Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Things Are Starting To Get Good!

RHOBH Bethenny

by Guest Contributor Ben C.

We’re back in the Hamptons, and Kyle is prepping her pop-up shop (shoutout to Alene Too…where you at, girl??) for Bethenny’s book signing. Because it’s Bethenny, we can’t have a scene without a little product placement. Bethenny shows up and lets Kyle know she invited no one. To her own event. She clearly can’t be bothered impressing these Beverly Hills ladies. Kyle informs Bethenny that she’s too famous, so the landlord forced her to limit the party to “VIPs only.” I’m confident I saw a shot of man in flip-flops, so I’m wondering just how VIP she means. The ladies all arrive and the event kicks off. Bethenny pulls Erika aside and apologizes for offending her. She seems genuine enough, but is still confused and has questions about the whole “business side” of Erika-Jayne. Erika rolls her eyes, but handles it well.

Later, the conversation between the ladies shifts to Kim. Lisa Rinna says she feels somewhat responsible for what has happened to Kim. She thinks the extra drama she added last year really helped push Kim over the edge. She calls herself Kim Richards worst nightmare. Don’t flatter yourself, Lisa. Bethenny says Kim went to the ‘bullshit hollywood version’ of rehab, where you don’t really ‘do the work.’ All the ladies (minus Kyle) are gathered in a circle discussing Kyle and Kim. Bethenny is right in the middle of telling the women she feels bad for Kyle. Kyle walks into the circle and busts them all. Bethenny, for once, is caught off guard and stumbles over her words trying to dig herself out. She saves herself by explaining (calling out) Lisa Rinna brought the subject up and she was just adding to the conversation. Kyle gets upset and doesn’t understand why the women are bringing it up at all. She forgets the part where Kim was a former castmate of the show.

Giggy Dance RHOBH

Gif by T. Kyle RealityTVGifs


After the event, the ladies meet at Kyle’s house for dinner. Giggy is at the table, and needs a chair. Kyle finds an extra chair for Giggy, sans cushion, so Ken gives up his seat so Giggy can rest comfortably. As I type that, I’m really questioning the direction of my life.

Eileen is a few glasses (bottles) of the driest white wine in, and is really going for it at this dinner. She starts off with a totally, actually, really unimportant conversation with Lisa Vanderpump, “clearing the air” for the second time now. Eileen says she cares about her friendship with Lisa V, so she’d rather address it to her face rather than gossip behind her back. Lisa doesn’t go for it. Ken jumps in and mumbles something inaudible, attempting to stick up for Lisa.

The conversation shifts, and Erika asks about Brandi. (Gone, but not forgotten!) She’s picked up the ladies still talk about Brandi…..a lot. Cut to footage from earlier in the day of all the women sitting around bitching about Brandi. Lisa Vanderpump tries to explain (and fails) that Brandi created too many problems because she wanted Lisa all to herself. Kyle brings up the drama with Brandi and Kim, she says Brandi was the catalyst for the end of the sisters relationship. In her talking head, Erika flat out says they are all obviously still obsessed with this woman! Amen! You better preach, girlfriend!! More talk of Kim and Kyle. In a talking head, Lisa Rinna calls Kim & her stealing incident gross. What a support system.

Eileen takes this as her cue to continue on having her moment. She brings up the Amsterdam trip, and Yolanda’s fantastic idea of all going around a table one-by-one and sharing something about themselves the other ladies didn’t know. They didn’t make it all the way around the table because Lisa Rinna smashed a wine glass on a table. I think some other stuff happened, too. For some reason, she wants to go back to that fun game and tell her story. She shares with the women she was once in an extremely physically abusive relationship. She starts to cry telling the story, while the women sit shocked and begin to comfort her. It’s definitely sad, but all a bit random and awkward.  Kyle ends the dinner by ranking the Hamptons trip a ‘10’ (but only since no wine glasses were thrown)

Gif: By T.Kyle at RealityTVGIFS

Gif: By T.Kyle at RealityTVGIFS

The next day, Erika is off to Ohio on her private jet to pick up Yolanda. Yolanda arrives on the runway in another all-white outfit. The flight attendant on the jet is making up a twin size bed on the plane for Yolanda. Straight up. Oh man, what I wouldn’t give to stretch out on a plane like that. Yolanda and Erika discuss the surgery. Yolanda says the doctor told her out of the thousands of cases she’s seen, Yolanda was the worst.

Back in Beverly Hills, the morally corrupt Faye Resnick shows up at Kyle’s house. Kyle is turning her home gym (which looks like it hasn’t been used, like, ever) into a closet. Faye is helping her decorate. They launch right into talking about Kim and it’s taking everything I have to keep my eyes open. They should really cut this poor woman a check for all the talk they are still doing about her. Faye tells Kyle not to shut the door on Kim completely. She reminds her if something bad were to happen, Kyle would feel terrible for not reaching out beforehand.

RHOBH  rinna eileen kathryn

Next up, Lisa Vanderpump is hosting a lunch event in honor of the “Hero Dog Awards.” I’ve never heard of it – but they must be a big deal, because Lance Bass is on the red carpet. It’s here that we finally (!!!!!!) get to meet our newest housewife, Kathryn Edwards. Lisa Rinna notices Kathryn at the bar, and begins to film the most awkward introduction in Housewives history. They catch up, and it’s obvious the two haven’t seen each other in a long time. Like, 1994 OJ Simpson Trial long time. Which, of course, Rinna has no problem slipping in. The last time they saw each other, Kathryn was married to Marcus Allen, famous for being OJ Simpson’s best friend at the time. Eileen chimes in she once went out with Marcus Allen. Sit down, Eileen. You’ve had too many glasses of dry white wine. Lisa Vanderpump meets Kathryn, and promptly asks who she’s here with. Nobody knows this chick. Did somebody just hand this lady a microphone and say go?

Word gets out to the ladies their newest castmember finally showed up, and boy does it get good. We learn that (supposedly) Marcus Allen (Kathryn’s ex-husband) had an affair with Nicole Brown-Simpson and that’s what set OJ Simpson off. This was all hearsay, perpetuated by none other than Miss Morally Corrupt 1994, Faye Resnick. THIS is exactly the housewives related drama I would kill to see!! No pun intended. Get this lady a contract already! Kyle is curious if Kathryn and Faye know each other, she doesn’t see how they couldn’t. All the ladies gossip about the situation at their various tables.

After the lunch event, all the women (including newcomer Kathryn) go out for drinks. Kyle gets right to what we all want to see, and asks Kathryn if she knows Faye. Kathryn says no. Her face reads otherwise, and her talking head twenty seconds later definitely says otherwise. Kathryn absolutely does not care for Faye. Cut to me screaming. How RHOBH got her groove back.


Kathryn and Faye confront each other at a dinner with all the ladies

some other stuff happens too

Things are FINALLY looking up for RHOBH. #fingerscrossed

Let me know what you guys think of Kathryn. Especially the Kathryn/Faye drama!! Do you think the storyline will stick around? Comment below or find me on twitter, @bennayy!


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128 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Things Are Starting To Get Good!

  1. Xanadude

    Yes! Now that something is actually happening, we hopefully wont be treated to hours of footage of Yolanda and her Mystery Maladies.

  2. I wonder how poor Marcus Allen feels about being one of the new housewives on the show. I bet he didn’t even know he signed up. Lol

  3. Erika keeps looking better and better each week.

    Conversely, LVP does not. She’s being willfully obtuse in feigning confusion about why Eileen would share a history of abusive relationships but not want to discuss “a love affair with her husband”. The point is that Eileen wants to control her own narrative; something that LVP has to understand all too well. I think that if someone had asked Madame -Ask-Me-Anything, “So how’s that sexual harrassment lawsuit working out for you? Getting ready to pay?” Her attitude would have been quite different indeed.

    I never thought I’d see Lisa Rinna express some guilt about all of the concern-trolling she did with Kim Richards last season. But of course, it was really just a way to make Kim’s problems all about herself. I thought I’d gag listening to Rinna talk about how Kim’s problems are just so hard on her. Give me a fucking break. Rinna must be insufferable in real life.

    I’m liking Kathryn so far. Anyone who dislikes the Morally Corrupt Dumpster Fire Faye Resnick can’t be all bad! I’m guessing we’re going to wait a while for any confrontation though. I think whatever happens will be at the very end of next week’s episode as the cliffhanger for the following week. Damn you, Bravo!

    • swizzle

      Seriously, why can’t LVP offer a sincere apology? I expected more of her. It’s not so hard, and it’s not about how Lisa feels or what she intended, it’s about how Eileen felt. Just suck it up!

      • Minky

        LVP can’t offer a sincere apology because that would mean admitting that she’s behaved poorly. LVP’s really, really good at playing smart and dumb both at the same time. If it weren’t for Andy’s golden circle of protection her guts would’ve been splattered all over the place by now just like all the other cast members. And Giggy’s cute, but the fussing gets on my nerves. Rich people problems. Ew.

      • LVP is flat out passive-aggressive, and she’s quite good at it. She gets her digs in and in such a way, the other person is momentarily baffled, the moment passes, the other person is just starting to realize they’ve been punked, but it’s too late, and LVP is quite satisfied with herself. Meow.

      • Lisa is not sorry. Not one little bit. At least she doesn’t fake it.

    • Sliceo'pie

      Spot on, from start to finish ericzku.

    • sandra

      What really gets me about LVP is she thinks she has everyone fooled about her treatment of Eileen. I hope people can see what she is doing. I wish Eileen would ask her about the lawsuits.

    • Angel(?)

      Seriously leave the Queen of RHOBH alone! ? ? Sometimes I wonder if LVP doesn’t seem to give the emotional responses that we want her to because she’s British. The whole stiff upper lip, don’t show your emotion thing.

      Eileen, girl this is your second season (and possibly your last). You should know not to try to tangle with LVP.

      • sandra

        The Queen’s crown is seriously tarnished. LVP’s attempt to make it seem she doesn’t understand why Eileen would be upset with Pinky’s constant use of the term affair is so transparent. Pinky is insulting everyone’s intelligence, and that is very annoying. She stated ask her anything, but we know if Pinky was asked about the sexual harassment lawsuit she would be furious. This has nothing to do with being British with the stiff upper lip. Owing millions due to lawsuits, I doubt she is sleeping all that well.

    • Carol

      Lisa Rinna makes everything about herself. EVERYTHING! She is horrible. She gets up and hugs Eileen to make it look like she has so much compassion. But none for Kim, none for Yolanda.
      Her associating kathryn to o.j. so bizarre. Did bravo put that bug in her ear,after all ,there has to be the production leap to MCFR ( you know morally corrupt etc)
      Biggest phony in the history of Housewives. Maybe if she did eat she would have less time to run her mouth. If she stands up and does an Elvis jiration at the reunion I will hurl.

      Most awkward moment….When Erika said they spend alot of time talking about Brandi. Lisa looked like a deer in headlights. Busted….Sorry Kyle Brandi did not break up you and your sister.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      Kim wanted to control her own narrative too. Eileen and Rinna were leading the charge last season against people taking the reality show pay check but not wanting to share their reality. LVP has always said that their lives are open for all to see. They all complain about LVP not sharing but when do any of them take an interest in her? They are all so busy worrying about their own airtime. Eileen could have easily turned and asked LVP about her own relationship that night – you know, have a normal girl to girl conversation – but instead she has made three episodes of whining about it.

  4. Missy

    Kathryn looks like a man.

  5. Katherine 2.0

    Thanks for recapping. The men in my house kept TAWKING and WHINING about having to watch this show before shuffling off to another room, and I missed some crucial information!
    Agree that things are looking up in the drama department.

  6. Kathryn may have not gone for the new boobs but her face has that unmistakable plastic look.

  7. I sure hope Lisa Rinna got herself a raise for this season with all she is responsible for and required to feel responsible for. Between having to be the catalyst of the “Is Yolanda faking being sick?” portion of the script, to accepting culpability for pushing Kim over the ledge and being her rock bottom and now the poor thing has drawn the short straw and tasked with bridging O.J. Simpson (un)officially into the cast. That’s a lot to carry for a 95 lb hustler wearing adult diapers….On a side note, now that O.J. Simpson is stuck in my head I can’t help but think that if she were still alive (RIP), I can really imagine Nicole Simpson being a Beverly Hills housewife and something tells me she would have been totally bad ass..

    • Katherine 2.0

      Woman, you are reading my mind! Thought the same about Nicole. You are dead on about our little sin eater, Lisa Rinna. She did say she’d do pretty much anything for a buck.

    • @immelza

      What’s with all the she looks like a man and diaper wearing comments. I realize that they have put themselves on TV and are opened to all the scuntiny but this blog always keeps it classy. Great review Ben C!

    • MissMissy

      “95 lb hustler wearing adult diapers” – I will think of this every time I see her now. Love it. She really has no shame, does she. Can’t wait for the girls to gang up on her one season (finally).

  8. sherry

    I thought it was great! What I am most going crazy for is what they show about next week. Lisa talked to Muhamed about the kids having lyme. That is HUGE. Maybe old news and missed something but I was shocked.

    • amisteree

      YES! The Mohammad comment needed special music playing to set it up. It felt like everyone ought to freeze in place, mouths agape, heads leaning in for the response.

    • Mark

      Does anyone else think the conversation goes, “Has Mohammed ever mentioned it? No.” but it’s been edited for the preview so SOUND like it went, “does mohammed SAY they have it? NO!”

      I’d put money on that being done for dramatic effect…

    • Lindsay

      If someone showed up with a time machine right now I’d be like, Tuesday at 9.
      I’d kick myself for wasting that trip but I’m like dyin’ to see what gets said.

    • Mark

      I feel like a lot of cause of Pinkys “sorry-not-sorry” lack of empathy is helped along by a healthy dose of British cynicism. Thinking, “Oh, we can’t talk about it on national television infron of 20 other people, but we CAN talk about it on national television in private? Ok. Silly bitch.”

    • Angel(?)

      I’m waiting to hear what Mohamed says as well! I would rather see Mohamed say “no” vs. LVP but I guess she will do.

  9. cobe

    FINALLY!! Something’s happening!! Yay!!

    Eileen is still hanging on boring the piss out of everyone though.


  10. Shae

    Kathryn’s face was not cute, looked SO overdone. Poor thing.

    I love LVP and am usually on her side, but she is being a straight up bitch about Eileen playing dumb and fake apologizing. She def understands that she is more than welcome to get to know eileen by asking her personal questions, but ones of that nature shouldn’t be in such a public setting and asked so persistently when it became obvious eileen was uncomfortable. Friends don’t do that to each other. She def shouldn’t have balked when Eileen brought it up. Shady.

    Erika is positively hilarious, she’s totally grown on me.

    I thought Lisa Rinna knew more about addiction than to think any addict’s use and relapse has something to do with her. Kim’s disease controls Kim, not other people. While everything going on around her (which was of her own doing, mind you) certainly made Kim stressed, that’s not why an addict uses. Lisa shouldn’t feel badly, she just tried to handle a bad situation as best she could, as they all did, I think.

  11. WhyOWhy

    I love Erika more and more. She is sassy and does not give two shits about anything. I want to be like her when I grow up.

    I’m not sure about Kathryn. I’ll give her a couple episodes. I do look forward to the fireworks with Faye!

    • Angel(?)

      I’m with you on liking Season 1 Erica with the exception of her Team Yo stance. I wonder what season 2 Erica will be like?

  12. cobe

    I find it pretty funny that Kathryn is pretending not to know Faye when they clearly have used the same surgeon for their nose jobs.

  13. tamaratattles

    Erika is more and more seeming to be the only one with any sense on this show.

    Lisa V actually said the words “I’m sorry” on this episode. Sure she equivocated after that, but that might be a first.

    Eileen’s bizarre unloading of prior physical abuse was extremely oddly timed. At a time where she is trying to get Lisa to but out of her personal relationships, she brings up an old abusive relationship at a table with some people she barely knows? I like Eileen, and since I know her as a very good soap opera actress I am not sure when to believe her tears. She does seem very fragile this season.

    I don’t get the Lisa Rinna hate or the attacks on Kathryn’s looks. Particularly the random “she looks like a man” insult which makes me wonder what your man looks like???

    But mostly what I was made clear to me this episode is that Ken has negotiated his own contract (like Giggy) which explains why his dowdy ass is in The Hamptons and at ever fucking housewives scene carrying that fucking dog all fucking season. I’m ready to drown Ken and the dog.

    Oh and Thank you Eric for bringing up the hostile workplace judgment (s). All I could think of when they asked what kept Lisa up nights was, probably the millions she owes in the multiple lawsuits at Villa Rica, the fact that Villa Rica hasn’t sold, the fact that she and Ken were found personally liable on top of the business liability…. things like that, and the amount of free food and drinks she had to put out to TMZ, LA Times and other reporters in LA to keep the stories off the front page. How well can she really be sleeping?

    • Yeah, I’m finding Ken to be super-annoying this season. I’ve been waiting for the “He wishes he was a wife” comments that some other husbands have gotten in the past. And that whole business with the chair for Giggy was making me roll my eyes so hard I thought I’d detach a retina!

    • WonkyTonk

      Lol wouldn’t it be funny if he’s a rider on Giggy’s contract. The official escort of the damn dog. That seat scene was ridiculous.

      • If we constantly have to watch both of them, I wish they made Ken dress exactly like Giggy.

      • Pip

        Hahahaha! Maisey- you are so fricking funny. I would love to see Ken in giant Jiggy clothes!
        I watched all the RHBH episodes on Tuesday (I’ve been busy- thought I would save them all for a marathon). Reading all your comments… So fricking funny!
        Re: Vanderpump… I co-sign about the British thing. I really think that’s why she just can’t get to deep or serious in her dealings with the other women. It’s just a difference in cultures. My sister-n-law is British and she is kind of like that as well.
        I have a love/ hate thing with Rina. She is so likable, fun and energetic. However, she is always right in the middle of the drama.
        I really am finding myself liking Erika and Eileen for very different reasons. Eileen is sweet, kind, and seems tender-hearted. Erika seems very self-assured. Her self-confidence is admirable.

    • WonkyTonk

      I think Pinky’s one issue is she doesn’t seem to have a well developed sense of empathy which is what gets her in trouble with the other ladies, which is probably why she always seems to be taken by surprise by the hurt feelings.

      I like Erika, except for that jealous comment, she let the high road run away from her on that one. Not a big fan of her disco alter-ego though. Except for the pat the puss choreography because that was just too funny not to love.

      OMG did anyone else notice those glasses Kyle was wearing? I want a masculanized version of them immediately. Fabulous. I bet they cost a fortune because they certainly looked like it. Kyle you just gonna have to get used to these ladies constantly talking about your sister girl. That ain’t stopping. Since the start for Kyle and Kim that balance between privacy and public displays on the show have always been an issue, and Kyle’s getting from Kim and Kathy for revealing too much family private shit on air. She can’t win with those two, what’s the point of being on a reality show if you’re not going to open up on some of the important private shit.

      Lisa Rinna was pouting because she felt she couldn’t talk about her feelings about Kim and such, so sad. 1st world problems for realz!

      Eileen’s oversharing did seem a little too dramatic, and the timing was just odd. But I do love me some Eileen so I’m going to let it slide for now.

      • Shae

        Agreed, and honestly, the ladies are constantly talking about Kyle’s family because her sister was a regular cast member of the show up until this very season who had drama out the wazoo. Other cast member’s family members make appearances but they aren’t primary cast members- that’s definitely going to result in their being a lot more interest in “kyle’s family” than any other.

        That’s aside from Kim being the focus of virtually all of last season lol

      • Shae

        *there, rather

      • amisteree

        Totally agree about Kyle’s glasses! They looked fabulous on her. I’m having glasses-envy.
        Eileen just seemed to be feeling the effects of her dry white wine a little more than usual, though I also think she seems much more vulnerable this season. I like her.
        Rinna is just gonna work whatever scene she is in, and I have to hand it to her for that. She is a hustler, and she’s earning her pay. Go girl.

      • Minky

        Okay. Either Eileen is being a drama queen about the oversharing or its a hint about her current situation with Vince. He was being an a-hole to her earlier in the season and maybe he’s even worse off-camera. Just a thought.

      • WonkyTonk

        Yeah Minky the thought crossed my mind last night. It would seem she’s attracted to guys that don’t necessarily treat her well. He frequently shows her impatience and just as frequently talks disrespectfully to her.

        Ever watched the move Straight Talk with Dolly Parton where she plays a radio talk show advice guru Dr. Shirlee Kenyon? There’s an exchange in it that completely elucidates the concept:

        ‘Dr.’ Shirlee Kenyon: Its like you’re allergic to cornflakes so you start to buy different stuff like a can of peas but when you open up the can of the peas, inside cornflakes, so you pick a TV dinner and open it up and cornflakes.
        Jack Russell: So what does that mean?
        ‘Dr.’ Shirlee Kenyon: The girls you go out with… outside all different packages but inside… cornflakes.

      • SwiZzle

        I want those glasses. Looked somewhat like Ray Bay Clubusters but with regular lenses. I’m getting new glasses soon and going to look for something like that.

      • Lindsay

        Losing it over the Straight Talk reference. Get down off the cross honey, somebody could use that wood!

    • amisteree

      I kept thinking about her son, Max, when Lisa was asked about sleeping at night. His appearances on Vanderpump Rules make me uneasy–he seems way to vulnerable to be hanging with that crowd. As a mom I think I’d be tossing and turning a bit. ericzku nailed it by saying Lisa is, “being willfully obtuse in feigning confusion.” It’s a ploy that she has mastered well. That lady is IN CONTROL.

      • swizzle

        I don’t watch Vanderpump Rules, but read the recap this week that said Lisa wanted to make sure Max was taking his meds. What meds does he take?

      • WonkyTonk

        He had an accident where he shattered his front teeth and needed oral surgery so he was on painkillers and I believe antibiotics. On V Rules he was high as a kite because he took his pain meds and followed up with alochol. I remember when I did that when I was on pain meds not thinking and half a bottle of beer later and three hours later I phased out of it having been sitting on the sofa watching TV with none of it registering. That’s what he looked like at the pool.

      • WonkyTonk

        He does seem the innocent, and not in a negative way, when he’s around them. But do you remember when he was taking guitar classes, or maybe taking classes on how to make them, or maybe both, that school he chose led me to believe he’s a lot more street savvy than I would have thought. I like the kid. I hope the others don’t screw him up, but I’m willing to bet he’s strong enough to resist their shit. It doesn’t hurt that his mom’s their boss.

      • Lime Brain

        Wonkytonk, I remember that also about looking at the school in LA. At the time I got the feeling that Lisa was worried about him and drugs, like he already had a problem with them. I got that feeling because she mention that he had been living with relatives in another state (Idaho?) for awhile. It just seemed odd that he was not living with them and why would she have relatives living in the middle of nowhere. She never explained it.

        Does anyone else remember that?

    • @immelza

      Sorry I usually read all the comments before adding my own.

    • Matzah60

      @Tamara, that’s good tea about LVP wining and dining the rags and newspapers. I never would have known about the lawsuit if I hadn’t read about it here.

      I did read in LVP’s blog something to the effect that she brought Ken with her to dinner at Kyle’s as the day’s events had “escalated.” Ken was unable to disrupt the dialogue and just looked foolish with Giggy who was sitting on the cushioned seat.

      I am a big dog lover, but really, I would’ve have my dog or enjoy someone else’s dog sitting at the party table. I think it was Groucho Marx who said, “I love my cigar, but I take it out of my mouth from time to time” in response to a participant on his show who had six children close in age.

    • Missy

      Kathryn really does look like a man.

  14. ZenJen55

    I am team #ERIKA! I love her. I watched OJ gavel to gavel and even though its fasinating that 20yrs later 2 minor players are on TV, I’m uncomfortable on the subject since i feel OJ got away with murder.

    Hmmm, Mohammed and Lisa is what caught my attention. Yo, has on make-up just not on her eyes so it looks like she isnt wearing any.

    Until next week, thank you Ben, great recap and I will follow you on Twitter

    • Queen of the Nile

      I agree … Erika has become very likable. For someone with an over-the-top lifestyle (that private plane!) she appears so down to earth. Hope it continues …

      • erikainhb

        I’m really liking Erika too. The Bethenny/Erika interaction intrigued me as I thought last episode and confirmed in my mind with this that Bettheny doesn’t get that there is a difference between Erika and her ‘brand.’ Erika is a performer and that is her alter ego. Bethenny ‘is’ her brand and lives it 24/7, it’s not a role but her life…she doesn’t seperate the two. With David Bowies passing there was a old quote I saw from Iman that said she married David Jones not David Bowie. That’s like Erika.. She’s Erika G and Erika Jayne …Bethenny is Bethenny and there’s no different from public to personal persona

    • Your comment was very well stated, @erikainbh, and I totally agree.

      • Oh, and I was an avid Court TV watcher during the OJ Simpson trial, @ZenJen55. Wow, I could barely tear myself away from it. It was kind of amazing the impact that trial had over the nation. I can remember the exact place I was at (huddling around a radio at work, with several co-workers) when the verdict came in. You could have heard a pin drop. The memories are just as clear to me as when 9/11 happened. Some things are just indelibly planted in your brain, and for me, the OJ Simpson trial is one of them.

    • Cat

      Isn’t there a new OJ movie coming out? I seem to remember ads for it.

      Maybe this storyline is some kind of cross promotion?

      • Matzah60

        Yes, Cat. It seems like Ryan Murphy’s, The People vs. OJ is coinciding with Kathryn Edwards arrival on the show. I don’t think that Kathryn actually knew Faye as a friend. Faye’s first book that came out less than four months after the death of Nicole Brown revealed that Nicole and Marcus Allen had a torrid affair. That seems accurate as it was plastered all over the newspapers. OJ offered his home for the marriage of Marcus and Kathryn. Faye also included the fact that she had a lesbian relationship with Nicole. The book Faye (actually written by a writer for the Enquirer) actually stopped the trial from proceeding for say a month, I believe. Judge Ito wanted both the defendant’s attorneys and the two prosecutors to be able to read the book. The book was deemed “pretty accurate” according to both sides in the trial.

        Ben, excellent recap. I enjoy reading your posts enormously.

  15. Jody

    Erika is a living goddess. God bless her.

  16. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I’m not feeling the Erika love. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. That “jealous” comment about Bethenny seemed like something an insecure woman would say. “Pat the puss” just grossed me out. Sometimes I like her but sometimes not so much.

    Now, claiming the women are “obsessed” with Brandi? Bitch PLEASE. She’s Yolanda’s friend, who’s Brandi’s friend, so I don’t believe she’s coming into this impartially.

    Another reason I don’t care much for her is what with Daisy and Brandi, Yolanda doesn’t seem to keep very good company. I just keep waiting for her to show her trashy side or something.

    • Undine

      I agree I don’t entirely get the Erika love either. She acts way smug about the foibles of the other ladies but she signed up for the same gig as they did. And any broad that says some other woman is jealous is 1)insecure themselves 2)an idiot because the actual word they’re reaching for is “envious”. It boggles my mind how many people don’t know the difference between those two words. Argh.

      • cobe

        I love you for saying that, Undine.

        The words have now become synonymous because of the constant misuse.

        But it still bothers me.

        Oh, I love Erika anyhow. Could change of course and I question her choice of friends, but I always love a woman who rises above rather than gets caught up in the mud-slinging below.

    • Thank you! I like her cavalier attitude but I feel like she is not trying to be part of the group rather than observe the ladies and report to Yolanda! I also hate when women always think other women are jealous of them; it’s like the go to reason for conflict!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        It’s something a narcissist will always say about others. Not that I get a narcissist vibe from Erika. I agree she seems not to be trying to be a part of the group as much as she is observing. But I do see a glimmer of a bond between her and LVP, perhaps? But she’s also not afraid to make clear observations about LVP that I’ve agreed with. Her tagline is seeming appropriate, “I’m a mystery, wrapped in an enigma” or something like that? I thought it was stupid at first but now I think it’s apt!

    • Lime Brain

      I’m still undecided about Erika. I’ll wait for the second season edit she gets from Bravo.

      Her story reminds me of Sonja Morgan. Both were late night cocktail hostesses or something. Both bagged very rich and very old husbands. Both like to perform on stage in provocative ways. Lady Morgan is into women, Erika Jayne might also. Let’s just hope she doesn’t become a lush like Sonja.

  17. FormerLurker

    In the words of Calvin Candie, “…first you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.”

    YAAAAASSSS! I can’t wait for the ensuing drama between Kathryn and Faye! This is perfectly coinciding with the new Ryan Murphy show, American Crime Story: OJ. I think I might pass out from anticipation!

    Also, I can’t wait to hear what Erika has to say regarding Lisa’s comment about Mohammed denying that Bella and Anwar have Lyme. It’s too much!


  18. Rose

    LVP is so superficial and seems to not have the empathy gene all these years. Eileen seems vulnerable and fragile this season. ..maybe Vince/marriage issues? Rinna wants everything to be about her including Kims relapse and arrest. Kyle should just say i don’t speak to either of my sisters and leave it at that. Erika is holding her own running with the big dogs. I hate Brandi was brought up and hoping not an omen of her making cameos. Waiting for the tea next week about LVP spilling on Muhammad! Great recap!

  19. beverly

    Kim is Kyle ‘ s story line. If she didn’t have that, she’d have nothing. Me think she doth protest too much. Also I loved it when Erica (sp) said Bethany was jealous. That’s exactly what it was. I used to like Bethany but since she thinks she’s “queen” of all the HW, she can’t handle someone else being better/richer etc etc than her. JMO

    • I never get the “Kim is Kyles only story line”. I respect your opinion—-I just don’t get it.

      Kyle has showcased many, many aspects of her rich life. Four seemingly well adjusted daughters, off to college stories, cutie Portia growing up, rented yatchs, vacations in Tuscany, running a store. ( Okay, that last one is a little bit of a stretch…but you know what I mean. lol)
      A lot of posters here talk about wanting to see the glamour, the good life, the fun…..well, it seems to me Kyle kinda delivers on that. She seems to have a pretty great family and life.

      • sandra

        Maisey, I don’t get it either. I like Kyle and she does deliver what a lot of people say they see. Kyle can’t win.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I for one am very interested in Kyle WITHOUT Kim. Please god, without Kim.

  20. Barbara

    I may be mistaken, but wasnt the ladies conversation about Nicole Simpson, the alleged affair that set off O.J. Nicole was the poster girl abused wife, so Eileen bringing up domestic abuse was likely just poor editing rather than weird timing. Its possible the ladies spoke of Nicole more fully and it wasnt included. Just my take.

  21. Lindsay

    Best recap online by a mile. And I read ’em all. These gifs are my new everything.
    I agree that Bravo should be paying Kim for the airtime.
    I can’t believe everyone was so blasé about Eileen’s confession. She is putting in way more effort than this show is worth. LVP’s little digs to passive aggressively deal with the girls leaving the hotel have really grown legs.
    Erika GirJayne’s got me. Her handling of these twats is nonpareil.
    I wish Bethenny would get hit by a Ford Probe full of shawls.

  22. Lindsay

    Oh and I am lerrrrrrrving the Kathryn/Faye thing. I can’t wait to see this girl shut the MCFR down.

  23. Josie

    LVP said Eileen “wants to bring up something again, about something she brought up before, that she didn’t want brought up in the first place…I mean call me stupid…I don’t quite get it.”

    Eileen wants this heartfelt apology when obviously Lisa didnt think she was in the wrong. A simple “I am sorry” is all she is going to get. Seriously, enough already.

    All LVP has are business problems from the lawsuits which are interesting to read but I dont want this show to be Court TV.

  24. JustJenn

    I really love Erika, except when she brought up Brandi. WTF? Maybe these women are a little obsessed with her, but factor in the fact that half of them have been assaulted by her skanky ass and you’ll know why.

    I loved Eileen last season, but she’s grating my nerves with LVP. FFS she needs a storyline.

    • Erika and Yo have been friends for how long and she doesn’t know who Brandi is??

      • JustJenn

        Yeah, that was kind of weird. Although I don’t think Yolanda and Brandi are as close as Brandi likes to pretend. Every time Brandi announces on Twitter that she’s hanging out with Yolanda it usually involves a filming crew.

      • The conspiracy theory crazy in me is wondering if part of Erika’s agenda is to go after LVP for Yolanda and Brandi.

  25. Great re-cap, Ben C! Muchas gracias!

    Erika: I LOVE her. So far. Hope she is able to stay grounded with this group. It seems to me she has great intuition and instincts about people and life in general. I thought the dress she wore to the store opening was the bomb. Black with little white pistols all over. HA! I did take umbrage with her shoes though. Maybe my TV color is off, but they looked like a neon chartreuse color to me. Somebody tell me I’m wrong because I could maybe handle neon (not very easily though) but chartreuse is simply unacceptable. !Kidding/not kidding! Bethenny is such a pain in the ass, like Erika needed her stamp of approval on her business. Ugh. Go away Bethenny, you bother me. She’s got LVP’s number too, and boy, is that refreshing for a change. Also, is it just me, or the other ladies starting to wear more pink? LVP really annoyed me when she, in her usual passive-aggressive way, told Erika pink was her color and basically, not to wear it. Some may say she was kidding (dahling) but I don’t buy that. I think she was marking her territory on the color pink, because she’s PINKY. Fuck that shit. Anyway, lately it seems more and more of the ladies are wearing pink…but it could be just me hoping so.

    • Spilledperfume

      You’re right about Erika’s shoes. The color was awful and I was surprised when I saw them. So far everything she’s worn has been really nice.

      I also noticed that the ladies seem to be wearing more shades of pink.

      This may be a stupid question but how does Giggy go to the bathroom when they always have her dressed up in cute little outfits?

      • LOL Spilledperfume, now your question is a good one! How does Giggy do his business in all those elaborate outfits? I’ve never really thought about that before, but maybe he’s trained to hold it until they untether him from all the bows and lace to let him go? All I know for sure is it pains me that a dog has a far more extensive and expensive wardrobe than I do :)

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I thought Erika’s shoes were gorgeous!!

    • Sweet T

      Lisa rinna said she wore pink on purpose in her talking head

    • Sweet T

      Why can’t Faye be on the show? She can be the one everyone hates and complains about, making everyone else seem angelic. Or elvish in erikas case. I look forward to the Faye vs Kathryn showdown too. So far I’m on Faye’s side because Kathryn has bored me already.

      Lisa rinna is amazing this season. She is in charge of bringing up every inappropriate conversation. Oj is flashing on me right now. Kim does drugs and steals. Talk about your feelings with Lisa. No one seems to get mad at her. Maybe they are all relieved they don’t have to do that it.

  26. DutchTulip

    The plane… the plane… Erika gives me LIFE!!

    I am not nitpicking… but did anyone noticed Yolanda’s fingernails on the plane..?? Pretty light blue GEL NAILS?
    or.. ACRYLIC?? Hmmmmmm.

    Kathryn Edwards…Welcome to the Circle of Oracles… headed by Kyle. I can not wait to see the face off between Kathryn and Faye next week.

    I will be stocking up on some “Bitch Bubbly Wine” … for Sunday.

  27. Karina

    Best recap Ben and I read them all. Very entertaining!

  28. Ben C, thank you for using The Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick’s full name. Ever since the dinner party from hell, I hear it even when it’s not said. And I’m super excited for the showdown with Katherine next week! Things are finally heating up…

  29. Xanadude

    I still hold to my totally unfounded theory that LVP and Ken (and, based solely on the interior shots of his house-remember the floor to ceiling sling?-, Mohammed) behind the scenes lead incredibly decadent pansexual lives wherein they take in strays to be their playthings for a certain finite amount of time, after which they are quietly disposed of/paid off/send away, which explains Cedric, the continued employment of Jax, and the incredible closeness between Ken and Brandi. Throw in the lawsuits from the restaurants and I’m more convinced I may be right. Of course, this is all based on nothing more than the Vanderpumps sounding as if they stepped out of a Jackie Collins novel. and in no way diminishes my love for LVP and Ken.

    • Lindsay

      I wish Jackie Collins would read this and write this saga up! Even she’d laugh and shake her head at some of that buuuullll…
      I’m so grossed out by the idea of these aging swingers and gutter sluts a la Jax and Brandi leaving slime trails all over that tiled room at Mohammed’s. I bet there’s been a dead body in there.

    • therealdeb

      Oh my, that never crossed my mind. Holy wow, it does explain a ton doesn’t it? With all the stealing Jax does and never getting in trouble….

    • Pretty sure Brandi would have said something by now! These things don’t stay hidden for long

    • What does Jax’s job performance have to do with how he conducts his personal life? Kristen was fired because she was repeatedly insurbodinate! Save for one time where he tried to talk back to Ken I really don’t know if he is bad at his job…I’m guessing that’s why they keep him around unless they want a wrongful termination suit!

      • Xanadude

        Jax, who can’t go six months without spending ba weekend in jail? Jax, who can’t seem to make even the most basic of cocktails beyond a mixed drink? Jax, who furnishes his apartment with items exclusively stolen from his work place? Jax, the walking embodiment of being sexually inappropriate in the workplace? THAT Jax?

      • Yup that Jax on a show for entertainment….that Jax! I wasn’t aware that he was in jail every 6 months either but I guess if we are using scenes from a show to define his work history I guess they all have reason to be fired!

      • Xanadude

        We are presented with a reality on tv that, while we know it to be somewhat fictitious to varying degrees, the participants adamantly insist is real, therefore, yes, I am basing my judgement on what these willing participants put out there. It’s cognitive dissonance. There’s reality, there’s “reality,” and there’s the reality of the reality. Really.

  30. microop

    I’m looking forward to seeing Katherine’s husband. He’s definitely the hottest house husband.

  31. Thanks for the recap, Ben C!
    I am so disappointed with Eileen, this season. I am sorry she was abused, once upon a time, but really how is this important now except for her to get time on camera. She must really be feeling threatened by the new women. She and Lisa R seem to be over dramatizing everything to pull the camera to them.
    Erika is really funny and entertaining. I love her monologue moments.
    Ken should not have been along on that trip. I am wondering if he’s getting a little senile and LVP is afraid to leave him home alone.
    I agree, this whole new sordid story line is going to be fun.

  32. Angel(?)

    At the end of last season, I thought that Eileen could hang with these women. Now I don’t. Unless something drastic happens it’s adios Eileen.

    Open comment to Yo:
    Yolanda, you are NOT the center of the universe. And you are not even as smart as you think you are. I will give you credit of honestly thinking you had “chronic Lyme disease”, but you just had to spin it into a huge epidemic that YOU were going to cure. If you had not brought Bella and Anwar into it, you could of gotten yourself out of the Lyme story line when you found out the true cause of your illness… silicone. Oops, I don’t have lyme brain. I have silicone brain. Just my opinion Yo (as well as a million others).

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Both my boyfriend and I cracked up when Yolanda said she was an intelligent woman. :/

      • Mark

        Who on earth actually says, “an intelligent woman – like me…”

        I mean, she could’ve at least just left it as “intelligent women…” and INFERRED that she was talking about herself…

        But then, I mean who knows? Sometimes handsome, beautiful and charming men – like me – just don’t understand what she means.

  33. Pistol Pete

    “Cut to you screaming” RHOBH got her Groove back.. Priceless line..

  34. jen

    Lisa R. Kills me this episode. Is she just a bad actress or this self centered???

    I have to say it is just fun to see the ladies hang out.

    I love Eileen and Kyle. I just don’t know why Ken is there lol.

    Erika is a badass B. Love her. She doesn’t even get up to walk five feet to get her own tea bag.

    I like this season so far. Love the recaps here even more!!

  35. Spilledperfume

    Is an Elvis gyration something that has happened in the past? I’m not sure I could watch that.

  36. Mark

    I don’t get the Ericka hate for not getting her own teabag. If you were flying commercial you would ask the stewardess. Stewardess is stewardess is stewardess. They are there to help and do shit whether the plane is yours or not. That’s why you PAY THEM. She wasn’t a random passer-by. She is literally the lady who is paid to get you a teabag if you wish one.

    • Spilledperfume

      I love the line “she isn’t a random passer-by” good point. You’re right, you wouldn’t expect someone to get up and get their own tea bag. Plus she only wanted a new tea bag because the first one wasn’t any good. There’s nothing like getting a mouthful of tea leaves because the tea bag was ripped. (I’ve no idea if that was the issue, that’s just something that has happened to me.)

    • Jewels50

      Mark – I totally agree with you.

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