while, but I refuse to give up my half & half for coffee, yogurt, eggs and the occasional steak.

    I just picked up the book “How Not To Die” by Michael Gregger at Costco. It’s easy to read and even though I pretty much already know most of the stuff in it, it’s nice to have all that info in one place for reference, instead of rattling around in my lime brain as uncomplete thoughts. I also plan to spend the weekend snowed in and watching Netflix documentaries on how bad the food industry is. I watched “Fat, sick and nearly dead” this morning, and I just found out there is a part two. Yay! I loved the second half of the movie where the trucker asks for help and starts getting healthy again. I have “Super Size Me”, “Forks Over Knives”, and “Cowspiracy” on tap.

    My other resolution is to clean out and reorganize my purse once a week. That should be the easier of the two, but the thought of it gives me agitata. Lol!

  18. DutchTulip

    Looking forward to the snow here on the East Coast. It’s about time to go “Langlaufen”.
    I need a break… this week performed 8 surgeries. Finished a 6 hour one .. an hour ago. Great team work! The best part is when you tell family members that everything went great and they can see their loved ones!

  19. Micheal

    It is a freezing 19 degrees celcius here in Melbourne. I’m home sick watching Teen Mom OG and American Crime. I nearly felt bad for Farrah. Nearly.

  20. Crazy in NC

    I am on Day 20 of my challenge to exercise at least 10 minutes per day for 30 minutes. I have also met my step goal for the last several days in a row.

    For the snow: I stocked up on canned soups and batch cooked a couple meals today (cold enough to store outside if electric goes out, plus I have a gas grill to cook with!). Velveeta Shells and cheese, pasta, jarred pasta sauce, rice. Stuff that won’t go bad.

    I also bought a lot of junk since I will be snowed in with 4 kids for who knows how long. UGH.

    • Lime Brain

      The thought of being stuck in a house with 4 kids and no electricity made me shudder. Good luck! But on the bright side, if they start acting up, you can always send them out to shovel.

    • hannahkingrose

      Crazy in NC, all we are getting at my house is some sleet and freezing rain. Whenever the weatherman predicts a huge snow event I never worry. We don’t seem to get anything much. It’s the ones where they say we won’t be getting anything that scare me because we end up ass deep to a giraffe then. My husband stopped by the store for dog food and said all the bread was gone. I never have understood milk and bread. Why don’t people buy ham and cereal to go with it. Milk sandwiches don’t sound appealing to me.

  21. GirlMe

    I’ve been getting motivated watching My 600lb life. I see so many of my bad habits in them and what will happen if I continue to do nothing.

    Seeing them change their habits gives me hope I can change mine.

    Congrats to everyone.

  22. Cat

    I am struggling. My biggest obstacle is myself. I keep thinking I can jump right back to where I was 3 years ago. Not gonna happen. Too much has changed, and too much damage has been done.

    And I have to realize, I am not 20 anymore. I just don’t want to feel like I’m 80.

    So…I am taking it day by day, hour by hour. My blood pressure is still down to normal, 120/80 last time. It was a whopping 170/110 when I started the meds.

    I am still tweaking the new “diet”. It’s not really a diet, but a lifestyle change. I realized this month, I need to cut back on carbs, I just like potatoes and bread too much!

    As for exercise, that’s a tough one. I don’t exercise as much as I want to, or need to. But, I am still recovering, so…it is what it is. I told my oncologist last week, “You may have saved my life, but I’m not living.”

    I want to LIVE, dammit. THAT is my new resolution, and it trumps all the other goals I have set.

    Right now, I am doing some long overdue mental work. I called it my “Disney Cleanse”, purging all the negative energy from my years at Mousewitz, and letting it GO. FINALLY!

    Then, and only then will I be able to pursue my life’s work: Writing and illustrating MY children’s books. Hey, Dr. Seuss started late in life….why can’t I?

    Thanks to Zenjen, for taking the time to read my Disney experiences, and not calling me crazy. Those things really DID happen.

  23. Christina

    I too am trying to get healthier. Last year I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes plus high cholesterol and immediately went into full HEALTH mode. I joined a pilates/yoga studio, bought tins and tins of fish, bought quinoa and lentils and cut out sugar and went for three 10 min walks a day. Then, I yoyo-ed in the other direction, I became resentful; I wanted carrot cake with cream cheese icing so I had it, I wanted croissants so I had them, I wanted, I wanted and I wanted – except exercising – I didn’t want that.

    It’s so interesting how hung up we (I) can become on feeling deprived so my new approach is to not dramatize my desire to eat something sweet or carb-y into a huge failure and instead am trying to be more balanced. Trying to make good choices, and plan for my sweet weakness – my two new favourite treats…a few squares of dark chocolate broken up with some roasted almonds or plain yoghurt with chopped walnuts, cinnamon and honey.

    Good luck to all with their #Healthy2016 goals, I am aiming for losing 20lbs and lowering my triglyceride count. *

  24. Did resistance training at the gym today, before work, so yay me! :) Hope everyone is staying warm and safe back east.

  25. T D

    Watch out where the huskies go. Don’t you eat that yellow snow.

  26. A Little Birdie

    Congratulations Tamara. I have been trying to keep up the working out. I have done better with the eating. I have lost 9 pounds this month. Started out of heartbreak but decided to turn it around and keep going. Only about 30 more pounds to go.

  27. Wow, Birdie! Nine pounds is a wonderful start!
    Sorry about the heartbreak but just great you are using it as a positive. Way to go.

  28. A Little Birdie

    Thanks Maisey. It was the worst holiday season ever but I have so much to look forward to so no time to dwell in that place.

  29. tamaratattles

    Just getting Caught up on all this while eating lunch. I was mid recap (working on a new bravo recap right now) and was starving. I need to learn to force myself to eat breakfast. I am so obstinate about that! I just went to the store to get MILK (and coffee and yogurt) for the first time ever before a storm and got the last half gallon of organic whole milk.

    I don’t even drink milk or coffee normally but in #Healthy2016 it’s my thing. Coffee in the morning to get me going with milk. Also I have bananas so I am TRYING and FAILING to eat cereal with sliced banana in the morning. I have some sort of organic cheerio type stuff. It’s not that bad. So I didn’t want to be unable to eat cereal should I bring myself to do it.

    I walk on the treadmill at the gym and there a lots of TVs you can see and select the appropriate audio. I try to work through a commercial break without lowering my speed. It’s AMAZING how long a 30 second commercial can be when you are dying, yet it goes so fast at home.

    I agree with whoever said we can’t pick up where we used to be. Though I am trying. I try to do at minimum of two miles in 30 minutes. It’s rough. That was my low standard before as in “at least do two 15 minutes miles and then you can quit. Most times I’d do four in an hour. Baby steps.

    I am totally getting into my new food plan. I think that shopping at While Foods, and Sprouts and Trader Joes makes me feel like a rich person. I have no business spending that kind of money so it is some sort of evil thrill like shoplifters get or something. Plus, I put more effort into cooking more expensive food (though I am eating a LOT of raw foods) because I don’t want to disrespect the fancypants food. I have to say, I have been HAPPY an awful lot in 2016. And that hasn’t been a constant in a long time. So I am highly motivated to continue clean eating. I walked my by old stomping grounds the booze aisle at Publix today and was not even tempted. I said to myself “I don’t do THAT anymore! as if it was beneath me. Which is not. And I will certainly be doing THAT again. When I am much thinner. :) But for now, I am going to finish this lovely lunch. I really do love healthy foods, it just takes more effort than the Taco Bell drive through. I sort of due miss the pink slime tacos. But I bought some Non GMO all natural ingredients Tamales yesterday. I’ll pull them out of the freezer when Taco Bell starts calling.

    I am VERY low on water because I ended up not going to WF yesterday but to this new place called Sprouts. It was expensive and small and I was not impressed but I did get Sockeye Salmon for $6 a pound. It was their grand opening loss leader or something. It’s VERY good.

    • JennLovesAndy

      Sprouts can be great for their sale items and meat but yes, it is expensive. I used to go but then would end up having to go to local grocer too so double trouble. I think it is great that you are taking care of yourself. Keep up the great work! I just followed you on Twitter too???

    • Cat

      I think that might have been my comment you were thinking of. You can’t miss it…I posted it twice. :)

      I’m so glad you are happy, and this is working for you. I, too, am enjoying the healthier lifestyle. But for me, sugar and carbs are what I need to kick. Chemically, sugar is a lot like cocaine. At least, that’s what I’ve heard.

      Guess I should stop commenting. I hear we aren’t supposed to do that here. Duh. :)

      • tamaratattles

        Ha! You are going to scare people off from commenting. They have know idea about our little sit down with JaCKson’s mom! heh. http://s17948.p20.sites.pressdns.com/2016/01/14/project-runway-jr-recap-ootd/#comment-326636 you really miss a lot around here if you don’t read all the comments. Besides, what else are all of the snowed in people going to do if not read comments! We’ve had some good….. um …debates lately.

        Banjo and I just went for a walk because it was snowing. If it picks back up we will go out again even though it violates the No Walking In The Ghetto After Dark Rule. Banjo LOVES cold weather and snow but it’s really wet out too, and he is not fond of that. It rain ALL NIGHT LONG and the rain water drainage system has not been cleared out lately so it’s already very full. Last time it was high like this Banjo fell in the current! He didn’t get too close this time.

      • So happy you and Banjo are having fun! Hugs!

      • Cat

        I’m jealous! I love walking in the snow. Now, I can’t, because I’m already a “fall risk”. Adding ice and snow to that would not be good. Or pretty.

        Yeah, I got a kick out of the kid’s mom’s comments. To you, and to me. I left her another one. You know how Cats like to play with their food before going in for the kill.

        That woman, if she’s not the kid’s mom, is a couple of French fries short of a Happy Meal. :)

      • Cat

        Oof! Be careful of ice tonight! We don’t want you and Banjo to end up missing until the Spring thaw!

  30. tamaratattles

    BE SURE TO DRIP YOUR FAUCETS! We haven’t been below freezing for even 24 hrs and my kitchen faucet was half frozen. Thank goodness I caught it in time or I’d have to sue my insurance company for 300K!


    We got a nice dusting here, the streets still seem fine from what I can see. How are y’all?

    • No work! I am going to the gym in a couple of minutes. I need to get more probiotics. I ran out a couple of days ago and already feeling it. I think I need to sleep a lot this weekend, though would love to go see a movie. Anyway, working out this morning and committing to walk tomorrow morning.

  31. Lime Brain

    I’m on the couch going through seed catalogs (deciding on which tomatoes to grow this year among other things), watching a “Snapped” marathon, and going out every few hours to check on the chickens and dig a path for the goose. Very relaxing because the world is shut down for the day in my neck of the woods.

  32. I enjoyed the thundersnow this morning. The accumulation here (I’m in DC) has been incredible. Beautiful too. I’ve been doing a lot less carryout and takeaway food, and gone back to cooking myself. I’m always healthier when I cook myself. I got a bunch of fresh produce (cauliflower, potatoes, okra, chick peas, red chard) before the grocery stores went crazy earlier this week so I could make curry.

    • tamaratattles

      What exactly am I supposed to do with chard? I was not raised in a chard family. Is that a GMO? Hmm it looks like it can be GMO or Heirloom. Still no idea what it is for.

      • Chard can be used like collards, mustard or turnip greens, kale, etc. That’s how I prepare it. (I’m vegetarian so I don’t make my greens with any meat.) It also makes great stock and is a very nutrient-rich green. It’s in the same family as beets or spinach.

        I keep the stems and use them when I make a vegetable stock.

        Earlier this week, when I made shrimp soup, it was from the pot liquor from my chard (with some chard mixed in) along with potatoes, carrots, and then shrimp.

  33. Lime Brain

    I am in tomato hell!

    What was supposed to be a relaxing day picking out what seeds to grow has turned into a nightmare. We’ve got the choices whittled down to about 22 varieties, but every time I google one of them, it just leads me down a rabbit’s hole.

    Who knew that if you want a pink Brandywine, that there are different strains of them and some strains don’t have good flavor? To add to that, somebody improperly saved some seeds so there’s a red leaf variety that is popping up in the Brandywine. The black Brandywine is unstable so who knows what you’ll end up with. And most likely, red Brandywines are really pink brandywines. And that’s just one tomato!

    Peppers aren’t any better. And my mother is writing a letter to park seeds to tell them that their prices suck and they can shove it.

    TT, in answer to your question, saute it with garlic.

  34. So, by Friday I had worked four days, was off one day, worked another four days, off one day, and then worked two days. Yesterday, I went to the gym, then to a movie, then slept. Today, I took care of my mom so my dad could have a break and go out. Not complaining about any of this, especially my mom, who is a blessing. But, I am tired and tomorrow starts another three days of work. I have a mountain of bills that I haven’t had time to look at and errands to do. I am feeling like the oxygen has run out for me. So, I am going to take a family leave day tomorrow, to catch my breath. Thank goodness I have intermittent family leave set up for my son. I try not to abuse it–the last time I had to use it was New Year’s Eve, when he was having a hard time and was going to have to be home alone. It’s family leave, I am part of my family, gonna take it for me.

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