WWHL With Jax Taylor


No traditional recap for WWHL this time. But here is what you need to know:

  • Michelle Collins, the supertall comedian from The View was on. She is not a fan of Jax or James but she is a Bravo superfan
  • The  bartender was a very convincing drag queen dressed as Raven Simone. Every time The View is mentioned on WWHL lately shady Andy just loves to bring up the fact that there is (was months ago) a petition to get Raven Simone kicked off the show
  • Jax informs us that the suntan lotion bottles and tampons were actually flasks they sold in Hawaii to smuggle alcohol onto the beach.  Michelle explains that vodka soaked tampons would be easier. Something tells me that Jax and the Toms are no strange to that trick.
  • Jax apologized on behalf of the Pump Rules cast on behalf of Lala and James and their behavior on WWHL.  Jax doesn’t care about their spurious allegations about him.
  • Jax says that Britanny is pissed about what she saw on the show tonight but they are still together “thank God.”
  • Jax and Kristen are still good friends
  • They showed a still shot of Jax on the toilet. The seat was clearly down.


  • Jax says he was not trying to steal the sunglasses in Hawaii. He says he had the money in his hand. This is a lie. We all saw the surveillance video. This is also like the 37th version of the lie he has told on video. Andy, who never asks the important questions because he is too busy insulting people, failed to ask if the case has been resolved.
  • Michelle when forced to decided who she would sleep with if it had to be James or Jax,  goes with Jax very reluctantly and says she would need a SARS mask
  • After the show Andy was worried he was too mean to Jax. He never worries about this but maybe Jax didn’t put out last night due to hurt feelers. Allegedly. On the show Andy gave Jax a Mazel sweatshirt, one of the best prizes, as a peace offering for being such a Jackhole.
  • It is amazing how Biff, who Andy and WWHL screeners do not know (ROFLMAO), manages to get through to ask questions every night. #plant
  • Biff calls Jax the worst person in the world and then goes on to list every person Jax has ever fucked. It was brutal and Andy just laughed and laughed. #Setup
  • Jax says he feels bad that Brittany has to see the episodes but they are great and not breaking up.
  • Britany’s mother has watched past seasons and she is not thrilled.
  • The SURvers hang out together all the time off camera and are going to Sundance as a group soon. Andy seems to think that it is crazy they hang out when they are not filming even though they are supposed to be actual friends. Andy is ridiculous.

Wow, I had more to say about this episode than I thought. The poll was whose side are you on Jax or Lala? Lala won with 66% of the vote.


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18 responses to “WWHL With Jax Taylor

  1. Shay

    Brittany didn’t watch because she was 18 when she moves to be with him (if I recall correctly). So, her mom watched while she was getting ready for the 8th grade dance. She’s from Kentucky, so it’s possible her mom is the same age as Jax.
    And what’s with bragging about needing a guy to fill a Magnum. Are they just bragging about having a large, cavernous vag a’la Curb’s \/?

    • sandra

      Shay, Do you know anybody from Kentucky? What an insulting, bitchy comment about people from there. I know some very fine people from Kentucky and I’m sure they have more class than you. Stupid comment about women’s vaginas too.

      • Shay

        I dont think having a kid when you’re 20 is insulting. Statistically, people in the south and in smaller towns marry younger. If she was from San Francisco, her mom might wait to marry when she’s 35.

      • Shay

        Have you watched Curb? Its a joke… jeezus on a flying carpet. How can you watch this show and think I’m the stupid, bitch one?

      • sandra

        Shay, I don’t think you are a stupid bitch, in fact I know you are very intelligent. I’m really sorry, I felt bad as soon as I hit send. It’s not you it’s me and a long story. So, please forgive me. I actually was thinking about you not long ago. I remember you had some tough things to deal with. I was glad you showed up finally. I hope all is well and your dog is with you.

      • Shay

        Thanks, sandra!:) I can come off that way and have been unkind to a commenter, losing my shit, because of personal things so I totally understand. Thank you for your well wishes. I hot a new neurosurgeon when my brain tumor count went from 1 to 3 in December and my mortality rate went to 25-50% for 2016… guess what he said? Still inoperable but taking 4 grams of vitamin C a day may stop the hemorrhaging! He thinks it’s the cure to aging, cancer, and a whole host of “terminal” conditions.

      • tamaratattles

        Don’t feel bad Sandra, I have gone into the Admin dash board TWICE today trying to figure out if this “Shay” is a new poster and not the one we know. There have been all sorts of odd comments by her today that are really out of character. I am still not convinced it is her. If it is something is wrong with her.

        And I hope things get better with you Sandra. I’m sorry you’re having a rough go of things.

    • Jaana

      LOL you are ridiculous. Smh.

  2. Andy was so obnoxiously rude last night. I really think he is the nastiest person on Bravo. If this was AHS he would be cast in every episode as the biggest jack hole ever. He is like a praying mantis rubbing his hands together just waiting to see who he can hurt the most. UGH.

  3. DutchTulip

    I think that Andy is very intimidated by good looking men. He is the meanest onderhanded person on Television I know. Andy has been trying for a very long time to affront Jax… however, Jax was able to impose control with a sly smile on his face and glistening eyes.

    Andy’s guests are too kind to him….
    I am so disgusted!

  4. Josie

    I like that “Biff” was hosting WWHL. Wonder if they pay him.

    That Michelle person was weird. She was insulting Jax but also seemed to be flirting with him.

    I say we chip in and buy Brittany the first two seasons of VPR. Wonder if Stassi was hinting thay Jax gave her herpes at the last reunion. She said that she didnt feel bad for Jax because of what he did to her…could be what she meant. Alledgedly.

  5. Bryn

    I’m not a big fan of the vanderpump rules guy but all that was just mean and unnecessary. I get a little teasing here and there but geez…. It got uncomfortable. I wasn’t a fan of the View chick either.

  6. Shae

    I thought Jax had every bit of it coming last night lol. Guy is pathological and beyond selfish/entitled. He should be glad all he got was some shade thrown his way from Andy lol

  7. Haven’t had time to watch this one and now I don’t have to! Thanks, TT.

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