Married At First Sight: Breaking Down Barriers

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

Vanessa and Tres

We begin with these two sitting on the couch, Tres very unenthusiastically asks Vanessa what her plans are for the rest of the week. She answers like a middle school boy with a half hearted “I dunno” while fiddling with her phone. Vanessa is pouting about something and Tres tries to figure out what is wrong but she is pretty much ignoring him.

Vanessa talks to the male therapist this week about her abandonment issues. Then Tres talks to the same therapist about Vanessa shutting him out. Together the therapist tells Vanessa to let her walls down. I am not sure that is wise with Tres. Their homework is to talk about how they felt being abandoned by their opposite sex parent. Not the events but the feelings.

These two go to Greenville to see Vanessa’s family. I’m sure this is part of the homework assignment. On the trip they discuss in general terms their major relationships. In Greenville Vanessa’s mom shows Tres photos of her growing up. Her mom seems to like Tres.

Back home, they meet with Vanessa’s BBF and her fiancé to discuss building trust. I was distracted by the manspreading competition.

These two seem to be a little less fake and superficial this week.

David and Ashley

David and Ashley


David and Ashley

David goes to an outdoor tavern to talk to two of his closest guy friends about his marriage woes. They ask him how long it took to get his first kiss. He hasn’t even held her hand yet. Nobody seems to want to tell David that she is just not that into him. It’s week three. I think he should have purchased a clue by now.

Ashley is happy this week. Perhaps because David is out of town on business and she has the house to herself. It’s a very pretty house.

When David came back he tells us he missed Ashley. Ashley says she tried to do laundry. But she doesn’t know how and sort of mangled his dress shirts. David hugs her and picks her up and throws her on the bed. The dog is the ultimate cock block.

Ashley and David have a BBQ. Ashley is always so nice with people other than David. She seems to love David’s mom and his friends, just not him so much. In fact she has hugged all of them.

The male therapist visits. Ashley tells him that she is not attracted to David. The therapist points out that she said that her biggest issue in the past was putting too much emphasis in past relationships. She seems to be repeating patterns. He tells her she needs to have the conversation and she doesn’t want to hurt him. She cries. The therapist meets with them as a couple and asks Ashley to explain that she has a pattern  basing relationship on attractions. David finally gets that she doesn’t find him attractive. David attempts to comfort Ashley by touching her back and she basically tells him to stop touching her. The therapist says for now they need to stop attempting any sort of physical contact. David begrudgingly agrees. Ashley realizes he is upset. They both end the session disappointed.

This relationship seemed to stay the same this week. And the same is not good.



Neil and Sam

Sam didn’t like their rental so they are temporarily moving to her place while they look for a new one. This is a bad idea. Then Sam says that the roommate says they can stay there the next few weeks. This was not the plan. It seems lie Sam is just ready to wait out the three weeks and file for divorce.

At the new place, Sam says she can’t give Neil any closet spaee, or a key to the house. Wow. Is it me or has this relationship taken ten steps back from last week? Neil just accepts this. Oh and the roommate is there.

Neil only vents his frustrations in talking heads.  Also, despite there being a camera crew in her bedroom, which was clearly scheduled, she blames Neil for waking her up and mocks him once again to her roommate saying “this fool decided to wake me up. Clearly he has no idea how angry I am in the morning.” What a cunt she is this week. Then she goes to her roommate’s room to hang out with her and tells Neil to stay downstairs and “Betty Crocker it up.”  I am really annoyed with this bitch.

Neil tells Sam that her house is not working for him. They need their own place. She seems to think he was alright with it yesterday and is pissed he didn’t speak up in the first place. However, last week, it was supposed to be a temporary move until they found a new place. Sam sarcastically says let’s go find a new place right now then. Neil offers to look for places to show her. He says he thinks it is beneficial to their relationship so he can look 24 hours a day. She says that was fake, and he responds with “I learned from the best.”  Then she becomes highly offended and tells him to leave. Proving that they need a house she can’t throw him out of.  Sam is delusional. She called Neil fake and he threw the insult right back at her. Classic dish and out and can’t take it. Neil apologizes and she says she doesn’t want to be with anyone who can fall into that mindset.

I’m over this couple. Sam is worse this episode than she was on day one. All the progress she made is gone. I don’t thing there is any hope for her if this is what week three is like. Neil needs to pimp slap some sense into her. (I don’t want to hear it, it’s hyperbole) At the very  least, Neil should pack his knives and go. Oh great. That is what he is going to do. They will live separately until they find a place.

The counselor dude has come over to try to mediate. I really hope he saw the tapes. This guy is an idiot. His advice was ridiculous. Essentially he told Sam to have a safe word when she was getting heated that would stop all communication until she calmed down. What he needed to tell her was to stop being a petulant  child in the first place.

Neil, bless his heart, made plans for Sam’s birthday. He found something she has always wanted to do  and planned the evening. The go to Agatha’s, a murder mystery dinner theatre with some friends. Let’s see how she will ruin this. As Neil tells us in his scary eyes talking head, Sam got a small part of “random citizen” so she can be part of the play. I’d like to there myself one day so I feel the need to say “no spoilers on the play please.” Because so many seem to want to overshare about such things.  Neil hit a home run. Sam loved it and so did he.

These two are all over the place. Unless Sam stops being so anxious and demanding, this relationship is doomed.  I’ve had relationships that were a cross between David and Ashley  and Neil and Sam and what they have in common is the guys are more into the girls than vice versa. I’ve tried to force it, and it just doesn’t work. Just like when I’ve been more into the guy. That doesn’t work either. The balance of interest can be off to some degree, but not to the degree of these last two couples. Will there be enough of a shift in the next three weeks?

Stay tuned


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18 responses to “Married At First Sight: Breaking Down Barriers

  1. Dawn

    Not a chance. I don’t see Ashley ever physically into David unless she just gives in to go along. It will take years, if ever, for her to feel it.

    I hope Neil dumps psycho Sam, he will spend his life apologizing to her for her being a bitch.

    • I agree with you Dawn. I am questioning the abilities and professionalism of these so-called match-makers and think that they are full of crap. I don’t really like any of the couples and Ashley and Sam are especially obnoxious and cruel. How desperate are Neil and David to put up with this nonsense? Both have a lot to offer and don’t need these awful women in their lives. It seems like pure torture to me and if I were them I’d take a hike NOW…not in a few weeks. I am worried that Neil will stick it out no matter what Sam does and that David will finally realize that Ashley is a nasty woman with no personality and no heart. She is just plain ridiculous. If you can’t stand to be touched by someone you WILLINGLY married then just let them goi and tell them that there is no hope. I suppose that their contracts forbid this from happening but it’s difficult to watch. I will not watch this show in the future if it’s renewed.

    • Peter671998

      Couldn’t agree with you more. Speaking from experience, David and Neil really need to move on. I am married to someone who is not completely into me. I married at 31 because it was what I thought was the next step in my life. I know what is down the road for them and it is not pretty.

  2. Lisaj

    I had high hopes for the specialist picking perfect matches this season. Other then the initial sexual chemistry between the first couple, idk if any of these marriages can be saved. Ashley, she’s just terrible and Sam is a close second. TT without spoilers, I seem to remember Sam saying in the first episode season previews that she hoped she hadn’t ruined it because of her attitude or something similar, I can’t recall if she said it already or if it’s coming. I am still rooting they get some sense and give love a chance. Marriage is a two way street not some torturous countdown to death. What’s up with these women?????

  3. microop

    Yeah I opted not to say anything about Sam, since you seemed to see something redeemable that I couldn’t see, but I think she is mean. Neil is a total catch. Hopefully she does a 180 in the last three weeks bc she will regret sabotaging it once she watches this back.

  4. I agree with you microop, Sam is mean! It wasn’t a good idea for them to live in her home and she proved it and when she asked him to leave. Neil deserve better, he seems like such a great guy! Ashley is just not that into David and is not willing to even try, I feel so bad for him, but he need to cut his lost and run! Vanessa is having problems trusting Tres and that is understandable. And Sam’s comment was made at the beginning of the show during the promo about hoping she hadn’t ruined things with Neil. I can’t wait until the end, I am so anxious to hear their answers if they are going to stay or not!

  5. 3Sweeties

    I’m having a hard time imagining any of these marriages working out. I can’t understand why David and Ashley were matched. She is a very serious person, he is a dorky goofball. He isn’t bad looking, but I don’t find him to be masculine so I couldn’t be attracted to him either. Ashley is clearly repulsed. Sam is a nightmare. She has some weird stuff going on psychologically. I feel bad for Neil, who got saddled with a potentially crazy person. He is my favorite guy this season. He is unconventional looking, but I could see growing to be attracted to him over time.

  6. Suzanne D

    I have to keep reminding myself that I can’t reach through my TV and bitch-slap Sam! Ugh, she is mean, selfish, demanding, and just not a nice person. It’s easy to see why relationships with her haven’t worked in the past. It’s amazing to see how different these people can become AFTER the marriage. It’s almost like they were playing it up for the cameras in the interview process and leading up to the wedding. Then the pods from Invasion of the Body Snatchers take over and they become these evil troll-like beings.

    I wasn’t into Neil at first, but he really is a nice guy and a good catch. Just like I feel bad that Jessica got stuck with that miserable bastard Ryan last season, Neil was done dirty by getting stuck with Sam. I also like David, but he got the short end of the stick with Ashley. Granted, he’s average looking, but she’s not all that either. I get that she’s not comfortable enough for more physical contact, but she needs to start putting some effort into this marriage. Tres and Vanessa seem to be the only couple that has any hope of making it.

  7. tamaratattles

    I still think there is a good person in Sam. She just has a LOT of self defense mechanisms that are sabotaging her chances with Neil. I also think that she may be telling the truth about Sam being a different person off camera.

  8. Karen A

    I think Sam is mentally abusing Neil. He needs to run and run fast!

  9. Karen A

    I got an error, so redoing my comment

    I think Sam is mentally abusing Neil. He needs to run and run fast!

  10. I can’t stand Ashley and David and Neil and Sam. From the edit, the guys got the shit end of the deal I feel bad that Ashley isn’t attracted to David, I do think chemistry is necessary to make a marriage work, and since this isn’t Fiddler on the Roof and no one is sticking it out without a spin off I think. I still think only Tres and Vanessa will chose to stay married and we’ll see them in another show where they “might don’t make it”

  11. Soul Sista

    The only “characters” I am not feeling are Ashley & Sam. It was apparent Ashley wasn’t into David during the ceremony – he wasn’t her type. Same thing, with Sam & Neil. What’s most disturbing to me is the way both women refuse to give the men a chance. I wonder if the experts weigh physical attraction into matching the couples? If they did, they failed miserably this year.

  12. JaiJai

    I’m betting on Tres and Vanessa, they have trust issues but trust comes with time. Tres is clearly smitten with Vanessa and even admitted that he was falling in love with her. There is very little wrong in their relationship they just have to communicate with each other, especially Vanessa opening up to her husband and not fear the worst.

    David and Ashley, poor David, it’s sad watching him lose a little bit of his dignity each day trying to cater to Ashley’s needs. I too thought the therapists advice for them was ridiculous, don’t touch? David should’ve his packed his shit right then and there and left. This is clearly a waste of his time.

    Sam and Neil, I can’t with these two. I can’t stand her with her greasy thinning hair. All the ugliness she has built up inside clearly shows on her exterior. With each passing week she is physically turning into a decrepit witch. Neil can do so much better and watching him be emasculated is becoming unbearable. Surely he has to be a masochist to put up with her mess and then apology to her for her being a bitch to him. He needs to curse her out and be done with her.

  13. @immelza

    This is just my opinion I think it’s really hard to judge these couples because we have only seen a tiny portion of their experience. I wonder how much is due to editing and how realistic it is or are these couples just in this for the money or the supposed fame? TT do you know if they are required to live together until the decision day or can they back out it seems Sam is trying to just meet up for filming. Also how much do you think the couples get paid and is there a bonus if they stay together? Sorry for all the questions but I was just wondering how producer driven this show is since it seems the ‘experts’ really don’t have a clue.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think they get paid much at all. Maybe 10K for the 6 weeks And they won’t get it until they complete the 6 weeks. I think they do have to live together and Sam was probably told this by the male therapist. I think the six weeks rent is covered by the show through a housing allowance and some people go over and some people go under (keeping the difference)

      No bonus for staying together. I agree about the editing. But usually by the end production has you believing they are all going to stay together or they are all going to do the opposite of what you think.

  14. @immelza

    Thanks TT! Been tweeting hope it helps!

  15. Last year all the men turned douche like. This year it seems to be the girls’ turn. Interesting casting choices.

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