WWHL With Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards: Two Sexy Things

WWHL with kyle and camille

Can someone explain to Andy that he needs to stop trying to sing on live TV? It’s not cute. And I already get the feeling we are going to spend all our time recreating the dinner party from hell, was that in season one? Andy points out that Camille had an estate sale last month and sold the dining room set from the dinner party from hell. (Are you noticing a trend?) Andy and Kyle both claim they wanted to purchase it. I’m guessing Andy’s apartment has to be finished by now (he bought the apartment next to his and blew out some walls). I don’t understand why there hasn’t been an article on it yet. Someone needs to get on that, I want to see if it is still decorated in Adolescent Couture. Camille and Kelsey finally sold off all of their properties. Camille then bought her own retreat in Hawaii.

Camille and Kyle are practically BFFs now. #AnythingIsPossible Today is Kyle and Mauricio’s twentieth anniversary so we get a sweet montage. Mauricio sent a gift for Andy to give Kyle since she would be gone for their anniversary. Kyle says they celebrated early this year. DEAR GOD!  He sent GINORMOUS FLAWLESS DIAMOND EARRINGS! Camille and Kyle both gasped. Kyle said these are the earrings that Bella wore at the Lyme Gala when Kyle filmed for RHOBH and she loved them so much. I bet she did. And now they are hers and she is jamming them straight into her ears. Obviously. They are stunning. Taylor Armstrong Joins the Girls from RHOBH in Vegas

It seems that Andy has been trying to get Camille back on the show fulltime and she is hesitant. I have a feeling she just hasn’t been offered enough cash to make it worthwhile.

Kyle says regarding the Kim conversations on air that she understands that they were interested in what was happening at the time, and she did answer their questions, but they just kept coming. It was something she was dealing with at the time and knew it would be on the show, it was just a hard time.  Personally, I feel bad for Kyle that her pop up shop and all of her storylines can’t ever just be about her, they always end up being about Kim.

Kelsey still will not speak to Camille about parenting their children. They generally communicate through nannies. Camille has kept the name because that is her children’s last name.

Some caller takes issue with Kyle going to her nieces wedding despite Maurico and some of her daughters not being invited. Kyle says she was very torn, but she was in the room when Nicki was born and was encouraged by Maurico and her daughters to go.

Camille is dating someone and he is there, he’s Italian.

We get a montage of the hatred between Kyle and Camille. They just laugh and laugh because they love each other now.  So Andy makes them re-enact an argument from the dinner party from hell while playing each other. Andy finds “clubhouse playhouse” a lot more exciting than anyone else. Camille is very into it. #zzzByBravo

The poll question was, “Whose the fucking liar now?” with all the RHOBH as choices. Kyle won with 32% Yolanda took second at 25% (wow) and Vanderpump got 21% (I mentally voted for LVP). Kyle wants to know what she is lying about.


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25 responses to “WWHL With Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards: Two Sexy Things

  1. WonkyTonk

    Yeah you’re right Andy is way too old for that cutsie thing he’s always trying to pull on the show. And that clubhouse playhouse is really pretty stupid like most of the games and the ski shots but he gets really into it like he wants to be an actor so badly he can taste it, but the closest he’ll get to is the reality spinner he is. On some level he’s a pretty narcissistic guy I mean the man gave himself his own tv show.

    • WonkyTonk

      Correction He gave himself two shows now.

    • Tokrsa

      Andy always reminds me of a kid who didn’t get enough attention as an adolescent and he is now an immature jerk making silly, inappropriate comments just because he can. He acts like somebody died after years of having to get a long and he is now in control and he can be as rude and crude as he likes. He practically drools on himself anytime a male appears on the show and is so dismissive of anything that could be embarrassing to his guests. I’m realizing I must have become a prude in my old.age, I spend a lot of time cringing at the tacky stuff Andy pulls on a nightly bases. Someone tell him he is a”cool” kid now so he doesn’t have to try so hard.

      • jzzzsf

        Thank You for putting into words what I’ve always thought about him. Cool kids, ha ha. Yes please can the skits, cringe worthy for sure.

  2. V

    I don’t understand why kyle won, what did she lie about ?

  3. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Wow, the “more photos” link of Andy’s apartment is down now but I’d like to see more. That’s just atrocious.

    Kyle and Camille being ok with each other makes sense to me, Camille was going through an extremely rough time back then.

  4. Jaded

    I still don’t like Camille. Maybe it’s irrational I don’t know. Everything about her rubs me the wrong way.

  5. Jaana

    I like bitchy Camille. Not trying to play nice Camille. That is the only way she should be brought back. I guess she is hesitant because all the bad press she got during Season One did a number on her.

  6. ZenJen55

    I think i could like a Camille comeback. I believe she an Erika could be the naughty blonde bombshells! Pinky and Ken is starting to get along in years maybe retirement time???

  7. JustJenn

    I love Kyle and Camille..I’m glad they are friends now. Andy is horrible. I think he was hoping to reignite the feud, but both of these ladies are more mature than Andy will ever be. Is it wrong that I wanted to punch Andy every time that he mouthed “you’re such a fucking liar, Camille” cause I really did.

  8. @immelza

    Does anyone think the poll may have been fixed? When I saw Andy announce the poll question all I thought was Yolanda. ( I know she has an illness and I hope she finds her own path to health & happiness) But the 2 foot parasites, treatments all over the word by private jet while promoting shes finding a cure for all and endless selfies are a bit much as many of us who have illnesses worry about paying for prescriptions, finding a dependable Dr and keeping the ship afloat ect not intragram filters. I thought it was #LemonShade by Andy.

  9. I want to know what Kyle is lying about too? I really don’t get the Kyle hate. Well, I did in season 1 when she outed Kim out for being an alcoholic cause I hated her too…but NOW, with a whole lot more facts and information, I almost think Kyle is a saint…well, that may be a stretch, but she certainly has my well wishes.

    Both ladies looked smashing.

  10. I don’t understand the Kyle hate either. I don’t think she’s ever been caught lying about anything. Way to go Mauricio!
    Andy is a douche.
    Thanks for the recap, TT!

  11. Shae

    I thought it was such a sweet moment when he pulled out the earrings. She clearly had no idea and it was awesome how surprised/thrilled she was. I imagine at that stage, 20 years in and with so much money, it might be hard to buy your spouse a gift that shocks her that much and makes her so happy. Well done, mauricio.

  12. Jane

    Color me green. I want those earrings. Oh, the injustice.

  13. I wonder if some people hate Kyle because
    1) They pity Kim and don’t understand how incredibly hard it can be to deal with an alcoholic. I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing Kim as simply the fragile “sweet” victim and Kyle as the bitch little sister that lacks empathy but has it all.

    2) They may think Kyle is a mean girl – ironically because she seems popular among the cast. For example, I think she’s one of the few people Lisa Vanderpump sincerely likes (along with maybe Katie on VPR). I also get the impression Erika likes her more than the other women she just met. Kyle always has her conflicts but for some reason I feel like she has the most sincere friendships (e.g., Taylor, Lisa V, Camille, Adrienne, etc.) It could be because she has better basic social skills than say Pinky who obviously lacks a sensitivity chip. lol.

    • WonkyTonk

      I’m gonna agree with pretty much everything you’ve posted. The thing about Kyle is that she generally socializes well with others, and when she comes up against a social type she’s not used to dealing with, like, say Camille season 1, remember how Kyle was so frustrated with her and said she’s never had problems with anyone like she’s had with Camille, she keeps knocking at it until she figures it out. Look at her and Camille now, Kyle figured out how to deal with her and in the process Camille softened. Hell Camille probably even believes it was all her work which resulted in their current friendship.

      The situation with her sister Kim is just sad. Kyle took the hit with viewers because in order to keep family things private, which is super important to that family for some reason, she frequently had to run roughshod over her sister. That first season I thought she was a real bitch to her sister, but in hindsight I completely see why she acted the way she did.

      Also I suspect nothing is made easier in that relationship by the very probable fact Kim believes Kyle is living the life that was her due as the childhood star.

  14. Miele

    Am I the only one who watched that playhouse part and envisioned Andy playing out that fight at home with his collection of Real Housewives dolls? The glee was too much.

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