Mob Wives Recap: Feeling Some Kinda Way

Mob Wivs Karen


Mob Wives started last week with two brand new episodes. I recapped both of them but the posts didn’t seem very popular. I thought I would post this weeks and see if this is something you guys are still interested in. We start right where we left off with Marissa an Britanny spouting off at each other and me hoping for a mutual beat down. They are both so annoying.

Oh wait, we don’t start there. Apparently nothing happened, because all the women are going to some poor unsuspecting sole’s posh garden party. It’s merely a change of scenery for Brittany and Marissa Jade to argue some more.  I guess I am going to have to swap ponies to Brittany because it seems lie Big Ang and Drita are going to pick her up for their side.  Somehow, everyone manages to get wasted on the free liquor and is hungover as hell in the morning.

Carla invited a Yoga instructor to come over at the crack of dawn. Amazingly, everyone except Renee actually comes to the yoga class. She does show up late to watch though. Big Ang drops out pretty fast herself. It’s amazing how hard  yoga really I, honestly.  Overall the women had a decent trip.

Big Ang wants to apply to have her rights restored after losing them due to her felony drug conviction. I hope she does. They didn’t take much out of the Drunken Monkey. Maybe she gets it back. I dunno. I forget about these women in the off season.mob-wives-season-6


Renee and AJ go out to the bar where AJ’s girlfriend works. Renee is pushing AJ to put a ring on it. And she also wants to start planning the wedding. Renee also wants them to move in with her. Because, Italian. They don’t want to move in because they think it is haunted by a lady who lives in a closet. Renee says she will have a medium come in and remove it.

The psychic said one is Renee’s grandmother and the other is a mischievous little girl. The kid has to go. The psychic says to leave her. The kid is trying to tell her to weed some people out of her life.


Karen and Drita a meet up to hash out some issues. What could possibly go wrong? They mostly argue about Carla. Drita is pissed that no one stuck up for her when Love said she set Carla up. They are screaming at each other.  Karen wants to have civilized conversation. Has she met Drita? Nothing is resolved. Friendship contract is nullified.

Karen chats with Marissa about Brittany.

Mob WIves Big Ang

Big Ang

Brittany is at Big Ang’s house. Ang just loves her. UGH. Drita is on the way over. Brittany and Ang and Drita talk about Brittany while Marissa and Karen talk about Britanny. These two need to have the knockout drag out sooner rather than later. We don’t need to wait for the finale. Or the reunion. These two are minor players. Drita is also going off about Renee. Renee has been in a fight with everyone. Drita says the problem is Renee. I don’t think anyone is particularly innocent here.

Big Ang meets with her lawyer to try to get her rights restored. The lawyer says she doesn’t have much of a shot at getting her rights back.


Drita and Brittany bond at the gym talking about Brittany visiting her father in jail. It reminds Drita of taking the girls to prison. Brittany is excited to have someone to share prison stories with, because “not everyone understands prison.”  You in the same way that no everyone understands philosophy or Mandarin. Renee talks about having to pay bills and support herself and compares her situation to Renee and Karen who had financial support.

Cocktails by the Water

Everyone except Drita go out for drinks. Ang says that she is really bummed about her right to work in a bar not being restored. Brittany has already run to Renee to tell her that Drita says she is the cause of all the problems. Is Drita really going to hang with Brittany all season? Because she’s a rat. And her mother is a rat. She is from a family of rats.  Ang tries to defend Drita. Ang says that Drita felt bad for Carla when her boyfriend beat her up. Carla blows up because no one was supposed to know about that. Drita blabbed Carla’s secrets

Next week: Big Ang has a birthday party and everyone is invited, even Drita.Karen tries to beat up a man for saying her father is a rat. Ang brings everyone to a big empty warehouse to work out their issues. I for one, don’t want to see Drita left out all season.


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48 responses to “Mob Wives Recap: Feeling Some Kinda Way

  1. Jaded

    I love Drita but what happened? We got season 1 Drita back and it’s not pretty.

    • Drita seems to have the villain edit this season. What does “Some kind of way” mean anyway? Do any of these people speak English? Does anyone really express how they really feel these days? I will never get used to this new speak……it is so dumb. What kind of way do they feel?

      • sarcasatire

        “Feeling some kind of way” is an indirect way of saying you were offended.

      • Thank you for the explanation but why not say, “I am offended”? Is the word offended too big? Some kind of way says absolutely nothing. People need to commit to their feelings and their words. Yet another example of a lazy society.

      • tamaratattles

        That is not what some kinda way means. The term has been around for ages. It can me a lot of things. I’m quite fond of it and used it in a comment just before reading this. There is a great chapter in the book Out Of Orange by Cleary Wolters who was as mystified by it as you (and clearly sarcastire) are. Cleray was Piper’s real life sort of girlfriend that the show Orange is the New Black is based on. She learned the phrase in prison. Language is fluid and ever changing. Some kind of way says a lot if you understand the term. It has nothing to do with a lazy society.

      • Cat

        I’ve heard the phrase before. It isn’t new.

    • KTina

      A friend of mine grew up with Drita. She was a menace and a bully who targeted everyone who walked in front of her door step. She was extremely violent.

      I had no idea until I mentioned the show to my friend when it first aired.

  2. Yes TT I can’t stand Brittany. Her mother is also a ex drug dealer along with being a rat. Why would this broad come on TV when her mother seemed to go through so much to protect her. Makes me not like her even more. I still watch and read your recaps if you continue to recap this show.

  3. Lys92

    Please continue to recap this show!! This one of my favorites, and I love your comments!

  4. beth

    Did I hear Drita say “bank burglar” ? XD

  5. Mrs Smith

    I haven’t watched this episode yet but will from the DVR. I also haven’t read the recap past the first paragraph.
    I enjoy and look forward to ANYTHING you post. If you keep posting a recap of our beloved Mob Wives I promise I will read them! Do I need to also promise to comment on them? I am willing to do whatever it takes 😉


    Love Mob Wives, cant wait to watch in in the morning! I hope you keep updating even if you can’t every week. Amazing they get this last season, I was surprised it wasn’t canceled before the reunion last year. I love the show but it’s gotten so bad.

  7. BTC

    Please continue with recaps! I like mob wives and look forward to reading your views.

  8. Momof2boys

    Love Mob Wives and hope the recaps continue. I’m watching now and Karen’s big and bad routine is getting old. Does she really think she’s going to put Drita in her place or win any kind of physical fight. Get real.

    • Karen is all bark and no bite. She got her ass handed to her by Drita and Nat D got her pretty good. This girl Brittany gets on my nerves. Shes a model who does mostly runways ?? maybe church fashion shows. She is not a real model.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Are there even runways in LA? What, at the mall?

        I HATE Brittany.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Drita was the only one there for Carla when all the other girls were against her. Team Drita!!!

        Renee IS the problem – what else is new? She’s totally histrionic.

        Hate Brittanny and wish Marissa would just get to the beat down already.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Not sure why my second comment went here instead of the bottom of the page…not supposed to be another response to Nate Dogg!

  9. debbi radford

    please keep the recaps coming! most appreciated!!

  10. Mlncasas

    Love Big Ang and for the most part I also like Drita. Her sharing Carla’s story is one of the few times I can recall when she was not a loyal friend (the other time was when she admitted to sleeping with Lee when he was dating Karen).

  11. This shit show is the same fights over and over and over. Having said that I’ll still watch since it’s the last season…. and I still think Staten Island is the trashiest.

  12. Lindsay

    Please keep ‘capping. Let’s get whacked!
    I’m afraid Big Ang doesn’t have long. It made me sad to hear her talking about what she was going to do for the rest of her life, all she knows is the bar. I totally know women like that.
    Her lawyer must be absolute shit because how ill advised to work in violation on TV. If not for the shows, she would have continued to fly under the radar. I love that she refused to rat.

  13. Poppys

    Thank you for recapping this show! Hope that you will continue. I am not loving the addition of the two new girls. They come off as trying to hard.
    These women really play it up for the cameras……right?!? I mean no way they can act like this in real life right?!? That said the only person I find believable is Big Ang.

    • Thank you, TT for recapping this last season! I do not like the new girls either especially Marrisa! She is trying too hard with the dramatic speak, just saying I am hoping she comes up against Drita who will wipe the floor with her!

  14. Tara

    The new females don’t have the life experience and or maturity/age that the others do. I wish they would have tried the show without them – not enough drama?
    There is something about Drita that I like, she is sassy. Also I love Big Ang, she cracked me up doing yoga. Renee, I like her because there was a point where I felt sorry for her.
    Thank you TT!!

  15. Shellbelle

    The new girl, Marissa’s facial expressions annoy the hell out of me. I just want to throat punch her.
    I’m gonna have to stick with my girl drita. I love her and Big Ang.

  16. I will definitely continue to follow you on this or any other recaps. You are the BEST. Ang looks beautiful in that picture. Pray the best for her,

  17. Kel

    Love, love, love the recap and the show itself. I’m sad it’s ending. I find Karen better this season so far, but I hate that Drita is on the outs with everyone but Ange. She’s one of my faves but I think there’s more going on with her that she’s acting like season 1 Drita. The new girls suck and can leave at any moment.

  18. Tulsateacher

    Please keep recapping! I love your take on these women and you catch a lot that I miss. One question I have is did Drita tell all of the girls about Carla’s boyfriend beating her or only Big Ang? I mean if she only told Ang, who she knows will keep her mouth shut, which she did until she wanted to defend Drita since no one else there would, that’s different than telling the group.

    • tamaratattles

      Well, Renee chimed in that she heard the same thing and implied that everyone heard it. But until you asked this question I didn’t stop to consider that Renee was just stirring shit. I already deleted Mob WIves or I would go back and watch that scene again, because you bring up a good point.

      And thanks for the feedback. I’m happy to keep blogging, Wednesday is not a busy night. I just wanted to make sure folks were interested. :)

      • Hey TT have you read Brittany’s moms book? I read it a few years back. Not to bad if your into true crime books like I am.

      • tamaratattles

        Nah, my limited book budget is not going to that criminal whose standard of living is much higher than mine thanks to the witness protection program I paid for.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I believe Renee was probably lying. She’s the ULTIMATE shit stirrer/drama queen.

      • lauraannb

        Thank you Tamara for recapping this show. I just want you to know that I appreciate it and I hope you keep blogging about it.
        I’m definitely a fan of Big Ang & Drita, & always enjoy watching them, especially Big Ang.
        It totally sucks that someone turned her in regarding The Drunken Monkey.
        I sincerely hope that she gets better.

      • Jeannie from jersey

        Hey there- finally out of the hospital. Got a hospital bed straight out of Bedrock for my daughter, and have hours to watch on my dvr….just caught up on Mob Wives and came right here to see if anyone knows why Drita is being treated as a Staten Island Leper.TT, I just went back to the scene where Big Ang tells Carla that Drita was concerned for her when her boyfriend beat her, Carla says to Ang oh really she told you that….at which point Renee interjects oh yes, I heard that also and you hear Karen in the background say “she told me too”.i doubt Drita gossiped about Carla, she protected her, right?
        I don’t get the hate for Drita, I love the scenes with her daughters… opposed to the cringeworthy moments with AJ and Rene. Girlfriend should run as fast as her legs could take her…go.
        Thanks for recapping….a lot of us watch…maybe we don’t always want to admit it….but we are here….and thanks for your support, and giving me much needed laughs.
        Now I am on my way to catch up on Dance Moms. Hmmm….who will be Abby’s newest target, ….better not be my Nia……

      • tamaratattles

        Jeannie, so glad to hear you re home and your baby girl is too. That was a long stay.. Hope she is on the mend. xo

    • jennbug

      TT, try the lie-berry for a free copy. I heard there’s one at Chateau Sheree. I’m sure she has all the classics there. ?
      Great recap! I rarely comment but love the site and love reading your take on my guilty pleasure shows and the commenters’ views as well! Please don’t give up on Mob Wives…think of Ang…think of Drita!

  19. Suzanne D

    Big Ang and Drita were always my favorites. I think Drita got burned out last season with all the BS back and forth with Karen, Renee, and the Philly girls. And, Lee comes off as a huge asshole. I know he doesn’t want to film, but he acted like a colossal dill hole on every phone conversation they had. He was so nasty and condescending to Drita. I think Drita is holding back because Lee wants her to.

    I know they mention that Big Ang’s cancer returns during the filming, but it was after the filming was over that they announced it was worse than expected. Apparently, it’s very aggressive. Even if it were Karen or Renee, I would never want anyone to have to go through that. Well, except child molesters. I’m sad to see this is the last season, but it was time to end it.

  20. Cat

    These women fascinate me, for some reason. But it’s hard to comment, because I can’t watch the show. Some of the women are new?. Or maybe I just don’t remember them?

    I like the recaps, though.

  21. Rita

    I think of all the women on the show, Ang is the only one who is old school in that she abides by their code. She is also a lady. The rest of them are trash talking low lifes. Please keep recapping.

    • jennbug

      I agree. Ang, who has done time herself and refused to rat is the classiest of the bunch. She is so over the top looks wise (big boobs, big lips, new blonde hair, the furs, etc) but she seems like the sweetest, most loyal and genuine person. The only reason I bring that up is because I bet a lot of people judge her by her looks. I just want to hug her…..and then have her feed me…
      But seriously she is one hardcore bad bitch, but doesn’t let that define her. I really really hope for the best for her.

  22. gapeachinsc

    I believe Drita has issues with Carla but the nature of the issues won’t be revealed on the show.

  23. Margarett

    Thanks for the recap. I love this show!

  24. RealChicagoHousewife

    I believe Drita set Carla up. She’s way too defensive and volatile on the subject. Even for this crew.

    • lori

      I think so too, because if she didn’t, wouldn’t she have put a vein popping beat down on Love directly? I was really loving the “new Drita” and am disappointed to see that season one Drita is back. I can’t stand Karen, but I have to agree that Drita is a huuuge hypocrite after she was incensed when Karen was writing her book.

  25. TexasLady

    This is one of my favorite reality shows, mostly because of Drita and Ang.
    I love how Drita says to Karen “Do you want to fight right now?” Karen, of course, does not because Drita got her good the last two times.

    I would love to hang out with Ang and pray she recovers.

    Renee, trying to get her 21 year old son married, is very….. I don’t think I need to finish the statement. Is her son is school, have a job or what? Renee is in bad need of a man.

    Tamara, please keep recapping this show.

  26. Katherine 2.0

    Last time I was feeling “some kinda way,” I was pregnant.

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